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Armenian Families, Arivian/Hagopian and Azarian

Azarian Family, Introduction Armenians in Turkey, History
   Abram Azarian (1865-1941) Armenians in Turkey, Pictures
   Alice Azarian (1914-1991) Armenian Catholic Churches in Constantinople
   Anna Azarian (1908-1990) Photos of Constantinople
   Catherine Azarian (1896-1982) Constantinople from John Stoddards Lectures, 1897
   Christine Azarian (1899-1978) Photos of Constantinople 1914, National Geographic
   Lucy Azarian (1875/76-1923) Copies of original Azarian documents
   Mary Azarian (1910-1996) The Genocide
   Melcon Azarian (1901-1982) Maps of Turkey and Constantinople
   Virginia Azarian (1905-1965) Ships the Azarians emigrated on
Arivian/Hagopians (Lucy Azarian's Family) Sivas, the birthplace of Abram Azarian
Other Azarians in Constantinople Sources of Information on the Azarian Family
Azarian Photos (1865-1941) Azarians in the 1930 US Federal Census

Belmar, New Jersey

Belmar, New Jersey, pictures

Blanck Families

Blanck Family, Introduction Kettler
Blancks     Fritz Kettler (c. 1862-1896)
    Dorothy Blanck Foley (1907-1982)     Gertrude Kettler Blanck (1889-1938)
    Gerhard (c.1777-1849) Marwede
    Heinrich Christopher (1817-?)     Anna Marwede Wenzel (1782-1829)
    Henry (1849-1911) Peter[s] (Peters[e/o]n)
    Henry (1882-1973)     Hanna Peter Kettler Jensen (c. 1860-1933)
    Herman (1877-?) Wenzel
    Johann Fredrick (1747-1827)     Dorothy Wenzel Blanck (1818-?)
    John (1875-1956) Pictures of Bremen
    John (1915-1976) Sickness and Death in Hoboken
       John, Military Service WWII Erxmeyer descendents today
       John, Copy of Documents, WWII Copies of original documents
       John, WWII diary Hoboken Houses of Blancks and Erxmeyers
       John, Maps, WWII Blanck/Land ancestors in Hoboken
    Louie (1887-1935) Immigration ships
    Wilhelmina (Minnie) Blanck Reuter (1872-?) Lehe
Brunjes Maps (Germany, Red Hook, Hoboken)
    Catherine Brunjes (1784-1827) Blanck Photos
Erxmeyer Research sources
    Henry Erxmeyer and Dorothy Hogrefe Erxmeyer
    Berthe Erxmeyer Bremer (1860- ?)
    Fred (c. 1842- 1933)
    Henry (c. 1847-1921)
    Julia Erxmeyer Lehman Tietjen (c. 1846- 1933)
       Julia and her family in the censuses
    Melosine Erxmeyer Blanck (c.1848-1925)

Blanck, Family of Tom and Maggie Blanck

Tom Blanck and Maggie Land
   Tom and Maggie in Bethesda, 1972-74
   Tom and Maggie Italy 1974-75
   Tom and Maggie, New Haven 1975-77
Damian Blanck and Jaime Friel
Sebastian Blanck and Isca Greenfield-Sanders
    Wedding Recipes
Toby Blanck and Ticia Bouchat
    Pre Wedding Party, Landhaven

Brooklyn, Red Hook

Brooklyn pictures

Goehle Families

Introduction to the Goehle Families Schwarzmeier
Furst     Schwarzmeier (1831-1892)
    Catherine Furst Schwarzmeier Lindemann (1831-1892) Other Goehles
Goehle Immigration Ships
    Frank Goehle (1894-1985) Braunsweig, Germany
       Frank Goehle, Dressmaker Worms
       Frank Goehle, Painter Germany immigration
    Francis X and Flo Goehle Goehle Houses New York City
    Peggie Goehle and Charlie Edgar Maps: Germany, New York City
    Peter Goehle (1852-1917) Copies of original documents
    Peter Goehle (1885-1967) Research sources
    Julius Lindemann (1820-1867)
    Minnie Lindemann Goehle (c. 1860-1944)(

Hackensack, New Jersey

Hackensack pictures

Hoboken, New Jersey

Hoboken pictures
Hoboken Fire 1900


Immigration through New York City

Irish Families from County Mayo: Byrne, Farragher, Feeney, Feerick, Langan, Lardner, Mally, and Walsh

   Introduction to the Walsh/Langan Family
Ballinrobe Life in Ireland
   Ballinrobe, History    Ireland connecting page
   Ballinrobe Chronicle (Newspaper)    General Information
   Ballinrobe, connecting page    Irish Peasants, Harpers Weekly 1879
   Ballinrobe Photos New    Famine in the west 1880
   Ballinrobe Photos Old    Irish Peasants with Photos
   Local Landlords    Captain Boycott
Byrne    Pictures 1847 Famine
   Bryne    Pictures Ireland
Farragher    Maps Ireland
Feeney New York City
   Fanny Feeney (c.1842-1892    Houses
Feerick    Immigration
   Feerick    Research Sources
Griffith Tax Valuations    Ships
   Bryne and Langan in the Griffith
    All Walsh in the 1851 Griffith, Ballinrobe
   Feeneys and Walshs in Griffith, Ballinrobe
   Bridget Langan (1879-?)
   James Langan (1877-1915)
   Maggie Langan (1875-1926)
   Martin Langan (1872-1915)
   Mathias Langan (c. 1841-1920)
   Pat Langan (1866-19??)
   Langan Documents
   Langans in NYC connection
    Langan in New York City
   Other Langans in New York City
   Other Langans in County Mayo
   Langan pictures
    Langan Relations in Ireland
   Mocharra Information
   Mocharra, 1901 and 1911 censuses
   Mocharra Photos
   John Walsh (c. 1827-1894)
       John Walsh, Family
       John Walsh, connection page
       John Walsh, Possible Relatives
       John Walsh, Possible Relatives 2
   Joseph Walsh (c. 1873-1928)
       Agnes Walsh Lahiff (1908-1985)
          Joseph Lahiff
          John Lahiff
          Maria Lahiff Pedulla
          Martin Lahiff
          William (Bill) Lahiff
       Charles Walsh (1904-1998)
          Clare Walsh Esser
       Isabelle Walsh Goehle (1901-1988)
          See Goehle pages
          Agnes Goehle Land
       Margaret Walsh Peterman (1899-1982)
       William Walsh (1897-1967)
          Children of William Walsh William Walsh
          Gerard Walsh
          Marilyn Walsh Krausch
          William Walsh (c. 1921- ?)
    Walshes in New York City
       Thomas Walsh, Mystery Writer
    Copies of original Walsh documents
   Photos of the Children of Joseph Walsh

Home Page

Home Page

Land Family, West Riding, Yorkshire England, Canada and the United States

Introduction to the Land Families Siddle
Barber     Elizabeth Siddle Walker (c.1807-after 1881)
    Sarah Barber Sheard (1743-1781) Stell
Crosley     John Stell (1690-1749)
    Susanna Crosley Law (1669-1712)     Joseph Stell (1721-?)
Healy     George Stell (1752-?)
    Abigail Healy Sheard (1689-?)
Jackson Sykes
    Alice Jackson Rouse (1640-?)     George Stell Sykes (1826-1898)
Kirk     John Sykes (11797-?)
   Dinah Kirk Sheard (1715-?)     Sykes in the censuses
Land     Sykes Memorial Stone
    Adelaide Land Moseley (1884-1949)     The Name Sykes
    Allen Land (1913- 1975)     Sykes in Canada
    Arnold Land (1908-1992) Walker
    Charles Land (1767-?)     Robert Walker (1805-1857)
    Charles Lewis Land(1797-1844) Worth
    Clarence (1881-1955)     Mary Worth Law (1811-?)
    Edgar (Bud) Land (1915-1999)     1787 Map of the West Riding, Yorkshire
    Ethel Land Courier (1883-1964)     Maps of the West Riding Yorkshire
    Helen Land (1910)     Batley Information
   John Land (c. 1730-?)     Batley Photos
   John Land (c. 1818-1877)     Birstall Information
    Joseph Land (1896--1962)     Birstall Photos
    Law Land (1858- 1926)     Bradford Photos
       Law and family in the US censuses     Jersey City Photos
       Law's Property on Long Island     Keighley Information
       Law Land Migration Route
   Mary Land Weidenkeller (1892-1964)     Keighley Photos
   Norman Land (1899-1974)     Keighley Independent Church
    Percy Land (1885-1951)     Leeds Information
    Ruth Land Weidenkeller (1894-1960)     Leeds Photos
    Land Ancestors    Philadelphia Photos
    Lands in the censuses in England     Smithtown Photos
    The Name Land     Toronto Photos
    Samuel Land (1843-1930)     Wakefield Information
Langfield     Wakefield Photos
    John Langfield (1669-?)     Wilmslow Photos
Law     List of death records Cleckheaton 1783-1813
    Benjamin Law (1773-1837)     Survey of the death records, Cleckheaton
       Memorial Stone of Benjamin Law     Immigration(1915-1999)
       Benjamin Law in the Tax Records     Armley Mill
       Shoddy     New Zion church, Wakefield
       History of Batley, Malcolm Haigh     Copies of Original Documents
    George Law (1736-1788)     Pictures of Life in Yorkshire
    James Law (C.1644-1709)     Queens Street Chaple, Leeds
    James Law (1667-1721)     Research sources
    Lydia Law Land in Philadelphia     Weaving in Yorkshire
    William Law (1707-1768)     Yorkshire Information
    William Law (1809-1861)
    Laws in the English Censuses
    Mary Lyley Healy (c. 1660- 1700)
   Alice Rouse Law (1640-1700)
   George Sheard (1740-1824)
   Henrietta Sheard Johnson (1856-1901+)
   Jonas Sheard (1713-1789)
   Michael Sheard (118-1693)
   Michael Sheard (1689-?)
   Michael Sheard (1742-1811)
   Thomas Sheard (1531-?)
   Sheards in the 1841 Census

Land, Bud and Agnes, Family Photos

Introduction to Photo Album
   Photos of Bud and Agnes
   Group Photos Part I
   Group Photos Part II
Bernardsville, New Jersey
Hackettstown, New Jersey
Madison, New Jersey
Morristown, New Jersey
Rome, Italy
Odds and Ends, Pictures and Documents
Letters, Bud and Agness 1962

Percy and Meta Land Photo Album

Introduction to Land Photo Album
Meta and Percy Photos
   Meta and Percy in Washington, D.C., 1950
Meta Petermann Land
    Meta's Hoboken Friends
    Meta Petermann, her sister, Annie Petermann and their friend, Tina Bunger
    Petermann Photos
Percy Land
Children, Group Photos
   Edgar (Bud)
The Land Family 1944
Grandchildren 1946
Trip to Canada in the early 1920s
Elizabeth and Law Land
Relatives and Friends

New York City

Blizzard of 1888
New York City Photos




Introduction to Petermann
Johann Bernard Petermann and Sophie Steuer
Annie Petermann Wulpern
Christian Petermann
John Petermann
Meta Petermann Land
Annie and Meta's Hoboken Friends
Petermann Family Photos
1900 Fire Hoboken
Oldenburg, Germany
Original documents
Research Sources

Scribner Magazine, Immigration 1877

1877 Immigration to New York City

St James, Long Island

Pictures St James, Long Island