Blanck Introduction - Henry and Dorethe Erxmeyer

The Birth Fred Erxmeyer

Frederich Aldolph, 26 July 1843, son of Heinrich Wilhelm Erxmeier and Johanne Dorothe Marie Hogrefe Meinerdingen, Walsrode-Vorbruck (Ev.- Luth. Kirchengemeinde Walsrode Febuary 2006)

Friedrich Adolph in Hilperdinger (unehelich= illegitimate), mother Dorothe Hogrefe born July 26, 1843 baptized August 20, 1843 St Georg Meinerdingen, godparents Adolph Erxmeyer and Fredrich Hogrefe - Record from Meinerdingen March 19, 2007.

Note: The Ev.- luth. Kirchengemeinde Walsrode wrote on March , 2007

"The name of his father is not mentioned. But as one of his godparents was Adolph Erxmeier (father of Heinrich Wilhelm) it is most likely that Heinrich Wilhelm was his father. There was no first Frau Erxmeier."
The US records indicate:
  • The 1905 New Jersey census indicates that he was born July 1842.
  • The 1900 Federal census indicates that he was born July 1843.
  • The 1915 New Jersey census indicates that he was born July 1843


  • The months and years of birth for the other members of the family in these three censuses are quite consistent with the known months and years of birth their births.

  • Fredrich was listed at the baptism of his daughter, Dorethe, in 1874, his son, Heinrich, in 1876 and his son, Friedrick, in 1883 as being from Vorbuch, Hannover. Vorbuch is a section of Walsrode.

  • He was listed at the birth of his daughter Margaretta in 1878 as being from Walsrode.

Fred Erxmayer, Sailor 1868 to 1870

Bremen Sailor's Registry

Fridr Adolph Erxmeyer born Hilperdingen, 1843

  1. September 24, 1868, Kohlm---, captian Wessels, Deutchland to New York, 1 mo 18 days, No 21098, gut

  2. November 13, 1868 Kohlm---, captian Wessels, Deutchland to New York, 1 mo 16 days

  3. December 24, 1868, Heizer, G Ernst, Donau, 11 months 12 days to New York

  4. January 20, 1870, Heizer, G Ernst, Donau to New York 10 months 10 days

  5. October 20 1870 Storekeeper, G Ernst, Donau, deserted August 1, 1871

List of Desertions

Erxmeyer, Fried. Meinerdingen geb 1843 ---- Donau - Aug 1871 in New York.

See Frederich Erxmeyer At Sea for more information and images.

The Marriage of Fred Erxmeyer and Charlotte Reddehase, 1869

Friedrich Adolph Erxmeyer, Heizer unverheirathet [stoker/fireman, unmarried] born Vorbück born 26 July 1843 in Hilperdingen son of Heinrich Ernst Wilhelm Erxmeyer and his wife Dorothea born Hochreafe married Charlotte Gesine Johanna Reddehasse born 19 April 1845 in Lehe, daughter of Heinrich Wilhelm Reddehess, Stügermeister and his wife Margarethe Elizabeth born Kramer banns were read 25 July, and the 1st and 8th of August in 1869 in Lehe, and the 1st and 8th of August in Mienerdingen, marriage " Der zwanzigste [twentieth] August in Lehe Im Pfarrhause [parsonage] recorded in the Ev Luth Kirchenkreis Bremerhaven (January 2006)

Note: August 20th 1869 was a Friday.

Lehe, now a part of Bremerhaven, is in the northern part of Hannover .

Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875: Gives the following information for Friedrich Erxmerer:

Friedrich Adolph Erxmeyer, Seefahrer [1869 Heizeer, Vorbucke], (So. Heinrich Ernst Wilhelm E. Kothner ⚭ Dorothea Hochgrafe), Wilgerdengen 26.7.1843 ⚭ Charlotte Gesine Johanna Reddehase, Lehe (To. Heinrich Wilhelm R., Kupermeister, ⚭ Margarethe Elisabeth Kramer). * Lehe 19.4.1945 - Kind: Elise Wilhelmina Sophia Dorothea *29.4.1871



Erxmeyer, Fried born Minerdingen 1843, Storekeeper on the Donau deserted ship August 1, 1871 in New York. Note: He was with his brother Heinrich, the two of them deserted at the same time. Desertion upon arrival in New York was a very common practice of the time.

Charlotte and Eliza: Charlotte Erxmeyer, age 25, traveling with Charlotte Erxmeyer, age 7 months, and Marie Erxmeyer, age 9 years arrived on September 9, 1871 aboard the S.S. Donau from Bremen to New York (Germans to America).

The Donau arrived September 9, 1871 in New York - passengers 276, 277 and 278 steerage, Charlotte Erxmeyer age 25, Charlotte Exmeyer, baby 7 months female, Marie Erxmeyer age 9 all from Germany to the USA.

Charlotte Reddehase and Her Family

William Reddehase and Margarethe Kramer

Marriage: According to the records of the Lutheran church in Lehe, Germany, Heinrich Wilhelm Reddehase, the son of Heinrich Wilhelm Reddehase and Wilhelmine, nee Petersen, and Margarethe Elizabeth Kramer, the daughter of Dirk Wilhame Kramer and Margarethe Backer were married in Lehe on March 31, 1844.

all of the Reddehase record in Lehe are connected to this branch. Children:

  1. Margarethe Gesine Christina dob unknown. Had an illegitimate son in 1859. He died in 1860.

  2. Freidrich Willhelm born in Brake 29.3.1843

    married and had children in Lehe.

  3. Charlotte Reddehase and Freidrich Erxmeyer

    Birth: Charlotte Gesina Johann born April 19 and baptized July 27, 1845.

    Marriage: Charlotte Reddenhase married Fred Erxmeyer.

  4. Elisa Hermina Friedrike Margarethe born August 12 and baptized October, 1848.

  5. Catherine Reddehase and William Lange

    Birth: Catherine Antoinette Wilhelmina, born February 18, and baptized April 14, 1850.

    Marriage: Catherine married Wilhelm Lange. William Lange was born c 1845 in Rustorf. He deserted from the Greman Merchan Marines Apr 28, 1872 in New York. John Willh. Lange born Rustorf 1845 made 7 tours with the German Merchant Marines between 1868 and his desertion in 1872. With the exception of one tour to New Orleans he made runs between Bremen and New York.

    Hoboken: The Langes lived in Hoboken from at least 1874 until 1885.


    1. Wilhelmina, born on July 9, 1876 and baptized on August 20, 1876 in the German Evangelical Church in Hoboken, New Jersey. Wilhelmina, the daughter of Johann Wilhelm Lange from Brandenburg and Catherine N????, sponsors: Antoinette Reddenhase, Eliza Reddenhase and Margarithe Reddenhase.

    2. William

      1910 Census: Grand Street, Richmond, New York, Lange William age 36 born NJ, mason, Kate wife, age 36, 13 children 5 still living, Paul age 10 born NY, Charles age 7, Geoge age 4 Milton age 2 William father age 65, born Germany Kate mother age 60 4 children 4 still living, both born Germany immigrated 1872

    3. Mamie

    4. Katie

    1880: 88 Washington Street Hoboken, New Jersey, William Lange Age: 35 Birthplace: Prussia Occupation: Longshoreman Marital Status: Married Cannot read/write: William Lange 35 Catharine Lange 30 Pauline Lange 10 William Lange 6 Mamie Lange 3 Katie Lange 2

    1900: Park Ave Hoboken New Jersey Lange, William age 55 born Jan 1845 Germany, Catherine wife bon Feb 1850 both immigrated 1872 laborer

    1910 Census: See son William

    1930 Census William Lange age 85 grandfather Richmond, NY.

  6. Anna Henrietta Marie Antoinette born February 3 and baptized April 12, 1852.
  7. Heinrich, date of birth unknown
  8. Herman, date of birth unknown


  • The baptismal record of Wilhelmina in 1876 indicates that Charlotte's sisters, Elisa, Catherine, and Anna Henrietta Marie Antoinette all immigrated to Hoboken.

  • Wilhelm Lange and Catherine Reddehase Lange were sponsors for Fred and Charlotte's daughter, Dora in 1874.

  • Catherine Lange was a sponsor for Fred and Charlotte's daughter, Charlotte in 1885.

  • Charlotte also had at least two brothers, Heinrich and Herman, who were sponsors at the baptism of her son William, born in Hoboken in 1873. I did not fine baptismal records in Lehe for Heinrich and Herman Reddehase.

  • There was no listing for Reddehase in the 1880 Federal Census in New Jersey.

  • William Lange and his wife, Catherine Reddehase, were listed in the 1880 census at 88 Washington Avenue as follows:
    • William, age 35, longshoreman, born in Prussia.
    • Catherine, age 30, wife, keep house, born in Bremen. Her parents are listed as being born in Hanover and Oldenburg.
    • Pauline, age 10, daughter, at school, born in Bremen.
    • William, age 6, son, born in New Jersey.
    • Mamie, age 3, daughter, born in New Jersey.
    • Katie, age 2, daughter, born in New Jersey.

  • In the US records the name is spelled: Reddenhase, Reddehase or Ridderhase.

The Children of Fred Erxmeyer and Charlotte Redderhase

Fred Erxmeyer and Charlotte Redderhase had:

  1. Eliza (1871), AKA, Charlotte, was born in February (per age at immigration) or April 1871 (per age at death) in Germany.

    She immigrated at the age of 7 month under the name Charlotte with her mother in September of 1871.

    Death: Eliza Erxmeyer, age 1 year and 5 months, died on September 27, 1872 of Variola (small pox), address 115 Willow Avenue, Hoboken (New Jersey Death Record). Eliza Charlotte was originally buried in the Weehawken Cemetery. Her body was moved from Weehawken Cemetery to Grove Church Cemetery in April of 1883. On the same page as her death, which is listed in ledger form, there are several other deaths of small pox. For more information on Small Pox see Causes of Deaths

  2. William Freiderich Erxmeyer (1873-) and Elizabeth (Elise) Clausen


    • Civil Record: William Erxmeyer was born at 113 Willow St., Hoboken on January 5, 1873, the son of Fred Erxmeyer, laborer (New Jersey Birth Record).

    • Church Record: Wilhelm Fredrick Herman Carl Heinrich Erxmeyer was baptized in the German Evangelical Church in Hoboken on January 26th, 1873, father, Friedrick Erxmeyer of Walsrode, Hannover, mother, Charlotte Reddenhase of Hannover, sponsors: Heinrich Wilhelm Reddenhase, Herman Reddenhase, Rebecca Meta Hines and Hienrich Hey (GECH).

      Note: William was the first child of the Erxmeyer family born in the United States.

    Confirmation: William Erxmeyer was confirmed in the German Evangelical church in Hoboken on April 24, 1887 (GECH).


    • Civil Record: William married Elise Clausen on September 17, 1899 in Hoboken, address 157 Third St. in Hoboken, minister, J. Rudolph (NJ marriage record).

    • Church Record: William Fred Erxmeyer, born in Hoboken on January 5, 1873 to Fred. A. Erxmeyer and Charlotte Ridderhase married Elise Margar Clausen, born in Hoboken on December 13, 1874 to Enrich Jens. and Marg. L, nee, Kirthmer, witnesses, Henry Erxmeyer and Kate Haphe (GECH).


    1. Charlotte Erxmeyer (1902-), John Charles Locher and William Patterson

      Birth: Charlotte, born circa 1902, New Jersey (information from census)

      Schooling: Graduating Exercises - January Class of 1921 - State Normal School - Newark New Jersey - Saturday January 29, 1921 - Graduate - Charlotte Marie Erxmeyer Essex County NJ Archives History - Schools

      Marriage: John Charles Locher (Eric Joseph Locher, February, 2008)


      1. John Walter Locher (Eric Joseph Locher, Febraury, 2008) (circa 1929)

        1930 Census: Listed age 1, with his mother, Charlotte Locher age 28, married at age 24, and his grand parents, William and Elise Erxmeyer and uncle Eric.
        1950 Engagement: JOANN SPAIN TO MARRY Russell Sage Alumna Affianced to J Walter Locher. Troy, NY, Dec. 23 — Mrs. Joseph E Sapin has announced the engagement of her daughter, Joanna, Marie to J. Walter Locher, son of Mrs. Charlotte Erxmeyer Locher of Hasbrouck Heights, N. J., and John Charles Locher of Cliffside Park, N. J. Miss Spain, daughter also of the late Mr. Spain, was graduated from the Emma Willard School of Russell Sage College. She is a granddaughter of the late State Senator Michael F Collins and the late Mr. and Mr.s Edward Spain. Mr. Locher was graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and is with Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation in Cincinnati. (New York Times December 24, 1950)

        Marriage of Miss Joanne Spain and J Walter Locher, of Cincinnati, Ohio, son of Mrs. Chatlotte Erxmeyer Locher of Hasbrook Heights, N. J. and John C Locher of Cliftside Park, N. J., at St. Francis De Sales Church, Troy, New York August 4, 1951.

      Notes form Eric Joseph Locher: My grandmother and grandfather (John Charles Locher) were separated before my father's first birthday. They subsequently divorced. William Patterson (listed in her obituary) was her second husband. (Eric Joseph Locher, February, 2008)


      Marriage of Charlotte Erxmeyer Locher to William P. Patterson: William P. Patterson
      TROTH ANNOUNCED OF MRS. C. E. LCOHER Former Charlotte Erxmeyer is the Prospective Bride of Dr. William Patterson. Mr and Mrs. Eric W. Erxmeyer of Brooklyn have announced the engagement of Mr. Erxmeyer's sister, Mrs. Charlotte Erxmeyer Locher of Hasbrouck Heights, N. J., to William P. Patterson of Hackensack, N. J. The prospective bride is the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. William F. Erxmeyer of Jersey City. She graduated from the New Jersey State Teachers College in Newark, and received a Master's degree from Teacher's College, Columbia University. Mrs. Locher is principal of the Euclid School in Hasbrouck Heights. Dr. Patterson is the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Patterson of Atlantic Highlands, N. J. An alumnus of the New Jersey State Teachers College in Trenton he received a Doctor of Education degree from Columbia University. He is principal of the State Street Elementary School and the State Junior High School both in Hackensack. His wife died. New York Times April 27, 1952

      April 23, 1952 Jersey Journal stated that the engagement was announced by Eric W. Erxmery, brother of the bride.

      Death of Charlotte Erxmeyer Patterson:

    2. Charlotte Erxmeyer Patterson Death Date: 31 Jul 1996 Death City: Gastonia Death County: Gaston Death State: North Carolina Death Age: 94 Burial Location: Cremation in state Birth Date: 4 Jan 1902 Residence City: Gastonia Residence County: Gaston Residence State: North Carolina Father: Erxmeyer Gender: Female Race: White Marital Status: Widowed Autopsy: No Institution: Nursing and Rest Homes Attendant: Physician Source: NC Department of Health. North Carolina Deaths, 1993-96
      Deceased Name: GASTONIA - Mrs. Charlotte Erxmeyer Patterson 94, of Covenant Village died July 31, 1996, at her residence.

      Memorial service is 11 a.m. Saturday, August 3, 1996, in Covenant Village Chapel with the Rev. Morgan Gardner officiating. The family will receive friends following the service. Memorial service also will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday, August 17, 1996, at St. John the Divine, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ. The family will receive friends in the Parish Hall following the service. Burial is in The Hoboken Cemetery, North Bergen, NJ.

      A native of Hoboken, NJ, she was a daughter of the late William F. and Elizabeth Clausen and widow of William P. Patterson. A retired elementary principal, she graduated with a BS from Newark State Teachers College, MA from Columbia University and graduate studies from Rutger's, Syracuse, Ohio State and Columbia Universities.

      Mrs. Patterson taught at Hoboken Academy and Lincoln School and was principal of Euclid School, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ. She held life membership in N.J.P.T.A. Her career of 42 years included serving as state president of NJ Schoolwomen's Club, Department of Elementary Principals and Delta Kappa Gamma Society.

      She served as president of Hasbrouck Heights Education Association, The University Club, The College Club of Hackensack, The Episcopal Churchwomen of the Church of St. John the Devine, The Covenant Village Residents Association. A 41-year choir member at St. John the Devine and in Gastonia, she was a member of St. Mark's Episcopal Church.

      Survivors include a son and daughter-in-law, J. Walter and Joanne Locher of Charlotte; a stepdaughter and son-in-law, Jane-Barrie and James R. Christiansen of Goleta, CA; a grandson, Eric J. Locher of Charlotte; granddaughter and son-in-law, Carol L. and William T. Ransone of Charlotte; three step-grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

      Memorials may be made to Covenant Village Benevolent Fund, 1351 Robinwood Rd., Gastonia, NC 28054; or St. John the Devine, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604.

      McLean & Son Funeral Home, Gastonia, is serving the family of Mrs. Patterson.

      Charlotte Observer, The (NC) Date: August 2, 1996

    3. Eric Erxmeyer (1903-) and Mildred Goss

      Birth: Eric, born November 1, 1903 (Census and SSDI)

      1930: Age 26, single, with his parents, traveling salesman wholesale confectionary.

      Marriage: Mildred Goss

      Note: Mildred was the daughter of William and Josephine Goss. Josephine Husch Goos died April 16, 1946. Her obit was in the NY Times. She was buried in Brooklyn.

      Death of Eric Erxmeyer: Eric Erxmeyer died August 1971 in Duchess County New York, 12583 (SSDI). Also listed in Massachusetts Death Index 21 August 1971 Boston.

      Death of Mildred Gross Erxmeyer: SSDI - Mildred Erxmeyer Birth: 9 Apr 1903 Death: Jan 1986 - North Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Florida, United States Civil: New York

      Deceased Name: MILDRED GOSS ERXMEYER MILDRED GOSS ERXMEYER, 82, of North Palm Beach, Fla., formerly of North Bergen, died Tuesday. Before retiring in 1955, she was a schoolteacher in Brooklyn for 25 years. Surviving is a sister, Charlotte Patterson of Gastonia, N.C. Her husband, Eric, died in 1971. Arrangements were by the Alesso Funeral Home, Lodi. Record, The (Hackensack, NJ) Date: February 3, 1986 (North Jersey edition only)

      ERXMEYER, Mildred G., 82, of 131 Doolin Ct., North Palm Beach, died Tuesday. Services in Lodi, N.J. Northwood Funeral Home, West Palm Beach. Miami Herald, The (FL) Date: January 30, 1986

      Notes from Eric John Locher: The photograph of Uncle Julius brought back memories of visiting my great-Uncle Eric Erxmeyer and Aunt Mildred Erxmeyer in Brooklyn. Eric and Mildred moved to Red Hook, NY soon after the photo of Uncle Julius was taken in 1967. (Eric John Locher, Febraury 2008)

      1937: Eric Wm. Erxmeyer, 301 Washington Street, Fruits and Vegetables, (New York State Department of Agriculture). 301 Washington is in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan.

      1940: Fenimore Street, Eric Erxmeyer, 38, produce market, vegetable, Mildred Erxmeyer, 35, school teacher, public school

      1942: Mildred Erxmeyer accompanied fourteen girls to the Oneonta New York Science Congress.

      The Chem Squad of Girl's Commercial High School has modified its program to include airplane model making. At the suggestion of Mildred Erxmeyer, sponsor of the club.

    4. (The Chemistry Leaflet, Volume 15, Issues 7-12)

      1950: The annual get-to-gether of the Boy Scout Flatbush District advancement committe, was held at the home of Eric Erxmeyer. (Brooklyn Eagle)

      Death of Eric Erxmeyer: Eric Erxmeyer Tivoli New York November 01, 1903 August 01, 1971 Age at Death: 67


      Eric Erxmeyer, 67, Nevis, a magistrate of Clermont in 1965 died Aug. 21 at the New England Deaconess Hospital Boston.

      Born in Jersey City, N. J. le lived 35 years in Brooklyn moving to Nevis in 1962.

      A real estate broker, Mr. Erxmeyer was a member of the Clermont Town Board, the Red Hook rotary Club, Monumental Lodge F and Am, New York.

      Also past president, 12:45 Businessmen's Club of Brooklyn and the Red Hook Businessmen's Club and Boy Scout commissioner in Brooklyn.

      He and his wife, the former Mildred Goss celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in West Palm Beach, Fla. in January.

      In addition to his wife survivors are a sister, Mrs. Charlotte Patterson, Hackensack, N. J., and a nephew, Walter Locher, Charlotte, N.C.

      Eric Erxmeyer Certificate: 038383 Death Place: Boston Death Date: 21 Aug 1971, Massachusetts Deaths

      Death of Mildred Erxmeyer: Mildred Goss Erxmeyer 82 of North Palm Beach formerly of North Bergen died in February 1986. She was a teacher in Brooklyn for 25 years retiring in 1955. She was survived by Charlotte Patterson.

    5. Walter born September 16, 1905.
      Death: Walter Erxmeyer, 19 years, 10 months and 27 days old, of 124 Hudson St. Hoboken died on August 12, 1925 of an accidental drowning in the Hudson River near Pier 6 in Jersey City. He was buried in the Hoboken Cemetery. He was the second person in the Erxmeyer family to die of accidental drowning in the Hudson River. William's brother, Ernst, had drowned in 1916. For more information on the death of Walter and his uncle Ernest see Causes of Deaths

    1892: W. F. Erxmeyer was President of the 2,500 member People's Singing Classes at 1 W. 34th street, Manhattan

    1894: Wm Erxmeyer was president of the 1,000 member People's Choral Union 1 W. 34th street Manhattan .

    1900: May 1900 Mr. and Mrs. William Erxmeyer were among the hundred or so couples who attended the picnic of the J. J. Callahan Association at Pohlmann's Pavilion on Ogden Ave and Ferry street. "The pavilion was filled wit merry dancers who tripped away to the strains of music until an early hour of the morning." Eric Clausen Jr was among the officers of the association.

    WWI Draft Registration: William Frederick Erxmeyer 903 Union Street West Hoboken Hudson, born January 5, 1873, grocer, employer, Frederick H D Erxmeyer Jr 903 Union Street, West Hoboken, wife Elizabeth Erxmeyer, medium height, stout build, blue eyes gray hair.

    Censuses: 1900, 1910 and 1930. See below.

    Death of William Erxmeyer:

    Death of Elise Clausen Erxmeyer: 1948

    Will of Elizabeth M Erxmeyer: Probated February 2, 1948, Elizabeth M. Erxmeyer, 214 Roosevelt Ave. Bergen, New Jersey, using a standard printed form with hand written entries: Elizabeth Erxmeyer left to:
    1. "Eric W Erxmeyer, my son the sum of one hundred dollars"
    2. "Mildred Gross Erxmeyer (Eric's wife) my gold bracelet with red stones"
    3. "My grandson, J Walter Locher, my diamond engagement ring. The bank account on which I am trustee for Walter reverts to him"
    4. "My daughter Charlotte E Locher, the house 214 Roosevelt Ave. and all its furnishings, and all my interest in and to any bank accounts standing in our joint names or whatever forms such accounts may be also all bonds, money, jewelry, and everything else in safety deposit box in Hasbrouck Heights Bank in our joint names goes to Charlotte E Locher."
    5. Eric and Charlotte were both appointed executors of the estate
    The will was signed December 20, 1946

  3. Dorethe Margrethe Wilhelmina Catherine Fredricka (AKA Dora) (1874) was born on December 7, 1874 and baptized on December 20, 1874, the daughter of Fredrick Adolph Erxmeyer of Vorbruch, Hannover and Charlotte Redderhase of Lehe, Hannover, sponsors: Dorethe Erxmeyer, Margarethe Redderhase, Wilhelm Lange, Catherine Lange and Frederick Erxmeyer (GECH).

    Civil Record: Not listed


    • Catherine Lange was Charlotte's sister.
    • Dorethe was Fred's mother.
    • Vorbruch is a village outside of the town of Schwanewede which lies between Bremen and Bremerhaven/Lehe.

    Further Records:
    • Dora was a witness to the marriage of her cousin Berthe Lehman in 1894.
    • She was listed age 25 and single with her parents in the 1900 census.
    • On the ship Bulgaria, October 21, 1900 from Hamburg to New York, destination New York, Dora Erxmeyer, age 25
    • She was not listed with her parents in the 1905 census
    • New Jersey has grooms indexes only

  4. Henry Frederick Erxmeyer (1876-1945) and Sophia ______

    Heinrich Fredrick Wilhelm was born on October 17, 1876 and baptized on November 10, 1876, father, Frederick Adolf Erxmeyer of Vorbuch, Hannover, mother, Charlotte Gesine Johanna Reddenhase of Lehe, Hanover, sponsors: Heinrich Erxmeyer, Wilhelm Erxmeyer and Dorothe Erxmeyer (GECH).


    • Heinrich Erxmeyer was Friedrick's brother
    • Dorothe Erxmeyer was Friedrick's mother
    • Who was Wilhem Erxmeyer?
    • Both Friedrick and his brother, Henry Erxmeyer, had sons named Henry born in 1876. Henry's son was born on June 5th. Fred's son was born on October 17th. The Henry Erxmeyer buried in Grove Church Cemetery in 1945 must have been the son of Fred Erxmeyer. According to the Social Security Death Index, Henry Erxmeyer, born June 5, 1876 in New Jersey died in Flushing, New York in April, 1968.

    Civil Record: Not listed

    Marriage: Sophia _____, who was born circa 1884 (per census info)


    1. Wilhelmina circa 1919
    WWI Draft Registration: Henry Fred Erxmeyer 363 Columbia Ave, ___ Bergen, NJ born October 17, 1876, grocer, National Grocery co. Grant Ave Grantwood, NJ, wife Sophie Erxmeyer, tall, slender, blue eyes, light hair, hernia

    Censuses: 1920 and 1930. See below.

    1940: 776 Hamilton ave, North Bergen, Erxmeyer, Henry, 63, laborer, building contractor, Sophia, 56, Wilhelmina, 21, new worker

    Death of Henry Erxmeyer: Henry Erxmeyer, age 69, was buried November 3, 1945 in the Erxmeyer plot in Grove Church Cemetery.

    Will of Henry F Erxmeyer Nov 13, 1945:

    Standard will format: Mentions daughter Wilhelmina, who will be provided for by wife, Sophia.

    "I have a child whose name is Wilhemina Erxmeyer. I do not give her anything, altho I have a great affection for her. I feel that my wife will do the right thing by her"
    Henrry left everything to his wife, Sophia. If she was to die first, he left everything to Wilhelmia, with the legal assistance of his friend and lawyer, Mr. Edward Stover. If Sophia can not perform her duties, he appointed his brother, Frederick Erxmeyer, Jr. If Frederick was unable then his brother Julius was to be appointed. And finally if Julius was unable he appoints his brother in law, William H. Schron of Berwyn, Maryland. The will was signed September 1929. Sophia Erxmeyer signed the will November 13, 1945.

    Death of Sophia Erxmeyer:

  5. Margaretta Erxmeyer (1878-1859) and Hans Severt

    Margaretta Marie Wilhelmina Erxmeyer was born on August 16, 1878 and baptized on September 22, 1878, daughter of Fredrick Adolph Erxmeyer of Walsrode, Hannover and Charlotte Gesine Johanna Reddenhase of Lehe, Hannover, address, 176 Garden Street, sponsors were: Margrette Reddenhase, Mary Elizabeth Wendhing, and Wilhelm Erxmeyer GECH).

    Margaretta was also known as Martha.

    Civil Record: Not listed

    Marriage: Margaretta married Hans Severt, date unknown, after 1917 when he was listed as single in the WWI Draft Registration.

    Hans Severt WWI Draft Registration: Hans R. E. Severt, 216 Hudson Street Hoboken, NJ born September 30, 1886, Alien born Dunkelsorf, Germany, tinsmith and plumbers helper C Muellen and Sons 888 6th Ave NYC, single private army 3 years Germany, medium height, medium build, brown eyes dark hair

    1920 Census: Listed with her father. See below.

    1930 Census: See below

    Children: Hans and Margarethe do not appear to have had children.

    Death of Margaretta Erxmeyer Severt: Margaretta Severt age 80 was buried on August 14, 1959 in the Erxmeyer plot in the Grove church Cemetery.

    Death of Hans Severt: Hans Severt was buried May 28, 1958 in the Erxmeyer family plot in Grove Church Cemetery.

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  7. Frederick Erxmeyer (1881-1944) and Bettie Volkman

    Frederick Heinrich Diedrick Erxmeyer was born on January 22, 1881 and baptized on March 13, 1881, son of Frederick Adolph Erxmeyer of Vorbuch, Hannover and Charlotte Gesine Johanna Reddenhase of Lehe, Hannover, sponsors, Dorethe Erxmeyer, Hienrich "Blank" and Walter (last name not legible) (GECH).

    Civil Record: 1/22/1881 37/46/6

    Marriage: Fred Erxmeyer married Bettie Volkman in 1908.

    Cards were sent out for the wedding of Betty Volkmann 913 Willow Ave and Mr. Fred H. D. Erxmeyer Jr. the wedding to be held June 28. June 4, 1908 Jersey Journal


    1. Ruth J circa 1912
    2. Dorothy M 1912
      Dorothy Marie Erxmeyer Gruber was the daughter of Frederick Wm. H. Erxmeyer, Jr. and Betty Volkmann. She was born 7 Nov 1912 in New Jersey and died 4 Jun 2005 in Louisa, VA and was cremated. (Lois Bequette, August 2007)
    3. Betty G circa 1919

    WWI DR: Frederick Henry Dietrich Erxmeyer, Jr, 261 Whiton St Jersey City, Hudson, NJ, born January 22, 1881, grocer, own store, 340 Comp---- Jersey City, NJ Bettie Erxmeyer, wife, tall stout, blue eyes gray hair.

    Death of Betty Volkman Erxmeyer: ERXMEYER on Tuesday October 15, 1918, Betty R. Erxmeyer (nee Volkman) beloved wife of Frederick Erxmeyer, Jr. funeral services at her late residence 261 Whiton Street. (Jersey Journal, October 16, 1918)

    Censuses: 1930. See below.

    WWII DR: Fredk Henry D Erxmeyer 6724- Polk St Guttenberg, N J telephone Union 3-9211, age 61, birthdate, Jan 22, 1881, Hoboken, NJ, next of kin, Betty Erxmeyer, self employed.

    1940 Census: Polk Street, Guttenburg, Hudson, New Jersey, Fred Erxmeyer, age 59, widowed, own, Distributer Retail Grocery, 8th grade, Ruth, 29, retail grocery, 1st year high school, Betty, 21 clerk insurance 4th year high school

    Death of Frederick Erxmeyer: 24 September 1944 (Lois Bequette, 2007)

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  8. Ernst (1883-1916) was born on February 19, 1883.

    Birth: State of New Jersey 1883 2/19/83 66/46/228. The baptismal records for the German Evangelical Church are missing for 1883.

    Wednesday October 29, 1912 Trenton New Jersey, Trenton Evening Times


    Jersey City October 29

    The Hudson County Grand Jury yesterday afternoon handed up to Supreme Court Justice Francis J Swaryze a batch of indictments, which included, it is said, those found against Leon C Hart and Ernest F Erxmeyer, the two Hoboken Republican County Committeemen implicated in the confession made by Arthur Reich, the indicted judge of election of the Third District of the First Ward, Hoboken, who charged them with having been a party in the frauds perpetrated in the district in the nigh of primary day, September ??

    Both men were brought to court and gave bail in the sum of $3,500. Erxmeyer waived examination but Hart asked for a hearing which was put down for ? o'clock this afternoon. His indictment, however, will make the hearing unnecessary Alexander E Kittredge, the Hoboken Democratic Committeeman, already indicted twice, it is said, was again indicted along with Hart and Erxmeyer for al-ing and abetting violation of the election laws.

    Ernest L Erxmeyer was indicted along with Alexander E. Kittredge by the Hudson County Grand Jury for unlawfully counseling Arthur Reich an elected official to commit offenses at a primary election of the Republican Party in Hoboken Third district of the First Ward on September 23, 1912.

    u>1913: 29 October - Trenton Evening Times - Jersey City an indictment against Ernest F. Erxmeyer a Hoboken County Republican Committeeman who was accused of "frauds perpetuated in the district in the night of primary day, September 23rd." His bail was set at $3,500 and he waived a hearing. Erxmeyer was indicted for "aiding and abetting violations of the election laws">

    Death: Ernst Erxmeyer, age 33 years old, single, died on December 23, 1916, cause of death, accidental drowning, in the Hudson River near Pier 6 (New Jersey Death Certificate). He was buried in the family plot in Grove Church Cemetery.

    For more information the drowning deaths of Ernst and his nephew, Walter, see Causes of Deaths

  9. Charlotte Sophia Katherine Erxmeyer (1885-) and William Henry Schrom

    Information of the descendants of Charlotte Erxmeyer was graciously provided by Lois Schrom Bequette.

    Birth: Charlotte Sophia Katherine Erxmeyer was born on March 1st, 1885 in Hoboken and baptized on April 15, 1885, the daughter of Friedrick Adolf Erxmeyer of Hannover and Charlotte Gesine Johanna, nee, Reddenhase of Bremerhofen, sponsors, Katherine Lange and Charlotte Erxmeyer. Christened 15, April 1885

    3/1/85 86/46/16 State of New Jersey

    Charlotte was also known as Lottie.

    Further Records:

    • Charlotte had a beautiful voice and gave up a professional career to marry and have a family. (Lois Bequette, 2007)
    • According to an LDS member submission to the IGI, Charlotte Erxmeyer was the daughter of Friedrich William Henry Erxmeyer born Hanover 1843 died 1933 J F Kennedy Blvd, Hudson, N.J. and Charlotte von Redehase born 1845 Kirchrode, Hanover died 1916 J F Kennedy Blvd, Hudson NJ. The birth and death years are correct. Charlotte was born in Lehe and died in Hoboken, New Jersey. Friedrich was born in Walsrode in Hanover. He died in Guttenberg, New Jersey in 1916. J. F Kennedy is the address of Grove Church Cemetery. The LDS submission further says that Charlotte Erxmeyer (the second) was born 1 March 1887 in Hoboken and died in 1963 Princes George, Md.

    Marriage: William Henry Schrom Sr. circa 1908 (Lois Bequette, 2007)


    1. Frederick William Henry Schrom born 8 Jan 1910 in Berwun, Maryland - died 22 Dec 1993, Elkins Randolph, WV, buried Ft Lincoln, Maryland. (Lois Bequette, 2007)

      More information on Frederick Schrom: Frederick (Fritz) quit school in the sixth grade, taught himself to fly ariplanes at the age of 16, was a great communicator and ended up being a very intelligent self-made man. He and his wife, Lois, built and owned the Schrom Airport in the late 1930s and through the 2nd World War. During the war he was a flight instructor. Fritz and Lois divorced on 7 Dec 1951. (Lois Bequette, 2007)

      Schrom Airport was located in Greenbelt, Maryland. For information on and images of Schrom airport go to Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields; Maryland, Northern Prince George's County

      Marriage: Lois Jane Gallman 26 March 1937 in Hyattsville, Prince George, Maryland. The marriage ended in divorce. Lois was born 10 August 1919 in Peoria Il - christened 16 October 1919 in Beardstown, Ill. Parents Eberhard Carl (Carl E) Gallman and Mary Lorene Millam adopted Louis as an infant. Lois died 3 August 1986 in Mt Airy, Frederick Co, Maryland - buried St Lincoln Cemetery, PG, Maryland. (Lois Bequette, 2007)


      1. Frederick Wm Henry Jr 19 October 1937, Washington, D.C. Fred graduated from Concord State, WV. He became a teacher and coach at Big Creek High School, McDowell Co. War. WV. He instituted the wrestling programs in the McDowell Co. schools. He was named "Coach of the Year" by Scholastic Wrestling News in 1975. He was also named "Wrestling Coach of the Year" for the state of WV in 1986-1987 by the west Virginia Coach Association. He and his wife Gerrie devoted their lives to the children to the community and are very well loved and respected by all who know them. Frederick married Geraldine Ferranti 21 Jan 1961 in Athens, WV - Geraldine born 5 May 1939 in War, WV to Maco Ferranti and Mary Walker. Frederick and Geraldine had Steven Wayne Schrom 21 Apr 1966 in Welch, McDowell WV Mathew Brian 4 March 1971 and David Lee Schrom 4 Oct 1972. (Lois Bequette, 2007)

      2. Richard Carl Schrom 11 November 1938 Washington, D.C. married Constance Jackson in 1964. They had Richard Carl Jr 18 March 1965 (Lois Bequette, 2007)

      3. Lorene Gail Schrom 7 November 1939 - married Thomas Allan Barry 18 April 1964. (Lois Bequette, 2007)

      4. Lois Jeanne Schrom 25 March 1941- married Franklin Ray Bequette 1960. (Lois Bequette, 2007)

      Divorce from Lois Gallman: 1951 (Lois Bequette, 2007)

      Marriage of Frederick Schrom and Georgia Florence Scherlies: After 1953. Georgia was born 18 February 1921 in Detroit, Michigan. She died 13 April 2003 in Elkins, Md. (Lois Bequette, 2007)


      1. Mimsi Marr Schrom, 7 Nov 1949 - died 20 January 2006 in Winchester Va - buried Bethel Cemetery Old fields, W. Va. Married David Bitter date unknown divorced a year later. Married Melvin Sions, Old Fields W. Va. 7 August 1983 divorced October 2001. No children either marriage. Cause of death: Lung cancer. (Lois Bequette, 2007)

      2. Deborah Scherlies Schrom 27 November 1951(Lois Bequette, 2007)

      3. Christopher Frederick Schrom 1 April 1953 died May 1981 (Lois Bequette, 2007)

      4. Sandra Sybil Schrom 29 June 1954 (Lois Bequette, 2007)

    2. Charlotte M Schrom born 27 March 1911 died 15 July 1995, College Park, Maryland - buried Ft. Lincoln, Cemetery, PG, MD., married Richard Boyle on 16 Apr 1932, in Elton Md. eloped. Richard was born 12 January 1908 - died 12 June 1992 in College Park Md. Child; Jacquelyn Boyel born 1932 Sibley Hospital, Washington D. C. (Lois Bequette, 2007)

    3. Mabel Schrom born 10 August 1912 in Berwyn, Maryland died August 1971 in Needham, MA- buried Fort Lincoln, Brentwood, Maryland Married John R Drinkwater on 3 December 1966 in Needham, Norfold, MA. John was born 20 October 1908 died 22 Nov 1987 in Needham Ma. (Lois Bequette, 2007)

    4. Gwendolyn B Schrom born 10 August 1912 - died 4 May 1989 in Melbourne, Brevard, Fl. Married Llewellyn Edward Elliott in 1936 in Maryland, eloped, Llewellyn born 1909 died 1959 in Berwyn, PG, MD buried Ft Lincoln Cemetery, Brentwood, MD. Parents Richard Elliott born England mother from Guam. The met when he was in the navy. Children: Hynum, Mary, Joseph, Richard, Lovie. Her mother is supposed to be related to Montezuma of Mexico. Dolores Gwendolyn (Dukie) was born out of wedlock to Gwendolyn B. Schrom and a man by the name of Pettit. They were never married. In l936 Gwendolyn married Llewellyn Edward Elliott who adopted Dukie (Lois Bequette, 2007)

    5. Harry Schrom born 1918 in Berwyn, Maryland died 1918 in Berwyn, Maryland (Lois Bequette, 2007)

      Note: Harry died as infant and was buried on Schrom Farm Cemetery. Many years later his body was moved to Ft. Lincoln Cemetery, Brentwood, MD (Lois Bequette, 2007)

    6. Elinor Marion Schrom born 16 January 1920 "Bootsie" married Michael Kennedy Jones II 23 June 1936 Mongomery co, MD. Michael born 19 October 1911. Died Nov 21, 2002 in Richmond, VA. buried Maury Cemetery Richmond, VA. They had Marion Elinor Jones 23 Aug 1937 in Washington, D.C. (Marion married Millard Cornwell Brady on 31 August 1967 in Holy Cross Lutheran Church Greenbelt MD. Millard born 9 September in Beltsville, Md). Michael Kennedy Jones III 10 July 1942. Elinor divorced Michael K Jones October 1955. Elinor married Walter Loveless in 1959 and divorced him in 1966. Elinor married Woodrow (Ernie) Seger 2 December 1966 (He was born 19 July 1923) (Lois Bequette, 2007)

    7. William Henry Schrom Jr. born 3 June 1923 died 22 October 1999 Clavert Co. Maryland. William married Ruth Gruber 21 Jun 1942 in North Bergen, New Jersey. Ruth was born 19 October 1921 in Hoboken, NJ - she died 1 July in Hunting, Calvert Co. MD. Ruth was the daughter of Christin Fred Gruber and Wilhelmina Frederick a Heinecke. Ruth Gruber who was a relative of Fred Gruber (who married Dorothy Marie Erxmeyer). She had one older sister, Ruth Ida, deceased and l younger sister, Betty who is still living in Florida. Children: William Henry Schrom 23 Jan 1950 Cheverly, PG, MD - Never married, Roberta Christine Schrom 6 October 1952 - never married, Barbara Ann Schrom 19 Jan 1954. (Lois Bequette, 2007)

    1900 Census: Vansville Prine George Mayland, William Schrom, June 1867 age 32, Married 13 years, born Pa, civil engineer, Gwinnie born october 1870, age 29, no children, William Johnson, servant

    1910 Census: Prince George County, Maryland, William H Schrom, age 41, marriage second, married 1 year, born Penn., farmer, Charlotte S, age 25, born New Jersey, Frederick W. H., age 3 months born Maryland

    1920 Census: Berwyn, Prince George, Maryland, William H, 52, farmer, Charlotte S, 35, Frederick, 10, Charlotte M, 9, Gwendolyn, 7, Mabel E , 7, other information the same as 1910 and 1930.

    1930 Census: Branchville Road, Berwyn, Prince George, Maryland, William H, age 62, married at age 20, born PA, farmer, poultry farm, Charlotte wife, age 45, married at age 24, born NJ, Frederick W H son, age 20, Charlotte M, daughter, age 19, Mabel E daughter, age 17, Gwendolyn daughter, age 17, Elinor M daughter, age 10, William H Jr son, age 7, children all born Maryland

    To see images of Charlotte Erxmeyer go to the bottom of the page

    Death of Charlotte Erxmeyer Schrom:

    Death of William Henry Schrom:

  10. Julius Fredrich Adolph Erxmeyer (1888-1971) was born on June 7, 1888 in Hoboken and baptized on June 24, 1888, the son of Fredrich Adolph Erxmeyer and Charlotte Reddenhase of Hannover, sponsors, Julia Lehmann of 13 Little?? 12th Street, New York and Fredrich Adolph Erxmeyer (GECH).

    Civil Record: Julius F A Erxmeyer, Gender: Male, Birth Date: 7 Jun 1887, Birth Place: Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey, Father's Name: Friedrich Erxmeyer, Father's Age: 44, Father's Birth Place: Germany, Mother's name: Charlotte "Neddehan' Mother's Age: 43, Mother's Birth Place: Germany, FHL Film Number: 494208

    1915: Julius Erxmeyer Residence Year: 1915 Street address: 216 Hudson Residence Place: Jersey City, New Jersey Occupation: Manager Publication Title: Jersey City, New Jersey, City Directory, 1915

    WWI DR: Not listed by Ancestry

    Name: Julius Adolf Erxmeyer Event Type: Draft Registration Event Date: 1917-1918 Event Place: Hoboken City no 1, New Jersey, United States Gender: Male Birth Date: 07 Jun 1888 Birthplace: Hoboken, New Jersey, United States Nationality: United States Affiliate Publication Title: World War I Selective Service System Draft Registration Cards Affiliate Publication Number: M1509 GS Film number: 1712107 Digital Folder Number: 005218868 Image Number: 03351 LDS

    1925: Julius A Erxmeyer Residence Year: 1925 Street address: 216 Hudson I Residence Place: Jersey City, New Jersey Occupation: Clerk Publication Title: Jersey City, New Jersey, City Directory, 1925

    1930 Census: Listed with his father, his brother, Frederick, and family in Guttenberg.

    WWII DR: Julius Adolph Erxmeyer 7022 Grand Ave, North Bergen, Hudson, age 53, born Hoboken, June 7, 1888 self employed, person who will always know address, Dorothy Erxmeyer, same address.

    Note: Doroty Erxmeyer may have been his niece, the daughter of Frederick, junior.

    1940: Jefferson streetNorth Bergen, , Erxmeyer, Julius, age 51, born Hoboken, wholesaler produce, Dora, wife, age 47, born Union City, Price, Dorothy, step child, age 24, born Union City, ta--- work, secretary, Jaeger ??? Ruth niece, age 19, born Hoboken,

    Death: Julius died in February 1971 in North Bergen and was buried in the Erxmeyer family plot at Grove Church Cemetery. According to the Social Security death index, Julius Erxmeyer, SS# 142-46-4384 issued in New Jersey, was born June 7, 1888 and died in North Bergen February 1971.

    To see an image of Julius Erxmeyer go to the bottom of the page

Frederick Erxmeyer in the Hoboken Directory of 1875-76

The Hoboken Directory was kind of like a phone book before telephones. Fred Erxmeyer appeared for the first time in the Hoboken directory in 1875. Frederick was listed as a laborer, address 84 Bloomfield St.

Frederick Erxmeyer in the 1880 Federal Census

Fred Erxmeyer was listed in the 1880 Federal Census at 156 Park Avenue in Hoboken:

  • Fred, head of household, age 36 years, married, occupation, grocer, born in Hanover.
  • Charlotte, wife, age 35 , married, keeps house, born in Hanover.
  • William, son, age 7, born in New Jersey.
  • Dora, daughter, age 5, born in New Jersey.
  • Henry, son, age 3, born in New Jersey.
  • Martha, daughter, age 1, born in New Jersey.
  • Dora, mother, age 57, widowed, born in Hanover.
  • Berthie, sister, age 20, single, born in Hanover.
  • Mary, daughter, age 14, single, atted. house, born in Hanover.
  • Rushe Benard, age 20, single, boarder, clerk born in Bremen.
  • Relationships are to the head of family, in this case Fred.
  • Mary age 14 was Fred's sister
  • Most German groceries in the US were run by people from Hanover.

Frederick Erxmeyer in the 1885 New Jersey State Census

This 1885 New Jersey State census was taken mainly for statistical purposes and does not have a lot of genealogical information. There are no addresses. Ages are given in categories. It basically just lists everyone living in a household and whether they are foreign or native born and what age category they fall into.

The family of Fred Erxmeyer was listed in Hoboken in the first Ward as follows: Fred, Charlotta, William, Dora, Henry, Martha, Fred, Jr., Ernest, Charlotta, Minne Leller, and Catherine Shaube. Mine Leller and Catherine Shaube are listed as German females between the ages of 20 and 60. Mine Leller and Catherine Shauve were most likely either boarders or servants.

Naturalization of Fred Erxmeyer

Fred Erxmeyer and his brother, Henry, were naturalized on April 6, 1888 in Hudson County Common Pleas Court. Frederick listed his age as, 42. Henry listed his age as 34. They both said they were born in Germany and immigrated on July 15, 1871.

Note: The date of immigration does not appear to be correct.

Fred Erxmeyer 1889

Mortgages: Fred Erxmeyer - C. S. Shulzt Hoboken 1 yr $2,000

Conveyance: Hudson County March 28, 1889 Erxmeyer, Frederick - Rosetta Mohn, Hoboken $1,500

Fred Erxmeyer in the 1895 New Jersey State Census

This census was taken mainly for statistical purposes and does not have a lot of genealogical information. Addresses are not listed. Ages are given in categories. This census basically just lists everyone living in a household and whether they are foreign or native born and what age category they fell into.

The family of Fred Erxmeyer is listed as follows: Fred (Interestingly the name was originally written Henry and then crossed out and Fred was written on top.), Charlotte, William, Dora, Henry, Martha, Fred, Ernst, Lottie, Julius, Lizzie Ulmar, and Bertha Dinter. Lizzie Lumar is listed as German born and between 20 and 60. Bertha Dinter is listed as native born and between 20 and 60. Lizzie and Berthe were most likely either boarders or servants.


Freiderick Erxmeyer was a trustee of the National Sharpshooters Union (the National Schuetzenbund) in 1895. (Forest and Stream, Volume 45 By Charles Hallock, William A. Bruette)

In February 1895 the Hoboken Schuetzen Corps gave its first annual ball at the Odd Fellows Hall. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Erxmeyer, Mr. and Mrs A Rosenthal, Mr. and Mrs A Bremen, Mr. and Mrs. H. Blanck, and Mr. William Erxmeyer attended.


The Independent Schuetzen Corps of Hoboken held their 8th annual ball. The club was called prosperous and an organization whose affairs had "taken high rank in the leading social events" of the area.

Ex-captian D.Erxmeyer was among the leaders of the grand march.

F. Erxmeyer was also on various committees.


F Erxmeyer was listed twice in 1889 as a place that sold H O Pancake Flour. The addresses were:

  1. Bloomfield and 10th

  2. Park Ave and 3rd

In November 1904 the proprietor of the Erxmeyer grocery store at 10th and Bloomfield was listed as grocer Henry Erxmeyer.


Grocer Fred Erxmeyer was almost conned out of $30. A well dressed man wearing kid gloves, high silk hat, well pressed trousers and an "anti-mobile coat" asked a local butcher for a piece of paper to write a note. The butcher gave him a piece of paper with the butcher's bill head on it. The man wrote: "Friend Fred - Can you lend me $30 until Sat. Bank closed and to-morrow a holiday." He then sent a boy to Fred Erxmeyer's grocery store. Grocer Erxmeyer was about to send the boy back with the money when his son arrived and questioned the "propriety" of sending such a sum with so small a boy. When Fred went to deliver the money himself the potential con was uncovered. (Jersey Journal)

Fred Erxmeyer and Children in the 1900 Federal Census

Fred Erxmeyer

Fred Erxmeyer and family were listed in the 1900 Federal Census at 257 Third Street as follows.

  • Fred, head of household, born July 1843, age 56, married for 29 years, born in Germany, immigrated in 1873, naturalized citizen, occupation, grocer, owning his own home.
  • Charlotte, wife, born April 1845, age 55, married 29 years, mother of 9 children of whom 8 are still living, born in Germany, immigrated in 1873.
  • Dora, daughter, born December 1874, 25 years old, single, born in New Jersey, occupation, millinery (sic).
  • Henry, son, born October 1877, age 22, single, born in New Jersey, occupation, grocer.
  • Martha, daughter, born August 1879, age 20, single, born in New Jersey, occupation, grocer.
  • Fred, son, born January 1881, age 19, single, born in New Jersey, occupation, grocer.
  • Earnest, son, born February 1883, age 17, born in New Jersey, occupation, grocer.
  • Lottie, daughter, born March 1885, age 15, born in New Jersey, at home.
  • Julius, son, born March 1887, age 12, born in New Jersey, at school.

Note: This year of immigration is not correct.

Fred Erxmeyer, jr.

Fred Erxmeyer's son, Fred Erxmeyer, was also listed in the 1900 census, as a boarder with a family named, Hitschet, in Jersey City (ED 120 sheet 16, line 45). All other information is the same. Date of birth is listed as January 1881, so this must be a duplicate listing for Fred's son.

Interestingly, a fellow boarder at the Hitschet house is Phillip Hoppe, age 18, a grocery clerk. In the 1920 census in the household of one of the Henry Erxmeyers, there is a Charles Hoppe, who is listed as a brother-in-law. Freder August Hoppe was a witness at the marriage of Herman Blank in 1899. Hoppe is a relatively common name, so it could be just a coincidence.

William Erxmeyer

Fred Erxmeyer's son, William Erxmeyer, and his wife were listed as a boarders in the household of John Colohan, at 253 Third Street, just two doors down from his parents, as follows:

  • William Erxmeyer, boarder, born Jan 1883, age 27, married 9 months, occupation, grocer.
  • Lizzie Erxmeyer, boarder, born Oct. 1879, age 25, married 9 months.


Henry Erxmeyer was an officer of the Hoboken Tea and Grocers Clubs Association when they held their annual picnic at Muttchier's River View Park on Ogden Avenue.

Fred Erxmeyer in the 1905 New Jersey State Census

Frederick Erxmeyer and family were listed in the 1905 New Jersey State Census at 55 Second Street as follows:

  • Frederick, born July 1842 in Germany, age 62, number of years in US 35, naturalized, occupation, grocer, renting.
  • Charlotte, born April 1845 in Germany, age 60, number of years in US, 35.
  • Henry, born October 1876 in New Jersey, age 28, single, occupation, grocer.
  • Martha, born August 1878 in New Jersey, age 26, single.
  • Ernest, born February 1883 in New Jersey, age 22, occupation, grocer.
  • Charlotte, born May 1885 in New Jersey, age 20, single.
  • Julius, born June 1887 in New Jersey, age 17, single, occupation, grocery clerk.
  • Elizabeth Utmer, born August 1847 in Germany, age 57, widowed, number of years in the US, 43, no occupation.
  • August Sherrer, born March 1880 in Germany, age 25, widowed, number of years in the US, 5, occupation, grocery clerk.

Fred Erxmeyer in the 1910 Federal Census

Fred Erxmeyer

I did not find Fred Erxmeyer listed in the 1910 Federal Census.

William Erxmeyer

William Erxmeyer was listed at 336 New York Avenue, Jersey City as follows:

  • William Erxmeyer, head, age 37, married, 1st, 10 years, born New Jersey, commercial traveler, wholesale grocery
  • Elizabeth, wife, age 35, married, 1st, 10 years, 3 children 3 living, born New York, no occupation
  • Charlotte, daughter, age 8, born New Jersey
  • Eric, son, age 6, born New Jersey
  • Walter, age 4, born New Jersey

Frederick Erxmeyer 1914

In 1914 F. Erxmeyer Hoboken, N. J. was listed as a director of the the Chicago - New York Electric Air Line Railroad incorporated in 1905. By 1914 it was reported to be running 85 miles of track under the name of the Gary & Interurban R. R. co. (McGraw Electric Railway Manual: The Red Book of American Street Railway)

Frederick Erxmeyer and His Family in the 1915 New Jersey State Census

Fred Erxmeyer and family were listed at 216 Hudson Street, ED 3, Ward 1, as follows:

  1. Fredrick A, July 1843, age, 71, born Germany, immigrated to US 45 years previous, naturalized, grocer, owning home with mortgage
  2. Charlotte, April 1845, age 70, born Germany, immigrated to US 44 years previous
  3. Henry, October 1876, age 38, born New Jersey, grocer
  4. Martha, August 1878, age 36, born New Jersey
  5. Ernst, February 1881, age 34, born New Jersey, grocer
  6. Julius, June 1888, age 27, born New Jersey, grocer

Death of Charlotte

Charlotte Erxmeyer of 216 Hudson Street, Hoboken, born April 19, 1845, the daughter of William Reddehase and Margarethe Backer, died on March 16, 1916 of a cerebral hemorrhage, contributory factor, chronic nephritis, she had been attended by a doctor from January 23 until her death (new Jersey Death Certificate).

Charlotte was buried in the Grove Church Cemetery.

The right leg of Charlotte Erxmeyer had been buried in Grove Church Cemetery on April 9, 1915. Why was her right leg amputated?

Frederick Erxmeyer and His Sons in the 1920 Federal Census

Fred Erxmeyer

Fred Erxmeyer at 216 Hudson Street in Hoboken:

  • Frederick, Head of House, owning his own home with a mortgage, age 76, widowed, immigrated in 1871, naturalized in 1888, born in Germany, occupation, proprietor grocery store.
  • Julius, son, age 33, single, born in New Jersey, occupation, grocer.
  • Hans Severt, son-in-law, age 34, born in Germany, immigrated in 1914, alien, occupation, plumber.
  • Margarethe Severt, age 41, born in New Jersey, occupation, none.
  • There were nine "lodgers" most of who's names I cannot read. Five of them were Germans who immigrated in 1914 and work as "Lunchmen". One, age 58, was born in Connecticut of English ancestry and was not listed with an occupation. One was born in Ohio of Germany ancestry and was a chemist. One was born in New York of American parents and was a salesman.

Fred Erxmeyer, jr.

Frederick Erxmeyer's son, Frederick Jr., was listed at 261 Whiton St. Jersey City.

  • Frederick, head of house, renter, age 38, widowed, born in New Jersey, occupation, grocer.
  • Ruth J., daughter, age 8, born in New Jersey.
  • Dorothy M., daughter, age 7, born in New Jersey.
  • Betty G. daughter, age 1, born in New Jersey.
  • Volkman, Edward F., brother-in-law, age 33, single, born in New Jersey, artist, lithographer.
  • Volkman, Ida, mother-in-law, age 68, widowed, born in Germany, immigrated in 1881, Naturalized in 1885, occupation, house work.
  • Volkman, Norma J., sister-in-law, age 27, single, born in New Jersey, occupation, house work.

William Erxmeyer

I could not find a listing for Fred Erxmeyer's son, William Erxmeyer, in the 1920 Federal Census in New Jersey.

However, Fred Erxmeyer, senior, was living with William at the time of his death in 1933.

Henry Erxmeyer

Fred's son, Henry Erxmeyer on Aurora Avenue in Cliffside Park listed as follows;

  • Henry, head, married, age 43, born in New Jersey, parents born in Hanover, Germany, occupation salesman, milk wagon.
  • Sophia, wife, age 30, born in New Jersey.
  • Wilhimina, daughter, age 1 year and 4 months, born in New Jersey.

Frederick Erxmeyer and His Children in the 1930 Federal Census

Fred Erxmeyer, age 87 was listed with his sons, Frederick and Julius, in the 1930 Federal Census at 18 Polk Street in Guttenburg, New Jersey as follows:

  • Frederick Erxmeyer, head, owning home valued at $8,000, age 49, widowed, born in New Jersey, storekeeper, grocery
  • Ruth, daughter, age 19, born in New Jersey, no occupation
  • Dorothy, daughter, age 17, born in New Jersey, no occupation
  • Bette, daughter, age 11, born in New Jersey, no occupation
  • Julius, brother, age 40, born in New Jersey, storekeeper, grocery
  • Frederick, father, age 87, born in Germany, no occupation, no date of immigration, naturalization, unknown

Fred's son, Henry, was listed in the 1930 Federal census at 834 West Place in North Bergen, New Jersey as follows:

  • Henry, head, owning home valued at $5,000, age 52, born in New Jersey, grocer
  • Sophia, wife, age 46, born in New Jersey, no occupation
  • Wilhimina, daughter, age 11, born in New Jersey

Fred's son William Erxmeyer was listed in Hoboken as follows:

  • William Erxmeyer, head, age 57, proprietor of grocery store
  • Elizabeth Erxmeyer, wife, age 55
  • Eric Erxmeyer, son, age 26, occupation smudged, may be proprietor retail store
  • Elizabeth Locher, daughter, age 28
  • John, grandson, age 1
  • August _____ can't read, lodger, clerk grocery store, age 70

This last record is not in good shape and much of it is illegible.
Note from Eric Joseph Locher: August ___________ -- I believe this is "August Shererer"-sp?. He was a friend of the family.

Fred's daughter Margarethe and her husband, Hans Severt, were listed on Hudson Street Hoboken:

  • Hans Severt, head own $2,000, age 43, born Germany, citizenship 1900 NA manage garage
  • Margarethe wife age 51, born New Jersey
  • Three roomers

Death of Frederick Erxmeyer, 1933

Frederick Erxmeyer of 18 Polk Street, Guttenberg, New Jersey, age 89 years, 5 months and 8 days old, died on January 3, 1933 of chronic myocarditis and acute bronchitis. He was sick for two days. He was survived by his son, William Erxmeyer, with whom he appears to have been living at the time of his death. He was buried in Grove Church cemetery. (New Jersey Death Certificate)

Will of Frederick H. D. Erxmeyer, 1945

This is the will of Frederick Heinrich Diedrick Erxmeyer junior born 1881 died 19944.

Ruth Schneider must his daughter Ruth born in 1912.

Hudson County Surrogate's Court in the matter of the estate of Frederick H. D. Erxmeyer, deceased, Inventory and Appraisement, Vanderbach and Vanderbach Proctors for Administratrix 6823 Bergenline Avenue, Guttenberg, New Jersey. Filed January 31, 1945

In the matter of the Estate of Frederick H. D. Erxmeyer a list of the goods, chattels, rights etc. made by Ruth Schneider, Administratrix and John H Jobst and Bernard E Wogbaus, Appraisers




Balance in the checking account of the decedent in the Liberty National Bank in Guttenberg, as of September 23, 1944 $614.85


1 Cheese Cutter (hand) ...............................10.00
1 slicing machine (electric)..........................35.00
1 counter........................................................5.00
1 old candy case............................................5.00
1 display case and ice machine..................150.00
1 scale (computing) (Teledo).......................35.00
1 cash register (National).............................50.00
1 Electric coffee mill.....................................5.00
Miscellaneous shelving.................................5.00
Stock of canned goods, coffee, teas,
groceries, soaps and other material.............800.00

Total $1714.00

November 6th, 1944, Guttenberg, NJ

Signed Ruth Schneider John H. Jobst and Bernhard E Zobaum

The documents also include a sworn oath by Ruth Schneider and John Jobst as to the truth of the inventory.

Filed Nov 13, 1945.

Erxmeyer - Fritz Reuter Home Fair - September 1891

New York Times Tuesday September 22, 1891

Fritz Reuter Home Fair
To be held at Lexington Avenue Opera House


Low Germans Exerting Themselves to Make I a success- List of Those in Charge and the Expected Attractions

In the Low German circles there is a great deal of activity at present on account of the coming fair for the benefit of the Fritz Reuter Home for the Aged and Indigent Fund. The affair is almost solely in the hand so the ladies, as far as devising the ways and means of raising the money necessary to erect this worthy charitable institution, which will occupy a section of the Scheutzen Park, Union Hill, N. J.

The ladies interested are confident that they will succeed in netting $50,000 at least from this enterprise.

The fair was a thirteen day event starting October 2 and lasting to October 14 and including the following ;

Wednesday October 2 - Opening Day
Thursday October 3 - Plattdeustcher Verein's Day
Friday October 4 - Singers Day
Saturday October 5 - Jersey Day
Sunday October 6 - Grand Sacred Day
Monday October 7 - Bowlers Day
Tuesday October 8 - Schuetzen Day
Wednesday October 9 - Volkfest Day
Thursday October 10 - Masonic Day
Friday October 11 - Odd Fellow Day
Saturday October 12 - Turners Day
Sunday October 13 - Grand Sacred Day
Monday October 14 - Closing Day

Groups were coming form New York city, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Hudson County N J, Baltimore Md., with representation from all the leading German organizations in the area.

Among the lady volunteers were Miss Dorathea Erxmeyer and Mrs. F Erxmeyer.

In addition to shooting contests there was bowling. Musical and dramatic performances were given nightly with different bands and artists every evening. Prominent soloists were featured.

The New York Times Friday October 9, 1891


Officers of National Scheuizen Bund and Rifle clubs honored - Society from Far and Near to Attend today.

"The sharpshooters were very much in evidence last nigh at the Lexington Avenue Opera House and the ladies who ware toiling for the benefit of the Fritz Reuter Home fund were, in consequence, kept busy selling chances and articles to the liberal Schuetzen folk. It was Schuetzen day at the fair and the rifle club were so largely represented that all the available space in the different halls an rooms was occupied by them."

The "project" was to erect a "home" to the memory of the great Plattdeutche poet, Fritz Reuter.

Frederick Erxmeyer was listed on the Advisory Board of the National Schuetzen Bund. Among the officers listed were Captain Frederich Erxmeyer - Hoboken Independent Schuetzen Corps and Captain Henry Erxmeyer - Hoboken City Schuetzen Corps.

"After the reception the sharpshooters began to take active part in the target contests"

Frederick Erxmeyer

A Brilliant Opening to the Great National Schuetzen Fest

New York Times July 1, 1895

Glendale Schuetzen Park, Glendale, Long Island

"Charlotte (Lottie) Erxmeyer Schrom (in black dress) with her father, sitting in chair: Frederick William Erxmeyer, Sr. born 26 July 1843 Hanover, Germany. Died January 1933, Hoboken, NJ" Lois Bequette, 2007

"Margaretta (Martha) Erxmeyer Severt - Early 1900s, Born August 1878 Hoboken- Died 11 August 1959" Lois Bequette, 2007

Frederick William Henry Erxmeyer, Jr. - Born 22 Jan 1881 - died 24 Sept 1944" Lois Bequette, 2007

Women unknown

"Charlotte (Lottie) Sophia Katherine Erxmeyer Schrom - Early 1900s - Born 1 March 1885 Hoboken, NJ - Died 1963 Greenbelt MD" Lois Bequette, 2007

"William Henry Schrom and Charlotte (Lottie) Sophia Katherine Erxmeyer Schrom" Lois Bequette, 2007

Dorethe Hogrefe and Heinrich Wilhelm Erxmeyer

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"Top row from left to right: William Henry Schrom, Sr. Charlotte Schrom, Frederick William Henry Schrom, Sr. Charlotte (Lottie) Erxmeyer Schrom - Middle row: Elinor (Bootsie) Marion Schrom, William Henry Shrome Jr. - Sitting on ground: Twins - Mabel and Gwendolyn Scrome - Schrom Farm, Greenbelt, (Berwyn), MD 1930s " Lois Bequette, 2007

"Julius Erxmeyer at his Grocery Store, July 1967 in Hoboken NJ - Born 7 July 1888 - Died Feb 1971, North Bergen, NJ" Lois Bequette, 2007

Dorethe Hogrefe

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Melosine Erxmeyer and Henry Blanck

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Henry Erxmeyer, Anna Kloppenberg and Wilhelmina Andres

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Julia Erxmeyer Lehmann Tietjen

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Berthe Erxmeyer Bremmer

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Mary Erxmeyer Rosenthal

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For information and Photos — WALSRODE

For information and Photos — Erxmeyers from Walsrode

Frederich Erxmeyer at Sea

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