Dorethe Hogrefe and Henry Erxmeyer

Blanck Descendants of Dorethe Hogrefe and Henry Erxmeyer Through Melosine Erxmeyer Blanck

  1. Melosine Erxmeyer + Henry Blank/Blanck
    1. Louis Blanck + Gertrude Kettler
      1. John Blanck + Alice Azarian
        1. Dennis Blanck + Leona
          1. Suzanne Blanck + Jerry Payne
            1. Reilly Payne
        2. Tom Blanck + Maggie Land
          1. Damian Blanck
          2. Tobias Blanck
          3. Sebastian
      2. Dorothy Blanck + John Foley
        1. Maureen Foley + Frank Albano

See Henry Blanck

Labouseur Descendants Through Julia Erxmeyer Lehman Tietjen

Julia Erxmeyer married John Lehman in Germany circa 1870. There daughter Berthe Lehman was born in Hoboken circa 1876. Berthe Lehman married Johann Henrich Labouseur in Hoboken in 1894. Berthe Lehman and John Labouseur had a son Arthur born in Hoboken in 1897. Arthur Labouseur had a son Eugene born in Hoboken in 1926. The widow and children of Eugene Labouseur live in Brick New Jersey.

See Julia Erxmeyer

Murphy Descendants Through Berthe Erxmeyer Bremer

Berthe Erxmeyer married August Bremer in Hoboken in 1881. They had three children, Charles, Emma, and Etta. Brain Murphy, a grandson of Etta Bremmer, had been in touch by email (July 2004).

See Berthe Erxmeyer

Descendants With the Surname Erxmeyer

The system of public records allows me to go back in time and find ancestors but does not permit me to branch out and find their descendants. The most popular system to find other descendants is though the internet.

Various modern directories indicate that the surname, Erxmeyer, is quite unusual.

There were only 9 Erxmeyers listed in the Social Security Death Index through 1997. Four of the listings are for men. Two of these are known to be related to the Erxmeyers in Hoboken.

An internet search turns up five Erxmeyers, two men, Frank and William, in Illinois who are in their nineties and three people in Glen Rock, New Jersey.

The only children of Fred and Henry who could have carried on the Erxmeyer name were:

  1. Fred's sons:

    1. Henry born in 1876. In the 1920 census he was listed as married with one daughter, age 1. I do not know if he had other children.
    2. William, born in 1873. He married in September of 1899. I could not find him in the 1920 census in New Jersey.
    3. Henry, born in 1876. He married and had a family. In the 1920 census he was 43 years old and had a daughter age 1 year. His wife was 30 in 1920.
    4. Fred, born in 1881. He married someone named Volkman and two daughters. He as a widow in 1920 at the age of 38. He could have remarried and had sons.
    5. Julius born in 1888. He was listed in the 1920 census as 33 years old, single. I know he died in 1971, but I don't know is he ever married and had children.
  2. Henry's sons:

    1. Fred, born in 1875. I don't know what happened to him.
    2. Henry III born on June 5, 1876. He married and had several children. In the 1920 census he is listed with 2 daughters. He was 43 and his wife was 37. According to the Social Security Death Index, he died in April of 1968 in Flushing, New York.
    3. August, born 1878. He is listed in the 1920 census with a 13 year old son named Henry.

The Social Security Death Index

There are twelve Erxmeyers in the SS death index to 2004. Four were issued in New Jersey. Three were issued in New York. Four were issued in Illinois. One was issued in Ohio:

  1. Dolly 140-56-9729, issued in New Jersey, born September 1, 1918, died February 1986, Secaucus, New Jersey 09094
  2. Eric 112-20-0848, issued in New York, born November 1, 1903 died Aug 1971, Tivoli, New York 12583
  3. Frank 333-01-4342, issued in Illinois, born March 19, 1908, died October 3, 1998, DuPage, Illinois 60181
  4. Henry 153-09-9994, issued in New Jersey, born June 5, 1876, died April 1968, Flushing, New York*
  5. Julius 142-46-4384, issued in New Jersey, born June 7, 1888, died Feb 1971, North Bergen 07047**
  6. Lydia 140-01-1348, issued in New Jersey, born March 23, 1908, died May 1, 2000, Bergen, New Jersey, 07452
  7. Margaret 351-12-2462, issued in Illinois, born June 23, 1908, died Jan 25, 1988, Villa Park Illinois 60181
  8. Mildred 106-32-0044, issued New York, born April 9, 1903, died Jan 1986, North Palm Beach, Fla. 33408
  9. Teresa 342-46-3562, issued in Illinois, born December 25, 1899, died January 1982, Forest Park Illinois 60130
  10. Veronica 087-18-3004, issued in New York, born January 27, 1925 died Feb 1991 Phoenix Az. 85032
  11. William 290-09-0721, issued in Ohio, born March 25, 1907, died September 16, 1990 Phoenix Az. 85032
  12. Heinrich, born 28 August, 1925, died 29 December 2004, last residence 732 (PE) SSN #305-26-1462, Issued in Illinois

*Henry was the son of Henry Erxmeyer.

**Julius was the son of Fred Erxmeyer.

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