Fanny Feeney was the wife of John Walsh. I have not been able to determine her place of birth and parents. She was married in Castlebar and lived in Ballinrobe after her marriage. The Feeneys were limited in Ballinrobe and Castlebar.

See below for a survey of the Feeneyes in Ballinrobe and Castlebar.

Fanny Feeney, A Brief Biographical Sketch

Birth : Fanny Feeney was born circa 1842 in Ireland.

Parents: Unknown.

Siblings: Unknown

Marriage: Fanny Feeney married John Walsh in Castlebar Co. Mayo Ireland in 1856.

Children: See John Walsh

Note Fanny Feeney and John Walsh did not have any children baptized in Castlebar.

Death: Fanny Feeney Walsh died in Ballinrobe, co Mayo 1892.

The Birth of Fanny Feeney

I have not been able to determine the date and place of birth. I do not know who Fanny's parents were. However, she had some connection to the name McDonald.

Based on the information on her death record, Fanny was born circa 1842.

Based on the fact that she was married in Castlebar, she may have been born either in Castlebar or some nearby parish. Every Irish person I ask says it was usual to be married in the parish of the bride.

Since the Castlebar baptismal records start in 1838, I had really hoped to find the baptism of Fanny Feeney. I did not find her baptism in Castlebar and I did not find any indications of a marriage of a Feeney and a McDonnald. See Feeneys in Castlebar below.

The Marriage of Fanny Feeney

Fanny Feeney and John Walsh were married in Castlebar on February 18, 1856.

The witnesses were Patrick Rainey and Elizabeth Devine.

If the estimated date of her birth is correct, Fanny was about 14 years old at the time of the marriage. The South Mayo Family History Centre informed me in February 2003 that females could marry in pre-famine at the age of 14, with the average age being between 16 and 19. They further advised that ages in the Irish records in the 1800s were often only approximations.

Fanny Feeney and John Walsh did not have any children baptized in Castlebar.

Possible Relatives of Fanny Feeney

The Sponsors At The Baptisms Of Fanny's Children:

  • None of the children of Fanny Feeney had someone with the surname Feeney as a sponsor at baptism.
  • Fanny Feeny was only a sponsor once, that was for John, the son of Pat Mally and Catherine Gill on May 16, 1866.
  • There were two Mallys who acted as godparents for Fanny's children:
    1. Michael Mally was the sponsor of Fanny's son, James, in 1867.
    2. John Mally was the sponsor of Fanny's daughter, Ellen, in 1877.
  • While I have been able to connect some of the sponsors of Fanny's children to her husband, John Walsh, I have not been able to connect any of the other sponsors of Fanny's children to Fanny.

Other Feeneys In The Ballinrobe

  • The Tithe Applotment survey taken in Ballinrobe 1827 indicates that there were at least two families of Feeneys in Ballinrobe at the time:
    1. A. Feeney in Carnaroya
    2. James Feeney in Friars Quarters
  • The 1857 Griffith listed six Feeney families in the area, two in Knockakillew, three in Carnaroya and one in Friars Quarters:
    1. James Feeney in Knockakillew.
    2. Catherine Feeney in Knockakillew.
    3. John in Carnaroya.
    4. Patrick in Carnaroya.
    5. Andrew Feeney in Carnaroya.
    6. John Feeney with two properties in Friarsquarters West.
  • See Griffith Valuation

There is no strong association between Fanny and any of the other Feeneys in Ballinrobe.

Despite the fact that there were several Walshes who acted as witnesses and sponsors for some of the rites for the Feeney families in the parish the associations are too vague to establish any connection with the Feeneys in Ballinrobe and Fanny Feeny, the wife of John Walsh, in particular.

The Children Of Fanny Feeney And John Walsh

See, John Walsh

The Name Feeney

In The Surnames of Ireland, (1999) Edward MacLysaght lists Feeney as,

"(O) Feeney) O' Fiannaidhe (soldier) earlier form O' Feinneadha, a sept (or clan) of the Ui Fiachrach in north Cannacht. The name Feeney is also in Co. Galway where O' Fidhne is used as the Gaelic form. This, however, may be a branch of the Co. Sligo sept. O"Feeny, of Ballyfeeny, Co. Roscommon, is called O' Fighne in the Annals of Cannacht."

Note: A sept is a clan of ancient Ireland.

Edward Mac Lysaght, in Irish Famlies, Their Names, Arms and Origins says:


Apart fom the quite definite fact that it is essentially a Cannacht name it is difficult to be precise in dealing with the surname Feeney. The reason for this is that in Connaght there are two different septs---- O Fiannaidhe in Sligo and Mayo and O' Fidhne in Galway and Roscommon; both of these anglicized their names as Feeney so that, as all these counties are close together, it is hardly possible to determine to which sept present day Feeneys belong-----the great majority of these hail form the four counties mentioned above. There are two places named Ballyfeeney, both in Co. Roscommon. The name was more numerous formerly than at present and it appears very frequently in the Elizabethan Fiants and in the census of 1659. Then as now the name was not known in Co. Derry----the poet Patrick Feeney (d. 1900) was born there.

Note: Feeney is a common name in Co. Mayo.

The Death of Fanny Feeney Walsh

Fanny Walsh, married, age 50 years, wife John Walsh, gardener, of Abbey Street, Ballenrobe, died on the 8th of May, 1892 of bronchitis. The death certificae indicates that she had been ill for "months", there was no medical attention and the death was "uncertified".

Feeneys in Castlebar

Fanny Feeney married John Walsh on February 18, 1856 in Castlebar.

Fanny is connected with the name McDonald in several of the records of her children in the USA. My feeling is that her mother's maiden name may have been McDonald.

The Castlebar records show that:

  • John Walsh and Fanney Feeney did not have any children baptized in Castlebar.
  • Only one of the Feeneys in Castlebar had an O'Donald/Feeney combinations. NOT MCDONALD
  • There is no obvious relationship between Fanny and any of the Feeneys in Castlebar
There are not many records for the name Feeney in Castlebar on LDS microfilm #1279211 and #1279260.

Note: The same information is on both films, one is a negative the other is a possitive of the same ledger.

The record have some problems:

  • The early record (1830s) and some of the later records are faded to beyond readable.
  • The page order is messy.
  • The hand writing, spelling, and the faded ink make it quite hard to tell the difference between the name Tierney and Feeney. There are one or two early marriages that could be either Feeney or Tierny.
Since there were not any good leads and the records are such a mess, I did not check the records between 1847 and 1857.

It is possible that Fanny's mother's maiden name was McDonald. This was the name given as Fanny's maiden name on at least two of the records for her children in New York City.

The following records (in addition to the marriage of John Walsh and Fanny Feeney in 1856) were recorded for Feeney in Castlebar.

  1. Jos Feeney(?) and Mary O'Brien, 1824


    1. John of Jos Feeney(?) and Mary O'Brien, sponsors, John Walsh and Mrs. O'Brien, 1824 (?)
    2. Note: The name may not be Feeney, it is hard to read.

  2. Thomas Feeney(?) and Bridget Murphy, 1834

    Thomas Feeney (?) married Bridget Murphy, witnesses Pat Walsh and Marie Murphy, Month (?), 21, 1834

    Note: The name may not be Feeney, it is hard to read.

  3. Hugh Feeney and Bian (?) Bridget Keeley (?) Kielty, Main Street and Rush Street



    1. Margaret of Hugh Feeney and Bian Kilty(?), sponsors, Micle McNamarah and Honour Walsh, Month (?), 10, 1841
    2. Mary of Hugh Feeney and Bian (?) Kielty (?), sponsors, can't read, June ? 12, 1843, Main Street
    3. Anne of Hugh Feeney and Bridget Feeney, Rush, A, sp. James Walsh and Mary Feeney, ? month, 18, 1852
    4. Michael of Hugh Feeney and Bridget Keely, Main Street, October 3, 1854, sp. Rev'd Thomas Keely and Mary Walsh
    5. Bridget of Hugh Feeney and Bridget Kelty, sponsors, Patt Walsh and Catherine Feeney, March 2, 1858, Rush Street


    1. Hugh Feeney was a sponsor to Anthony of James Gleman and Honor Rufus, sponsors, Hugh Feeney and Nana Rufus, 1842.

    1855 Griffith: Hugh Feeney on Rush Street

    Note: Hugh was a slightly less common name. It was not used by Fanny Feeeny and John Walsh

  4. Mary Feeney and Anthony Cornory (?), 1842


    1. Mary of Antony Cornory (?) and Mary Feeney, sponsors Richard Feeney and Ann McHugh, March, day torn off, 1842 (?)
  5. Richard Feeney and Margaret Walsh


    1. Pat of Richard Feeney and Margaret Walsh, sp. Hugh Feeney and Honor Walsh, 1849. Cannot read date, the edges are torn.

  6. Richard Feeney and Mary Walsh

    1. Thomas of Richard Feeney and Mary Walsh, faded, sp. Pat and Bridget Walsh, date gone, 1849.
  7. Thomas Feeney

    Thomas Feeney was the godfather of John (and ?) Marie Egan of John Egan and Mary Egan. May 4, 1849. Other sponsors were Bridget McNaly and Ellen Mally. This record was entered again on another page.

  8. John Feeney and Ann Gildea, Charles Street

    Marriage: Unknown, I did not find it in Castlebar.


    1. Patt of John Feeney and Ann Gildea, January 8, 1842, sponsors, John Burke and Mary Coneree (?)
    2. James of John Feeney and Ann Gildea, ? 25, 1850. sp. William Lally and Bridget Feeney
    3. Marie of John Feeney and Ann Gildea, Collection Street, sp. Martin Gallaha and Mary Bremen, month gone, 31, 1851
    4. Thomas of John Feeney and Ann Gildea, Charles Street, sp. Daniel Donnelly and Bab Mea, July 14, 1854
    5. Catherine of John Feeney and Ann Gildea, Charles Street, January 8, 1857, sp. James Mulloy and Ellen Sweeney(?), Charles Street
    6. Maria, of John Feeney and Ann Gildea, faded, 27 (?), 1862, sp. John (faded) and Mary Berman

    Griffith 1855: John Feeney, Charles Street Upper

    Note: Also listed in Charles Street Upper was Mary Feeney.

  9. Thomas Feeney and Mary Gildea, Derrywash(?)



    1. Honor of Thomas Feeney and Mary Gildea, Dews ? wash, sp. Patt Baymes (?), and Mary Kneely, July 4, 1852
    2. ______ (faded) of Thomas Feeney and Mary Gildea, Derrywash, April 25, 1855, sp. Pat King and Mary King

  10. Patt Feeney

    Patt Feeney the sponsor for Catherine of Pat Feerick and Bridget Kelly, Springfield, other sp. Bessy Doherty, Aug 6, 1853.

    Griffith: 1855 Patrick Feeney on Linenhall Street

  11. James Feeney and Mary Inhey (?) of Clonfaren


    1. Bridget of James Feeney and Mary Inhey (?), December 2, 1857, sponsors, Anthony O'Donnell and Bridget O'Donnell, Clonfaren

      Note: The Feeney/O'Donnell connection.

  12. Richard Feeney and Honor O'Brien


    1. Mary of Richard Feeney and Honor O'Brien, February 23, 1860, sponsors, Pat Feeney and Catherine O'Brien, Carraclouyen (?)
Feeney in The Griffith

There were six listings for Feeney in the 1855 Griffith in Castebar

  1. Hugh on Rush Street, see above
  2. John on Charles Street Upper, see above
  3. Mary on Charles Street Upper
  4. Patt on Linenhall Street, see above.
  5. Bridget Feeney at Poorhouse Hill
  6. Edward Feeney on Spencer Street

Fenneys in Castlebar according to the parish records included:

  • Thomas of Derrywash who had a child baptized in April 1855. Derrywash not listed by County Mayo Castlebar and Westport Family Roots edited by Noel Farrell
Other Feeney Records

The Family History Center's International Genealogical Index indicates the following Feeneys having children in Castlebar in the mid 1860s.

  1. William Feeney and Bridget Callaghan

    They had:

    1. Honor of William Feeney and Bridget Callaghan, March 14, 1865, Castlebar
  2. Michael Feeney and Catherine Heraghty

    They had:

    1. John of James Feeney and Catherine Heraguty, March 15, 1866, Castlebar
  3. Richard Feeney and Catherine Burke

    They had:

    1. Richard of Richard Feeney and Catherine Burke, May 20, 1869, Castlebar
  4. Thomas Feeney and Ellen Joyce

    They had:

    1. Thomas of Thomas Feeney and Ellen Joyce, July 10, 1865, Castlebar
  5. Thomas Feeney and Anne White

    They had:

    1. William of Thomas Feeney and Anne White, December 8, 1865, Castlebar
    2. Thomas of Thomas Feeney and Anne White, July 30, 1868, Castlebar

Feeneys in Ballinrobe Parish

Feeneys in Knockakillew

Knockakillew is a townland three or four kilometers northwest of the town of Ballinrobe off the road to Partry and Castlebar. There were two Feeney families in Knockakillew by 1857. Since there were no Feeneys listed in Knockakillew 1827, I don't know the association, if any, of these two families to the previous generation.

The Griffiths in 1857 listed

  1. James Feeney with a house and land in Knockakillew. James Feeney was an adult head of household in 1857. He may have married and had finished having his family by the time the parish records start in 1848.

    Note: There is a notation in the marriage registry for "certificate to James Feeney" February 24, 1851. This was a record of the fact that a man was free to marry. It is not know if this James Feeney was from Knockakllew.

  2. Catherine Feeney renting a house in Knockakillew. Most likely Catherine Feeney was the widow of a Feeney and not herself born a Feeney. Catherine’s marriage and the birth of her children, if any, probably occurred before the records for the parish started in 1850.

Feeneys in Knocknakillew in the 1901 census:

  1. James Feeney, head, age 69, cannot read, farmer, widower, born Mayo, Irish/English
    Mary, daughter, 29, read and write, born Mayo, Irish/English
    William, son, age 28, cannot read, born Mayo, lame
    Katherine, daughter, age 25, read and write, born Mayo, Irish/English
    John, son, age 24, read and write, born Mayo, Irish/English

The Feeneys in Cornaroya

Carnaroya is a townland just to the east of the town of Ballinrobe and south of the road that is a continuation of Glebe Street.

The tithe records of 1827 list: A. Feeney and Co. renting 2_ acres in "Curneroya" (Carnaroya).

Twenty-four years later the Griffiths Valuation of 1857 lists three Feeneys in Carnaroya:

  1. Andrew Feeney was renting a house, land and office at number 14c. This was a house and a share of 14 acres with Martin Moran and Mary Farrell.

  2. John Feeney was renting a house, land and an office at number 9a. There was no acreage.

  3. Patrick Feeney was renting a house and three acres of land at number 10a.

  • Andrew, John, and Patrick could have been related to A. Feeney who was renting in Carnaroya in 1827.
  • It is a good possibility that the "A" stands for Andrew. It is possible that A. Feeney was the father of Andrew, John, and Patrick.
  • It is also possible that A. Feeney in 1827 and Andrew Feeney in 1857 was the same person.
  • Andrew, John and Patrick all had children whose baptisms were listed in the parish records.

Andrew Feeney and Margaret (Peggy), Cornaroya

Griffith: Andrew Feeney was listed in the Griffiths at number 14c Cornaroya from 1857 through 1880. In the 1857 Griffith, he is renting a house, land and office from Colonel Charles Knox and sharing 12 acres with Martin Moran and Mary Farrell. The total annual valuation of ratable property was 5 pounds and 8 shillings.

Marriage: Andrew Feeney married Peggy, date unknown


  1. Mary Feeney, age 20, spinster of Carnaroya, daughter of Andrew Feeney, farmer, married Pat Sheridan, age 27, bachelor, of Ballynaya, son of Ned Sheridan on January 30, 1869. Witnesses were John Sheridan and Margaret Feeney. Civil marriage record. This means that Mary was born no later than 1849.
  2. Peggy, of Andrew Feeney and Peggy, baptized October 29, 1852, sponsors, Biddy Feeney and William Kelly. No Place. Church record.
  3. Cate, of Andy and Peggy Feeney, of Cornaroya, February 11, 1855, sponsors, William Feeney and Peggy Calahan. Church record.
  4. Honor of Andrew Feeney and Margt do a Feerick, October 21, 1861, sponsors Pat Feeney and Bridget Nally.

Andrew Feeney a sponsor: Andrew Feeney was a sponsor for the following two baptisms:

  1. A very vague and hard to read baptismal entry for April 16, 1853 lists Andrew Feeney as the sponsor along with Elizabeth (?) Feeney of Margaret the daughter of William ____ and Marie (?) ____
  2. Andrew Feeney was the sponsor with Catherine ---- of Honor, the daughter of Martin and Margaret Moran, on April 24, 1869. Martin Moran was the person with whom Andrew Feeney was sharing property.

Note: None of the names connected with Andrew Feeney are connected with John and Fanny Walsh. However, Feericks were connected to the Langans and James Feeney was married to Bridget Feerick.

Martin Feeney and Judith Rush, Carnaroya


Griffith: Martin Feeney was not listed in the Griffiths in 1857 indicating that he was not an adult head of household at the time. Martin, however, was a Carnaroya Feeney as indicated by the notation on the baptisms of several of his children. He could have been the son of Andrew, John or Patrick or the son in law of some one living in Cornaroya who was the listed head of household.

Marriage: Martin Feeney married Judith Rush on November 15, 1852, the witnesses were Martin ___ and Mary Walsh.

Children: Martin Feeney and Judith Rush

  1. Mary, of Martin Feeney and Judith Rush, (month ?) 20,1853, sponsors, Patt Feeney and City Mea.
  2. Bridget, of Martin and Judith Feeney baptized October 7, 1855 sponsors, Michael Walsh and Ellen Rush
    Break in the records from 1856 to 1861
  3. Martin, of Martin Feeney and Judy Rush of Carnaroya, was baptized on February 22, 1862. The sponsors were Martin Cavanaugh and Judy Walsh
  4. William, of Martin Feeney and Judy Rush of Carnaroya, October 30, 1864, sponsor Martin Cavanaugh no female sponsor listed . Registered with the civil authorities as November 2, 1864. Martin was listed as a farmer.
  5. James, of Martin Feeney and Judy Rush, May 29, 1869 sponsors, Denis Cavanaugh and Bridget Feeney, Carnaroya. The civil record listed Martin Feeney of Carnaroya as a farmer. The date of birth was July 17, 1869.
    Note: James Cavanaugh was married to Mary Feeney, see baptism 1848. These Cavanaughs were most likely cousins or aunts and uncles.

Martin Feeney as a sponsor:

  1. Martin Feeney and Mary Walsh were the sponsors of Martin, the son of James Walsh and Bridget Rush, of Friars Quarters on December 21, 1874. Bridget Rush is probably related to Judith Rush.
  2. Martin Feeney was the sponsor with Catherine Biggins of Bridget of Michael Concannon and Bridget on June 8, 1890.
Patrick Feeney, Carnaroya, son of John Feeney


Griffith: Patrick Feeney was listed in the Griffith in 1857 at number 10a Carnaroya. This indicates that he was an adult head of household at the time.

Marriage: Pat Feeney married Biddy Mac Dermitt, date unknown.


  1. Bidy, of Pat Feeney and Bidy MacDermitt, October 24,1854 sponsors, W (?) Mac Dermitt and Nappy or Kathy MacDermitt.
Death of Bid Mac Dermitt Feeney: Unknown

Remarriage of Pat Feeney:

  • Civil Record: Pat Feeney, age 40, widower, laborer, son of John Feeney, farmer, married Mary Farrell, age 35, widow, formerly, Galleher, daughter of Pat Galleher, both of Carnaroya, on December 13, 1865. The witnesses were Pat Donelan and Margaret Moran. Civil Record
  • Church Record: Pat Feeney married Mary Galagher on December 13, 1865. The witnesses were Pat Donelan and Maggy Moran. There are two notations on the marriage record of Pat Feeney and Mary Galagher. The first says "pauper" in the margin. The second is very hard to read but appears to be a dispensation of some sort. It reads "dispensatio m3io (?) et 3 its (?) affirmales oblen ---".
  • Note: Maggy (Margaret) Moran could have been the daughter Martin and Margaret Moran, the co-tenant of Andrew Feeney.

Children: Pat Feeney and Mary Galagar had at least one child:

  1. Mary of Pat Feeney and Mary Galagher, January 14, 1869, sponsors, Pat Feeney and Bridget McCormack, Cornaroya

Pat Feeney as a Sponsor:

  1. Pat Feeney and Mary Feeney were the sponsors for John, the son of James Feerick and Mary Walsh, in 1861.
  2. Note: Andrew Feeney (senior or junior?) was married to a Feerick, see the 1861 baptism under Andrew Feeney. Bridget Langan was married to John Feerick around 1861. They had several children. See the Langan file.

  3. Pat Feeney with Elinor (can't read), of Pat of John Feerick and Sisly Hynes, 1863 (edge torn can't read month or day)

  4. Mary, of Michael Mya and "Bridget Malley", was baptized on December 29, 1867. The sponsors were Pat Feeney and Bridget Mea. This is the only possible connection I have found between the Feeneys and the family of John and Fanny Walsh. A "Bridget Mea" was the sponsor of Fanny Walsh in 1875. There were three possibilities:
    1. Bridget Mally Mea, the wife of Michael Mea
    2. Bridget Walsh Mea, the wife of Martin Mea
    3. A Bridget who was born a Mea

Note: There were no Feeneys listed in the 1901 census in Carnaroya.

The Feeneys in the Carramore

John Feeney and Mary Larkin, Carramore

Birth: Unknown

Marriage: Mary Larkin, date unknown

Children: The following were taken from the IGI, the civil records and the parish record:

    Anne of John Feeney and Mary Larkin, August 12, 1866, Ballinrobe (IGI).
  1. Bridget, of John Feeney farmer, Carramore, and Mary Larkin, June 27, 1868, Ballinrobe. (Civil record).
  2. Michael, of John Feeney, farmer, Carramore, and Mary Larkin, August 13, 1870. (Civil record).
  3. Anne of John and Mary Feeney, sponsors (Can’t read), September 11, 1881.

John Feeney in Aughnish

Children: The following were taken from the civil records and the IGI:

  1. Anne, of John Feeney, farmer, and Anne Fahey, November 11, 1864, Aughnish, Ballinrobe.
  2. John, of John Feeney, farmer, and Anne Fahy, September 22, 1866, Aughnish, Ballinrobe.
  3. Catherine of John Feeney and Anne Fahy, August 13, 1868, Ballinrobe (IGI).
John Feeney in Unknown

John Feeney and City ______


  1. Cath (?) of John Feeney and City Mort--- (?), sp Patt Swift (?) and ----Killern (?)

Thomas Feeney

Marriage: Unknown, Mary


  1. Patrick Martin, of Thomas Feeney and Mary Feeney, sponsors, Anthony Feeney and Honor ____, January 6, 1881.

As a sponsor:

  1. Thomas Feeney was the sponsor along with Mary Cenny (?) of Bridget the daughter of Anthony Fehy (?) and Bridget "a Walsh", on June 19, 1867, Kilkern.

William Feeney

Marriage: Mary Cunningham, date unknown


  1. Pat of Wm (?) Feeney and Mary Cunningham baptized February 22, 1851, sponsors, Thom (?) and Mary Hambrough (?).

Sponsor: William Feeney and Mary Connely were the sponsors for Mary, of Michael and Mary Walsh, on August 3, 1879.

Anne Feeney

Marriage: Patrick O'Brien, unknown


  1. James Robert, of Patrick O'Brien and Anne Feeney, sponsors, John and Mary O'Brien, March 10, 1881


  1. Anne Feenry was the sponsor of Pat of John Jennings and Margt do or Fhily(?), New Road, March 9, 1865, there was no male sponsor.

Bridget Feeney and Michael Coneman

Marriage: Bridget Feeney married Michael Coneman (?) on July 26, 1884. Witnesses were Js. D---- and Bridget Donnelly.


  1. John of Michael Conconnan and Bridget Feeney was baptized on May 20, 1886. The sponsors were Robert Mallony and K--- C---ty.
Bridget Feeney and Patrick Flahery

Marriage: Unknown


  1. Patrick, of Pat Flaherty and Bridget Feeney, baptized on October 25, 1893. The sponsors were William O'Donnell and Mrs. Macheen. Note: Mary Feeney was married to James Mechan
Bridget Feeney as a sponsor

  1. Bridget Feeney was the sponsor with Pat Walsh of James of John Walsh and Margaret Feerick, February 8, 1864
  2. Bridget Feeney was the sponsor with Pat Waters of Bridget of James Feerick and Mary Walsh on January 25, 1866.
  3. Bridget Feeney was the sponsor with Pat Cunnan of Mary, of Martin Feerick and Mary Cunninghan of Knocknacillo on February 3, 1868.
  4. Bridget Feeney was the sponsor, along with Thomas Burke, of Judy, the daughter of Michael Walsh and Mary Burke of Ballinrobe, on March 8, 1871.

Catherine Feeney and John McHugh

Marriage: Catherine married John McHugh before 1852.

Children: Between 1852 and 1870. Note: She may have been related to the Feeneys in Carnaroya as Pat Feeney, John Feeney, and J ames Cavanaugh were sponsors to her children.

  1. Can't read the name, may be "Wl" (William), of John McHugh and City Feeney, (page torn, no date) 1853, sponsors, James McHugh and Biddy Burke.
  2. Note: There is the break in the records 1856 to 1861 when they must have had at least one and maybe two other children.
  3. Pat and
  4. Martin, to John McHugh and Catherine Feeney Sponsors to Pat, Pat Feeney and Bridget Walsh Sponsors to Martin, John Feeney and Mary Larken
    8 year break
  5. Bridget and
  6. Mary, to John McHugh and Kitty Feeney of Cloona----, August 1, 1870 Sponsors to Bridget, Mary Walsh and James "Kavenagh" Sponsors to Mary, Mary Garry and Michael Mc Hugh.

Catherine Feeney and Martin Higgins

Marriage: Catherine Feeney married Martin Higgins before 1861

  1. Pat, the son of Martin Higgins and Cate Feeney ,was baptized October 26, 1861, sponsors, Richard Quinn and Catherine Walsh.

Illegitimate Child with Richard Quinn:

  1. Bridget, of Richard Quinn and Catherine Feeney, was baptized on July 16, 1870, sponsors, Bridget Boyle and Thomas Higgins. The entry is noted "illegitimate workhouse".

Catherine Feeney as a sponsor

  1. With Michael Burke of Patrick James (Or Patrick and James) of Michl and Eliza Moran, September 7, 1853, no place.
  2. "Cate" Feeney was a sponsor with Martin Walsh for Judy, the daughter of William and Biddy Moran, on the 24th of, can’t read, in 1854, Cnucakellew (Knocknakillew). Note: Martin Moran was a co-tenant with Andrew Feeney in 1857.

Elizabeth Feeney and Michael Moran

Marriage: Elizabeth Feeney married Michael Moran , date unknown


  1. John, of Michael Moran and Elizabeth (or Ellen) Feeney, (month ? torn edge) 17, 1863, sponsors, James Moran and Mary Moran.
  2. Catherine of Michael Moran and Elizabeth Feeney was baptized on November 22, 1866, sponsors, James Clyne and Bridget Moran.
Note: Andrew Feeney shared property with Martin Moran in 1857.

Ellen Feeney and Michael Walsh

Marriage: Ellen Feeney married Michael Walsh, date unknown


  1. Martin, of Michael Walsh and Ellen Feeney, sponsors Andrew Feeney and Bridget Walsh, November 5, 1884.

Julia Feeney, Carnaroya, single woman?

Reported of death for Mary Rush: Julia Feeney reported the death of Mary Rush, widow, age 60, and farmer's widow, Carnaroya, May 4, 1868. Julia was listed as present at the death.

Sponsor: Julia and Thomas Feeney were the sponsors of John, of Pat Flaherty and --- Feeney of "Cloonroya", on March 7, 1891.

Mary Feeney and James Cavanaugh, Carnaroya

Marriage: Unknown


  1. John, of Mary Feeney and James Cavanaugh of Carnaroya , October 13, between 1848 and 1850, dates are confusing and not written on some pages. The sponsors were John Feeney and Catherine Mea.

Mary Feeney and Peter Hession, Ballinrobe

Marriage: Unknown


  1. James of Peter Hession and Mary Feeney baptized November 28, 1850, sponsors Pat and City (Kitty?) Dolan, Ballinrobe.

Hession Family Tree as of April 22, 2010, Courtesy Jim Whalen

Jim can be reached at jhw09@optonline.net

  1. Peter Hession and Mary Feeney

    Birth: Peter Hession

    Mariage: Mary Feeney

    Death: 19 Dec 1878 Ballinrobe


    1. James Hession Baptized 28 Nov 1850 d. 22 Oct, 1889, Common/Ballisnahina Co Mayo, Ire m. Catherine Mannion


      1. Bridget (Delia) b. 5 Jan 1881 Ballisnahina/Common/Shrule Co Mayo

      2. Mary Hession (1884-) and Michael Molloy

        Birth: 1884 d. Sept 5, 1911(age 27/28) Common/Shrule

        Marriage: Ballisnahina Co Mayo Ireland Michael Molloy (Mulloy) b. Jan 18 1884 Fountainhill/Kilmaine Co Mayo d.16 July 1980 Ballisnahina/Common/Shrule Co Mayo Ireland


        1. Delia/Bridget (Theresa) Mulloy, 9 Jan 1909 in Ballishnahina/Shrule, County Mayo, Ireland d. 28 Oct 1981 in Tuckahoe, New York USA

          1st m. John Casey 5 Sept 1937 in New York d. 30 Jan 1966

          2nd m. William J Hughes 8 Feb 1969 in New York (no children) but Bill had John & William from a previous marriage RIP

        2. Annie Molloy (1910-) and Thomas Joseph Whalen

          Birth: Annie Molloy (Anne) 5 June 1910 in Ballishnahina/Shrule, County Mayo, Ire d.18 Jan 1992 in Tuckahoe, NY

          Marriage:. Thomas Joseph Whalen 2 May 1937 - b.28 Sept 1906 in Yonkers, New York d. 11 July 1981


          1. Thomas Joseph Whalen b. d. (no children) RIP

          2. Martin Patrick Whalen b. Ridgefield, CT m. Kathryn Triplett Smart Stepchildren: Robert Alan (Son - Samuel) Pamela

          3. Mary Ann Whalen (Twin) b. d. (no Children) RIP

          4. Catherine Theresa Wahlen and Joseph Gendron

            Birth: Catherine Theresa Whalen (Twin) b. Chesterfield, New Jersey USA

            Marriage: Joseph Gendron

          5. Children:
            1. Frank Gendron b.
            2. Paul Gendron b. m. Heather Barlow b.
            3. Jordon Gendron (twin) b.
            4. Jessica Gendron (twin) b.
            5. Roy Gendron b.

          6. Barbara Sue Whalen b. (Rye, NY) m. Richard Hansen b.


            1. Margaret (Peggy) Hansen b.
            2. Michael Hansen b.
          7. Michael John Whalen b. d. RIP Cemetery in Eastchester, NY

        3. Mary K. Molloy b. 5 Sept 1911 Ballishnahina/Shrule, Co Mayo, Ireland d. 28 Jan. 1982 New York USA RIP m. Patrick Downes in White Plains, New York b. d.


          1. Patricia Downes b. d. RIP m. Frank Servello b. d.

            John Servello b. d. RIP m. Sharon


            1. Kimberly Servello b. Carmel, NY Michael Weinstein b.
            2. Kelly Servello b. W. Harrison, NY

          2. George Downes b. m. resides: Croton, NY


            1. George Downes Jr b.
            2. Patricia Ann Downes m. Arturo Vargas

          3. Margaret Downes b. July 27, 1937 d. Aug 9, 2008 (White Plains, NY) RIP m. Robert Rinaldi

            Children: 6 Robert Rinaldi Jr. b. (West Harrison, NY) m. Maryanne

      3. James Hession b.1884 records show he died 22 Oct, 1889 (not Confirmed) Ballisnahina/Commons/Shrule, Co Mayo, Ire

      Mary Hession married Michael Molloy and lived with her mother Catherine Hession (see 1911 census) on the family property in Commons/Ballisnahina. During child birth with her 3rd daughter, she died, 5 Sept. 1911. As the story goes, Mary Hession made her sister Bridget (Delia) Hession promise to always care for her 3 daughters. Bridget (Delia) went to New York, and as each girl turned 18, she brought them all to New York. Note: Much of the activities of the family were done in Glencorrib, Shrule and Headford in Galway.The farm borders Galway, along the Black River We're looking for the resting place of our Hession relatives in these areas. Any help would be appreciated.

      Hession at GenForum

      Hession at GenForum

      "Hi James, I'm surprised to have checked the message board today. I spot check about twice a year. I do not have Bridget's family history other than who her father was. In 2000, I requested information from Mayo Family History Centres and they sent me quite of bit of information on Bridget's spouse and father and all of her children. Do you have anything on Peter? Did Peter always live in Ireland? Who are Bridget's parents? Bridget's oldest daughter Maryanne (b 1877) immigrated to McKeesport, Penna. in 190?, apparently with Bridget's brother--I want to say Michael--who helped her get a job with a well to do family by the last name of Fox. Maryanne eventually married a Welshman named James Edward Pierce and lived out her life in McKeesport. I have pictures of Maryanne. Hope to hear from you,
      Amber Gonce
      Ohio, 2010

Immigration of Bridget Molloy: 1925, October, Carinthia, Bridget Molloy, age 16, domestic servant, father, Micahel Molloy, Ballinorahina, Shrule, Co. Mayo, to New York to Aunt Mrs. D McGuiness, 76 Park Ave, Tuckhoe, New York,

Immigration of Annie Molloy: Annie Molloy, age 19, servant domestic, Shrule, Co Mayo, Visa #14042 issued Dublin, November 1927, Laurentic, Father, Mr. Michael Molloy Ballinghine (?), Shrule, Co. Mayo, to Tuckahoe N. Y. to Aunt Mrs L McGuinn, Park Ave Tuckahoe

Immigration of Mary Kate Molloy: 1929 October 27, Adiratic, Mary Kate Malloy, 18, domestic servant, Shruel Ireland father Micahle Molloy, Balli--chin--, Shruel, Co. Mayo, to aunt Mrs. Delia McGuire Tuckahoe

1930 Census: Eastchester, Westchester, District 126, 76 Park Ave, Luke McQuinn, head, own, $8,000, age 43, born Irish Free State, immigrated 1906, laborer stone yard, Delia, age 45, married at 37, born Irish Free State, immigrated 1901, Malloy, Mary, niece, age 18, born Irish Free State, domestic private family, immigrated 1927, Chaill, Phillip, roomer, age 44, born Austria/Poland, mechanic garage

Mary Feeney and Pat Sheridan, Bellenay

Marriage: Mary Feeney married Pat Sheridan on January 30, 1869. Witnesses were John Sheridan and Kate Henden(?).


  1. Ned, the son of Pat Sheridan and Mary Feeney of "Ballenay", was baptized on May 21, 1870. Sponsors were Anne Sheridan and Andrew Feeney. Note: Andrew is an uncommon enough name that the fact that Andrew Feeney was a sponsor would indicate a connection for Mary the wife of Pat Sheridan with the Feeneys in Carnaroya.

Mary Feeney and Michael Mally

Marriage: Unknown


  1. Bridget, of Mary Feeney and Michael Malley, baptized on January 15, 1872, sponsors were Pat Malley and Bridget.
  2. Mary, of Mary Feeney and Michael Mally, baptized on (? November edge torn) (?), 1873, sponsors were James Feeney and Ellen Kyne.
  3. Mary, of Mary Feeney and Michael Malley, baptized December 26, 1877, sponsors Pat Develon and Bridget Malley.

Mary Feeney and James Mac Kane, Ballynaya, Cavenquarters and Neal Road

Marriage: Unknown


  1. John, of James MacKane and Mary Feeney, sponsors James Feeney and Anne Feeney, February 2, 1885.
  2. Patrick, of James MacKane and Mary Feeney, sponsors Thomas and Julia Feeney, May 19, 1886.
  3. Richard, of James Macheen and Mary Feeney of Ballynaya, was baptized on August 27, 1890. The sponsors were Thomas Macheen and Maggie Feeney. Note: "Ballinaya" is on the Neal Road
  4. Anne, of James Macheen and Mary Feeney of Cavenquarters, was baptized on June 21, 1893. Sponsors were James Hyland and Maggie Feeney. Note: Cavanquarter is on the Neal Road, slightly closer to town than Ballinaya
  5. Michael, of James "Machine" and Mary Feeney of Neale Road, was baptized on September 1, 1894. Sponsors were Tom Feeney and Mary Philbin.

Mary Feeney as a Sponsor

Note: It is impossible to tell which of the Mary Feenys corresponds to the Mary Feenys listed above. It is also possible that there were other May Feeneys in the parish besides those listed above.

  1. Mary Feeney was a sponsor with Pat Feeney of John of James Feerick and Mary Walsh in May 1861
  2. Mary Feeney was the sponsor with Thomas Lynsky of Bartholomew, the son of Pat and Kate Walters baptized on December 7, 1862.
  3. Mary Feeney was the sponsor with James Feerick of Mary, the daughter of James and Mary Walsh of on August 31, 1863.
  4. Mary Feeney was the sponsor with Thomas Ghaghty (?) of Mary the daughter of Patrick Waters and Catherine Linsky, February (?) ---, 1864.
  5. Mary Feeney was the sponsor with John Hyens of Ann the daughter of John Feerick and Cicely Hughes of Ballinrobe in 1865.
  6. Mary Feeney was the sponsor with John Hyenes of Ann the daughter of John Feerick and Sicily Highns (?) on January 25, 1867.
  7. Mary Feeney was the sponsor with John Gannon of Patrick of Pat Walter and Catherine Kinsky on August 10, 1868
  8. Mary Feeney was a sponsor to James of Stephen Devlan (Or Donelan) and Mary Buryn on March 17, 1870.
  9. Mary Feeney was a sponsor along with Bertly Mallett of Mary of Thomas Coyne (Kyne) and Bridget Rooney on July 27, 1872.
  10. Mary Feeney was the sponsor along with Thomas Kyne to Thomas the son of Pat Kyne and Anne Ju-- in 1874.
  11. Mary Feeney was a witness along with David Feeney to the marriage of John Flanagan and Anne Feerick on February 15, 1879.

The Feeneys in Friars Quarters

James and John Feeney

Friars Quarters are just outside the town of Ballinrobe to the northeast along the Robe River and between the road to Ballyglass and the road to Hollymount. According to the tithe allotment survey, James Feeney was renting 3_ acres in Friars Quarters in 1827. Thrity later in 1857 in the Griffiths, John Feeney was renting land and a house in Friars Quarters West. It can be assumed that there was some relationship between James and John Feeney.

There are no listings in the parish records for John Feeney who must have been an adult head of household at the time the Griffith's was taken. His marriage and the birth of his children must have occurred before 1850 when the parish records start.

Feeneys Deaths in the Civil Records

The civil records started in Ireland in 1864. The LDS have the indexes for the marriages, deaths and birth through the 1900s. The records themselves are only available for deaths until 1870 and for birth until 1879. The indexes can be used to sent to Ireland for the records. The following death records were pulled for the name Feeney parish of Ballinrobe. Remember this the civil parish not the church parish and it includes the RC parishes of Cong and Ballinrobe.

Sally Feeney, age 1, Vol. 9, page 33
Ellen Feeney, age 4, Vol 4, page 41

Mary Feeney, age 84, Vol. 4, page 43
Sally Feeney, age 3, Vol 4, page 43

Mary Feeney, age 80, Vol 4, page 32
Richard Feeney, age 73, Vol. 9, page 29

Libby Feeney, age 1, Vol (?), page 41

Bridget Feeney, age 33, Vol 9, page 41
Martin Feeney age 1, Vol 4, page 59
Patrick Feeney, age 3, Vol 19, page 38

James Feeney, age 85, Vol 9, page 31
Martin Feeney, age 87, Vol. 19, page 25
Pat Feeney, age 65, Vol 9, page 29
James Feeney, age 70, Vol 19, page 26

Richard Feeney, age 66, Vol 4, page 43

4th quarter, Andrew Feeney, age 66, Vol 4, page 37

1st quarter, Andrew Feeney, age 60, Vol 4, page 42

2nd quarter, Patrick Feeney, age 1, Vol 4, page 30
3rd quarter, Catherine Feeney, age 0, Vol 4, page 31

The Feeneys in the Town of Ballinrobe

Note: Although there are records covering the period there were no baptisms for the Feeneys between 1864 and 1868.

James Feeney

Record from the IGI: I have found only one James Feeney in the Ballinrobe records. However, the IGI contains a listing for James Feeney of Ballinrobe. I did not find this listing in the parish records. The IGI is not the most reliable source of information, however, I am including the listing for the time being.

  1. Patrick of James Feeney and Bridget Queenan, March 14, 1865, Ballinrobe (IGI)

Marriage: James Feeney married Bridget Feerick on March 4, 1877. The witnesses were Brian Moran and Honor Feerick.

Children: James Feeney and Bridget Feerick Feeney had:

  1. Mary, of James and Bridget Feeney, was baptized in 1881, sponsors, Michael and Bridget Walsh.
  2. William, of James and Bridget Feeney, was baptized on September 17, 1882, sponsors, John Walsh and Bridget Feeney
  3. Catherine, of James Feeney and Bridget Feerick, was baptized on November 23, 1884, sponsors were John Feerick and Bridget Malloy
  4. John, of James Feeney and Bridget Feerick, was baptized on May 16, 1886, sponsors, James Walsh and Bridget Feerick
  5. James, of James Feeney and Bridget Feerick, was baptized on January 29, 1888, sponsors, Thomas Bourke and Catherine Corly (?) (could be Conry or Conway.)

There is an additional baptism for James Feeney, which lists the wife as Honor. It is possible that this is a clerical error. There seems to have been only on James Feeney in the parish at the time and 1879 is certainly a good date for James and Bridget to have had a first child.

  1. Patrick, of James and Honor Feerick, sponsors John Feeney and Mary Feeney, February 1, 1879.

News: There was an item in the Ballinrobe newspaper in April of 1897, that James Feeney was "up in court" for having a number of men on his licensed premises after hours.

John Feeney and Kate Swift

Griffith: John Feeney was listed in the 1857Griffith at number 9a Carnaroya with a house, land and office, value,1 pound 5 shillings. John Feeney was listed in the 1857 Griffith at number 34a Friar's Quarters, house and 1 acre of land value 2 pounds. John Feeney was replaced in the 1867 ledger by Thomas Hennelly at number 13 New Street, Carnaroya, Town of Ballinrobe, a house, value 10 shillings.

Marriage: John Feeney and Kate Swift, date unknown

Children: John Feeney and Kate Swift

  1. Martin, of John Feeney and City Swift. Sponsors John Grunell and Judy. November 1, 1848 or 49 (the pages are not dated with the year).
  2. Patrick, of John Feeney and City Swift. Sponsors Pat Swift and ------, date ?
  3. (?) of John Feeney of Ballinrobe, and (?) 1852, sponsors (?) and (?)
  4. Andrew, of John and Cate Feeney of Cross Road, March 7, 1855 sponsors James Feeney and Anne Doyle.
Note: The fact that John named his son, Andrew, indicates a tie to Andrew. Andrew was not a common name in the parish records.

The Feeneys in Other Records

John Feeney as a sponsor

There is no way to know exactly who is the John Feeney in the following records.

  • John Feeney was the sponsor at the baptism of John, the son of James Cavanaugh and Mary Feeny in October 1848 (?). The other sponsor was Catherine Ma---, Carnaroya. The only listing for James Cavanaugh in the 1857 Griffith was at 33a Friars Quarters West.
  • John Feeney was the sponsor with Mary Feeney of Patrick of James and Honor Feerick in February 1888. The other sponsor was Mary Feeney.

The Feeneys in the Abbey Graveyard

There were no Feeneys listed in the Abbey Graveyard.

1901 Census Ballinrobe

There was a listing for James Feeney on Glebe Street as follows; James, age 40, shop keeper, born in Galway, his wife, Anne age 37, shop keeper, Patrick Feeney age 3, James Feeney, age 1. There is also a step daughter Mary McGovern age 16, a boarder, and a servant.

John Feeney Born Ballinrobe circa 1817 died Warwike, England 1884

Birth: Circa 1817 Ballinrobe

Marriage: Mary Agnes


  1. John circa 1855

  2. Mary 1855, Runcorn Cheshire (per census)

    Marriage: George Webster, Per Morgan Hughes, after 1881

    1881 Census: More on George Webster: Stoneliegh, Warwick, in 1881, lodger with Joseph Haytree unmarried age 22, ag lab, born Tachbrook

    1871: Tachbrook, age 12 ag lab, son of Thomas Webster, age 39 born Tachbrook, and Ann wife age 38, born Pillerton, siblings, Thomas circa 1857 born Barford, Hannah circa 1864, Elizabeth circa 1867, Harry circa 1869, and Joseph 4 months, rest born Tachbrook.

    1861 in Tachbrook, same info.


    1. Mary Alice, circa 1883

    1891 Census: Radford, Warwick, Southam Road, George Webster, head, age 31, stockman, born Bishops Tachbrook, Mary wife, age 34, born Lancashire Runcorn, Mary A daughter, age 8, born Warwick, Mary Feeney, mother in law, widow, age (not known) living on parish relief, born Ireland, Kilkenny

    1901 Census: Kenilworth, Warwick, Chase Lane, George Webster, head age 41 waggoner on farm, worker, born Castlepark, Warwick Mary age 43, wife born "Ruckorn", county of (cant read) England Mary A daughter age 18, born Warwick

    Note: Runcorn is in the borough of Halton in Chesire.

  3. Michael circa 1857
Information from Morgan Hughes: In June 2006 Morgan Hughs emailed be about her great, great grandfather, John Frederick Feeney, born in Ballinrobe in 1817. She email with more information in January 2007.
John Frederick Feeney (born ca 1817 Ballinrobe, Co Mayo. Married in Ireland Mary Agnes ? Last Name Unknown, From Kilkenny).

John Frederick Died 18th Oct 1884 in Warwick, England.

They had at least one Daughter: Mary Agnes Feeney, who married a George Webster (possibly from Tipton).

Mary and George had three children: Mary Agnes Webster, John Frederick Webster and Michael Webster.

Mary Agnes Webster married George Sampson/Samson.

They had three children: Mary Agnes Sampson (My grandmother), born 1905 in Merridan, Warwickshire, also Fred Sampson and Jack Sampson.

Mary Agnes Sampson (died Tipton, ca 1984) married William Hughes (born Tipton 1904, died Tipton 1999)

They had three Children: Eileen, Stephen, Peter born 1941 (My Dad)

Peter Hughes married Linda Clarke in 1973 and had 3 children: Adrian (1979), Gary (1981) and Morgan (1974) - Me!

The Hughes family all now live in the US. John Frederick Feeney's Great Grandson is my Uncle Stephen Hughes, whose children and grandchildren all live in New York.

Stephen has 4 children: Christine, Stephen, Denise and Theresa

Denise and Christine (who has the mary agnes names still, passed from John Frederick Feeney's wife from Kilkenny) live in New York. (At one point they were in centerport, Long Island.)

Christine Mary Agnes Hughes married John O'connor, and they had three children: Jennifer Mary Agnes O'connor, Timothy O'connor and Matthew O'connor.

They all live and work in New York. I'm not all that sure about Jenny and Matt, but I am in touch with Tim.

The rest of the Hugheses are in Florida. (Peter -my dad, and Adrian and Gary, My brothers)

It would just be so fascinating to find a link between Fanny and John!

Morgan Hughes, January 2007

1861 Census: Can't find them in the 1861 census

1871 Census: St Mary, Warwike, Warwikeshire, Chapel Court

John Feeney, head, age 54 shoemaker, Ireland
Mary, wife, age 50, housewife, Ireland
John, son, age 16 shoemaker, Warwike
Mary, daughter, age 16, domestic servant, Warwike
Michael, age 14, errand boy, Warwike

1881 Census: Warwike, Warwikeshire St Mary Friars Court

John Feeney, head married age 64, shoe maker, born Ballinrobe, Mayo Ireland
Mary Feeney wife, age 60, Killkenny, Ireland
John Feeney, son, age 27, shoe maker, Runcorn Liverpool

Death: Died October 18, 1884 (Morgan Hughes)

For information about John Walsh, the husband of Fanny Feeney, and a list of their children see John Walsh


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If you wish to use any of the images or information on this page please feel free to do so provided that you give proper acknowledgement to this web site and include the same acknowledgments that I have made to the provenience of the image or information. Thanks, Maggie

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