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New York City 1899

The following pictures were taken from Harper's Weekly September, 1877 .

Lower New York From Brooklyn Heights

Harpers's Weekly, September 1877
Taken at a bird's-eye glance, the harbor of New York is a magnificent picture, each detail of which is of the greatest interest. Here are crafts of all possible sorts, except, perhaps, Chinese junks and birch-bark canoes, and the flags of every maritime nation are unfurled to the breeze. You may find little clam boats from Connecticut, and fishing smacks from the Banks; shapeless canal-boats from Buffalo, and grimy steam barges fro the Delaware and Raritan; coquettish pilot-boats tripping seaward, and trim schooners with potatoes from Nova Scotia or tobacco from Norfolk; brigs from Boston and Bombay, barks from the Mediterranean and South American ports; full rigged ships and swifts clippers resting from voyages round the Horn or the Cape of Good Hope; thick-skinned whalers from Arctic seas, and battered merchantmen from the Indian Ocean; Liverpool and Glasgow and Hamburg and Havre steamers, whose crews speak of the Eastern hemisphere simply as "the other side," and go over and back in three weeks; iron-clad frigates representing the navies of the world; natty corvettes escorting imperial visitors to Uncle Sam; and weaving all together, saucy tugs sputtering here and there, ferry-boats like turtles, gaudy pleasure boats, steamboats, and revenue cutters with gilt-edged officers in the wheelhouse.

United States bonded Warehouse

The Piers Of The East River

Harper's Weekly July 27, 1889

"Steamer Day in New York"

The City of Parish on the Inman Line, was a brand new steamer in 1889. Here she is show being escorted either in or out of the harbor. For more imformation on and additional images of the City of Paris go to City of Parish

Munsey December 1900, Collection of Maggie Land Blanck.


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