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Johann Berend Petermann, born in 1843 in Ganderkesee, Oldenburg, married Sophie Steuer in the village of Elsfleth Germany in 1879. Their first son, Johann Bernard Petermann was born in Elsfleth in 1880. Sometime between the birth of Johann Bernard and 1883. The Petermanns immigrated to the US.

Their daughter, Meta, born in Hoboken, New Jersy 1886 married Percy Land in 1918 at Smithtown, Long Island.

Names connected to this branch of the Petermann family are: Alfs, Auffarth, Engelbart, Hagestedt, Menkens, Meyers, Neelss, Osterloh, Saalfeld, Schwarting, Steuer and Strudhof.

Cities and towns connected to this branch of the family are Ganderkesee and Elsfleth in Germany, and Red Hook Brooklyn, New York and Hoboken, New Jersey, USA.

Petermann Records in Ganderkesee

Johann Berend Petermann born 1843 Ganderkesse died Hoboken, N. J., 1909

Children of Johann Berend Peterman and Sophie Steuer

  1. John Petermann, junior, the son of John Petermann and Sophie Steuer, born Elsfleth Germany 1879 died unknown

  2. Christian Petermann, the son of John Petermann and Sophie Steuer, born Brooklyn, N. Y. 1883 died 1933, Hoboken, N. J.

  3. Meta Petermann Land, the daughter of John Petermann and Sophie Steuer, born Hoboken, N. J. 1886, married Percy Land, died Smithtown, Long Island, 1973.

  4. Annie Petermann Wulpern, the daughter of John Petermann and Sophie Steuer, born Hoboken 1887 married William Wulpern, died Dhatham, N. J. 1975

Johann Berend Petermann at Sea from 1859 to 1873

Berend Petermann first went to see at age 16 on a whaling ship to Greenland. He was on a ship that was turned back from Charleston harbor days after the American Civil War started and the blockade of Charleston was put into effect. He traveled to China twice. His ship fled the French Navy during the Franco Prussian War. His last major voyage was to New York in 1873.

Photos of the Petermanns

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The Confirmation of Meta Petermann

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The Engelbarts in Ganderkesee

Johann Berend Peterman was the son of Johann Christopher Petermann and Gesche Margrete Engelbart born Ganderkesee.

Engelbart in Ganderkesee Duchy of Oldenburg, Germany

The Menkens in Ganderkesee

Gesche Margrete Engelbart was the daughter of Harmen Wilken Engelbart and Gesche Menkens. Gersche Menckens was born 30 October 1743, in Habbruegge, parents, Cort Menchens and Trine (Catherine) Osterloh.

Menkens in Ganderkesee Duchy of Oldenburg, Germany

The Osterloh Family in Ganderkesee

Two Osterloh women married into the Engelbart family.

  1. Anna Osterloh born 1685 to Wilke Osterloh and Gebbicke Margarethe Alff married Harmen Engelbart in 1705. Wilke Osterloh born 1655 was the son of Arend Osterloh born 1609 and Grete (unknown).
  2. Catherine Osterloh born 1697 in Immer to Dirk Osterloh and Grete Bremermann, married Cord Menckens in 1724. Cord Menckens and Catherine Osterloh were the parents of Gersche Menkens who married Harmen Wilke Englebart in 1772. Dirk Osterloh was born in Immer in 1641.
Osterloh in Ganderkesee Duchy of Oldenburg, Germany

The Saalfelds in Ganderkesee

Hedwig Saalfeld of Hengsterholz, daughter of Claus Thomas Saalfeld, married Johann Christoph Petermann in 1805.

Sallfeld in Ganderkesee Duchy of Oldenburg, Germany

Schwarting in Ganderkesee

Lucke Schwarting daughter of Gerd Schwarding of Ganderkesee married Hinrich Petermann in 1685.

Anna Schwarting married Hilmer Menkens Ganderkesee in 1697. She was, however, a widow and I believe she was married a Schwarting not born a Schwarting.

Sophie Hedwig Schwarting, daughter of Berend Schwarting married Johann Hinrich Engelbart in Ganderkesee on September 30, 1806.

Schwarting in Ganderkesee Duchy of Oldenburg, Germany

Images of Ganderkesee

Ganderkesee Oldenburg, Germany

The Steuers in Elsfleth

Johann Berend Petermann married Anna Sophia Steuer of Elsfleth, Germany.

Steuer born in Elsfleth, Germany

The Auffarth Family in Ganderkesee and Elsfleth

Beke Margarete Auffarth born Hohenboken, Ganderkesee, Germany married Otto Christian Steuer. They were the parents of Sophia Steuer who married Johann Berend Petermann in 1879.


Elfleth, Pictures

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Oldenburg, Pictures

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Several Petermann who were originally from Ganderkesee were in the German Merchant Marine and shipped out of Bremenhaven. Click on the image of the Cathedral in Bremen for Bemen/Bremenhaven images

My husband, Tom, also had ancestors who immigrated from Germany in the 1880s, spent some time in Brooklyn, New York and then moved to Hoboken, New Jersey.

Did my ancestors know Tom's ancestors? Click on the photo of Tom and I for a discussion of this possibility.

Copies of Original Documents

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To see maps of Germany, Brooklyn and Hoboken, click on the photo of Meta's daughter, Helen, and Annie's daughter, Diana,

The Hoboken Pier fire of 1900

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Meta and Annie's Friends From Hoboken

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German Immigration to America

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Life in Germany

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Immigration Pictures

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Research Sources

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Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York

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