Dockworkers and Longshoremen

  • Johann Bernard Petermann was a dock foreman in Hoboken, New Jersey.
  • Fritz Kettler was a longshoreman in Brooklyn and Hoboken
  • Johannus Jensen was a longshoreman in Hoboken

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  • Johann Bernard Petermann was listed on the birth record of his son, Christian, as a butcher. The family was living in Brooklyn at the time.
  • Peter Goehle was listed on all records connected to him as a butcher. In the 1900 Federal Census in New York he was listed as a "provisions butcher".

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Carpenters and Lumbermen

Law Land was a joiner or carpenter. His son Percy Land was a carpenter and construction contractor. Herman Blanck was a carpenter and his brothers, John and Louse Blanck, worked as lumbermen in a lumberyard. Henry Erxmeyer and his son Henry were carpenters.

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Cordwainers and Shoemakers

Henry Blanck was a shoemaker from Lehe, Germany. George Sykes and his family were cordwainers in Yorkshire, England.

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Tailors and Dressmakers

Catherine Furst Swartzmeier Lindemann was a dressmaker and her second husband, Julius Lindemann, was a tailor.

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Teamsters and Drivers

Louis Blanck and his brother, Henry Blanck, were drivers/teamsters in Hoboken New Jersey.

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Seamen, Sailors and Merchant Marines

Henry Blanck Senior, his brothers-in-law, Henrich and Fredrich Erxmeyer and Berend Petermann all were sailors out of Bremerhaven.

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Harbor Men

Important Boat Men in harbors were: pilots, tub boat men, lighter boat men and canal boat men. See Harbor Men





Grocers and Provisions Dealers

Women's Work

The Woolen Industry

Lands, Laws, and related families in the West Riding of Yorkshire were involved in the woolen trade. For information (with images) on the woolen trade in Yorkshire click on the picture

Linen Weaver

Johann, Gerhard, and Christopher Blanck of Lehe Germany were linen weavers. For information (with pictures) on linen and linen weaving click on the picture

  • Joseph Walsh, was listed from 1905 until 1920 as a "coachman". In 1920 he was listed as a couchman for a private family.

Collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Driving in Central Park, New York

Garment Workers

From New York City, State, and Nation by Sol Holt, 1955

Tom Blanck's aunts and uncles worked in "the garment district".

The caption with this photo reads:

"The making of clothing is New York's leading industry. Its manufacture is done by thousands of small businesses, such as shown above. They produce millions of dollars worth of garments.

Telephone Operator

In the 1920 census Isabell Walsh was listed as a telephone operator for a Guarantee Trust Company.

Illustrated 1916, Collection of Maggie Land Blanck


Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Mathias Langan was listed as a labouer.

While most of the 'humorous" Irish postcards depict "Paddy" as a stupid bumpkin I find this card amusing in that the citified gent got his comeuppance.


Collection of Maggie Land Blanck, Harper's Monthly, June 1870, THE OCEAN STEAMER

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