Joseph Walsh (1873-1928), a Brief Biographical Sketch

Joseph Walsh, the son of John Walsh and Fanny Feeney, was born in Ballinrobe, County Mayo, Ireland on January 23, 1873. He immigrated to New York City in 1894 where he married Maggie Langan on May 14, 1895. Joseph Walsh and Maggie Langan had ten children all born in New York City: Elizabeth (1896), William (1897), Margaret (1899), Isabelle (1901), Joseph (1902), Charles (1904), Ellen (1906), Agnes (1908), Joseph (1910) and George (1913). Maggie Langan Walsh died in New York City in 1926. Joseph Walsh died in New York City in 1928.

Joseph Walsh

Taken from a photo with his wife, Maggie. See Maggie Langan

Date of photo unknown.

The Birth of Joseph Walsh, Ballinrobe, County Mayo, Ireland, 1873

Church Record:

Joseph Walsh, the son of John Walsh and Fanny Feeney, was baptized in St Mary Chruch in Ballinrobe, County Mayo, Ireland on February 3rd, 1873, sponsors: Charles Lardner and Mary Hughs

Civil Record:
Joseph Walsh was born on the January 23, 1873 at Knockanotish, Ballinrobe to John Walsh, gardener, and Fanny Feeney. The birth was reported on March 8, 1873 by his mother Fanny Walsh.

Seventh son of a Seventh Son

Some family members say that Joseph Walsh was a seventh son of a seventh son. The records that I have found show that he was the seventh child (but not the seventh son) of John Walsh and Fanny Feeny. However, I may have missed a record. I have very little information on Joseph's father, John Walsh. However, I believe that John had one at least one brother, Thomas.

The legend of the seventh son of a seventh son is very old. Such a person was supposed to have curative powers, be a "maker of things", and have the powerful gift of "second sight".

It is said in Ireland that the touch from the hand of a seventh son cures the bite of a mad dog.

Immigration of Joseph Walsh to America, 1894

Joseph Walsh immigrated to the United States on the British Princess, which left Queenstown, County Cork, Ireland on May 17th, 1894 and arrived in Philadelphia on May 29, 1894.

Joseph Walsh was listed on the ship's manifest as a 20 year old, single, male, in good mental and physical health, born in Ballinrobe, Ireland, able to read and write. He listed a brother, Michael, at 109 East 76th St, New York City as his nearest relative in the US and he said he paid his own fare.

Joseph was traveling with his sister, Fanny Walsh, 18 year old, female (The rest of information is the same at Joseph's.).

They are listed as having $2.00 in cash in their possession.

Joseph and Fanny may have walked or taken a train from Ballinrobe to Queesntown.

I assume they traveled from Philadelphia to New York City by train.

Queenstown was the most popular port of embarkation for people leaving Ireland.

For more information about emigration from Ireland see Population and Emigration

Marriage of Joseph Walsh and Margaret (Maggie) Langan, New York City, 1895

Joseph Walsh married Maggie Langan on May 14, 1895 at the Church of the Epiphany, 239 East 21st Street, New York City. The witnesses were Bridget Langan and James Langan. The Rev. J. Lonargan officiated at the ceremony. Information was provided by the Church of the Epiphany; The marriage was not recorded in the civil records for New York City.


  • Bridget Langan and James Langan were Maggie Langan's siblings.
  • The church of the Epiphany is on the corner of 22nd Street and Second Avenue. The church Joseph and Maggie were married in has been replaced by a modern church.
  • Unrecorded marriages before 1900 were very common. The Roman Catholic Church was particularly notorious for underreporting marriages.

The church of the Epiphany was formed in 1868. Parishioners came from 18th to 24th street and from Broadway to the East River. The cornerstone of the church was laid in 1870. The church was dedicated in 1871. With it's Lombard facade, the church was unique in in New York City. It had a front of 65 feet on 2nd Avenue and a depth of 145 feet and could seat about 1,400. The foundation was Quiney granite and the superstructure was Ohio and Belleville sandstone. The cost was $150,000. A school, run by the Sisters of Charity, was founded in 1889. The parish became predominately Italian around the turn of the century.

When, Where, and How did Maggie Langan and Joseph Walsh Meet?

My mother, Agnes Goehle Land, told me "the family story" was Maggie and Joseph met on the boat coming over from Ireland. This is impossible, since Maggie immigrated several years before Joseph. Interestingly, it is apparently a very common story among Irish immigrants.

There were local Irish societies in New York City where people went to meet others from their home county so they could trade the news from home, speak in the local language, and attend social events like dances. It is possible that they met at such a place and event.

It is also almost certain that they knew each other in Ballinrobe. Ballinrobe was (is) a small town and both the Langans and Walshes lived in the same general area of the town. It is also almost certain that they were in school together in Ballinrobe.

Children of Joseph Walsh and Maggie Langan

  1. Elizabeth Walsh (1896-1938) and Edward (Eddie) Jerome O'Neil


    Civil Record: Elizabeth, also known as Lillian, was born on May 10, 1896 to Joseph Walsh and Maggie Langan. I could not find a birth certificate in the New York City Archives. Unrecorded births were not uncommon before 1900. The information on her birth was taken from Joseph's naturalization papers.

    Baptism: I have not found the baptismal record of Elizabeth. I wrote to Epiphany Church in the summer of 2000 regarding her baptism. They replied that they had no record.

    Marriage: Elizabeth M Walsh of 202 East 73rd Street, age 20, born in NYC, father Joseph Walsh, mother, Margaret Langan, married Edward J O'Neil of 365 3rd Avenue, age 21, candy maker, born in NYC, mother Mary Walsh, father, John O'Neil on November 11, 1916. The witnesses were Mary F Walsh and Thomas Grau---thy (Graubothy?). The pastor's address was 869 Lexington Avenue. This is the address of St. Vincent Ferrer - a Dominican church. The church is actually located on East 66th Street. According to the St Vincent Ferrer web site the church Elizabeth and Eddie were married in was dismantled in 1914 and a new church (the present church) was dedicated in May 1918.

    More on Edward O'Neil:

    • See Lillie Walsh O'Neil
    • Occupation: Candy maker (1916), unclear (1920), clerk in office (1930)

    Children: All of their children were born too late for me to access the records. According to Peggie Goehle Edgar and the 1930 census, they had:

    1. Margaret (Peachy) 1918
    2. Edward AKA Buddy born circa 1921. No definite listing in the SSDI.
    3. Joan born 1922
    4. Mary born circa 1925

    1920 Census Elizabeth Walsh O'Neil was listed with her husband, Edward O'Neil, at 1272 3rd Avenue in Manhattan as follows:

    • Edward O'Neil, head, age 24, born in NYC, father born in NYC, mother born in Ireland, occupation, Tablet (?) maker, labour co??
    • Elizabeth, wife, age 23, born in NYC, father, born in Ireland, mother, born in Ireland, occupation, bookkeeper, office.
    • Margaret, age 1, born in NYC

    There were five families in the building.

    1930 Census: See Children of Joseph Walsh in the Censuses

    Death: Elizabeth O'Neil died in New York City on October 11, 1938.

    Elizabeth O'Neil, of 1255 3rd Avenue, Manhattan, married to Edward O'Neil, born, May 10, 1896, New York City, age 42, housewife, father, Joseph Walsh, born in Iowa (!), mother, Margaret Langan, born in Iowa (!), died on October 11, 1938 about 3:15 A.M., at Flower Hospital, 1249 5th Avenue, she entered the hospital on October 10, 1938, cause of death, chronic nephritis with terminal uremia, contributory causes, catheia (?) anemia, pathologist report, Adrenal Atrophy, Addisons Desease, buried October 14, 1938 Calvery Cemetery, personal information provided by Edward J. O'Neil, husband. (New York Death Certificate #20472, 1938)


    • Did Edward O'Neil have such an accent that the clerk thought he meant Iowa when he said Ireland?
    • Elizabeth was buried in the same grave with her parents and two brothers, both named Joseph.
    • Addison's Disease:
      "The disease is characterized by weight loss, muscle weakness, fatigue, low blood pressure, and sometimes darkening of the skin in both exposed and nonexposed parts of the body.

      Addison's disease occurs when the adrenal glands do not produce enough of the hormone cortisol and, in some cases, the hormone aldosterone. The disease is also called adrenal insufficiency, or hypocortisolism.

      Tuberculosis (TB), an infection which can destroy the adrenal glands, accounts for about 20 percent of cases of primary adrenal insufficiency in developed countries. When adrenal insufficiency was first identified by Dr. Thomas Addison in 1849, TB was found at autopsy in 70 to 90 percent of cases. As the treatment for TB improved, however, the incidence of adrenal insufficiency due to TB of the adrenal glands has greatly decreased."

      Addison's Disease

      Since TB was so prevalent at the time it is highly likely that Lillie's case of Addison's Disease was caused by TB

  2. Death: Edward O'Neil. No definite listing in the SSDI.

    For more information and photos go to Lillie Walsh O'Neal now or at the bottom of the page.

  3. William A Walsh (1897-1967), Mae McCarthy and Mary Jerabek


    Civil Record: William Walsh was born on July 21, 1897 at 343 East 22nd Street to Joseph Walsh, laborer, age 24, born in Ireland and Maggie Langan Walsh, age 21, born in Ireland. William was the second of two children. ( New York City Birth Certificate, 1897 #30828)

    Baptism: William Walsh, the son of Joseph Walsh and Margaret Langan was born on July 21, 1897 and baptized on August 8, 1897 in Epiphany Church. The sponsors were Patrick Langan and Cecilia Brennan. Information provided by Epiphany Church.


    • Patrick Langan was Maggie Langan's brother.
    • Who was Cecilia Brennan? There were Brennans in Mocorha Shrule Co Mayo, Ireland. However, no Cecilia.

    WWI Draft Registration: William A Walsh -02 E 73rd Street, NYC, born July 21 1897, NYC, father born Ireland, employer, John -ork- and sons, 89 Weaver Street NYC next of kin father Joseph Walsh 2-2 E 73rd Street, height 70 inches, weight 150, brown eyes brown hair, 1918

    Marriage: William married Mae McCarthy on May 11, 1919 in NYC.

    Children of William Walsh and Mae McCarthy: All of their children were born too late for me to access the records. They had:

    1. Gerard Walsh, the son of William Walsh and Margaret McCarthy, born on October 24, 1926, was baptized in Blessed Virgin Mary Help of Christians Church 70-31 48th Avenue, Woodside, New York on November 7, 1926. The sponsors were Charles Walsh and May Crowley.
      1. Charles Walsh was William Walsh's brother.
      2. I believe that May Crowley was the daughter of Maggie Langan's sister Bridget and her husband James Crawley.
      3. A copy of Gerard's baptismal certificate was provided by Clare Esser, the daughter of Charles Walsh.

      Ken Walsh, a son of Gerald Walsh, wrote in June 2011. He said his father's middle name was Calixtus.

    2. William
    3. Cathleen
    4. Marilyn

    Death of Mae McCarthy Walsh: August 2, 1941. See William Walsh for more details on the death of Mae Walsh

    Remarriage of William Walsh: William Walsh married Mary Jerabek, February 10, 1944(?)

    Children of William Walsh and Mary Jerabek: All of their children were born too late for me to access the records. They had:

    1. Charlotte
    2. Claire

    Death of William Walsh: According to the Social Security Death Index, William Walsh born July 21, 1897, died December 1967 in New York City, 10018 (093-07-9118)

  4. For more information and photos go to William Walsh now or at the bottom of the page.

  5. Margaret Walsh (1899-1982) and Louis Peterson


    Civil Record: Margaret Walsh was born on June 12, 1899 at 208 East 80th Street to Joseph Walsh, laborer, age 24, born in Ireland and Margaret Langan Walsh, age 23, born in Ireland. Margaret was third of three children. ( New York City Birth Certificate, 1899 #2230).

    Baptism: I have not found the baptismal record of Margaret Walsh.

    Marriage: Margaret married Louis Petersen, February, 1942, exact date unknown. I cannot access this record.

    Children: Margaret and Lou had no children.

    Other information:

    • Margaret worked on Wall Street as a secretary for several brokerage houses.
    • She became a minor New York celebrity in the mid 1960's when she fought "City Hall" to preserve "Historic Old New York" and prevent her little house at 16 Moore Street, which dated from before 1732, from being demolished to build new office buildings.

    Death: According to the Social Security Death Index, Margaret Petersen, born June 12, 1899, died July, 1982 in the Bronx, 10463 (091-03-7803)

    For more information on Margaret Walsh Petersen go to Margaret Walsh Petersen now or at the bottom of the page.

  6. Isabelle Walsh (1901-1988) and Frank Goehle


    Civil Record: Isabelle Walsh was born on February 10, 1901 to Joseph Walsh and Maggie Langan. 1901 New York City Birth Certificate #7409 lists "Agnes Rosa Walsh", the daughter of Margaret Langan and Joseph Walsh, gardener, born on February 10, 1901 at 1433 2nd Avenue. She was the forth child of Margaret Langan.

    Baptism: Isabell, the daughter of Joseph Walsh and Margaret Langan, born February 9, 1901, was baptized March 3, 1901 at St Jean Baptiste Church, 184 East 76th Street, New York. Godparents: Michael Flenery (Flannery) and Lizzie O'Neil. (Record from St Jean Baptiste)


    1. Who was Michael Flenery? It was a very common name in NYC.
    2. Who was Lizzie O'Neal?

    Marriage: Isabelle Walsh married Frank Goehle on February 6, 1921 at St. Nicholas Church, New York City.

    Children: Isabell Walsh and Frank Goehle had ten children:

    1. Agnes Bernadette Goehle born April 5, 1922
    2. Isabelle Scholastica Goehle born August 18, 1923
    3. Eileen Marie Goehle born February 21, 1926
    4. Margaret Goehle February 21, 1926
    5. Frank (Francis Xavier) Goehle born February 18, 1928
    6. Eleanor Goehle born June 10, 1930
    7. Anthony Goehle born February 26, 1932
    8. Elizabeth Goehle born September 10, 1937
    9. Daniel Goehle January 29, 1939
    10. Paul, Date of birth unknown. Died as an infant.

    Death: According to the Social Security Death Index, Isabel B Goehle, born February 9, 1901, died November 14, 1988 in St. James, Long Island, New York, 11780 (119-18-5657)

    Further Information on Isabelle Walsh : Either go to the bottom ot the page or click on Frank Goehle now.

    Photos of the children of Isabelle and Frank Goehle: Either go to bottom of the page or click on Pictures of the children of Frank and Isabelle Goehle now.

  7. Joseph Walsh (1902-1904)


    Civil Record: Joseph Walsh was born on December 17, 1902 to Joseph Walsh, age 30, and Maggie Langan, age 27, at 196 E. 76 Street. Joseph was the fifth of five living children. (New York City Certificate 1902 #52004)

    Baptism: Joseph Walsh, born December 17, 1902, the son of Joseph Walsh and Margaret Langan of 196 East 76th Street was baptized January 11, 1903 at St Jean Baptiste Church, 184 East 76th Street, New York. Godparents: James Crowley and Margaret Byrne. (Record from St Jean Baptiste)


    1. James Crowley was the husband of Maggie's sister, Delia (Bridget) Langan.
    2. Margaret Byrne was Maggie Langan Walsh's cousin from Mochora, Shrule Parish, Co. Mayo, Ireland. She was the daughter of Thomas Byrne and Mary Biggins baptized in 1875. See Byrnes

    Death: Joseph Walsh, the 22 month old son of Joseph and Margaret Walsh, both born in Ireland, died on October 26, 1904 at the Babies Hospital at 55th and Lexington. The cause of death was Pneumonia and meningitis due to Pneumococcus. He had been in the hospital for 2 days. The family's address was 196 E. 76th Street. Joseph was buried at Calvary Cemetery on October 29, 1904.
  8. Charles Walsh (1904-1998) and Catherine Foley


    Civil Record: Charles Walsh was born on August 13, 1904 to Joseph Walsh and Maggie Langan. The information on the date of birth was taken from Joseph Walsh's application for US citizenship and the baptismal record of Charles Walsh. I could not find Charles' birth certificate in either New York City or New Jersey. Most likely the birth occurred at home and was not reported.


    "Charles Walsh, child of Joseph Walsh and Maggie Langan, born in unknown, on the 13 day of August 1904, was baptized on the 21 day of August 1904 according to the Rite of the Roman Catholic Church by the Rev. Edward Cahill, in St Michaels' Roman Catholic Church, 800 Ocean Avenue, West End, New Jersey, the Rev. Edward Cahill, the sponsors being Michael We(a)lsh and Ellen We(a)lsh. as appears from the Baptismal Register at this Church".
    1. Information obtained from St Michael's by Mary Walsh Herdman and forwarded by Michael McEneney, January 2003.
    2. West End is a section of Long Branch. Long Branch was a popular seaside resort in Monmouth County from the 1830s.
    3. Mike McEneney in an email January 21, 2003 said,
      "My recollection is the Charlie's father was working the summer at the horse farm the family he worked for owned (or used) the year he was born."
    4. Michael Walsh was Joseph's brother
    5. Ellen Walsh was Joseph's sister.
    Marriage: Charles Walsh married Catherine Foley on July 5, 1930 in Cambridge, Mass. Catherine was born in Cambridge, Mass.


    1. Catherine
    2. Elizabeth (Libby)
    3. Mary
    4. Agnes
    5. Clare

    Further information:

    • Charles was a pitcher for the minor leagues of the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1927- 1932.
    • He worked for the New York City Fire Department for 30 years, retiring as a deputy chief.
    • Either go to the bottom of the page or click on Charles Walsh now.

    Death: Charles Walsh, born August 13, 1904, died August 7, 1998 in the New Jersey. Social Security Number 127-30-5978.

  9. Ellen Walsh (1906-1980) and Edward Anderson


    Civil Record: Ellen Walsh was born on May 13, 1906 at 196 East 76th Street to Josef (sic) Walsh, coachman, age 31, born in Ireland and Margaret Walsh Langen (sic), age 30, born in Ireland. Ellen was the sixth of six children. (New York City Birth Certificate, 1906, #24740)

    Baptism:"Helenam" (Latin for Ellen) Walsh daughter of Joseph Walsh and Margaret Langan at 196 E 76th Street born May 13, 1906 baptized June 30, 1906 at St Jean Baptiste, 184 East 76th Street, New York City. Sponcers: James Hemery (?) and Mary O'Shaughnessy


    • I do not know who James Hemery was
    • Mary O'Shaughnessy was Joseph's sister, Mary Walsh O'Shaughnessy

    Marriage: Edward P Anderson 62 W 19th Street, age 26, cable placer, born Ireland, father Patrick, mother Bridget Mc Hugh, 1st marriage married Helen Walsh 202 E 73rd Street age 18, born NYC, father, Joseph, mother, Margaret Langan on November 26, 1924 at 869 Lexington Ave St Vincent Ferrier Church Rev Cyril Coudeyre, Parish Priest, Witnesses: Frank Frawley and Bridget W Cooke. (NYC marriage certificate #32606)

    More on Edward P Anderson: For more information on Edward P Anderson go to Ellen Walsh Anderson now or at the bottom of the page.


    1. Alice Clare Anderson circa 1924
      Marriage: Alice Anderson married George William Ryan
    2. Irene circa 1930
    3. Margaret
    4. Joe

    1930 Census: 100th Street, Manhattan: Edward Anderson, rent $45, age 30, married at 25, immigrated in 1915, naturalized, cable placer, Helen, age 23, married at age 18, Alice, 2 and a half, Irene, age 1 mo.

    Death: According to the Social Security Death Index, Helen Anderson, born May 13, 1906, died October 1980, in North Las Vegas, NV 08903 (091-09-8294) The SS# was issued in New York State. For more information and photos go to Ellen Walsh Anderson now or at the bottom of the page.

  10. Agnes Constance Walsh (1908-1985) and John Lahiff


    Civil Record: Agnes Walsh was born on March 2, 1908 at 196 East 76th Street to Josef (sic) Walsh, coachman, age 33, born in Ireland and Margaret Langan Walsh, age 32. Agnes was the 7th of 7 children. (New York City Birth Certificate, 1908 #12285)

    Baptism: I have not found the baptismal record for Agnes Walsh

    Maria Lahiff Pedulla says that

    She does not know where her mother was baptized, nor who her godfather was. She said her mother often said the Julia Walsh was her godmother.
    Marriage: Agnes Walsh married John Lahiff on July 4, 1931.

    More on John Lahiff : For more information on John Lahiffs and the Lahiffs go to Agnes Walsh Lahiff now or at the bottom of the page.

    Children: Agnes Walsh and John Lahiff had:

    1. Martin born May 16, 1932
    2. Maria born December 17, 1936
    3. John born December 14, 1937
    4. William (Bill) born September 4, 1940
    5. Joseph (Joe) born January 8, 1943
    6. Agnes born February 23, 1945
      Death: February 23, 1945
    7. Margaret born October 6, 1946
    8. Death: October 19, 1946

    Death: According to the Social Security Death Index, Agnes Lahiff, born March 2, 1908 died February 1985 in Tucson, Arizona 85706 (090-24-4998). SS# issued in New York.

    For more information and photos go to Agnes Walsh Lahiff now or at the bottom of the page.

  11. Joseph Walsh (1910-1931)


    Civil Record: Joseph Walsh born on February 26, 1910 to Joseph Walsh and Maggie Langan. Public access to births in the New York City Archives only goes up to 1909, so I was unable to obtain this birth certificate. The date of Joseph's birth was taken from Joseph, Senior's naturalization papers.

    Baptism: Joseph Walsh, born February 26, 1910, the son of Joseph Walsh and Margaret Langan, of 1334 Third Avenue was baptized on March 6, 1910 at St Jean Baptiste Church, 184 East 76th Street, New York. Godparents: Thomas Walsh and Delia Langan. (Record form St Jean Baptiste Church)


    1. Thomas Walsh was Joseph's brother.
    2. Delia Langan was most likely Maggie's sister, Bridget (Delia) Langan Crowley. However, she was Delia Crowley by 1901, so I do not know why the maiden name would have been used.
    Death: Joseph Walsh, white male, single, age, 21, electrician, the son of Joseph W. Walsh and Margaret Langan died on July 7, 1931 of "Depressed, Compound, Comminuted Fracture of Skull; Laceration of Brain." Joseph was buried in Calvary Cemetery on July 11, 1931. The death was ruled a suicide (New York Death Record 17556 for 1931)

    The Medical Examiner's Return listed the following information:

    Accident, suicide, or homicide? Suicide Date of injury July 7, 1931
    Where did injury occur? Manhattan State Hospital
    Manner of injury?Jumped from second story window of hospital
    Nature of injury?Fracture of Skull; Laceration of Brain
    The undertaker stated that
    • He had been employed by "Anna Walsh, mother sister of deceased".
      Note: The closest name in the family to Anna was Agnes
    • Permission was granted for the deceased to be move to the "home".

    Note: Manhattan State Hospital was a state mental hospital on Wards Island. It later became the Manhattan Psychiatric Center.

    For more information and photos go to Joseph Walsh (1909-1931) now or at the bottom of the page.

  12. George Walsh (1913-1988) and Margaret Broyles


    Civil Record: George Walsh was born on March 18, 1913 to Joseph Walsh and Maggie Langan. George's birth certificate is also not in the public domain. The date of George's birth was taken from Joseph's naturalization papers.

    Baptism: George Walsh born March 18, 1913, the son of Joseph Walsh and Margaret Langan, was baptized on March 23, 1913, at St Jean Baptiste Church, 184 East 76 Street, New York. Godparents: Joseph Sheridan and Lillian Mulhern. (Record from St Jean Baptiste Church)


    1. Who was Joseph Sheridan?
    2. Who was Lillian Mulhern?

    Marriage: George Walsh married Margaret Broyles

    Not George M Walsh cert #15186 1933, Manhattan or Kings cert #13713 0r # 12687 both 1933.


    1. Joseph
    2. Michael
    3. Mary Ellen
    4. Marc
    Death of George Walsh: According to the Social Security Death Index, George M Walsh, born March 18, 1913, died August 23, 1988 in Arlington, VT, 05250 (086-01-5749). SS# issued in New York.

    Death of Margaret Walsh: MARGARET R WALSH, 12 Feb 1916, 01 Mar 1995, 05250 (Arlington, Bennington, VT) 067-03-9395, New York,

    From Martin Lahiff Walsh, April, 2004

    George Walsh, the uncle most close to me because he was near my mother's age and lived with us when I was a small boy: he was poor and single in the Depression, prowling the fancy Fieldstone district of Riverdale at night guarding mansions where he had made arrangements. He left our house each night after dark armed only with is flashlight, without uniform, gun or license, just a big red-headed New Yorker from the East Side who could do that and scare the thieves. He left the house to marry Margaret Broyles, a foreigner from another country (Brooklyn, I thing), and they had four children, Joseph, Michael, Mary Ellen and Marc.
    According to Martin, George Walsh and family lived in Sparta, New Jersey where George had an appliance business.

    For more information and photos go to George Walsh now or at the bottom of the page.

Naming Pattern of the Children of Joseph and Maggie

A common naming pattern in Ireland was to name childre for their parents, grandparents, godparents and siblings.

Maggie and Joseph did not name any of their children their children after their parents. There was no John after Joseph's father or Mathais after Maggie's father. There was no Fanny or Penelope. The two Josephs were named for their father and Margaret was named for her mother. Joseph did have a brother, William, and a sister, Ellen. When I mentioned something about the names to Peggie Edgar, she told me her mother, Isabelle Walsh Goehle, always said that Maggie and Joseph had named their children after kings and queens. This sounds good given names like Elizabeth, Ellenore, and Isabelle. However, I can't think of a queen named Agnes. The rest of the names are indeed the names of kings and queens.

It is interesting that Maggie and Joseph named two of their daughter's Agnes. Agnes is the name recorded on the birth certificate of Isabelle in 1901. Why did they first choose Agnes and then settle on Isabel? They named a second daughter Agnes in 1908. It would be interesting to know why they chose the name not once, but twice. While Agnes was not a name that appeared in the Ballinrobe parish records all through the 1850s, 60s, 70s and 80s, it became a very popular name in the 1890s. Naming patterns change over time with different names going in and out of fashion.

Joseph Walsh

Taken from a photo with his grandchildren, Peachy and Buddy O'Neil. See Walsh/Langan Group shots

The photo was taken in 1923 when Joseph was 50 years old.

The Naturalization of Joseph Walsh

Naturalization in the court that Joseph applied to occurred in three steps.

On the September 1, 1913 Declaration of Intention for Naturalization , Joseph Walsh provided the following information: age 43, occupation, coachman, color, white, complexion, fair, height , 5 feet 9 inches, hair color, brown, eye color, brown, born on April 8, 1874 in Mayo, Ireland, current address 202 East 73rd Street, immigrated to America on the British Princess, wife's name, Margaret. He renounced allegiance to George V, the King of Great Britain and Ireland.

On the September 4, 1918 Petition of Naturalization he provided the following information: address 202 E. 73rd Street, occupation, laborer, date of birth, April 8, 1874, place of birth, Mayo, Ireland. He stated that he had immigrated to the United States from Queenstown, Ireland on the vessel, British Princess, which arrived in Philadelphia on the 29th of May 1894. He listed his wife, Margaret Langen, born September 21, 1875 in County Mayo, Ireland and his 9 children and their birth dates as follows:

His petition was witnessed on September 4th, 1918 by Annastatia Langen (sic), who listed her occupation as housewife and her address as 200 E. 78th Street and Thomas B. Walsh, who listed his occupation as Electrician and his address as 172 E. 74th Street.

Joseph received his naturalization in the New York State Supreme Court, New York County on December 10, 1918, Certificate No. 921411. According to the laws before 1922, Margaret was automatically naturalized with him.


  • Anastasia Langan was the wife of Maggie's brother, James Langan.
  • Thomas B. Walsh was Joseph's brother.

The Censuses

1900 United States Census: The 1900 United States census lists the family of Joseph Walsh at 1326 3rd Avenue as follows; Joseph, head of family, born February 1875 in Ireland, age 25, immigrated in 1894, married for 5 years, working as a stableman. Maggie, wife, born November 1875 in Ireland, age 24, immigrated in 18901, mother of three children, three children still living. Lillie, daughter, born May 1896, age 4, William, son, born July 1897, age 2 and Maggie, daughter, born June 1899, age 11 months. All the children are listed as born in New York. Everyone of an appropriate age was listed as able to read and write.

1905 New York City Census: The 1905 New York City Census listed the family of Joseph Walsh at 196 East 76th Street as follows, Joseph, head, age 29, born in Ireland, in US for 10 years, alien, coachman, Margaret, wife, age 29, born in Ireland, in US for 14 years, alien, Lilly, age 9, citizen, Willy, age 8, citizen, Margaret, age 6, citizen, Isabella, age 4, citizen and Charley, age 9 months, citizen.

1910 United States Census: 1324 Third Avenue, Joseph Walsh head, age 35, 1st marriage, 15 years, born Ireland, immigrated 1894 Al, coachman private family, Margaret wife, age 34, 9 children 8 still living, born Ireland, immigrated 1889, Elizabeth daughter, age 13, William son, age 12, Margaret daughter, age 10, Isabelle, daughter age 9, Charles son age 5, Ellen daughter age 3 Agnes daughter age 2, Joseph son age 1 mo.

1920 United States Census: The 1920 U.S. Census lists the family of Joseph Walsh at 202 E. 73rd Street, New York as follows: Joseph, age 45 years, occupation, coachman for a private family, Margaret, age 44, born in Ireland, Isabella, age 18, born in New York, occupation, telephone operator for a Guarantee Trust Company, Charles, age 15, born in New York. Eleanore, age 13, born in New York, Joseph, age 10, born in New York, George, age 6, born in New York, Margaret, age 19, born in New York, occupation illegible, and Agnes, age 11, born in New York. Everyone except George, who was only 6 year old, was listed as able to read and write. Joseph and Maggie's mother tongue was listed as English. Maggie's year of immigration was listed as 1891.


  • There are slightly conflicting dates for Maggie's immigration, ranging from 1889 to 1891, indicating that she was between 14 and 16 when she arrived in the States . Who did she immigrate with. Her older brothers, Patrick and Martin both immigrated. Did they all come at the same time?
  • Peggie Goehle Edgar says Margaret worked for Post and Flag, a brokerage company, as a private secretary.


Joseph's occupation from various over the years:

  • 1897 labourer
  • 1899 labourer
  • 1900 stableman
  • 1901 gardener
  • 1905 coachman
  • 1906 coachman
  • 1908 coachman
  • 1910 coachman, private family
  • 1913 coachman
  • 1915 private coachman
  • 1917 labourer
  • 1918 labourer
  • 1920 coachman for private family
  • 1928 labourer

With the advent of the automobile a private coachman must have been a thing of the past.

Family history also says that Joseph Walsh had a "cab" in Central Park. His son, William, (Marilyn Walsh Krausch's father) used to bring the horses down from 89th Street and help his father harness them to the cab.

The Walshes in Long Branch

Charles Walsh the son of Joseph and Maggie Walsh, was baptized on August 13, 1904 in West End, New Jersey. West End is a part of Long Branch.

Mike McEneney recalls that Joseph Walsh worked on a horse farm the summer Charles was born. Clearly Maggie and the children were with him.

Long Branch was one of the most glamorous summer resorts in the country. It had a racetrack and casinos. It was visited by eight presidents, major actors and actresses of the day, as well as many of the wealthiest families in the country. Winslow Homer painted there.

Its cachet ended in the 1920s. Laws forbidding gambling hastened its demise.

Promenading on Boardwalk, Long Branch, N.J.

Dated 1916

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

1409 Brighton Ave. W. E. Long Branch, N. J.

Dated 1919

W. E. = West End

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Long Branch, Station B. N. J. , Myrtle Avenue

Dated 1908, mailed from West End, New Jersey.

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

WWI Draft Registration

Joseph Walsh 202 E 73rd Street, New York, age 45, born April 1873, naturalized, _ Great Britain, labourer employee Mark Eidlitz, nearest relative, Margaret Walsh, of 202 E 73rd Street, height, medium, build medium, brown eyes, and brown hair. September 12, 1918.

Marc Eidlitz and Sons was a construction company founded by Bohemian immigrant Marc Eidlitz (1826-1892). Marc's brother, Leopold Eidlitz (1823-1908), was a famous architect who designed many buildings in New York City. Marc, who immigrated in 1847, was a major building contractor who build the old Metropolitan Opera House, the Steinway Hall of the Astor Library, Broadway Tabernacle, the Presbyterian and St. Vincent's Hospitals and the private residences of J. Pierpont Morgan and Ogden Goelet . After Marc's death the company was continued by his sons, Otto marc and Robert J Eidlitz, who built Rockefeller Institute, the New York Stock Exchange, the Western Union Building, the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, the J.P. Morgan Library, the Federal Reserve Bank, the New York Academy of Medicine and the Frick Art Gallery, St. Regis Hotel, B. Altman's, Arnold Constable & Co., Lord & Taylor, J.P. Morgan Building on Wall Street, American Telephone & Telegraph Building (130 Broadway), and Bankers' Trust Building (14 Wall Street). In addition the firm build many private homes for the wealthy. Otto Marc Eidlitz was president of the company until his death in 1928. Robert J, who was educated as an architect in the Royal Polytechnic in Berlin, was an associate for the company.

Otto Eidlitz in the censuses: Otto Marc Eidlitz, single, builder, listed in the 1900 Census Madison between 77 and 78th Streets with a housekeeper. 187 5th Ave RENTING in 1920, Otto Eidlitz, head age 59, contractor building, wife Annie, age 46, Etta Thomas, sister in law age 26, and a cook a laundress, a maid and a waitress.

Robert Eidlitz in the censuses: 1910 Robert Eidlitz age 46, head, builder, wife, (torn) B age 45 married 19 years, 0 children

Otto Marc Eidlitz: IMPORTANT MEN OF NINETEEN-THIRTEEN: page 168 Name: Eidlitz, Otto Marc, Eidlitz, Otto Marc, builder; born New York City, Sept. 18, 1860; son of Marc and Mathilde (Sohr) Eidlitz; prepared for college, College City of New York; graduated, Cornell University, B.C.E., 1881; C.E., 1890; married Anna May Thomas of Ohio. Superintendent for Marc Eid-litz & Son, 1881-84; member of firm of Marc Eidlitz & Son, 1884-1900; head of the firm since 1892. Appointed tenement house commissioner, 1900, by Gov. Roosevelt; appointed commissioner by Gov. Hughes in 1909, on the Commission for Investigating Employers' Liability, Safety Appliances, and the Cause and Effect of Unemployment in the State of New York. Appointed in 1912 by Edward D. White, chief justice of the U.S., Martin A. Knapp, presiding judge of the Commerce Court, and Charles P. Neil, U.S. commissioner of labor, a member of the Board of Arbitration on the controversy between fifty-two railroads east of Chicago, and the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers. Director of the U.S. Mortar Supply Co., of the Colonial Assurance Co., The Mutual Bank, Germania Bank; trustee of the Bank for Savings; member of the American Society of Civil Engineers; member of the American Society Testing Materials, Executive Committee of the Civic Federation; fellow of the Fine Arts Society, National Geographical Society, Metropolitan Museum of Art; member of the New York Chamber of Commerce, American Museum of Natural History; president of the Mason Builders' Association of New York, 1900-04; chairman of the Board of Governors, Building Trades Employers' Association, 1903-05; member of the following clubs: Cornell University, Aldine, Transportation, Liederkranz, New York Athletic, Engineers', Lotos (New York); Chelsea Plantation, S.C.; Laurentian, Canada. D.U. Fraternity.

Remembrances of Joseph Walsh and Maggie Langan by Agnes Goehle Land 1975

In a letter to Justina Land Leler in 1975, Agnes Goehle Land wrote the following about her grandparents, Joseph Walsh and Maggie Langan:

"His father was a veterinarian. Joseph was the youngest of thirteen children. When his parents died he took what little money was willed to him and came to America, thinking he would make his fortune here. He was disappointed at the States and and always longed for Ireland. He thought the people rude and upstarts. He had a livery shop at 8th Street in Manhattan. He also gave riding lessons to the rich of New York. He loved horses. He played the piano well. I remember as a little girl of four being brought into the parlor by him to hear him play "Have you seen my new shoe?". He taught his grandchildren a little dance routine to go with the songs he played on the piano. He was about 6' 2" tall and very nice looking. He died when he was 55 from pneumonia, six months after my grandmother died."

"My grandmother's maiden name was Margaret "Maggie" Langan. She was a farm girl. She died at 52 from a heart attack."

"They lived most of their lives in the east 60s and 70s Streets of Manhattan. When I remembered them they lived at 240 East 73 Street, N.Y.C. The house is still standing. The only one of its kind in the new neighborhood. The houses around it are all high rises. It is the lone brownstone. When they lived there it held two families on each floor. There were seven other families that lived in the dwelling. Each family had what you call a railroad flat. This means one room followed another like so

"There was an entrance to the kitchen and one to the parlor. People shared the toilet in the hall with their neighbors. A toilet for every floor---. The building was four stories high."
"All the families that lived in the house were Irish. It was really an Irish Ghetto. The whole neighborhood was Irish."

My notes on Agnes' information

  • Joseph's father was listed on various documents as a gardner and steward. He may have been a "vet"(someone good with animals that the local people trusted and went to when they had problems), but he was not trained in the classical sence. Several other family sources say that one of his sons became a veterinarian in Ireland
  • There may have been 12 children in Joseph's family. I have only found birth records for 10 children but family tradition includes two more.
  • He was the youngest son. However, he had at least three younger sisters.
  • Joseph immigrated two years after the death of his mother and two months after the death of his father. Joseph already had at least two brothers in America at the time of his immigration.
  • On his naturalization papers he described himself as 5 foot 9 inches.
  • He died a year and six months after his wife, Maggie Langan Walsh
  • The address that Agnes gave is not in any of the records I have found for Joseph Walsh. This does not mean that he did not, at some point, live at that address.
  • There is this persisted image of Maggie Langan Walsh as not being as cultured as the Walshes. Insinuations are that the Walshes were better educated and more sophisticated than the Langans. The Langans did spend some time on a farm on the Galway boarder where Maggie was born. But they also spent some time in the town of Ballinrobe and actually lived very near the Walshes. The Langan children most likely went to the same church run schools as the Walsh children. The Langans were bilingual and may have spoken Irish in preference to English. There political affiliations and political leanings may have been more Fennian Land League oriented. Maggie Langan Walsh showed very sophisticated taste in the Communion attire of her children.

Death of Maggie Langan Walsh

Margaret Walsh died on December 4, 1926.

Her death certificate listed: Margaret Walsh, 119 East 89th Street, tenement, married, date of birth, November 5, 1875, age, 51 years and 1 month, housewife, born Ireland, in US 34 years, father's name, Mathew Langan, born in Ireland, mother's name, Margaret* Langan, born in Ireland, date of death, December 4, 1926, cause of death, chronic myocarditis, contributory, chronic parenchymatous nephritis, duration 5 years, last see by attending physician, December 4, 10:30 P.M.

*Note: Margaret's mother was Penelope AKA Nappy, not Margaret.

She was buried in Calvary Cemetery on December 7, 1926.

According to information provided by Calvary Cemetery, she was buried in section 19, range 12, plot HH, grave 2; a plot purchased by Joseph J. Walsh in 1904.

I wrote to Calvery Cemetery in 1999 requesting an internment list. In reply, the telephoned me in June 1999. In that conversation, they told me that there were only two people buried in this plot, Margaret Walsh and Joseph Walsh. This is apparently not true. See the death of Joseph Walsh, senior below.

Calvary cemetery is a Catholic Cemetery in Queens. It is owned by the Arch-diocese of New York and in terms of burials is the largest cemetery in the United States. Initially most burials were children of the Irish immigrants of the tenements in lower Manhattan.

Calvary cemetery told me in a phone conversation in June 1999 that there were only two people buried in this plot - Margaret and Joseph. It turns out that there were five people buried in the plot. See below.

Joseph Walsh

Taken from the post mortum photo with his children. See Photos of the children of Joseph Walsh and Maggie Langan

Date of photo unknown.

Death of Joseph Walsh

Joseph Walsh died on June 7, 1928.

His death certificate listed: Joseph Walsh, name of institution, Presbyterian Hospital, married, date of birth, _____, age, 55 years, occupation, labourer, born in Ireland, in US 34 years, father, John Walsh, born in Ireland, mother, Fanny Sweeney, born in Ireland, usual address, 215 East 69th Street, date of death, June 7, 1928, ill from May 18, 1928, last seen by attending physician, June 7, 1928 about 6:30, cause of death, bi-lateral inguinal hernia, duration several years, contibutory, chronic alcoholism.

Joseph was buried in Calvary Cemetery on June 11, 1928.


  • Joseph's mother was Fanny Feeney, not Sweeney.
  • Joseph may have suffered from "chronic alcoholism". On the other hand, I find the opinions of the educated Anglo-Americans of the times extremely prejudiced. Almost everything written by non-Irish about the Irish portray them all as dissolute characters, prone to drink and other bad habits.

The Tombstone of Joseph and Margaret Walsh

Four of the daughters of Charles Walsh, Mary Herdman, Agnes Riva, Clare Esser and Cathy McEneney, and Maria Lahiff Pedulla, the daughter of Agnes Walsh and John Lahiff, had a tombstone erected on the Walsh grave in May 2001.

Contrary to the information that Calvery Cemetery sent me, the following people were buried in this grave:

  • Joseph Walsh, senior, born 1874, died 1928
  • Margaret Langan Walsh, born 1875, died 1926
  • Joseph Walsh, Jr. born 1902, died 1904
  • Joseph Walsh III, born 1910, died 1931
  • Elizabeth O'Neal, born 1896, died 1938

Courtesy of Clare Esser


Joseph Walsh and Maggie Langan lived the first few years of their marriage in the 20s on the East Side, close to the Langan clan. By 1899 they had moved up town where others in the Walsh clan lived and were at the following address:

  • 208 E. 80th (between Second and Third) in 1899
  • 1326 Third Avenue (about 76th Street) in 1900
  • 1433 Second Avenue (about 75th Street) in 1901
  • 196 E. 76th Street (between Lexington and Third) from 1902 to 1908
  • and 202 E. 73rd Street (between Third and Second) from 1913 to 1920

Maggie's brother, James Langan, also moved up town and was at 200 E. 78th Street (between Third and Second) by 1918. (The Avenues in order from east to west are: First, Second, Third, Lexington, and Park.)

St Jean Baptiste

St Jean Baptiste parish was established in 1882 for the French-Canadian Catholics of New York. The first church was dedicated in 1884. As school was established in 1886. The present Renaissance style church was built in 1912 at a cost of $500,000. The widows were made in France.

See Photos of Buildings Where The Langans and Walshes Lived

St. Ignatius Loyola

St Ignatius Loyola parish was founded in 1851. The current church designed by William Schickel Sr. was built in 1898 and has landmark status. It is located at 980 Park Avenue on the corner of 84th street. The church came under the auspicies of the Jesuits in 1866. Mosaics, made in Venice by Salviati, were installed at Christmas time 1913. In 1914 the church property was valued at $1,000,000.

The church stood midway between the richest and one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city.

See Photos of Buildings Where The Langans and Walshes Lived

Religious Growth - vocations to the Priesthood - Society of Jesus included Martin J. O'Shaughnessy and William B O'Shaughnessy. (Fifty Years in Yorkville; Or, Annals of the Parish of St. Ignatius Loyola ... By Patrick Joseph Dooley, 1917)


John Walsh (c. 1827-1894) Ireland

Fanny Feeney (c. 1842-1892) Ireland, wife of John Walsh

Maggie Langan (1875-1926) born Mohorra, Ireland, died, New York City, and her father, Mathias Langan

The Walshes the Censuses

The Walshes in New York City, Children of John and Fanny

Lillie Walsh O'Neil, daughter of Joseph and Maggie

William Walsh, son of Joseph and Maggie

Margaret Walsh Petersen, daughter of Joseph and Maggie

Isabelle Walsh Goehle, daughter of Joseph and Maggie

Charles Walsh, son of Joseph and Maggie

Ellen Walsh Anderson, daughter of Joseph and Maggie

Agnes Walsh Lahiff, daughter of Joseph and Maggie

Joseph Walsh (1909-1931), son of Joseph and Maggie

George Walsh, son of Joseph and Maggie

Photos of the children of Joseph Walsh and Maggie Langan

Pictures of the children of Frank and Isabelle Goehle

Walsh/Langan Introduction

Pat Langan

James Langan

Bridget Langan

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