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West Hoboken and the town of Union (also called Union Hill) merged in 1925 to form Union City.

The Azarian family lived in Union City in the 1930s.

John Blanck and his family lived in Union City in the 1930s.

Union Hill and West Hoboken

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Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Postcard collection Maggie Land Blanck, November 2010, Posted 1907

Festival Hall Schuetzen Park, Union Hill, N. J.

The Schuetzen Park was was a recreational destination for Germans from all over the Tri-state area. See Hoboken

German Americans came from all over the county to attend the annual Schuetzen Festival.

In May 1910 the main pavilion of the Schuetzen Park in Union Hill was destroyed by fire.

"The dance hall, bowling alleys and kitchen were entirely destroyed by the fire. Part of the old farmhouse or beer garden which also stood within the inclosure were also partly destroyed. The swings and the carousels took fire one after another."

New York Times May 11, 1910.

The pavilion was described as a 400 feet long by 300 wide one story building build at a cost of $80,000 about 1898. Facing west it was surrounded by ten acres of grounds. The kitchen and bowling allies were in the basement with the main floor devoted to a vast dance hall "where a thousand couples could easily dance".

Thegarntmoterh fire seemed to have started in the woodwork in the kitchen.

In August Genie Wrote that her great great grandfather was Captain Louis C Wendel a German immigrant who owned Schuetzen Park. He appears to have been quite a character. He died in 1914 and the New York Times carried the following article:


Former Commander of First Battery Convinced of Padding Accounts

Capt. Louis Wendel, at one time commander of the First Battery, and a prominent figure in the National Guard, died on Saturday at his home, 170 West 133rd Street, in his seventy-first year. For more than twenty-five years he was in the service, but in 1907 he was removed by court-martial from the command of the First Battery for padding the expense account. On Dec 3, 1908 he was convicted of the same charge in General Sessions and was sentenced by Judge Swan to pay a fine of $1,000.

Capt. Wendel joined the State Guard as a First Lieutenant of old Battery K on Sept. 27, 1881

He performed 100 per cent of duty for more than twenty-five years, including service on riot and strike duty. He participated in the Brooklyn trolley strike in January 1895. He also served at various camps, and at the outbreak of the war with Spain volunteered with his battery, but the State authorities decided to retain the command in the city as a reserve, and authorized him to organize a volunteer battery for service. It was mustered at Camp Black.

He was a candidate for various city offices and was elected a member of the Board of Alderman in 1884. Up to a few years ago he was the proprietor of a number of amusement resorts, including Fort Wendel, Wendels's Assembly Rooms, Lion Park, Elm Park, and Union Hill Schutzen Park. He leaves a widow, a brother, Ex-police Capt. Charles C. Wendel, and two sons, Alderman Louis Wendel, Jr. and Charles L Wendel.

On July 20, 1913 Capt Wendel was examined in supplementary proceedings on a judgment of $4,695.14 held by James Everard's Breweries. He was then broken in spirit and he acknowledged that his former wealth was reduced to an income of $7 a week, allowed him by his second wife, who had a boarding house.

The New York Times April 6, 1914

Additional articles in the Times say that Wendel had another brother, Fritz Wendel. Captian Louis Wendel owned "several saloons" and concert gardens in addition to amusement parks and hotels.

In 1906 he owned four houses at the corner of Aquaduct Ave. and Kingsbridge Road in the Bronx. He was also listed as owning the hotel and amusement resort, Fort Wendel, at Fort Washington, "near Fort George".

His Passport application listed him as born in Fraszdorf (Frasdorf) Germany on 28 August 1843. He said he immigrated in October 1, 1864 aboard the Sircassian from Bremen and that he was naturalized in the Court of common Pleas in New York on 27, January 1870. His occupation was given as Hotelier. He was listed as age 58, 5 feet 6 inches tall, dark brown eyes and black hair.

In January 1870 he was living at 430 W 45th Street, NYC.

In 1880 he was listed in the federal census age 37, "hotel", with his wife, Catherine, age 36, and children: Louis Jr. age 12, Mary age 10 and Charles age 6.

In 1900 his occupation was "hotel keeper". He was listed with his wife Katie and three servants. No children were listed.

Katherine Wendel age 64 had died at 82 Kingsbridge Rd, Bronx on April 24, 1909 after a long illness. (Bronx cert # 2200, 1909). She was survived by her children, Louis Wendel, Jr., Mary Rennecke and Charles L Wendel.

In 1910 he was listed on Amsterdam Ave between 190 and 195th street as a hotel manager. Listed with two boarders. He remarried. His second wife ran a boarding house and apparently kept a tight leach on the Captain allowing him an allowance of only $7 a week.

Postcard collection Maggie Land Blanck, November 2010, Posted 1907

Alice Azarian graduated from Emerson High School in 1933. See Alice Azarian

John Blanck graduated from Emerson High School in 1934, according to his service papers.See John Blanck

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Summit Ave, West Hoboken

Clinton Avenue and West Hoboken Town Park, West Hoboken, N. J.

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Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Fountain in Town Park, West Hoboken, N. J.

Posted 1908

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

St Michael's Monastary, West Hoboken, N.J.

West Hoboken became Union City.

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Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Palisades Avenue, West Hoboken, N.J.

West Hoboken became Union City.

Post marked 1910

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Postcard collection Maggie Land Blanck, November 2010

West Hoboken Park, West Hoboken, N. J.

Posted 1912

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Photo courtesy of Rick Schumacher, November 2010

Rich wrote:
" My grandfather, Philip Schumacher was mayor of Union Hill for I believe 1 term somewhere in the 1914-1917 era. His brother-in-law, Christian P. Bravand was a member of the fire department and went through the ranks to become chief in 1912. Philip Schumacher's father and mother were married by Rev. Leopold Mohn."

1930 Census: Union City, New Jersey, 892 Hudson Street, own, $2,500, Bravard, Christian P, age 52, married at age 25, born New York, father born Switzerland, mother born Switzerland, photo engraver, engraving, Rose, wife, age 53, married at age 26, born New Jersey, parents born Germany, Schumacher, Tillie, sister in law, age 56, born New Jersey, parents born Germany, Schumacher, Lena, sister in law, age 48, born New Jersey, parents born Germany, stenographer.

Philip Schumacher (1876-) and Johanna _____

Birth: April 22 1876 ( WWIDR)

1880 Census: 482 Court Street, Hoboken, Shoomacher, H age 50, labourer, born Hanover, Kate age 38, born Baden, Tilly age 11 Rosa age 7, Philip age 4, Lena age 2, children all born NJ.

1895 New Jersey State Census: "Helen" Schumacher, foreign born, Tillie Schumacher, Rose, Schumacher, Philip Schumacher, Lean Schumacher, rest native born. This census did not give ages or DOBs

Marriage: Johanna


  1. Philip
  2. Stanley
WWI DR: Philip Schumacher, 135 Fulton Street, town of Union, age 42, dob, April 22, 1876, sales manager Hagard Mfg Co. 533 Canal St New York City, nearest kin, Hanna Schumacher, 135 Fulton Street, tall, slender, brown eyes, brown hair, Sept 12, 1918

1900 Census: Town of Union, 204 Fulton Street, Schumacher, born April 1876, bookkeeper wire rope co. Johanna wife born May 1877

1910 Census: Union, 135 Fulton Street Schumacher, Philip head age 34 m 10 years, clerk wire rope co. Johanna age 32, m 10 years 3 children 2 still living, Philip R age 5, Stanley R age 2, all born NJ.

1920 Census:

Christian Bravard (1878-) and Rose Schumacher




1910 Census: Nest to Philip Schumacher and family, at 292 Hudson Ave, Bravard, Christian head age 33 married 8 years, photographer newspaper, Rosie, wife, age 35, Schumacher, Tillie boarder age 37, Schumacher, Lena boarder age 27, stenographer, Bravard, Rudolph age, boarder, 28, married 6 years (wife not listed) salesman wire co.

1930 Census: Union City, New Jersey, Listing after Bravard, at 135 45th street, Schumacher, Philip, age 53 ,widowed, married at age 25, born New Jersey, parents born German, district manager, wires, ----- etc. manufacturer, Stanley son age 21 born New Jersey, occupation "none", Winkler, Fredrick lodger age 27, born Germany, immigrated 1927 baker, bakery shop


John Blanck


August Bentkamp was a Germany from Bielefeld, Westfalia who immigrated to West Hoboken in 1902 and later became a millionaire artificial flower manufacturer. For more information on August Bentkamp go to Bentkamp

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