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Weinpahl, Justice (Justus/Augustav/Gustav) (c 1833-1900) born Prussia, Germany, India Wharf, liquor 1865-1870

Source: 1870 Brooklyn directory - liquor dealers in Red Hook Under the heading LIQUORS (SEE ALSO ALE AND PORTER) Weinpahl, J. C., Atlantic docks c. India Wf

Justice Weinpahl born in Prussia c 1833, served in the Union Army during the Civil War, and had a liqueur business at the Atlantic Docks on India Wharf as early as 1865. He was listed at India Wharf as late as 1870. By 1876 he was listed at 99 President street. His home address was 97 President. He died in Brooklyn in 1900. None of his childen appear to have followed him into the liquor business.

Justus Weinphal's decedent, Tori Brovet, contacted me in December 2014 and corroborated some of the information I had and provided some additional information.

Birth: Prussia circa 1833.

He had a brother William C. who served in the civil War with Justus (Tori Brovet).

1880: Harrison Street, Wm. Weinphal 50, laborer, Minna Weinphal 45, Emma Weinphal 12, Wm. Weinphal 9, Louis Weinphal 5, Edw. Weinphal 3

Probate: 1892 Minna Weinphal of Brooklyn widow of William C Weinphal 19 Febraury 1892, died of Dropsey of the stomach, personal property $210. Children: Charles Weinphal Norwich Conn., Mary Weinphal and Sophie Weinphal of Brooklyn, all three full age, Emmie, age 14, William, age 11, Louis, age seven, Fredricka age 3 months. (familysearch.org

Marriage: Minnie (Wilhelmina) Kreuger (Tori Brovet)

Minna died in 1894. I have her death certificate, which is partially unreadable, but I can make out rheumatism and pneumonia among the causes. According to Green-wood Cemetery's website, a Julia Weinpahl was buried in her plot on the same day Minna was. I can find no other record for Julia, so I'm guessing she was a young child or infant and buried with her mother, Minna.

(Tori Brovet)

  1. Matilda, c 1868, see Otto. Died 1954 single.

  2. Minnie, c 1870, see Otto Died 1964, single (Tori Brovet)

  3. Charles, c 1872 Died 1906 (Tori Brovet). Married with several children.

    Marriage: Maud

    Children: Edyth, Justus C, Jane

    1900 Ward 22, 7th ave., Charles Weinphal 28, salesman, Maud Weinphal 24, Edyth Weinphal 4, Justus Weinphal 2, Jane Weinphal 1, Justus Weinphal 23, brother, clerk.

    1905: A.D. 07, E.D. 34, Warehouse ave., Weinpahl, Charles, 33, clerk, Maude, 30, Ides, 9, Justus, 7, Jane, 5 Charles, 4, Joseph, 2

    (Charles died of suicide, possibly related to financial losses. It made the newspaper, which is how I know. I can tell from Google that he was also involved in a court case against his brother-in-law Otto Peterson. (Tori Brovet))

    Brooklyn Eagle, 7 Aug 1906: Charles Weinphal age 34, Railroad Avenue Coney Island, employed my Dreamland, wife and six children committed suicide at home by shooting himself. The heat was stated as a posible cause.

    "He was at one time worth considerable money and owned several saloons on Fifth avenue" (in Brooklyn).

    He had worked as a waiter for Louis Stauch. He later went to work for Dreamland rising from a laborer to "a place in the office." (Note: Dreamland was an amusement park at Coney Island for 1904 to 1911. It contained primarily freak shows. Dreamland


    Brain of an Employee of Dreamland Affected by the Heat

    Charles Weinpahl, 34 years old of 2808 Railroad avenue, Coney Island killed himself yesterday among his six young children. He was employed at Dreamland. About 3 o'clock in the afternoon he asked Manager Bottling for permission to take the day off. He then went home and sat in the fornt room by the open window. Several of his children were playing about.

    Towards 5 o'clock his wife was busy in the kitchen cooking supper. She heard the children suddenly cry out There was the sharp crack of a shot. She hurried in Her husband la still by the window with a bullet hole in his temple. Coroner Hartung said that the suicide seemed due to aberration caused by the heat. According to his brother in law Frederick Moran, Weinpahl was formerly well to do. He inherited money and had a home in Fifth ave and First street, Brooklyn. When he lost all he went to work in Coney Island." (The New York Sun, 07 August 1906) 1910: Inmates Orphans Asylum Society of the City of Brooklyn, Atlantic ave., Justice Weinfahl 12, Joseph Weinpahl 6, Charles Weinpahl 9, Jennie Weinpahl 10

  4. Otto, c 1875 Died 1949 (Tori Brovet). Single.

    In 1895 Otto was a member of the Prospect Wheelmen biking club. In the 1897 Otto raced in a two mile tandem handicap for the Logan Wheelers. In 1900 he was president of the Logan Wheelmen.

    He was also a competitive bowler.

    1900 Census: Ward 22, 10th street, Matilda Weinpahl 37, Wilhemina Weinpahl 30, millinery, Otto Weinpahl 25, stenographer & ??

    1913, salesman

    1920 Census: Brooklyn District 18, Otto Weinpahl 43, salesman, Mathilda Weinpahl 51, sister, none, Minnie Weinpahl 50, sister, millinery own shop, William F Weinpahl 31, brother, wid., auditor publishing house, Frances E Weinpahl 7, niece, Elise A Weinpahl 6, niece.

    1930 census: Otto Weinpahl 54, cannot read occupation maybe commercial salesman ------, 5517 ave N, Brooklyn, Matilda Weinpahl 62, Minnie Weinpahl 62

    1940: Otto Weinpahl M 64 New York sister, Mathilda Weinpahl F 72 New York sister, Wilhelmine Weinpahl F 70 New York

    1949: Death of Otto Weinpahl September 18th survived by his sisters, Matilda, Wilhelmina, and Mrs. Otto Peterson, and two brothers, Justus C. and William. Home 776 E 32nd street.

  5. Justus G. (Gus), circa 1877, see Charles above He was a boarder age 34, in the 1910 census

    (I found an article about Gus and his career as a baseball player. Looks like he spent several years in teams in Brooklyn and Long Island, and played for Ned Hanlon. (Tori Brovet))

  6. Laura M. 1879. Died 1968 (married Otto Peterson. (Tori Brovet) )

  7. William Fredrick (Willie) circa 1888, see Otto

    Died 1977 (Tori Brovet)

    Marriage: Elise Augusta Brunjes (b. 1892) parents Arend Brunjes and Minnie Hupppler (Tori Brovet).

    1911: Wm F Weinpahl, Gender: Male, Marriage Date: 19 Apr 1911, Marriage Place: Kings, New York, USA, Spouse: Elise A Brunjes, Certificate Number: 3430

    Death of Elise Augusta Brunjes Weinphal, 1918: Find a Grave They had two daughters: Frances E born 21 January 1912 in Brooklyn (Frances Weinpahl Miller Birth 21 Jan 1912 Brooklyn Kings, New York Death Apr 1978), and Elise (Elise S Chambers [Elsie W Shields] [Elise S Weinpahl] Gender: Female Birth Date: 7 Aug 1913 Birth Place: Roselle Unio, New Jersey [Roselle Unio|] Death Date: Aug 1993 Claim Date: 20 May 1975 Father: William F Weinpahl Mother: Elise A Brunjes SSN: 081103598 Type of Claim: Duplicate request; evidence of identity only submitted. Notes: 15 Apr 1980: Name listed as ELISE S CHAMBERS; 09 May 1975: Name listed as ELSIE W SHIELDS). 1915: Borough of Roselle, New Jersey, William Weinpahl, 26, clerk, Elise Weinpahl 23, Frances Weinpahl 3, Elise Weinpahl, 1

    1920: Otto Weinpahl 43, Mathilda Weinpahl 51, Minnie Weinpahl 50, William F Weinpahl 31, Auditor Publishing house, Frances E Weinpahl 7, Elise A Weinpahl 6

    1940: Cranford, New Jersey, William Weinpahl 51, salesman, Sarah Weinpahl 47 Elsie Weinpahl 26

Military Service Civil War: Gustav Weinpahl, Age at enlistment: 28, Enlistment Date: 16 May 1861, Rank at enlistment: Private, Enlistment Place: Washington, DC, State Served: New York, Survived the War?: Yes, Service Record: Enlisted in Company B, New York 5th Infantry Regiment on 16 May 1861, Mustered out on 07 Aug 1861 at New York, NY., Birth Date: abt 1833, Sources: New York: Report of the Adjutant-General

1865 and 1866 tax: Weinphal, Justice C, India Wharf and Atlantic dock Retail dealer in liquor

1866: Excise licenses approved - "Aug. Wimbahl", India Wharf and Atlantic Dock

1867: HOUSE TO LET TO LET OR FOR SALE - A family going to Europe wish to let a furnished 3 story, high stoop brick house, with all modern improvements flower and vegetable garden connect, 5 minutes from the ferries, 99 President St. Note: No immigration information on either Ancestry.com or the Castle Gardens web site to indicate the Weinpahls went to Europe and returned.

1870: Weinpahl, J. C. Atlantic Docks c India wf 1870 Directory

1868: Two rooms on the top floor of 97 President street "To Let"

1869: Justus Weinpahl Residence Year: 1869 Street Address: President Residence Place: Brooklyn, New York Occupation: Liquors Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1869

1872, 1873: Weinpahl, Augustus, C. liquors, 117 Beekman, N. Y., home 79 President street.

1876, 1877: 99 President street, liquors.

1880 Census: President street Justice Weinpahl 47, liquor born Prussia, Minnie Weinpahl 34, Matilda Weinpahl 12, Minnie Weinpahl 10, Charles Weinpahl 8, Otto Weinpahl 5, Justice Weinpahl 3, Laura Weinpahl 1

1887: Fifth ave n w cor Carroll st 20x92 h&L Eliza Smith widow to Justus C Weinpahl $17,000

1892 Census: Brooklyn, Ward 22, E.D. 16 "Paul" Weinpahel age 59, Germany, liquors, Minnie 46, Charles 20, perfumery, Otto 17, metal, Justes, 15, Harry 11, Willie 3, Mathilda 24, Minnie, 22 Laura 13

1894: Death of Minnie Weinpahl - 1894 - Weinpahl Minna 47 y Apr 22 1894 5920 Kings - buried Greenwood. See Marriage above.

Weinpahl - sSnday April 22 Minna beloved wife of Justus C Weinpahl in her 48th year 369 Second street, Brooklyn

Marriage 2:

In 1896, Justus married Charlotte H W Meyer in Hoboken. (Tori Brovet)

U. S Dutch Reformed Church Hoboken, Marriage Records, Pastor Dr. Johann Rudolph 9 July 1896 Weinpahl & Meyer [verh. Hommert] Charlotte J. W. H.
*8 February 1833 Erfurt,
2. Ehe
Weinphal, Carl
Meyer [vehr. Hommert] Charlotte J W H & Weinphal Justus Carl
*3 June 1832 Westfalen
2. Ehe
Weinphal Karl
Knocke Fr. Lillie
Hoboken Pfarrhaus 6 p. m.

Justus Karl Weinphal of Brooklyn born 8 February 1833 in Erfurt son of karl and Julia born N--le to Charotte J. W. Hommert born Meyer 3 June 1832 in Westfallen, to Karl Drietes and Caroline born nee _irt--- witnesses Karl Weinphal and Lille Knocke 9 Oct 1896 Hoboken, New Jersey, USA German Evangelical Church

In October 2018 Paula Meyer wrote that she was a descendent of Charlette J. W. Meyer Hommert and her first husband Alex Hommert.

1898: SEVENTH AVE s.w. cor Second St. 20x80 Richard S Hager to Justus C Weinpahl mort $12,000

Death 1900: Justus C. Weinpahl Birth Date: abt 1833, Age: 67, Death Date: 4 May 1900, Death Place: New York, New York, Certificate Number: 8912, Page: 248

He died in 1900. I don't know if there was infighting over his will. I found a copy of it on FamilySearch, and it seems pretty boilerplate. My great-grandfather W F was only 12, still a minor, so he is provided for in it. Given the many notices about the will that appeared about it in the papers, I suspect there might have been a protracted struggle.

(Tori Brovet)

"Justin" Weinphal a member of Clarence D. MacKenzie Post No. 399(?) died at his late residence 369 Second Place last week May 13, 1900. He was interred in Greenwood Cemetery. Grand Army News.(BE)

Weinpahl, On May 4, 1900 at his residence 369 Second Street Justus C. Weinpahl in his 68th year.

July 1900 any one having claims against Justice Weinpahl was asked by Charlotte Weinpahl and the court to state their claims.

Charlotte Weinpahl was listed in the Civil War Pension Index as the widow of Justus (Gustave) Weinpahl.

1900: Probate - Justus C Weinpahl - died May 4 , 1900 - petitioner Charlotte J Weinpahl - property value real estate, $5,000 personal thirty -------- person entitled to any portion of the estate: Charlotte J Weinpahl, 369 Second Street widow, William F Weinpahl, same address son, Laura M Weinpahl same address daughter, Justus C Weinpahl, same address son, Charles H Weinpahl 500 Second Street, son, Justus C Weinpahl 500 Second street, grandson Benjamin Wingrove 492 Broadway Long Island City, Queens no relation. Also listed were Mathilda Weinpahl a daughter at 495 10th street, Wilhelmina Weinpahl a daughter same address, Otto Weinpahl same address son, all of full age and sound mind "except" Henry C and William F. "infants" Will was made April 12, 190 - not included in probate papers.

There was a basement apartment at 97 President in 1902.

1903: County Court, Kings, Metropolitan Life Insurance co. against George H Magill and Sarah J Magill his wife Richard S Hager and Clara Louise Hager his wife; Charlotte J Weinpahl and Benjamin Wingrove as executors of the will and testament of Justus C Weinpahl deceased; Charlotter J Weinpahl widow of Justus, William F Weinpahl, Laura W Peterson wife of Otto F Peterson, Justus C Weinpahl, Charles H Weinpahl , Matilda Weinpahl, Willhelmia, Otto, Hanry C Weinpahl, only children of Justus Weinpahl and more including spouses and grandchildren. April 24th 1903 (Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

1906: Charlotte Weinpahl, U S citizen, Arrival Date: 25 Sep 1906 Birth Date: abt 1832 Age: 74 Port of Departure: Bremen Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Kronprinz Wilhelm

1910 Census: 18th street, Ward 22, Brooklyn, Charlote J Weinpal F 77y widow, 5 children 2 still living, Germany Lilly E Knoke F 45y New Jersey Fredrick Knoke M 19y New York

1915: Brooklyn, Liley Knoke 51 Charlatte Weinpahl 83, mother

1920 census: 18th Street, Brooklyn, Charlotte Weinpahl 87, widow, none, Lillian Knoke 55, daughter, seamstress

In Greenwood Cemetery:

WEINPAHL CHARLES 1906-08-09 28530 204 (Weinpahl Chas 34 y Aug 6 1906 15734 Kings)
WEINPAHL ELISE A. 1918-11-02 28530 204 (Weinpahl Elise A 26 y Oct 30 1918 26918 Kings)
WEINPAHL JULIA L. 1894-04-25 28530 204
WEINPAHL JUSTUS C. 1900-05-07 28530 204 (Weinpahl Justus C 67 y May 4 1900 8912 Kings)
WEINPAHL MATILDA E. 1954-03-27 28530 204
WEINPAHL MINNA 1894-04-25 28530 204 (Weinpahl Minna 47 y Apr 22 1894 5920 Kings)
WEINPAHL OTTO M. 1949-09-21 28530 204
WEINPAHL WILHELMINE 1964-07-20 28530 204

Weinpahl, Carlotta, Death: Jan., 1926 Green-Wood Cemetery Brooklyn Kings County New York, USA Plot: Lot 8899, Section 127 WEINPAHL CHARLOTTE HOMMERT 1926-01-19 8899 127 Weinpahl Charlotte H 93 y Jan 16 1926 1388 Kings

Charlotte Weinpahl, Maiden Name: Hommert, Birth Date: 3 Jun 1832, Birth Place: Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, Death Date: 16 Jan 1926, Death Place: Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, United States of America, Cemetery: Green-Wood Cemetery, Burial or Cremation Place: Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, United States of America URL: https://www.findagrave.com/me

Why is she not buried with the rest of the family? The step mother!!

Weinpahl Caroline 1 m May 1 1870 2907 Kings
Weinpahl Margaret 63 y Apr 2 1937 8020 Kings
Weinpahl Marjorie L 10 m Apr 25 1904 8913 Kings (WEINPAHL MARJORIE L. 1904-04-27 21562 D)
Weinpahl Mary L 83 y Apr 11 1942 7663 Kings (WEINPAHL MARY L. 1942-04-14 21562 D) (WEINPAHL WILLIAM 1882-02-22 21562 D)
Weinpahl William 60 y Jan 17 1932 1299 Kings (WEINPAHL WILLIAM CHARLES 1932-01-21 37346 129)
Weinpahl Wilhelmina C 85 y Jan 4 1921 469 Kings (WEINPAHL WILHELMINA C. 1921-01-07 21562 D)
Weinpahl William - Feb 20 1882 2292 Kings

In March 1901 369 Second Street was listed as a two story stone front house.

More from Tori Brovet

Otto, Tillie, and Minnie never married. Instead they shared a house together. My mother remembers hearing W F talk about Tillie and Minnie, and I think she may have met them once.

He never mentioned Charles, or the fact that he had lost both parents so young.

W F eventually married my great-grandmother, Elise Augusta Brunjes (b. 1892). Her parents were Arend Brunjes and Minnie Huppler.

Elise died in 1918, of pneumonia related to the Spanish influenza epidemic. She left two young daughters: Frances and Elise (my grandmother).

More on Charlotte Meyer Hommert Westpahl:
1855: New York Ward 6, Alexander Hommert 27, porter, Charlotte Hommert 25

1860: Hoboken Ward 2, Alexander Hommert 32, porter, Prussia Charlotte Hommert 28 Louisa Hommert 3, New Jersey, Llerdera Hommert 8/12. New Jersey

1875: City directory, 211 Willow, Hoboken, Charlotte Hommert, widow of Alexander

1880 Census: Allen Street, New York, Charlotte Hommert 48, widowed, born Westphalia, Louisa Hommert 23, seamstress, Lilly Hommert 15, and three lodgers

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