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Siebe, Frederick L., (c 1842-1876), Germany, and Kunnigunda Renan Siebe Thompson(1845-1911), Germany, 85 Ferris Street - Dikeman corner Ferris

Note: Frederick Siebe born circa 1820 in Honover Germany married Kunnigunda Renan. They had at least four daughters: Margaret (c 1867), Kate (c 1869 died 1890), Mary (c 1870), and Annie (c 1870). The Siebe's ran a liquor store/saloon at 85 Ferris Street near Dykeman from at least 1866. Fredrick Siebe died in 1876 and Kunnagunda took over the running of the store from then until at least 1878.

Kunnegunda had another daughter, named Elizabeth (Lizzie), in November 1880.

Kunnegunda and her daughters moved to College Point Queens where Kunnegunda ran a boarding house at 19th street and 5th avenue.

Kunnegunda married Nicholas Thompson in 1889.

85 Ferris street was a wood framed building in 1886.

Birth of Fredrick L Siebe: circa 1820, Hanover, Germany

Birth of Kunnagunda Renan: circa 1844 (based on 1910 census)

Marriage: Fredrick siebe and Kunnigunda Renan, before 1867


  1. Margaret, 1867

    Birth Maggie Siebe 09 Jun 1867 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States Father's Name Fredrique Siebe Mother's Name "Runigunde Wich", familysearch.org

    Marriage: Martin Zwicke


    1. Maggie Siebe Zwicke Birthplace Brooklyn Husband Martin Zwicke Son George Zwicke Name George Zwicke Gender Male Birth Date 29 Jul 1894 Birthplace College Point, Queens, New York Race White Father's Name Martin Zwicke Father's Birthplace Germany Father's Age 29y Mother's Name Maggie Siebe Zwicke Mother's Birthplace Brooklyn Mother's Age 26y

    2. Maggie Siebe Zwicke born Brooklyn, N.Y. Husband Martin Zwicke Daughter Lizzie Zwicke Name Lizzie Zwicke Birth Date 02 May 1897 Birthplace College Point, Queens, New York Race White Father's Name Martin Zwicke Father's Birthplace Germany Father's Age 30y Mother's Name Maggie Siebe Zwicke Mother's Birthplace Brooklyn, N.Y. Mother's Age 29y

    1904: Martin Zwicke Birth Year: abt 1865 Age: 39 Death Date: 15 Sep 1904 Death Place: Queens, New York, USA Certificate Number: 2270

    Martin Zwicke, well know in College Point committed suicide by throwing himself in front of a Long Island Railroad train at the 7th ave crossing in College Point. The report said his body was "terribly mutilated". Things had not been going well for Mr. Zwicke. He had been fighting with his wife. She claimed he was beating her. She said he drank. He had a fight with his brother in law. A judge admonished Zwicke to stay away from his wife.

    1910: Queens - Rudolph Zwicke 24 Barbara J Heim 25 [23] Joseph Heim 29, brother in law, Joseph Heim Jr. 4, nephew, Martin Zwicke 21, brother, Mary Zwicke 19, sister, George Zwicke 16, brother, Lizzie Zwicke 12, sister, Paul Zwicke 10, brother, Charles Zwicke 8, brother, Gerthume Zwicke 5, sister, Margaret Zurcke 42, widowed mother

    1940: Queens, 129th street Margaret Zwicke 72, widow, Elizabeth Zwicke 43, daughter

    1949: Great grandmother Zwicke thrilled by surprise party on her 84th

    "Mrs. Margaret Zwicke of College Point, a sprightly 84-year-old widow with a yen for crocheting, is a happy woman today.

    She's happy about her nine children, her score of grandchildren and her five great-grandchildren.

    But most of all, she's happy about her three sisters. For the hardy trio, all pushing 80 were on hand Saturday along with 70 other relatives and friends to help celebrate her 84th birth-day and her 75th year in College Point.

    Mrs. Zwicke and her sisters, Mrs. Mary Schultz and Mrs. Ann McCauley, both of College Point, and Mrs. Elizabeth Mewhinney of Beechhurst had a grand time re-living the days of the past.

    They talked of how Mrs. Zwicke, then Margaret Seibe, moved with their parents to College Point in 1874 from the Red Hook section of Brooklyn. She was just nine at the time.

    The four sisters recalled past events, some gay .... some sad that have made Mrs. Zwicke's three-quarter century in College Point memorable.

    There was her wedding, years, before the turn of the century, to Martin Zwicke a prosperous employee of a College Point rubber concern, who died more than 30 years ago.

    And the Zwicke's large family ..... 10 children, nine of whom are still living, the majority of them in the College Point area.

    1959: Death of Margaret Zwicke age 94. Her obit said she moved from Brooklyn to College Point in 1890.

  2. Kate, 1869 - 1890

    Death: Catharine Siebe 18 Feb 1890 Death Place College Point, Queens Co., New York Age 21 Birth Date 1869 Birthplace Brooklyn, N.Y. Marital Status Unknown Father's Name Fred. Siebe Father's Birthplace Germany Mother's Name Kunigunda Siebe Mother's Birthplace Germany - Familysearch.org

  3. Mary Siebe circa 1870

    1894: Mary Siebe, age 21, of college Point was reported to have a case of small pox. The building was quarantined and precautions were taken to prevent the spread of the desease.

    Marriage: John Schultz


    1. Mary Francis Siebe Schultz Age 38 Birthplace Brooklyn, N.Y. Husband John Schultz Son Leroy Lawrence Schultz born 08 Dec 1909 Event Place New York City, Queens, New York, United States Father's Name John Schultz Father's Birthplace New York Father's Age 40 Mother's Name Mary Francis Siebe Schultz Mother's Birthplace Brooklyn, N.Y. Mother's Age 38 - familysearch.org

  4. Annie Siebe circa 1872 per 1875 census

    Marriage: McCauley per 84th birthday of Margaret.

    1954 Death of William McCauley: McCAULEY - William H.. on Jan. 23, 1954: of 129-04 I5th ave., College Point. L. I: beloved husband ot Anna Mewhinney; devoted father ot Irene Wilkinson, Gertrude Cummings, Edna Goldstein, Arthur, Willam, Franklin and Daniel McCauley

Civil War Service: Frederick Siebe Age: 21 Birth Year: abt 1841 Enlistment August 21, 1862 Brooklyn Muster Year: Sept 9, 1862 Company D 139 Inf. Separation Details: Discharged 2 Jun 1865 at Fort Monroe, Va. for wounds rec'd at Cold Harbor June 2, 1864, private.

Civil War Service: Frederick Siebe Age: 21 Birth Year: abt 1841 Enlistment Year: 1862 Enlistment Location: Brooklyn Muster Year: 1862 Separation Details: Discharged Separation Date: 2 Jun 1865, private

1866 Naturalization: Siebe, Frederick, Kings County, April 27, 1866, vol 13, record no 525, cor Ferris & Dykeman Street, king of Hanover, witness James W. Quinn -- High Street.

1866 Tax: Siebe, Frederick, Ferris & Dikeman retail liquor dealer. Frederick Siebe

1867: May liquor license Siebe, F & L, Ferris cor. Dikeman

Residence: 1869, 1870, 1871, 1872, 1873 (81 Ferris), 1874, 1876 (85 Ferris), Ferris Street, Brooklyn, New York Brooklyn, New York, City Directory

1867 Liquor Licence: Siebe, F. L., Ferris st cor Dikeman

1870 Census: Siebe, Fredrick, 28, ret liquor dealer $1,000 Hanover, Kunigunda 25, Bavaria, Margaret 3, Kate 1, and a domestic servant.

1870 Directory: Brooklyn Eagle liquor dealers list, Siebe, F., DIKEMANN corner Ferris

1875: E.D. 1, Ward 12, Brooklyn, Ferris street, wood, $1,800, Frederick Siebe M 33 owner of property, tavern, wife Coesey Siebe F 30, Margret Siebe F 8, Kate Siebe F 7, Mary Siebe F 5, Annie Siebe F 2

1876: Kunnigunda Siebe 85 Ferris Occupation: Liquors Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1876

Death of Frederick Siebe: 1876 - January 28, From wounds rec'd in battle Fredrick Siebe Co D 139 the Reg N Y vols 35 years (BE) (Siebe Frederick 34 y Jan 28 1876 952 Kings, NYC Death Index)

1876 Probate: Kunigunda Siebe, (85 Ferry Street) widow of Frederick Siebe, deceased 28 January 1876 - personal property about $200, survived by the widow and four chilren: Margaretha 8, Catherine 7, Marie 6, Anna 2. A creditor of Frederick Siebe was Heinrich Siebe.

1876: Real Estate Transaction, Siebe, Mrs. Kunigunda, to John Dikeman, Ferris street Feb 10 1 year, $910, 1876 (Columbia Digital Library)

1876 Directory: Kunigunda Siebe 85 Ferris Brooklyn, New York Occupation: Liquors Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1876

1878 Directory: Kunningta Siebe, widow, Frederick, liquors, 85 Ferris 1878 Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1878

1878: "Kunington Sube", a salon keeper at No 85 Ferris Street was arrested for selling beer without a license.

1878, June 8, :

The initial report stated that the fight broke out in the "lager beer saloon" of "Ernest Sieber" at 85 Ferris Street.

A fight at 85 Ferris street was between four men who were all drunk; one of them was badly wounded with multiple stab wounds and much loss of blood. He died of his wounds. Kunigunda Siebe was listed as the proprietor of the liquor store at 85 Ferris street during the trial that resulted from this incident.

The fight between John E Keating and James Ryan ended when Ryan was stabbed seven times. One of Ryan's sons participated in the brawl. Another article stated that the fight broke out over "the relative merits of two pugilists."

Ryan, James age 41, June 8, 1878 Kings #4283 - Death record of James Ryan.

1880: Memorial committee of the Grand Army of the Republic: Evergreen Cemetery to decorate the gave of "comrade" Frederick Siebe.

Civil War Pension: Siebe, Frederick, widow, Siebe, Kunigunda, minor, Renan, Kunigunda adn.(?), 1865, Aug 8 invalid, 1876, Mar 31, widow, 1882, Nov 16 minor

1880: Birth of Elizabeth Siebe, daughter of Kunnegunda - November 1880. See 1900 and 1910 censuses.

Note: Elizabeth Siebe was listed as Elizabeth Reenan by her son Thomas and daughter Ernie.

Marriage - Elizabeth Siebe to Thomas Mewhinney.


  1. Anna 1901 - 1983

    Anna Mewhinney Birth Date 31 Dec 1901 New York City, Queens, New York, United States Gender Female Father's Name Thomas Mewhinney Father's Birthplace America Father's Age 22 Mother's Name Lizzie Siebe Mewhinney Mother's Birthplace America Mother's Age 21

    Anne Mewhinney SSN: 118-01-1003 Last Residence: 11361 Flushing, Queens, New York, USA BORN: 31 Dec 1901 Died: Aug 1983

  2. Lizzie - Elizabeth L. Mewhinney (1903-1943)

    Elisabeth Mewhinney Event Type Birth Event Date 02 May 1903 Event Place New York City, Queens, New York, United States Gender Female Father's Name Thomas Mewhinney Mother's Name Lissie Siebe

    Event Type Death Event Date 31 May 1943 Event Place New York City, Queens, New York, United States Gender Female Age 40 Marital Status Unknown Birth Year (Estimated) 1903 Father's Name Thomas Mewhinney Mother's Name Elizabeth "Reenau" (Renan??)

    Mewhenney, Elizabeth, at her residence, 100-31 10th ave, Beechhurst, on May 31, 1943. Loving daughter of Elisabeth and the late Thomas Mewhinney, sister Anna, Jennie, Erne Thomas and James. Reposing at C. Johann Funeral Home, 20th av and 120th st, College Point, Friday, 2 PM. Interment Flusning Cemetery

  3. Jennie 1904 - 1990

    Jennie Mewhinney SSN: 109-32-0978 Last Residence: 12481 Shokan, Ulster, New York, USA BORN: 11 Nov 1904 Died: 23 Jul 1990

  4. Thomas 1906

    Thomas Mewhinney Birth 08 Jun 1906 New York City, Queens, New York, United States Gender Male Race White Father's Name Thomas Mewhinney Father's Birthplace College Point Father's Age 26 Mother's Name Lizzie Siebe Mewhinney Mother's Birthplace College Point Mother's Age 25

    Thomas Mewhinney SSN: 105-16-4820 Last Residence: 11361 Flushing, Queens, New York, USA BORN: 8 Jun 1906 Last Benefit: 11356, Flushing, Queens, New York, United States of America Died: Oct 1976

  5. James 1916

    James Edwin Mewhinney [James E MacWhinney] SSN: 094143065 Gender: Male Race: White Birth Date: 23 Aug 1916 Birth Place: College Point, New York [College Pt Q??, New York] Death Date: 10 Nov 2001 Father: Thomas Mewhinney Mother: Elizabeth Reenan Type of Claim: Original SSN. Notes: Jun 1940: Name listed as JAMES EDWIN MEWHINNEY; Apr 1946: Name listed as JAMES E MACWHINNEY

1915: Queens Mewhinney 34, Thos, contractor, Mewhinney (illigible) 34 Anna Mewhinney 13 Eliz Mewhinney 13 Mewhinney (illegible) 10 Thos Mewhinney 8, son

Death 1917: Thomas Mewhinney

Thomas Mewhinney, a well known contractor and ice dealer, died Saturday at his home, 116 Nineteenth street. He was 36 years old and was born in College Point. He is survived by his wife and 4 children.

Additional Child of Elizabeth Mewhinney after death of Thomas Mewhinney:

  1. Erne (Eernie) (female) January 3, 1927 listed as "son" in the 1940 census

    Married James G Levins (Feb 2 1929-Mar 31 1991)

    Erne Mewhinney [Erne Mewhinney Levins] [Erne Levins] Gender: Female Race: White Birth Date: 3 Jan 1927 Birth Place: Flushing, New York [Colege Point??, New York] Death Date: 17 Oct 2006 Father: Thomas Mewhinney Mother: Elizabeth A Reenan Type of Claim: Original SSN. Notes: Jun 1943: Name listed as ERNE MEWHINNEY; Nov: Name listed as ERNE MEWHINNEY LEVINS; 28 Oct 2006: Name listed as ERNE M LEVINS

    Erne Mewhinney Levins Gender: Female Birth Date: 3 Jan 1927 Birth Place: Queens, NY Residence Place: Shokan, NY Death Date: 17 Oct 2006 Death Location: Nursing home Death Place: Rutland, Rutland, Vermont, USA Mother: Elizabeth [Elizabeth Renner] Cause of Death: Metastatic Lung Carcinoma Manner of Death: Natural Veteran: Not applicable Date Filed: 19 Oct 2006 Vital Event Type: Certificate of Death

    Note: Elizabeth Mewhinney would have been 47 in 1927.

1920: Elizabeth Mewhinney 39, contractor trucking, Anna Mewhinney 18 Elizabeth Mewhinney 16 Jennie Mewhinney 15 Thomas Mewhinney 13 James Mewhinney 3, son

1940: Queens - Elizabeth Mewhinney 59, widowed Anna Mewhinney 38, typist law office Elizabeth Mewhinney 36 Jennie Mewhinney 35, teacher public school, Thomas Mewhinney 33, son, James Mewhinney 23, son, new worker Erne Mewhinney 13, son

Death 1976: Age 96 Elizabeth Mewhinney Birth Date 26 Nov 1880 State New York Last Place of Residence Queens, New York Previous Residence Postal Code 11361 Event Date Aug 1976


"Thompson - Siebe Flushing, L. I, September 25 - the Rev. - H. Wyatt, pastor of the Flushing Methodist Episcopal Church, was routed out of bed a 2 o'clock Saturday morning by Nicholas Thompson College Point and Mrs. "Kunngunda" Siebe of the same place, who told the minister when he appeared at the window that they desired to get married. The minister dressed hastily, went down stairs and ushered them into the parlor, where the marriage ceremony was performed. The witnesses were James Dwyer and Thomas Mewhinney. Thompson is about 40 year old. Mrs. Siebe has lived in Nineteenth street and Fifth Avenue for some time and Thompson was one of her boarders. She is 50 years old and this is her third matrimonial venture. The couple gave no explanation of why they had come to Flushing, at such an hour to be married, and after the ceremony hurried away.

According to the censuses Nicholas was born in New York in February 1860, father born Holland, mother born Ireland.

1900: Queens, 19th street, Nicholas Thompson 40, express messenger, Feb 1860, age 40 marriage 1, 0 children, "Katie" Thompson 53, Jan 1853, marriage 1, 0 children, born Germany, Elizabeth Siebe 19, step daughter, divorced, Mewhinney, John head, age 57, gardner, Joseph son age 21, day laborer, Thomas son age 20, teamster

1902: Stables, Livery, Thompson, Nicholas 60, 19th College Point, Queens.

1910: 19th street, Nicolas Thompson 50, marriage 1, married 14 years no children, contractor, own business, "Katie" Thompson 66, marriage 2, married 14 years, 5 children 4 living, born Germany, immigrated 1845, *Lizzie Thompson 29, stepdaughter, marriage 1, 9 years, 4 children 4 living, Mewhinney, Thomas, marriage 1, married 9 years, contractor own business, Anna daughter age 8, Lizzie daughter age 6, Jennie daughter age 5 Thomas son age 3 *Lizzie must be the wife of Thomas Mewshinney.


COUNTY COURT OF QUEENS COUNTY. William J. Smith, Plaintiff, against Nicholas Thompson, Charles A. Powell, Henry W. Biffar, Thomas "Renen", Maggie Zwicke, Mary "Schults", Annie Mewhinney and Elisabeth George, Defendants

1911: Thompson, Kunigunde, age 64, Mar 5, 1911 #756 Queens

Kunigunda Thompson. Mrs. Kunigunda Thompson, wife of Nicholas Thompson. a well-known resident of College Point, died at her home, 116 Nineteenth street, yesterday, after an illness of several weeks. She is survived by her husband and three daughters.

1912 Death : Thompson, Nicholas age 52, April 7, 1912 #1110 Queens

Note: 85 Ferris was right next to the house where Gertrude Kettler was born in 1889. See Fritz Kettler and Life in Red Hook

In 1887 a fire in the basement of the two story building at 85 Ferris street, caused damage of $1,000 in stock and fixtures to liquore dealer Peter Dolan. The building was owned by H. Hoffman.

In 1888, 1889, 1890, and 1892 William H Cain was listed at a liquor dealer at 81 (and/or 83) Ferris.

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