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The 1863 Draft Riots

Three days of rioting protested the Union Army Civil War draft which favored the rich at the expence of the poor.

Blizzard of March 1888 from Harper's Weekly

Manhattan Waterfront

Views of Manhattan waterfront

Lower Manhattan

Views of Manhattan below 34th Street.

Kleindeutschland, Lower East Side

Click on image.

Theaters on the Lower East Side, New York City

Beer Gardens on the Lower East Side, New York City

German America Societies and Amusements, New York City and New Jersey

Places of Worship on the Lower East Side, New York City

Midtown Manhattan

Views of Manhattan from 34th Street to Central Park

Central Park

Views of Central Park

Upper East Side

Pictures of the Upper East Side

Walsh/Langan Addresses

Pictures of places of worship and the residences of the Walsh/Langan clan in New York City

Tenement Life

For general information about and pictures of life in the tenements, click on the image of the laundry in the tenement yards.

Frank Leslie Illustrated Newspaper July 1, 1865

Food and Shopping on the Lower East Side, New York City

Contrasts Between the Rich and the Poor in New York City

German Theater in New York City

Children of the Tenements

General Slocum Disaster

Information and images of the 1904 General Slocum Boat Fire


The subways, highways, trains, etc.

Services and Utilities

New York Immigration Pictures

With only two exceptions, the Blanck/Land ancestors immigrated through New York City between 1849 and 1921. For pictures and information on immigration into New York City, click on the picture of immigrants in Castle Gardens in 1880

Brooklyn Pictures

The Kettlers (a Blanck branch) and the Petermanns (a Land branch) lived in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn. For early photos of Red Hook click on the photo of the Brooklyn Bridge

There were German neighborhoods on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and in several areas in Brooklyn. See Germans in America

Hoboken New Jersey also had a large Germany community. See Hoboken Images

New York 1900, How Cold It Was!

Munsey December 1900. Collection of Maggie Land Blanck


Ice Sailing on the Hudson

Harper's Weekly February 1, 1879 Collection of Maggie Land Blanck


A Bird's Eye View

Collection of Maggie Land Blanck

A Bird's Eye View of the City of New York


Between 1851 and 1855. Gleason's Pictorial Drawing Room Companion was first published in 1851. In 1854 the name was changed to Ballou's Pictorial.

This is a view from Union Square showing the newer development of the city as it spread north. Another eBay listing for this image dates it to May 15, 1852.

New York City 1899

The following series of photo were taken from Harper's Weekly July 29, 1899. The article deals with a strike of trolly employees.

Hooting A Non-Union Man

Women Discussing the Strike

Strikers Watching For A Car

At The Second Avenue Car House

Wearied Policemen Resting In The Cars, New York

The article mostly deals with the causes of the strike. There are, however, two paragraphs that relate to the section of the city where the Walshes lived.

One of the greatest avenues in the city- Second Avenue- was the scene of the wildest disorder known in New York City in many years. Fully fifty thousand persons thronged its length on the first night of the strike. The police made dozens of charges on the lawless element in the crowds, and every time some one was hurt.

Further on is the following paragraph refering again to Second Avenue.
Not until nightfall did the rioting begin in earnest. Spikes were driven into the cable slots, employees were beaten, policemen were assaulted, and cars were wrecked partly. Repeated charges of the police, in which many persons were injured, conquered the mos, and by 11 P.M. the avenue was deserted. The next might the street was almost empty, and several small boys are said to have thrown stones at policemen. Women and children had been among the most persistent rioters the night before.

Great Historical New York Images at MUSEUM OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK

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