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Michael McGrath (c 1833- 1895) Ireland

Born c 1833 Ireland - Tipperary??




  1. John c 1827 born Ireland

    Died before death of Michael in 1896.

  2. Bridget c 1830 born Ireland

    Died 1898 - no descendants.

  3. Michael c 1833 Ireland

    Died 1896 - no descendants

  4. Alice

    married _______ O'Brien

    Her children, Daniel, Michael and/or John O'Brien, of Toledo, Ohio, were mentioned in the probate papers of Michael and Bridget McGrath

    Alice McGrath O'Brien had never been in tne US and had died begore 1896.

  5. Mary Donovan Holbrook listed in probate papers of Michael McGrath and Bridget McGrath

  6. ????? ________ Mc Grath (female) married _____ Kelly and had Margaret Kelly who was listed as a niece of Michael McGrath in the 1880 census.

  7. Kate

    married Breen

    Children: Mary Breen and Katie Breen nieces of Michael McGrath

  8. Daniel McGrath


    Child: John McGrath nephew of Michael McGrath,

  9. James McGrath


    Children Daniel McGrath and Caroline McGrath children of James McGrath in probate papers of Michael McGrath

  10. Mary McQuillan Sayville, N. Y., niece, Catherine Adams, Sayville N.Y. niece in probate papers of Bridget McGrath 1899

1867: Michael McGrath ran a oyster saloon at the Hamilton Market when a fight broke out between some customers.

Michael McGrath 1876, 1877, 369 Van Brunt Brooklyn, New York Liquors Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1876, 1877 - no Bridget - no John on Van Brunt.

1880: Census Ward 12, 361 Van Brunt Street: Michael McGrath 48, saloon, born Ireland, John McGrath 53, brother, Bridget McGrath 50, sister, dressmaker, born Ireland, Kelly, Margaret, niece

Michael M Mcgrath 1882 361 Van Brunt Liquors Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1882 - no Bridget - no John on Van Brunt.

1883: Real estate transfer Van Brunt southerly cor Tremont st 21x70 h&? Mary, wife of James Dowd, to Michael and Bridget McGrath as joint tenants.

John McGrath and Michael McGrath 1886 269 Van Brunt Liquors Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1886

In 1889 Michael McGrath was a saloon keeper at 269 van Brunt when he was arrested for violating the Excise Law. He reportedly sold a pint of ale to an 8 year old. The child drank some of it and became ill.

1889: Real Estate Van Brunt st south cor Tremont, 21x70 House and lot, Michael McGrath to Bridget McGrath (Columbia University Online Library)

1890: Mrs. Lulu Lee, the wife of Olaf Lee of 116 Williams street was shot in the leg while sitting in her back yard. Five teenage boys who were playing in the yard when the shot was fired were arrested. The boys denied any involvement and insisted that the shot was fired by Michael McGrath age 58 of 269 Van Brunt from his rear window. Michael McGrath was also arrested. At the hearing all pleaded "not guilty". McGraph's wife paid the bail. It was said that she owned $10,000 of property at the corner of Tremond and Van Brunt streets. (Note: His probate in 1896 indicated he had no wife.)

1891: McGrath John M. liquors, h 269 Van Brunt McGrath

1892: Ward 12 same page as Rosanna McKenna, Michael McGrath age 59 Ireland liquor, and Bridget McGrath, next to John Garbade, grocer, age 27, born Germany.

1895: Michael McGrath of 269 Van Brunt died December 18, 1895, age 66, - solemn requiem mass and funeral at of Visitation Church, buried Holy Cross. (McGrath Michael, 66 y , Dec 18 1895, 21761 Kings)

1896: Solemn mass in memory at Visitation Church

1896 Probate: Bridget McGrath, petitioner, of 269 Van Brunt was a sister of Michael McGrath deceased. Michael McGrath had no will, died a natural death, personal property value did not exceed $100, no widow, children, children of children, father, mother, but two sisters, Bridget McGrath and Mary Donovan, also Michael O'Brien, Daniel O'Brien, nephews and sons of Alice O'Brien, also Mary Breen and Katie Breen nieces and children of Kate Breen, also John McGrath nephew son of Daniel McGrath, also Daniel McGrath and Caroline McGrath children of James McGrath. Bridget McGrath signed her name.

1896: Real Estate Van Brunt st s. e cor Tremont rebuilt rear wall est cost $200, 269 Van Brunt "Mrs." B. M Mc Grath

1898: Death of Briget McGrath (McGrath Bridget 70 y Mar 23 1898 4709 Kings) BRIDGET MCGRATH. Funeral from her late residence, 269 Van Brunt St., Brooklyn, on Saturday, half-past, nine A. M. Interment Holy Cross.

1899 Probate: Bridget McGrath died March 22, 1898. Petitioner, Patrick McCabe - Persons entitled to a portion of the estate: Mary Donovan Holbrook, New York sister, Mary McQuillan Sayville, N. Y., niece, Catherine Adams, Sayville N.Y. niece, John O'Brien Ireland nephew, Daniel O'Brien, of Teledo Ohio, nephew, John McGrath Albany nephew, William T McGuier of Brooklyn legatee, Thomas S Drihigg (Dulrigg?Duhigg??), Sayville, legatee, Dora (?) McKay New york City legatee - (Michael) John O'Brien named in the will, lived in Ireland, had never been in the US and was the son of Alice O'Brien a deceased sister of Bridget O'Brien. He had last been seen in Tipperary thirteen years previously. He could not be found. Most of the papers deal with trying to find the heirs and legatees. Surrogate Court announcements in the paper included: Mary Donovan, Mary McQuillan, Catherine Adams, John McGrath, Daniel O'Brien, Michael John (AKA John) O'Brien. the others were not mentioned. Contact was made with Daniel J. O'Brien of Toledo Ohio who stated that: he was the brother (Michael) John O'Brien, known as John, the son of Alice O'Brien, the nephew of Bridget McGrath, he and his brother were born in Tipperary Ireland he immigrated in 1884, he had not seen or hear from his brother since 1884. When last seen John O'Brien was a dealer in stationary in Tipperary. Patrick McCabe lived at 357 Van Brunt. The will was not included and there was not mention of the value of the estate.

Bridget McGrath 21x70 1 story, 269 Van Brunt S. E. $2,000 value of property $6,200 1909

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