Law Land and Elizabeth Sykes

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Law Land and Elizabeth Sykes

Law Land and Elizabeth Sykes were married in the Independent Chapel in Batley, England on April 25, 1880.

They immigrated to Toronto, Canada circa 1882. They subsequently moved to Detroit, Michigan, Hoboken, New Jersey, Jersey City, New Jersey and finally Smithtown, Long Island.

I believe that this photo was taken in Smithtown on January 18, 1908, the wedding day of their son, Percy Land to Meta Petermann

Law Land

Law Land

Stamped on back of photo

"Pichards's Penny Photos
56 Water St Stapleton, S I
Washington & 13th Sts
Hoboken, N.J.
31 at At. and Ridge Ave

Law Land

Law Land's Family in Philadelphia

Law Land's mother, Lydia Law Land, and her eight youngest children immigrated to Philadelphia in 1882. Lydia Land's daughter, Polly Land, married John Wooler in Philadelphia in 1891. Polly Land Wooler and two of her granddaughters visited Smithtown, circa 1942/43. They spent a day at the beach with, Helen Land, Agnes Goehle Land, and Agnes's sisters, Nellie and Betty. Agnes Goehle Land was the wife of Bud Land, the grandson of Law Land by his son, Percy.

Helen with the Wooler sisters. Betty Goehle in forground.          Nellie Goehle, a Wooler sister, Agnes Goehle Land and Betty Goehle

Elizabeth Sykes Land

Elizabeth and Percy Elizabeth

Meta and Elizabeth

Tony Land also provided a copy of this photo


Elizabeth with her grandson, Joseph Land, the son of Joseph Land

Helen Land sent a copy of this photo to Elizabeth Land Fairchild, the daughter of Joseph Land and the sister of the child Elizabeth is holding

Helen wrote in her notes regarding this photo

" Grandma and Joey. I took this one at our home in Smithtown sometime after 1926. After Grandpa died February 26, 1926. I don't know when Joey was born--- You may be able to tell haw old he was"

Elizabeth with day lilies

Tony Land also provided a copy of this photo

Annie Petermann Wulpern, Elizabeth Sykes and Meta Petermann Land, circa 1939 The Garden Club

The Children of Law and Elizabeth

Law and Elizabeth had nine children:
  1. Clarence born January 1881, Batley, England
  2. Addie born April 9, 1883, Toronto, Canada
  3. Percy born June 8, 1885, Toronto, Canada
  4. Ethel born February 7, 1888, Toronto, Canada
  5. Frederick, born January 21, 1890, Toronto, Canada. "Fred" Land died of Malignant Scarlet Fever February 21, 1898, Jersey City, age 8 years and 1 month.
  6. Mary Edna born March 1892, Detroit, Michigan
  7. Ruth born March 24, 1894, Detroit, Michigan
  8. Joseph born January 22, 1896, Hoboken, New Jersey
  9. Norman born January 13, 1899, Jersey City, New Jersey.

Norman Land (left) and Joseph Land (right)

According to Helen Land, the young woman on the left is Ruth Land and the young woman on the right is Mary Edna Land.

Mary Edna Land and Paul Weidenkeller (?).

The Hauppague baseball team included three of the children of Law and Elizabeth; Clarence, Percy and Joe

Bud Land made xeroxes of this picture and wrote the names of all the players on the copies.

According to Bud

Back row: Percy Land, Arthur Sanford, Joe Land, Jesse Nichols, and Clarence Land
Front row: Donaldson, Walter Scott, Flloyd Sanford, John Nichols, William Sanford and unknown.

This picture was published in Smithtown 1660-1929 by Noel J Gish.

According to the book it dates to circa 1910. According to Bud it dates to the 1920. Joe Land was born in 1896, so the picture is more likely circa 1920.

Collection of Bud Land, now in the possession of Justina Land Leler

Percy Land on left, unkown, Joe Land, unknown

Norman Land's Wedding
January 4, 1921

Meta, Percy, Elizabeth, Norman and Law

Norman Land's Wedding
January 4, 1921

Madeline Moir Land, Meta, Norman, Elizabeth and Law

Christmas circa 1930
Home of Meta and Percy

Gentleman from the left: Joseph Land, Frank Courier, Percy Land, Paul Weidenkeller, and Clarence Land

Ladies from the left: Addie Land Mosley, Mary (Joe's wife), Ethel Land Courier, Meta Petermann Land, Ruth Land Weidenkeller, and Victoria Grace Land

Christmas circa 1930
Home of Meta and Percy

From the left: Victoria, Joseph, Ruth, Meta, Paul, Percy, Addie, Ethel, Clarence, Mary and Frank

There is another photo in this series. However, it is quite damaged. since there were so few photos of the siblings. I salvaged what I could.
Ruth Joe Ethel and Frank

Addie Clarence

Joseph Land's wife, Mary, and daughter, Elizabeth Ann (Libby) circa 1920

Labeled on the back

"Auntie Mary & Elizabeth Ann"

According to Bud Land, Joseph Land won the election for Receiver of Taxes in Smithtown.

This election campaign card was found by one of Peggie and Charlie Edgar's kids when they were doing renovations in their house in 2000.

Joseph Albert Land in his WW II uniform

Joseph Albert Land was the son of Joseph Land and his wife, Mary.

According to Bud Land, Joseph was captured in the Battle of the Bulge, suffered in POW camps, and died of malnutrition in Germany at a time when his parents owned a restarant in Smithtown.

After WWII, Joseph Land and his family moved to Lyme, N.H. where they owned a hotel.

A postcard of Joseph and Mary Land's hotel in Lyme, New Hampshire