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Birth 1882 Hoboken New Jersey

Henry (Heinrich) Blank was born on December 14, 1882 at 43 Willow St. Hoboken, New Jersey to Heinrich Blank, age 34, born in Bremen, occupation, shoemaker, and Mina "Erzmeier" (Erxmeyer), age 36, born in Hanover.

Marriage to Marie Wellinger before 1905

Henry Blanck married Marie Wellinger before 1905.

They were listed in the 1905 census together.

Children on Henry Blanck, junior and Marie Wellinger

  1. Eva

    Eva Marie Blanck September 17, 1906, 808 Willow Street Hoboken father Henry Blanck, age 23, mother Marie Wellinger, age 22 1st child of the mother.

  2. John Henry, the son of Henry Blank, driver, and Marie Wellington was born on February 4, 1909 at 813 Willow St. in Hoboken.

    Marriage: Unknown

    Death: Henry Blank, born February 4, 1909, died October 30, 1993 Hudson County, N J 07047, SS#142-05-1211 (SSDI)

  3. Marie Blank born on February 4, 1917 at 813 Willow Avenue, Hoboken.

    Death: Marie died on October 25, 1919, age 1 year, 8 months and 21 days of pneumonia. She was buried in the Erxmeyer-Blank family plot in Grove Church Cemetery.

  4. Catherine Blank, 1 day old, the daughter of Henry and Marie Blank, died on January 1, 1919, cause of death, premature birth, 813 Willow Avenue (New Jersey Death Certificate). She was buried in the Erxmeyer-Blank family plot in Grove Church Cemetery.

1900 Census

Henry was listed with his parents in the 1900 census.

1905 New Jersey State Census

At 811 Willow:

  • Henry Blanck, age 22, born December 1882, New Jersey, occupation, truck driver
  • Marie, wife, age 19, born September 1885, New Jersey

They were listed with Marie's mother and siblings:

  • Wellinger, Eva, born August 1850, age 54, Germany
  • _______ Herman, born January 1877, New York, coffee dealer
  • _______ Louisa, January 1883, New Jersey, lace worker

The 1910 Federal Census

Hoboken ward 5, 813 Willow, Henry Blanck 28, driver wagon carpenter's shop, Marie Blanck 25 Eva Marie Blanck 4 Henry John Blanck 1 3/12 George Fickle 33

The 1915 New Jersey State Census

The 1915 New Jersey Census lists the family of Henry Blanck at 813 Willow Avenue Hoboken as follows:

  • Henry, born December 1882, age 32, occupation, truck driver
  • "Martha", born September 1885, age 29
  • Eva M., born in September 1906, age 8
  • Henry J., born February 1909, age 6

Henry Blanck, Junior, 1917 Draft Registration

The 1917 draft registration lists Henry Blank, at 813 Willow Avenue, Hoboken, New Jersey, age 35, born on December 14, 1882, occupation, porter for Eppens Smith Co., 107 Warren Street, New York, New York, next of kin, his wife, Marie Wellington Blank, physical description, medium height, stout build, gray eyes, brown hair.

Note: Eppens, Smith and Wiemann company was a wholesale tea and coffee dealer located on Washington street in New York City. It founded by Frederick Eppens.

The 1920 Federal Census

Henry Blank, Junior and family were at 813 Willow Avenue in Hoboken as follows:

  • Henry, head, age 37, occupation, porter, tea and coffee
  • Marie, wife, age 34
  • Eva, daughter, age 13
  • Henry, son, age 10
  • Marie Smith, niece, age 16
  • George Feicka, age 43, lodger

(1920 US Census Vol 56 E.D. 96, Sheet 17, line 33)

The 1922 Directory

Blanck, Henry (Mary) coffee roaster h 813 Willow av

The 1930 Federal Census

Henry Blank, Junior and family were at 942 Hudson Street in Union City (T626, 1359, p10B, ED444) as follows:

  • Henry, head, age, 47, occupation, roaster Coffee, renting $45, radio, married at 21, born in NJ
  • Marie, wife, age 44, married at 18
  • Eva, daughter, age 22, single, telephone operator
  • Henry, son, age 21, single, pocket book examiner
  • George Fisher, age 55, born Germany, drainer home?

Reminiscence of Dorothea Gorman

I remember very vaguely Henry Blanck, but I do recall Marie and Eva Blanck. My impression was of stately women, who were always dressed very nicely with full make-up and not a hair out of place. They always wore perfume and smiled alot. Of course, these are memories of a young child, perhaps about 60 years ago, so its quite possible, I recall only one but time may have blurred them into two. I remember that they visited my grandmother Frances Schadewald Holmesand her sister Mabel Wursthorn many times.

Death of Marie Wellington Blanck

1956 per tombstone.

Death of Henry Blanck 1973

Henry Blank, born December 14, 1882, died in Union City, Hudson County, NJ in April of 1973, SS#142-05-1663 (SSDI)

He was 91 years old.

Blanck Tombstone, Flower Hill Cemetery, Jersey City

Block E of the Flower Hill Cemetery, Jersey City


MARIE 1885-1956
HENRY A 1882-1973





  • The information from this tombstone may not be complete. I just happened to spy the name Blanck when I was in the cemetery looking for another grave. I quickly wrote down the information and only later discovered that it was the grave of Henry Blanck, junior the son of Henry and Melosine Blanck.
  • Marie was the wife of Henry Blanck.
  • "Louisa" Koehler, widowed, wife of "Louise" Koehler, born 1/12/1883 Hoboken age 46 at home, father, George Wellinger, born Germany, and Eva Gresser born Germany, May 3 1929, heart block coronary --- buried Flower Hill Cemetery (New Jersey Death Record)
  • Eva Wellington was Marie's mother.
  • Who was Michael F Lyons, Jr? the 1910, 1920 and 1930 censuses in Weehawken listed him as the son of Michael F Lyons senior (a police man in the city police department) born Ireland and his wife, Elizabeth, born NJ of Eng/Irish parents. Not listed 1917 WWI Draft Registration. Not listed SSDI.
  • A 2006 visit to the cemetery shows that the grave stone has been changed and is not the same as it was about 6 years before. The name is now spelt BLANK. Instead of a more or less rectangular tombstone it is now an abbreviated obelisk. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of the original tombstone.
  • The grave marker now has four sides with the following on each side:

    1. South (facing path)


      HENRY A


    2. West


    3. East

      DIED MAY 7, 1929
      BORN AUG 16, 1850
      DEID NOV. 4, 1938

    4. North

      At base


  • Darlene, who emailed me in March 2005 says that the grave also includes Annie Schroeder nee Wellinger, born Sept. 13, 1880 died Sept. 18, 1913 and that Louis C. Koehler Jr. was born Aug. 19, 1880 died March 23, 1919 only 39 yrs. old.

George Wellinger and Eva Gressers

Darlene contacted me by email in March 2005 and provided the following information.

Doug Cruger contacted me by email and provide additional information September, 2006

Celile B Champagne contacted me by email and regular mail in May 2007 and provide copies of New Jersey birth, marriage and deaths records for the Wellingers.

I have made some additional notes where indicated in blue.

Birth of Eva Gresser: Eva Gresser is believed to have been born in Hessen, Germany to _____ Gresser and Anna ______ Gresser.

  • Circa 1850 per 1880 census
  • Circa 1855 per 1900 census
  • Hessen Darmstadt per 1880 census
  • August 16, 1850 according to death record

Immigration: 10 June 1872 age 22 port of departure Bremen Germany, Ship, Smidt. (Immigration information provided by Cecile Belisle Champagne May 2007)

Birth of George Wellinger: George Wellinger is believed to have been born in Switzerland.

Born Wurttemburg circa 1848 per 1880 census. (MLB)

Died 1887 at age 38. Birthplace Germany per death record.

Immigration for George Wellinger: George Wellinger, 23 December 1870, age 22, male from Bremen, place of origin Wuttemberg, Ship Rhein, port of arrival, New York (MLB)

Marriage: George Wellinger, age 25, single, married Eva Catherine Gresser,age 23, single August 16, 1873, Hoboken (New Jersey Marriage Certificate provided by Cecile Belisle Champagne May 2007)


  1. Annie Catherine Wellinger and Rudolph Hermann Schadewald

    Birth: Annie Catherine, b June 16, 1875.

    Marriage: Rudolph Hermann Valentine Schadewald, married Anna Catherine Wellinger on 8 Mar 1891, 135 Hudson St., Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey. Rudolph Hermann Valentine Schadewald was the son of Rudolph Leopold David Schadewald and Therese Wilhelm born 20 May 1867 Union Hill, Hudson, New Jersey. He died 18 June 1919, Christ Hospital, Jersey City, New Jersey.


    1. Francis October 1892 (LDS AF)
      Marriage: Robert Holmes
      1. Albert circa 1912
      2. Edna circa 1915
      3. Richard circa 1918
      4. Doris circa 1921
      5. Helen circa 1923
      6. Margaret, per Dorothea Holmes Gorman, December 2008
      Death: ?? buried Holy Cross, N. Arlington, NJ

    2. Eva November 1894 (LDS AF)

    3. Lillie born Fairfield, Bergen New Jersey 1902 died 5 July 1902 Fairfield, Bergen - Family Data Ancestry.com

    1900 Census: Willow Avenue Hoboken, Rudolph Schadewald head May 1867, age 33, teamster, Kate wife June 1784 age 25, married 10 years 6 children 2 living, Francis daughter Oct 1892 age 7, Eva daughter age 5 Nov 1894.

    Death of Anne Catherine Wellinger Schadewald: Aug. 25, 1946 buried Flower Hill Cemetery

  2. Herman John Wellinger and Caroline Acker Cruger

    Birth: Herman John Wellinger, Herman circa 1877 per 1880 and 1900 censuses and WWI Draft Registration

    Marriage: Herman Wellinger married Caroline Acker Cruger, ca. 1907, probably in Hoboken, NJ. She went by the name of "Carrie" and was one of the three daughters of Adoniram Judson Cruger and Susan Chase Dodd. (Doug Cruger, September, 2006)

    Herman John Wellinger 811 Willow Ave Hoboken born Troy, N. Y. age 30, first marriage, father George Johnson Wellinger mother Eva Gresser, tea coffee business married Caroline A Cruger, 719 Clinton St Hoboken age 27 first marriage, born New York to A Judson Cruger and Susannah C Dodd at Trinity Church 27 November 1907 witnesses Florence Esler and E Eugene ? Doyle (New Jersey Marriage Certificate provided by Cecile Belisle Champagne May 2007)


    1. George 1913

      WWII Army Enlistment George Wellinger: George J Wellinger, Birth Year: 1913 Hudson County, New Jersey, Enlistment Date: 10 Mar 1941, Newark, New Jersey, Branch: Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA, Grade: Private, Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for the Puerto Rican Department, Education: 2 years of high school Civil Occupation: Locomotive Engineer or Proofreader Marital Status: Single, without dependents Height: 65, Weight: 142

      Death of George Wellinger: George Wellinger born 24 March 1913 died 31 Jan 1993 Edison New Jersey (SSDI)

    2. Mary Edna Wellinger (1915-) and Leonard Peter Blue

      Birth: Mary Edna Wellenger Nove 4 1915 627 Willow Ave Hoboken father Herman Wellinger born US, age 39, clerk, mother Caroline Cruges born US age 35, fifth child. (New Jersey Birth Certificate provided by Cecile Belisle Champagne May 2007)

      Marriage: Leonard Peter Blue , 514 Park Ave. Hoboken born Aug 12, 1913, North Bergen, N.J., age 27 machine operator, father James C Bleu mother Anna Whitney to Mae Edna Wellinger, 619 Willow Street Hoboken, born November 1, 1915, father Herman Wellinger mother Caroline Kruger, witness Oscar Palmer and Grace Palmer both of 58 11th Street Hoboken, at Trinity Church Hoboken New Jersey, December 28, 1940 remarried 5.7.49 Hoboken (New Jersey Marriage Certificate provided by Cecile Belisle Champagne May 2007)

    1910 census: 719 Clinton Ave Hoboken Herman age 33, shipping clerk, coffeehouse, born New York, Carrie wife,age 30, married 3 years, o children, born New York.

    WWI Draft Registration Herman Wellinger: Herman John Wellinger, 627 Willow Ave Hoboken age 41, born January 20 1877, US, porter Eppens Smith and Co. 103, 105, 107 Warren Street, New York, wife Mrs Wellinger 627 Willow Street Hoboken, tall medium build, grey eyes brown hair, defect in one eye (left).

    1920 census: Willow Ave Hoboken Herman age 42 coffee inspector wholesale, born New York, Karoline wife, George son age 6, May E daughter age 4, and Susan Cenger (Cruger) mother in law, age 72 button sewer at home.

    1930 census: 627 Willow Ave Hoboken Herman age 51, radio, rent $26, coffee taster coffee house, born New York, Carrie, wife, age 49, born New York, George son age 17, helper factory, May daughter age 14.

    Death of Caroline Wellinger: Caroline Wellinger 619 Willow Ave Hoboken, married husband Hermann Wellinger date of birth, May 13, 1882, age 50 housewife, born New York to Judson E Cruger amd Susan (unknown) died Dec 27, 1932 cause of death, -- due to cardiac disease probably myocardial in nature. (Copy of death certificate provided by Cecile Champagne May 2007)


    Mrs Caroline Wellinger: Caroline Wellinger, 45, of 619 Willow Avenue Hoboken died at her home Tuesday following an extended illness. Surviving is her husband, Hermann Wellinger. The funeral will be Saturday with a requiem mass at 10 o"clock at the Church of Our Lady or Grace. Interment will b e in Holy Name Cemetery. The funeral arrangemnts are in charge of Earl F. Bosworth.
    (Copy of obituary provided by Cecile Champagne May 2007.)

    Death of Hemamn Welliger: Obit, Hudson Dispatch, Union City, N. J., 4 December 1953 page10:

    Herman J Wellinger, 76, of 259 12th Street , Hoboken died yesterday at his home. Death caused by a cardiac condition form which Mr Wellinger had suffered for many years.

    A natve of Troy, N. Y. he had spent the greater part of his life as a resident of Hoboken He retired several years ago from the employe of Lawyers Printing co.

    Mr Wellinger was predeceased by his wife, Caroline (nee Cruger) who died in 1932. He is survived by a son, George, and a daughter, Mrs. Mae Blue. He was a brother of Mrs. Mamie Blanck. Also surviving are 5 grandchildren.

    Funeral and services will be held at Bosworth, Funeral Home, 311 Willow Ave, Hoboken Saturday at 2 p.m. Rev Mr Albert W. Eastburn, Trinity Episcopal Church, Hoboken officiating. Interment will follow in Flower Hill Cemetery, North Bergen.

    (Copy of obituary provided by Cecile Champagne May 2007.)

  3. Theresa circa 1880 per 1880 and 1900 censuses

  4. Marie (Mamie) Wellinger (1885-) and Henry Blanck Jr

    Mamie (Marie) born 1885

    Marriage: Henry Blanck, see above.

1880 Census: Guttenburg NJ can't read street under Weilinger

Note: It is hard to read the name could be either Weillinger or Wellinger. Clearly based on the names of the wife and children and their ages this is the correct listing.

"John" age 32 work (?), born WURT, Eva age 30, wife, born HESS DARM, Katie age 6 daughter, Herman age 3 son, Teresa daughter age 1

Death of George Wellington: George Wellinger committed suicide due to a painful disease.

George Wellinger age 38, and 11 monts, born Germany, in US 17 years, 158 Court Street Hoboken, died 30 May 1887 sucidal hanging, buried Hoboken Cemetery (New Jersey Death Certificate provided by Cecile Belisle Champagne May 2007)

1900 Census: Hoboken Ward 5 811 Willow Ave. Wellinger, Eva, head, Feb. 1855, widow, 45 seven children 6 still living, Immigrated in 1874, in US 26 years, laundress Herman, March 1877, age 23, machinest, Annie, Jan 1879, age 21, straw worker, Theresa, May 1880, age 20, servant, Louisa, May 1881, age 18, operator Mamie, Dec 1884, age 15, servant

Death of Eva Gresser Wellinger: Eva Wellinger, 17 Forth Street Weehawken, New Jersey, widowed, widow of George Wellinger, born August 15, 1850, age 88 years, 2 months and 19 days, birthplace of father, Germany, name of father, ______ Gresser, birthplace of mother, Germany, name of mother, Anna, died November 4, 1938 of chronic endocarditis senility, informant, Mrs. M Blanck, 17 4th Street Weehawken, buried Flower Hill Cemetery Nov 7, 1938. (Death Certificate supplied by Alice, August 2006).

Five Generations

Standing in back: Frances Schadewald Holmes (born c 1892, daughter of Anne Wellinger Shadewald), Albert Holmes (born c. 1912, son of Frances Schadewald Holmes), and Anna Catherine Wellinger Schadewald (born 1875, daughter of Eva Gresser Wellinger)

Seated in center, Eva Gresser Wellinger (born c 1850), and next to her Robert Holmes*

Taken circa 1937.

* Robert Holmes was born May 20, 1932, per Barbara Holmes Newman, December 2008

The Schadewalds

Some of the following information on the Schadewalds was taken from the LDS internet site at the suggestion of Darlene.

Friedrich Wilhelm Schadewald (1783-)

Birth: Friedrich Wilhelm Schadewald b. abt 1783 in Kolberg, Pommerin, Preussen

Marriage: Dorothee Sofie Groenert


  1. Rudolph David Leopold Schadewald (1815-)

    Birth: Rudolph David Leopold Schadewald born 1815, Kolberg, Prussia, Germany

    Marriage: Ernestine Phillippine Christine Duetzel or Ditzel on 30 September 1838 Buecheburg, Schaumburg-Lippe, Germany.


    1. Rudolph Leopold David Schadewald (1842-)

      Birth: Rudolph Leopold David Schadewald, 1841/42


      Civil War: Note from Darlene: Rudolph Leopold David Schadewald used the name Bier in the civil war. Bier was his stepfather's name.

      Note from George, January 2007: "Herman" served in Hexamer's 1st Light Artillery Company A. This unit was formed in Hoboken on Aug12th 1861 & mustered out on June 22nd 1865. My mother had an obit from the Jersey Journal of Herman but I don't know who has it now or if it was lost. In the obit it claimed he was over a 100 & died at Sailors Snug Harbor on Staten Island. Now here's the kicker it claimed that Herman was the last surviving NAVAL veteran of the Civil War & that he was a 3rd gunners mate on the Monitor. I can understand how an artillery man might have been pressed into the navy but for years now I have not been able to corroborate this story or how he got from the army to the navy This the closest I've come to show that Herman was both in army & navy. I would love to see files in those boxes. It was common for canon people to shift from army to navy in those days, I doubt it was 2 different people http://www.state.nj.us/state/darm/links/guides/sinsh001box1-25.html

      My Note: Herman Bier, Enlistment Date: 02 September 1864 Side Served: Union State Served: New Jersey Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 02 September 1864 Enlisted in Company Batty A, 1st Light Artillery Regiment New Jersey on 02 September 1864. Mustered out Company Batty A, 1st Light Artillery Regiment New Jersey on 22 June 1865 in Trenton, NJ

      Marriage: Teresa or Terese Wilhelm, Circa 1865

      1. Rudloph Herman Valentine Schadewald

        Birth: Rudloph Herman Valentine Schadewald born 20 May 1867 Union Hill, Hudson, New Jersey, married Anna Catherine Wellinger 8 March 1891 135 Hudson Street, Hoboken Died 22 June 1919

        See Wellinger above.

      2. Ernest
      3. Karl (Charles) Adam Schadewald, May 1869, New Jersey married Auguste Charlotte Arzinger, 4 Nov 1894, Hoboken German Evangelical Church


        1900 Census: 1900 Ferry (St or Ave) Schadewald Charles head May 1869, age 38 labourer, born NJ, Charlotte wife May 1875 age 26 married 5 years, 2 children 2 living, Arnold Nov 1894 age 5 Aldolph son Feb 1898 age 2

      4. Theodore
      5. Theresa
      6. Francis

      1880 Census - New York city: Rudolph Schadewald 38, painter, born Berlin, Theresa Schadewald, 39, Rudolph Schadewald, 13, at school, Ernest Schadewald, 11, bakers apprentice, Karl Schadewald, 9, Theodore Schadewald, 7 Theresa Schadewald, 3, Francis Schadewald 8M

      1900 Census: Madison Street Hoboken, Rudolph Schadwald, Mar 1841, New Jersey, varnish polisher, Tressa, wife, Dec 1840, married 35 years, 12 children 5 still living, born Germany, immigrated 1858, Franz, son, August 1879 New Jersey, varnish polisher, Franz Winter, brother in law, age 50, born Germany, day laborer, Charles Winder, brother in law, age 20 born New Jersey, grocery clerk.

Henry Blanck, senior
Melosine Erxmeyer, mother of Henry Blanck, jr.
Blanck Introduction

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