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Frederick Depperman born Germany c 1825, Ferdinando Depperman born in Germany c 1843, and his son, Ferdinand born New York 1873, owned saloons at India Wharf at the Atlantic Basin in Red Hook.

1870 Brooklyn Eagle liquor dealer list under MISCELLANEOUS, "F. (Ferdinan), India Wharf"

Depperman, Fredinando, (1843-), India Wharf, liquor, Depperman, Ferdinan(d), (c 1873 -) India Wharf, liquor dealer, and his wife, Anna Ropke Deppermann Meyers (1853-)

Note: Fredinando Depperman died in 1877 leaving Anna Ropke Depperman with two very small children ages 4 and 1. She ran the saloon at least until her remarriage circa 1883. She was listed in the 1880 census as a saloon keeper and in the 1881 directory as a saloon keeper.

Birth of Fredinando Depperman: c 1843 Germany

Marriage: Anna Margretha Ropke - born circa 1853 daughter of William Ropke and Anna M _______

Children of Ferdinand Depperman and Anna Ropke Depperman:

  1. Friedrich Wilhelm Deppermann birth date: 04 Mar 1871 birthplace: Brooklyn, Kings, New York father's name: "Friedrich" Wilhelm F. Deppermann mother's name: Anna Margretta Ropke mother's birthplace: indexing project (batch) number: C71517-9 system origin: New_York-ODM source film number: 1324348

    ✟ DEPPERMANN FREDERICK WILLIAM 1871-08-14 10964 51

  2. Fernando (1872 - 1938) and Martha Rathje (c. 1874 - 1966)

    Birth: Fernando William Deppermann baptism/christening date: 29 Jun 1872 baptism/christening place: Brooklyn, Kings, New York birth date: 25 Jun 1872 birthplace: Brooklyn, Kings, New York father's name: Fredrick Wilhelm Ferdinand Deppermann mother's name: Anna Margaretha Ropke indexing project (batch) number: C04288-9 system origin: New_York-ODM source film number: 1324350

    Marriage: Martha Rathje


    1. Ethel Deppermann, listed with her parents in the 1910 census

      Death: ✟Ethel Depperman, BIRTH: 3 Jan 1898 DEATH: Jun 1970 - Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States of America CIVIL: New York

    2. Fernando (c 1902 - 1991)


      1930 Census: North Plainfield, Somerset, New Jersey Fernando Depperman 28, engineer, electician, Margaret Depperman 26

      Marriage: Margaret Lawson


      1. Kenneth R. Depperman, circa 1934

        United States Coast Guard Acadamy graduate, class of 1955.

      1940 Census: North Plainfield, Somerset, New Jersey, Regent Street, Fernardo Depperman 38, engineer, Margert Depperman 36 Kenneth Depperman 6

      1954: Death of Margaret Lawson Deppermann North Plainfield, N. J. of 42 Regent street, formerly of Brooklyn wife of Fernando Depperman, mother of Kenneth F.

      Buried Hillside Cemetery. Marriage: Clara L. Udey

      Death 1991: Fernando Depperman, age 89 member of the local glee club died at Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center in Planefield, New Jersey in May 1991. He was born in Brooklyn and had lived in North Planefield since 1928. He got a bachelors degree in engineering from NYU in 1931. He worked at Western Union Telegraph Co for 50 years before retiring in 1967. He was survived by is wife, Clara L. Udey and a son, Captain Kennet R Depperman, of Scituate, Mass. a brother, Edward F. of West Babylon New York and three grandchildren

    3. Edward (c. 1906 - )

      1925: Farnan Depperman 57, stock clerk, Martha Depperman 50, Ethel Depperman 27, Fernanda Depperman 23, Edward Depperman 20, son, Carrie Rathje 85, mother in law

      1930: Edward Depperman 25, slaesman, Evelyn Depperman 22

      1940: Edward Depperman 34, salesman milk company, Evelyn Depperman 31, Carole Depperman 6,, Priscilla Depperman 4

    1910: Ward 8, 57th street Fernando Depperman 37, merchant wine and liquor, emp, Martha Depperman 35 Ethel Depperman 12 Fernando Depperman Jr. 8 Edward Depperman 4 Carolina Rathje 70, mother in law

    1925: 57th street, Farna-- Depperman 57, stock clerk, Martha Depperman 50 Ethel Depperman 27, book keeper, Fernando Depperman 23, engineer, Edward Depperman 20, book keeper, Carrie Rathje 85, mother in law

    1930: 57th Street, Fernando Depperman 56, Own, $-,000, stock clerk store, Martha Depperman 54 Ethel Depperman 31, daughter,

    Death of Martha Rathje Depperman: ✟ Martha Depperman BIRTH: 11 Oct 1874 DEATH: Dec 1966 - Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States of America CIVIL: New York

    1940 Census: North Plainfield, Somerset, New Jersey Fernardo Depperman 38, Own, College, 4th year, Assistant Engineer Margert Depperman 36, Kenneth Depperman 6

    Death of Fernando Depperman: ✟ Depperman Fernando W 65 y Apr 26 1938 9086 Kings

  3. Fredrick J. (c 1876 - ) and Bertha L.


    Marriage: Bertha

    Children: The 1910 census listed Bertha Deppermann as having two children NONE living.

    1. Ethel c 1899, per 1908 voyage, NOT in the 1910 census, NOT listed in NYC Death Index in Kings.

    2. Hermann c. 1901, per 1908 voyage, NOT in the 1910 census, NOT listed in NYC Death Index in Kings.

    1901, 1904, 1906, 1907: Fred'k J Depperman 1901, 1904, 1906, 1907 81 Ferris Brooklyn, New York Occupation: Liquors Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1901

    1900: Ward 12, Dikeman Street at Ferris, Edward Meyer 48, immigrated 1866, Naturalized, Anna Meyer 50, 7 children 7 living, Frederick J Depperman 24, saloon keeper, Lillie J Meyer 17, dress maker, Stella W Meyer 14, Harry H Meyer 13

    1904: November 26, Depperman, F. J. 81 Ferris Street.....India Wharf B. Co. Saloon and Restaurant fixtures, (R) 1,500 (Real Estate Record and Builders' Guide, Volume 74)

    1908: Passenger List: Deppermann, Fritz, age 33 US citizen, Bertha age 33, US Citizen, Ethel age 9 US Citizen, Hermann age 7 US Citizen From Bremen to New York, New York on the Main May 7, 1908

    1910 Census: Ward 12, 83 Ferris Street, Franke Depperman 33, wine merchant liquor emp, Bertha L Depperman 33, married 9 years 2 children 0 living, Barbara Lrushun ??? 21, border

    1912: Fred J Depperman 81 Ferris Street, Excise licence

    1915: Wallkill, Orange, New York, Fred Depperman 37, farming, Bertha Depperman, wife, 37, Barbara Trushein 25 cousin, Harry Meyer 27, 1/2 brother, farming.

    Death of Frederick Depperman: DEPPERMANN FREDERICK J. 1917-01-08 10964 51, Greenwood. Same plot as Fredrick William, 1871, Helena 1874 (Depperman Olena 8 y Aug 10 1874 7962 Kings), Johna 1875 (Deppermann John 2 m Jul 2 1875 5602 Kings ), and Fredrick C. F. 1877 (Deppermann Ferdinand F C 38 May 5 1877 3610 Kings)

    1920: Bertha L Depperman 43 born, New York, Middletown, Orange, New York Widowed Father's Birthplace: Germany Mother's Birthplace: New York Able to Read: Yes attendant in Middletown State Homeopathic Hospital

    More on Bertah L Depperman: She went to Cuba in 1929 and 1931 and to Bermuda in 1936.

    Death of Bertha Depperman: Bertha L. Depperman 17 Jan 1949 Greenwood, Kings, NY USA, lot 26155, section 203

Naturalization: Ferdinand Depperman CIVIL: 19 Oct 1868 RESIDENCE: New York, naturalization (and/or) Deppermann, Ferdinand city Court, Brooklyn, July 19, 1870, Prussian

1870 Census: Depperman, Ferdinan 27, ret liquor dealer, $500 Prussia, Bauter, John 20, bartender, 1870 census (he is two away from Ehricks, Peter)

1870, Sailing: "Mr. Depperman", Cabin class, Arrival Date: 3 Aug 1870, Age: 21, grocer, Place of Origin: United States of America Port of Departure: Liverpool, England Destination: Brooklyn, New York Port of Arrival: New York Ship Name: Russia

Note: I am assuming some connection between Frederick Deppermann and Fernando Deppermann.

1873: Fredinand Dipperman, who kept a liquor store on India Wharf, accused a tenant, Gus Hayes, age 22, of having stolen a diamond ring worth $150 that belonged to Depperman's wife. Hayes acknowledged the crime.

1875 Census: India Wharf, Ward 12, Brick building, "Frederick" Depperman M 34, father, liquors, Anne Depperman F 21, Ferdinand Depperman M 3, John Depperman M 2 months, Carl Depperman M 24, "son" (son cannot be correct) (LDS)

Directory Listings: Ferdinand Deppermann 1872, 1874, 1879, 18 India wf Liquors Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1872, 1874, 1879

Death : ✟Death of Ferdinan Depperman - May 5, 1877 (Deppermann Ferdinand F C 38 May 5 1877 3610 Kings)

Probate: Anna Margaretha Depperman, 18 India Wharf, City of Brooklyn, widow of Fernando Depperman, died 5 May 1877, widow two children: Fernando Wilhelm Deppermann age 4 years June 25 past and Johann Friedrich Depperman age 1 year the 24th of April past.

1879: City Directory, Liquors, Deppermann Ferdinand, India Wharf n. N. Pier

1880 Census: Under "Dipermnan" at India Wharf, Ann, 25, widow, saloon keeper, Fernando age 7 son, Fredrick age 4 son, all born New York, Ropke, Richard, age 28, Bartender, Germany, Alsessa Christine age 15, servant, Priest, Louis, age 28, bartender.

There was quite a cluster of liquor dealers near the Atlantic docks in 1880. In addition to Anna Depperman, there was George Cordes on Conover Street, Peter Ehrichs on India Wharf, Peter Donnelly on Summit and Henry Mohn on Summit, who were all listed together in the census.

1881 Directory: Dipperman, Anne, wid, Ber. liquors, 19 India Wharf

Remarriage of his widow, Anna Ropke Depperman, before 1883.: Edward Meyers, they had three children: Lilly, Stella and Harry. See Meyers

1892 Census: Brooklyn Ward 12 ED 04, Deppermann, Frenando N age 20 born US, no occupation Deppermann, Fredrich age 16, born US, no occupation. - Edward Meyer, age 35, Germany, barkeeper, Anny Meyer age 34, Lily Meyer, age 9, Stella Myer age 5 and Harry Meyer age 3

1901 and 1902 directories: Fernando Depperman, 86 Carroll street, liquors.

Fernando Deppermann 1902, Carroll Liquors Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1902

Death of Fernando Depperman, 1938: Depperman Fernando W 65 y Apr 26 1938 9086 Kings (born circa 1873)

Greenwood Cemetery:
DEPPERMANN "FREDERICK C.F." 1877-05-07 10964 51 (Deppermann "Ferdinand F C" 38 May 5 1877 3610 Kings)
DEPPERMANN FREDERICK J. 1917-01-08 10964 51
DEPPERMANN HELENA 1874-08-12 10964 51 (Depperman "Olena" 8 y Aug 10 1874 7962 Kings)
DEPPERMANN "JOHNA" 1875-07-04 10964 51 (Deppermann John 2 m Jul 2 1875 5602 Kings)

Edward Meyer/Meyers/Myer

Edward Meyers born c 1857 in Germany married Anna Ropke Depperman, the daughter of Liquor dealer, William Ropke and the widow of Liquor dealer, Fernando Depperman. See Meyers

See Haack, Ropke, Black, and Meyers

81 Ferris Street:

1889: Department of Fire, October 27, 6:38 P. M. Station 256, 81 Ferris Street, 4 story brick dwelling (Message of mayor, with annual reports of departments of city government By Brooklyn (New York, N.Y.) 1889.

1890: William H. Cain was listed at 81 Ferris Street in Lain's Business Directory of Brooklyn, Kings County, Long Island City 1890.

William H. Kane (son of John Victor Kane and Bridget Kerrigan) was born April 01, 1855 in New York, and died January 18, 1893 in 81 Ferris St. Brooklyn, NY. familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/a/n/d/Judith

1896: Probate: Petitioner Anna Meyer 81 Ferris Street, Brooklyn widow and sole legatee - will dated July 1896 witnessed by Francis P Brophy, John H. Wiecken (since dead) and Fernando W. Depperman - Lillie, Stella and Harry Meyer all 81 Ferris Street. See Meyers

1899: December 2, 1899: Deppermann, f. J. 81 Ferris ..... India Wharf B Co. $1,500 ( Real estate record and builders' guide (v.64no.1633(July 1 1899)-no.1659(Dec. 30 1899)) (New York, F. W. Dodge Corp. Columbia University Digital collection)

1902, 1903, 1906, 1912: Frederick J Deppermann 81 Ferris New York, New York Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1902, 1903, 1906, 1912

1904: Depperman, F. J. 81 Ferris Street, India Wharf B. Co. real estate transfer. (R) $1,500

1913: Deppermann, Lena M. Brooklyn 81 Ferris Street, Annual Report of the State Commissioner of Excise, Volume 2 By New York (State). Dept. of Excise, 1913

1914: Leach, George A was listed at 81 Ferris Street Brooklyn Annual Report of the State Commissioner of Excise of ..., Volume 2; Volume 18 By New York (State). Dept. of Excise 1914

1951: 81 Ferris was described as a one story frame, Brooklyn Eagle, July 2, 1952.

2004: The lot that faces Ferris with an address of 81 Ferris St. is 200 feet by 80 feet and runs the full block from Dikeman to Coffey Street.( Prime Development Site in Red Hook by Linda Collins, 2004)


Thieves broke into Dell's Cherries, 81 Ferris Street, in Red Hook last week, where thousands of dollars in jewelry was taken from a safe.

Cops were told that the cherry wholesaler was closed for the night at 10 p.m. on September 7. Workers opened up at 4 a.m. the following morning to find a set of office drawers opened and rifled through.

A safe inside the office was also broken open. About $90,000 worth of property inside, which included a pricey $40,000 watch, the 51-year-old business owner told police.

Investigators said it was unclear just how the thieves got into the office, although the security alarm had been found ripped off the wall.

POLICE BLOTTER By Tom Tracy, September 30, 2008

2013: The Brooklyn property located at 81 Ferris Street, NY 11231 owned by Dell's Maraschino Cherries has a market value of $1,218,000. nyc-property-values.findthedata.org

81 Ferris street circa 1900. Image courtesy of Douglas Depperman, June 2013

See large image Red Hook Liquor Dealers

Depperman (Dipperman), Fredrick C (Charles?) AKA Fred, (1825?-1874) Prussia, Germany, 5 Commercial (n Summit), grocer/liquor/minor politician

India Wharf, "Our House" and 5 Commercial

1870 Brooklyn Eagle liquor dealer list MISCELLANEOUS 5 Commercial

Birth: c 1825 Germany

Marriage: Catherine per 1850 census


  1. George c 1843

    Nothing else on him on Ancestry or LDS

  2. William c 1846

    Nothing else on him on Ancestry or LDS

  3. Per 1850 census

1850 Ward 6: Frederick Depperman age 30, merchant, Catherine age 28, George age 7 William age 4

Death of Catherine Depperman:

Marriage: Lizzetta born c 1838 - after 1860 before 1870 (Depperman Fred Dec 08 1867 Kings 1568) Note: He would have been 42 years old. Possibley a second marriage.

Naturalization of Liesette Depperman: Dieppermann, Liesette, common Pleas, Aug 12, 1869 Brooklyn, witness, Edward Hilkey, Brooklyn

Children: ????

1856: Fredrick C Depperman was elected supervision of the 12th Ward.

1857: DEPPERMAN FREDERICK, C grocer, Summit c Commercial and 6 Hamilton ave.

FREDERICK C DEPPERMANN, dealer in provisions, wines, liquors, and groceries, No 1 Summit st Cor Commercial and 6 Hamilton av South Brooklyn

Smith's Brooklyn Directory, 1857

1858: Also listed in Smiths Directory in 1858.

1860 Census: Frederick C Depperman 34, Liqour dealer $500, Prussia, Brooklyn Ward 12 District 1, Kings, New York Henry W Meyer 35, clerk

Directories: Frederick Deppermann Residence Year: 1862, 1864, 1865, Street Address: 1 Summit Residence Place: Brooklyn, New York Occupation: Grocer Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory

1864 tax: Deppermann, Fred C. 1 Summit at retail dealer in liquor.

Civil War Registration 1863-65: Commercial and Summit: Deppermann, Fredrick, age 40 unmarried liquor dealer, born Germany.

1866: May "Fred, Dippermann, Commercial and Summit, a resort of counterfeiters, and this is a very bad place; proprietor now under indictment. Refused.

1866 licence review: Fred Dipperman corner Summit and commerce was arrested on charge of receiving stolen goods but was acquitted. Nothing in past against place, licence granted.

May 1866: "A man reputed to be worth $200,00 on trial for receiving stolen goods." Frederick Deppermann a German and keeper of a "large grocery and liquore store on the corner of Summit and Commerical" was arrested for receiving stolen goods. The witness testified that a silver tea set stolen from them turned up at Deppermann's store in a black carpet bag that had actually been stolen by two men who left it in the store. Deppermann said he had no knowledge of the stolen good nor how and why they were left in his store.

1869: Frederick C Deppermann 1869, 5 Commercial, Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1869

1870: Directory, Deppermann, Fredrick C. 5 Commerical wf n Atlantic docks, liquors

1870 census: Depperman, Fred, 44, ret grocer, $16,000, Prussia, Lizzie 32, Mechlinburgh and a clerk

1872: April, Fredrick "Dipperman", a Germany, who kept a "cigar store" on Commercial Wharf at Commercial street, pressed assault charges against James Horohue. Dippermann's store was called "Our House". It was stated that Dipperman allowed small boys to hang out in the store and play cards and dominos for drink and money. James Horohue's brother had been in the store and he went to fetch him home. Dipperman and Horohue got in an argument and Dipperman threatened Horohue with a club and Horohue threw an ink bottle at Dipperman. Dipperman was said to have kept a "common liquore store that catered to sailors and men who worked around the dock. Dipperman was also said to have been in trouble before with one case involving stolen goods. The police were frequently called to make arrests in the "place" for theft. "Rows were common at Dipperman's.

Commerical wharf was a narrow street which lead from Hamilton to the Atlantic Basin. Dipperman's was described thus:

"Half way down, on the left side, was a dingy looking three story brick building, with a wooden awning in front of it. Under the awing were a couple of dingy looking windows, divided by a dingy looking door, above which in dingy looking letters were the words "Our Home".
When the reporter and policeman arrived 10 or 12 "boys" were hanging around the stove, talking, smoking and chewing tobacco. "Everyone" of whom "had State Prison written all over them". The insinuation was that they were "newsies" (news boys) but reference was also make to them working in the local factories.

The article goes on to describe the interior of the saloon:

"When you enter the door you immediately detect the atmosphere of a Dutch grocery, which is accounted for by sundry bolognas, blood puddings, pieces of Sweitzer, Limberger cheese, Dutch herring and pickled tongues, which are spread out to view upon the counter, behind which are a number of glass covered drawers containing crackers and gingerbread, they in turn are capped by shelves, on which appear in dusty irregularity bottles of sauce, capers, schnapps, whisky, more herring, candles, blacking, black lead, and other miscellaneous articles.

A little further up, and the the aforesaid counter terminates and the bar commences. The bar itself is one of undoubted substance, and will and has, no doubt, stood a good deal of hard usage. The shelves at the back support bottles of all shapes and sizes. The is an ale pump and a marble arrangement out of which lager is drawn. But above all these are the objects of interest. Curiosities from all parts of the world adorn the wall at the back of the bar - a pair of spurs from Mexico, a Russian sabre, an old fashioned pistol, stag horns, old muskets, a straw hat peculiar in its make and having considerable brim - while on an old wooden closet were about six or seven silver water pitchers which were actually black with dust and tarnished from being used.

The ceiling was covered with fly paper from the appearance of which the reporter was led to believe that it had been put up several years ago, giving a still dirtier effect to the entire establishment and making the place very much similar to one of the lowest of Water street dance houses."

A letter to the editor by Philip Rosenbaum claimed that the fly paper on the ceiling was not several years old.

1873: Fred'K G Deppermann Residence Year: 1873 Street Address: 13 Commercial Residence Place: Brooklyn, New York Occupation: Liquors Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1873


Dipperman, proprietor of the den at Hamilton ferry, was arrested two weeks ago for violation of the Excise Law.
He was tried by jury and declared not guilty.

1874: Eliza Schmadeke plaintiff against Fredrick C Depperman and Lizette Depperman his wife, John Schmadeke and Gunthur Mendorf in pursuance of a judgement of foreclosure on a parcel of land in the 12th Ward, southeasterly corner of Summit and Connover, AKA No 13 Commercial Wharf. In 1876 Henry Cordes was listed at 13 commercial Wharf. See CONOVER near Partition. Schmadeke See also SUMMIT STREET Henry Cordes.

1883: July, 1 barrel of Kerosine oil was illegally sold to Fred Dipperman No 1 Summit Street. The oil was stollen in transit from Jersey City to Brooklyn.

Greenwood Cemetery:
DEPPERMAN LEZZETTA 1888-11-21 17263 15 (Depperman Lizzette 50 y Nov 20 1888 16110 Kings)
DEPPERMANN CONRAD F. 1874-12-27 17263 15 (not listed death index)

Middle Pier House

In a 1906 article about the break up of the India Wharf brewery the following was stated:
The property is a valuable one, fronting both on Hamilton avenue and on the India wharf of Atlantic dock. It runs from Conover street to the building of the Sonoma Wine company, near the ferry. Included in it are the houses on the avenue and the sheds and molasses house fronting on the India wharf as well as the saloon know as Middle Pier House, which is opposite the North Central pier, in which J. S. T. Stranahan was outwitted. The man who planned and built Atlantic Dock threw every possible legal safeguard around the great property to secure his own interests in it. One was that no business house should be erected on the India wharf. A smart German got a lease of the Middle Pier House site and made up his mid to start a saloon there. He had a house framed and ready to put up and one Saturday afternoon trucks and wagons began to dump lumber on the wharf. Scores of framers and carpenters appeared and set to work. No injunction could be procured and before the courts opened on Monday morning the house was up and the saloon in full operation. It remained so for many years and after the brewery came in possession a brick structure replace the old frame one. "

Middle Pier House on India wharf had a lease which expired May 1, 1894, "at one thousand dollars a year."

The Middle Pier house was at sometime replaced by a brick structure.

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