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Mathias Langan, the son of Mathias and Margaret Langan, was born circa 1841 in Ireland. He had at least two siblings, Pat and Bridget. Pat Langan never married. Bridget Langan married John Feerick and lived in the town of Ballinrobe, County Mayo, Ireland. Mathias Langan married Nappy (Penelope) Bryne, in the townland of Moharra, Shrule Parish, County Mayo, Ireland in 1865. Nappy was the daughter of Michael Byrne and Nappy Naughton of Mohorra. Mathias and Nappy Langan had five children between 1866 and 1879. The lived in both the town of Ballinrobe and in Mohorra. Mathias, Nappy and their children: Pat, Martin, Maggie, James, and Bridget, immigrated to NYC in the 1880s/90s. The Langans were related in some way to Farraghers.

Mathias Langan, Senior (dob unknown, died before 1867, Ireland)
Mathias Langan, Junior (1841-1920 Ireland)
The Byrnes of Mohorra, Shrule Parish
Bryne Cottage, Mohorra,County Mayo, Ireland, PHOTOS
Bryne Tombstone, Shrule Graveyard, County Mayo, Ireland, PHOTOS
Copies of Langan Documents
The Family of Mathias Langan in New York City
Maggie Langan, daughter of Mathias Langan and Penelope Byrne
Pat Langan, son of Mathias Langan and Penelope Byrne
Martin Langan, son of Mathias Langan and Penelope Byrne
James Langan, son of Mathias Langan and Penelope Byrne
Bridget Langan, daughter of Mathias Langan and Penelope Byrne
Langan Immigration
Connection to Other Langan Relations


John Walsh and Fanny Feeney were married in Castlebar, County Mayo, Ireland in 1856. They lived in the town of Ballinrobe, County Mayo, Ireland and had at least 10 children. Eight of their children, Michael, Mary, James, Thomas, Joseph, Fanny, Ellen, and Julia, immigrated to New York City in the 1880s/1890s

John Walsh (c. 1827-1894, Ireland)
Joseph Walsh, son of John Walsh and Fanny Feeney
Children of John Walsh and Fanny Feeney in New York City
Children of Joseph Walsh and Maggie Langan, PICTURES
Fanny Feeney, wife of John Walsh (1842-1892, Ireland) and other Feeneys in Castlebar and Ballinrobe
Children of John Walsh and Fanny Feeney, PICTURES
Copies of Original Walsh Documents
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Home of the Langans and Walshes

Ballinrobe Information
Ballinrobe, OLD PICTURES
Ballinrobe, NEW PICTURES
Historical Information from the Ballinrobe Newspaper
Other Ballinrobe Families

Home of the the Byrns, Langans and Naughtons

Mohorra Information
Mohorra, PHOTOS
Mohorra Families
Mohorra Population Information
Shrule village and church, PHOTOS

CASTLEBAR, County Mayo, Ireland
John Walsh and Fanny Feeney were married in Castlebar in 1856

Castlebar, NEW PHOTOS

Western Ireland

More Images From The West of Ireland, PICTURES

A Brief History of Mayo

Mayo History as it relates to the Byrnes, Langans and Naughtons



Because the censuses were destroyed in Ireland, the Griffith Tax Records are used to track families as a census substitute.

Walshes in Ballinrobe Parish in the 1857 Griffith
Walshes and Feeneys in the Griffith Valuations in Ballinrobe
Langan and Byrne in the Griffith Valuations


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Joseph Walsh in the Censuses, Pictures of New York City

Joseph Walsh in the US Censuses
New York City, PICTURES
The Children of Joseph Walsh and Maggie Langan

Lillie Walsh O'Neil, PHOTOS
William Walsh, PHOTOS
Margaret Walsh Petersen, PHOTOS
Isabell Walsh Goehle, PHOTOS
Charles Walsh, PHOTOS
Ellen Walsh Anderson, PHOTOS
Agnes Walsh Lahiff, PHOTOS
Joseph Walsh (1909-1931)
George Walsh, PHOTOS
Relatives in New York City

Children and Grandchildren of John Walsh and Fanny Feeney, PHOTOS
Thomas Walsh, Mystery Writer
Bill O'Shaughnessy and Nora McCarthy, PHOTOS

Children of William Walsh and Mae McCarthey and Mary Jerabek

William Walsh, junior, PHOTOS
Gerard Walsh, PHOTOS
Marilyn Walsh Krausch, PHOTOS

Children of Isabelle Walsh Goehle and Frank Goehle

Agnes Goehle Land, PHOTOS
Isabell Goehle Walters, PHOTOS
Peggy Goehle Edgar, PHOTOS
Frank Goehle, junior, PHOTOS
Elizabeth Goehle Mohring, PHOTOS

Children of Charles Walsh and Catherine Foley

Clare Walsh Esser, PHOTOS

Children of Agnes Walsh Lahiff and John Lahiff

Martin Lahiff, PHOTOS
Maria Lahiff Pedulla, PHOTOS
John Lahiff, PHOTOS
Bill Lahiff, PHOTOS
Joe Lahiff, PHOTOS
Langan Reunion - April 2005

Other Stuff

Immigration PICTURES
Langan, PHOTOS
PHOTOS of where they lived in New York City
Other folk from Ballinrobe who ended up in New York City
Ballinrobe Immigrants through Ellis Island 1892 to 1906
Research sources


A well told story of County Mayo in the 1870s. Available through Amazon and abebooks.com

Review in The Connaught Telegraph

A Great Web Site by Gerry Ryder With Old and New Images of Ballinrobe

Ballinrobe ......... a century of change

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Martin Coleman has a great website on the Coleman Clan which includes photos on Shrule and the Neale and information on local land issues.

Louth Hertiage

Curture and Heritage in County Louth


One of the best sources of information on any given family is what an individual might have among his/her own records or papers.

Many thanks to:

  • Peggie Goehle Edgar, the daughter of Isabell Walsh Goehle, and Peggie's husband, Charlie Edgar, who gave me or lent me:
    • Information on several family members
    • Addresses of some family members
    • Photographs of some of the children and grandchildren of Joseph Walsh and Maggie Langan
    • Copies of newspaper articles about the family
    • Their continuous gracious hospitality

  • Elenore Goehle Burger, the daughter of Isabell Walsh Goehle, who lent me photos of several family members.
  • Isabell Goehle Walters, the daughter of Isabell Walsh Goehle, who sent me a copy of her birth certificate.
  • Clare Walsh Esser, the daughter of Charles Walsh, who supplied
    • Photographs and information on her father, Charles Walsh, the son of Maggie Langan and Joseph Walsh
    • Photos of some of the children of Maggie Langan and Joseph Walsh
    • Information on the Walsh cemetery plot in New York
    • Information on Thomas Walsh, the son of Thomas Walsh and the grandson of John Walsh and Fanny Feeney, that enabled me to tie in information I had on Thomas, senior
    • A photo of some of the Langans
    On June 1, 2003 Clare lent me addition photos of herself and her family

  • Cathie McEneney, the daughter of Charles Walsh, who sent me photographs of St Mary's Church in Ballinrobe and the baptismal font at which the Walsh children and several Langan children were baptized.
  • Jeff Casper, a Langan relative, who led me to the marriage record of Pat Langan and Anastasia Devereau Langan.
  • Flo Hanson Goehle, the wife of Frank Goehle, who made me a CD of pictures of family members.
  • Bella Czaplyski Pipas, who gave me a photo of Agnes Goehle Land and Isabell Goehle Walter, the daughters of Isabell Walsh
  • Maria Lahiff Pedulla, who trusted me with a whole satchel of photos, newspaper articles, and notes from her mother, Agnes Walsh Lahiff. A true treasure trove!
  • Bill Lahiff who lent me a photo of the Lahiff children and at whose house in Tucson, Tom and I visited with: Bill, Maria and Joe Pedulla, Joe and Jackie Lahiff, and Ines and Ema (the daughters of Martin Lahiff) and their families.
  • Mike McEneney, the husband of Cathy Walsh, and the son-in-law of Charles Walsh, for information from his brother, Edward McEneney, about Charles Walsh

  • Mike McEneney and Mary Herdman for information on the baptism of Charles Walsh, January, 2003

  • Joe Lahiff for the identification of several children in the photos with his mother, Agnes Walsh Lahiff, January, 2003 and for a photo of his family, February 2003.

  • Marilyn Walsh Krausch for photos of the family of William Walsh and Mae McCarthy, and for information on her parents and siblings, February 2003.

  • Christin Lahiff Semprebon for information about her father, John Lahiff, August 2003 and photos of her family, her sibs and her father, April, 2004

  • Ines Lahiff Anderson, for corrections about her father, Martin Lahiff, and for information on her uncle, Bill Lahiff, December 2003

  • Martin Lahiff Walsh for a story about his mother, Agnes Walsh Lahiff, March, 2004

  • Betty Goehle Mohring for information on her baptism, marriage, and children, February, 2004

  • Ken Carty, the son of Martha Langan and Frederick Carty, Sr. and a grandson of Martin Langan and Ellen Moughan Langan, who has contacted me by email and provided information on his branch of the family, April, 2004. And for more information in March 2005

  • Pat Frost of Mohorra, Ireland for information and photos of Mohorra

  • Priscilla Walters Freeman for family photos and photos of Bella Walsh Goehle with her daughters and her son-in-laws

  • John Walters for a photo of he and his sister, Mary, and photos of Freddie Walters

  • Joan Donovan, the daughter of Lillie Walsh O'Neil and the granddaughter of Joseph Walsh and Maggie Langan, for many great photos of: her mother, father, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and Joseph Walsh, April 2005.

  • Mark Walsh, the son of George Walsh and Margaret Broyles for photos of his parents, March 2005

  • Charlotte Buda, the daughter of William Walsh and Mary Jerabek, for photos of her parents, and half brother, Gerard, and his family, March 2005.

  • Mary Walsh Herdman, the daughter of Charles Walsh, for the loan of photos of Charles Walsh, Joseph Walsh, junior, George Walsh and Maggie Langan Walsh as a young woman, and to Mike McEneney for bringing them to me. June 2005.

  • John Doherty for copies of some early photographs from Shrule and Ballinrobe and for a copy of The Bridge containing articles about Ballinrobe, September and October 2005

  • Glenn Nolen for information about the Nolans in Ballinrobe, October 2005.

  • Maria Lahiff Pedulla, daughter of Agnes Walsh Lahiff, for information on Michael G. Donovan III, the Grandson of Lillie Walsh O'Neil who died in Vietnam in 1968, October 2005.

  • Jeff Casper, the grandson of Pat Langan, for a photo of Pat Langan, and for additional information on the children of Pat Langan and James Langan, November 2005

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