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Shea in Red Hook, Brooklyn
There were a lot of Sheas in Red Hook in the mid to late 1800s.

The Family of Martin Shea in Red Hook

235 Van Brunt, South East Corner of Van Brunt at Delevan

Shea, (Shay) Martin, (c 1832-1882), distillery at Richards and Commerce, liquor store at Delevan and Van Brunt - 233 Van Brunt, north east corner - brick building in 1886 - Home 71 Summit - 138 Summit after the address numbers were changed.

Martin Shea was born circa 1832 in Ireland. He was granted a liquor license in July 1870 - "corner of Delevan". Later records show that he had several establishments in South Brooklyn including a distillery at Richards and Commerce and a liquor store at 233 Van Brunt (corner of Delevan).

1870 Brooklyn Eagle liquor list, Shea, M., VAN BRUNT c Delevan

Birth: Circa 1832 Ireland

Martin Shea was very active in the St. Patrick's Society of Brooklyn, Visitation Church, St. Stephen's church, the Irish Brigade, Clan Na Gael (a society of Irish Fenians) and the Long Island club.

Immigration: C. 1852

Marriage: Margaret Murphy


  1. Catherine, c 1854

    "Katy" Shea of 138 Summit won the "Bride" at the Foundling Asylum Fair at the Academy.

    Marriage: Michael Corbet before 1880.

    Children: ???

  2. Margaret Josephine, c 1857

    Marriage: July 17, at the home of her parents 128 summit Miss M. Josephine Shea to Mr. J. J. Milloy of Montreal


    1. Blanch

      1888 to John Joseph Milloy merchant, and Margaret Josephine Shea, grandparents Martin she and Margaret Murphy

      Died 1938, Montreal

    2. Martin Shea Milloy

      1886 godfather Patrick Arthur Milloy uncle

      Canadian Soldier of WWI: Martin Shea Milloy Residence: Montreal, Quebec Birth Date: 10 Feb 1886 Birth Location: Montreal, Quebec Relative: John Joseph Milloy Relationship: Father Regiment Number: 30849215, 3rd Victorea Rifles Montreal 2 and a half years, age 32, 5ft 6 inches, bleu eyes On voters list in 1935 and 1945

    3. John Joseph Milloy, 1888

      godfather Michael Conroy Corbet, merchant, of Brooklyn, godmother Kate Shea

      Canadian soldiers of the WWI: John Joseph Milloy Birth Date: 26 Dec 1888 Birth Location: Montreal, Canada Relative: Mrs Margaret Josephine Milloy Relationship: Mother, 55th Irish Canadian Ranger

      Death 1937

    4. Leo Francis 1889 godparents Richard Bernard Milloy and Leonora Francis Shea of the parish of St Stephens Brooklyn

      Death: Leo Francis Milloy son of John Joseph Milloy and Margaret Josephine Shea Died as an "infant" in 1891

    5. Leo Francis (Frank) Milloy 1893

      godparents Richard Bernard Milloy and Leonora Francis Shea of the parish of St Stephens Brooklyn,

    6. Margaret Milloy, 1898

      Margaret Mary Milloy Event: Bapteme (Baptism) Baptism Year: 1898 Baptism Location: Montreal, Quebec (Quebec) Place of Worship or Institution: Saint Patrick (record very faded)

    1891 Census Canada: Quebec District Number: 172 District: Montreal Centre Subdistrict: St Antoine Ward, John O Milloy 40, born Ireland, clothing store, Josephine Milloy 35, born United States, Blanche Milloy 9, Martin Milloy 5, John J Milloy 3, Mary Corbert 21, domestic, Elizabeth Richardson 34, domestic

    1892: January, New York Times: In an attempt to ruin the trade of John Joseph Milloy a Montreal merchant tailor he was falsely accused of trying to smuggle goods into the United States. Known as "J. J. Milloy".

    1901 Census Canada: John Milloy 52, merchant, Josephine Milloy 43, Blanche Milloy 19, Martin Milloy 15, John Milloy 13, Frank Milloy 8, Margaret Milloy 2, Josephine Beaupre 35 servant.

    1911 Census: Canada: John I Milloy 60, Margret Milloy 55, Blanche Milloy 28, Margart Milloy 25, Joseph Milloy 23, Francis Milloy 18, Margret Milloy 12

  3. Mary circa 1860

    Did not marry by 1930.

  4. Lenora F. circa 1863

    Did not marry by 1903

    1888 Charity Ball the Emerald Association at the Academy of music - Miss Leonora Shea wore "a handsome gown of white silk and Brussels net, diamond ornaments."

    1892 maid of honor at the wedding of Katie J Wynne and Benjamin McCormick

    Member of the Fenelon Reading Circle, 1897, 1898 Children's Home Auxiliary of the Angel Guardian Home at the convent of Mercy, recording secretary 1900, 1901 - an orphanage at 12th ave and 64th street, Brooklyn.

    1901 the ladies Guild of the Convent of Mercy dance at the Pouch Gallery.

    1930 Census: Mary Shea 71, Leonora F Shea 67

  5. William c 1865

  6. Note: In the 1900 census Margaret Shea said she had seven children and four were still living. Catherine, Mary and Lenora were living with her. Who was the 4th child still living?

1856 Martin Shea was selling tickets for a fund raiser picnic to benefit the erection of a school connected with Visitation Church. The steamer America and two splendid barges were engaged for the celebration as well as Manahan's band.

1862, 1864, 1866, 1869: Martin Shea was listed in the Brooklyn directory with a liquor store at 554 Columbia.

1863-65 Civil War Draft Registration: Shea, Martin, age 30, Liquor dealer, married born Ireland, Smith St.

1867: Martin Shea distillery at corner of Richards and Commerce had six to eight tubs of mash on hand which were not entered in his books. Revenue inspectors seized fifteen mash tubs.

1867 Distillery Seizure: The distillery of Martin Shea corner of Commerce and Ewen streets was quite and estensive operation. While the books showed no materials mashed since February 21, 1867 in April there were about 1,500 gallons of mash in the process of fermentation seized by the U. S. Inspector, H. L Jewett.

1867 Martin Shea was listed with a restaurant on Columbia street.

Martin Shea was listed at Van Brunt and Delavan for the first time in 1870. He is variously listed on Columbia, Summit, Van Brunt up to 1880.

1870 directory, Shea, Martin, liquors, 554 Columbia, and Van Brunt c Delevan, home 71 Summit.

1868 FOR SALE CHEAP: Two brown stone houses, Nos 69 and 71 Summit adjoining First Place, will all modern improvements, and built by -ay's work; possession immediately; Apply to Martin Shea 551 Columbia st

1869: April, 71 Summit street was TO LET - described as a three story high stoop brown stone house with furnace in cellar, all improvements, 71 Summit between Hicks and Henry.

1869 May TO LET $900 No 71 Summit street near First place 3 story, high stoop, brown stone house, in good order, heater in cellar

In 1875 136 Summit street was for rent. 3 story, stone front, with basement, newly painted, all improvements, in first class order, rent low.

Note: The numbers of the street addresses changed after 1870. Summit turns into 1st Place at the corner of Henry. 71 Summit is now near the waterfront but the 71 Summit of 1868-69 was near Henry street. The family address was later given as 138 Summit Street which is on the south side of the block between Hick and Henry.

In July 1856 Martin Shea and others on this list (including William McAvaney and Michael Flinn) were selling tickets to a grand picnic and cotillion excursion in connection with the R. C. church of the Visitation. The steamer AMERICA and two "splendid" barges were engaged for the outing. Music was by Manahan's band.

1870 Census Ward 6, Shea, Martin age 38, liquor dealer ret., born Ireland, Margaret 38, born Ireland, Mary 10, Lenora 7, and a servant. Where were the other minor children?

1872: A 12 year old boy was arrested for taking $4.75 from the till at the store of Martin Shea Columbia and Summit.

1872, Patrick Cassidy went to Martin Shea's liquor store at the corner of Van Brunt and Delavan for a quart of beer.

May 6, 1872 caused by boys throwing stones at the "patent match factory" and igniting matches - $1,000 damage - no insurance - building owned by Martin Shea. Factory owned by "Willison" Rogers & Co., corner of Columbia and Delavan.

1873 J Fitzharris barkeeper for Martin Shea, Columbian and Summits streets arrested for violating the excise law.

1873 Mr. Martin Shea was injured when he was thrown from his wagon while racing on the Coney Island Road. He made a rapid recovery.

1874, November, Thomas Doyle was the bar keep for Martin Shea's bar at the corner of Van Brunt and Delavan when a customer took money from the till.

1874 Caught in the Act - A police officer caught two thieves at "John" Shea's liquor store corner of Delevan and Van Brunt in the process of packing up liquor and cigars. They entered the store using a ladder to get to a fan light.

1875 "John" Shea called a meeting of St. P. M. A. A. Branch No 9 Kings County - to meet at the cor, Delavan and Van Brunt.

1875 Census: 74 (street not named) Brick $6,000, Shea, Martin, 45, liquor dealer, Margaret, 43, Catherine, 21 Josephine, 18, Mary, 14 Leonora, 12, William, 10 Two Irish servants.

1875 Martin Shea 233 Van Brunt, liquors, Brooklyn directory.

1875, May, Michael Shea of "232 Van Brunt "appeared on the street covered with blood from a number of wounds to the head". He had been attacked by James Meehan who lived on the same floor as he did. Meehan said he was only protecting his family as Michael Shea had come into his apartment, insulted his wife, and broke up his furniture. Neighbors collaborated the story and Shea was locked up for being drunk and disorderly.

1876 Martin Shea active in another fund raising picnic for Visitation Church and school.

1876: January 5, New York Times

"Some months since three indictments for grand larceny and receiving stole goods were found against Charles B Rouss, and William J Bell, comprising the firm of Rouss, Bell & Co., well known dry goods auctioneers. The accused were released on $17,500 bail each, and shortly afterward it was discovered that Rouss had fled from New York leaving his surety, Martin Shea, No 138 Summit street, Brooklyn responsible for the amount of his bound. Mr. Shea had the fugitive arrested in St. Louis, and he was brought to the court of General Session, yesterday, and having been surrendered by his bondsman, was committed to the Tombs"
1879: John O'Shea southeast corner of Van Brunt and Delevan in violation of the Sunday selling October 29, 1879

In 1877 Martin Shea was described as a wealthy brewer from Brooklyn.

1878 Mr. Martin Shea of south Brooklyn was a noted "amateur driver". "Only his devotion to business prevents Mr. Shea and his favorite roadster, Billy, form being a terror to the fast drivers on the boulevard"

Martin Shea found in violation of the Excise Law October 29, 1878 - open for business on Sunday.

1897 St Stephen's picnic at Pope's Park, committee Martin Shea.

1880 Census: 138 Summit street, Martin Shea 50, liquor dealer, Margaret Shea 50, Mary T. Shea 19, Leonora Shea 16, Michael Corbet 27, son in law, dry good mect. Catharine Corbet 24, daughter.

Martin Shea died in April 1882. He had a well attended funeral was out of St. Stephen's R. C. church with nearly 100 carriages following the hearse to Calvary Cemetery. There were a large number of "floral offerings". The funeral mass was attended by multiple Irish priests, senators, politicians, etc. He had a long obit in the Brooklyn Eagle which asked "who did not know Martin Shea?". He was born in Ireland and came to the US a poor young man when he was about 20 years old. He first worked and married in Manhattan. He came to Brooklyn in 1859(?) and with a little capital entered into the liquor business. "His business soon grew to be so lucrative that ventures in other quarters followed in the course of time and some years ago he was the proprietor of four stores, two of them in the metropolis." At the time of his death he had only two stores. He owned a "substancial structure" at the corner of Summit and Columbia. He had just come back from visiting a married daughter who lived in Montreal when he caught a severe cold which turned into pneumonia. He was married with children. He was an active member of the St. Patricks' Society.

Calvery Cemetery is about nine miles from Carroll Gardens. Some Internet sites say a horse drawn carriage could go about 10 miles in an hour.

Margaret Shea was the "administratrix" for the will of Martin Shea.

1882: M Corbet of 138 Summit was renting a large store at the southwest corner of Summit and Columbia st. - "good business locality".

1883: Margaret Shea an administratrix of Martin Shea deceased sued attorney James M Baldwin for the recovery of bail bond money for "one Rouse" a prisoner who escaped. Rouse was later captured and the bond money amounting to $6,5--. Baldwin, who had been the attorney for Martin Shea, recovered the full amount but only gave Margaret Shea $500! She sued. The court agreed that Baldwin did not have the right to keep so large a sum. And ordered him to pay Margaret Shea $---.55 (I cannot read the amount) and costs.

1889: M. C. Corlet, 138 Summit st. was listed as a liquor dealer in Brooklyn when he testified on behalf of Patrick Pollard who was applying for a liquor licence. Corbet said he was a stockholder in a company that supplied liquor to saloon owners.

1892 Census: Michael G. Corlett, age -- Ireland, collector, Margaret Shea, 64, Ireland, Kate Corlett age 37, Mary F Shea 30, Leonara F Shea 27, Ward 06, E. d. 23. Note: Kate Shea married Michael Corlett.

1894: TO LET: Good Ground, L. I. elegantly furnished cottage on Shinnecock Bay, ten minutes from depot, yachting facilities, large piazza, good shade trees, 7 bedrooms, parlor, dining room, kitchen, stable, bath houses. Inquire M Shea 138 Summit Brooklyn.

1900: 138 Summit, Margaret Shea 72, immigrated c 1848, 7 children 4 living, Mary T Shea 34, single, Leonery F Shea 30, single, Michael C Corbet 48, liquor dealer, Catherine Corbet 44, Bessie Harkins 20, servant

1903: July 9, Shea Margaret 138 Summit Street, Brooklyn widow of Martin (Shea Margaret 76 y Jul 9 1903 11836 Kings)

1904 Real Estate Transfer: Columbia st s. w. cor Summit st 25x75. Michael C. Corbet and as exr Margaret Shea, Margrt J and John Milloy and Catherine Corbet to Mary T and Leonora F Shea.

1910 Sterling Place Ward 9, Mary F Stea 50 Leonara F Shea 47, own income.

1920 census: Mary and Leonora Sterling Place.

1930 Sterling Place: Mary Shea 71, head, single, Leonora F Shea 67, sister, single.

Leonora F. Shea was active in the Fenelon Reading circle in 1899 and 1900.

Who, if anyone, took over this store after the death of Martin Shea?

The Eastern reporter: containing all the decisions of the states ..., Volume 7, 1886 By John T. Cook

On May 17, 1884, in the supreme court, at special term in Kings county, the plaintiff had judgment of foreclosure directing a sale of the dower right of defendant in a city lot in Brooklyn. On December 9, 1884, this judgment was affirmed by the general term, and defendant appealed to this court.

March 25, 1878, Martin Shea and Schnerr, then being copartners, carrying on business together under the name, style and firm of Shea & Schnerr, being indebted unto John Shaw, John Hinchliffe and Thomas B. Penrose, copartners in business under the name, style and firm of Shaw, Hinchliffe & Penrose, in the sum of $3,000, made, executed and delivered to them a promissory note, dated New York, March 28, 1878, for the said sum of $3,000, payable one year after date to the order of Martin Shea, value received, and by said Martin Shea indorsed, payable to the order of said Shaw, Hinchliffe & Penrose.

For the better securing the payment of said note said Martin Shea and Margaret Shea, his wife, at the same time executed and delivered to said Shaw, Hinchliffe & Penrose a mortgage bearing even date with the said promissory note, which was described therein, whereby they mortgaged to said Shaw, Hinchliffe & Penrose certain lands and premises in said mortgage particularly described, with the proviso and condition that if the said mortgagors should pay to the said Shaw, Hinchliffe & Penrose, their executors or assigns, the money mentioned in said obligation at the time and in the manner mentioned in the said obligation, then said mortgage and the estate thereby granted should cease, determine and be void; and said mortgage was duly acknowledged and recorded in the office of the register of the county of Kings, in liber 1410 of mortgages, at page 400.

Thomas B. Penrose assigned to said Shaw & Hinchliffe,successors of the said firm of Shaw, Hinchliffe & Penrose, all the right, title and interest of the said Thomas B. Penrose in and to the said promissory note and said mortgage, to Shaw, Hinchliffe & Penrose, by assignment made, executed and delivered December 14, 1878, and recorded in the register's office of Kings county, January 30, 1879, in liber 1439 of mortgages, at page 469.

John Shaw departed this life in the year 1882, and in or about January, 1883, plaintiff purchased and received an assignment to him of all the right, title and interest which said John Shaw ever had in said promissory note and the said mortgage made to secure payment of same.

The interest which Martin Shea had in said real estate was sold in 1881, under a judgment for $486 against him, in favor of P. H. Horgan, docketed in said Kings county clerk's office on or about June 8, 1874, prior to the record of said last-mentioned mortgage, and the effect of such sale was to exclude, cut off or defeat the lien said Shaw, Hinchliffe & Penrose had by virtue of said last-mentioned mortgage, so far forth as related to the individual interest of said Martin Shea in said mortgaged premises.

Wm. N. Dyckman, for appellant. James M. Baldwin, for respondent.

Andrews, J. The joinder(?) by a married woman with her husband in a deed or mortgage of his lands does not operate as to her by way of passing an estate, but inures simply as a release to the grantee of the husband, of her future contingent right of dower in the granted or mortgaged premises, in aid of the title or interest conveyed by his deed or mortgage. Her release attends the title derived from the husband, and concludes her from afterward claiming dower in the premises as against the grantee or mortgagee, so long as there remains a subsisting title or interest, created by his conveyance. But it is the generally recognized doctrine that when the husband's deed is avoided, or ceases to operate, as when it is set aside at the instance of creditors, or is defeated by a sale on execution under a prior judgment, the wife is restored to her original situation, and may, after the death of her husband, recover dower as though she had never joined in the conveyance. In short the law regards the act of the wife in joining in the (feed or mortgage, not as an alienation of an estate, but as a renunciation of her inchoate right of dower in favor of the grantee or mortgagee of her husband, in and of the title or interest created by his conveyance. It follows, therefore, that her act in joining in the conveyance becomes a nullity whenever the title or interest to which the renunciation is incident, is itself defeated. The wife's deed or mortgage of her husband's lands cannot stand independently of the deed of her husband when not executed in aid thereof, nor can she by joining with her husband in a deed of lands to a stranger in which she has a contingent right of dower, but in which the husband has no present interest, bar her contingent right. These principles are, we think, decisive of this case. The plaintiff's mortgagee has been defeated by the paramount title derived under the execution sale. It was the husband's mortgage, and not the mortgage of the wife, except for the limited and special purpose indicated. The lien of the mortgage, as a charge on the lands of the husband, had by the execution sale, been subverted and destroyed. Nor can the security be converted into a mortgage of the widow's dower, now consummated by the death of her husband. This would be a perversion of its original purpose. Her act in signing the mortgage, became a nullity on the extinguishment of the lien on the husband's lands. If on the executiou sale there had been a surplus applicable to the mortgage, it might very well bo held that the widow could not be endowed therein, except after the mortgage had been satisfied. The surplus would represent in part the mortgaged premises. We think the authorities require a reversal of the judgment. Judgment reversed and complaint dismissed with costs.

All concur, except Miller, J., absent.

🏠 Ann Shea (c 1839 - 1899) and her husband, Kieran
Kieran Shea born (c 1833 - 1889) Ireland, 444, 446, and/or 448 Van Brunt

It is difficult to be specific about which building some families were actually living in. For one thing the street numbering changed sometime between 1869 and 1872. From the directories and censuses it would appear that people moved from say 442 to 444 and back in a matter of two or three years. I do not believe that was the case. I do not really know why the numbers jump around so much. But the addresses for some people go back and forth like yoyos. It appears from the 1875 census that there were dwellings at 444, 446, and 448. In 1875, at least, The Shays were at 444. Lawrence Fay and family had a liquor store next door at 446. See Fay

Kieran Shea born c 1833 Ireland married Ann _______ born Ireland c 1839. They had a boarding house at 444/46/48 Van Brunt - down close to the Erie Basin - from at least 1880. After Kieran died in 1889 Ann Shea continued to run a hotel at 446 Van Brunt. This branch of the Shea family were in Red Hook until at least 1920.

Kieran Shea born (c 1833 - 1889) Ireland

Ann ______ Shea (c 1839-)

Birth of Ann Shea: 1839

Birth of Kieren Shea:


Marriage: before 1859


  1. Francis (Frank) Shea 1859 - married - had children? He was with his parents in 1875 ND 1880. And with his brother, William, in 1900??

    ???????1910 Frank Shea born circa 1860 Conover st, driver, Agnes 46 Evelyn 21, ?????

  2. John Shea 1861 - ✟died 1898

  3. Thomas s Shea 1865 -

  4. Mary Ann Shea 1868

  5. Peter/William Shea 1870 - married and had children.

  6. Kieran c 1874

1870 Census: Keerans Shea 45, laborer, Ireland, Anne Shea 31, hu--ter, Ireland Francis Shea 10, John Shea 8, Thomas Shea 6, Mary Shea 2, Peter Shea 3/12

1875: 444 Van Brunt, frame $2,500 Kieran "Shay" age 41, laborer, Ann wife both born Ireland, Francis 14, John E 13, Thomas P 10, Mary Ann 7, Peter W. 5, Kieran 1, three families in the building.

1877, Kieran Shea, liquors, 1877 448 Van Brunt Brooklyn, New York Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1877

1884, Ann Shea 1884 441 Van Brunt Grocer Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1884

1880: 444 Van Brunt: Kieren Shea 52, longshoreman, Ann Shea 40, keeping boarders, Frank Shea 21, son, labor John Shea 19, son, labor Thos Shea 15, son Mary Shea 12, daughter, Peter Shea 10, son, Patrick Hickey 28, boarder, --- fire man, Patrick Welsh 24, boarder, dock laborer, Thos Killoughey 24, boarder hand on tug,

August 1885, Mrs Shea ran a boarding house at 448 Van Brunt. 🏠 🍴

✟Death: Shea, Kieran, 56 y, Mar 27 1889, #4448

Kieran Shea 27 Mar 1889 Brooklyn, Kings, Age 56 Marital Status Married Occupation Laborer Birth Year (Estimated) 1833 Birthplace Ireland Burial Date 30 Mar 1889 Cemetery Holy Cross Father's Birthplace Ireland Mother's Birthplace Ireland

1886, Shea, Ann widow "Terrence", h 448 Van Brunt

1888, Shea, Ann 448 Van Brunt cigars

1889 448 Van Brunt, Anna Shea tobacco

1888, 1889, Anna Shea 448 Van Brunt tobacco 1888, 1889 Brooklyn

1892: Ward 12, Ann Shea, age 52, Thomas Shea age 26, fireman, William Shea age 22, laborer

1895 New store Front cost $500 Van Brunt st w. s. 100 s Elizabeth 446 Van Brunt Mrs. Shea.

✟1898 DIED Shea, John E age 34, second oldest son of Ann and the late Kieran Shea funeral 446 Van Brunt South Brooklyn

✟ Ann Shea December 1899 Ann Shea widow of the late Kieren Shea and mother of Frank, Thomas, and "William" Shea, home 446 Van Brunt.

SHEA - Officers and members of Pride of Manhattan Circle No 47 C. O. F. are requested to attend the funeral of Campanion Mrs. Annie Shea from her late residence 446 Van Brunt. December 16, 1899

1901 Real Estate, 446 Van Brunt lot 25x90. Sold for William C. Courtney referee in action in partition of William Shea, against Frank Shea, 172 Beard Street, frame house lot 20x75, to Thomas Fitzgerald for $1,500, 174 Beard street similar property to William Shea for $1,000 and 446 Van Brunt street brick house 25x90 to William Shea for $4,000.

1901 Court, Kings county William Shea against Frank Shea and others. Property dispute Elizabeth (Beard st) Conover and Van Brunt.

🏠 🍴 1900 Census: Ward 12, 446 Van Brunt: William Shea 29, head, married 2 years, hotel keeper Jeannie Shea 27, wife, born Ireland, "Frances" Shea* 40, married, 20 years, uncle, hotel keeper, Thomas P Shea** 31, nephew, single, hotel keeper, Edward Shea*, 17, nephew, bartender, Evanina (?) Shea*, 14, niece Mary Shea* 12, niece, Matthew Shea* 9, nephew, Edward Carey 61, boarder

*Francis (Frank born c 1859) and his children
**Thomas born c 1865

Bothe brothers of William Shea

1905: 446 Van Brunt: Shea, William, 34 stevedore, Jennie wife 28, Ann, daughter, 3, John son ?? months, Mary Shea niece age 17, boarders

1898 and 1902, June, Shea, W. sold 1902 saloon and restaurant fixtures 446 Van Brunt $1,000 P. Ballantine.

1920 Census: Dikeman street, William Shea 49, watchman mfg plant, Jennie Shea 40 Anna Shea 17, knot blancher factory, John Shea 15, messenger factory, Jennie Shea 13, Mary Shea 11

1930: 60th street, William Shea 60, born Brooklyn, occupation, none, Jenny Shea 51 Anna Shea 27, fore lady, Fred Fear, John Shea 25, policeman, Mary Shea 20, none.

Shea Keiran 3 y Dec 14 1912 22913 Kings
Shea Kieran 56 y Mar 27 1889 4448 Kings
Shea Kiernan 1 d Oct 29 1866 7550 Kings

Shea Kearn P 40 y Aug 17 1904 28977 Manhattan

Other Sheas in Red Hook

1875 Census: 340 Van Brunt, brick, $8,000 John Shea age 50, Ireland, shoemaker, Kieran age 20, Rosanna age 18, Francis 16, John J, 4, Michael c 14 and Patrick Kearney, boarder painter.

1910: Court street, John Shea 85, wid, born Ireland, own account, Frank Shea 44, son, own account, born Ireland, married, 10 years, Cathrine Shea 34, 3 children 3 living, born NY, Francis Shea 5, grand child, Cathrine Shea Jr. 2, grand child, Kieran Shea 6 mos grand child, John A Shea 15, grandson, Michael P Shea 40, born Ireland, son, shoe dealer.

Notes: There were a ton of Sheas in Red Hook. Kieran was an unusual name.

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