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Percy and Meta, Where They Lived and Worked on Long Island

  1. After their marriage in 1908 Percy and Meta lived in Hauppauge. Arnold was born in Hauppauge in 1908 and Helen was born in Hauppauge in 1910. I do not know where their house was located, other than that it was near that of Law and Elizabeth. The 1910 census listed them on Hauppauge Road. The only pictures that I know of between 1908 and 1923 just give glimpses of houses and yards. However, the 1910 census, in listing their immediate neighbors, indicates that they were living very close to the Methodists church in Hauppauge.
  2. Allen was listed as born in Islip in 1913.
  3. Bud (Edgar) was born in Hauppauge in 1915.
  4. In 1917 Percy was listed on his draft registration as living in Hauppauge and working at Camp Upton.
  5. In 1919 Percy bought a piece of property (with buildings) on Town Line Road on the boarder between Hauppauge and Islip very close to the property owned by his father, Law Land.
  6. In the 1920 census the family of Percy Land were listed on Wheeler Road in Islip. His neighbors indicate that he was very near intersection of Joshua's Path and Wheeler Road. Why was he not living at the property he had just bought on Town Line Road? He may have been in transition as he bought the property on North County Road in Smithtown Branch in April 1920.
  7. Percy bought the property on North County Road in April, 1920. They were listed at North Country Road in the 1930 Census.
  8. Percy worked for six years in Lloyd's Neck, Huntington. Bud Land said that Percy used the money from the Livingston Job to buy the property in St James where he had a lumber yard and hardware store.
  9. From Lewis Historical Biographies published in 1924 the following information was provided on Percy Land
    Percy A. Land worked at the carpenter's trade and finally became an independent builder and contractor. He started in that business in 1911 and worked up a large and lucrative connection and is widely and favorably known. He has now given up the building business, and has bought a tract of land opposite St. James' (Long Island) depot, and is sub-dividing it into business and building lots, and will also start a lumber, hardware, and material business.
    According to the deed Percy bought the property in St James in December 1924.


Tax map of Smithtown, circa 1950, Map collection of Maggie Land Blanck

  1. The blue line is the approximate route of the Long Island Expressway (it did not exist when the map was made). The number 1. shows the the approximate location of exit 56.
  2. This is where Bud Land always said Law and Elizabeth lived. I believe, however, that he was mistaken. I cannot connect this piece of property to any Lands.
  3. Addie Land married Ed Moseley. I do not know if this was where they lived. They were listed on Islip Road in Smithtown in the 1915 State Census They were listed on Maple Avenue, Smithtown in the 1930 Federal Census. In the 1920 census Percy and Meta Land were living quite close to this intersection.
  4. This is the property purchased by Lydia Law Land in 1899 and sold to Law Land in 1901. In 1919 Percy bought the two pieces between G McCrone and Pauline Turak. Although some of the names had changed between 1919 and this map, a 1917 map shows it exactly as discribed in the 1919 deed:
    ALL that certain tract or parcel of land with the buildings and improvements theren (sic), situate, lying and being at Hauppauge, in the Town of Smithtown, County of Suffolk, and State of New York, bounded North by land of E. Morris; East by land of George McCrone; South by the highway running along the town line between Smithtown and Islip; and west by land of A. Turak. CONTAINING two acres (2) more or less.
  5. Ethel Land married Frank Courier. They were listed from 1915 until 1930 on Hauppauge Road in Hauppauge.
  6. Hauppauge United Methodist Church and Cemetery

Smithtown to Lloyd's Neck

Long Island circa 1939 from Suffolk County, Ten Great Townships of Long Island , book collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Helen Land said that Percy worked for six years on the Livingston Estate in Lloyd's Neck overlooking the Long Island Sound. He had a bus that he used to take his crew from Smithtown to Lloyd's Neck.

Bud Land said that Percy build a house with 38 rooms, dairy barns, stables, dog kennels an 8-car garage and numerous other buildings.

The "X" Indicates Looyd's Neck and the "Y' indicates 101 North Country Road.

Camp Upton 1917

According to his draft registration in 1917 Percy Arnold Land was a carpenter for Stevenson American at Camp Upton in Duffolk, Long Island.

Postcards collection of Maggie Blanck

Camp Upton was an Army camp from 1917 to 1920 and again from 1940-1946. Construction on the camp started in the summer of 1917. It is currently the site of Brookhaven Laboratory. For more information on Camp Upton go to Brookhaven Laboratory, Camp Upton Historical Museum and Long Island Genealogy Camp Upton

101 North Country Road circa 1970
To see other photos of North county road go to North Country Road

The hardware store in St James once owned by Percy Land

A post card from 1915 shows that this building once held the St James Post Office. See St James Photos.

Photo taken by Joan Land Davi, date unknown, from the collection of Helen Land

Percy Land and Meta Petermann, information
Percy and Meta, Photo Album
Smithtown and Hauppauge Photos
Law Land and Elizabeth Sykes Land and their children

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