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Melusine Erxmeyer a brief Biographical Sketch

Melusine Erxmeyer born in Walzrode, Germany in 1848, immigrated to the Hoboken in December 1872 where she married Henry Blanck in 1874. Melusine Erxmeyer Blanck died in Hoboken in 1925.

Birth of Melosine Erxmeyer - Walsrode 1846

Katharina Charlotte Wilhelmina Melusine 13 February 1846 of Heinrich Wilhelm Erxmeier and Johanne Dorothe Marie Hogrefe Meinerdingen, Walsrode-Vorbruck (Ev.- Luth. Kirchengemeinde Walsrode Febuary 2006)

Katherina Charlotte Wilhemine Melusine Erxmeyer baptized in Meinerdingen, Walsrode-Vorbruck 13 February 1846 and baptized February 22, 1846 in Hilperdingen, father Heinrich Erxmeyer "Kothenr" (farmer) and Dorothe Hogrefe, St Georg Kirche in Meinerdingen, witnesses, Katharina Ahrens, Charlotte Bartels, and Wilhelmine Niemaber, Meinerdingen Ev Luth Chruch April 2007.

US records indicate that Melusine Erxmeyer was born in Walzrode, Hannover, Germany on February 13, 1848, the daughter of Henry Erxmeyer and Dorethe Hogrefe.

Birth of Daughter, Wilhelmine Julie Charlotte Henriette Erxmeyer May 1871

Melusine Wilhelmine Charlotte Erxmeyer of Lehe and no name, illegitimate daughter Wilhelmine Julie Charlotte Henriette 27.5.1871 (Die Einwohner des Fleckens Lehe 1827-1875 - Inhabitants of Lehe)

Minnie, the infant born to Melusine, listed her father as Heinrich Blank on her marriage certificate in 1897. It is possible that Henry Blanck was her father. He was born in Lehe and immigrated to the US in August 1871. Melusine and Henry would have know each other in Lehe as they belonged to the same congregation.

Melusine and Henry married in Hoboken in 1874.

Immigration, 1872

Melusine Erxmeyer, age 26, emigrated to the United States unnamed, female baby age "1" aboard the Bremen from Bremen to New York. They arrived on December 26, 1872. The manifest lists Melusine Erxmeyer, age 26 and baby Erxmeyer, age "1". This information was taken the ship manifest of the Bremen. There were 273 passengers on board.

The Bremen was built in 1858. Her maiden voyage was June 19, 1858. She sank October 16th 1882 at south Farallones Californian.

The Marriage of Melusine Erxmeyer and Henry Blanck

Civil Record

Melusine Erkmeyer, age 27, daughter of Henry and Dorothea Erxmeyer, and Heinrich Blank, shoemaker, age 27, son of Christopher and Dovette Blanck, both of Hoboken, New Jersey were married on November 15, 1874, minister Leopold Mohr. (New Jersey State Marriage Record Volume BN, page 357, Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey).

German Evangelical Church Record

Henry Blank, born on January 16, 1847 in Bremerlehe, Hannover and Melusine Erxmeyer born in Walzrode, Hannover were married on February 13, 1848, witnesses, F. Erxmeyer and Julie Lehman (GECH).

Note: F. Erxmeyer was Melusine's brother. Julie Lehman was Melusine's sister.

Children of Melusine Erxmeyer and Henry Blank

  1. John

    Birth: John born in Hoboken September 17, 1875.


    • Blank, Male, 17 Sep 1875, Birth Place: Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey, Father: Heinrich Blank, Mother: "Jessine", FHL Film Number: 494179

    • I did not find his baptismal record in the German Evangelical Church in Hoboken. The church records from around the time of his birth are missing.

    Marriage: John never married.

    Death: John died in July of 1956 and was buried in the Erxmeyer plot in Grove Church Cemetery in Union City, New Jersey.

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  2. Herman

    Birth: Herman born in Hoboken circa 1877.


    • His birth was not recorded with the State of New Jersey. This was common for the period.
    • I did not find his baptismal record in the German Evangelical Church in Hoboken. The church records from around the time of his birth are missing.

    Marriage: Herman Blank, born in Hoboken, June 26, 1877, son of Heinrich Blank and "Wilhelmina" Erxmeyer married Caroline Willot, born in Liedall, daughter of Philip and Emilie, nee, Humm on June 15, 1899, witnesses, Freder August Hoppe and Marie Lohewanwalder (GECH).


    1. Melusine, 1902
    2. Herman, 1909

    Death: Unknown

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  3. Dorethe


    • Civil Record: Dorethe Blank born February 25, 1880 at 156 Park Ave, Hoboken, New Jersey (New Jersey State record).

      Baptism I could not find her baptismal record.

    Death: Dorethe Blank died in 1883, age 3, of Diphtheria. See Henry Blanck

  4. Henry (Heinrich)

    • Civil Record: Henry Blank born on December 14, 1882 at 43 Willow St. Hoboken, New Jersey (New Jersey State Record).
    • Baptism: I could not find the baptismal record for Henry.

    Marriage: Henry Blank married Marie Wellington.


    1. Marie Blank born on February 4, 1917 at 813 Willow Avenue, Hoboken.
      Death: Marie died on October 25, 1919, age 1 year, 8 months and 21 days of pneumonia. She was buried in the Erxmeyer-Blank family plot in Grove Church Cemetery.
    2. Catherine Blank, 1 day old, the daughter of Henry and Marie Blank, died on January 1, 1919, cause of death, premature birth, 813 Willow Avenue (New Jersey Death Certificate). She was buried in the Erxmeyer-Blank family plot in Grove Church Cemetery.
    3. Eva, 1906 in New Jersey
    4. John Henry born 1909 in New Jersey

    Death: 1973, Hudson County, New Jersey

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  5. Louie


    • Civil Record: "Lullo" Blanck, born May 9, 1887 at 43 Willow St., Hoboken, New Jersey, the son of Henry and "Minnie" Blanck, 5th child of this marriage, 6th living child of Minnie (NJ Birth Record).
    • Baptism: Louis Blanck, born on May 9, 1887 was baptized on August 25, 1887, father, Heinrich Blank of Bremerlehe, Hannover, mother, Melusine Erxmeyer of "Wadschrode", Hannover, address was 43 Willow Street, sponsor, Louisa Moller of 43 Willow Street (GECH).

    Marriage: Louie married Gertrude Kettler


    1. Dorothy, 1907
    2. Louis, 1909
    3. John, 1915
      Marriage: Alice Azarian
      1. Denis, 1943
      2. Thomas, 1944
        Marriage: Maggie Land

    Death: 1935, Hoboken, New Jersey

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Death of Melusine Erxmeyer Blanck

"Melusina" Blanck died on September 27, 1925 at 213 Willow Avenue in Hoboken of general dropsy (nephtitid) due to physical inactivity. She had been bed-ridden for 4 years after fracturing her hip. The death certificate lists her parents as, Henry Erxmeyer of Germany and Dora Grobe of Germany, it says she was born on February 13, 1846 and that she was 79 years, 7 months and 14 days old at the time of her death. The information was supplied by her son, Henry Blanck of 213 Willow Street, Hoboken. She was buried in the Erxmeyer Plot in Grove Church Cemetery in Hudson, County on September 29, 1925.

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