Abram Azarian was born in Sivas, Turkey in 1865. He married Lucy Arevian/Hagobian in 1895 in Constantinople. They immigrated to the United States with their seven children in 1920 and 1921.

Lucy Arevian/Hagopian was born in the village of Perkenik, State of Sivas, Turkey in 1875/76.

Children of Abraham and Lucy Azarian

Catherine Christine Mike Virginia

Anna Mary Alice

Azarian Immigration and Naturalization Dates

Azarians in Constantinople

Arevian/Hagopians in Constantinople

Constantinople/Istanbul, PICTURES

Armenian Roman Catholic Curches in Istanbul

Maps of Turkey and Union City, New Jersey

The Armenians in Turkey

Immigrant Ships

Azarian group pictures


Armenian Customs, Dress, Food

Sivas (Sebastia)

Pirkinik, a village outside of Sivas

History of the Village of Perkenik by Fr. Ephrem Boghossian C. M. Vd. (Mechitharist of Vienna, Austria)

The Abkarian Family of Sivas

1895/1896 Armenian Issues

The 1915 Genocide

Haratunian Collection, Watertown, MA, USA - Swiss Orphanage for Armenian girls in Sivas

The Azarian Family in the 1930 United States Census 1930 Federal Census

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Azarians in the Istanbul Catholic Church REcords Azarian Records

Constantinople 1897

1914 Constantinople, The National Geographic.

Belmar, New Jersey Pictures

The John Blanck Family and the families of the sisters of Alice Azarian Blanck spent their summers in Belmar, New Jersey for many years. To see pictures of Belmar, click on the post card of the beach scene


Union City


Jugha Cemetery

The April 21, 2006 Times of London reported on the "disappearance" of one of the medieval wonders of the Caucasus as an act of "cultural vandalism". An Armenian cemetery at Jugha near the southern boarder of Azerbaijan containing thousands of carved stone crosses dating from the 9th to 16th centuries has vanished apparently destroyed by the Azerbaijanis.

Azerbaijan has repeatedly dismissed Armenia's allegations as scaremongering and in turn accused Armenia of destroying hundreds of Muslim sites.

The Armenian foreign minister, Vartan Oskanian stated that "The irony is that this destruction has taken place not during a time of war but at a time of peace."

The Azerbaijanis contend that there was never an Armenian cemetery or any other Armenian cultural relics on the site.

My thanks to John Doherty who sent a copy of the times article.

Go to Armeniapedia: the online Armenia Encyclopedia for information on Jugha cemetery and PARTIAL VIEWS OF JUGHA CEMETERY There are other sites as well.

Jelle Verheij

Jelle Verheij is a Dutch historian working in Turkey. He has taken lots of lovely photos of the Turkey during his travels around the country. Go to website of Jelle Verheij, historian and TrekEarth

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John Arevian, who is in the US Army tells me that this person is either a sergeant or a staff sergeant, but he does not know which army. He noted the ribbon on the left side, but could not make it out.

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