Frederich Erxmeyer At Sea

Fred Erxmayer, Sailor 1868 to 1871

Fredrich Aldolph Erxmeyer was born in 1843 in Hilperdingen (Meinerdingen) Germany the illigitimate child of Dorothe Hogrefe.

See The Erxmeyers and Fredrich Erxmeyer

Fredrich Erxmeyer married Charlotte Reddehase in Bremerhaven, Germany in August 1869. They had a daughter, Eliza (AKA Charoltte), born less than 9 months later in 1871. Fred Erxmeyer "deserted" ship from the Donau on August 1, 1871. His brother, Henry, also "deserted" on the same day from the same ship. Charlotte Erxmeyer, age 25, traveling with Charlotte Erxmeyer, age 7 months, and Marie Erxmeyer, age 9 years arrived on September 4, 1871 aboard the S.S. Donau from Bremen to New York (Donau Ship Manifest)

Bremen Sailor's Registry

Fridr Adolph Erxmeyer born Hilperdingen, 1843

  1. September 24, 1868, Kohlm---*, captian Wessels Deutschland to New York, 1 mo 18 days, No 21098, gut

  2. November 13, 1868 Kohlm---*, captian Wessels Deutschland to New York, 1 mo 16 days

  3. December 24, 1868, Heizer**, G Ernst, Donau, 11 months 12 days to New York

  4. January 20, 1870, Heizer**, G Ernst, Donau to New York 10 months 10 days

  5. October 20 1870 Storekeeper***, G Ernst, Donau, deserted August 1, 1871

*Kohl---- [coal ----]
**Heizer [stoker, fireman or boilerman]
*** Storekeeper

Bremen Crew Lists

  1. September 24, 1868, September 25, 16 enlistees, Friedrich Rexmeyer, Hilperdingen 1843, kohl Deutschland to New York Under Erameyer

    Frederick was on this ship for 1 month and 18 days. During this time the ship made one crossing to New York and back. Fredrick signed up again for the next sailing of the Deutschland.

  2. November 13, 1868 Friedr Ad Erzmeyer 1843 Hilperdingen 13 Nov 1868 Deutschland

    Frederich Ad Erxmeyer Hilperdingen 1843, kohl----, crew of 84, 12kKohl---- to New York

    Fredrick was on this ship for 1 month and 16 days. during this time the ship made one crossing to New york and back.

  3. December 24, 1868, Donau

    I cannot find this listing. I even broused through December 1868 crew lists.

    According to the registry Frederick was on this ship for 11 months and 12 days.

    During this enlistment Frederick made 6 crossings between Bremen and New York.

  4. January 20, 1870, Friedr Erxmeyer 1843 Hilperdingen 28 Jan 1870 Donau

    January 28, 1870 Fried Erxmeyer, Hil-erdingen 1843, heizer [stoker], crew of 107, 15 heizers, Donau to New York.

    Frederick was on this ship for 10 months and 10 days.

  5. October 20 1870 Friedr Erxmeyer 1843 Hilperdingen 28 Jan 1870 Donau

    Friedr Ad Erxmeyer, Hilperdingen 1843, Storekeeper (only one), crew of 109 Donau to New York

    Frederick was on this ship for 9 months (more or less) before he deserted in August 1871.

    Frederick's younger brother, Henry, enlisted on the Donau on April 14, 1871 and deserted ship the same day as Frederick.

SS Deutschland

Freidrich Erxmeyer enlisted for two tours on the SS Deutschland.

Deutschland 1866 - 1875 wrecked in Thames Estuary; loss of 57 lives. 2,800 tons

DEUTSCHLAND 1866 2,800 gross tons, length 325ft x beam 40ft, clipper bows, one funnel, two masts, iron hull, single screw, speed 11 knots, accommodation for 60-1st, 120-2nd and 700-3rd class passengers. Launched 29th May 1866 by Caird & Co, Greenock for North German Lloyd, Bremen, she started her maiden voyage on 14th Oct.1866 when she left Bremen for Southampton and New York. On 6th Dec.1875 she was wrecked off Kentish Knock in the Thames Estuary with the loss of 157 lives. [North Atlantic Seaway, vol.2,p.545 by N.R.P.Bonsor]

(The Ship List)

  1. September 24 1868 to October 1868 on the Deutschland, Bremen to New York and Return

    Sailors Registry

    September 24, 1868, Kohlm---, captian Wessels Deutchland to New York, 1 mo 18 days, No 21098, gut

    Crew List

    September 25, 16 enlistees, Friedrich Rexmeyer, Hilperdingen 1843, kohl Deutsschland to New York Under Erameyer

    1. Voyage September 25, 1868 to November 1868

      1. Departed Bremen, September 26

      2. Departed Southampton September 29

      3. Arrived New York October 10, 1868

        The steamship Deutschland which left Bremen Sept 26, and Southampton Sept. 29, reached this port yesterday. Her news, which is two days later than that already received, contains very interesting mail intelligence in relation to the Spanish revolution,...

        October 11, 1868 New York Times

        Arrived Steamship Deutschland, (N.G.,) Wessels, Bremen, Sept. 27, via Southampton, with mdse. and passengers to Oelrichs & Co.

        October 11, 1869 NYT

        The passenger manifest indicates: First Class, 65; Second Class, 132; Steerage 480.

      4. Depart New York, October 22, 1868

        Cleared Deutschland (N.G.,) Wessels, Bremen, Oelrichs & Co.

        Sailed Steamship Deutschland for Bremen

        NYT, October 23, 1868

      5. Arrive Europe, November 1, 1868, Southampton

      6. The Birth German Lloyd steamship Deutschland Capt. Wessel, arrived on Sunday at Southhampton, with 179 passengers for that port, Havre, and Bremen and 45 sacks of mail for London. The Deutschland: left New York on the 22 ultimo at 4 p. m.. She brings no specie for either London, Parish or Bremen.

        1868-11-07, Anglo American Times

  2. November 13 1868 to end of December 1868 Bremen to New York

    1. Voyage November 14, 1868 to December 1868 Bremen to New York and Return

      1. Depart Bremen, November 14, 1868

      2. Depart Southampton November 17, 1868

      3. Arrive New York, November 27, 1868

        Arrived Steamship Deutschland (N.G.,) Wessels, Bremen via Southhampton Nov 17, with mdes and passengers to Oelrich & Co.

        NYT November 28, 1868

        FOREIGN NEWS BY MAIL. ARRIVAL OF THE STEAMSHIP DEUTSCHLAND, The steamship Deutschland, which left Bremen Nov. 14 and Southampton Nov. 17, reached this port Friday night. A summary of her news, which is later by two days than that already at hand, is printed below.

        NYT, November 29, 1868

        Passengers Arrived. Nov. 28--In steamship Deutschland, from Bremen--Richard Muller, Julius Doding, Adolph ?? E. C. Becker and family. Valentine Krehbiel, M. Warren, Amos Kind and servant, W. Jeffers. M. C. Epping, E. C. Bocker and family. O. Wallot, F. Frank and family, G. Dassart, L. Hicks, and others in second cabin and steerage.

        NYT November 29, 1868

        The passenger manifest indicates there were 495 passengers.

      4. Depart New York, December 10, 1868

        Departure of Foreign Mails. THURSDAY. Mails for Europe, via Southampton and Bremen, by the Deutschland, close at the General Post Office at 12 M. Supplementary mail for paid letters, on the Pier, foot of Third-street, Hoboken, to 1:45 P. M.

        NYT, December 10, 1868

      5. Arrive Europe, Cowes, December 20, 1868

        The North German Lloyd screw steamer Deutschland Captain H. Wessel, with mails from New York on the 10th inst., arrived off Cowes at 4 p.m. last Sunday, transhipped mails etc. for Southampton, and went on to Bremen. She brought 80 passengers, 41 bags of mail for London, 247,661 dollars for England and France, 18,724 dollars for Bremen, and a full cargo. Strong gales and several snowstorms with very rough seas, were experienced during the passage, and on the 17th she encountered a strong hurricane from N.N.E. to N.N. W. for 12 hours. On the 19th in lat 40 30 N long 72 18 W, the Deutschland passed the Cunard steamer Cuba.

        Anglo American Times 1868-12-26

SS Donau

Freidrich Erxmeyer enlisted for three tours on the SS Donau. His wife, Charlotte Reddehase Erxmeyer and his first child, Eliza (Charlotte) also immigrated on the DONAU.

The SS Donau was a 2,896 ton passenger/cargo ship launched on 17 October 1868, by Caird & Company, Greenock, Scotland.

  1. December 24, 1868 to December 1869 (11 months 12 days) Donau to New York

    1. Voyage January 16 to February 1869

      The Donau made her maiden voyage of January 16 from Bremen to New York via Southampton.

      1. Depart Europe, Bremen Jan 16, 1869

      2. Arrive New York, January 31, 1869

        ARRIVAL OF THE BREMEN STEAMSHIP DONAU. The new steamship Donau, which left Bremen Jan. 16, and Southampton Jan. 19, arrived at this port yesterday, bringing two days later news than was at hand by the Ausrialasian

        NYT February 1, 1869

        Steamship Donau, (N.G.,) Ernst, Bremen, Jan. 16, and Southampton 19th, with mdes. and 161 passengers to Oelrichs & Co.. Had strong gales from S.W. to N. W. with heavy seas most of the passage.

        NYT February 1, 1869

        Ship manifest: 29 Upper Cabin, 17 Lower Cabin, 115 steerage

      3. Depart New York

      4. Arrive Europe, February 21, 1869

        The North German Lloyd steamer from New York arrived at Southampton last Sunday with 77 passengers, 40 sacks of mail, $12,000 for London, $73,000 for Paris and 8,000 packages of cargo for Bremen.

        Anglo American Times 1869-02-27

    2. Voyage March/April 1869 Advertisements indicate the DONAU was scheduled to sail March 23, 1869. She did not sail until April 10th.

      Voyage April 10 to May 1869 Bremen to New York and Return

      1. Depart Bremen: April 10, Southampton April 13

      2. Arrive New York: April 26

        The Steamship Donau, which left Bremen April 10, and Southampton April 13, reached this port yesterday. The advices thus received are later by two days than those already at hand, and supply interesting news, only referred to briefly by out cable dispatch...

        NYT April 26, 1869

        APRIL 25. --In steamship Donau, from Bremen--G. Gadewell, family and servant, H. Upmann, M. Lichtenauer, Julius Hildebrandi. A. Kuhl, E. Link and family, J. Wipperling, F. Winkheim, C. Ruff, W. Erzraber, Julie Duensing, Clara von Hiddersen, Minna Erzgrabe... NYT April 26, 1869

        Arrived Steamship Donau (N.G.,) Bremen April 10 and Southampton 13 with mdse and 720 passengers to Oelrich & Co. Has had strong westerly gales the whole passage; 16th lat 49 13 lon 17 56 passed steamship Deutschland, hence for Bremen;23d lat 41 32, lon., 62 17 passed steamship France, hence for Liverpool, 24th lat 41 19 lon. 65 44 passed steamship Main, hence for Bremen; same day at 5 p.m. passed one of the Anchor line of steamers bound E.

        April 26, 1869 NYT

      3. Depart New York, Scheduled to sail May 6 NYT May 4.

      4. Arrive Europe

        The North German Lloyd steamer Donau form New York passed the Needles at 11.20 p. p. last Sunday, Anglo American Times, 1869-05-22

    3. Voyage May 29 1869 to June - Bremen to New York and Return

      1. Depart: Bremen May 29 Southampton June 1

      2. Arrive: New York June 12

        The steamship Donau, which left Bremen May 29 and Southampton June 1, reached this port yesterday. The news thus received and summarized in respect of its interesting portions below, is later by two days than that at hand by the Scotia.... June 12, 1869 NYT

        PASSENGERS ARRIVED JUNE 11--In steamship Donau from Bremen--F, Krieger and wife, C. Funk and wife, Caroline Berkling, Anna Knoop, J. Keller, A. Besels. Miss Spaulding, Mr. Cook and family, Marie Knoop, Julie Steglich, J. Ballin, Admiral Grinnel, MR. Shum, Mr. Force and fami... June 12, 1869, NYT

        Arrived - Steamship Donau, (N.G.,) Ernst, Bremen May 29 and Southampton June 1, with mdes and passengers to Oelrichs & co. June 10, lat 40 40, lon. 68 55, passed bark Ariosto, (Ital.,) from Malaga for New York;same day saw steamship Weser, hence for Bremen; steamship Iowa, hence for Glasgow and steamship Java, hence for Liverpool. June 12, 1869, NYT

        ARRIVALS Steamship Donau (NG), Ernst, Bremen May 29, and southampton June 1, with mdes and passengers to Oelrichs & Co. Passed the Needles june 1 at 5 P.M. and arrived at Sandy Hook lightship on the 10th oat 12 o"clock PM; on account of squally weather waited outside till daylight and arrived a Quarantine at 5 -- on the 11. (Addition info on ships she passed en route.) New York Herald, June 12, 1869

        The manifest did not tally the passengers. However, there were 18 pages with 42 passengers per page and one age with three passengers for a total of 759.

      3. Depart New York

        Departure of Foreign Mails.; Closing of Domestic Mails. THURSDAY. Mails for Havana and West Indies, via Nassau, N. P., by the Columbia, close at the General Post Office at 2 P. M. Mails for Europe, via Southampton and Bremen, by the Donau, close at 12 M. Supplementary mail for paid letters on the pier foot of Third-street, Hoboken, to 1:45 P. M

        NYT, June 17, 1869

      4. Arrive Europe

    4. Voyage July 10 1869 Bremen to New York and Return

      1. DepartBremen July 10

      2. Arrive New York July 24

        The steamship Donau, which left Bremen July 10 and Southampton July 13, reached this port yesterday. The news thus received is later by two days than that at hand by the Ouba....

        July 24, 1869, NYT

        Passengers Arrived - JULY 23-In steamship Donau, from Bremen.--Gustav Uhde, F. L. Joanoalus, G. F. Beck, Dr. J. A. Pwepe, P. E. Stahlkneeht, Fritz Langenberg and wife, H. L. Levy and family, Emma Hemann, General G. W. Mauk and wife, Hauptmann V. Scheliha, Mrs. Mehrtens, Mr. H...

        July 24, 1869, NYT

        Arrived Steamship Donau (N.G.,) Ernst, Bremen, July 10, via southampton 13th with mdse and passengers for Oelichs & co. Passed Needles at 4 PM., 13th. Had fine weather up to the Banks . S. E. of Cape Race had a hurricane which lasted 19 hours. sine then had light westerly winds and much fog.

        New York Times July 24, 1869

        Ship manifest: 26 Cabin Upper, 74 Cabin Lower, steerage 389

      3. Depart New York

        Mails for Havana and West Indies, by the Eagle, close at the General Post Office at 2 P.M. Mails for Europe, via Southampton and Bremen, by the Donau, close at 12 M. Supplementary mail for paid letters on the pier, foot of Third-street, Hoboken, to 1:45 P...

        August 5, 1869, NYT

      4. Arrive Europe

        The North German Lloyd's steamer Donau from New York on the 5th instant arrived at Southampton from New York last Sunday with 70 passengers, 40 sacks of mail, 48750 dollars in specie for London, and 1,200 for Bremen.

        August 21, 1869 Anglo American Times

        August 15th was the Sunday before August 21.

      5. Note: Fredrich Erxmeyer and Charlotte Reddehase were married Friday August 20, 1869 in the Lehe parish Parsonage. The banns were read in Lehe July 25 for the first time and August 8th for the 3rd time, in both Mienderdingen and Lehe. Fredrich and Charlotte had a daughter born February (possibly April 1870). In any event less that 9 months after the marriage. It seems likely that the child was conceived between voyages 4 and 5.

    5. Voyage August/September Bremen to New York and Return

      1. Depart Bremen August 28, Southampton August 31

      2. Arrive New York September 11, 1869

        The steamship Donau, which left Bremen on Aug. 28. and Southampton on Aug. 31, reached this port last night.

        Cabin Upper Saloon 94, Cabin lower, 170, steerage and deckrooms 524

      3. Depart New York for Europe Donau September 23 New York to Bremen
      4. Arrive Europe

    6. Voyage October/November Bremen to New York and Return

      1. Depart Europe

      2. Arrive New York November 6 - not listed in arrivals by New York Times. She is listed by ancestrycom as arriving November 6, 1869 with 790 steerage passengers.

        Passengers Arrived November 6, 1869

        In steamship Donan from Bremen.--Estephan Benecko, Moritz Leipziger, Bertha Bandmana and child, Joseph Randolph, Geo. Mayer. C. M. Clay. Mrs. Cozlova and child, Rudolph Hilger, Sarah Bolley and child, M. Reading, A. B. Reading and wife, W. J. Booly, G. Reading, J. Movius and family, Mrs. Grovener, chas, Lejmann, L. E. Lejmann, Richard Kohler, Geo. Schleber. Mrs. Vogelsang, E. Anhauser and daughter, H. Bickel, S. P. Gilftin, more

      3. Depart New York

        Mail closed for the Donau November 18, 1869.

      4. Arrive Europe

    7. Voyage November/December Bremen to New York and Return

      1. Depart Europe

      2. Arrive New York

      3. Depart New York
      4. Arrive Europe

  2. January 20, 1870 to October 1870 (10 months 10 days) Donau to New York

    1. Depart Bremen January 29, 1870 via Southampton. Arrive New York February 15, 1870. Depart New York February 19, 1870 for Bremen.

      Marine Intelligence: Steamship Donau (N.G.) Ernst, Bremen Jan 29 via Southampton Feb 1, with mdse adn passengers to Oelrichs & co, February 15, 1870

      The steamship Donau, which left Bremen Jan. 29, and Southampton Feb. 1, arrived at this port last night. The mails, including letters and papers, are later by two days than those at hand by the Java, and were received at the office of the TIMES at 1:40 this A.M.

      Passengers Arrived.

      In steamship Donau, from Bremen.--Fred. L. Joanvalors and family, F. Derkhein and family, Louis Soumerhoff, Louis Pfeffer, B. N. Silventhal, J. Alexander, J. H. Hersing, C. Y. Strauss, Henry Cochran and wife, V. Wassermann, Alphons Kalischer and family.

      February 15, 1870

      First Class Cabin 22 passengers, Second Class 33 passengers, Steerage 188 One girl born in steerage.

      The Donau departed New York for Bremen February 19, 1870

    2. March/April 1870

      I did not find a listing in the New York Times for the Donau in March/April 1870. However, when the steamship Idaho arrived with the European mail on April 3, 1870 she was said to be "later by two days than that at hand by the Donau"

      The ship manifest on show that the Donau did arrive in New York harbor April 2, 1870 Captain Ernst from Bremen. 13 First Class passengers, 138 second class passengers and 570 in steerage. Three girls were born in steerage during the voyage and one person died - a 65 year old woman named Sophie Fristbann (?). she did not appear to be traveling with any one in particular.

      The Foreign Mails closed on Saturday April 9 at noon for the Donau for Europe via Southampton and Bremen.

    3. April 30 depart Bremen, May 13 arrive New York May 21 Depart New York

      The steam ship Donau left Bremen April 30 via Southampton May 3 and arrived New York May 13, 1870.

      Passengers Arrived. In steam-ship Donau, from Bremen.--Chas. Morrono, Maria Emerson and daughter, Heinz Benister, J. Froy and daughter. Dr. Pauly, Mr. Oasford, A. C. Armstrong, Carl Billnilter, Marie Thomayer, C. H. Zimmermann, Jos. Klaan, A. Konemann, Gibr. Wullker, Gibr. Menken, Ernst Wiess, Philip Ebeling, Gischor Higel, Frka. Rhuver and daughter, Jos Hoffman and children, Lilia Bosterlmann and daughter, and more. May 14, 1870 New York Times.

      First Class Cabin 50, Secoond class, 146, steerage 588 one death in steerage (Magd Koegel age 69 died May 4)

      For Europe via Southampton and Bremen, by the Donau, at 12 M. Supplementary Mail for paid letters only on pier foot of Second-street, Hoboken, until 1 1/2 P.M., May 20, 1870

      The Donau was due to leave for Bremen May 21, 1870

    4. The Steamship Donau departed Bremen June 11 and Southampton June 14 arrived in New York June 25, 1870 with news from Europe. In the headlines was the story of a great fire at Pera in Constantinople which destroyed much of that section of the city with a great loss of live.

      Mail closed July 1 at noon for the Donau

      The Donau was cleared for departure on Saturday July 2, 1870. The Franco Prussian War broke out on July 19, 1870. It ended in May 1871.

    5. In July 1870 the Deutchland, Rhine, Donau, Ohio and Hansa were blockaded in the Wesser River.

    6. August 1870 - nothing in the New York Times for the Donau

    7. September 1870 - nothing in the New York Times for the Donau

    8. October 1870 - nothing in the New York Times for the Donau

    9. Note: The Franco Prussian occurred between July 1870 to May 1871 and shipping virtually stopped out of Germany during the first few months of the war.

  3. October 20 1870 until desertion August 1, 1871 (9 months more or less)

    Frederick Erxmeyer signed up for a other tour beginning October 20, 1870.

    1. October/November 1870

      November 8, 1870 The steamship Donau arrived with first class passengers.

      The "Tide of Immigration" to Castle Gardens in the week preceding November 6, 1870 reached 5,040 on 13 ships. Four more vessels were due including the Donau the expected total on immigrants for the week was over 6,000.

      First Class 30, Second Class 125, steerage 528

      Return: Closing for mail on the Donau November 19, 1870.

    2. November/December 1870

    3. January/February 1871

      Passengers arrived on the Donau from Bremen January 11, 1871

      5 First class, 16 second class, 74 steerage

      Mail for Germany on the Donau via Bremen February 10, 1871

    4. March/April 1871

      The steam-ship Donau left Bremen March 4 and Southampton March 7 reaching New York March 19, 1871.

      15 First class, 46 second class and 240 steerage

      Donau due to sail for Bremen March 25, 1871

    5. April/May

      Donau departed Bremen April 15, Southampton April 18 arrived New York April 30, 1871

      No tally of passengers. 19 pages

      Donau due to depart for Bremen May 6, 1871

    6. June

      Arrival of Donau June 9, 1871

      Due to sail for Bremen June 17.

      June 23 in steamship Donau for Liverpool, Glasgow and Derry passengers listed in New York Times June 29,1871

    7. July

      The Donau arrived July 29, 1871. First class 41, second class 146 steerage 570

      One boy baby born in steerage.

      Frederick Erxmeyer deserted in New York August 1, 1871.

    8. August

      Closing of German Mail August 3, 1871.

      Due to sail for Bremen Aug 5.

      The North German Lloyd steam-ship Donau Captain Ernst from New York August 5, touched at Southampton yesterday and proceeded for Bremen. August 17, 1871


Donau arrived in New York July 29, 1871.

Bremen, German Desertions of Sailors: Erxmeyer, Fred of Hilperdingen born 1843 storekeeper on the Donau Captain G Ernst 1 August 1871 in New York.
His brother, Henry deserted the same day from the same ship.

Bremen Boys At Sea

Many young men who lived near the major German sea port of Bremen when to sea. The Erxmeyer brothers, Friderich and Heinrich, their future brother-in-laws, Henry Blank and Johann Lehman, and J. Berend Petermann all served with the merchant ships out of Bremen. They all ended up living in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Desertion from the German merchant Marines was high. It would appear that many young men used it as a means of immigrating to the USA.

Bremen Sailors

Henry Erxmeyer At Sea
Henry Blanck At Sea
Johann Lehman At Sea
J. Berend Petermann at Sea

Blanck Introduction
Henry and Dorethe Erxmeyer
Fredrich Erxmeyer

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