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James Madigan (c 1799-1874) and his wife Margaret (c 1812-1884) born New Town, county Cork, Ireland and their son, John Madigan (c 1847 - ) Ireland - Van Brunt and Dikeman

James Madigan: Born c 1799, Clonleigh Parish, New Town, Shandrum, County Cork, Ireland

Marriage: Margaret born circa 1812 Ireland. In Ireland.


  1. Patrick, 1848 Ireland

    Death: ??? (Madigan Patrick, 42 y, Jan 12, 1886 , 499 Kings

  2. John c 1847, Ireland

    With his mother in the 1880 census.

    Birth: Circa 1847 Ireland, son of James and Margaret Madigan.

    Immigration: ??

    His parents, James and Margaret also immigrated.

    Marriage: after 1880

    Bridget (Delia, a common nickname for Bridget), Kelly daughter of Peter Kelly

    1870 ward 12, Peter Kelly 47, stone mason, born Ireland, $3,000, Rose Kelly 44, John Kelly 14, Delia Kelly 11, James Kelly 9, children all born NY.

    February 21, 1898, OBITUARY

    Peter Kelly, one of the best known builders in Brooklyn, died at his home, 357 First street, yesterday, after a protracted illness from a complication of diseases. Mr Kelly was born in Ireland, but came to this country about fifty years ago and located in the Twelfth Ward. He early engaged in the building business and became identified with some of the large construction enterprises that resulted in building up Prospect Heights and other local sections. He was a lifelong Democrat and took an active part in the affairs of his party in the Twelfth ward.

    The decease leaves a widow and three children, ex-Assemblyman John Kelly and James Kelly who associated with their father in the building business and Mrs. John Madigan."

    Funeral mass: St. Francis Xavier 6th ave and Carroll interment at Flatbush.

    Peter Kelly & Sons

    1882, King Street No 111 being 125 n. w. Richards St. three story brick tenement, cost $4,200, owner Chas Smith on premises, Architect, G Darmen, builders Peter Kelly & sons. (American Architect and Building News: 1882, Volume 12)

    Children of John Madigan and Delia Kelly:

    1. Margaret (Maggie)
    2. John
    3. May
    4. Kathleen (Cathleen)
    5. James

  3. Eliza c 1848

    1870 Census age 23

    Marriage: Francis Mellon

    Mellon Francis liquors 383 Van Brunt

    Death: 1907 October 29, Mellon, at 123 Wolcott St. So Brooklyn, Mrs Elizabeth F Mellon (nee Madigan), Mass visitation, burial Holy Cross.

  4. Mary

    1870 Census age 17

    Marriage: Byrne, James

    Child: James J (1876) Who's who in New York 1909: civil engineer and city surveyor, born NY City Feb 5, 1876, s. James J. and Mary (Madigan) Byrne; ed St Francis Xavier's coll. N. Y. City and Pratt inst Brooklyn; unmarried, Served in the General Assembly of NY in 1905, wand was one of the members to compel at five-cent telephone sysked in Greater New York. Democrat, Roman Catholic, Nights of Columbus, 123 Wolcott street.

    Died 1912

  5. Margaret (Maggie)

    With her mother in the 1880 census

    1885 Architecture - Alterations Wolcott w. s. 125 Conover st add two stories, --- tin roof, also new cellar, cost $4,000 owwner, Miss Margaret Madigan 123 Wolcott.

    Unmarried in 1892.

  6. Ellen (Nellie)

    With her mother in the 1880 census age 23

    Unmarried in 1892.

  7. Catherine (Kate) born c 1859 Ireland

    With her mother in the 1880 census age 21.

    Unmarried in 1892.

Immigration: After 1859, James, Margaret, Patrick, John, Eliza, Mary, Margaret, Ellen and Catherine. Before 1870. In 1900 John Madigan said he immigrated in 1863. In 1910 John Madigan said he immigrated in 1870. In 1920 John Madigan said he immigrated in 1865.

1860 Census: No

1870: 1870: Ward 12, James Madigan 60, retired farmer, $600, Ireland, Margaret Madigan 48, Ireland, Patrick Madigan 22, porter, Ireland, John Madigan 19, porter, Ireland, Eliza Madigan 23, mattress maker, Ireland, Mary Madigan 17, mattress maker, Ireland, Margaret Madigan 15, mattress maker, Ireland Ellen Madigan 13, Ireland, Kate Madigan 11, Ireland

1873: Directory James Madigan Home 123 Wolcott, no occupation. John, caulker, corner Wolcott and Conover.

Death of James Madigan: 1874: Died "at his residence 123 Wolcott st South Brooklyn on Thursday July 2, James Madigan, age 75 years, a native of Clonleigh Parish, New town, Shandrum, County Cork, Ireland." Born circa c. 1799.

1875: Ward 12, ED 2 96 Wolcott, frame $3,000, owning, Margrat Madigan 65, daughter Elisebeth Madigan 28, son John Madigan 26, liquor store, daughter Margrat Madigan 22, daughter Ellen Madigan 20, daughter Katey Madigan 18, servant Mary Harding 40, boarder Micheal Mahoney 30, carpenter, boarder Johanna Ryan 34, book store, all born Ireland son, John Ryan 10, Kings co. Next to Herman "Manking" liquor store. See Mahnken

Margret Madigan in the directories: 1876, 1877,1878, 1879, Margaret Madigan, 123 Wolcott, Brooklyn, New York, Laundress, widow, James Madigan, Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1876, 1877, 1878, 1879

1880 Census, 123 Wolcott Street, Margaret Madigan 70, keeps house, John Madigan 33, son, liquor dealer, born Ireland, Margaret Madigan 25, daughter, sales lady, Nellie Madigan 23, daughter, bookbinder, Catharine Madigan 21, daughter, book binder, all born Ireland, James Burns 5, nephew, school born New York.

Death of Margaret Madigan: 1884: Died at her residence 123 Wolcott street Margaret Madigan age 72 widow of the late James Madigan formerly of Newtown, Shandrum, County Cork Ireland. Funeral Visitation.

In 1875 the sanded floors of Madigan's liquor store at the corner of Dikeman and Van Brunt was the scene of a disturbance. A large crowd gathered outside and the Eagle reporter was warned to get away before "the counties come rowling out on you." He observed the "tramping of heavy booted men over the floor" and "the noise of the glasses and decanters dancing on the bar and shelves". It was some sort of shouting match between three men from different Irish counties, Clare, Cork and Tipperary, each claiming that their county was the best. Apparently it was quite a common occurrence to have these shouting matches in Red Hook.

1876, 1877 Directory, Madigan, John liquors 386 Van Brunt (corner of Dikeman and Van Brunt).

John Madigan Residence Year: 1878, 1879, 1880, 1881, 1882, 1885 123 Wolcott Liquors Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1878

In 1880, October, John Madigan had a saloon at the corner of Van Brunt and Dikeman when a fight broke out between a group of drunks including an off duty police officer. Everyone envolved including the arresting offices had Irish names. 1880 October, John Madigan had a liquor store at the corner roof Dikeman and Van Brunt when he had a quarrel with a customer and the customer ended up with a severed artery.

1883: November 28 Two young men were at the liquore store of John Madigan at the corner of Dykeman and Van Brunt streets when they got into a dispute with Officer Michael Ryan, who was drunk.

In June 1884 a complaint was made against John Madigan of 386 Van Brunt that his saloon was open for business about 3 A. M. on the 18th of June.

1885: John " Maddigan" was "cut" in a quarrel in front of his saloon at Van Brunt and Dikeman. His assailant received a "severe scalp wound". "Maddigan" did not press charges.

1887 Real Estate Transfer Van Brunt st north cor Dikeman st 15x75 h&l (house and lot?), Peter Kelly to John Madigan and Delia A his wife, joint tenants, $6,000.

In 1888 John "Maddigan" had a liquor store on Van Brunt and Dikeman.

John Madigan Residence Year: 1890 Street Address: 386 Van Brunt Residence Place: Brooklyn, New York Occupation: Liquors Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1890

1892: Real Estate: Walcott st s w s 100 s e Conover st 25x100 Elizabeth wife of Francis Mellon, Patrick and John Madigan, and James M Byrne to Margaret A, Ellen F and Catherine L Madigan 4-7 parts 1884 Same property James M Brynes to Eliza Mellon curtesy in 1-7 parts Same property Eliza Mellon to Margaret A, Ellen F and Cahterine L madigan coutesy of Jas. M Byrnes in 1-7 parts.

1892 Census ward 12, Madigan, John age 44, saloon, Delia, age 31, Maggie 4, John 2 and a half, Mary 1

1892: Ward 12, 1892: July 26, 1892 Assemblyman John Kelly and John Madigan were on a long list of active Democrats in the 12th ward.

1900 Ward 30, John Madigan 44, building contractor, Delia A Madigan 40, Marguerite Madigan 12, John Madigan 9, May Madigan 8, Kathleen Madigan 4, James H B Dowd 21, step son

1900: 123 Wolcott Street: Madigan, Margaret, 34, Ireland, immigrated 1869, buyer dry goods house, Nellie, sister, 32, immigrated 1869, Byrnes, James nephew, 24, New York, city surveyor.

1905: 123 Wolcott, head Margret Madigan F 35y Ireland, head, sister Nellie Madigan F 23y Ireland, sister, custom house, nephew James J Byrne M 29y United States, nephew, U. s. Assembly, three families including the Madigans in the house.

1909 Van Brunt Street N.W., Delia Madigan 15x75 No 386 $1,600 $5,500 and 123 Wolcott street Margaret A Madigan 25x100 $1,000, $?,000 (Annual Record of Assessed Valuation of Real Estate in the City of New York ... By New York (N.Y.). City Record Office)

1910 Brooklyn Ward 30, John Madigan 60, Delia Madigen 50, Margaret Madigen 22, John Madigen 20, May Madigen 17, Catheline Madigen 14, James Kelly 40

In November, 1889 John Madigan and Patrick E. Burns had "long been rival tavern keepers at opposite corners of Van Brunt and Dikeman." They had a to do over an American flag that was hung between their respective establishments by a local club.

1920 Census: 50th Street, Ward 16, John Madigan 74, immigrated c 1865, Na, 1868, none, widowed, Margaret H Madigan 28, daughter, clerk government, John C Madigan 30, son, clerk office, May A Madigan 24, daughter, none, Kathleen R Madigan 22, daughter, teacher, James Kelly 62 brother-in-law, none

In 1900 John Kelly, age 43, died at 161 Coffey street. He was born in the US. He attended public schools and had graduated from Villanova College in 1873. He ans his father, Peter Kelly, had been builders and had erected many "large and notable" buildings in New York and neighboring cities. He was a Democrat and served in the legislature fro five consecutive terms. He was the son of Peter Kelly and the brother of Delia Kelly who married John Madigan. He had one surviving brother and he was married with four children.

The Madigan Family

1870: Ward 12, James Madigan 60, retired farmer, $600, Ireland, Margaret Madigan 48, Ireland, Patrick Madigan 22, porter, Ireland, John Madigan 19, porter, Ireland, Eliza Madigan 23, mattress maker, Ireland, Mary Madigan 17, mattress maker, Ireland, Margaret Madigan 15, mattress maker, Ireland Ellen Madigan 13, Ireland, Kate Madigan 11, Ireland

1880 Census: Margaret Madigan 70 John Madigan 33, liquor dealer, Margaret Madigan 25, Nellie Madigan 23, Catharine Madigan 21, James Burns 5, nephew, 123 Wolcott Street

1888, Myles McKeon a van Brunt street undertaker brought suit against Maggie Madigan and two of her sisters, (not named) for non payment of the funeral of her brother, Patrick, a liquor dealer, who died in March 1886. A brother, John Madigan, saloon keeper, was said to have no property. No proof was presented that Maggie was responsible for the bill and the case was dismissed.

1892 Census: War 12, Madigan, Margaret age 32, Ireland, Inspectress, Nellie age 30, buyer, Katie age 26 all born Ireland.

1892 Census Ward 12, John Madigan age 44, born Ireland saloon, Delia age 31, born NY, Maggie age 4 John age 2, May age 1

1910: Ward 30, John Madigan 44, building contractor, Delia A Madigan 40 Marguerite Madigan 12 John Madigan 9 May Madigan 8 Kathleen Madigan 4 James H B Dowd 21, step son.

1896 Rodmens' Eligible List civil service James J. M. Byrnes, 123 Wolcott.

John Madigan signed the will of Ann O'Brein Costello - see O'Brien

400 Van Brunt near Partition (between Dikeman and Partition on the west side)

John Kelly, 400 Van Brunt (1857-1900)

Birth c 1857 New York, son of Peter Kelly.

Marriage: Emma


  1. John Jr.

  2. Emma

  3. Rose

  4. Peter

1877 John Kelly mason, 359 Van Brunt

1878 John Kelly contractor home 300 Van Brunt

1879 John Kelly builder 125 William

1900 John Kelly mason 161 Coffey

1887 John Kelly of 400 Van Brunt put up bond of $200 for Redmont G. Gillbarry who was reported to have skipped.

1888 Mr. John Kelly proposed to make "extensive internal alterations" at 400 Van Brunt amounting to $1,400.

John Kelly was said to be the handsomest man in Ward 12.

1900 4 June Census 161 Coffey Street: John J. Kelly head, age 42, boss mason, married 17 years parents Irish, 6 children 4 living, Emma, age 33, parents German, John J Jr. 14, Emma 12, Rose 6, Peter 2, James brother 35, brick mason.

1900: John Kelly, son of Peter Kelly, 161 Coffey Street age 43 died July 18, 1900 after a short illness. He was a graduated of Villanova College in 1873. Active in politics. Wife and four children. Sister was the wife of John Madigan.

Note: John Kelly was an assemblyman and a builder.

Peter Kelly

Peter Kelly was born c 1825 in Ireland. He was listed in the 1875 census as follows: Peter Kelly, age 50 born Ireland 363 Van Brunt, brick $6,000, stone mason owenver naturalized, Rose, 40, Ireland, John, 19, Kings, to school in Canada, _elice 15, daughter, James 13, five families in the building.

In 1874 he was at 391 Willoughby Ave. He appears to have moved to Red Hook around 1875. He was listed as a mason at 359 Van Brunt in 1876. And at 359 Van Brunt in 1877 and 1879

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