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🍷 Looney, Edward, (c 1825 - ) Ireland, Van Brunt corner Elizabeth and his wife Catherine

440 Van Brunt corner of Elizabeth

1870 Brookly Eagle liquor dealers list VAN BRUNT corner Elizabeth, Looney E.

Birth of Edward Looney Senior: C 1825 Ireland - Death ????

Immigration: After 1852 before 1855. They were in the 1855 census.

Marriage: Catherine born circa 1825 in Ireland - immigration c 1851

Children: Several children were born in Ireland: Edward, Junior c 1845, Michael c 1852

  1. Edward c 1845 - 1889

    Birth: C 1845 Ireland


    Occupation: Police Detective

    Marriage: Marie/Mariah Lally


    1. Edward c 1865

    2. Patrick/William c 1866- 1901

      Marriage: Elizabeth Donnelly

      Occupation: Police department

      Children: Edna, Margaret, Edmund, Helen.

      1892 Patrick Looney policeman and Elizabeth, both age 25

      1900: Ward 12 159 Van Dyke

      Patrick W Looney 31, patrolman, Lizzie D Looney 29, Edna Looney 7, Margaret Looney 5, Edmund Looney 3

      ✟ March 30, 1901 Patrolman, P. W. Looney, 165 Coffey street, son of Detective Sergeant Looney, after a brief illness. Born in the 12th ward, in service since April 1889. Married 10 years survived by his wife and four children.

      165 Coffey street, Patrick W. Looney age 35, late police officer of the 45th Precinct, son of the late Detective Edward Looney and Maria Looney (nee Lally), beloved husband of Elizabeth Looney (nee Donnelly)

      Looney Patrick W 35 y Mar 27 1901 6038 Kings

      1915: E 10th street, Elizabeth D Looney 40, Edna May Looney 20, bookkeeper, Margaret M Looney 19, office worker, Edmund P Looney 18, collector, Helen E Looney 14, at school

    3. Maria c 1867

      married Irving McGee

      See Joseph below.

    4. Michael 1869 - 1901

      Marriage: Looney Michael Jul 23 1893 Kings 3277 ✟ March 09, 1901, Michael Looney beloved husband of Mary Watt and son the the late Detective Sargent Looney, 88th and 4th ave Holy Cross Cemetery.

      Looney Michael F 31 y Mar 9 1901 4663 Kings

    5. Catherine

    6. Margaret

    7. Joseph 1874

      Margaret, age 19, and Joseph Looney age 18 were listed in the 1892 Census, no occupations with Maria McGee, age 24, and her family, Irvin age 29 pipe fitter, and James age 1

      Joseph Looney was listed with them again in 1900. Ward 12, 88 Dikeman, Irving McGee 37, fireman, Mariah McGee 32, Janis McGee 8, Albert McGee 6, Mary McGee 4, Joseph McGee 2, Sarah McGee 0, Joseph Looney 25, boarder, operator,

    1870: Edward Looney 25, caulker, Maria Looney 25 Edward Looney 5 Patrick Looney 4 Maria Looney 3 Michael Looney 1

    1875: frame, $2,000, 96 Dikemany, Edward "Luney", 30, police officer, wife Mary Luney 29, son Edward Luney 10, son Patrick Luney 9, daughter Mary Luney 8, son Michael Luney 6, daughter Catherin Luney 4, daughter Maggie Luney 3, son Frank Luney 2, daughter Ellen Luney 1, two families he did not own the house.

    1880 Census: 94 Dikeman street, Edward Looney 35, detective, born Ireland, Mariah Looney 34 Edward Looney 15, in oil yard, William Looney 14, in brokers office, Mariah Looney 12 Michael Looney 11 Catharine Looney 9 Margaret Looney 8 Joseph Looney 6

    1877 known as "Ned the nipper"

    1888, 1890, 181 Dikeman

    ✟ 1889

    "Detective Edward Looney, formerly of the Brooklyn Central Squad, who was confined in the Bloomingdale Insane Asylum about a year ago, died there yesterday. Paresis was the immediate cause of death. He was first taken ill in July, 1888. He imagined that he was enormously wealthy. He drew checks for millions of dollars and tired to get several banks to cash them. While suffering in this way he lost his wife and soon had to be sent to the asylum.

    Detective Looney was about forty-five years old, and first went on the force twenty years ago, serving under Capt. (now Inspector) Reilly in the old Van Brunt street station. He did all the work on what was known as the "Erie Basin mystery," when Bernard Farren, a sailor, was thrown overboard with heavy weights on his body. Looney finally arrested the murderer. For this he was made a detective and assigned to the Central Squad.

    Eight years ago while following up Paul Harrington, and escaped burglar, Looney was shot in the neck. He and Deceptive Corr had tracked Harrington to the corner of Sixty-six street and Third Avenue, this city, when Harrington turned on them and fired. Both detectives were wounded. Harrington was subsequently captured and sent up for ten years." (NY Times, December 13, 1889)

    DETECTIVE EDWARD LOONEY DEAD December 13, 1889 Edward Looney died in Bloomingdale Asylum for the Insane where he had been confined for 12 months. He had been shot while involved in the capture of the burglar Paul Harrington in February 1883. He was involved in the unraveling of the Wright murder case. He suffered from paresis* and imagined he was in the "possession of large means" betting heavily on the horses. Several years before he had lost his wive and several children.

    He was frequently mentioned in the Brooklyn papers. He seemed to have been very popular. In September 1888 it was reported that he was in poor health.

    His funeral was held at 181 Dikeman street. He was "very popular with his colleagues". His funeral was "largely attended by city officials, members of the force and others". Here's his favorite drink mix:

    Bury four fingers of brandy beneath a cold seltzer lemonade; drop a couple of absinthe tears over the tomb; deck the sod with a forget-me-not in the shape of a dash of Chartreuse, finish off with strawberries and other blossoming plants, and you have before you the most blissful of beverages. A necktie for the gods, although I say it myself. What do yo call it 'Old Shoe,' of course and it fits every time.
    *general paresis - paralytic dementia; a form of neurosyphilis in which chronic meningoencephalitis causes gradual loss of cortical function, progressive dementia, and generalized paralysis. (medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com)

    Detective Edward Looney of the Central squad, Brooklyn, who has been slightly demented for several months, was taken to Bloomingdale Asylum yesterday by Detectives Lowery and Mahoney. He was committed on papers made out by Judge Clement on affidavits of Drs. Terry and Ford, who decided that Looney was suffering from paresis. NY Times October 4, 1888

    1890 Probate: Edward J. Looney of 205 Conover Street, son of Edward Looney who died 13the December 1889, $100, Edward J. Looney full age, Patrick W Looney full age, Marie McGee, daughter full age, Michael F Looney, son minor, Margaret Looney daughter minor, and Joseph V Looney son, minor. No will.

  2. Michael c 1852 Ireland

    Marriage: Caroline McCabe

    Children: Mary, Nellie, Edith, Eddie, Katie, Hugh, Carrie

    1870: Michael age 22 caulker, born Ireland and Carrie, age 19, with apprentice caulker James McCabe age 18

    1880: 44 Van Brunt, Micheal Looney 28, ship caulker, Caroline Looney 28 Mary Looney 9 Nellie Looney 2 Edward Looney 1 Jas Mccabe 26, brother in law, ship caulker,

    1892: Michael Looney age 42 Harbor Master, Caroline age 40, Mary 18, Nellie 14 Edith, 9, Eddie 11, Katie 8 Hugh 5 Carrie 3

    1885, 1894 Michael Looney Dockmaster

    1890: M. F. Looney was vice president of the 12th ward Democratic Association.

    ✟ March 1902, Michael F Looney, 96 Beard Street, prominent in the 12th ward, "where he was born" age about 50, mother age 90 still living**, ardent supporter of Michael J Coffey, dockmaster at the Wallabout, superintendent of the Street cleaning Department, brother of Detective Sergeant Looney "who was shot and killed by Hogan, the bank robber"*, widower, survived by three daughters and to sons.

    * he is not die of his gun shot wounds, the bank robber was Harrington.

    **Catherine Loony was born circa 1825. She would have been about 76 not 90.

    1910: Ward 12, Nelson street, Caroline Looney 50, widow, no occupation, Edward Looney 24, timekeeper, contractor, [34] Hugh Looney 22, bookkeeper, factory, three families in building.

  3. ✟Joseph c 1856 - 1876
    Brooklyn Union

    On the night of December 5, 1876, over 300 people (including some of the actors) who had come to see the popular actress Kate CLAXTON in "The Two Orphans" died in a fire that engulfed the Brooklyn Theatre.

    The L-shaped theatre built in 1871, occupied a large portion of the Johnson Street blockfront. Started by a kerosene lamp, that swept up the ceiling and turned the auditorium into an inferno. The theatre had no fire escapes and and only 5 narrow exits.

    Unidentified bodies were buried in a common grave in Green-Wood Cemetery. A monument was erected to the victims of one of the worst fires in history. Modern fire prevention in public places resulted in part from the tragedy.

    6 December 1876

    Among the dead was

    LOONEY, Joseph, 242 Conover

    Brooklyn Theater Fire

    Brooklyn Eagle listed his address as Conover near Dikeman

    No 20. The body of Joseph Looney, age 24, a ship caulker. He resided with his mother at 242 Conover street and is a brother of Detective Looney, of the Central office December 11, 1876 Joseph Looney, brother of Detective Edward Looney was buried from his home at 205 Conover street. His casket was richly trimmed and covered with floral tributes. About 300 young men turned out and follwoed the herse to Holy Cross Cemetery. "
    Joseph Looney had only been married six weeks when his wife died, and just seven week from that day he met his own sad fate at the Brooklyn Theatre.

    ✟ Looney Joseph 24 y Dec 5 1876 11330 Kings

  4. John c 1858

    In 1880 Census with his parents.

  5. Honora 1860

    Married James Tooney. See Catherine in census below.

  6. Bartholomew c 1862

    1900 Ward 12, 205 Conover: Barthlomew Looney 31 Catherine F Looney 28

    Bartholomew Looney 1901 205 Conover Brooklyn, New York Calker Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1901

    1910 169 Coffey st Bartholomew wood calker ship yards, and Catherine, no children.

    1915 Barth Looney, age 50 ship caulker, and Catherine

    1925 Bart Looney, ship caulker, and Catherine, Coffey street

    ✟Looney Bartholomew 58 y Dec 18 1930 24421 Kings

  7. Jeremiah c 1864

    Jeremiah Looney 152 Elizabeth caulker 1888, 1889 Brooklyn NY

    Jeremiah Looney 1891 172 Partition Brooklyn, New York Caulker Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1891

    ✟ Looney Jeremiah 29 y Nov 28 1891 19400 Kings

1855 Census: Manhattan, E.D. 9, Ward 11, New York City, New York, New York, United States , Edward Loney M 29, sawyer, wife Cathrin Loney F 29, child Edward Loney M 10, child Michael Loney M 6, child Joseph Loney M 3, child Hannorah Loney F 0, Joseph and Honora born New York rest born Ireland.

Civil War Draft Registration: Ward 12 - Conover near Reed, Looney, Edward, age 34, married ship sawyer, born Ireland and Same address, Looney Bartholomew age 20, wire drawer, unmarried born Ireland

1864, 1869 Edward Looney, Conover c Elizabeth sawyer.

Edward Looney 1871 h Dikeman n Richards, Calker, Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1871

1871, Looney, Edward, liquors Van Brunt c Elizabeth

1872, 1873, 1874, 1876, 440 Van Brunt Edward Looney liquors.

1876, 1877, 1878, 1879, 1880, 1882, 1884, 1888, 1890, 1891, Looney Edward, 205 Conover

1870 Census: Looney, Edward, 45, ret liquor dealer, Ireland, Catherine, 43, Joseph 14, John 12, Honora 10, Bartholomew 8, Jeremiah 6

Looney, Edward, lab. h Conover n Partition, 1870 directory.

1874 John Thomas stole $8 from Edward Looney's liquor store in Van brunt near Elizabeth

1875: Ward 12, ED 1, 69 (?) Van Brunt, frame $1,000, Edward Loony 50 Ireland, sawyer, Kate 45, wife, Jeremiah son 10, Michael son age 6, only family in the building, not owning.

1880 census: 205 Conover street, Edwd Looney 60, ship sawyer, Ireland, Catherine Looney 54, keeping house, John Looney 23, no employment, Bartholomeu Looney 12, at school

Death of Edward Looney Senior

1892: Ward 12, ED 1 Toumy James 48, Ireland, Ship wrig, Norah 37, US., Clara 14, William 12, Joseph 1, Looney, Catherine, 67 Ireland Annie Toumy 19 Sarah Toumy 17

1900 Census Conover street 205, Looney, Catherine, widowed, born 1825, age 74, 12 children 3 living, born Ireland, imm. 1847 no occupation, Bartholomew, son, born 1869, ship caulker, Catherine, wife, born 1871. They are the only family in the house. 205 Conover between Partition and Vandike.

1905 Census: Van Dyke st, Toomey, Norah head 50, US, Clara 27, novelties, William 25 laborer, Joseph 14, Looney, Catherine, mother 87 Ireland 54 years in US, two boarders

1906 165 Coffey Street, Elizabeth Looney (The City Record, Volume 34, Part 8 By New York (N.Y.) ??? Widow of Jeremiah????

✟ 1916: Looney Catherine 96 y Dec 6 1916 23921 Kings

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