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Dempsey, John J., (c 1829 - c 1880) and Susan McCaffery Dempsey Ireland (c 1841-1885) , Restaurant/Ret. Liquor Dealer/saloon/minor politician, No 44 & No. 14 (and/or 4 and/or 41 Hamilton)

1870 Brooklyn Eagle liquor dealer list Dempsey, J., No 4 HAMILTON Avenue

1886 map does not have a No. 4 Hamilton avenue and there is no building at No. 44 Hamilton ave. John Dempsey was listed at No. 14 Hamilton Avenue 1872 to 1879. Catherine Booth was listed as "liquor" at this same address in 1870. See Booth, Catherine.

Birth: Circa 1829 Ireland


Marriage: Susan (or Sarah)


  1. John J. 1868

    John J Dempsey Death 26 Jul 1933 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States 8229 Harper Ave Age 64 Married Occupation Manager Birth Date 04 Dec 1868 Birthplace Brooklyn, , New York Funeral Home Hursen Und Inc Burial Date 31 Jul 1933 Burial Place Chicago, , Illinois Cemetery Holy Sepulchre Father's Name John Dempsey Mother's Name Susan Mccaffery Spouse's Name Agnes Kennedy Informant's Name Virginia Dempsey Entry Number 19817 (LDS)

  2. Augusta c 1872

  3. Walter J. 1874

    Walter Dempsey 16 Feb 1874 Brooklyn, Kings, New York Father's Name John J. Dempsey Mother's Name Susan C. Mccuffery (LDS)

  4. Clara c 1875

    Clara Veronica Montagne [Dempsey] Birth Date: 11 Apr 1876 Birth Place: New York Death Date: 12 May 1955 Death Place: Los Angeles Mother's Maiden Name: McCaffrey Father's Surname: Dempsey

A Brooklyn Eagle search for 41 and 44 does not reveal anything interesting. The BE does have some listings for No. 4 Hamilton. 1866 license John Dempsey, 4 Hamilton Ave.

1866 - September - a burglar cut through the roof of the home of Mr. John J. Dempsey No 4 Hamilton avenue. He was arrested and arraigned.

John J Dempsey 1869 4 Hamilton av Brooklyn, New York Restaurant Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1869

1870, 1871, 1873, 1874 Directory DEMPSEY, JOHN J. liquors h "41" Hamiton av.

1873 also listed as "saloon"

1870: Census: 12th ward, no address, Dempsey, John J. 41, ret liquor dealer $2,000 born Ireland, John age 1, Sarah, age 62 (?), born New York, 2 boarders.

In September 1873 John. J. Dempsey was a canvasser for the forth district 12th ward.

1875 Census: Framed, $3,000 5 Hamilton, John J Dempsey 47, Ireland Eating House, Sarah 38, John 6, Agusta 3, Walter 2, a bartender, a waiter, 2 house servants (all four "boarders"), and two other boarders.

John J Dempsey Residence Year: 1872, 1876, 1877, 1878, 1879 Street Address: 14 Hamilton Av. Residence Place: Brooklyn, New York Occupation: Restaurant Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1872


"John Whalen got upon the roof of John Dempsey's house, No. 14 Hamilton avenue, Brooklyn, about one o'clock this morning, and was endeavoring to open the scuttle when he slipped and fell between two buildings. Mr. Dempsey ran out to ascertain the cause of the noise and caught Whalen just as he was hobbling off." Philadelphia Enquirer
New York Times
William Whalen, of No.231 Concord street, was arrested on the night of March 17, while in the act of robbing the restaurant and liquor store of John J. Dempsey, No.14 Hamilton avenue. On the way to the Third Precinct Station house Whalen escaped from the officer, and had succeeded in eluding the Police until Saturday last, when he was rearrested and locked up.

Death of John J Dempsey: Before 1880. No appropriated listing on NYC Death Index

1880: 14 Hamilton, John J Dempsey 11, son, at school, Susan Dempsey 39, oyster dealer, Ireland, widow, Agusta Dempsey 8 Walter Dempsey 6 Clara Dempsey 4 Mary Kelly 18, servant

1881: 14 Hamilton av Brooklyn, New York Liquors Restaurant Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1881

1884: Dempsey, Susan, widow John J h 11 Union

1885: Death of Susan Dempsey: December 23, 1885 per probate

Susan Dempsey Death Date: Dec 1885 Cemetery: Holy Cross Cemetery Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, USA


Probate: 20 November 1887, Susan C. Dempsey, widow who departed this life 23 December 1885, John J. Dempsey, next of kin four children: John J age 20, Walter J 14, Augusta L 16, Clara V. V., 12

1892: Did not find them for certain.

1899: April Surrogate Notices: To various Catholic institutions in Brooklyn and the state of New York, John J. Reilly, Clara Dempsey, S. White, Maurice White, William C Orr Jr. Timothy Harrington, John J Dempsey, Walter Dempsey and more to appear in Court May 17, 1899 to settle the account of William C Orr, as the executor of the will of Mary Jane White deceased. Mary Jane White died 22 December 1897 leaving eighty-six hundred dollars. There is a long list of legatees and next of kin, including multiple Catholic institutions. Also including: Clara Dempsey, a daughter of a deceased cousin of the decedent, no 21 4th place Brooklyn, John J. Dempsey a son of a deceased cousin of the decedent 708 Decatur street, Brooklyn and Walter Dempsey a son of a deceased cousin of the decedent 72 Market street Manhattan - penciled in is "and Agusta Dempsey." There were a ton of other "next of kin" Her will was included, just debts to be paid, $50 for masses for the repose of her soul, stone marker over her grave, all her clothing, household furnishings and jewelry to her cousins, Clara Dempsey and Mary Grace Baron. Various amounts to various Catholic institutions and cousins, $500 to Clara Dempsey. To John J. Dempsey, Walter Dempsey and Augusta Dempsey children of her cousin, John Dempsey $100 each.

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