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The Name Erxmeyer

Erxmeyer is a very unusual name in the United States records. All of the Erxmeyers that I have found so far in New Jersey were members of one family that immigrated in the 1870s from Walsrode, Germany to Hoboken, New Jersey.

The name Erxmeyer is not listed in any of the records from Walsrode available at the Family History Center.

Henry Erxmeyer and Dorethe Hogrefe

Dorethe Hogrefe and Henry Erxmeyer were born and married in Germany.

Dorethe Hogrefe Erxmerey and five of her children immigrated to Hoboken, New Jersey in the early 1870s.

Dorethe Hogrefe


Dorethe Hogrefe, a.k.a. Dora and Dovette, was born in Walsrode-Vorbruck, Hanover, Germany and baptized in Meinerdingen November 11, 1821 as Johanna Dorothee Maria Hogrefe, the daughter of Friedrick Wilhelm Hogrefe and and Ilse Marie Bokelmann (Ev. Luth Kirchengemeinde Walsrode, Febraury 2006)

God parents Anne Marie Denings, Marie Otten and Lucia Scheling - Evang. luth. Kirchengeminde Meinerdingen - April 2007


  • At the birth of her son, Henry, in 1852 she was listed as Johanna Dorether Hogrefe. In all orther records found so far she was listed as Dorethe.
  • There are some differences in spelling of Dorethe's maiden name. On the marriage certificate of her daughter, Berthe, the name is listed as Hochgrefen. On the marriage certificate of her daughter, Julie, the name is listed as Hogreive. On her death certificate Dorethe's father's name was listed as F. Hogrufe. I believe that in Germany the name was spelled "Hogrefe". Film #1727586 from the Family History Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints includes records from Walsrode, Germany. There were Hogrefes listed. The records are for two time periods; 1811 to 1812, and the late 1860's to the mid 1870's. Unfortunately, these records do not cover the time of Dorethe's birth or the births of her children.
  • Walsrode is located mid-way between Bremen, Hamburg, and the city of Hannover. At the time of Dorethe's birth and the birth of all her children, Hanover was an independent kingdom in Lower Saxony. It was annexed by Prussia in 1866.
  • Meinerdingen is a section or suburb of Walsrode
  • Her last known child, Marie Juliane was born in 1866 - Dorothe would have been about 45 years old
Illegitimate Child of Dorothe Hogrefe

  1. Frederich Aldolf 26 July 1843 (Ev. Luth Kirchengemeinde Walsrode, February 2006)

    Died Guttenburg, New Jersey 1933


Johanna Dorothe Maria Hogrefe married Heinirch Wilhelm Erxmeyer 27 May 1845 in Meinerdingen, Walsrode-Vorbruck (Ev. Luth Kirchengemeinde Walsrode, February 2006)


  1. Katherina Charlotte Wilhelmina Mulusine, 13 February 1846 (Ev. Luth Kirchengemeinde Walsrode, Febraury 2006) AKA Melusine

    Married Henry Blanck in New Jersey.

    Died in Hoboken New Jersey in 1925.

  2. Louise Henritte Julia 25 May 1849 (Ev. Luth Kirchengemeinde Walsrode, Febraury 2006)
    AKA Julia

    Married John Lehmann in Germany. Married Berhend Tietjen in New Jersey.

    Died 1933 in Weehawken New Jersey.

  3. Heinrich Frederich Wilhelm Christopher 13 January 1852 (Ev. Luth Kirchengemeinde Walsrode, Febraury 2006)

    Married Anna Kloppenberg in New Jersey. Married Wilhelmina andres in New Jersey.

    Died 1922 In Hoboken, New Jersey.

  4. ✟Dorohthe Sophia Fredrike Elizabethe born 1855 died 1857 Meinerdingen

  5. Christine Wilhelmine Charlotte 23 February 1860 (Ev. Luth Kirchengemeinde Walsrode, February 2006)
    AKA Berthe

    Married August Bremmer in Hoboken New Jersey.

    Died 1936 in New Jersey.

  6. Maria Juliana 12 February 1866 (Ev. Luth Kirchengemeinde Walsrode, Febraury 2006)

    Married Ernst Rosenthal in New Jersey.

    Died unknown.

The Ev. Luth Kirchengemeinde Walsrode said that all the baptisms occured in Meinerdingen except for that of Heinrich Frederich in 1852 which occurred in Walsrode.

See below for more details on the baptisms of the children of Dorothe and Heinrich Erxmeyer


Dorethe Erxmeyer immigrated to the United States in the 1870s and settled with her children in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Sponsor to Laura Blumacher

Dovette Erxmeyer was a sponsor at the baptism of Laura Blumacher, born on July 14, 1874, baptized on July 23, 1875, the daughter of Robert Blumacher and Laura Poeter. Sponsor; Dovette Erxmeyer and can't read the name of the other sponsor.


New Jersey Death Certificate

Dorothea Erxmeyer, widow, died at age 59 years and 9 months on June 30, 1882 of phthisis pulmonalis, father, F. Hogrufe, born in Germany, mother, D. Hogrufe, born in Germany, address 142 Garden Street, Hoboken.

The death certificate indicates that Dorothy Erxmeyer had been ill for several years. She was buried in the Grove Church Cemetery in Hudson County, New Jersey.

Church Record

Dorothy Erxmeyer's death was recorded in the "pastor's notes" of the German Evangelical church in Hoboken as follows:

"July, 1882, 142 Garden Street, Grove Church, Dorothe Hogrefe, mutter, Heinrich Erxmeyer, gob. Walsrode, Hanover, + June 30, 59 (can't read) 31(can't read)"
Basic translation of the above record
  • She was buried on July 2, 1882 in the Grove Church cemetery.
  • She was the mother of Heinrich Erxmeyer.
  • Her address at the time of her death, 142 Garden Street Hoboken
  • She was born in Walsrode, Hanover.
  • The + stands for "died" June 30, age 59.
  • I do not know how the "31" enters

Henry Erxmeyer, Senior


Heinrich Wilhelm Erxmeyer, the son of Adolph Erxmeyer and Henriette Ehlers was baptized 19 March 1813 place of birth unknown (Ev. Luth Kirchengemeinde Walsrode, February 2006).

Birth based on age at death. Parents from marriage record.

The baptism of Heinrich Wilhelm Erxmeyer (b.18.04.1813) is not registered in our church documents. His birth can only be calculated from the age at his death.

Note: The Ev.- luth. Kirchengemeinde Walsrode wrote on March , 2007


See below.


See below.


Heinrich Wilhelm Erxmeyer died 16 April 1869 in Walsrode. (Ev. Luth Kirchengemeinde Walsrode, Febraury 2006)

Illegitimate Child of Dorethe Hogrefe

  1. Frederick (Fred) Erxmeyer (1843) Charlotte Reddenhase

    Frederich Adolph Erxmeyer baptized in Meinerdingen, Walsrode-Vorbruck 26 Febuary 1843. Friedrich Adolph in Hilperdinger (unehelich= illegitimate), mother Dorothe Hogrefe born July 26, 1843 baptized August 20, 1843 St Georg Meinerdingen, godparents Adolph Erxmeyer and Fredrich Hogrefe - Record from Meinerdingen - March 19, 2007.

    Note: The Ev.- luth. Kirchengemeinde Walsrode wrote on March , 2007

    " "The name of his father is not mentioned. But as one of his godparents was Adolph Erxmeier (father of Heinrich Wilhelm) it is most likely that Heinrich Wilhelm was his father. There was no first Frau Erxmeier."
    Fred married Charlotte Reddehase in Germany circa 1871.

    See Fred Erxmeyer

Marriage of Dorothe Hogrefe and Henry Erxmeyer

Heinrich Ernst Wilhelm Erxmeier, farmer and gardner, from Vorbruck son of Adolph Erxmeier "Hofmeister" from Hilperdingen and Henriette nee Ehlers married Dorothe Hogrefe of Hilperdingen daughter of Freidrich Hogrefe "Hanslings" of Hilperdingen and Ilse nee Bokelmann - April 2007.

Children of Henry Erxmeyer and Dorethe Hogrefe

Dorethe and Henry had the following children:

  1. Melosine (Minnie) Erxmeyer (1846) and Henry Blanck

    Katherina Charlotte Wilhemine Mulusine Erxmeyer baptized in Meinerdingen, Walsrode-Vorbruck 13 February 1846 baptized February 22, 1846 in Hilperdingen, father Heinrich Erxmeyer "Kothenr" (farmer) and Dorothe Hogrefe, St Georg Kirche in Meinerdingen, witnesses, Katharina Ahrens, Charlotte Bartels, and Wilhelmine Niemaber, Meinerdingen Ev Luth Chruch April 2007.

    US record also indicate that she was born February 13, 1846.

    Melosine married Henry Blanck in Hoboken in 1873.

    See Melosine Erxmeyer Blanck

  2. Julia (1849) and John Lehman and Behrend Tietjen

    Luise Henriette Julia born 25 May 1849 daughter of Heinrich Erxmeier "gartner" (gardener) and Dorothe Nee Hogrefe baptized June 10, 1849, St Georg Kirche Meinerdingen, witnesses Luise Ahrens, Luise Ahlborn (?), Henritte Muller, Ernst Eimer and Julia Nienaber - April 2007 Meinderdinger Ev Luth. Church

    Julia married John Lehman in Germany circa 1870. After his death Julia married Behrend Tietjan

    See Julia Erxmeyer Lehman Tietjen

  3. Henry (1852) married Anna Kloppenberg and married Whilimina Andres

    Birth: Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Christoph born 13 January 1852 in Walsrode, father, Heinrich Wilhelm Erxmeyer "Hüausling, mother, Johanna Dorothee Marie, nee Hogrefe, was baptized 1 February 1852 in the Evangelical Lutherian Church of St Johannes der Täufer (John the Baptist) in Walsrode. Witnesses were: Christoph Wrede, Friedrich Erxmeyer, and Heinrich Eggers. Jahrgang 1852 Pag. 143 Ifd. Nr. 2 (Information from St John Baptist Chruch, Walsrode, September 2005)

    Marriage 1: Henry married Anna Kloppenberg in Hoboken in 1874.

    Marriage 2: Henry married Whilimina Andres in Hoboken circa 1882.

    See Henry Erxmeyer

  4. Dorothea Sophia Fredrike Elizabethe baptized May - 1855 to the, Gardener, Heinrich Erxmeyer and his wife Dorothea nee Hogrefe, of Vorbruck, godparents or witnesses, Frau Dorothea Erxmeyer nee Hogrefe of Vorbruck, Frau Sophia Erxmeyer born Schulze (?) of Walsrode and Youngfrau Elizabethe Erxmeyer of Walsrode

    Death: Dorothea Sophia Friedrike Elizabethe Erxmeyer of Vorbruck age 1 year, 8 months and 22 days, daughter of the Gardener, Heinrich Erxmeyer and Dorothea nee Hogrefe of Vorbruck buried 19 February 1857

  5. Berthe (1860) married August Bremmer

    Christine Wilhemine Charlotte Erxmeyer baptized 23 February 1860, daughter of the Gardener, Heinrich Erxmeyer of Vorbruck and his wife, Dorothe, born Hogrefe, witnesses, Christine Meyer (can't read) of Vorbruch, Wilhelmina Erxmeyer, witnesses: Christine Meyer (can't read one word) of Vorbruck, Wilhelmina Erxmeyer (can't read one word) of Vorbruck and Ehefrau [wife] Charlotte Erxmeyer born Thiele in Hannover, baptized in Meinerdingen, Walsrode-Vorbruck

    She was known as Berthe. US records indicate that Berthe was born on February 28, 1860.

    Berthe married August Bremmer in Hoboken in 1881.

    See Berthe Erxmeyer Bremmer

  6. Mary (1866) and Ernst Rosenthal

    Maria Juliana Erxmeyer baptized in Meinerdingen, Walsrode-Vorbruck 12 February 1866 daughter of (occupation or title= Lolhman) Heinrich Erxmeyer of Vorbruch and his wife, Dorothea nee Hogrefe, witnesses Ehefrau Marie Eggert born Meineke (?) in Vorbruch, Marie C--- or E--- (can't read) in Vorbruch, Juliana Nei--b-- (can't read) in Vorbruch

    See Mary Erxmeyer Rosenthal

LDS has the Baptisms, marriages and deaths for Meinerdingen from 1853-1867 - film #1727585 - Evangelische Kirche Meinerdingen (Kr. Fallingbostel). The other baptismal records were sent by the church.

Death of Hienrich Ernst Wilhelm Erxmeyer

Heinrich Ernst Wilhelm Erxmeyer farmer and gardner of Vorbruck age 55 years 11 months and 28 days. died April 16, 1869. Evangelische Kirche Meinerdingen- April 2007

The Immigration of The Erxmeyer Family


Arrived in New York as a crew member of the Danau August 1871 — deserted ship.


Arrived in New York as a crew member of the Danau August 1871 — deserted ship.


Charlotte Reddehase Erxmeyer, the wife of Fred Erxmeyer, emigrated on September 4, 1871 aboard the S.S. Donau from Bremen to New York.

Charlotte Erxmeyer, age 25, was traveling with Charlotte Erxmeyer, age 7 months, and Marie Erxmeyer, age 9 years.

There were 815 Passengers on the ship; 528 of them in steerage. A fellow passenger was Herm. Blank, age 23. While there is no way to tell for sure, there is a slim possibility that this is Henry Blank who later married Charlotte's sister in law, Melosine. The age is right, the port of departure is right, the year of immigration is good and I can't find any other record of Henry Blank's immigration. The Herm. should be an abbreviation for Herman not Henry, but these records were not kept with the utmost care. Charlotte Reddehase Erxmeyer and Henry Blanck were both baptized in the Lutheran church in Lehe, Germany.

I believe that the infant, Charlotte, was the infant later called, Elize, who died in 1872.

Who is Maria Erxmeyer? If she was 9 years old in 1871, it means she was born circa 1862. It is possible that Marie=Berthe. See below.

Note: Charlotte's immigration was listed in Germans to America under "Evxmayer". I found Charlotte the listing after I found her on the ship's manifests. I went back to the indexes to see just how the name had been listed.


In the 1900 census, Berthe indicated that she immigrated in 1871. It seems a likely possibility that Berthe might be the "Maria" who immigrated with Charlotte. She is the only known family member who is of the approximate correct age.


Melusine Erxmeyer, age 26, emigrated to the United States with a one month old, unnamed, female infant aboard the Bremen from Bremen to New York. They arrived on December 26, 1872. It would appear that Melusine's daughter, Minnie, was born on board the ship. There is a notation on the bottom of the manifest that says, "One infant born at sea." Looking through the list of passengers, Minnie is the only infant of less that six months. The manifest lists Melosine Erxmeyer, age 26 and baby Erxmeyer, age 1 month. This information was taken the ship manifest of the Bremen.

I do not know if Melusine had been married and was widowed when she had this child. On the marriage license of Henry Blank and Melusina Erxmeyer, in 1874, she lists herself as single, not as widowed. There is no indication that she used any other name, except Erxmeyer and Blank. Her daughter, Minnie, lists her father as Heinrich Blank on her marriage certificate in 1897. Melusine married Henry Blank in 1874 in Hoboken, New Jersey.


According to her death certificate, Dorothe immigrated in 1871. Death records are not very reliable for this type of information.

Dorothe was in Hoboken by July of 1875, when she was a sponsor at the baptism of Laura Blumacher.

Wilhelmina and/or Wilhelm Erxmeyer

Wilhelmina Erxmeyer is listed in "Germans to America" in 1872, age 56, traveling with a 6 year old named Maria aboard the S.S.Danau. The ship manifest for the S.S. Donau, which sailed from Bremen and arrived in New York on August 23, 1872, lists Wilhelmina Erxmeyer, age 56 and Marie, age 6. There were 840 passengers on this ship, 637 of them were in steerage. The Donau was also the ship that Frederick, Heinrich and Charlotte had arrived on.

Who is Wilhelmina and how is she related to the rest of the Erxmeyers? For a while I entertained the possibility that Wilhelmina and Dorothe were the same person, however, the 7 year difference in their ages seems too large for that to be possible. Pros and cons:

  • Wilhelmina is not one of the names listed for Dorothe.
  • Significant difference in age at immigration
  • Marie age 6 in 1872 was most likely the daughter of Dorothe and Heinrich born in 1866. It would seem reasonable that Dorothe would be traveling with her youngest child. Or at least that Marie, the youngest child would be traveling with her mother.


Note: Wilhelm Erxmeyer was the sponsor for two of Fred and Charlotte children, Henry born in 1878 and Martha born in 1878. I have no idea who this is. It is the only two times his name appears. I though it might be an abbreviation for Wilhelmina, so I rechecked the record. It does appear to be Wilhelm.

Julia Erxmeyer Lehman

According to the death record of John Lehman and the 1920 census, Julie immigrated with her first husband, John Lehman and at least one child, Lizzie, in 1873. Their daughter, Gussie, was born in Hoboken in December of 1873.

There was a Julie Lehmann, age 23, listed in Germans to America. She was traveling with a 6 mo. old, unnamed, female on the Wiser from Bremer to New York. The ship arrived March 29, 1873. This is the only Julie Lehmann listed. The problem is that Julie's daughter, Lizze, should have been around two years old in March of 1873.

I cannot find any other Lehmanns between 1871 and 1873 in Germans to America.

Mary Erxmeyer Rosenthal

Marie was most likely the person listed with Wilhelmina in 1872. See above.

Christian and Elize Rietz

Christian and Elize were buried in the Erxmeyer plot, so they must be related in some way. However, I have not determined the relationship. They may be the parents of Julie Erxmeyer's first husband, John Lehmann. According to the death certificate of John Lehman, his parents were named Christian and Eliza. On Eliza Rietz's death certificate her parents names were listed as Lehman. I could not find Christian and Elize Rietz listed in Germans to America.

Seestadt Bremerhaven and the Historischen Museums in Brememhaven

In 2006 I wrote to the Seestadt Bremerhaven and the Historischen Museums in Brememhaven requesting any emigration information on the Erxmeyers. They only found the ship manifest for Wilhelmina and Marie in 1872 and did not provide any additional information.

Germans to America

Germans to America is a series of indexes, available in books and on CD, which list Germans who immigrated to America between 1850-1891 on ships where more than 40 percent of the passengers indicated they were from Germany. The only immigration records for adult Erxmeyers listed in Germans to America between 1868 and 1874 were:

  1. Charlotte Erxmeyer in September 1871
  2. Wilhelmina Erxmeyer age 56 and Marie age 6 in August 1872
  3. Melusine Erxmeyer in December 1872.

I checked every listing under the letter "E" from 1868 to 1873 looking for any variations in spelling. There were no other Erxmeyers listed.

Bremen to Hoboken

The North German Lloyd Steamship company's home base was in Bremen. Their dock in New York Harbor was in Hoboken. Bremen is the nearest port to Walsrode. Since almost everyone in the Erxmeyer family, at one time or another, listed 1871 as their year of immigration, I had assumed that they had traveled as a group. This was not the case. Fredrich and Heinrich arrived from Bremen in August 1871 as members of the crew on the ship, Danau, whereupon they deserted ship. Melusine, Charlotte, and Whilimina Erxmeyer all came separately. They all went from Bremen to New York. They were all traveling with small children.

Castle Gardens

All immigrants coming through the Port of New York during this period of immigration were processed through Castle Gardens.

No Erxmeyer immigrations are listed by the official Castle Garden web site as of August 2008. Charlotte Marie and Charlotte are listed under "EVxmeyer".

The Erxmeyer Plot in Grove Church Cemetery

At my request, the Grove Church Cemetery in Hudson County, New Jersey sent me a list of the people buried in the Erxmeyer plot.

Lot 361 Seigler Tract. Frederick Erxmeyer and Bros., 16x16 plot, purchased June 30, 1882.

They listed thirty burials in the plot. In the order of the internment they were:

  1. Dorathea Erxmeyer, age 59, buried July 2, 1882.

    Dorethe was the mother of Fred, Henry, Melusine, Julie and Berthe.

  2. Dorathea Blank, 3 years, buried February 26, 1883.

    Dorethe was the daughter of Melusine and Henry Blank.

  3. Adolph Erxmeyer, 1 year, "also large body removed from Weehawken Cemetery", buried April 17, 1883.

    The "large body" must be Anna Klupponburg, who was Henry Erxmeyer's first wife and Adolph's mother. Anna died on August 6, 1881.

  4. Charlotte and Johann Lehman, 1 year each, buried April 21, 1883.

    These were the children of Julie Erxmeyer Lehman. Their bodies were moved from the Weehawken Cemetery. The dates of death were November 12, 1878 for Johann and November 7, 1880 for Charlotte.

  5. Henry Lehman, 1 year, buried April 19, 1885.

    Henry was the child of Julie Erxmeyer Lehman.

  6. Christian Rietse, age 80, buried October 3, 1895.

    I could not find this death recorded under either spelling. I assume he was the spouse of Eliza Rietz (#8 below).

  7. John Lehman, age 51, buried January 27, 1897.

    John Lehman was Julie Erxmeyer's first husband.

  8. Eliza Rietz, age 73, buried March 23, 1898.

    Eliza's death certificate lists her age as 73 years, 9 months and 10 days old, born in Germany. Died at 214 Park Avenue, Hoboken of myocarditis. Length of illness, 6 months. Her parents names are both given as Lehman. Eliza could be the mother of John Lehman. 214 Park Avenue was owned by Henry Erxmeyer from at least 1900 to 1913.

  9. Berend Fritjen, age 66, buried February 17, 1909.

    Berend must be Behrend "Tietjen", Julie's second husband.

  10. Henry Blank, age 62, buried March 14, 1911.

    Henry was the husband of Melusine Erxmeyer.

  11. Louise B. Erxmeyer, age 30, buried August 4, 1913.

    Louise was the daughter of Henry Erxmeyer and Wilhelmina Andres Erxmeyer.

  12. Right leg of Charlotte Erxmeyer, April 9, 1915.

  13. Charlotte Erxmeyer, age 70, buried March 19, 1915.

    Charlotte, nee Reddenhase, was the wife of Frederick Erxmeyer.

  14. Ernest C. Erxmeyer, age 33, buried December 27, 1916.

    Ernst was the son of Fred and Charlotte Erxmeyer.

  15. Marie Blank, age 1 year, buried October, 28, 1919.

    Marie was the daughter of Henry and Marie Blank and the granddaughter of Melusine and Henry Blanck.

  16. Catherine Blank, age 1 day, buried January 7, 1919.

    Catherine was the daughter of Henry and Marie Blank.

  17. Henry Erxmeyer age 69, buried. January 9, 1922.

    Henry was the son of Dorethe and Henry Erxmeyer.

  18. Melissie Blank, age 78, buried September, 30, 1925.

    Melisine was the wife of Henry Blank, the daughter of Dorethe and Henry Erxmeyer.

  19. Wilhelmine Erxmeyer, age 78, buried November 4, 1927.

    Wilhelmina, nee Andres, was the second wife of Henry Erxmeyer.

  20. Wilhelmine Erxmeyer, age 44, buried October 22, 1929.

    Wilhelmina was the daughter of Henry Erxmeyer and Wilhelmina Andres.

  21. Emma Bremmer, age 43, buried January 29, 1930.

    Emma was the daughter of Berthe Erxmeyer Bremmer.

  22. August Bremmer, age 82, buried January 21, 1931.

    August was the husband of Berthe Erxmeyer Bremmer.

  23. Frederick Erxmeyer, age 89, buried January 6, 1933.

    Frederick was the son of Dorethe and Henry Erxmeyer and the husband of Charlotte Reddenhase.

  24. Julie Tietjen, age 83, buried May 12, 1933.

    Julie was the daughter of Dorethe and Henry Erxmeyer.

  25. Bertha Bremmer, age 76, buried March 4, 1936.

    Berthe was the daughter of Dorethe and Henry Erxmeyer.

  26. Henry Erxmeyer, age 69, buried November 3, 1945.

    Both Fred and Henry Erxmeyer had sons named Henry born in 1876. Henry's son was born on June 5th. Fred's son was born on October 17th. This must have been the son of Henry Erxmeyer. According to the Social Security Death Index, Henry Erxmeyer, born June 5, 1876 in New Jersey died in Flushing, New York in April, 1968.

  27. John Blanck, age 80, buried July 9, 1956.

    John was the son of Henry Blanck and Melusine Erxmeyer.

  28. Hans Severt, age 71, buried May 28, 1958.

    Hans was the husband of Fred and Charlotte's daughter, Margarethe Erxmeyer.

  29. Margaretha Severt, age 80, August 14, 1959.

    Margarethe was the daughter of Fred and Charlotte Erxmeyer.

  30. Julius Erxmeyer, age 82, February 5, 1971.

    Julius was the son of Fred and Charlotte Erxmeyer.

There was one other person buried with this group, who is not included on the list sent by the cemetery.

Eliza Erxmeyer's body was transferred from the Weehawken cemetery on April 20, 1883. Eliza was the daughter of Fred and Charlotte. I do not know why she is not included on the interment list. I have a copy of the certificate for the transfer of her body to Grove church Cemetery from the New Jersey State records. Eliza died of small pox in 1871.

According to my notes when I visited the cemetery circa 2001 the Erxmeyer tombstone in Grove Church Cemetery, Lot 361 Seigler Tract included the names Henry Blanck, Julia Erxmeyer, Henry Erxmeyer, Frederick Erxmeyer, John Lehman, and the name Reddenhasse. I took a photo which did not turn out. When I returned in 2003 that monument was not there.

The Cemetery entrance is from J.F. Kennedy Blvd in Union City.

Photo of the New Erxmeyer tombstone. I photo taken in 1972 (I embarrassed to say I do not remember who sent me the image) shows the same stone but lacking the information on Julius Erxmeyer and Margarethe Severt.

For more information on the deaths in the Erxmeyer family, click on the image of the doctor.

The German Evangelical Church in Hoboken

The Erxmeyers, Blanks, and extended family were members of the German Evangelical Church at the corner of Sixth and Garden in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Baptisms, marriages, and death for the family were reported in the records of this church. The records for the church include:

  • A ledger book of baptisms and marriages from 1856 and until 1876.

    This records are quite clearly written.

  • A series of small note books, filed under the heading "Pastor's notes", which include baptisms and death from 1875 until 1885. Some of these note books are missing, so there are gaps in the records for this period.

    The notebooks are the type one could put in one's pocket and carry around. The "Pastor" started at one end of the note book and worked forward with the baptisms, he started at the other end of the note book and worked backwards with the deaths. When the baptisms and deaths met, and there were no pages left, he started a new note book. The entries are often incomplete, scribbled with a dull pencil, very hard to read, and I assume not too carefully recorded. It looks as if he may have made his "notes" while walking down the street.

    There are several note books missing. This is most unfortunate, since this is a period that included a large number of births in the Blank and Erxmeyer families. It is also a period of several marriages that were not recorded in the civil records. I was able to find only one baptism recorded for the children of Henry Blank and Melusine Erxmeyer. I do not know if:

    • They did not have the children baptized
    • The records are among the missing note books
    • The pastor simply did not record them
    • The children were baptized in another church

  • A ledger book of Baptisms from 1885 until 1909 and Marriages from 1885 until 1897.

  • A ledger book of Marriages from 1897 until 1908.

  • A ledger book of Marriages from 1908 until 1913.

  • A ledger book of Marriages from 1913 until 1952.

  • A ledger book of Baptisms from 1909 until 1969.

All of the later ledgers are carefully kept.

According to information obtained at the Hoboken Library, the German Evangelical Church dates from 1856 and was the first church in Hoboken to conduct services in German. Rev. Dr. Leopold Mohn was the pastor from 1856 until his death in on March 8, 1885. Reverent J. W. Freund was pastor from 1885 until 1889. He was succeeded by Rev. J. Rudolph, who was pastor until 1920. From 1921 until 1960 the Reverent Adalbert Q. Wettstein was Pastor. In 1967 the congregation was joined with the First Methodist Church in a common ministry. The church is still active.

The Children of Henry and Dorethe Erxmeyer

The names of the children of Fred Erxmeyer, Melusine Erxmeyer Blanck, Henry Erxmeyer, Julia Erxmeyer Lehman Tietjen, Berthe Erxmeyer Bremer, and Mary Erxmeyer Rosenthal were derived from several sources, including various state and national censuses, civil records, church, and burial records and in February 2006 records from Walsrode Germany.

Sometimes a child appeared in only one record. There are several children, who appeared in the censuses, whose birth and/or baptismal records I could not find. Births were frequently not recorded in New Jersey before 1900 and some of the church records are missing. It is quite possible that there were more children born in these families and I simply did not find any record for them.

I may have also missed some marriages. Marriage before 1900 were also frequently not recorded in New Jersey. There is a period of ten years when the church records of the marriages at the German Evangelical Church are missing.

The Federal Government takes a census every 10 years. Almost all of the 1890 census burned. All the other censuses are available, up to 1930. Many pages of the 1910 census are completely illegible because of faded ink.

The State of New Jersey took censuses in 1885 and 1895 that contain very little information of genealogical interest. The state censuses for 1905 and 1915 are also available and provide more information.

Erxmeyers in Hoboken

The following Erxmeyers were listed in the 1909/10 Hoboken Directory:

  1. Ernest, mge, 216 Hudson
  2. Fred A., grocer, 134 Hudson, 1000 Bloomfield, h. 216 Hudson
  3. Fredk H., (P C Richer and Co.), 261 Wheton
  4. Henry F., mgr, 216 Hudson
  5. Julius, mgr, 216 Hudson

There were no Erxmeyers listed in the Hoboken directory of 1925/26.

There were no Erxmeyers listed in the Hoboken directory of 1943.


SHARPSHOOTERS HAVE A DANCE; The Annual Ball of the Hoboken City Schuetzen Corps -- Medals for High Scores by Marksmen.

HOBOKEN, N.J., Feb. 6. -- The second annual ball of the Hoboken City Schuetzen Corps took place last night at the Odd Fellows' Hall here and was highly enjoyed by a large number of prominent local German-American society people."

It was stated that the Hoboken Schuetzen Corps was one of the youngest shooting organizations among sharpshooters but was prospering. Among the officers were: H. Erxmeyer, John Lehmann, A. Bremer, J. Labuseur and "H." Von Dohren. Medals were presented to J. Lehmann, J. Von Dohren, J. "Labusoir". Present were Mr. Nad Mrs. "J Blanke".

Riflemen 1899

Members of the Hoboken Schuetzen corp in 1899 included: JOhn Van Dohren, JOhn Labouseur, H. Erxmeyer, A Erxmeyer, and Lehman.

Wheelmen, 1899

In 1899 the Park Wheelman of Hoboken held their annual picnic at Pohlmann's Pavilion on July 11th.

H. Erxmeyer was the vice president of the club. The financial secretary was August Erxmeyer and the sergeant at arms was G. Lehmann.

Fred Erxmeyer and his brother Henry both had sons named Henry born in 1876. It seems more likely however that H. Erxmeyer was the son of Henry. August Erxmeyer was the son of Henry born in 1878. G. Lehmann was the son of Henry and Fred's sister, Julia. George Lehammm was born in 1881.

Several wheel clubs attended form Hoboken and New York. These groups had a keen interest in bike racing.

1902 - Schuetzen Corps Festival

The Hoboken City Schuetzen Corps held its annual shoot in June 1902. J. van Dohren won a second with 61 points and H. Erxmeyer won first prize at bowling.

American Rifleman, 1903

American Rifleman 1903 Vol 30 under Hoboken Riflemen - listed for the Hoboken Schuetzen Corp: Henry Erxmeyer, Jr. and Captain Erxmeyer.

H. F. Erxmeyer

H. F. Erxmeyer was listed as a member in the Annual Report of the New York Zoological Society in 1908, 1910, 1912, & 1923

Pleasure Seekers Club, 1914

The Pleasure Seekers Club met in December 1914 at the home of John van Dohren at 100 Highpoint ave, Weehawken Heights. There was supper, dancing, singing and game playing. Attendees were: Mrs. Julia Tietjen, Mr. and Mrs. H. William Stehn, Mrs van Dohren, the Misses Ethel Hamman, Elsie Kniern, Viola Stevenson, Celia Meyers, Margaret Dolan, the Mssrs. Clark Stevenson, Harry Bishop, Arthur Labouseur, William Radlebronn, Walter Playermann (Plagemann) and John van Dohren, Jr.


Dorethe Hogrefe

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Children of Dorothe Hogrefe and Henry Erxmeyer

Fred Erxmeyer and Charlotte Reddehasse

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Melosine Erxmeyer and Henry Blanck

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Henry Erxmeyer, Anna Kloppenberg and Wilhelmina Andres

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Julia Erxmeyer Lehmann Tietjen

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Berthe Erxmeyer Bremmer

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Mary Erxmeyer Rosenthal

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Descendants of Dorethe Hogrefe and Henry Erxmeyer

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