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Children of John Walsh and Fanny Feeney in New York City

According to a variety of sources, at least eight of the children of John Walsh and Fanny Feeney immigrated to the United States and settled in New York City: Michael, Mary, James, Thomas, Joseph, Fanny, Ellen, and Julia.

Michael and Thomas both indicated that they arrived in the New York circa 1886/87. Joseph and Fanny immigrated in 1894. The immigration dates of the other are not know.

  • Agnes Walsh Lahiff (a daughter of Joseph Walsh and Maggie Langan) and Maria Lahiff Pedulla (the daughter of Agnes Walsh Lahiff) made notes on the siblings of Joseph Walsh which indicate that the following 8 children of John and Fanny immigrated to New York City: Michael, Thomas, James, Joseph, Mary, Julia, Ellen, and Fanny.

  • Charles Walsh (a son of Joseph Walsh and Maggie Langan) and Mary Walsh Herdman (a daughter of Charles Walsh) made notes on the siblings of Joseph Walsh which indicate that the following 7 children of John and Fanny immigrated to New York City: Michael, Thomas, James, Joseph, Mary, Julia, and Ellen.They did not list Fanny.

  • Marilyn Walsh Krausch (a daughter of William Walsh and Mae McCarthy and a granddaughter of Joseph Walsh and Maggie Langan) lived with William O'Shaughnessy, the son of Mary Walsh and William O'Shaughnessy, when Marilyn's mother was sick with TB. She provided me with some information on Mary Walsh O'Shaughnessy when I visited her in Tucson in 2002.

  • Joan Donovan, (a daughter of Lillie Walsh and Eddie O'Neil and a granddaughter of Joseph Walsh and Maggie Langan) provide a copy of a note and a remembrance card from the ordination of Martin O Shaughnessy (the son of John and Fanny's daughter, Mary Walsh O'Shaughnessy) in April 2005.

I have found the birth's in Ireland for all of the siblings listed by Agnes and Charles, except the birth of Julia.

Walsh was almost as common in New York City as it was in the West of Ireland. There were 615 listings for Walsh in the 1890 directory for New York City, including 30 Michael Walshes and 52 Thomas Walshes. The information is too vague to determine if these listings included the sons of John and Fanny Walsh.

Michael Walsh (1863-1918) and Bridget (Beesy) Killren (Kallora)

Birth of Michael Walsh

1863 Ballinrobe, Ireland

Immigration of Michael Walsh

According to his naturalization papers and the 1900 census, he immigrated in 1886 on the Adriatic. I cannot find a listing for him on that ship or that year. There are several Michael Walshes about the same age who arrived from Queenstown between 1883 and 1886. The information on the immigration of that period is too vague to be certain which (if any) is the correct record for this Michael Walsh. According to his death record in 1918, he had been in the US for 32 years, which would mean he immigrated circa 1886.

www.catlegarden.org lists the following possibilities:

  • Michael Walsh, Laborer, 20, M, 22 Oct 1880, Ireland, Adriatic
  • Michael Walsh, Laborer, 22, M, 28 Oct 1882, Ireland, Adriatic
  • Michael Walsh, Laborer, 20, M, 5 January 1883, Ireland, Adriatic.
  • Michael Walsh, Laborer, 26, M, 16 May 1885, Ireland, Adriatic
  • Michael Walsh, Laborer, 28, M, 4 May 1889, Ireland, Adriatic
There is no listing in early February 1886 for the Adriatic to New York.


Coachman 1900, 1901, 1911

Doorman, 1917


Bridget Kallora (Other spellings: Killren, Kilaren), date unknown (most likely between 1890 and 1895), place unknown (most likely NYC). I did a thorough search of the records and did not find the marriage record for Michael and Bridget. Marriages performed in the Roman Catholic Churches were greatly underreported.

Bridget (Bessie) Kallora Walsh

Bridget Kollora Walsh was also known as Aunt Bessie. Many of the grandchildren of Joseph and Maggie remember her.

Bessie (pronounced BZ) was a nickname for Bridget.


  1. Mary (AKA Tootsie), circa 1896, according to Michael's naturalization papers, see below.

    Death; 1970 Estate $40,00 no will per Agnes Walsh notes

  2. John Lawrence Walsh, August 14, 1897 (WWI Draft Registration) 1899 (Death record). Not listed by Ancestry for 1891 to 1902 NYC Births.

    WWI Draft Registration: John L Walsh 1307 3rd Ave New York, born August 14, 1897, Brownville, NY, USA, father born Mayo Ireland, employer Guaranty T Co. 140 Broadway, mother Bessie Walsh, 11307 3rd Ave. short, slender brown eyers and black hair. August 24, 1918

    Death, 1924: John Lawrence Walsh 200 E 78th street tenement, Manhattan, single dob August 14, 1899, age 25 years 8 months, and 3 days, born NYC, father, Michael Walsh, born Ireland, mother, Bridget Killoran, born Ireland, died April 17, 1924 acute lobar pneumonia, heart failure, buried Calvary April 21, 1924 (NYC cert. #10974, 1924).

  3. Patrick Joseph Walsh, March 15, 1901
    Birth: Patrick Joseph Walsh born March 15, 1901, father Michael Walsh, age 35, born in Ireland, coachman, mother, Bridget Kilaren, age 32, born in Ireland, address, 205 East 77th Street, number of previous children, 2, three still living. (#11911).
    Note: His date of birth was listed on the naturalization papers as March 1900

    Baptism: Patrick Joseph, the son of Michael Walsh and Bridget Killren, born March 15, 1901 and baptized April 7, 1901, St Jean Baptiste, 184 East 76th Street, New York. godparents: Thomas Walsh and Anna Killren. (Record from St Jean Baptiste)


    • Thomas Walsh was Michael's brother.
    • Anna Killren must have been a relative of Bridget's
    Death: Patrick Joseph Walsh, born March 15, 1902 died September 1982, Bronx, 10461, 057-09-5538 (SSDI)

  4. Edward Michael, September 17, 1903
    Birth: Edward Michael was born September 17, 1903, according to Michael's naturalization papers and the Baptismal records from St Jean Baptiste Church. There were no births recorded for Walsh on September 17, 1903. Edward M Walsh Birth Date: "27" Sep 1903 Birth Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 42930. (Not verified as of June 2016.)

    Baptism: Edward Michael Walsh, the son of Michael Walsh and Bridget Killren, was born September 17, 1903 and baptized, October 18, 1903 at St Jean Baptiste, 184 East 76th Street, New York. Godparents: Matthew House and Catherine House. (Record from St Jean Baptiste)


    • Sr Elizabeth Kennedy C.N.D., who sent me the transcriptions of the Walsh baptisms, said that the first letter of the name "House" was hard to read and she was unsure if the "H" was correct.
    • I do not know how Matthew House and Catherine House are related to either the Walshes or the Killrens.

    Marriage: Not Edward M Walsh Sept 11, 1932 Manhattan cert. # 18546.

    Death: Unknown. No death listed in the SSDI

1900 Federal Census in New York City

The 1900 Federal Census listed Michael Walsh and his family at 203 East 77th Street as follows:

  • Michael Walsh, coachman, born January 1864 in Ireland, immigrated in 1885
  • Delia, wife, born February 1864 in Ireland
  • "Annie", born 1895 in New York
  • "Jimmie", born 1897 in New York.

  • Notes:
    • The names of the two children do not match the birth and naturalization records, see below. This is a common problem with census records and is not a major issue.
    • Delia is/was a nickname for Bridget
    • This listing is not included on Ancestry.com
1905 Census

1910 Federal Census

Ward 19, Third Ave, Michael Walsh, head age 44, married 16 years, immigrated 1885, na, coachman stables, Bridget wife age 40, 4 children 4 still living, immigrated 1887, Mary, daughter age 15, John son age 12, Patrick son age 9, Edward son age 6 Children all born NY parents born Ireland,

1915 New York State Census

E 78th street, Walsh 49, porter, "Mageret" Walsh 46 Mary Walsh 19, stenographer, John Walsh 17, clerk office, Patrick Walsh 14, Edward Walsh 11

Naturalization of Michael Walsh

The naturalization papers for Michael Walsh includes the following information:

  • His 1911 Declaration of Intention listed Michael Walsh, 1336 3rd Avenue, coachman, 5 feet 6 inches, 175 pounds, black hair, brown eyes, born in Co. Sligo, Ireland, August 25, 1868, immigrated from Queenstown on the Adriatic, late residence in Ireland, Co. Mayo.
  • His Petition for Naturalization listed Michael Walsh, 1307 Third Avenue, doorman, born August 20, 1868 in Co. Mayo, immigrated from Queenstown on the Adriatic, February 4, 1886, wife Bridget Kallore, children, Mary, born 1896, John born 1898, Patrick born 1900, Edward born 1903. A witness was Thomas Walsh, masseur, 199 West 76 Street.
  • Michael's naturalization papers contain a "Memorandum of Continuanoes" which lists two dates:
    1. Date: November 8, 1917, Reason for Continuanoe: Adj
    2. Date: January 8, 1918, Reason for Continuanoe: Adj 1 -(illegible)
    The Order of the Court Denying Petition dated February 14, 1918, stated that "the petitioner was ordered to appear in court and having failed do do so the petition was denied for Lack of Prosecution"
  • Despite some discrepancies in dates and names, there is enough collaborating evidence to indicate that all of the above records are for Michael, the son of John and Fanny Walsh, born in Ballinrobe in 1863.
  • Michael's date of birth (as listed in the Ballinrobe records, on the census, and on the naturalization papers) are not consistent. This, however, is a common occurrence.
  • The names of the children are not consistent between the census and the naturalization papers. Again, this is common in these types of records.
  • There was only one Michael Walsh who had the following combinations of associations:
    1. Lived on the Upper East Side (where his brother, Joseph his family lived).
    2. Was related to Thomas Walsh, "Masseur".
    3. Was born in Co. Mayo.
    4. The occupations listed for Michael are consistent with those listed for his brother, Joseph.
    5. Was married to Bridget Kallore (Killren)

Michael Walsh as a Sponsor

Michael Walsh was the sponsor at the baptism of:

  1. Charles, the son of Joseph Walsh and Maggie Langan, on August 21, 1904 in West End, New Jersey. See, Joseph Walsh.
The Death of Michael Walsh

On the hunch that the reason that Michael failed to show up in court for his naturalization was because he died, I checked the death records in NYC between 1917 and 1918.

Michael Walsh, 1307 3rd Avenue, Manhattan, tenement, male, white, married, born, August 25, 1865, Ireland, age 52 yrs, 6 mos, and 1 day, occupation, attendant, in US 32 yrs, father, John Walsh, born in Ireland, mother, Fanny McDonald, born in Ireland, died on February 26, 1918 about 1 AM of a diabetic coma. He had been sick and in the care of a doctor from November 1, 1917. He was buried in Calvary Cemetery on February 28, 1918.

Note: This is not the only record where Fanny Feeney Walsh's name was listed as Fanny McDonald. Fanny Walsh listed her mother as Frances McDonald, at the time of her marriage in 1899. It is possible that their mother, Fanny Feeney, was the daughter of ____ Feeney and _____ McDonald. I cannot find any McDonalds in Ballinrobe.

1920 Federal Census

  • Bessie Walsh head 50 widow, immigrated 1887 (?), Na 1895 born Ireland, mother tongue Irish, No occupation
  • John L Walsh, son age 22, bookkeeper bank
  • Patrick Walsh, son age 18, clerk stock exchange
  • Edward M Walsh, son age 16, clerk, stock broker
  • Mary Walsh, daughter age 24, stenographer, office
  • Children all born NY

1930 New York State Census

Bridget Walsh, Mary, Patrick and Edward were listed in the 1930 census at 200 E 78th Street in Manhattan as follows:

  1. Bessie, head, rent $34, radio, age 63, widow, born Ireland, native tongue, English, immigrated 1887, naturalized, no occupation
  2. Mary, daughter, age 33, single, born NY, stenographer office
  3. Patrick V. son, age 29, born NY, clerk office
  4. Edward M, son, age 26, born NY, clerk office

None of the men were vets.

The Death of Bessie Walsh

Bridget Josephine Walsh widow of Michael Walsh, born June 22, 1870 age 68, housewife, born Ireland, in US 50 years, father John Killoren, born Ireland mother Bridget May born Ireland, informant Mary Walsh buried Calvary, cerebral hemorrhage hypertension died Nov. 29, 1938 buried Dec 21, 1938

1940 New York State Census

171 E 77th street, Patrick Walsh 39, single,brokers clerk stock brokers office, Mary Walsh 42, single, stenographer, H O L C

Family Notes on Michael Walsh

  1. Agnes Walsh Lahiff and Maria Pedulla's notes on Michael Walsh

    • Michael married "Beatrice" Killoran, known as Aunt Beezie
    • They had:
      1. Mary=Tootsie (estate) died 1970 $40,000, no will
      2. Eddie, died
      3. Patrick, died

  2. Charles Walsh and Mary Walsh Herdman's notes on Michael Walsh

    • "My father's godfather" (meaning Charles's godfather)
    • 3 boys and 1 girl

Bridget Killoran Walsh, birth Ireland 1870 died 1938, NYC

Birth: Daughter of John Killoran and Bridget May born June 22, 1870, Ireland. Immigrated circa 1888. (Info from death record)

Family of Michael Walsh Addresses

The addresses in New York for the records connected with Michael Walsh are all in the 70s in the Upper East Side within a few blocks of one another. This is important for two reasons; one, while people changed apartments frequently, they tended to stay in the same neighborhoods, two, while there were a number of Michael Walshes in New York in the late 1800s to early 1900s, there appears to have been only one living in the 70s on the Upper East Side.

  • At the time of Joseph's immigration in 1894 - 109 East 76th Street (between Park and Lexington).
  • Six years later - 1900 census - 203 East 77th Street (between Third Avenue and Second Avenue).
  • 1900 Census - Third Ave no number. Naturalization papers in 1917 - 1307 Third Avenue (near 75th Street) - The same at Michael's death in 1918
  • 1930 Census - 200 E 78th Street

Mary Walsh (1865-1928) and William O'Shaughnessy

Birth of Mary Walsh

August 5, 1865, Ballinrobe, County Mayo Ireland

Immigration of Mary Walsh:

Circa 1886


William O'Shaughnessy, circa 1890 and place unknown (presumably NYC).

Not listed in the NYC archives for 1881 through 1891.

Birth of William O'Shaughnessy: Circa 1864 Ireland.

Immigration: Unknown.

No obvious immigration record for William O'Shaughnessy through the Castle Carden site.

Occupation of William O'Shaughnessy: 1891, firefighter, 1900 labourer, 1920 labourer


  1. John Augustine O'Shaughnessy and Katherine Mansfield

    Birth: John O'Shaughnessy born November 27, 1891, 239 E 79th Street to William O' Shaughnessy age 30 born Ireland, firefighter and Mary "Welsh" age 24, born ireland, 1st child certificate # 43481. No listing in the 1891 to 1902 birth index for NYC for June 1891.

    Marriage: Katherine Mansfield

    Mansfield, Kathleen F, Jun 21, 1916, Manhattan, 14127, M521


    1. Kathleen c. 1920

    2. Frances 1921

      Death: Frances Claire Oshaughnessy [Frances Claire Steiner] [Frances Steiner] SSN: 085169808 Gender: Female Race: White Birth Date: 24 Aug 1921 Birth Place: Brooklyn Kings, New York Death Date: 20 May 1991 Father: John A Oshaughnessy Mother: Kathleen F Mansfield Type of Claim: Original SSN. Notes: Feb 1940: Name listed as FRANCES CLAIRE OSHAUGHNESSY; Jan 1961: Name listed as FRANCES CLAIRE STEINER; 02 Jun 1993: Name listed as FRANCES C STEINER

    3. John M 1925

      Death: John Martin Oshaughnessy [John M Oshaughnessy] Gender: Male Race: White Birth Date: 23 Jan 1925 Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York Death Date: 1 Dec 2006 Father: John A Oshaughnessy Mother: Kathleen F Mansfield Type of Claim: Original SSN. Notes: Jun 1941: Name listed as JOHN MARTIN OSHAUGHNESSY; 30 Dec 2006: Name listed as JOHN M OSHAUGHNESSY

    4. Gerard 1927

      Death: Gerard William Patrick Oshaughnessy [William Pat Oshea] [William Oshea] SSN: 129142244 Gender: Male Race: White Birth Date: 13 Mar 1927 Birth Place: Brooklyn New, New York [Brooklyn, New York] Death Date: 20 Oct 1992 Father: John A Oshaughness Mother: Kathleen Mansfield Type of Claim: Original SSN. Notes: Jul 1942: Name listed as GERARD WILLIAMPATRICK OSHAUGHNESSY; Feb 1956: Name listed as WILLIAM PAT OSHEA; 30 Oct 1987: Name listed as WILLIAM PATRICK OSHEA; 10 Nov 1992: Name listed as WILLIAM P OSHEA

    5. Richard c 1929

    Occupation of John O'Shaughnessy: Insurance

    WWI Draft Registration: John Augustine O'Shaughnessy 1738 44th Street Brooklyn born November 28, 1891, NYC, adjuster, Travelers Insurance 30 E 42nd Street NYC, married can't read, height medium, build medium, eyes blue hair brown. 1917.

    1920 Census: Brooklyn, 55th street, John O Shaughnessy 27, insurance underwriter, Catherine O Shaughnessy 27 Catherine O Shaughnessy 0 [9/12]

    1930 Census: 243rd Street Rosedale Queens, John A O'Shaughnessy, head own, $9.750, radio age 37, born NY, field assistant Life and fire Ins. Kathleen wife age 37 born New York, Kathleen daughter age 10, Frances daughter age 8, John M son age 5, Gerard son age 3, Richard, son age 1 yr and 4 mos.

    Death of Katherine Mansfield O'Shaughnessy 1937 : (Steiner Family - ancestry.com)

    Death of John O'Shaughnessy: 1957 (Steiner family - ancestry.com)

  2. Helen (Nellie) O'Shaughnessy (1894-1937) and Henry Harry Brocker

    Nellie (Agnes Walsh Lahiff) and (November 1894, 1900 census).

    Birth: While there are several listings for Ellen O'Shaughnessy in the correct time period there are no listing with correct names and ages of parents, occupation of father and address, etc.

    Marriage: Henry Harry Brocker circa 1917. Not listed in the Grooms index NYC (Roman Catholic marriages under reported).

    Note: Julia Walsh (a sibling of Mary Walsh) lived with her niece, Mrs. Henry Brocker, at the time of her death in 1928.

    More on Harry Brocker:

    • Not listed WWI Draft Registration

    • US WWII Draft Registration: Harry J Brocker 242-06 136 Ave Rosedale Queens age 51 born April 5, 1891, New York, City, Inspector of Naval Matl, 30 Chruch Street, New York City, name and address of person who will always know your address, Grace Brocker same address Question: Who was "Grace" Brocker?


    1. Joseph 1923

      Joseph Dominick Brocker [Joseph Dominic Brocker] [Joseph Brocker] SSN: 095124358 Gender: Male Race: White Birth Date: 4 Aug 1923 Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York Death Date: 11 Dec 1994 Father: Harry J Brocker Mother: Helen Oshaughnessy Type of Claim: Original SSN. Notes: May 1940: Name listed as JOSEPH DOMINICK BROCKER; 25 Nov 1985: Name listed as JOSEPH DOMINIC BROCKER; 21 Dec 1994: Name listed as JOSEPH BROCKER

      Joseph Brocker SSN: 095-12-4358 Last Residence: 33956 Saint James City, Lee, Florida, USA BORN: 4 Aug 1923 Died: 11 Dec 1994

      Joseph D Brocker Birth Date: 4 Aug 1923 Death Date: 12 Dec 1994 Cemetery: Calverton National Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Calverton, Suffolk County, New York, USA

    2. William 1929

      SSA: William F. Brocker SSN: 110-20-4879 BORN: 4 Jun 1929 Died: Nov 1988

      William Francis Brocker [William F Brocker] SSN: 110204879 Gender: Male Race: White Birth Date: 4 Jun 1929 Birth Place: Rosedale Que, New York Death Date: Nov 1988 Father: Harry Brocker Mother: Helen Oshaughnessy Type of Claim: Original SSN. Notes: Jul 1943: Name listed as WILLIAM FRANCIS BROCKER; 04 Jun 1993: Name listed as WILLIAM F BROCKER

    1920 Census: Did not find

    1930 Census:242 - 06 136 Ave Queens

    • Harry Brocker, head own $8,000, age 38, married at 25, born NY, father born New York, mother born New Jersey, foreman painters
    • Helen, wife, age 34 married at 21 born NY parents born Irish Free State
    • Joseph, son, age 6
    • William, son, age 11 months

    Death: Helen Brocker Birth Year: abt 1895 Age: 42 Death Date: 9 Jul 1937 Death Place: Queens, New York, USA Certificate Number: 5028

    Helen Brocker Death Date: 12 Jul 1937 Cemetery: Saint John Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Middle Village, Queens County, New York, USA

    1940: 136 Avenue, Queens, Harry Brocker 49, painter building construction, Joseph Brocker 16, William Brocker 10

    1942: Harry J Brocker Age: 51 Race: White Birth Date: 5 Apr 1891 Birth Place: New York City, New York, USA Residence Year: 1942 Residence: 242-06 136th ave Rosedale, Queens, New York, USA, contact Grace Brocker, emplouer inspector of Naval Matl. 300 Church street, NYC

    See O'Shaughnessy

  3. William O'Shaughnessy (1897-?), Mary Mildred Ward and Nora McCarthy

    Birth: William born June 30, 1897, 204 E 76th Street, father, William O'Shaughnessy, age 33, born Ireland, iron worker, mother, Mary nee Welsh, age ?, born Ireland, third of three children still living (1897 Manhattan Certificate # 27942 )

    WWI Draft Registration: William O'Shaughnessy, 352 54th Street Brooklyn, born June 30, 1897, New York, NY Father's birthplace, --run, Ireland. Name of Employer, Bernard Schole & Co. 14 Wall St. New York, nearest relative, Mary O'Shaughnessy, 353 54 Brooklyn, eyes, brown, hair black. medium height medium build.

    Marriage 1: William Raphael O'Shaughnessy, 20 E 95the Street, age 28, real estate broker, born NYC, father, William, mother, Mary A Walsh, married Mary Mildred Ward, 20 E 95the Street, age 23, born Woolgate, NY, father, John E. mother, Frances Heinrick, Witnesses, John Hogan and Belinda McCann, marriage performed by Rev. James A Dunagan, 135 E 9_ Street. October 12, 1925 (Marriage certificate #27734 Manhattan 1925)

    1930 Census:

    William R O'Shaughnessy age 32, married at 29, born New York stock broker, Mildred wife age 24, born New york

    Marriage 2: Nora McCarthy, the sister of Mae McCarthy who was the wife of William Walsh, the son of Joseph Walsh and Maggie Langan.

    Death: William Oshaughnessy SSN: 064-07-1217 Last Residence: 33312 Fort Lauderdale, Broward, Florida, United States of America Born: 30 Jun 1897 Died: Jan 1976 State (Year) SSN issued: New York (Before 1951)

  4. Harold per Agnes Walsh Lahiff)

    Marriage: No listing in the NYC Grooms index.

    Death: Unknown.

  5. Florence circa 1905, per 1920 census

William O'Shaughnessy and Mary in the 1900 Census

W. 53rd Street, Manhattan:

  • William, head, born Aug 1865, Ireland, naturalized, married 10 years, immigrated 1889, Na, laborer,
  • Mary, wife, born June 1871, 4 children 3 still living*, Ireland, immigrated 1889
  • John born June 1891
  • Nellie, born November 1894
  • William born November 1896
  • Mary's age is off about 6 years, this is not uncommon
  • * A child died before 1910

William O'Shaughnessy and Mary in the 1910 Census

East 19th Street Manhattan, "Shanyssy, William, age (can't read) married 19 years, laborer plastering, born Ireland, 5 children 4 living, immigrated 1875, Mary, wife, age 39, immigrated 1888, John son age 18, clerk, store, Nellie daughter age 16, William Jr age 12, Florence, age 6, O Shean, Catherine, niece, age 18 born New York, sales lady department store.

Move to Brooklyn

Sometime between the 1910 census and 1915 the family moved to Brooklyn.

1915 Census

54th street, Brooklyn, William O'Shaughnessy 47, tile setter, born Ireland, Mary O'Shaughnessy 39, born Ireland John O'Shaughnessy 24, investigator insurance, Helen O'Shaughnessy 20, slaes lady department store, William O'Shaughnessy 17, office boy Florence O'Shaughnessy 10 Catherine O'Shaughnessy 23, niece, cashier, Benjamin Reilly 40, boarder, children born US

William O'Shaughnessy and Mary in the 1920 Census

54th Street Brooklyn: William O'Shaughnessy, head, married age 56, naturalized, can't read immigration date but Ancestry says it is 1908, labourer, Mary wife, age 49, William son age 22 bookkeeper, Florence daughter age 15

Notes: Again there are some minor problems with this census but this is surely them. They ended up in Brooklyn. Mary died at 55th Street in Brooklyn in 1928. William and William have the right ages. Mary is off again.


Did not find.

Emigrant's Saving Bank

Indexes only for William O'Shaughnessy. Can't be sure it is him.

Death of Mary Walsh O'Shaughnessy

Mary Agnes O'Shaughnessy, 442 55th Street, Brooklyn, married, date of birth, October 11, 1869, Ireland, in US 42 years, father John Walsh, born Ireland, mother, Frances McDonald, born Ireland, died March 26, 1928 about 6 A. M.. sick from October 1, 1927 chronic myocarditis, duration of 5 months and 26 days. Buried Calvary Cemetery, March 29, 1928 (Manhattan Death Certificate #6869, 1928)


  • Despite the incorrect date of birth and mother's maiden name, this is the correct death record
  • Fanny Feeney was frequently listed by her children as McDonald.
  • 442 55th Street is just east of 4th Ave.

Death of William O'Shaughnessy

William O'Shaughnessy, Brooklyn, Caldonia Hospital, widower, age 69, retired, born Ireland, in US 45 years, father, John O'Shaughnessy, born Ireland, mother Mary Healy, born Ireland, address 249 Highland Ave, Brooklyn, cause of death, chronic mocarditis, chronic nepremia (?), uremia, died April 12, 1932 at 5:30 A. M. buried Calvery Cemetery April 15, 1932. (Brooklyn Death Certificate #8532, 1932)

Highland Avenue is on the tip of Coney Island. They were previously in the 55s in Bklyn.

Marilyn Walsh Krausch's information on Mary Walsh and her family

  • William (Bill) O'Shaughnessy, the son of Mary Walsh and William O'Shaughnessy, was married to Mildred (Mona).
  • They did not have any children
  • When Marilyn's mother, Mae McCarthy Walsh, was sick with TB, Bill and Mildred O'Shaughnessy took Marilyn to live with them in Brooklyn. They wanted to adopt her, but she eventually returned to live with her father.
  • After Mildred's death, Bill O'Shaughnessy married Mae McCarthy's sister, Nora.
  • Frank Goehle, the husband of Isabel Walsh Goehle, was a best man at the wedding of Bill O'Shaughnessy and Nora McCarthy in 1969. Marilyn lent me a photos of the wedding. See below.

William R O'Shaughnessy (the son of William O'Shaughnessy and Mary Walsh) in the 1930 Census

William O'Shaughnessy and his wife, Mildred were listed in the 1930 census at 249 Highland Avenue, Brooklyn as follows:

  1. Mildred, renting, $70, age 24, age at marriage, 21, born in New York, both parents born in New York, citizen, occupation, none
  2. William, husband, age 32, age at marriage 29, born in New York, both parents born in Ireland, citizen, clerk, stock exchange, vet, no war service.
Nora McCarthy and Bill O'Shaughnessy at their wedding in 1969.

See The McCarthey's for the complete photo, which includes Frank Goehle and Nora's sister, Kate.

The O'Shaughnessies

Julia Walsh, the sister of Mary Walsh O'Shaughnessy, was buried in a grave with several O'Shaughnessys. See Julia Walsh below.

William O'Shaughnessy had several brothers in New York City. For more information on the O'Shaughnesses go to O'Shaughnessy in New York City now or at the bottom of the page.

James Walsh and Anna Svenson


1867 Ballinrobe, Ireland


He listed both for 1885 and 1887 on the census returns. There are too many James Walshes listed by Castle Gardens

Marriage: Annie Svenson circa 1888. I did not find a listing in the NYC indexes.

I did not find this marriage under either James Walsh or Anna Svenson, Feb 2006.


  1. Francis (Fannie) (1891-1957) married Emil Gagnon

    Fannie Walsh (1900 census) 1891 Manhattan certificate #10344, Fannie born March 11, 1891, daughter of James Walsh born Ireland hostler, age 23, and Annie Cilia (?) Svenson born Sweden, age 29, 1st child, 66 West 9th Street

    1915: 509 West 59th street, Amemil Gagnon 28 Frances Gagnon 24 Edith Gagnon 10/12 right nest to her parents.

    1920: 511 59 street West End and Amsterdam Emil Gagnon 33, chauffeur taxi co., Francis Gagnon 28, Edith Gagnon 5, Virginia Gagnon 3, [3 6/12] Geneveve Gagnon 1 [1 5/12]

    1925: Emil T Gagnon 38, Francis Gagnon 34, Edith Gagnon 10, Virginia Gagnon 08, Vera Gagnon 06, Foster Gagnon 03, James Walsh 55,, Anna Walsh 55

    1930 Census: Queens 163 Street, rent $60, Emil T Gagnon 43, taxi business, Frances Gagnon 39, married age 18, Edith Gagnon 15 Virginia Gagnon 13 Vera Gagnon 11 Foster Gagnon 8

    Death of Frances Walsh Gagnon: Frances Mary Gagnon [Frances Mary Walsh] Gender: Female Race: White Birth Date: 11 Mar 1891 Birth Place: N Y N Y, New York Father: James Walsh Mother: Anna Swanson Type of Claim: Original SSN. Signature on SSN Card: FRANCES MAR SAGNON Relationship of Signature: Signature name differs from NH's name. Notes: Feb 1957: Name listed as FRANCES MARY GAGNON

  2. James Emmet Welsh (1900 census) 1893 Manhattan Certificate #68888, (very hard to read because it is very faint) James Emmet Welsh, 4th (?) July 1893 father James Walsh born Ireland age (can't read) stableman, mother Anna W (?) Svenson, born Sweden, age 30 can't read rest

    Further Records: Not listed in 1905 census with his parents and his siblings Frances and Thomas.

  3. Thomas Walsh (1897-1988) and Katherine ________

    Birth: Thomas August 31, 1897

    WWI: Thomas Walsh Gender: Male Birth Date: 31 Aug 1897 Death Date: 4 Jul 1988 Cause of Death: Natural SSN: 062309219 Branch 1: ARMY Enlistment Date 1: 13 Apr 1917 Release Date 1: 26 Mar 1919 Branch 2: ARMY Enlistment Date 2: 27 Mar 1919 Release Date 2: 26 Mar 1920

    1920: Swimming Instructor, 30 days from April 23: Thomas R. Walsh, 513 W. 59th street, $1,260 a year. Civil Service Commission NYC, 1920

    1930 Census Queens

    • Thomas Walsh, head Rent $55.00, age 32, age at first marriage 24, born NY, father born Irish Free State, mother born Sweden, teacher New York City Schools
    • Katherine, wife, age 25, married at 17, born Pa., parents born Irish Free State
    • Anna, daughter, age 7,
    • Thomas Jr., son, age 4
    • Donald, son, age 1 and (can't read)

    1932: Thomas R. Walsh Swimming Coach, New York Athletic Club. Swimming Examiner, Board of Education of New York City. Former Director of Life Saving, American Red Cross in Westchester County. (Aims and Methods in School Athletics)

    1940: 164th street Queens, Thomas Walsh 42, teacher of swimming, Catherine Walsh 35, clerk, cleaning estb., Ann Walsh 17, Thomas Walsh 14, Donald Walsh 11

    SSN: Thomas Richard Walsh [Thomas R Walsh] SSN: 062309219 Gender: Male Race: White Birth Date: 31 Aug 1897, Birth Place: New York, New York [New York|] Death Date: 4 Jul 1988, Father: James J Walsh, Mother: Anna C Swanson, Citizenship or Alien Status: U.S. citizen, Claim Date: 20 Oct 1960, Type of Claim: Duplicate SSN - change or replacement, Additional Information: Duplicate request; evidence of identity only submitted. Notes: 30 Apr 1985: Name listed as THOMAS RICHAR WALSH; 27 Aug 1976: Name listed as THOMAS R WALSH

    Information from Mary Ann Herrick: On January 27, 2006 Mary Ann Herrick wrote to me by email:

    My Grandfather, Thomas Walsh was a well know swimmer. He swam for the US Calvary, taught swimming in the New York City Schools, coached at the NY Athletic Club and was on a sports radio channel. He was a judge for the Great Lakes Swim competitions, (Sponsored by Spearmint) and coached 3 Olympic swimmers: Ray Ruddy, Dutch (George) Fissler and George Kojak. He was a phenomenal Grandfather to us all. He had a cabin that he and his sons, Tom and Don built in upstate NY. He took the Grandchildren there in the Summers and taught them target shooting, horticulture, fishing and of course swimming!
    • Ray Ruddy age 26 American Olympic Swimmer died of a brain concussion after an accidental fall down stairs Dec 5, 1938. He was an Olympic medal winner for long distance swimming 1928 - the 440 yard event - taught himself to swim off a dock in the East River - at Columbia University in 1930 - NCAA Champ 400 yard free style
    • George Kojac Rutgers class 1931- 2 time Olympic gold medalist - world record swimmer - 1928 Olympic gold metal for 100 backstroke
    Death: THOMAS R WALSH 31 Aug 1897 04 Jul 1988 11358 (Flushing, Queens, NY) (none specified) 062-30-9219 New York

  4. Unknown, per 1900 census

Agnes Walsh Lahiff on James Walsh

  • Married a Swede.
  • Two children:
    1. Thomas ?, swimmer: famous=bay
    2. Fannie


I did not find naturalization papers for James Walsh through the US Supreme Court in NYC.

1900 Census

26th Ward at West 62nd Street:

  • James Walsh, head, July 1867, age 32, married 12 years, immigrated 1885, in US 15 years, Alien, hostler
  • Annie Walsh, wife, April 1862 age 38, mother of 4 children 3 still living born Sweden, immigrated 1883, in US 17 years
  • Fannie, daughter, March 1891, age 9 born NY, at school
  • James, son, February 1893, age 7, born NY, at school
  • "Thomas", son August 1897, age 2, born NY

Note: A hostler was a groom or stableman at a inn.

1905 Census

507 West 59th street, James Walsh 36, stableman, Anna Walsh 38, Sweden, Frances Walsh 14 Thomas Walsh 7

1910 Census


1915 Census

509 West 59th street, James Walsh 53, Ireland, porter, hotel, Anna Walsh 48, born Sweden, "Richard" Walsh 18, US electrician

1920 Census

James Walsh was listed in the 1920 Federal census at 59th and Amsterdam Ave as follows:

  1. James Walsh, head, age 51, born Ireland, immigrated 1887, naturalized in 1890, porter office
  2. Anna, wife, age 52, born Sweden, immigrated 1883, alien, no occupation

1925 Census

Flushing Queens, Emil T Gagnon 38, chauffeur, taxi, Francis Gagnon 34, Edith Gagnon 10, Virginia Gagnon 08, Vera Gagnon 06, Foster Gagnon 03, James Walsh 55, father in law, born Ireland, naturalized 1890, retired watchman, Anna Walsh 55, mother in law, born Sweden

1930 Census


Death of James Walsh

After 1925 before 1940.

1940 Census

1940: Queens, 166 Street, Emil Gagnon 56, head, chauffeur taxi company, Francis Gagnon 48, wife, Vera Gagnon 22, clerk statisic co Foster Gagnon 18, new worker, Peter Gagnon 10, Mary Jane Gagnon 10, Anna Walsh 78, mother in law, Sweden, widowed

Thomas Walsh (1869-) and Margaret Hefferine


1869, Ballinrobe, Ireland


Possibly 1886 as listed on the 1900 census, see below.


Margaret Hefferine, date unknown.


1897 Bartender, 1900 Bartender, 1908 Masseur, 1915 Masseur, 1920 Machinist Electrician


1897 East 61st Street, 1900 East 76th Street, 1908 Wast 76th Street, 1920 E 74th Street


  1. Unknown
    Birth: I know that there were two children born to Thomas and Margaret before the birth of Margaret in 1897 because she was listed as Margaret Hefferine's third child.

    Death: I know that they died because Margaret (born in 1897) was listed as the only child still alive at the time of her birth.

  2. Unknown
    Birth: I know that there were two children born to Thomas and Margaret before the birth of Margaret in 1897 because she was listed as Margaret Hefferine's third child.

    Death: I know that they died because Margaret (born in 1897) was listed as the only child still alive at the time of her birth.

  3. Margaret Walsh born 1897
    Birth: Margaret Walsh, born December 20, 1897, father, Thomas Walsh, age 28, born in Ireland, bartender, mother, Margaret Hefferine, age 28, born in Ireland, address, 201 East 61 St., third child, one living (This would be Margaret) (#53191)

    Baptism: Margaret Walsh was not baptized at St Jean Batiste

  4. Mary Cecilia, born 1900 (according to 1900 census and her baptismal record) .
    Birth: I did a thorough search of the birth records and did not find the record for Cecilia. There was no listing for a Walsh birth on April 10, 1900 and no birth of a Mary Cecilia Walsh or Cecilia Walsh in 1900.

    Baptism: Mary Cecilia, the daughter of Thomas Walsh and Margaret Hefferine was born on April 10, 1900 and baptized on April 29, 1900 at St Jean Baptiste 184 East 76th Street, New York. Godparents: John Corles and Margaret Hefferine.


    • Corles was a name from the Ballinrobe parish records.

      1927: Cecilia Walsh Arrival Date: 11 Oct 1927 Birth Date: 10 Apr 1900 Birth Location: New York Birth Location Other: new york city Age: 27 Gender: Female Port of Departure: Southampton Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Majestic, 1477 Lexington Ave. New York,

    • Margaret Hefferine must have been a relative of Margaret Hefferine Walsh.
  5. Eleanor, born circa 1904 according to the 1920 census.

    Birth: I did not find the birth record of Eleanor Walsh.

    Baptism: I did not find the baptismal record of Eleanor Walsh.

  6. Alice K Walsh born circa 1906, according to the 1920 census.

    Birth: I did not find the birth record of Alice Walsh.

    Baptism: I did not find the baptismal record of Alice Walsh.

  7. Thomas B Walsh born 1908
    Birth: Thomas B Walsh was born September 19, 1908, the son of Thomas B Walsh, age 38, occupation, masseur, born in Ireland, residence, 184 E 76 Street, and Margaret Hefferine, age 35, number of previous children seven, number still living, five (#49994).

    Baptism: Thomas B. Walsh, the son of Thomas Walsh and Margaret Hefferan, born September 19, 1908, was baptized on October 11, 1908 at St Jean Batiste, 184 East 76th Street, New York. Godparents: John Hefferan and Lilia (Julia?) Walsh (Record from St Jean Batiste)


    • John Hefferan must have been a relative of Margaret Hefferine Walsh.
    • "Lulia" may have been "Julia", the sister of Thomas Walsh mentioned by Agnes Walsh Lahiff and Charles Walsh.

    Further records:

    • Thomas B Walsh was a mystery writter who published 11 mystery novels, won the Edgar Award, and was published in the Saturday Evening Post. For more information on Thomas Walsh either click on Thomas Walsh, writer now or go to the bottom on the page.
    • Thomas Walsh apparently went to Ireland and visited the Walsh house. Agnes Walsh said that he reported it was a "fieldstone frame (shell)".

    Death: October 21, 1984, see Thomas Walsh, writer No death listed in the SSDI

    Thomas Francis Morgan Walsh Birth Date: 19 Sep 1908 Birth Place: New York, New York County (Manhattan), New York, USA Death Date: 21 Oct 1984 Death Place: Danbury, Fairfield County, Connecticut, USA Cemetery: Enfield Street Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Enfield, Hartford County, Connecticut, USA

Thomas Walsh as a Sponsor

Thomas Walsh was the sponsor at the baptism of:

  1. Patrick Joseph, the son of Michael Walsh and Bridget Killren, April 7, 1901, St Jean Baptiste, NYC
  2. Joseph of Joseph Walsh and Maggie Langan, March 6, 1910, St Jean Baptiste Church, NYC
Thomas Walsh in the 1900 US Census

Thomas Walsh on East 76th Street. The listing includes:

  • Thomas, head of household, born September 1871, age 28, married 8 years, born in Ireland, immigrated in 1886, in US 14 years, naturalized, occupation, bartender
  • Margaret, born August 1871, age 28, married 8 years, five children, three still living, housekeeper.
  • Magar (Margaret?), daughter, born in New York, December 1897, age 2
  • Cecilia, born in New York, age 2 months

Thomas Walsh in the 1905 Census

E 76th street, Thomas Walsh 35, masseur, Margaret Walsh 33, Margaret Walsh 7, Cecilia Walsh 5, Ieleene Walsh 2

Thomas Walsh in the 1910 Census

Manhattan Thomas Walsh 39, married 18 years, born Ireland, nurse private family, Margaret Walsh 36, 9 children 5 living, born Ireland, Margaret Walsh 12 Cecelia Walsh 10 Cathaline Walsh 3 Irene Walsh 6 Thomas F Walsh 1 [1 4/12] children born NY.

Thomas Walsh in the 1915 New York State Census

Thomas B Walsh, masseur, was listed in the 1915 New York Directory at 184 East 73rd Street. However, he was not enumerated at this address in the 1915 New York State Census.

Thomas Walsh in the 1920 US Census

Thomas Walsh and his family were listed as renting at 172 East 74th Street. There were seven listings in the building.

  • Thomas, B Walsh, head of household, age 48, immigrated in 1887, naturalized in 1890, born in Ireland, machinist electrician
  • Margaret, wife, age 45, born in Ireland, occupation, none
  • Margaret, daughter, age 22, born in NYC, occupation, stenographer, life insurance co.
  • Cecilia, daughter, age 18, born in NYC, occupation, stenographer (there is an ink blot, so I cannot read the rest of the entry.
  • Eleanor, daughter, age 16, born in NYC, occupation, none
  • Alice K, daughter, age 14, born in NYC, occupation, none
  • Thomas B, son, age 11, born in NYC, occupation, none

Children of Thomas Walsh in the 1930 US Census

The children of Thomas Walsh were listed in the 1930 census at 26 Audubon Ave, near west 6th Street as follows:

  1. Cecelia, head R $57, radio, age 29, born NY, stenographer law office
  2. Eileen, sister, age 27, born NY, clerk, ins office
  3. Alice, sister, age 23, typist, law office
  4. Thomas, brother, age 21, writer stories

All born New York and parents born Ireland


A response on the 1920 census indicates that Thomas was naturalized in 1890. I did not find naturalization papers for him. Before 1906 information on naturalization papers was very vague. It did not include the name of the wife and children or the name of the ship that one immigrated on. There is not much additional information to be gained from the naturalization papers of his period. There were tons of Thomas Walshes naturalized in NYC in the right time period.

Agnes Walsh Lahiff on Thomas Walsh

Thomas Walsh was a masseur. He had the following children:

  1. Thomas, author. Had one son, Tommy, who died in Normandy invasion. Note: This cannot be true he was in school in Rhinebeck NY in 1950. MHL
  2. Margaret, died young
  3. Cecilia, spinster
  4. Eileen, 5 children
  5. Kathleen, died child
Charles Walsh on Thomas Walsh

Can't read.

"One son Tom Walsh, author"

Death of Thomas Walsh

Thomas Walsh, March 22, 1929, Manhattan certificate #9050

542 E 87th Street, age 60, married, doorman in apt building, born Ireland, in US 40 years, father, John Walsh, mother, Bridget Jordan, buried Calvary, sick from January 12, 1929, died March 22, 1929 at 9 P.M., hypertension, chronic mycardites, cerebral thrombosis, contributing factor cerebral hemorrhage.

Note: Despite the wrong name for his mother this is probably the correct death certificate

Death of Margaret Hefferine Walsh


Joseph Walsh and Maggie Langan


1873 Ballinrobe, Ireland


Joseph Walsh immigrated with his sister, Fanny, in 1894.


Joseph Walsh married Maggie Langan in NYC in 1895.


Joseph and Maggie had ten children all born in NYC.

For more information on Joseph Walsh either click on Joseph Walsh now or go to the bottom of the page.

Fanny Walsh and Patrick Mohan


1875 Ballinrobe, Ireland


Fanny Walsh immigrated with her brother, Joseph, on the ship, British Princess, which arrived in Philadelphia on May 29, 1894. See Joseph Walsh.


Frances Walsh, age 22, born in Ireland, daughter of John Walsh and Francis "Mc Donald"


Patrick Mohan, age 22, born in Ireland, son of Patrick Mohan, Sr. and Mary Hallman,

August 17, 1899, New York City

The witnesses were Joseph Walsh and Statia Devereux.


  • The information on the name of Fanny's mother is not correct. It should be Frances Feeney. This was not, however, the only time that the name McDonald was given as Fanny Feeney's maiden name.
  • No address was given for either Pat Mohan or Fanny Walsh. However, the priest's address was 980 Park Avenue. This is the address for the rectory of St Ignatius Loyola Church.
  • Pat "Mohan" was the brother of Ellen "Moughan", who married Martin Langan.
  • Pat Mohan, was baptized in Ballinrobe on December 3, 1876, the son of Pat Moghan and and Mary Holleran.


Joseph circa 1901

1900 Census

I did not find Pat and Fanny in the 1900 census in NYC

Death of Fanny Walsh Mohan

Fanny Mohan, 336 E 76th Street, Manhattan, tenement, age 27, born Ireland, married, housewife, father, John Walsh, born Ireland, mother, Fanny McDonald, born Ireland, in US 10 years, died February 29, 1904 of "generale exaustion" had "operation for Lumbar "abreeds" (?) 2 months" before, buried Calvery March 2, 1904. (1904 Death Certificate # 7745 Manhattan)

Further Records for Patrick Mohan

In November 2008 Donna Cherubini Browne-Atkins wrote;

My great grandfather, Patrick Mohan, Jr, married Fanny Walsh, who died in 1904. He later married Mary Cagney, who gave birth to my grandmother, Veronica Mohan Cherubini and my great aunt, Anna Mohan Guglielmo. There was also a son named Joseph who was born to Patrick and Fanny, who became the half brother of my grandmother and great aunt. No one in the living years at this time knows what happened to this half brother, who was named Joseph."
Remarriage of Patrick Mohan: Mary Cagney date unknown. I did not find this marriage in the NYC archives. Many Catholic marriages were not reported to the city.


  1. Anna
  2. Veronica

1910 Census: Ward 18, 23st near 2nd Ave. Patrick J Mohan, age 32, married 3 years, born Ireland, immigrated 1899 Naturalized, porter printing house, Mary V. wife age 32, born Ireland immigrated 1896, Joseph, son, 9 years, Anna R (or P) daughter age 1

1918 Draft Registration: Patrick Joseph Mohan, 341 E 39 st NYC born Ireland, laborer, Butterick and Co. Spring and McDougel Streets NYC, wife, Mary Mohan same address, medium heigh, medium build, brown eyes dark hair, "two centre fingers off on right hand".

1920: E 27th Street, Patrick Mohan, head, age 45, Married immigrated 1898, Alien, porter publishing house, Mary wife age 42, polisher --- co. Anne daughter age 11, Veronica daughter age 9, Joseph "step son" age 19 dishwasher hotel

Death of Mary Cagney Mohan: 1927 M#13908, 739 Second Ave. tenement, married, born May 12, 1879, age 48 years, 19 days, chronic cardio vascular disease, chronic intestinal nephritis, housewife, in US 30 years, father William Cagney, mother Margaret Cushing born Ireland, buried Calvary June 3, 1927.

1930 Census: Manhattan 2nd Ave. Patrick Mohan rent $30. widower, age 51, age at marriage 31, born So. Ireland, immigrated 1900, alien, warehouseman Stern Bros., Anna daughter age 21, stenographer dry goods, Vera daughter age 19, stenographer insurance.


  • No sign of Joseph in the 1930 census.
  • No marriage for Joseph record in NYC grooms index
  • No death for Joseph in NYC death index

Family Notes on Fanny Walsh Mohan

  • Agnes Walsh Lahiff and Maria Pedulla's notes on Fanny Walsh
    • "Fanny-died in her teens"

  • Charles Walsh and Mary Walsh Herdman's notes

    Fanny is not listed by Charles and Mary as a sibling of Joseph Walsh

More on the Mohans

Patrick Mohan was born in Ballinrobe in 1876. He had several sisters including Ellen who married Martin Langan. More on the Mohans under Martin Langan and Ellen Moghan

Intermarriage Between the Langan/Walsh.Mohan clans

The marriages between the Walsh, Langan, and Mohan siblings was a little complicated.

Pat "Mohan" sib of Ellen "Moughan" married Martin Langan sib of Maggie Langan married Joseph Walsh sib of Fanny Walsh

Pat "Mohan"married Fanny Walsh

Statia Devereux, the witness to the marriage of Fanny Walsh and Pat Mohan married:
  1. James Langan sib of Martin Langan sib of Patrick Langan and sib Maggie Langan

    After James Langan's death Anastasia Devereux Langan married

  2. Patrick Langan sib of James Langan and Maggie Langan who married Joseph Walsh

Ellen Walsh


1877 Ballinrobe, Ireland

In Ireland after 1894

When her father died in March 1894, Ellen was a little over 16 years old. Two months after John Walsh died, his son, Joseph (20), and his daughter, Fanny (18), left Ireland and immigrated to New York City where at least four of their siblings were already living.

Since Ellen was younger than Joseph and Fanny and did not immigrate with them, I assume that she remained in Ireland until some later date. Who did she live with? When did she immigrate? She was in the US by 1904 when she was a godmother to Charles, the son of Joseph Walsh and Maggie Langan.



There are too many Ellen/Ellie Walshs listed on the Ellis Island web site who immigrated between 1894 and 1904 and the information is too vague. Plus that it is not know if she even came though Ellis Island.

Records in New York City

It is going to be very hard to find much on Ellen Walsh.

Both the name Ellen and the name Walsh were extremely common in NYC in the late 1800s and the turn of the century.

Civil Records

If she did not marry and have children, the only record in the civil records would be her death.

Church Records

If she did not marry and have children, the only records would be as a witness to a baptism or marriage and her death record.

  1. Godmother to Charles Walsh, the son of Joseph and Maggie in 1904.
Censuses in NYC

There were too many Ellen Walshes in the 1900 Census to be sure if any of them was the daughter of John and Fanny.



Agnes Walsh Lahiff and Maria Pedulla's notes on Ellen Walsh
  • "Spinster died about 40 years of age romance with someone she couldn't marry-Story about being married to him on her deathbed- I'm not sure, Aunt Bella would know"

Charles Walsh and Mary Walsh Herdman's notes on Ellen Walsh

  • Eleanor (Ellen) listed as a sibling of Joseph Walsh
  • "my father's godmother", see below

Julia Walsh (c 1868-1928)


Circa 1868 based on her death record, where she was listed as the daughter of John Walsh and Fanny "McDonald".

I did not find a record of the birth of Julia Walsh in Ireland.

Several family sources list her as a sibling of Joseph Walsh:

  1. Agnes Walsh Lahiff and Maria Lahiff Pedulla's notes.

  2. Charles Walsh and Mary Walsh Herdman's notes.

  3. Peggie Goehle Edgar (the daughter of Isabell Walsh) told me that Charles Walsh (the brother of Isabell) once told her that she looked like "Aunt Julia Walsh".


Unknown, circa 1888

Records in New York City

It is going to be very hard to find much on Julia Walsh because the name, Julia Walsh, is a relatively common name in NYC in the late 1800s and the turn of the century.

Civil Records

She did not marry and have children.

Church Records

Julia was a godmother at least twice:

  1. Julia Walsh was the sponsor at the baptism of Thomas B. Walsh, the son of Thomas Walsh and Margaret Hefferan, baptized at The Church of St Jean Baptiste, on October 11, 1908.
  2. According to Agnes Walsh Lahiff notes, Julia was Agnes's godmother. I do not know where Agnes was baptized.

Censuses in NYC

I did not find any listing in any of the censuses that was obviously Julia.


June 6, 1928

I was looking for a Langan obituary in the Brooklyn Eagle when I came across the following death:

"6 June 1928 Julia F Walsh died Monday at her home, 24206 136th Ave. Rosedale. She was born in County Mayo Ireland. She was the sister of the late Mary O'Shaughnessy. The funeral will be held from the house of her niece Mrs. Henry Brocker, with whom she lived, at 10 a. M. Friday, with a requiem mass at the R. C. Church of St Clare, Rosedale. Interment will be at Calvary Cemetery under the direction of Francis P Murphy, 21824 137th Ave Springfield Gardens."
The only information I had on Julia to that point was the fact that both Charles Walsh and Agnes Walsh LaHiff had listed her as a sibling of Joseph Walsh. I had truly believed that I would never find anything about Julia Walsh. I did not find her birth in Ireland so I had no idea of a year of birth. Both Julia and Walsh were very common in NYC. With nothing really to go on it was pure serendipity that I found her obituary. The Langan turned out not to be related.

Death Certificate: Julia Walsh 24206 136th Avenue, female, single, date of birth, 1868, age 60, houseworker, born Ireland, in US 40 years, father John Walsh, born in Ireland, mother, Fanny McDonald, born in Ireland, died on June 6, 1928 of myocardial failure, hypertension, chronic intestinal nephritis duration of 3 years. Buried Calvary Cemetery June 8, 1928 (1928, Queens Certificate # 3773)

Note: Fanny's surname was Feeney, not McDonald. The name McDonald has come up several times in relation to Fanny Feeney.

Agnes Walsh Lahiff's notes on Julia Walsh

  • Sibling of Joseph Walsh
  • "Spinster, died about age 70, mom's godmother"

My note: I assume that this means that Julia was Agnes' godmother.

Charles Walsh's notes on Julia Walsh

  • Sibling of Joseph Walsh
  • "single"

The difficulties of Finding The Walshes in New York City

Heritage Quest has a CD index for the 1910 Census in New York City. While I did not find any of the Walshes I was looking on the CD listings, it did shed some light on the problem of findng records for the Walshes in New York City.

There were 3,155 heads of household or single individuals who were not heads of household with the surname, Walsh, in the 1910 Census in the five boroughs and Long Island.

  • There were 128 listings for James Walsh. 60 of these were listings for James born in Ireland. Narrowing it down slightly, 39 of the James born in Ireland were living in Manhattan.
  • There were 119 listings for Thomas Walsh . 70 of those were listings for Thomas born in Ireland. 39 of the Thomas Walshes born in Ireland were living in Manhattan.

To see photographs of some of the Walsh clan go to Photos of the Children and Gandchildren of John Walsh and Fanny Feeney

For information about Thomas Walsh born 1908, mystery writter, son of Thomas Walsh, and the grandson of John Walsh and Fanney Feeney, go to Thomas Walsh, mystery writter

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O'Shaughnessy in New York City
More on the Mohans under Martin Langan and Ellen Moghan

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