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Berthe Erxmeyer and August H. L. Bremer (Bremmer)

Berhte Erxmeyer married August H. L. Bremer. There were two August Bremers in Hoboken in the late 1800s: August F. Bremer and August H. L. Bremer. Both were involved in real estate developemt and building. Sometimes the middle inidials were give and sometimes they were ommitted, making it hard to know which August Bremer is which.

Birth of Berthe Erxmeyer

Christine Wilhelmina Charlotte Erxmeyer, 23 February 1860 daughter of Heinrich Wilhelm Erxmeier and Johanne Dorothe Marie Hogrefe Meinerdingen, Walsrode-Vorbruck (Ev.- Luth. Kirchengemeinde Walsrode Febuary 2006)

She was called Berthe.


I did not find the immigration of Berthe. According to later records she immigrated circa 1871.


Berthe Erxmeyer, born in Walsrohde Germany, the daughter of Heinrich Erxmeyer and Dorothea Hochgrefen, both born in Hanover, married August Bremer on August 21, 1881. The wedding took place at 122 Park Avenue in Hoboken. This seems to have been the family home, not a church, as both Bertha and her brother, Frederick Erxmeyer, lists 122 Park Avenue as their address. The minister was Leopold Mohn.

She may have gotten married at home instead of in church, because another brother Henry, Had just lost his wife, Anna Kloppenberg..

August Bremer of 105 4th Street in Hoboken and Berthe Erxmeyer c/o Erxmeyer 122 Park Avenue had been in the same confirmation class at the German Evangelical Church in Hoboken in 1874.

August Bremer

Photo courtesy of Brian Murphy, February 2005

August Bremer


Berthe Erxmeyer and August Bremer had:

  1. Charles was born May 1882. I did not find the baptismal record. This is a period when records are missing from the German Evangelical church.

    New Jersey Birth Record: Charles Bremer 9 May 1882 Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey Father's Name: August Bremer Father's Age: 31 Father's Birth Place: Germany Mother's Name: "Ersemeier" Mother's Age: 23 FHL Film Number: 494195

    WWI Draft Registration: Charles John Bremer, 108 Summit Ave, West Hoboken, NJ born May 9, 1883, poultry food and ___, my own store, 108 Summit Ave, West Hoboken, nearest relative, Henry Erxmeyer, sr. 214 Park Ave Hoboken N J, tall slender, blue eyes and blond hair.

    Marriage: Julia "vonDorn" Stehn at age 45 according to the 1930 census.

    Julia Bremer was divorced when she married Charles Bremer. They resided on Highpoint Avenue in Weehawken, NJ. We are unable to provide much information regarding her marriage to Charles, other than it only lasted for a short time. Julia's maiden name was von Dorn. She was previously married to Mr. Stehn. Julia and Mr. Stehn were unable to have children, and adopted Grace Stehn (date unknown). Wilbert Elmer Stehn was born on March 14, 1920. He was the product of an extra-marital affair between Julia Stehn and Wilbur MacAllister, precipitating her divorce from Mr. Stehn. Julia was struck and killed by an automobile while crossing Palisade Avenue in Weehawken, NJ in 1944.

    Eric Stehn, November 2006

    Julia was the daughter of Elizabeth Lehman and John von Durhan, and the granddaughter of Julia Erxmeyer Lehman Tietjen. Consequently she was a "cousin' of Charles Bremer.

    See Julia Erxmeyer Lehman Tietjan now or at the bottom of the page.

    1930: 102 Highpoint Avenue, Weehawken, Hudson, New Jersey Charles Bremer 46, Julia Brewer 38 Grace Stehn 14 Wilbert Stehn 10

    Death: His death was not listed in the SSDI.

  2. Emma was born on December 16, 1886 at 192 1st. Street, Hoboken and baptized on May 29, 1887, Emma Maria Wilhelmina Bremer the daughter of August Bremer of Kluchendorf, Schleswig, Holstein, and Berthe, nee, Erxmeyer, born in "Waldrothe", Hannover, sponsors, Emma Wietzel of Holstein, *Marie Rosenthal of 6 River Street, Hoboken and Wilhelmina Druen, of Bloomfield Street.

    Note: *Marie Rosenthal was Berthe's sister.

    Further Records:


    • Cemetery Report: She died at age 43 and was buried on January 29, 1930 in the Erxmeyer plot in Grove Church Cemetery.

    • Civil Record: Emma Bremer, Union City 36 Palisades Ave, female, single, born December 10, 1886, age 43, years 1 month and 16 days, clerk, --- Store, born Hoboken of August H. L. Bremer, born Germany and Berthe Erxmeyer born Germany, informant August Bremer, buried Grove Church Cemetery, sick since 22 January, hard to read, pl--- pneumonia contracted from acute _____ violent palpation ????

  3. Etta (Henrietta) Bremer (1893/4-1936) and John Joseph Murphy (1894-)


    Hen. Bertha Elise Wilh Bremer 312 Monroe, Birth Date: 7 Jun "1894" Baptism Date: 23 Sep 1894 Baptism Place: Hoboken, New Jersey, USA Father: Aug. Bremer Mother: Berthe Bremer godparents, Heinr Erxmeer and Berthe Lehman, Elise v. Dohren, F. W-- Blanck - Dutch Reform Church (Germany Evangelical 6th and Garden)

    NJ Birth: Henriette Bremer, Female, 7 Jun "1893", Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey, Father's Name: August Bremer Father's Age: 41 Father's Birth Place: Germany Mother's Name: Bertha Erkmeyer Mother's Age: 34 Mother's Birth Place: Germany FHL Film Number: 494226

    Marriage: Married John Murphy. See Brian Murphy below.


    1. Dorothy (Dottie) Murphy circa 1916
      Etta's daughter, was in a nursing home in Cedar Grove, NJ. My Aunt passed away September 21st at the age of 90. (Brian Murphy, October 2006
    2. John Murphy circa 1918

      Death of John Murphy: 1986 (Brian Murphy Sept 2008)

    WWI DR: John Joseph Murphy, 724 Courtland St. West Hoboken, born Union NJ, September 7, 1894, driver, Adams Express co. Penn RR Co. Jersey city, wife and one child, married, medium height, slender, brown eyes and hair, first finger of left hand still and cannot bend.

    1920: West Hoboken, Ward 1, Summit Ave., John Murphy 25, driver express company, Etta Murphy 25, Dorothy Murphy 4 6/12 John Murphy 2 6/12. Same building as August, Bertha, Charles and Emma Bremer.

    1930: Palisades Ave., Union City, Hudson, New Jersey, John Murphy, head, 38, New Jersey, driver, American Express, Ireland, Henrietta Murphy 35, wife, Dorothy Murphy 14, daughter, John Murphy 12, son. In the same building with Bremer, August 81 and Bertha age 70.

    1937: Henrietta Bremer Murphy [Henrietta Bremer Bremer] Gender: Female Race: White Birth Date: 7 Jun 1893 Birth Place: Hoboken, New Jersey Father: August Bremer Mother: Bertha Erxmeyer Type of Claim: Original SSN. Notes: Apr 1937: Name listed as HENRIETTA BREMER MURPHY

    1940 Census: 35th Street, Union, Murphy, Dorothy, head age 24 born NJ, stenographer, law office, John brother age 22.

    1940: John J Murphy, New York Ave., Union, Hudson, New Jersey, age 42, divorced inspector railway ex company.

    WWII DR: John Joseph Murphy 554 36th st Union city, Hudson, age 47, born Union, DOB Sept 7, 1894, contact, Miss Dorothy Murphy, same address, employer Railway Express Agency, 219 E 42nd st, NYC

    Death of Etta Bremer Murphy: 1936

    Death of John Murphy:

    My parents and grandparents are buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in North Arlington, NJ. (Brian Murphy, Sept 2008)

    Information from Brian Murphy:

    "My Grandfather divorced my Grandmother very early in their marriage. Here is an interesting story - while my Grandfather was married he was seeing my Grandmother's best friend, Lillian Smith. Lily was John Kenny's (Hudson County politician) sister-in law. Lily was also best friends with Dolly Sinatra (Frank's mother) and was Dolly's maid of honor. My Grandfather and Lily stayed close friends with Sinatra's parents - they attended my brother's wedding in 1968. Lily lived 102 yrs ! (never did a thing for my career!)

    Because of my Grandparent's split, my father and Aunt lived with their (German) Grandparents on Summit Ave.

August Bremmer 1887

A. Bremer, House and Sign Painter, Paperhanging, Calcimining, etc., No. 192 First Street. - Mr. Bremer is a thoroughly practical house and sign painter and paperhanger, and has had many years of valuable experience in his profession. He opened his present establishment in 1885, and the merit of his work soon attracted general attention, and acquired for him a first-class line of patronage. The store occupied has a frontage of 20 and a depth of 70 feet, is very tastefully fitted up, and heavily stocked with a full and complete assortment of wall paper, painting, and decorative materials. A number of skilled and competent artisans are employed, and every description of plain and ornamental house and sign painting, glazing, graining, marbling, gilding, calcimining, paperhanging, and general interior decorating are given prompt attention, and all orders are executed in a thoroughly workmanlike manner. Only the finest class of work is done, whether it be in the painting of a house, the production of a sign, or the execution of the highest class of ornamental work. The patronage of the house is large throughout the city and its suburbs, and bears the best of reputations for the faithful fulfillment of all orders. He also curries a large stock of crockery, window shades and fixtures, and artists' and painters' supplies at both wholesale and retail. Mr. Bremer is a native of Germany, has lived in the United States since 1870, and most of the time has been a resident of Hoboken, and is an honest, upright man in every sense of the word.

Quarter-century's Progress of New Jersey's Leading Manufacturing Center, 1887

August Bremer, the husband of Bethe Erxmeyer Bremer, was a house painter according to the 1920 census.

August Bremer's Paint, Paperhanging store in Hoboken?

The above image was shared by Brian Murphy in July 2018. His brother Steve found this old picture. Based on the sign "Paints" and the buses hanging in the window it is assumed to be August Bremer's paint store on 1st Street in Hoboken.

Based on the younger woman's clothing it is dated to circa the late 1890s. She could be Berthe Erxmeyer Bremer.

See Hoboken OtherStreets

August Bremmer In the directories

1886 & 1887 Bremer, August, Paints 65 1st Hoboken

1889 - Bremer, August, Crockery 192 1st street Hoboken

1891 - August Bremer 192 1st H wall paper Jersey NJ

1892 - Bremer, August, paints 112 Madison Hoboken

1893 - Bremer, August H. L., 314 Monroe, House furnishing Goods

1895 - Bremer, under Hardware and Cutlery Dealers, 314 Moroe Hoboken

Note: The Bremers were listed at 312 Monroe at the baptism of Henrietta in 1894.


?????August Bremmer was awarded the contract for erecting an iron railing about Hudson Square Park, at a rate of $2.50 per ---. (Jersey Journal May 29, 1892)

August Bremmer 1895

August H. L. Bremer was listed with the Blancks, Erxmeyers, Lehmanns, and Von Dohrens in connection with the Hoboken City Schuetzen Corps ball.

In September 1895 Aug. Bremer won a bowling prize at a Scheutzen fest at Berg's Oriental.


????Hoboken Real Estate: A five story double flat is buing built at 705 Park Ave by August Bremmer. The structure will cost $16,000. It will have a brownstone front. (Jersey Journal, June 30, 1898)

??????Also listed in Building News Apartments, Hoboken Flats and Tenements: Park Ave no 703 5 story brick and stone flats, cost $20,000 august Bremer, president Fagan Iron works, Hoboken, N. J.

(Real estate record and builders' guide (v.62no.1581(July 2 1898)-no.1607(Dec. 31 1898) columbia University Library)

August Bremmer 1899

???? August Bremer has purchased four lots on the west side of Palisades Ave West Hoboken form Joseph Lo Piccolo for $4,000 (Jersey Journal, February 17,1899)

1900 Federal Census

The first Federal census that Berthe appeared in as a married woman was the 1900 Census where she was listed with her husband and children on Palisades Ave in West Hoboken as follows:

  • August, head born July 1849, age 50, married for 18 years, born in Germany, immigrated in 1872, occupation, store keeper, owing home with mortgage.
  • Berthe, wife, born February 1860, age 40, mother of 3 children, 3 still living, born in Germany, immigrated in 1871.
  • Charles, son, born May 1883, age 17, clerk, born in New Jersey.
  • Emma, daughter, born December, 1886, age 13, born in New Jersey.
  • Etta, daughter, born J(?) 1894, age 5, born in New Jersey.

1906 ????

West Hoboken: Bremmer, August H. L. with Michael Hayes, all mason work required in the erection of a three story brick house on lot 174 Summit ave, $5,677

Bremmer, August L with Antone Capone: all rock and excavation for buildings to be erected at 174 and 176 Summit, 60 c a square yard for earth: $1.50 square yard for rock. Henry Erxmeyer, carp. $15,790

Bremmer, August L with Emil Wendland & Co.: all plumbing work for new building at 176 Summit Ave $540.

(Jersey Journal, February 1, 1906)

1910 Federal Census

Not listed in 1910

1920 Federal Census

Berthe Erxmeyer was listed with her husband, August Bremer, and their children at 108 Summit Avenue, West Hoboken:

  • August, head, age 70, born in New York, painter, house.
  • Berthe, wife, age 60, born in Germany, immigrated in 1870, naturalized.
  • Charles, son, age 37, born in New Jersey, owner, independent store.
  • Emma, daughter, age 33, born in New Jersey, saleswomen, independent store.
At the same address:
  • John Murphy, head age 25, born New York. driver, express company,
  • Etta wife age 25 born New Jersey,
  • Dorothy age 4 years 6 months born New Jersey
  • John son age 2 years and 1 month.

1930 Federal Census

Charles Bremer on Highpoint Ave.

  • Bremer, Charles, head renting $45, radio, age 46, married at 45, born in United States
  • Julia wife, age 35 married at 32, born New York
  • Stehn, Grace, step daughter, age 14 born NJ
  • Stehn, Wilbert, step son, age 10, born NJ
636 Palasades Ave, Union City:
  • August Bremer head own, no amount, age 81, married at ge 31, born Germany, retired
  • Bertha wife age 7-, born Germany

Same address:

  • John Murphy, head rent $26.00, age 3- married age 19, born New Jersey, driver, American Express
  • Henrietta wife age 35, married at 19,
  • Dorothy daughter age 14
  • John son age 1-,

Death of August Bremer

January 21, 1930, per cemetery report.

Death of Berthe Erxmeyer Bremer

March 4, 1936, per cemetery report.

Brian Murphy, a Descendent of Berthe Erxmeyer Bremer

On June 30, 2004 Brian Murphy, a descendent of Berthe Erxmeyer Bremer contacted me by e-mail.

I grew up in Union City, NJ. My grandmother is Etta Bremer (Bertha's daughter), who passed away back in 1983. My great grandparents, August and Bertha, are buried with the Erxmeyers in Grove Church Cemetery. There are many people buried there as the cemetery sent me a list a few years ago. I have been going there since I was a child, with my Aunt Dorothy, to put flowers on the grave. My Aunt Dotty, my deceased fathers sister, is still alive (88yrs) in a nursing home in Cedar Grove, NJ. I always heard stories of Julius Erxmeyer coming to visit my Grandma Etta in West New York, NJ, where she lived for many years. I have a picture of my GGrandpa August Bremer. I believe it is the only one.

Brian Murphy in front of the Church and the house at 122 Park Ave.

Last week I made a quick trip into Hoboken and visited the old Evangelical Church (it was closed) and also the house where Berthe and August Bremer were married - 122 Park Ave. (according to your info). Here is a picture of myself in front of the Church and also a picture of 122 Park Ave. My friend that accompanied me owns real estate in Hoboken and assured me that it was the original house.

Brian Murphy October 2006

John Murphy, "Aunt" Dorothy, and Etta Bremer

Photo courtesy of Brian Murphy, October 2008

Dorothy and John Murphy in the Secausus meadowlands.

Photo courtesy of Brian Murphy, October 2008

"My Grandfather was raised by his Aunt who lived in a shack in the meadows - with a dirt floor."

Brian also sent a copy of the first two pages of Dorothy's Autograph Book from 1930.

On the first page: "To Dorothy Murphy from Aunt Emma, Jan. 25, 1930" on second page in the same hand: "To Dorothy, Jan. 25, 1930. Congradulations From Aunt Emma." near the bottom of the page in the same or very similar hand: Died Jan 26, 1930 Buried Jan 29 1930 43 years old."

Brian Says:

"The third picture is the first and second page of my Aunt's grammar school Autograph book from 1930. My Aunt was very close to her Aunt Emma (Etta' sister). She said that Aunt Emma died in her arms. Now these two pages are a mystery. The first page shows a note to Dorothy from Aunt Emma dated Jan 25, 1930. The second page shows the same - only on the bottom right is reads " Died Jan 26, 1930, buried Jan 29th, 1930 - 43 yrs old.

We can't say for sure if my Aunt wrote both pages. I know she was devastaed by the loss."

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