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George Higgins (1856-) Ireland 14, Hamilton Ave., Red Hook Brooklyn

Birth 1856 Ireland

Marriage: Bertha Trusheim (or Frusheim)


  1. Mary c 1881

    Married Louis Zeterburg, born c 1877 in Pennsylvania, and had several children

    1915 census: Lewis Zeterberg 38, ticket agent, Mary Zeterberg 33 Carl Zeterberg 13 George Zeterberg 11 Alice Zeterberg 8 Lewis Zeterberg 5 Eugean Zeterberg

    In 1900 Louis Zeterburg, age 23, bartender, was with his parents, Herman age 52 born Germany, and Elizabeth age 49 born Norway, and his wife Mamie, age 19 born New York.

  2. George c 1883

    WWI DR: George Alvin Higgins, 790 Washington Brooklyn born April 8, 1884, clerk, US Gov't States, next of kin, Priscilla Higgins 916 Elizabeth st San Francisco, Ca., tall medium build, brown eyes brown hair.

  3. Prisilla c 1887

    1910: 49th street, Brooklyn, Emma "Fruscheim" 48 Eugene Fruscheim 9 Joseph Fruscheim 30, brother, iron worker, building, Fred Baker 41, border, iron worker building, Priscillia Higgins 23, niece, clerk telephone co.

George Higgins Residence Year: 1879 Street Address: 204 Vandyke Residence Place: Brooklyn, New York Occupation: Liquors Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1879

1880 Census: Van Brunt Ward 12, Higgins, George, age 24, saloon liquor, born Ireland, Bertha, wife age 20, born New York German ancestry.

George A Higgins Residence Year: 1884 Street Address: 118 Elizabeth Residence Place: Brooklyn, New York Occupation: Liquors Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1884

George Higgins Residence Year: 1885 Street Address: 14 Hamilton av Residence Place: Brooklyn, New York Occupation: Liquors Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1885 1888: George A Higgins Residence Year: 1888 Street Address: 14 Hamilton av Residence Place: Brooklyn, New York Occupation: Liquors Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1888

1892 Census: Ward 12, ED 04, Higgins, George A, 43, Liquor dealer, Bertha age 35, George E, 9, Ma--ry age 11, "Percel" female, age 5.

1893: April 23, Bertha nee Trusheim Higgins age 33 wife of George A Higgins died at her home at 14 Hamilton. (Higgins Bertha M 33 y Apr 20 1893 6737 Kings)

1893 12th ward "provision committee" member, George A Higgins, 14 Hamilton av. The provision committee was a group of 100 which was presiding over the Democratic Party's reorganization. (NY Times)

There are a number of articles in the Brooklyn Eagle which list George A Higgins on various political and social committees. However no address is given and I can not be sure its "himself".

1889: George A. Higgins 666 3d Avenue 14 Hamilton Avenue liquors

1900 Census Ward 30: Shore Rd and 99th street, Geo A Higgins 45, hotel keeper, George Higgins 15, Priscilla Higgins 13, Mary Kerrigan 40, servant, Patrick Moran 48, Servant

August 1900, Mr. George A Higgins living on the corner of 99th street and Shore road was the owner of three roosters and one parrot. His neighbor complained about the constant crowing of the roosters and Mr. Higgins was ordered to move them away from his neighbor's window.

George A Higgins Residence Year: 1906 Street Address: 14 Hamilton av Residence Place: Brooklyn, New York Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1906

In 1889 George Higgins was running a "liquor saloon" at 14 Hamilton Ave. In 1897 there was a pool room at 14 Hamilton Ave. At that time the building was described as a two story frame. George Higgins had a saloon on the first floor in 1897. In 1899 Higgins still was still running a saloon at 14 Hamilton that contained a pool room "over" the saloon. Gambling was a part of the pool hall activity at Higgins. In 1897 the pool room on the second floor was not open to the general public. One had to be in the known and be known. In fact, pool was not taking place as much as off track horse race betting. It was said that the saloon had always had a good reputation and a local police captain expressed surprise that illegal activities were going on because "the upper part of the building, which is only one story high above the store, was occupied by United States weighers in the employ of the government for which the Federal authorities pay rent." 1905: 97th Street, AD 7 ED 31 Higgins, George A, 45, hotel keeper, born US., Higgins, George A son 19 hotel keeper, Barker John Servant, the ages are off but the address and relationship are good.

1930: 99th street, $15,000, own, Louis Zeterburg 53, Pa, Norway, Norway, buyer, dry goods, Mary Zeterburg 49 Alice Zeterburg 23, secretary, ---ess Co, Louis Zeterburg 20, chauffer, private family, Eugene Zeterburg 18, cashier bakery, Paul Zeterburg 11 Mary Zeterburg 6 George A Higgins 75, father in law, widowed, Irish Free State, none.

In 1886 41 Hamilton ave was described as a "tall tenement house". Neither 4 nor 41 Hamilton come up in any connection with liquor or saloon.

Hugh Higgins was born in Ireland in 1830. He was a bachelor who died without offspring. See Higgins

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