Family traditions suggest that the maiden name of Lucy, the wife of Abram Azarian, was either Hagopian or Arevian. The records of her marriage and the baptisms of her children in the Armenian Catholic Church in Istanbul sometimes list one and sometimes the other. See Lucy

Arevians in Constantinople

In addition to Lucy Arevian/Hagopian Azarian there are the following adult males named Arevian listed in the Catholic Church records in Constantinople between 1895 and 1914:

  1. Hovsep* (1832-1907) born Pirkinic, died Constantinople AKA Hovsipas
  2. Jan Batist (Patiste)* (1868-1962) son of Hovsep AKA Hovhannes Martin
  3. Tibalti/Stephan*
  4. Haroutian
  5. Gregor
  6. Eranos
  7. Bozaten

*Those known to have a connection in some way to the Azarians either directly or indirectly are: Hovsep (Hovsipas), Batist (Hovannes Martin), and Tibalti/Stephan.

  • Tibalti/Stephan Arevian as the sponsor for Lucy's daughter, Anna Azarian, in 1908
  • Batist Arevian as the sponsor for Lucy's daughter, Heghine Azarian, in 1910
  • Baptist Arevian listed as the"cousin" of Lucy's son, Melcon Azarian, at the time of his immigration into the US in 1920
  • "Patiste" Arevian listed as the "brother-in-law" of Lucy Azarian at the time of her immigration into the US in 1921

Hovsep Arevian (1832-1907)

Birth: 1832 Prknik, per tombstone



  1. Jan Batist Arevian (1868-1962) and Elizabeth Gougoujian

    Birth: 1868 per tombstone

    Connections to the Azarians: Batist Arevian was:

    • The sponsor for Heghine Azarian, the daughter of Abraham and Lucy Azarian, baptized in 1910
    • The person listed as the "cousin" of Melcon Azarian at his immigration to the United States in 1920
    • The "brother-in-law" of Lucy Azarian at her immigration to the United States in 1921.

    Aliases: The records for Baptist Arevian in the Constantinople churches are somewhat confusing in that the names given for "Batist" in the records varies quite a bit. He was also listed as:

    • Hovaness Martin Arevian
    • Hovhan Martin
    • Martin Arevian
    • Jan Batist on his tombstone

    The constants are his wife, Elizabeth Gougoujian, and occasionally, his father Hovsep.

    Marriage: "Hovhannis (Mateos) Btigir Arevian", [son of]* Hovsipas Arevian married Ezisabet Gougoujian, daughter of Eranos Gougoujian, ---17, 1900, witness Garabis Mlnosian, Ho Prgiz, --- 20, 1900, priest------, (something I can't read written in the last column), Surp Savour.

    *Although there is no notation for "son of", I believe, that the indication is that Hovhannis (Mateos) Btigir Arevian was the son of Hovsipas Arevian since Hovsipas was written the parent column.


    This was the only marriage record for Arevian in Surp Savour.

    Children: Batist Arevian and Egisabet Gougoujian had the following children:

    1. Hozsip Arevian, the son of Batist Arevian and Egisabet Gougoujian, Galatia, born July 24 1901, baptized by bishop Abigian, godfather, Avitis Hagopian, church----, baptized August 19, 1901, Surp Savour.

      (Note: This record as listed in the parish records is out of order. There are two records dated 1901 between the years 1910 and 1913 (this is one of them). It makes more sense if this birth occurred in 1911. There was already a child born in 1901 and the order that the records were entered would indicate 1911 not 1901. However, just to confuse matters, the tombstone lists the date of birth as 1902.

      Death: 1902-1952 buried with his father and grandfather.

    2. The other 1901 baptism of Hovsep: Hovsep Arevian, the son of "Martin" Arevian, the son of Hovsipas Arevian, and Ezisabet Gougoujian, the daughter of Eranos Gougoujian, godfather, Posto Antrian, son of Antreni, priest ----, born --- 28, 1901, baptized --- 2, 1901, Holy Trinity.

      Eight year break. I did not find any other baptisms for children of Batist in any of the Istanbul churches.

    3. Anna Atel Arevian, the daughter of Batist Arevian and Ezisabet Gougoujian, Galatia, born January 8, 1909, Priest Ekmekdjian, godfather, Avitis Hagopian in the Church of------, baptized ----8, 1909, Surp Savour.
    4. Etovar Vogisn, the child of "Hovhan Martin" Arevian and Egisabet Gougoujian, Galatia, born July 5, 1914 (there is another word after July that I can't read), priest, Hagop Mazartian, can't read word, godfather, Hovsep Arevian, church---, baptized (Can't read month) 6, 1914, Surp Savour.
    5. Notes:

      • The sponsors for the children of Batist and Elizabeth Arevian indicate connections to Avitis Hagopian and Hovsep Arevian.
      • There was another Hovhannes Martin Arevian in the records. He was also known as Hovhan and was the son of Mateos Arevian, see below.

    Haviar Han: When Melcon Azarian arrived in New York in 1920 he listed his nearest relative in Turkey as his "cousin" Baptist Arevian of 71 Havier Han, Constantinople.

    Haviar (Havyar) Han (Khan) was a large commercial building in Galata that contained offices for merchants, bankers and the equivalent of the Turkish stock exchange.

    In 1883 Raphael C. Cervati listed "Haviar Han: 53 Greeks, 11 Armenians, 10 Levantine/Europeans, 8 Jews". It was the largest of six Hans listed. The others were Commission Han, Kourchoum Han, Mehmed Han, Millet Han and Salonique Han.

    An example of a business in the Havyar Han circa 1920 was Catevenis and Zanetto of 73 Haviar Han who werre listed in the Export and Trade directory of 1922. C. E. Catevenis, established in 1869, had offices at 68 Broad Street, New York and in Piraeus, Greece, in addition to the business in Constantinople. They were exporters of "foodstuffs, hides, leather, alcohol and general merchandise" and importers of "all products of Greece, Egypt and the Balkan states".

    The Havyar Han was located near Galata tower. In 1448 the Signoria de Genova ordered the Podesta [governer] of Pera, Benedetto Vivaldi , to restore the Largero [larger] wall which had fallen into ruin. A marble plaque was placed in the wall commemoration the restoration.

    "E sicome il marmo relativo fu visto incassato nel muro nel luogo ora detto Haviar-Han e Hatil-Pascia-Han; vengono da tutti questi confronti piu conseguenze notevoli.........

    Paspati ponendo l'angolo orientale inferiore della prima Pera a occidente di Haviar-han e Halil-Pascia-Han; e, se sono giuste le sue misure questi han che sono continuazione l'une dell' altro indicherebbero pure il lungo dell'antico castelle o torre de Galata a mare."

    Giornale ligustico di archeologia, storia e letteratura, Volume 3, 1876

    Translation by MLB: "And since the marble plaque was embedded in the buildings now called Havair Han and Halil Pascia Han significant comparisons can be made.

    From the lower east corner of "prima" [first] Pera to the west of Haviar and Halil Pascia Hans; and if the measurements are correct these hans are a continuation, one to the other, along the ancient castle or tower of Galata to the sea."

    There are some indications that the Haviar Han was, in fact, an old han (khan) or caravansary.

    Death of Elizabeth Gougoujian Arevian: Unknown

    Note: There is an Elizabeth Arevyan in the same grave with Hovsep (b 1832), Jan Batist (b 1868) and Jovsep (b 1902). She is listed as Eliz Arevyan 1890-1971. Who was she? She was born too late to be the wife of Jan Batist Arevian and too early to be the daughter of Elizabeth Gougoujian Arevian. She could be a child of Jan Bistist by a first mariage.

    Death of Jan Batist Arevian: 1962 per tombstone.

  2. Hovpasis Hovsep Arevian, son of Hovsep, Ezisabet _____

    Question: Is this another alias for Batist Arevian?

    Birth: Unknown. Son of Hovsep per baptism of Adijis in 1903.

    Marriage: Unknown. Ezisabet _____ daughter of Eranosi

    Children: Hovpasis Arevian and Ezisabet P-------- had at least one child:

    1. Adijis Bazehast Tazposo- Tivts Arevian, the son of Hovpasis, the son of Hovsep, and Ezisabet P----, the daughter of Eranosi, godfather, Hovakim Aslanian, priest------, born --- 3, 1903, baptized ---10, 1903, Holy Trinity.

    Hovsep Arevian was the sponsor for:

    • Hagop Hagopian, the son of Nazareth Hagopian in 1895, Surp Savour
    • Etovar, the son of Batist Arevian in 1914, Surp Savour


    • Hovpasis has connections to both Nazareth Hagopian and Batist Arevian
    • I do not know enough about the names but it seems possible given how they wiggle around in the records that Hovsipas is the same as Hovsep. Meaning that Baptist and Hovpasis could be brothers. I also have a feeling that the endings of names may change depending on the place in the "sentence" but I am not sure of this.
  3. Tibalti/Stephen Arevian

    Birth: Unknown

    Sponsor: Tibalti/ Stephen Arevian, father unknown, was the sponsor for Anna Azarian in 1908. This is the only record I found for Tibalti/Stephan. I cannot find any other records under either Stepan or Tibaldi Arevian.

Death of Hovsep Arevian: 1907, per tombstone.

Note: Death records have been harder for me to translate. There are many words that I cannot find in the simple dictionary I have.

In the death record for Surp Savour from 1890 to 1913 for the letter "A" there was one Arevian death listed. The death information was written in eight columns: The first column contained the name of the diseased, the second the name of the father, I do not know the meaning of the third and forth columns (it is possible [if these records follow the pattern in the rest of the world's death record] that one column represents the cause of death), the fifth column is the date, and I have no real idea about the rest.

The death record for Hovsep Arevian contains the following information:

Hovsep Arevian, son of was written and then crossed out, there is no entry in the relative column, in the next column, "Mairil-imaz", the date column, October 12, 1907, I don't know the next column represents, but it contains a name that is not Arevian (may be the priest) the next column says Sb Pr-en, this was written in almost every column on the page, I do not know what the last column says but again many entries are repeated on the page. It is possible (based on death records in other parts of the world) that one of these column is the place of burial.

The death was listed in the The History of the Village of Perkenik (Pakradunik) by Fr. Ephrem Boghossian C. M. Vd (Mechitharist of Vienna, Austria), Translation by Joe Topalian in a section that has not yet been translated. A friend of Haniel Riviere-Allen translated it as follows

Arevian Hovsep, Born in 1932 (I cannot understand if the next word means a place or something, it seems to be read like Brnir or Brtnir) Date of death (literally translated it will mean that God gave him sleep) on 12 October 1907.

Arevian Deaths in Holy Trinity

The following Arevian deaths were listed in Holy Trinity:

  1. Hovhannes Arevian, 1880. Under what appears to be a column for age there is a word I don't understand. There is no age given in numbers as there are in other records. This is the earliest record for Arevian.
  2. Anna Arevian, the something (most likely either widow or wife) of Hovsipas, age 72 in 1919. If she died at age 72 in 1919 it means she was born circa 1847. Lucy's mother was named Anna. The Anna Arevian listed in this death record would have been the right age to be Lucy's mother.
  3. Hovsep Arevian, age 66 in 1920. I can't read the rest of the record. Means he was born circa 1854.
Arevian Deaths in St. Paul's

There are no marriage or baptismal records for Arevian in St Paul's. There are, however, three death records as follows:

  1. Bitros Arevian, no age given, in 1890.
  2. ---- Arevian, no age given, in 1895.
  3. Mariam Arevian, no age given, in 1897.

Arevian Tombstone, Armenian Catholic Cememtery, Istanbul

In May 2008 Tom and I visited Istanbul and the Armenian Catholic Cemetery. The cemetery contains a seperate section for families from Pirkinik (Sivas).

Photo Maggie Blanck, May 2008

The Arevian Tombston, Armenian Catholic Cemetery, Istanbul, May 2008

This is the tombstone of Josep Arevin 1832-1907, his son, Jan Batist Arevian, 1868-1962, grandson, Jozef Arevian 1902-1952 and Eliz Arevyan 1890-1971.

In June 2008 Haniel wrote: "Elisabeth Arevian, cousin of my grand-father did pass away in 1970 and was married to Baptist, and lived in Constantinople"

Elizabeth was Batist's wife's name, but a birth in 1890 is too late for her as she had a child in 1901.

Haniel adds: "We had also met the Catholic archbishop when we visited Constantinople and he told me he knew Elisabeth Arevian, and he knew that she was originally from Perkinik and that she was the only Arevian left in Constantinople before she died. I am surprised that her date of birth was not the same as my grand-father's as I was told that Hagop's mother breast fed them both at the same time as Elisabeth's mother had died giving birth to her."


The first record for Hagopian in the Catholic Church records was the marriage in 1845 of Stepan Hagopian, the son of Ghorgas, to Mariam Maretian, the daughter of "Gigori", witness, Hovsep Maretian, the son of Hovsep.


There are three letters in Armenian that look like a capital "N" in English. These are the equivalents for the letters T, Gh, and R in English. Stepan's father's given name starts with this letter. I don't know if he was Torgas, Ghorgas or Rorgas.

Hagopian was not a common name. There were four adult male Hagopians who were listed in the Istanbul church records for Surp Savior and Holy Trinity. These church are both connected to the Azarians and Arevians. In addition, the baptismal sponsors for the children of three of these Hagopians are connected in someway to either the Arevians or the Azarians.

The four adult male Hagopians were:

  1. Hovsep Hagopian (son of Hagopas) and Annik Sevonjian

    Hovsep Hagopian, the son of Hagopas, had three children baptized in Holy Trinity. The records for Holy Trinity are particularly hard to read as the information was squeezed into a very tiny space.

    Birth: Unknown. Son of Hagopas

    Marriage: Annik Sevonjian, daughter of Asakili

    Children: Hovsep Hagopian and Annik Sevonjian had at least the following children:

    1. Sreongi Hozefin, the child of Hovsep Hagopian, the son of Hagopas, and Annik Sevonjian, the daughter of Asakili, godfather, Melanor Gagrigian, 1894

    2. Anton ----, the son of Hovsep Hagopian (no father listed) and Annik Sevonjian, the daughter of Asakili, godfather, Bozos Gagrigian, 1897.
    3. Marriage: Anton Hagopian, the son of Hovsepas married Anni-Pazarjian in 1918 in Surp Ohannes.

    4. ----, a-el, the child of Hovsep Hagopian, the son of Hagopas, and Annik Sevonjian, the daughter of Asakili, godfather, Gomitas (a mark that I don't understand) -agentet, 1899.
    Note: Hovsep Hagopian does not have any direct connections to the Hogopians who are connected to Lucy Arevian/Hagopian or the Arevians who are connected to her.

  2. Nazareth Hagopian/Arevian, father unknown, and Anna Desirmenjian

    Nazaret Arevian/Hagopian, father unknown, had a close association with the Azarian/Arevian clan. He was most likely a brother of Lucy Arevian/Hagopian. Family tradition lists him as one of Lucy's brothers. He was the great grandfather of Haniel who contacted me by email in January 2005.

    Birth: Unknown. Perkinik (Haniel, February 2006)

    Marriage: Anna Desirmenjian She was at least 10 years younger that her husband


    1. Avedis Arevian and Makrouhi Saraydarian*
      "I think that Avedis must have been the older born in June 1886, then Artin and another boy who died babies and then Martha would died at 7 years old then Hagop born in 1894."
      (Haniel, Jan 2005)

      A photo of Avedis said he had a "French" wife.

      CHAMBRE KAMER - Commission of Naturalizations

      Demande du sieur Avedis Arevian. (Request from Mr Avedis Arevian.)

      Le sieur Arevian est ne a Constantinople. (Turquie) le 29 aout 1899 de pere armenien. (_____ Arevian was born in Constantinople. (Turkey) on August 29, 1899 of an Armenian father.

      Il est apatride. (He is stateless.)

      Il est beneficiaire duStatut des Refugies relevant de O.N.U. Convention du 28 juillet 1951. (He is a beneficiary of the United Nations Refugee Status Report - Convention of 28 July 1951.) (

      Il habite la Belgigue depuis le 5 septembre 1925 et est marchand de tapis a Etterbeek (Brabant.) (He has lived in Belgigue since 5 September 1925 and is a carpet dealer in Etterbeek (Brabant).

      Note: Etterbeek is one of nineteen municipalities in the Brussels Capital Region. Etterbeek

      Il a espose une Belge de naissance, qui a conserve sa nationalite d'orinine par declaration (His spouse is Belgium by birth, who retained her nationality of origin by declaration.)

      Le postulant n'a pas eu a satisfaire aux obligations de la milice enbers son pays d'origine. (The applicant did not have to fulfill the military obligations of his country of origin.)

      Marriage: Before 1951.

      *According to his SS Death Info in 1990 Varoujean Arevian born in 1926 was the son of Avedis N Arevian and Makrouhi Saraydarian.


      1. Varoujean Avedis Arevian (1926-1990) and Adrian Angelillo

        Note: Varoujean is also the surname used by Daniel (Tamiel) Tcheboukkiarian, a famous Armenian poet and patriot who was born in Prknig, Sebastia in 1884. In 1915 in Constantinople, Varoujean became a victim of the Armenian Genocide. See Pirkinik

        Birth: 8 December 1926, Alexandria Egypt (Per SSDI)

        Varoujean Avedis Arevian, [Varoujean A Arevian], SSN: 077404776, Gender: Male, Race: White, Birth Date: 8 Dec 1926, Birth Place: Alexandria E, Egypt, Death Date: 15 Dec 1990, Father: Avedis N Arevian, Mother: Makrouhi Saraydarian, Type of Claim: Original SSN. Notes: Oct 1964: Name listed as VAROUJEAN AVEDIS AREVIAN; 01 Feb 1991: Name listed as VAROUJEAN A AREVIAN
        Marriage: Adrian Angelillo (Per John Arevian) after 1950.


        1. John Arevian, 1966

        Information from John Arevian, February 2006: John Arevian contacted me by email and shared the following:

        I know that my father, Varoujean, was born in Egypt Alexandria. He lived there with his father, Avedise Arevian, son of Nazareth Arevian.

        My father with his brother and sister grew up in Egypt. My father, Varoujean Arevian met my mother, Adrian, (she was Italian) around 1950. They went to Rome, Italy and lived there for about 5 years. My father obtained US citizenship around 1956 or so and they went to New York where I was born.

        My mother's name was Adrien Angelillo. She was Roman Italian. My father met her in Egypt. She was, I believe, a model for women's clothing and went to school in Egypt. They moved to Rome, Italy about the 1950s and stayed in Rome for about five years and went to the US after my father obtained US citizenship. They went to New York where I was born in 1966. My mother passed away in 1976 in NY and my father passed away in 1991 in Kuwait on a business meeting at 64 years. I do not believe there are any Arevians existent in the US.

        In April 24, 2001 John Arevian wrote to say that he thought his mother was from Naples not Rome.

        John Arevian, Febraury 2006

        Manifest of in-bound passengers (aliens): Tourist Class from Havre 25 July 1950 on the R. M. S. Mauretania to New York, Arevian, Varoujean, A age 24, single, 37 South Catus Ave Pasadena California, Document V-459785 Egyptian

        Notice to Deliver, detain on board or remove alien: Post of New York 7-31-1950 to the owner, agent, or officer in charge of the Maurtania Cunard line, detain on board at Ellis Island, NYH, Arevian Varoujean Avedis T. D. Ext. P. P.

        Social Security Death Index: Varoujean A. Arevian, 077-40-4776, Last Residence: 11379 Flushing, Queens, New York, United States of America, Born: 8 Dec 1926, Died: 15 Dec 1990, State (Year) SSN issued: New York (1964-1965 )

        Departing Passengers: Bound for Naples Italy, Varoujean Avedis, Arevian Varoujean, Departure Age: 23, Birth Date: abt 1927, Departure Date: 25 Aug 1950, Departure Place: New York, New York, USA Ship: CONTE BIANCAMANO

        Note: There are no other records for Varoujean Arevian on Ancestry as of June 2017

      2. Loris, (male), per John Arevian Dec 2008

      3. Annie, per John Arevian Dec 2008

      Died: 1958 (Haniel, Jan 2005)

      Note: According to the church records in Constantinople Nazaret Hagopian and Anna Desirmenjian had the following children baptized in Istanbul: Hagop born in Istanbul in 1895, Mariam 1896, Harodian 1898, and Harout 1900.

    2. Hagop (Agop) Arevian (Hagopian)

      Birth: Hagop Brg--kti*, the son of Nazaret Hagopian and Anna Desirmenjian, Galatia, born, February 8, 1895, priest ------, godfather, Hovsep Arevian, Ho Prgiz, baptized Febraury 19, 1895, Galatia

      *Hakobyan, Hakob Brgniktsi of Hakobyan, Nazareth and Desirmechyan, Anna, place of birth, Ghalatia, February 8, 1895, priest, Hovahannes V Mzrakyan, godfather, Arebyan, Hovsep, church, Ho Pekich (the Savior) date of baptism, February 19, 1895 (Haniel 2007)



      • Hagop Arevian was born in 1894 in "a small village near Sebastia"
      • His father was Nazareth
      • The family to Constantinople after the massacres in 1894-95
      • Nazareth worked as a port Supervisor
      • However, he was arrested and imprisoned on charges of "illegal political activism"
      • Nazareth died in prison

      The Hagop Arevian official web site is in French but basically says the same thing. It adds that his mother was Anna Deryermidjan, his birth date was 11 February 1894, specifies the village as Perkinik (an Armenian Catholic village) and says that Anna's family owned a water mill in the village. Furthermore it states that Nazareth was tortured and died in prison in 1913. Hagop was educated at the school of the Mekhitaristes brothers. The family spoke Armenian at home but Hagop was fluent in French. Hagop's older brother Avedis left Constantinople for Egypt in 1913.

      Photos of the Family includes photos of Nazareth, Ann and the brothers, who I assume are Avedis and Hagop.


      One of these individuals, Hagop Arevian, provides an example of the dedication exhibited by the Legionnaires under extraordinary circumstances. Born in 1894 in a small village near Sebastia (Turkey), he experienced the tragedy and dislocation that have affected so many Armenians. His family miraculously survived the massacres ordered by Sultan Abdul Hamid in 1894-1896, and moved to the capital of Constantinople (Istanbul), where Hagop's father, Nazareth, obtained work as a port supervisor. However Nazareth was soon arrested and imprisoned by Ottoman officials on charges of illegal political activism. Despite repeated appeals to the authorities, even to the Sultan himself, Nazareth remained in prison and ultimately died there.

      Hagop received his education in Mekhitarist schools in the capital, and in 1914 he went to Alexandria, Egypt, to join his older brother. With the outbreak of World War I, he resolved to fight for the Allies and he went to Marseilles, France, to volunteer for the French Foreign Legion. After training in Algeria, he joined the French Army in France. On leave in Paris, he met Boghos Nubar Pasha and learned of the plans to form the Armenian Legion to fight with the French/British forces in the Middle East; as part of the plan the Armenians were promised autonomy in the regions of Cilicia, southern Turkey, which had been allocated to France, according to World War I secret agreements between the Allies (France, England, and Russia).

      Arevian, now a corporal first class, returned to the battlefield in France and was seriously wounded at Vitry-le-Francois. Receiving the valued Croix de Guerre, he was detached from the Foreign Legion in 1917 and assigned to the Armenian Legion, which was then training in Cyprus. He left France aboard the ship "Caledonia," which was subsequently shipwrecked near Port Said, Egypt, and saved by a Japanese counter-torpedo boat.

      After helping to train the Armenian volunteers in Cyprus, Arevian joined the Legion as it marched to Palestine to join in the campaign being waged by British General Edmund Allenby. As a member of the Fifth Battalion, Arevian participated in the Legion's victory at the Battle of Arara (near Rafat, Palestine) against a combined Turkish/German Army commanded by Mustapha Kemal (later Ataturk). The victory marked the collapse of the Turkish/German forces and culminated in the end of the war in November 1918.

      Marching north with General Allenby's forces, Arevian joined other Legionnaires in rescuing Armenian women and children who had survived the death marches of the Genocide. The Armenian Legion was now assigned to occupy Cilicia. Lt. Col. Louis Romieu, commander of the Legion, granted Arevian's request for his section to have the honor of being the first to land in Cilicia, at the port of Mersin, but did not allow Arevian to carry with him the flag of the Armenian Republic; instead Arevian was ordered to take the French tricolor. Arevian was subsequently stationed in Adana, the center of the French occupation in Cilicia., where he served for the following two years.

      By 1920 the political landscape had shifted drastically. France turned Cilicia over to the Turkish nationalists, thus abandoning thousands of Armenian who had returned to their homes under the promise of French occupation and protection. France quietly disbanded the Armenian Legion, and Arevian (now a citizen of France) returned to Egypt, where he married and established a family and a successful business.

      In 1939, Arevian became an early supporter of the French resistance against Nazi Germany and became one of the first members of the General De Gaulle's Free French Forces. From 1940 to 1945 he organized a hospice for soldiers of the resistance, a museum of the war, and created a circle of benefactors and volunteers to assist the French military. In recognition of these services, he was awarded the French Medal of Resistance in 1946, and over the next decade concentrated on his business in Egypt.

      In 1956, however, his life was disrupted once again as he and his wife were expelled from Egypt, given only 48 hours to pack and leave the country. He moved to Paris, where he became an Officer of the Legion of Honor and was given the privilege of rekindling the flame at the Monument of the Unknown Soldier at the Arc of Triumph in 1959. He died in Paris in 1965


      1934: Arevian, adjudant, 1er etrange (L'Echo d'Alger : journal republicain du matin -[s.n.] (Alger)-1934

      1935: Journal officiel de la Republique francaise. Lois et eécrets -Journaux officiels (Paris)-1935 AREVIAN (Agop), adjudant au 1er reg

      1936: Le Veteran. Bulletin de la Societe nationale de retraites Les veterans des armees de terre et de mer, 1870-1871. Fondee a Paris le 1er janvier 1893 -[s.n.?] (Paris)-1936 : le camarade Arevian, la medaille militaire, 9900* Harnes (Pas-de-Calais


      "DES FORCES FRANāAISES LIBRES HISTORIQUE En 1940, repondant a l'appel du General de GAULLE de nombreux volontaires s'enrolerent sous l'etendard de la FRANCE LIBRE A Heliopolis, dans un sous-sol appartenant a M. A. AREVIAN un ancien de la Legion se constitue le premier groupement d'Aviateurs Franćais Libres Pendant toutes les annees ou les...... (Basket-ball: organe officiel de la Federation francaise de basket-ball(Paris)-1949)

      FREE FRENCH FORCES HISTORY - In 1940, responding to the call of General de Gaulle of many volunteers enlisted under the banner of FRANCE A FREE at Heliopolis, in a basement belonging to M A Arevian a former Legionnaire was formed the first group of Free French Aviators During all the years when.......

    3. Mariam Brg--kti*, the daughter of Nazaret Hagopian and Ana Desirmenjian, Galatia, born September 2, 1896, bishop Abigian, godfather, Sovgias Margosian, baptized October 6, 1896.

      *Hakobyan, Mariam Brgniktsi of Hakobyan, Nazareth and Desirmechyan, Anna, place of birth, Ghalatia, September 2, 1896, priest, Stepanos V Abikyan, godfather, Markosyan Sougias, church, Ho Pekich (the Savior) date of baptism, October 6, 1896 (Haniel 2007)

      Death: Mariam, age two the daughter of Nazaret Hagopian was buried in 1901. This means she was born in 1899. I did not find a baptismal record. According to the record from Haniel, the the cause of death was, respitory tract.

    4. Harodian Arminag*, the son of Nazaret Hagopian and Anna Desirmenjian, Galatia, born August 3, 1898, priest----, godfather, Avitis Hagopian, Ho Prgiz, baptized August 15, 1898.

      *Hakobyan, Harour Armenak of Hakobyan, Nazareth and Desirmechyan, Anna, place of birth, Ghalatia, August 3, 1898, priest, Taron Norichan, godfather, Hakobyan Avetis, church, Ho Pekich (the Savior) date of baptism, August 15, 1898 (Haniel 2007)

      Death: Artin Arminag, the son of Nazaret, died in 1899, Surp Savour, (age 5 per translation obtained by Haniel Reviere Allen).

    5. Harout, the child of Nazaret Hagopian and Anna Desirmenjian, born June 30, 1900, Galatia baptized ---- 18, 1900, godfather, Stephan Gougoujian

      *Hakobyan, Harout of Hakobyan, Nazareth and Desirmechyan, Anna, place of birth, Ghalatia, March 30, 1900, priest, not listed, godfather, Gudzuchyan, Stephan, church, date of baptism, May 16, 1900 (Haniel 2007)

  3. Notes:

    • Hovsep Arevian was also the sponsor of Hovsep, the son of Baptist Arevian, a close associate of Lucy and Abram Azarian, in 1901
    • Martiz Margosian was the sponsor for Abram and Lucy's daughter, Zabel, in 1903.
    • Avitis Hagopian was the sponsor Abram and Lucy's daughters, Catherine in 1896 and Christine in 1899.
    • Stephan Gougoujian was the sponsor of Abram and Lucy's son, Melcon, in 1901.

    • Nazaret was not one of the names that family tradition lists as a sibling of Lucy Arevian/Hagopian.

    Other Information: Avedis visited him in prison and asked for his benediction to marry before he left to Egypt. Nazaret's wife (Anna) stayed in Constantinople until the death of her husband as she was trying to ask for his release - he was of course a political prisoner - his crime had been to belong to an Armenian political party. She even knelt in front of the sultan Abdul Hamid to ask for his release but instead Nazaret was badly mutilated and died of bad treatment. This last information was given to my mother by a friend of my grand-father (a French general and my mother's God Father) who had never mentionned this to any of his children - It seems that Armenians rarely speak about what is most painful in their life. (Haniel February 2006)

    Death: Age 45 in prison in Istanbul (Haniel, February 2006)

  4. Gazaros** Hagopian, father unknown, and Miriam Antriasian

    Birth: Unknown.

    **The closest name on a list of Armenian Names from the web site HyeEtch is "Ghazaros"

    Marriage: Miriam Antriasian, father unknown

    Children: They had at least the following child:

    1. Hagop Mshetsi, the son of Gagaros Hagopian and Miriam Antriasian, Galatia, born September 9, 1895, bishop Abigian, godfather, Stepan Gougoujian, Ho Prgiz, baptized September 17, 1895.

      Note: Stephan Gougoujian could indicate a connection. However, this alone might not mean much, since Stephan Gougoujian was one of the most popular godfathers in Constantinople, see Stephan Gougoujian below.

  5. Avitis Hagopian

    Birth: Unknown. Haniel says that Nazareth had an older brother named Avedis born in 1886.


    • How old was he when he was a sponsor to Catherine Azarian in 1896?
    • Was this the same person as the brother of Nazareth?

    Sponsor: Avitis Hagopian was the sponsor for:

    1. Catherine, the daughter of Abraham and Lucy Azarian in 1896, Surp Savour
    2. Harosi Atminag, the child of Nazaret Hagopian and Anna Desirmenjian in 1898, Surp Savour
    3. Christine, the daughter of Abraham and Lucy in 1899, Holy Trinity
    4. Anna Atel Arevian, the daughter of Batist Arevian and Egisabet Gougoujian, in 1909, Surp Savour
    5. Hovsep Arevian, the son of Batist Arevian and Egisabet Gougoujian 1901 or 1911 (?), Surp Savour.
    I cannot find a marriage or children for Avitis Hagopian.


    • Clearly, Avitis Hagopian has close associations with Abram and Lucy Azarian, Nazaret Hagopian and Batist Arevian.

    • Avitis is not a name that family tradition lists as a sibling of Lucy Arevian/Hagopian.
  6. Hagopas Hagopian

    Birth: Unknown

    Marriage: Unknown

    Other Records: Hagopas Hagopian, father unknown, had the following records connected with him:

    1. Eftik, age 40, the daughter of Hagopas Hagopian of Galatia, buried in 1910. This means she was born circa 1870. Cause of death "heartach", per Haniel.

    2. Gagaros** Hagopian, the son of Hagopas was buried in 1913, no age was given, can't read place. (Translation per Haniel Reviere Allen says sudden death age 26)

      **The closest name on a list of Armenian Names from the web site HyeEtch is "Ghazaros"

    • I do not know how common a name Eftik was. However, it was a name give to two of the children of Lucy Arevian/Hagopian and Abraham Azarian

    • If Eftik was the first child of Hagopas and if he was no older than 20 at the time of her birth he was born no later than 1850. Since it is much more likely that he was older than 20 at the time of her birth he was surely born before that.
  7. Mapasial Hogobian

    Mapasial "Hogobian" the son of Antoni married Annik "Hogobian", the daughter of Toukini, witness Hovhannis Sagtzian, priest, ---2, 1884. There are two more columns and I don't know what they say.


    This is clearly Hogobian in both names.

Lucy Arevian/Hagopian

Birth: Elizabeth Lucy Arevian/Hapopian born January 15 1875 in Perkinik daughter of Hagop and Annik. Siblings per family history: Hagop, Batist, Hovaannes, Christine and Nazareth. See Lucy Arevian/Hagopian

Marriage: Apram Azarian

The Arevian/Hagopian Connection

Family tradition says that Lucy, born circa 1875 in Perkinik, was the daughter of Hagop Arevian (or Hagopian) and Anna. And her siblings were: Hagop, Batist, Hovannes, and Christine.

Cross-referencing the records from the Constantinople churches show close connections between Lucy Arevian/Hagopian and:

  • Batist Arevian, the son of Hovsep, born 1868.
  • Hosep Arevian, son of Hovsep, born no later than 1883.
  • Tibaldi/Stephan Arevian, father unknown, born no later than 1888
  • Avitis Hagopian, father unknown, born no later than 1875
  • Nazaret Hagopian, father unknown, born no later than 1875
Lucille Iorio Gaudelli, daughter of Mary Azarian Iorio, told me on August 12, 2000 that her mother said that Lucy Arevian was an orphan. A possible explanation for some of the interconnections between the Arevian/Hagopian clan is:
  • Lucy's parents were Anna _____ and Hagop Hagopian (or Anna and Jozef Arevian). This would depend on the actual year of her birth and who Anna was married to at the time.
  • Anna ___ was married to Hogop Hagopian and probably had Hovsep, Nazarth, Gargaros and Avidis.
  • Hagop Hagopian died.
  • Anna ___ Hagopian married Hovsipas (Jozef) Arevian
  • Hovsep Arevian probably had children by a first marriage such as Batist, Jozef and Tilbaldi/Stephan.
  • Anna _____ and Hovsep Arevian may or may not have had children together
  • Or it just may be some name substitute that I do not understand.
  • It is hard to determine who might have been born to which set of parents because the birth records are not available. However, some version of the above is possible.
  • This is just a theory. There is no real evidence to substantiate it.
  • Since Jozef Arevian died in 1907 (per his tombstone) it is not possible that Anna (Lucy's mother) was married first to Jozef Arefian (who is known to have had a son, Batist) in 1868 and subsequently to Hagop Hagopian.

Information on the Arevians from Lucille Iorio Gaudelli

Lucille Iorio Gaudelli, a granddaughter of Lucy Arevian, also told me in the summer of 2000, that Lucy had a cousin, Hagop Arevian, who won a medal of honor in Egypt in the Second World War and a cousin, Avedis Arevian, who was in the French Foreign Legion.

Lucille also gave me the name "House of Pacradoouni" which is some how connected to the Patriarch of Constantinople.

Christine Azarian Pace, the daughter of Lucy Arevian/Hagopian and Abram Azarian, was in contact over the years with the Arevian/Hagopian family in France. Christine's daughter, Ilda Pace Restrepo, shared the following photos with me.

Anna Desirmenjian and Nazareth Arevian

Ilda identified them as "the parents of Hagop and Avidis".

Photo courtesy of Ilda Pace Restrepo, 2008

Photo courtesy of Ilda Pace Restrepo, 2008

Written on the back in Armenian:

From the left Elize, the third, Avedis, forth Batist, and Avedis and his French wife
Graciously translated by Levon Capan, December 2008

Obviously some of the people in this photo are not named in the hand written note on the back. As far as I can determine they are: Elize, unnamed child [presumably a child of Anne Arevian ____], unnamed woman holding child [I believe that this is Anna born 1909, daughter of Batist and Elize], Avedis [brother of Nazareth and Batist??], Batist [born 1868-died 1962], unnamed woman [she is later identified as the mother in law of Anne Arevian _______], Avedis [son of Nazareth born circa 1886?], and unnamed wife (presumably of Avedis)

Elize must be Elizabeth Gougoujan the wife of Batist.

Photo courtesy of Ilda Pace Restrepo, 2008

Written on the back in Armenian:

Myself, my husband, my son Hovsep and my daughter in law. Edward's present picture is not available. We wrote to him to send us again. Looks like we shall not receive it.
Graciously translated by Levon Capan, December 2008

This picture looks to be earlier than the one above it. Hovsep was baptized in 1901.

Based on the picture above this is Elize Gougoujian Arevian and Batist Arevian.

Photo courtesy of Ilda Pace Restrepo, 2008

Written on the back in Armenian:

My husband, my daughter, my grandchild and I. Elderly woman is my son-in-law's mother. This picture is from this summer when we went to summer house in Great Island.
Graciously translated by Levon Capan, December 2008

From left to right: Elize Gougoujian Arevian, the old lady, Batist Arevian, grandchild (maybe Armand) and Anna Arevian (born 1909)

Close ups of Batist Arevian from group photos.

Close up of Elize Gougoujian Arevian from a group photo.

Close up of Avedis Arevian from a group photo.
Photo courtesy of Ilda Pace Restrepo, 2008

Photo courtesy of Ilda Pace Restrepo, 2008

Written on the back in French:

Paris 16/8/36 Bien chers parents esperons que pour l'exposition de 1937 je viendrais avec cette voiture vous chercher a Marseilles.
It is signed, but I cannot read the signature.

Loose translation: Dear parents I hope that for the Exposition of 1937 I will come with this car to pick you up at Marseilles

My thanks to Catherine Saiko for correcting the French and the translation, December 2008

Photo courtesy of Ilda Pace Restrepo, 2008

Written on the back in Armenian:

My Annie, my son in law Vahe and their daughter Floret 17 years old
Graciously translated by Levon Capan, December 2008

Stamped on back "Foto Artistik Halaskar -azi CaddesiNo. 2--, Sisli -Osmambey"

Photo courtesy of Ilda Pace Restrepo, 2008

Written on the back in Armenian:

My Grandson Armand 13 years old.
Graciously translated by Levon Capan, December 2008

Printed on front "foto Sabah istanbul"

Note: He is certainly not 13 years old in this picture.

Other Arevians From Pirkinik

While looking for traces of the relatives of Lucy Arevian/Hagopian Azarian in the United States I came across the Arevian brothers, Alex and John who settled in Colorado. The WWI Draft Registration of Alex Arevian says he was born in Pakradunny, Sepastia, Armenia, Turkey. According to Joe Topalian who is translating a history of the village of Pirkinik from Armenian to English, the traditional local name of the village was Pakraduny.

Mateos Arevian/Sigherjian




  1. Alex Arevian and Pepina _______

    Birth: Alex August 15, 1894 Pakradunny, Sepastia, Armenia, Turkey (per WWIDR)

    Immigration: Circa 1911 per 1920 census. The Niagara from Le Havre October 17 1911 per naturalization papers. He was NOT listed as a passenger on the Niagara under Arevian but under Sigherjian. See the immigration of Johna Arevian below.

    WWIDR: Alex Arevian, Julesburg, Colorado, born August 15, 1894, born Pakradunny, Sepastia, Armenian, Turkey, farmer, single short, medium build, brown hair, black hair

    1920 Census: Julesburg, Sedgwick, Colorado - roomers Arevian, Alexander age 25, immigrated 1911, born Armenian, general laborer, John age 23, same info.

    Naturalization: Alexander Mathias Arevian 38-- East Calfax Avenue Denver Co. rug dealer, born 15th August 1894 Pahradoon--, Sivas, Turkey immigrated from Harve France 9th October 1911 and arrived in New York Oct. 1-th 1911 on the Nigagara. Declared his intention of becoming a US citizen --th October 1914 in Cheyenne Wyoming. Rejected Mehemmed VI Emperior of Ottoman, had resided in Colorado since 8th October 1911. Alexander Mathias Arvian became a citizen March 29, 1921. He changed his name to "Alex Arevian"

    Marriage: Pepina

    Pipina Arevian BIRTH: 17 Nov 1900 DEATH: Mar 1986 - Denver, Denver, Colorado, United States of America CIVIL: Colorado


    1. Mary

    2. Alexander J. January 21, 1926

      Marriage:Marriage License: Alexander John Arevian Jr. and Thelma Fisher both of Denver Colorado listed in the Burlington, Ia, Hawk-Eye, Iowa 1947-09-16

      Military: Alexander John Arevian Jr Navy Muster Rolls 19 Jan 1945 to 1946

      More: Ancestry lists Alexander John Arevian born 21, Jan 1926 at 714 4th Rd. Palisade, Co. under U. S. Public Records

      Death of Thelma Fisher Arevian: Thelmae Arevian BIRTH: 9 Sep 1928 DEATH: Nov 1995 - Palisade, Mesa, Colorado, United States of America CIVIL: Colorado

    per 1930 census

    1930 Census: Dahlia, Denver Colorado, own $2,500, radio, Alexander Arevian age 37, immigrated 1911, naturalized, dealer rugs, Pepina Arevian age 29, immigrated 1921, Mary age 7, Alexander age 4, John Sigherjian immigrated 1911, alien cleaner rugs age 34 brother


    Other Info: Pepina came into Idlewild Airport on Pan Am in 1957 from Istanbul.

    Death of Pepina Arevian: SSDI March 1896 Denver born 17 Nov 1900

  2. John December 26 1896 born "Cevis" Armenia (per WWIDR)

    Immigration: Circa 1911 per 1920 census. On the Niagara October 17, 1911 under the name John Sigherjian.

    Page 33 lines 20 and 21,

    1. Sigherjian, Alexan, age 19, joiner, 5 ft 4 inches,
    2. Sigherjian, Ohannis, age 18, farm laborer, 5 ft 2 inches,
    3. both born Sivas, father Mateos Sigherjian at Sivas, headed friend O. Copalian 39 West Street Milford, Mass,
  3. Naturalization:

    • Declaration of Intention, February 1921, Denver, Colorado, John Arevian age 26, rug repairer, complexion, dark, 5 ft 3 inches, 140 pounds, hair dark brown, eyes, dark brown, born in Pakradonick Armenian, 26th December 1894. Residing at 3525 East Calfax Avenue, Denver Colorado arrived in US from Havre France on the Niagara, September 11, 1911. Renounced Mehemmed VI Emperor of the Ottoman.

    • January 4, 1941, Petition for Naturalization US District Court Denver, Colorado, Ohanis Sigherjian know as John Arevian 893 Dalia St. Denver, rug dealer, born December 24, 1898, "Suvas" Armenian 5 ft 2 inches 156 pounds, nail on left index finger deformed, not married, last lived in constantinople, Turkey, left from Marseilles, France on the SS Niagara, arriving October 17, 1911 under the name Ohanis Sigherjain asked that his name be changed to John Arevian. Petition denied 1/22/1946 "want of Prosecution"

    • Declaration of Intention: January 4, 1941, John Arevian alias John Sigerjian 8933 Dahlia Street Denver, oriental rug dealer, age 42, complexion dark, eyes, hazel, hair dark brown, 5 ft 2 inches, 160 pounds, born Sivas, Armenia, December 24, 1898, declared intention in 192- in Denver, arrived from Marseilles France under the name Ohanis Sigherjian October 17, 1911 on the Niagara. This petition was accompanied by a certificate that Sigherjian Ohanis entered the port of NY on October 17, 1911 on the SS Niagara.

    WWIDR: John Arevian born December 26, 1896 Cevis Armenia beet field laborer, single cannot see height and build, light brown eyes, black hair

    1920 Census: see Alexander

    1930 Cheyenne Wyoming: John Arevian age 31, roomer, born Armenia, cleaner, own shop,

    Death: John Arevian 24 December 1892 died February 1970 Denver Colorado, SSDI

1921: A real-estate transfer of some sort from Alexander Segherjian 3535 East Colfax to Pipena Arevian Denver

1922: Arevian Brothers advertised a 9x12 Saruk Rug "a bargain" in the Denver Post January 11, 1922

Also advertized in the Denver Rockly Mountain News "repairers and cleaners of Oriental rugs"

1929: Greeley paper was advertising J. Arevian from Denver personally showing Oriental Carpets at Harris Inglefield Furniture.

1931: Greeley Daily Tribune, Greeley Colorado, ad which ran for several months

Your Oriental Rug
Cleaned and Repaired
By Native Armenian Expert
13 years in Denver
Branches in Greeley, Denver and Cheyenne

Note: The naturalization record for John and the immigration of Ohanis and Alexan are the only records listed by Ancestry under Sigherjian.

John Arevian from his naturalization petition 1942.

1891 Annuaire Oriental

  1. Page 525 3me Rue Boyouk Parmak Capou)

    105 Agopian, (Micael) Negociant

    107 Azarian (Antonine), banquier

    107 Azarian (G.) employe a la banque ott

  2. Page 219

    16, P. Arevian (A.), cuirs, Foundouklian, Han, 3, S.(Foundouklian Han at Rue Yeni Djami et Rue Tckitchek Bazaar)

    Arevian (Arakel), cuir, IL Adji Tchechme, 1, au Grand Bazar, S. (Adji Tchechme (Rue)

    Arevian (Artin), cuirs, IL Tchitchek Bazar, 5, S. (Tchitchek Bazar (rue) De la rue Yeni Djami a la rue Tahmiz)

    Arevian (Hatchik). calottes turques, G4° Rue de Galata,42. [maker of fezes]

    Arevian (Onnik), cuirs, IL. Perdahdji Hane au Grand Bazar S. (Perdahdji Hane (rue)

  3. No Gougoujian

  4. Margosian (G.), R. Chichli, 11, P.


    Hagopian (Abraham D.), A. B., instituteur au departement preparatoire du college Robert A Roumelie-IIissar. Hagopian (Agop), avocat, Latif Han, 7, G p.307 (1)

    B. Hagopian, commissionnaires, Pinto Han, 14, 15, S.

    Hagopian (Agop), Latif Han,. 7, G.

    Hagopian (Agop), avocat. LEON HAN, Rue de la Quarantaine, 10. Nos 1.


    Mgr Etienne Pierre X. Azarian,. Patriarche de Cilicie.

    Azarian (Ant.), banquier, Grande Rue de Pera, 107. Azarian (Aristakes p.226 (3) AZAR - page 226 Azarian (Stepan), broderies, Kezabdjioflou. Han, 24, S. Azarian (Vit.), miroitier, Kurkdji Han, 11, 19, S. Azarian (Vit.), marchand, R. Djelel, 7, P.

    Azarian Pere et Fils, et negociants, R. Perchembe Bazar, 22, G.

    Azarian (St.), Kezapdjioglou Han, 24, S.

    Azarian (Vit.), Kurkdji Han,11, 12,39

    Azarian (Antoine); banquier. Azarian (G.), employe a la banque ott.

    Azarian (Yitchen), marchand. 9.

    Azarian (Bedros). Avocats : Ismail Hakki Effendi.

    and more

No Melcon Azarian, no Apram Azarian.

No Batiste Arevian.

1895 Annuaire Oriental

Arevian Pere et Fils, curis [hides], R. Tchitcek Bazar, 5, S.

Arevian, (H.), commissionnaire, Mehmed Pacha Han 10 S.

Arevian (Hatckik), calotted turques, Grand Ruue de Galata, 42

Arevian, (Onnik) curis, R. Perdahdji Hane 11, au Grand Bazar S.

There are a ton of "Agobpian" but none with the right first names.

There are four "Hagobians" but none with the right first name, except:

"Hagopian (Hagop H.) avocat [lawyer] Memed Ali Pacha Han, 2, G."

1914 Annuaire Oriental

Arevian (A) dentiste, R. Tepe Bachi 37 P et R. de Brousse, 27 P

Arevian (Baptiste), proprietaire, R. Luledji Hendik 2 G.*

Arevian Frers, negociants, Khorassandji Han 31. S.

Arevian (Leon) commissionn., R. Digner Bektchi 14, Pane

Arevian (M.) et C agends de C-- d' assu. Outch Direkli Han 16 a 18 21 S.

Arevian (Miguirditch) de la maison M Arevian et Cie R Tourna 39 Pane.


Elizabeth Gougoujian was the wife of Batist Arevian.

Stephan Gougoujian was the godfather for Hagopian and Azarian.

Stepan Gougoujian was a godfather 20 times and a marriage witness 3 times between 1885 and 1909, a 24 year span.

The records for the Gougoujians include:

  1. Annik Gougoujian, the something of Hagopas, age 26, was buried 1811, Surp Savour.

  2. Stepan Gougoujian was the sponsor for:
    1. Mariam, the daughter of Simon, Ezenian and Hagop Margosian, Surp Savour 1885.
    2. Felomina, the daughter of Tanoag Tetrosian, in 1890, Surp Savour
    3. Hagop, the son of Stepan Ezarian and Bab--a Zarpanhian, in 1893, Surp Savour.
    4. Mariam, the daughter of Artin Tetganian and Annik Abajian, 1893, Surp Savour.
    5. Gregor Datrian, the son of Hovannes, in 1894, Surp Savour.
    6. Hagop Mouzibi Hagopian, the son of Gagaros Hagopian, in 1895, Surp Savour.
    7. Eo-eni, the child of Paleg Repovanian and La-gouni Sarkisian, 1895, Surp Savour.
    8. (smudged name), of Artin Tetganian baptized in 1895, Surp Savior
    9. Miriam Antsriasian, the daughter of ---, in 1895
    10. Anjez, the child of Hovannes Datrian, in 1896, Surp Savour.
    11. Mari, the daughter of Harodi Nazarian and Tagouni Gregorian, Surp Savour 1896.
    12. Sitkis, the child of Artin Tetganian and Annik Abajian, Surp Savour, 1899
    13. Alkian, the child of Hovannes Datrian, in 1900, Surp Savour.
    14. Harouk Hagopian, the son of Nazaret Hagopian, in 1900, Surp Savour
    15. Briotini, the child of Ohan Gougoujian and Vertoni Misjititian, 1900 Surp Savour
    16. Melkon, the son of Abraham and Lucy Azarian, in 1901, Surp Savour
    17. Gregor, the son of Artin Tetganian and Annik Abajian Surp Savour, 1901
    18. Hovhan Hagop, the son of Hovhovins Chantzian and Mannik Aztzian, in 1902, Surp Savour
    19. Anna, the daughter of Man-Martizian and Ezisabet Dertetian, Galatia, 1902. In this record Stepan Gougoujian was listed as the son of Hovsepas
    20. Azanne, the child of Man-Martizian and Ezisabet "Derobapian", Galatia, 1905. In this record Stepan Gougoujian was listed as the son of Hovsepas
    • Stephan Gougoujian was the godfather for all the known children of Artin Tetganian
    • Stepan Gougoujian was the sponsor for two of the children of Hovannes Datrian

    Stepan Gougoujian was the witness to the marriage of the following people:

    1. Hanok Kezkian, the son of Georgas, and Anna Gougoujian, the daughter of Hovsepas, 1891
    2. Hovhannes Dataian, the son of Gregori, and Dorotea Janinian, the daughter of Alesani in 1895, Surp Savour
    3. Anton Bonikian, the son of -onpeni, and Hoipsime Matsn-asian, the daughter of Gasbar in 1909, Surp Savour

    Stepan Gougoujian, the son of Hovsepas, married Filomina Ajemian, the daughter of Kevork, witness ----pen Gogigian, 1895, Surp Savour.

    There is a 10 year gap between the marriage and the only baptismal record I found. Stephan Gougoujian and Filomina Ajemian had at least one child:

    1. Bozos, the son of Stepan Gougoujian and Filomina Ajemian, 1905, godfather, Hosep Gougoujian, Ho Prikz

  3. Ohan Gougoujian and Vartoni Misjititian had the following children:
    1. Louskia An-iz, the daughter of Ohan Gougoujian and Vartoni Misitetian, Galatis, 1898, godfather, Bozos Borjouian.

    2. Briotini, the child of Ohan Gougoujian and Vartoni Misitetian, Galatia, 1900, godfather Stepan Gougoujian.

  4. Gregor Gougoujian, the son of Bozos, married ----- K—ian the daughter of Haroutian, witness Gregor K---ian, 1889, Surp Savour.

  5. Soip Gougoujian was the godfather for –zis, Deranpsatouian, the child of Hovannes in 1895, Surp Savour.

  6. Hovhan Gougoujian was the godfather for Hovhannes Biberian, the son of Livon in 1896, Surp Savour.

  7. Hovsep Gougoujian was the godfather for:
    1. The child of Stepan Gougoujian in 1905.
    2. Boza Louzika Bazabonina, the daughter of Bitros Bazabonina and Tagougi Brtian in 1896, Surp Savour.

  8. Betsis Gougoujian was the godfather for Anna Semerjian, the daughter of Haroutian Semerjian, in 1913, Surp Savour. Note: This is the first record for Semerjian in the Istanbul records. Was this Semerjian related to Artin (Harry) Semerjian, who married Virginia Azarian?.

Notes and Questions:

  • Is it possible that one person was the godfather and the witness for this many rites?
  • Was there more than one Stepan Gougoujian?
  • Whoever he was he must have been someone of importance, power and wealth


Margosian connections are:

  • Stephan Gougoujian was the godfather to Miriam, the daughter of Simon Ezenian and his wife, Hodop Margosian in 1885.
  • Sovgias Margosian was the godfather for Marta, the daughter of Nazaret Hagopian in 1896
  • Martin Margosian was the godfather of Zabel Azarian in 1903
  • Haroutian Arivian, the son of Hovannes Arivian married Tagoshi (Tagougi) Donigian, the daughter of Bitros Donigian, before 1895. Gagaros Margosian was the godfather for three of the children of Tetizins Donigian.

The records for Margosian are very limited:

  1. Hodop Margosian was the wife of Simon Ezenian, as indicated on the baptism of their child, Mariam, in 1885.
  2. Tougas Margosian was the godfather, to Stisage (?) Talian , the child of Grigor Talian and Lousia on June 25, 1888, Surp Savoir.
  3. Martin Margosian was the godfather for Zabel Azarian in 1903. I cannot find a marriage or children for Martin Margosian
  4. Garabir Margosian, the son of Bitros Margosian and Miriam (no last name), Zile, was baptized in 1895, godfather, Bitros Margosian, Surp Savour
  5. Bitros Margosian was the godfather for Garabir Eranian, the son of Bitros Eranian and Miriam Hovagimian, Zele, 1895, Surp Savour
  6. Tougas Margosian was the godfather for Stisage Talian, the child of Gregor and Louzia Talian in 188?, Surp Savour
  7. Gagaros Margosian was the godfather for:
    1. Tetizins Priotene Domigian, the child of Bitros Domigian and Veron Zaralian, 1896, Surp Savour
    2. Bozos Domigian, the son of Bitros Domigian and Veron Zatalian, 1899, Surp Savour
    3. Martin Gotove Domigian, the son of Bitros Domigian and Veron Zatalian in 1901, Surp Savour
    • Bitros Domigian and Veron Zatalian had other child: --- baptized in Surp Savoir in 1894, godfather, Hovhannes Domigian
  8. Sovgias Margosian was the godfather for Marta, the daughter of Nazaret Hagopian in 1896

Miscellaneous Information on the Azarians, Arivians, Hagopians, Etc.

I looked through the marriages for Surp Savour from 1882 to 1920 for the marriages of female members of the Azarian, Arevian and Hagopian clan. There were no Azarians and Arevians listed. There was only one Hagopian.

The baptismal records for Surp Savour after 1917 were listed by date not by alphabet. There is an index at the end of the records. There were no Azarian, Gougoujian, Margosian or Hagopian baptisms listed in the index.

In January 2005 I was contacted by email by Haniel Riviere-Allen, a descendant of Hagop Arevian/Hagopian. Hagop Arevian/Hagopian was the son of Nazareth Arevian/Hagopian who we believe was Lucy's brother. Hagop, is also the person who family stories told of being in the French Foreign legion and who was visited by Christine Azarian Pace in Paris in 1962. See below for more on Nazareth Arevian/Hagopian.

Haniel shed some light on the Arevian/Hagopian question in one of her emails of January 2005.

I have spoken to my mother about the confusion between Arevian and Hagopian. She told me that she had heard of it and that it was the same family. The reason why Hagopian was added is that back in the village the elders would gather to discuss who should marry which family to make sure that there was no in-breading. So in order to identify an Arevian side of the family from another they have added Hagopian to identify a sub-group of the clan. You probably know that Hagopian means 'the son of Hagop'. I would not be surprised if Nazareth had a father or an ancestor called Hagop and passed on this first name down the next generation when naming his youngest son Hagop.
In February 2006 I was contacted by emial by John Arevian, the son of Varoujean Arivian and the grandson of Avedise Arevian

On this page I have attempted to look at the records in Constantinople for the Arevians, Hagopians and other families who appear to be connected to them.


I translated the records from the Armenian using a "Teach yourself Armenian" guide. Some of my transliterations may be off the mark. Some of the handwriting is very cramped in addition to the fact that it is entirely foreign to me. If you know the correct transliteration on any of the names please let me know. Thanks.

Haniel, an Arevian/Hagopian Relative

Haniel is a descendant of Nazareth Arevian/Hagopian, who we believe was a brother of Lucy Azarian. Haniel found the web site on the Internet and contacted me by email. She is writing a book about her grandfather, Hagop Arevian, who is a person that Christine Azarian Pace visited in Paris in 1962 or there abouts.

Nazareth Arevian/Hagopian was married to Anna Desirmenjian, see Nazareth Hagopian above.

The records in Constantinople show close ties between Nazreth Arevian/Hagobian and Lucy Arivian/Hagopian Azarian.

Here are some excerpts from Haniel's emails.

Some Information From Haniel, January 2005

(Anna Desirmenjian)

Anna's family name means 'the windmill owner' and her family owned one of the windmills in Perkinik. At birth she was given a potential husband and according to the customs of the time the name of her 'fiance' was engraved on her cot. Her husband to be died as a child so she married Nazareth who was older than her by a good 10 years.

She must have been very young when she had her first child because she told my mother that she still used to play with her dolls. She would put them down to take care of her first baby.

(The Armenian Catholics)

There were entire Armenian villages of Catholics which dated from the Crusades. They thought in fact that because they were entirely Catholic and kind of under 'foreign' protection they would not be targeted by the massacres. Indeed at first they were even Turkish representatives who mentionned this but very quikly the politics changed and the fact to be Armenian was sufficient to warrant death or forced deportation.

More Information From Haniel, January 2005


I don't speak Armenian but my mother does and as a child she could speak with Anna about the life in the village. Anna spoke Armenian and Turk. This was useful as when Hagop married a Greek, she also could speak Turk as her native island was one of the parts of Greece which was the longest under the Ottoman authority.

Unfortunately my mother does not read Armenian. Hagop and Avedis spoke French, Armenian, Greek, Turkish and Arabic very fluently. Fortunately the memoires where Hagop recollects part of his life are in French!

(Hagop and Avedis)

Hagop was very tall, handsome, jet black hair. Avedis was short and I think had fair hair. (Anna)

Anna had very long blond hair and blue eyes. My mother was told by friends who had known Anna in the village that she was called 'la belle Anna' for she was very beautiful. Anna was too humble to repeat such things about herself.

Anna was the daughter of a second marriage. Her father remarried and had, we think, only Anna with his second wife. He had at least 3 sons with the first wife and a daughter who died giving birth to Ersapeth (Armenian equivalent of Elizabeth). This child was born at the same time as Hagop and Anna breast fed both of them together.

My mother thought that this sister may have been called Lucy but we have no proof of this.

We do not have the names of Anna's older brothers as she would only refer to them as 'her handsome brothers' - they old died in the massacres. They were much older than her and had horses. Apparently Perkinik had a reputation for being a village which dealt with the commerce of horses.

More Information From Haniel, January 2005

(Arevians in the Genocide)

According to my uncle, 80 members of the Arevian clan were massacred by the Turks.

(Nazareth, Hagob and Avedis)

Nazareth belonged to Dashnak, one of the first resistant group, and was a leader in his own right. He worked on the docks in Constantinople with his brother. Nazareth was arrested for his political activities and he died in a Turkish jail at the age of 45 from bad treament, torture and mutilation.

Avedis used to visit his father in prison as a child and even asked for his blessing before he got married with Machroui who was an Armenian orphaned by the massacres.

Avedis left first to emigrate to Egypt but Anna stayed until her husband died. Hagop followed Avedis and decided to join the French Foreign Legion. Lied about his age as he was only 17 and should have been 21 and joined the army. He had attended school at the Catholic Armenian jesuite called the Mechitarist and had a French education. His main motivation in joining the Legion was to avenge his father and to combat the Turcs as in WWI they were on the German side. After his military training in Algeria (which was part of French territory at the time and headquarter of the Foreign Legion) he was sent to the Somme front in France and fought in some of the worst battles with huge casualties. He was mortally wounded at the head by a sharpnel but recovered miraculously (it would be too long to tell you the whole story!).

He then was chosen to train the batallion which was composed of Armenian from the disapora, many of them came back from America to fight under the French Foreign Legion. Hagop was then a captain and trained those keen fighters in Cyprus. I have many details about this period as Hagop left precise accounts of his military life. From there they went to Turkey, Adana and many other places up to Constantinople to fight the Kemalist army. Until 1922 when this front ended end the dream of a free Armenian republic with it. He went back to Egypt and settled in Heliopolis near Cairo, His brother settled in Alexandria. Hagop preferred the new city of Heliopolis because he needed a very dry climat to recover from his various wounds. He married Eleni a Greek orthodox from Chios Island who had also suffered exile, the Turks etc.. and had arrived in Egypt when she was 10 years old. They had 3 children, a son Athos who his still alive in Marseilles aged 80, Annette my mother who is 78 and lives in the centre of France but still travels to Egypt several times a year - and interestingly Lucy who died a few years ago. My mother was named after Anna, her Grand-mother and was very close to her growing up. Anna lived with Avedis first and then when Hagop had children she moved to live with them. My mother told me that Hagop insisted to give the name of Lucy to his daughter in memory of a relative of his but my mother can't remember what was the exact relationship.

Hagop had first a dry cleaning busines supplying his services to big hotels and then bought a cafe he called 'le cafe de France'. When the WWII came up he organised the resistance and created a network to help the war effort in Egypt. This is also very well documented. He met with De Gaulle twice and received the Legion of Honour, one of the highest French military distinction.

He was forced to exile in 1954 by the Nasser goverment with all the others non-Egyptians who lived in Egypt and he came to Paris.

Avedis died in 1958, I am not sure where but should be able to find out. Hagop and Eleni had very difficult time in Paris, having lost everything and too old really to built a new life. He did work in a couple of places thanks to Armenian friends who helped him found jobs but he died in 1965.

Hovhannes Martin, Artin, Gregor, Eranosi and Bozaten Arevian

The following records for Hovhannes Martin Arevian, Artin Harountian Arevian and Gregor Arevian do not show any specific connections to Lucy Arevian/Hagopian or the Arevian/Hagopians that she was connected to.

Artin and Gregor appear to be connected to one another.

  1. Hovhannes Martin Arevian, son of Mateos Arevian, and Vironika Barpinian

    Note: All the records connected to Hovhannes Martin are listed in Surp Savour, a church connected with both Batist Arevian and Abraham Azarian.

    Marriage: Hovhannes Martin (AKA Hovhan) Arevian, the son of Mateos Arevian, married Vironika (AKA Viron) Barpinian, the daughter of Hovannes Barpinian.

    Children: Hovhannes Arevian and Vironika Barpinian at least the following children:

    1. Vurtorsi, the son of Hovhannes Martin Arevian, the son of Mateos, and Viron Barpinian, the daughter of Hovannes, godfather, Alekovan Barpinian, the son of Movses, 1895.
    2. There is a break of 11 years. There must have been other children.

    3. Mateos, the son of Hovhan Arevian, and Vironika Barpinian, Galatia, August 8, 1906, godfather, Bitros Zirinian (or Lirinian), priest, Jacob Mazarian, Ho Prgiz, baptized September 24, 1906, Surp Savour.
    Hovhannes Arevian as a godfather:

    1. Martez Taztigian, the child of Haroulian Tazto and Markarit Gantigian in 1889, Surp Savour.
    2. Mariam Bazrigian, the daughter of Maptitos Bazrigian, 1913, Surp Savour.
  2. Artin Haroutian Arevian, son of Hovannes Arevian, and Tagoshi (Tagougi) Domigian

    Note: All the records for Artin Arevian were Surp Savour of Holy Trinity church another church connected with Abraham and Lucy Azarian.

    Birth: Unknown. Son of Hovannes from the baptismal records of his children

    Marriage: Unknown. Tagoshi (Tagougi) Domigian, the daughter of Bitros Domigian, from the baptismal records of their children.

    Children: Haroutian (Artin) Arevian and Tagoshi (Tagougi) Domigian had at least the following children:

    1. Hovannes, the son of Haroutian Arevian, the son of Hovannes, and Tagoshi Domigian, the daughter of Bitoros, godfather, Hovsep Dominian, the son of Haroni, was baptized 1895 in Holy Trinity.

      Death: Hovhannes Arevian, age 18, Holy Trinity in 1914.

    2. Homiras, the son of Artin Arevian, and Tagougi Domigian, Mapri Posob Tzi 30, Galatia, born January 25, 1898, priest----, godfather, Martiros Mazrikian, St Benedictos, was baptized ---22, 1898, Surp Savour.

      Death: Homiras the son of Artin Arevian, no age is given, 1900, Holy Trinity.

    3. There is a break of 5 years.

    4. Hovitas Stepan, the son of Artin Arevian, the son of Hovannes, and Tagougi Domigian, the daughter of Bitros, godfather, ---- Arevian, 1903, Holy Trinity.
    Note: The only records for the name, Domigian are:
    • Three baptismal records for the children of Bitros Domigian and his wife Veron Zatalian, in 1896, 1899 and 1901. The godparent for all three children was Gagaros Margosian.
    • Two children of Artin Baztekian and Margret Domigian in 1898 and 1900. The godfather for the child born in 1900 was Gregor Arevian.
  3. Gregor Arevian,

    Birth: Unknown. Son of Hovannes? This supposition is based on the facts that:

    • He was a sponsor to the child of Margret Domigian who may have been a relative of Artin Arevian's wife, Tagougi Domigian.
    • There is a death record for Gregor Arevian the son of Hovhannes in 1918, see below

    Sponsor at Baptisms: Gregor Arevian was the sponsor for:

    • "Haroutianian Haroutian", the son of Gabril Haroukian or Haroutian (the spelling under the child's name and the father's name is different) and Varoes Alarmian, Goum Gabo, ---- 5, 1896, priest Galbanian, godfather, Gregor Arevian, Ho Prgiz, February 25, 1898
    • Mariam Baztekian, the daughter of Artin Baztekian and Margret Domigian, Galatia 1898, Surp Savour. Note: Artin Baztekian and Margret Domigian also had Martin in 1900, godfather, Petoi Lamazian, Surp Savour.

    Death ?: Gregor Arevian, no age given , the son of Hovhannes, was buried February 25, 1918.

  4. Eranosi Arevian, son of Gagaros/Bitros, and Papion Papazian

    Eranos Arevian was listed in one record as the son of Gagaros and in another record as the son of Bitros. In both these records he was the husband of Papion Papazian, the daughter of Gregory.

    Birth: Unknown. Son of Bitros/Gagaros

    Marriage: Papion Papazian, daughter of Gregori

    Children: Eranosi Arevian and Papion Papazian had at least the following children:

    1. Miriam, the daughter of Eranos Arevian, the son of Gagaros, and Papion Papazian, the daughter of Gregori, godfather, Hovhan Papazian, son of Gregori, 1901, Holy Trinity.
    2. Hagop, the son of Eranosi Arevian, the son of Bitros, and Papion Papazian, the daughter of Gregor, godfather Stepan Matrogosian, priest, 1903, Holy Trinity.

  5. Bozaten Arevian

    Birth: Unknown

    Sponsor: Bozaten Arevian was the godfather for Stepan Bazabanian, the son of Bitros Bazabanian and Tagougi Brtian, 1902, Surp Savour.

Azniv Arevian, Istanbul 1910, from the book HISATAK, (Memories 1865-1930 Oemme Edizioni, 1990) image shared by Armen Gurekian, January 2012.

I do not know who Azniv was. John Arevian does not recognize the name.

Lucy Arevian/Hagopian
Sivas Images and Information
Pirkinik/Perkinik Images
History of Perkinik Fr. Ephrem Boghossian C. M. Vd (Mechitharist of Vienna, Austria) Translation by Joe Topalian
Armenian Catholic Chruches in Istanbul

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