The Worths in Wilmslow, Cheshire, England

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The Worth connection To The Land Family

    Marie (Mary) Worth married William Law in Cheshire circa 1834
      Lydia Law, the daughter of William Land and Marie Worth, was baptized in Stockport, Cheshire in 1835.
      Marriage: Lydia Law married John Land on November 7, 1857 in Gomersal, Birstall Parish.
        Law Land, the son of Lydia Law and John Land was born in in the town of Batley, Parish of Batley on December 29, 1858.
        Marriage: Law Land married Elizabeth Sykes on April 25, 1880 in the town of Batley, in Batley Parish, Yorkshire, England. Law Land and Elizabeth Sykes immigrated to Canada and subsequently the United States.
Note: Marie's, maiden name was obtained from the birth certificates of her daughters Emma in 1837, Lettice in 1839, Isabelle in 1842 and Mary Ann in 1845. See William Law.

The Name Worth

Worth is a place name. Worth was/is a township in Prestbury Parish, Cheshire, England. The population of Worth in 1801 was 188. In 1851 it was and 885. Place names like this most likely develop after the person had moved from Worth. In other words, if John moved from Worth to Bollington he might become John from Worth or John Worth.

Birth of Marie Worth

The date of Marie Worth's birth could have been as early as 1811 and as late as 1814. The estimates for the years of her birth are taken from the censuses in Batley, England.

  • According to the 1851 census she was born in 1814
  • According to the 1861 census she was born in 1811
  • According to the 1871 census she was born in 1812

Her baptism was not listed in the Church of England records for Wilmslow or Stockport.


  • Marie Worth Law was not able to sigh her name as indicated by the fact that she "made her mark" when she reported the birth of her daughter Hannah to the civil authorities in 1849.

  • James Worth born circa 1810 Wilmslow, son of Jasper, made his mark at his wedding in 1858. His bride Elizabeth Swindells and his son, Lot Worth, also made thier marks at the same event.

Marriage of William Law and Marie Worth

William Law married Marie Worth (most likely in Cheshire) between 1832 and 1835. The estimated time and place of their marriage is based on:

  • The Law family moved to Stockport circa 1832
  • Marie Worth Law was born in Cheshire circa 1811 to 1814. Marie Worth Law indicated on the censuses that she was born in Wilmslow, Cheshire.
  • Lydia, the daughter of William Law and Marie Worth Law, was baptized in Stockport in October 1835. The "address" was St Petersgate".


  • Neither the marriage of William and Marie nor the baptism of Lydia are listed on the IGI
  • I looked for the marriage of William Law and Marie Worth in the Church of England records for:
    • Wilmslow
    • Stockport
    • Hyde — LDS film #2069048, Item 8-9 Parish registers 1832-1972 Church of England, St George Hyde Cheshire, (This only included Baptisms. This church was not founded until 1832.) November 2008
    • and did not find anything.
    • #0020045 Stockport Hyde. Includes some smaller independent congregations in the area.
  • The marriage was NOT listed in the North & East Cheshire Marriage Index 1754-1837

The Worths in Wilmslow and Stockport

I have not been able to find specific records for Marie Worth born 1811-1814 in either Wilmslow or Stockport.

The following records indicate that there were Worths in the area from the 1600s.

The earliest record for Worth in Wilmslow was the the birth of Sybell, daughter of Richard Worth, in 1559. However, there is no continum for the name in the parish and there is 149 years break between the baptism of Ales Worth in 1617 and the marriage of Matthew Worth in 1766. Records for the name in Wilmslow parish were always very sparce. Mary Worth and three other Worths claim to have been born in Wilmslow in the early 1800s. I did not find baptismal records for any of them.

International Genealogical Index

The IGI lists the following baptisms for Worth in Wilmslow

  1. SYBELL WORTHE 16 NOV 1559 Wilmslow, Cheshire, England, daughter of Richard Worth
  2. JOHN WORTH 20 MAR 1573 Wilmslow, Cheshire, England, son of Thomas Worth
  3. ELIZ WORTH 13 FEB 1591 Wilmslow, Cheshire, England, daughter of John Worth
  4. JOHN WORTH 09 NOV 1593 Wilmslow, Cheshire, England, son of John Worth
  5. ALES WORTH 11 FEB 1617 Wilmslow, Cheshire, England, daughter of Marie Worth
  6. 195 year break in the baptismal records*
  7. WILLIAM WORTH 08 MAR 1812 Wilmslow, Cheshire, England, son of Sarah
    Note: There is a William Worth born circa 1811, his wife and children, with Sarah age 70 in the 1841 census in Siddington.


  • The censuses list at least 4 Worths who claimed to have been born in Wilmslow between 1810 and 1814: James c 1810 (see below), Marie c 1812 (wife of William Law), Henry c 1814 (see below) and Joseph c 1814 (see below).

LDS film 0823622, Parish of Wilmslow

LDS film 0823622 contains a transcription of marriages and baptisms for the Church of England, parish of Wilmslow from 1760's to 1837 with some gaps.

There are no baptisms listed for the name Worth. I missed the 1812 baptism of William listed on the IGI.

There are seven marriages:

  1. Matthew Worth "t." of Wlow (Wilmslow), and Mary Bower of Wlow (Wilmslow), November 18, 1766. No witnesses.
  2. Jasper Worth of the Parish of Manchester and Prudence Burges of Wlow (Wilmslow). Witnesses: Thomas Holt and Joseph Massey by Lic. March 23, 1794.
    Born circa 1775 son of Matthew per LDS. To young to be the father of Jasper born 1784. See below.
    LDS: Jasper Worth, Intended marriage, 22 Mar 1794, Manchester, Lancaster, Chester Age 19 Batchelor Father's Name Matthew Worth, Spouse's Name Prudence Burgess, Spouse's Residence Place Chorley, Wilmslow, Chester, Spouse's Age 21, Spinster
    Children - LDS: Jasper Worth, Wife Prudence, Son Joseph Worth, Cheshire Non-conformist Records Baptism 28 Sep 1794 Event Place Unitarian Chapel, Dean-Row, Cheshire, England Gender Male Father's Name Jasper Worth Mother's Name Prudence
  3. *Jasper Worth and Hannah Massey both of Wlow (Wilmslow). Witnesses: Ralph Whitehurst and James Faulkner, August 26, 1805.
    LDS: Mariage Bonds, Jasper Worth Intended marriage, 26 Aug 1805, Wilmslow, Chester, Age 21, Widowed, Spouse's Name Hannah Massey Spouse's Residence Place Wilmslow, Chester Spouse's Age 19 Spouse's Marital Status Spinster Spouse's Father's Name Joseph Massey
    • Second marriage for Jasper born circa 1784. Who was the first wife? Jasper Worth Intended Marriage 08 Oct 1803 Wilmslow, Cheshire, England Spouse Jane Worthington
    • Jasper and Hannah could have been the parents of the Worths who show up in the later records in Wilmslow
    • Hannah Massey Baptism Date: 12 Jun 1785, Baptism Place: Wilmslow, Cheshire, England, Father: Joseph Massey, Mother: Elizabeth FHL Film Number: 1836381 LSDS
    • Child buried 1807 December 3, Matthew Worth, no age given, of Jasper and Hannah of Alderley (LDS)
  4. John Worth and Betty Massey both of Wlow (Wilmslow). Witnesses: John Burgess and James Faulkner, December 15, 1806.
    • This couple could have been the parents of the Worths who show up in the later records in Wilmslow
  5. Phoebe Worth, spinster, to Isaac Hough bricksetter Sid? 16 May 1813
  6. Elizabeth Worth, widow, to Isaac Wood May 17, 1824. According to the census Elizabeth (Betty) was born circa 1796.
    1841 Census: Old Bridge, Bollinfee, Isaac Wood cotton weave 41, Betty 45, Sarah 14, Jane 11
    1851 Census: Bollin Fee, Isaac Wood age 50, handloom weaver cotton Betty age 6-
  7. Saml Worth p A to Jane Adsheard 28 Nov 1826


  • I stopped looking for Worth records after 1841.
  • It is interesting that of the four marriage records the name Massey occurs three times, the name Burges (Burgess) occurs two times and the name James Faulkner occurs twice.
    • James Faulkner was the parish clerk.
    • Connections, if any, between the Masseys and the Burgesses are not known.
  • Marriage listings without baptismal listings often indicates members of a non-conformist sect.
  • However, since all of these are for male Worths it could be that the Worths lived somewhere else and just came to Wilmslow to marry
  • These seven marriages were the only Worth marriages listed in Wilmslow by the Cheshire Marriage Index

Worths Born Wilmslow in the early 1800s as listed in the, Bishops Transcripts, Censuses and Civil Records

I am looking for Mary Worth and potential siblings (or relatives) born in Wilmslow circa 1811/13, parents unknown.


  • Mary Worth Law listed Wilmslow as her place of birth on the censuses.
  • Mary Worth's daughter, Lydia Law, was born in Stockport circa 1835.
  • Mary Worth named a daughter Lettice - a less than common name (although it seems to have been a bit popular at the time of her birth).
  • Wilmslow was a relatively small community in the first half ot the 1800s.
  • Wilmslow Parish had only one Worth listed on the IGI for this period of time.
  • I did not find records for Worth in the early 1800s in Church of England records for Wilmslow on LDS microfilm.

HOWEVER, thre were at least three Worths listed in the censuses who claimed to have been born in Wilmslow between 1811 and 1814. Some of the records connected to them were listed in the civil records.

  1. James Worth born c 1810, married Sarah and Elizabeth Seindells, in 1841 (cotton weaver), 1851, 1861 (copper miner) and 1871 censuses
  2. Henry Worth born c 1814 married Elizabeth Scragg, cotton weaver, in 1851 census censuses
  3. Joseph born c 1814, married Catherine Holland, cotton weaver, in 1861 census

In addition there were 4 Worths who had at least one record connected with Wilmslow:

  1. Samuel Worth, son of Thomas Worth and Mary Worthington born 1802 in Siddington, married Jane Adshead 28 November 1826, Wilmslow (N&ECMI 1754-1837) and Fanny Bradley in 1847, in censuses in Wilmslow.
    1826: Samuel Worth, single, Spouse Jane Adshead, single, Event Date 28 November 1826 Event Place Wilmslow, Cheshire Co., England
    1841: Cheshire, England Civil Parish: Wilmslow Hundred: Macclesfield County/Island: Cheshire Country: England, Morley Green, Saml Worth 35, cotton weaver, Jane Worth 35, cotton weaver, Mary Worth 13, Fredk Worth 11, Saml Worth 9, Ann Worth 5, Jane Worth 7, Davis Worth 3, Elizabeth Worth 1
  2. Joshua Worth born "Hough" circa 1803 married Catherine Stanfield, 23 June 1828 Over Peover (N&ECMI 1734-1837), listed in the 1851,1861 and 1871 censuses, grocer
  3. James born unknown, lived Stydal (a part of Wilmslow parish), married Hannah (No obvious listing in N&ECMI 1754-1837) had Francis in 1830, baptized in Wilmslow
  4. Joseph Worth, born unknown, lived Handforth, weaver, married Sarah Sidbotham 2 Sept 1816, Stockport (N&ECMI 1754-1837), two children James and Mary baptized in St Bartholomew Wilmslow
  • Wilmslow is a town and a parish. The civil parish was created in 1894 from parts of Bollin Fee, Fulshaw and Pownall Fee.

  • Wilmslow included the hamlets of Carrwood, Colshaw, Davenport Green, Dean Row, Finney Green, Fulshaw Park, Harden Park, Hilltop, Hollinlane, Hough, Lacey Green, Lindow (part), Morley, Oversley, The Parsonage, Pownall Green, Shady Grove, Stanneyland and Styal.

  • The ancient parish of Wilmslow was called "Le Bolyn" and it was devided into two districts, Bollin Fee and Pownall Fee.

  • In the censuses the general term Wilmslow was used as the place of birth, the actual hamlet was not given, except on the top of the census form. Consequently I am assuming that a person might have been born in the Hamlet of Bollin Fee or Pownall Fee but just listed Wilmslow as the place of birth.
  • Basically the Worths do not seem to have been in Wilmslow between 1617 and the early 1800s. Or if they were, they were not members of the Church of England.

Were James, Henry and Joseph Worth (Who Claim To Have Been Born In Wilmslow In The Early 1800s) Related To One Another And To Mary Worth Law?

  1. Place of Birth
    • They all claim to have been born in Wilmslow, a parish with a limited number of records for the name Worth.

  2. Years of Births
    • The spacing of their ages are consistent with the possibility of their being siblings

  3. The use of Biblical names
    • James Worth named sons, Lot and Noah, both Biblical names, suggesting that he was a Bible reader and perhaps a nonconformist which may explain why the records for him are sparse in the parish church.
    • Henry Worth named a son Seth, another Biblical name with the same connotations as James.
    • Joseph Worth names a son, Daniel, a less than common name for the times, which could indicate that he too was a bible reader.

  4. Residence
    • In 1841 James Worth was at 47 Church Street and Henry Worth was on Old Street, both in Bollin Fee. Howard Hodson in "The Old Community, a Portrait of Wilmslow (1974) says:
      "In the 1841 census the west side of Church Street is called Wilslow Street, but the east site is called Old Street."
      I assume that this means that Old Street and Church Street were one and the same. At the very least it means that hey were living quite near each other - something that family members frequently did.

  5. Occupation
    • James, Henry and Joseph were all cotton weavers. Howard Hudson says:
      "in 1851, out of a total employed population of 2,494, over 400 worked at home on cotton and silk handlooms, and nearly 500 were employed in textile factories"
      This means that about 36% of the population of Wilmslow were involved in weaving of some type.

  6. Commonality of childrens names:
    • James had: Lot (1834), Mary* (c1839), Noah (1843), George ? (1848), Sarah*(1849), Hannah* (c 1854), Arthur (1854), Emma* (1859)
    • Henry had: Sarah* (c 1836), Seth (1837) and Hannah* (1841)
    • Joseph had: Mary* Ann (c 1835), Daniel (1836), Lettice* (1837), Joseph (1840), Hannah* (1842), Sarah* (1844) and John (c 1848)
    • Mary Worth Law had: Lydia (1836) [named for her husband's mother], Emma* (1837), Lettice* (1840), Isabelle (1842), Mary* Ann (1845), and Hannah* (1849).
    They all has a Sarah and a Hannah (Unfortunatley two very common names). James and Mary both had an Emma. Joseph and Mary both had a Lettice.
  7. The Wilmslow/ Stockport Connection between Mary Worth Law and Joseph Worth:
    • Mary Worth (born in Wilmslow circa 1812) and William Law had a daughter Lydia baptized in Stockport in 1835, they had a daughter Lettice (1840).
    • Joseph Worth* (born in Wilmslow circa 1814) had a son, Daniel, born in Stockport and baptized in Wilmslow in 1836 . He subsequently had: Lettice in 1837, Joseph, in 1840, Hannah born in 1842 and Sarah in 1846 all born in Stockport.

James (c. 1810), Henry (c. 1814) , Joseph (c. 1814) and Mary (c. 1812) Worth in Wilmslow

James, Henry, Joseph and Mary Worth were all born in Wilmslow between circa 1810 and 1814 and are potentially siblings of one another. James is known to have been the son of Jasper Worth.

  1. Jasper Worth and Hannah Massey

    Birth: C 1784 per age at marriage to Hannah Massey in 1805

    Occupation: Labourer per marriage of his son James in 1858

    Marriage: Jasper Worth and Hannah Massey both of Wlow (Wilmslow). Witnesses: Ralph Whitehurst and James Faulkner, August 26, 1805. James Faulkner was the parish clerk. He died in Wilmslow in 1823.

    Jasper Worth, Intended marriage, 26 Aug 1805, Wilmslow, Chester, Age 21, Marital Status Widowed, Spouse's Name Hannah Massey, Spouse's Residence Place Wilmslow, Chester, Spouse's Age 19, Spouse's Marital Status Spinster, Spouse's Father's Name Joseph Massey

    Note: 5 years between marriage and estimated birth of first known child.


    1. James Worth (c. 1810/11-1881) born Wilmslow, Sarah Swindells and Elizabeth Swindells

      Birth: Circa 1810, Wilmslow. 1810 per St. Bartholomew's church window - son of Jasper per 1858 marriage to Elizabeth Swindells. Not listed on the IGI.

      Occupation: 1841 weaver, 1851 cotton weaver, 1858 labourer, 1861 copper miner, 1871 cotton weaver, 1881 general labourer

      Guy Spilsbury notified me in November 2015 that James Worth was listed at Alderley Edge Copper Mine in 1861. The Alderley Edge copper mines were about a mile south east of Alderley Station and about 2.2 miles from Wilmslow to Alderley Edge.

      "By the 1860s, however, lead, cobalt, copper and iron were all being extracted. At its peak, the Alderley Edge Mining Company was mining up to fifteen thousand tons of copper a year. The company folded in 1878; mining continued fitfully for for the next forty years, but ceased altogeheer in 1919.

      Villages of Britain: The Five Hundred Villages that Made the Countryside By Clive Asle

      I wrote to the Alderley Mine website in reference to James Worth. Nigel Dibben relpied;
      "He isn't listed in the wages books we have seen but this is not surprising as the wages were paid to the leader(s) of the mining team ("pare") and these were usually men from Cornwall or Devon. The teams were normally of six people, two being experienced miners from elsewhere, two being labourers, such as James Worth, one teenager and one boy. Except for the first two, all the rest were from very locally. These teams were given a task every fortnight such as "drive a tunnel", "sink a shaft" or "excavate x truck loads of ore" and the leader was then paid on the results at the end of the period."

      Residences: Bollin Fee 1851 and 1861, Pownal Fee 1871 and 1881 - both in Wilmslow Parish, Cheshire. Prestbury in 1858, near Wilmslow.

      Marriage 1: James Worth married Sarah Swindells, 31 December 1832, Over Peover, Cheshire (LDS member submission, also listed North & East Cheshire Marriage Index 1754-1837)

      James married Sarah Swindells [5283] [MRIN: 1387] on 31 Dec 1832 over Peover, Cheshire.

      Sarah was born in 1816 and died in 1843 in Wilmslow Cheshire aged 27. They had four children: Frederick Harrison, Lot, Mary and Noah.

      Information from Lynn Jackson, July 2009

      Children of marriage 1:

        Frederick Harrison Worth and ______

        Birth: Information on Frederick Harrison Worth from Lynn Jackson, July 2009



        1. James Worth (1871-) and Mary Mottram

          Birth: James Worth was born in 1871 in Wilmslow Cheshire. His marriage certificate states that his father was Frederick Harrison Worth, who was in turn the probable son of James Worth and Elizabeth Swindells, as he was listed as their grandson son in the 1871 census and son in the 1881 census.

          1871 Census: Alma Lane, Pownal Fee, Cheshire, England James Worth grand son age 7 weeks listed with James Worth, Elizabeth Worth, and their children George Worth Hannah, Arthur, Emma, and Sarah. See below.

          1881 census: Alma Lane, Pownal Fee, Morley, James Worth, senior, head age 70, Elizabeth wife age 58, Arthur, 25, Sarah E, 15, James, junior son age 11, Emma Bailey daughter age 21, Thomas Bailey son in law George H Bailey grandson age 1 mo.

          1891: Living with Thomas and Emma Bailey and their family - He is 20, a Sawyer and their nephew.

          Marriage: James married Mary Mottram, daughter of Joseph Mottram and Martha Wright, on 26 Sep 1893 in St Bartholomew's Wilmslow. Mary was born in 1875 in Wilmslow Cheshire and was christened on 28 Mar 1875 in St Bartholomew's Wilmslow.

          Mary Mottram (married James Worth) is the grandaughter of the John Mottram, 1806, mentioned in the newspaper and plague at St Bartholomew's and also killed in the gas explosion in 1871. I feel that this connection through marriage would give a reason for John Mottram to be present at the diggings that were taking place, as he knew the people and was probably interested in what was taking place. See below

          Children of James Worth and Mary Mottram:

          1. Gladys Worth [5284] was born in 1895 in Wilmslow Cheshire.

          2. Ella Worth [5285] was born in 1898 in Wilmslow Cheshire.

      1. Lot Worth (c 1834-) and Sarah Bradley
        Birth: Lot circa 1834, Wilmslow
        Occupation: Labourer 1861, 1871, sawyer in 1881, joiner in 1891
        Residence: Bollington, Pott Shrigley, both in Prestbury Parish
        Marriage: Lot Worth married Sophia Bradley Macclesfield St Michaels, Cheshire East 1857
        1. Mary 1860, Bollington Cheshire East BOL/15/78 Cheshire BMD
        2. James circa 1863, Bollington, Cheshire East, BOL/19/20 Cheshire BMD
        3. Ann circa 1865, Bollington, Cheshire East, BOL/19/68, Cheshire BMD
        4. Lott 1868, Bollington, Cheshire East, BOL/21/43 Cheshire BMD
          Death: 1889 Oct-Nov-Dec, age 21, Macclesfield, Cheshire 8a page 82 Free BMD death index
        5. William 1870, Bollington Cheshire East BOL/22/67, Cheshire BMD
          6 year break There was only one child born in Bollington in the six year time span, Euphemie in 1872. She died in Bollington age 1 in 1873
        6. Emma 1875, Bollington Cheshire East BOL/26/21 Cheshire BMD
        1841 and 1851 Censuses: With his father
        1861 Census: Bollington Salt Pie or common, Cheshire Lot Worth, age 25 labourer at ____ works, born Wilmslow Sophia wife age 28 cotton weaver, born Rainow Mary daughter, age 1, born Bollington
        1871 Census: Pott Shrigley, Cheshire, Walker Green, Prestbury: Lott Worth, head, age 36, labourer, born Wilmslow, Sophia, wife, age 32, born Bollington, Mary daughter, age 11, born Bollington, James, son, age 7, Ann, daughter, age 5, Lott, son, age 2 William, son, age 10 mos. The rest of the children born Shrigley.
        1881 Census: Shrigley Road, Bollington In Macclesfield, Cheshire, England, Lot Worth, head, age 46, sawyer, unemployed, born Wilmslow, Cheshire, Sophia, wife, age 45, born Lancashire, Wethington, Mary, daughter, unmarried, age 21, general servant, Cheshire, Bollington, James, age 17, labourer at brick works, born Cheshire, Ann, age 15, cotton doubler, born Cheshire, Lot, age 12, cotton piecer half time, William age 10, cotton piecer half time, and Emma, age 5, born Bollington. The other children were born in Pott Shrigley.
        1891 Census: Church Street Bollington: Lot head age 51, joiner, born Wilmslow, Sophia, wife, age 51, born Withington, Ann, age 28, unmarried, cotton cop winder, born Shrigley William, son age 20, lavourer for calico printer, born Shrigley, Emma, daughter age 15, cotton curd tenter, born Bollington.
        1901 Census: Church Street Bollington: Lot head age 63, joiner, born Wilmslow, Sophia wife age 64, born Bollington, Ann, age 35, unmarried, general servant domestic, born Bollington Emma, daughter, unmarried, age 25, cotton reeler, born Bollington.
        Death: Lot Worth, born circa 1837, died 1909, Oct-Nov-Dec, age 72, MacClesfield, Cheshire, 8a 78 Ancestry FreeBMD index

        6 year break There are several births and deaths of infants that could account for this break.

      2. Mary circa 1840 per 1841 census
        WORTH Mary Wilmslow Cheshire East WIL/1/94 1837-1839 - December 1839 birth Altrincham district per Free BMD
        Death: June 1841 Hannah Worth Altrincham Free BMD. No death listed by Cheshire BMD. Not listed with her father in 1851.

        "1851 census Servant in the household of William Goodier, Bollin Fee. Aged 11, occupation Nurse." Lynn Jackson July 2009

      3. Noah Worth (1842-1871) and Hannah Pearson

        Birth: Noah 1842 Wilmslow (WORTH, Noah, Wilmslow, Cheshire East, WIL/3/20, Cheshire BMD).

        Noah Worth, 1842, Jul-Aug-Sep, Altrincham, Cheshire 19, 25 FreeBMD index Note: This is the only listing for Noah Worth on Free BMD.

        Occupation: Brick maker

        Residences: Morley, Pownal Fee, Wilmslow Parish, Cheshire

        Marriage: Hannah Pearson
        Mar 1870, PEARSON, Hannah, Stockport, 8a, 23, Worth, Noah, Stockport Free BMD

        Noah married Hannah Pearson, daughter of Samuel Pearson and Mary, in 1870 in Cheadle St Mary. Hannah was born in 1830 in Wilmslow Cheshire.

        Lynn Jackson, July 2009

        1851 and 1861 censues: With his parents

        1871: Morley, Pownal Fee, Cheshire, England: Water Lane, Noah Worth, head, age 31, brick maker, Hannah wife, age 41, dress maker, both born Wilmslow.

        Death: Noah age 31, 1871 (born c. 1840) (FreeBMD). See end of this section for 7 year break

        MI at St Bartholomews Church Wilmslow Grave Bj24

        In memory of Noah Worth one of the six unfortunate men who were killed at the Gas Works Wilmslow
        August 5 1871 Aged 31 years
        Also James Pearson who died May 31 1897 aged 52 years
        Also William Harry son of Samuel Henry and Annie Bower Pearson and Grandson of the above who died
        August 3 1904 aged 2 months. Also Rhoda their daughter who died September 4 1905 aged 2 weeks Also
        Susannah wife of James Pearson who died October 9 1908 aged 65 years. Also Samuel Henry son of James Pearson who died November 19 1912 aged 31 years.

      1841 Census: District 9, page 3 or 15 Wilmslow street, Wilmslow, Bollinfee, Wilmslow Street; James age 30 weaver, Sarah age 25, Lot age 7, Mary age 1

      Death of Sarah Swindells Worth (first wife): Sarah Worth age 27, 1843 (Cheshire BMD)

      Marriage 2???: Unknown

      Child of James Worth, mother unknown:

      1. George Worth (1848-1871)


        • George "Worth" born circa 1848 was listed as a son of James Worth in the 1861 census.
        • He was not listed with him as George Worth in the 1851 census. This is interesting as Elizabeth Swindells listed as single, (who later became the second wife of James Worth) was listed with James Worth in 1851. Listed with them in 1851 was a child named George Swindells born circa 1848.
        • George WORTH was NOT listed in 1851.
        • There are birth registrations in 1848 for George Swindells and for George Worth
          • George Swindells 1848 Cheshire East Wilmslow (WIl/5/70)
          • George Worth 1848 Cheshire East Wilmslow (WIL/5/61) (Cheshire BMD). There is only one listing by Cheshire BMD for George Worth in 1848 or thereabouts.
        • The later censuses indicate that there were two George Worths born circa 1848:
          1. Born Morley, Cheshire
          2. Born Wilmslow, Cheshire.

        1851 Census: See James Worth

        1861 Census: See James Worth

        1871 Census: See James Worth

        Death: George age 23, 1871, Wilmslow (1848). See end of this section for more details regarding his death.

      1851 Census: 47 Church Street, Bollin Fee, Cheshire James Worth head widow, age 41, weaver cotton, Lot, son, age 17, weaver cotton, Noah, son, age 8 Elizabeth Swindeles, sister in law, Unmarried age 27, George Swindeles, visitor, age 3, All born Wilmslow, Cheshire.

      Marriage of James Worth (2nd or 3rd??): James Worth to Elizabeth Swindells Macclesfield St Michael Cheshire East 1858

      July 4, 1858, James Worth age 47, widower, labourer, living Macclesfield father Jasper Worth, laborer, to Elizabeth Swindells age 35, spinster, living Macclesfield father Thomas Swindelss, weaver, parish of Prestbury, Cheshire, his mark James Worth her mark Elizabeth Seindells, in the presence of Lot Worth his mark and Sarah Mason her mark.

      Children of James Worth and Elizabeth Swindells:

      1. Sarah 1849 - Not listed on Free BMD or Cheshire births.
        Death: WORTH, Sarah Swindells, 0, West Macclesfield, Cheshire East, WMC/2/72 Note: I am assuming that this is a daughter of James and Elizabeth based on the middlename Swindells.

      2. Hannah circa 1854. Listed in the 1861 and 1871 census with her father. Not listed Cheshire BMD 1853-1855. Not listed Free BMD in Altrinchan or Macclesfield district.

      3. Arthur circa 1856, not listed Cheshire BMD 1855-57. Listed Free BMD June quarter 1854 "Macclesfield". district.
        Death: 1881 age 25, see memorial below.

      4. Emma Worth (1859-) and Thomas Bailey
        Birth: Emma 1859 Wilmslow, Cheshire East, WIL/11/10 Cheshire BMD. Also listed Free BMD December quarter 1859 Altrincham district.
        Marriage: Thomas Bailey per 1881 census
        WORTH Emma BAILEY Thomas Wilmslow, St Bartholomew Cheshire East WSB/2/362 1876-1880 Cheshire BMD
        Information from Lynn Jackson, July 2009

        1891 census: Thomas Bailey, Head, 29, Calico Print Finisher, Wilmslow Cheshire Emma Bailey, Wife, 31, Wilmslow Cheshire George H Bailey, Son, 10, Scholar, Wilmslow Cheshire Elizabeth Bailey, Dau, 9, Scholar, Wilmslow Cheshire Ada Bailey, Dau, 7, Scholar, Wilmslow Cheshire Arthur Bailey, Son, 5, Wilmslow Cheshire James Worth, Nephew, 20, Sawyer, Wilmslow Cheshire Living at Bollin Walk, Wilmslow

        1901 census: Thomas Bailey, Head, 39, Foreman Drying Dept Cotton Print Works, Wilmslow Cheshire Emma Bailey, Wife, 41, Wilmslow Cheshire George Bailey, Son, 20, Machine Minder cotton print works, Wilmslow Cheshire Elizabeth Bailey, Dau, 19, Sewing Machinist cotton print works, Wilmslow Cheshire Ada Bailey, Dau, 17, Hooker Cotton Bleach Works, Wilmslow cheshire Arthur Bailey, Son, 15, Machine Minder cotton print works, Wilmslow Cheshire James Bailey, Son, 9, Wilmslow Cheshire Emily Bailey, Dau, 2, Wilmslow Cheshire Living at Bollin Walk, Wilmslow

        Marriage: Emma married Thomas Bailey in 1880 in St Bartholomew's Wilmslow. Thomas was born in 1862 in Wilmslow Cheshire. They had six children: George H, Elizabeth, Ada, Arthur, James and Emily.


        1. George H Bailey was born in 1881 in Wilmslow Cheshire.
        2. Elizabeth Bailey was born in 1882 in Wilmslow Cheshire.
        3. Ada Bailey was born in 1884 in Wilmslow Cheshire.
        4. Arthur Bailey was born in 1886 in Wilmslow Cheshire.
        5. James Bailey was born in 1892 in Wilmslow Cheshire.
        6. Emily Bailey was born in 1899 in Wilmslow Cheshire.
      5. Sarah E Worth was born in 1866 in Wilmslow Cheshire. (Lynn Jackson, July 2009)

      1861 Census: Bollin Fee, Church Street, James Worth, head, married, age 50 copper miner, born Wilmslow, Elizabeth wife, age 39 labourer's wife, born Prestbury Cheshire, Noah son, age 18, ag lab, George age 13, silk piecer, Hannah age 7, scholar, Arthur age 5, scholar, Emma age 1. All born Wilmslow.

      1871 Census: Alma Lane Pownal Fee, St Bartholomew, Wilmslow, James Worth head age 60, cotton weaver, born Wilmslow, Elizabeth wife age 48, born Cheshire, Mottram St Andrew, George son age 22, plate layer, born Wilmslow, Hannah Worth daughter,17, silk piecer, Arthur, 15, silk piecer, Emma, 11, silk piecer, Sarah E, 5, scholar, James, grandson age 7 weeks, All born Wilmslow

      1881 Census: Alma Lane, Pownal Fee, Morley, James Worth, senior, head age 70, general labourer, born Wilmslow, Elizabeth wife age 58, laundress, born Cheshire, Mottram St Andrew, Arthur, 25, general labourer, Sarah E, 15, factory operative, James, junior son age 11, scholar, Emma Bailey daughter age 21, factory operator silk, Thomas Bailey son in law age 19, silk trowster, George H Bailey grandson age 1 mo. All born Wilmslow

      Death of James Worth: James age 71, 1881 (1810) Cheshire BMD

      MI at St Bartholomews Church Wilmslow:

      In remembrance of George Worth brother of Noah Worth who was also killed at the Gas Works August 5 1871
      Aged 23 years
      Also Arthur Worth brother of the above who was killed in the Hough April 15 1881 Aged 25 years
      Also James Worth Father of the above who died June 11 1881 Aged 71 years
      Also Elizabeth wife of James Worth who died October 26 1886 aged 61 years.

      (Information from Lynn Jackson, July 2009)

      Death of Elizabeth Worth: 1886, Oct-Nov-Dec, age 62, Altrincham, Cheshire, 8a p 124 Free BMD

      The Deaths of Noah Worth and George Worth and four others, 5 August 1871

      In December 2007 Sarah Chesterton wrote:

      "I write from Wilmslow Cheshire; having spent an evening in St Barts church watching/listening to my son's carol concert...I have always been fascinated by the small ornate picture on the wall that may be of interest to you and no doubt you now know about which describes the Gas tragedy in Wilmslow in 1871 in which Noah and George Worth were both killed"
      The plaque reads as follows:

      " In Remembrance
      Of the Six Persons named below, who were killed by the deplorable accident which happened at Wilmslow on the Evening of Saturday, the 5th August, 1871 :-
      " Or those eighteen, upon whom the tower in Siloam fell, and slew them, think ye that they were sinners above all men that dwelt in Jerusalem?
      " I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall likewise perish. - Luke xiii. 4. 5.

      While I thought it interesting that Noah and George died the same year and quarter, until Sarah's note I did not know they had died on the same day and I did not know the cause. MLB

      During construction for a new "gasometer" for the Gas Works in Wilmslow several men including the Worth brothers, where working in a twenty-three foot deep trench when the sides caved in. The six people named in the plaque were killed: Frederick Richards (the engineer supervising the project), four workmen including the Worth brothers, and John Mottham "an old man' who had climbed in the trench to take a look. To see a copy of the plaque and for more information on this incident go to Men Buried Alive, Wilmslow, 1871 which is a page on Carls'Cam a great site devoted to images and information about Cheshire of interest to family historians.

      "George Worth, 23, unmarried. Noah Worth, 31, married. John Pearson, 27, unmarried. Stephen Duffy, 35, married, and has left a widow and four children. John Mottram, 65, married. Mottram merely went down into the pit as a spectator."

      Manchester Times Greater Manchester, England 12 Aug 1871


      THE DEAD
      1. FREDRICK RICHARDS, age 36
        Death Record 1871: RICHARDS Frederick 36 Wilmslow Cheshire East WIL/10/87 (Cheshire BMD index)
        More on Frederick Richards: Fredrick Richards was the supervisor of the project. - The 1871 census shows that Frederick Richards age 36 and his wife, Elizabeth, age 40, had three children, Isabelle age 7, Frederick age 6, and Irwin H. age 4. They lived at Albury Villa, Hawthorn Lane, Wilmslow. The family had evidently moved around a bit before arriving in Wilmslow no later than 1865. The census indicates that Frederick senior was born Droitwich, Warwickshire, Elizabeth was born in Whitchurch Cumberland, Isabelle was born in the Isle of Man and the two boys were born in Wilmslow. Frederick and Elizabeth and Frederick's brother, William born circa 1845 were listed in the 1861 census in St Bees, Whitehaven, Cumberland. Frederick was listed in that census as a gas engineer. According to the 1851 census Frederick was the son of Thomas and Caroline Richards. Thomas was also a gas engineer.
        Later Records for Elizabeth, Frederick Jr., Irwin and Isabelle:
        • Did not find Elizabeth and Irwin in 1881.
        • Isabelle Richards, 1881, age 17 born Isle of Mann, niece, was living in Claines, Droitwich, Worchester with the family of William and Elizabeth Dovey and their children.
        • Frederick Richards 1881, age 17 born Wilmslow, Cheshire "indentured farm servant" in Halsall, Lancashire. Is this possible?
        • Irwin H, 1891, born Wilmslow, tailor, married (Ruth) one child, Frederick age 2 mos.
      2. JOHN MOTTRAM, age 65
        Death Record 1871: MOTTRAM John 65 Wilmslow Cheshire East WIL/10/88 (Cheshire BMD index)
        More on John Mottram: John Mottram journeyman slater, born circa 1806 was the "old man" who's curiosity got the better of him. According to the 1871 census John was born in "Choley". He and his wife, Elizabeth (Betty) had at least 6 children: Sarah (circa 1836), Joseph (circa 1838) Henry (circa 1840), Mary (circa 1843), John (circa 1845), and Anna (circa 1849) (Info from the 1851 census).
        Latter Records for Elizabeth Mottram: 1874 Death MOTTRAM Elizabeth 65 Wilmslow Cheshire East WIL/11/86 (Cheshire BMD index)
      3. NOAH WORTH, age 29
        Death Record 1871: WORTH Noah 31 Wilmslow Cheshire East WIL/10/87 (Cheshire BMD index)
        More on Noah Worth: Noah Worth, listed in the 1871 census as a brick maker. See Noah Worth above.
        Latter Records for Hannah Worth, widow of Noah: Not in 1881. Did not find death between 1871 and 1900.
      4. GEORGE WORTH, age 23
        Death Record 1871: WORTH George 23 Wilmslow Cheshire East WIL/10/87 (Cheshire BMD index)
        More on George Worth: George Worth, listed as a plate layer in the 1871 census. See George Worth above.
      5. STEPHEN DUFFY age 45
        Death Record 1871: Duffy does not come up on Cheshire BMD Search. FreeBMD lists: Duffy, Stephen, "35", Altrincham, 8a 98 September quarter 1871.
        More on Stephen Duffy: Stephen Duffy, born in Ireland listed in 1871 as an agricultural labourer, was married wife's name Mary. They had at least three children, Patrick (circa 1863), John (circa 1865), James (circa 1867) and Mary A (circa 1869).
        Latter Records: Mary Duffy and her children were still in Bollin Fee in 1881. There were listed as follows: Mary A Duffy, age 45, laundress, born Mayo Ireland, "Arthur" age 18, farm labourer, John age 16, fustian cutter, Mary A age 12, scholar with a boarder Charles Green age 16 cotton printer born Cambridgeshire.
        "Fustian Cutter/Weaver, A person who lifted and cut the threads in the making of Fustian, formerly a kind of coarse cloth made of cotton and flax. Wilmslow was a centre for Fustian cutting and a plaque on one of the roads into Wilmslow marks this fact." (info supplied by Sarah Chesterton, December 2007) Wilmslow - Fustian Cutting
      6. JOHN PEARSON, age 28
        Death Record: 1871 PEARSON John 28 Wilmslow Cheshire East WIL/10/87 (Cheshire BMD index)
        More on John Pearson: Not listed in 1871. Listed in 1861 Pownal Fee, widow, carter, son of James and Mary with sibs. Also listed in 1851 in Pownal Fee.
        Later Records:
  2. Henry Worth (1814-1853) Wilmslow, and Elizabeth Scragg

    Birth: Henry Worth born circa 1814 Wilmslow. Not listed IGI.

    Occupation: 1841 weaver, 1851 weaver cotton, 1853 weaver

    Residence: Bollin Fee, Church Street Bollin Fee at death in 1853.

    Marriage: Elizabeth circa 1835. Not listed IGI.

    Entry from North & East Cheshire Marriage Index 1754-1837 Henry Worth weaver of Mottram St A Elizabeth Scragg sp Macclesfield 21 June 1836 at Prestbury

    Elizabeth was born in 1814 in Wilmslow, Cheshire.

    (Lynn Jackson July 2009)


    1. Sarah circa 1836

    2. Seth Worth (1837-) and Mary Brown
      Seth 1837, Wilmslow: Seth Worth, 1837, Jul-Aug-Sep, Altrincham, Cheshire, vol 19, page 17 ( Free BMD)
      Occupation: Cotton weaver
      Residence: Bollin Fee
      Marriage: Mary Brown, Wilmslow, St Bartholomew, Cheshire East, WSB/1/387, 1858, Cheshire BMD
      1. Elizabeth 1859 Wilmslow Cheshire East WIL/10/96 Cheshire BMD
      2. Sarah 1862 Wilmslow Cheshire East WIL/12/63
      1861 Census: bed ? Road Bollin Fee Seth head age 23 cotton weaver power loom, Mary, wife age 23 cotton weaver power loom, Elizabeth daughter age 1 all born Wilmslow.
      1871 Census: Bollin Fee, Manchester Road, Seth Worth, head age 34, cotton weaver steam, Mary wife, age 34, cotton weaver steam, Elizabeth, daughter age 11, Sarah, daughter age 8, Frederick Samner (?) boarder age 4. All born Wilmslow.
      1881 Census: Bollin Fee New Road, Seth Worth, head age 34, cotton weaver steam, Mary wife, age 34, cotton weaver steam, Elizabeth, daughter age 11, Sarah, daughter age 8, Frederick Samner (?) boarder age 4. All born Wilmslow.
      1891 Census: Bollin Fee, Manchester Road, Seth Worth, head age 43, cotton mill weaver, Mary wife, age 43, Frederick Acton (?), son in law, age 23, brick maker, Elizabeth Acton (?) daughter age 21, fustian cutter, Joseph Acton grandson age 9 mos. All born Wilmslow.
      Death: Seth Worth, 1902, Apr-May-Jun, age 63, bucklow, Cheshire 8a, 115 ( FreeBMD)

    3. Hannah Worth (1842- ) and William Hewitt

      Birth: Hannah, 1841 Wilmslow. Listed Cheshire BMD. Listed Free BMD March 1841 Altrincham.

      Information on Hannah Worth, her children and grandchildren from Lynn Jackson, July 2009

      Hannah Worth was born in 1842 in Wilmslow Cheshire. Hannah married William Hewitt. William was born in 1839 in Wilmslow Cheshire. They had two children: Mary and George.


      1. Mary Hewitt (1861- ) and Daniel Mottram

        Birth: Mary Hewitt was born in 1861 in Wilmslow Cheshire, died on 3 Nov 1955 in Wilmslow Cheshire aged 94, and was buried in St Bartholomew's Wilmslow. Mary married Daniel Mottram, son of Unknown and Mary Mottram, on 2 Mar 1884 in St Bartholomew's Wilmslow. Daniel was born in 1863 in Wilmslow Cheshire, was christened on 30 Aug 1863 in St Bartholomew's Wilmslow, died on 21 Jul 1933 in Wilmslow Cheshire aged 70, and was buried in St Bartholomew's Wilmslow. They had two children: Emily and Annie.

        1. Emily Mottram (1884-) and Charles Barrow

          Birth: Emily Mottram was born in 1884 in Wilmslow Cheshire and was christened on 12 Oct 1884 in St Bartholomew's Wilmslow. General Notes: Baptism record at St Bartholomews Wilmslow Emily daughter of Daniel and Mary Mottram of Wilmslow by E Bates Fathers occupation Platelayer Marriage record at St Bartholomews Wilmslow: Charles Barrow, 28, Bachelor, Gardener of Chapel Lane, Wilmslow Father George Barrow (deceased) Bootmaker Emily Mottram, 27, Spinster of Parsonage Green, Wilmslow Father Daniel Mottram Platelayer Both signed their own names Witnesses Joseph Henry Barrow, Annie Mottram Emily married Charles Barrow, son of George Barrow [3195] and Ann Pierpoint, on 8 Apr 1912 in St Bartholomew's Wilmslow. Charles was born in 1884 in Wilmslow Cheshire. They had one son: Frank Barrow was born in 1912 in Wilmslow Cheshire.

        2. Annie Mottram was born in 1888 in Wilmslow Cheshire and was christened on 20 May 1888 in St Bartholomew's Wilmslow. General Notes: Baptism record at St Bartholomews Wilmslow Annie daughter of Daniel and Mary Mottram of Wilmslow by E Bates Fathers occupation Platelayer
      2. George Hewitt [1704] was born in 1867 in Wilmslow Cheshire.

    1841: Wilmslow, Old Street, District 8, Bollin Fee, Henry Worth, weaver, age 25, Betty age 25, weaver, Sarah age 5, Seth age 3, Hannah age 3 months.

    Note: They were the only Worth family in district 8.

    "All that part of the township of Bollin Fee comprising all of the houses from the Old Bridge up Chancel Lane and left side of the street to the top of the town and both sides of the Street from Lower slope by the Swann Inn Wilmslow Rectory inclusive: also both sides of New Road to Mill Brow Smithy: and all the houses between Mill lane and Mr Bower's factory."

    1851 Census: 5 Mill Lane, Bollin Fee, Cheshire, Henry, head, age 37, weaver cotton, born Wilmslow, Betty wife age 36 Sarah daughter age 1?, cotton spinner, Seth son age 13, steam loom weave, Hannah, daughter, age 9, bobbin winder All born Wilmslow

    Death Henry Worth: Henry age 39, 1853 (1814)

    1853 14th March Church Street Bollin Fee Henry Worth male age 39, weaver, pneumonia certified, the mark of Elizabeth Worth present at the death.

    1861 Census: Bollin Fee, Manchester Road, Elizabeth Worth, head, widow, age 45, charwoman, Sarah, daughter, age, unmarried, age 25, pin winder (cotton), Henry, Grand son age 1. All born Wilmslow.

  3. Joseph Worth, Wilmslow, (c. 1814-) and Catherine Holland

    Note: This is the person with the most similarties to Mary Worth Law.

    • Born Wilmslow around same time
    • Lived in Stockport First in 1836 to 1845
    • Named daughters, Mary Ann, Hannah and Lettice
    • Was a weaver

    Birth: Circa 1814 Wilmslow, parents unknown. Not listed IGI.


    • Born Wilmslow, Cheshire per census
    • Stockport at birth of James Daniel in 1836
    • Newtown Cheshire at birth of daughter in 1835
    • Lived Stockport, Cheshire at birth of children 1836-1846
    • Lived Droylsden, Lancaster 1851 & 1861

    Occupation: 1851 factory weaver, 1861 cotton weaver

    Marriage: Catherine Holland, Cheadle, 16 June 1834 (Listed North & East Cheshire Marriage index, 1754-1837. Also Cheshire listings of mother's maiden name on birth records. Not listed IGI.)


    1. Mary Ann, circa 1835 Newtown, Cheshire (per 1851 census)
    2. Daniel Worth (1836-1899)
      Birth: Daniel 1836, Stockport
      James Daniel of Joseph and Catherine Worth Stockport weaver 27 November 1836 (LDS film #1836382)
      Occupation: Cotton weaver
      Residence: Hollingworth 1881
      Marriage: Mary Pimlott 1870 Prestbury St Peters?
      1881 Census: Hollingworth, Cheshire, Market Street with Margaret Sidebottom, widow age 55, Daniel Worth boarder married age 44, cotton weaver, born Stockport.
      1891 Census: He was still at same address with Margaret Sidebottom, lists his birth as Droylesden
      Death: 1899 age 63 Stockport Cheshire Lancashire Jan-Feb-Mar (FreeBMD
    3. Lettice Worth (1837-) and James Butterworth
      Birth: Letitia 1837 WORTH, Lettice, Stockport First Stockport ST1/1/56 Cheshire, mother's maiden name Holland (Cheshire BMD)
      1843: Surname Worth, Given Name Lettice, Father's Name Joseph Worth, School Stockport Sunday School, Residence Place , Cheshire, England, Event Date Mar 1843
      Marriage: Lettuce Worth married James Butterworth, Droylsden St Mary Tameside 1864
      1881 Census: 537 Ashton O Rd, Openshaw, Lancashire, England as "L" Butterworth, age 43, born Stockport, with her husband, James, age, 42, beer seller, born Droylsden, and one daughter, Eliza age 10, born Hyde.
    4. Richard Worth Stockport First Mother HOLLAND ST1/3/66 1837-1839 (Cheshire BMD)
      Death: Richard age 2 Stockport First ST1/6/79 1840 (Cheshire BMD)
    5. Joseph Worth (1840-) and Mary _____
      Birth: Joseph 1840 Stockport First
      Occupation: Worsted weaver, outlooker
      Residence: Droylsden, Lancashire 1861 & 1871
      1861 Census: Droylsden, Lancashire, Manch (?) Road, Joseph Worth head age, 21, worsted weaver born Stockport Cheshire, Mary wife, age 20, born Openshaw, Lancashire.
      1871 Census: Droylsden, Lancashire, Henry St., Jos Worth head age, 30, outlooker born Stockport Cheshire, Mary wife, age 30, worsted weaver, born Openshaw, Lancashire. Sarah J age 9, Jno E age 8 Dau (no name) age 3, children all born Droylsden
      1881: Stockport, Cheshire, England, Openshaw Street address: 250 Ashton Old Rd Joseph Worth 39, power loom weaver overlooker, born Stockport, Mary Worth 40, wife, weaver, born Openshaw, Sarah J. Worth 19, weaver born Droylsden, John E. Worth 18, drummer music, born Droylsden, Dan Worth 13, born Droylsden, Mary A. Worth 9, born Droylsden, Lettice Worth, 7 months, born Openshaw
    6. Hannah Bentley Worth (1842-) and Robert McEwen
      Birth: Hannah Bentley Worth, 1842, Hannah Bentley Worth Stockport First ST1/10/48, mother Holland (Cheshire BMD)
      Marriage: Hannah B Worth married Robert McEwen Droylsden, St Mary Tameside 1866
      1871 Census: Droylesden on Ashton Road, Robert McEwen, head age 28, warehouseman, born ??? Hannah wife age 28, born Stockport, Cheshire, Lettice daughter age 2, Elizabeth age 40 mos. Born Droylsden Lancaster
    7. Sarah 1844 Stockport first
      Death: Sarah Worth age 1 Stockport First 1846
    8. John born Lancashire, Droylseden
      Listed in the 1851 census. Not listed in the 1861 census

    1841 Census: Cannot get it on ancestry under Worth. LDS listed: stockport Cheshire, Lord Street, Joseph Worth M 25 Cheshire cotton overlooker, Caroline Worth F 25 Cheshire, Daniel Worth M 4 Cheshire, Mary Worth F 5 Cheshire, Lettice Worth F 3 Cheshire, Joseph Worth M 8 months Cheshire, Sarah "Iraland" F 20 Cheshire, weaver power loom, Mary "Iraland" F 2 Cheshire. Found it on Ancestry under Iraland.

    1851 Census: Droylsden St Marys, Queen Street, Lancashire, England, Joseph Worth, head, 38 factory weaver, born Wilmslow, Catherine, can't read age, born Stockport, Mary Ann, 16, born Newtown, Daniel, 15, born Stockport, Lettice, 14, born Stockport, Joseph, 11, born Stockport, Hannah 9 born Stockport, John, 3, born Lancashire Droylsden

    1861 Census: Market Street Droylesden, Lancashire, Joseph Worth, head age 47, cotton weaver, born Wilmslow, Catherine wife, age 48, born Stockport, Daniel, son age 25, tripe dealer, born Stockport, Letitia, daughter, age 23, worsted weaver, born Stockport, Hannah, daughter, age 18, worsted weaver, born Stockport.

    Death of Joseph Worth: Not listed Cheshire Free BMD. Possible record: Joseph Worth 1875, Jul-Aug-Sep, MacClesfield, Cheshire, 8a, 141 no age FreeBMD

    Death of Catherine Worth:

  4. Mary Worth (c 1812-) and William Law

    Birth: Unknown circa 1811, Wilmslow according to later censuses.

    Marriage; William Law circa 1832, place unknown, most likely Cheshire. NOT listed North & East Cheshire Marriage Index 1754-1837, under Worth or Law.


    1. Lydia Law (1835) married John Land Born 1835, Stockport
    2. Emma Law (1837) married Thomas Pickering Emma Law, born 1837 in West Ardsley
    3. Littice Law, born 1840 in West Ardsley.
    4. Isabelle Law, born 1842 in Batley
    5. Mary Ann Law (1845) maried Samuel Land Mary Ann Law, born 1845 in New Batley
    6. Hannah Law, born 1849 in New Batley
    See William Law and Mary Worth and their family
Notes on James, Henry, Joseph and Mary Worth:
  • Bollin Fee is in Wilmslow.
  • Given the size of the Worth community, the common addresses of Bollin Fee, the unusual biblical names, and the fact that James and Henry were both cotton weavers, it is possible that James and Henry are related.
  • None of their kids baptisms shows up in the IGI.
  • Given the time and place of birth it is possible that James and/or Henry and/or Joseph were related to Marie Worth, the wife of William Law.
  • Given the use of the name, Lettice, and the Wilmslow/Stockport connection it is a good possibility that Joseph was related to Mary Worth.
  • It is highly likely that William Law and Mary Worth met in Stockport were the Laws were living. Joseph Worth was living in Stockport by at least 1836 when his son William was born.
  • While they are relatively common names William Law and Marie also named daughters, Hannah and Mary Ann possibly indicating another tie to Joseph Worth.
  • There are a few more Worths in Pownal Fee born circa 1830 and later in the 1871 census.

Wilmslow Deaths from Bishop's Transcripts

  1. Daniel Worth of Hough February 2, 1833 age 14 (1819)

Wilmslow, Cheshire East Deaths from 1837 to 1881

  • Thomas* age 63, 1838 (1775), Wilmslow WIL/1/30

    10th June 1838 Thomas Worth male age 63 peddler natural decay, workhouse Pownell Fee

  • George Worth and Esther Henrietta Hughes (c 1786-1844)

    Birth: Circa 1800 based on census.

    Marriage: Geo Worth husbmn to Esther Henrieta Hughes, sp, 24 May 1820, Prestbury (N&ECMI 1754-1837)

    1841 Census: Not listed by I found them by doing a page by page.

    Road by Grove Inn, Bollin Fee, district 9, page 11 of 15, Geo Worth age 40 inn keeper, Henrietta age 50 two female servants.
    All that part of the township of Bollinfee comprising the right side of the street from the church gates to the top of town (exclusive of Dunge Fold) both sides of Old Road all Parsons Green, both sides of the Road by Grove Church Inn to the toll bar, then only the left side to the road to New Inn the whole side of Pepper street including Henry Bayley and Joseph Gleaves' houses.

    Death: Esther Henrietta* age 58, 1844 (1786), Wilmslow, WIL/3/13

    &th December 1845, Esther Henriette Worth female age 58 wife of George Worth publican hydrothorax, deputy coroner Knutsford.

    1851 Census: Uncertain.

  • Hannah age 31, 1856 (1825), Wilmslow.

    Further Records: Not certain in the 1851 census. Not in Wilmslow.

    Possibly the wife of James of Stydal, see above.

  • Ann Eliza age 12, 1868 (1856)


  • Ignored infant deaths
  • *Thomas and George & *Esther Henrietta are the only Worths of the right age in Wilmslow to be parents for James, Henry, Joseph, Mary and/or Samuel

Samuel (born 1802 Siddington), Joshua (born 1806 Hough), James and Joseph Worth

Samuel, Joshua, James and Joseph Worth all had records connected to Wilmslow parish.

Samuel indicated that he was born in Siddington. Siddington is a civil parish in Macclesfield. James and Joseph had children baptized in Wilmslow in mid 1800s. The only records I can find for Joshua are from the censuses and indicate that he was born in Hough which is southwest of Wilmslow in the civil parish of Crewe. None of these people appear on the surface to have a stong connetion to Mary Worth.

  1. Samuel Worth and (1802-1863) Jane Adshead and Fanny Bradle

    Birth: Circa 1803 Siddington per census. Son of Thomas Worth and Mary Worthington born 1802 Siddington (IGI).

    See Samuel Worth below

  2. Joshua Worth, born Hough circa 1806, lived Prestbury, and Catherine Stanfield


    • Joshua himself doesn't appear to have lived in Wilmslow. His widow, Catherine, was listed there in 1871 and 1878.
    • Hough is a hamlet in Wilmslow, Cheshire, England.

    Birth: Circa 1806 Hough (per censuses). Not listed IGI. Hough is a hamlet in Wilmslow Parish.

    Marriage: Catherine Stanfield 23 June 1828 Over Peovoer, Cheshire (IGI and North & East Cheshire Marriage Index 1754-1837)

    1841: Prestbury, Joshua Worth age 35 grocer, Catherine age 35, and Phebe Ardern age 10 female servant.

    1851 Census: Prestbury, Cheshire, England, Joshua Worth, head age 45, grocer, Catherine Worth age 44 both born Hough

    1861 Census: Pell Street, Butley, Prestbury, Mrs. Catherine Worth, head, married, age 52, nurse, born Wilmslow, Thomas Moh (?), nurse child, age 1, born Hough

    Death of Joshua Worth: Not listed Cheshire BMD

    1871 Census: Bollin Fee, Old Road, with Ellen Mellor, head widow, age 79, born Scotland, Catherine Worth, boarder, widow age 69, born Wilmslow.
    Note: The ages in the censuses are not consistent.

    Death of Catherine Worth: WORTH, Catherine, 75, Wilmslow, Cheshire East, WIL/13/19 1878 (1803)

  3. James Worth, Stydal weaver, and Hannah Cragg

    Styal a village 1.5 miles NNW of Wilmslow

    Birth: Unknown

    Marriage: Hannah Cragg, place and date unknown. Not listed North & East Cheshire Marriage Index 1754-1837


    1. Francis of James Worth, Stydal weaver, and Hannah Cragg December 25, 1830 (Bishop's Transcripts)

      Not listed in 1841 or 1851 censuses.

    1851 Census: Not listed

  4. Joseph Worth, Handforth, weaver and Sarah Sidebotham (She was born circa 1801)

    Handforth is a village situated between Wilmslow, Heald Green, and Styal in Cheshire, England.

    Birth: Unknown

    Marriage: Joseph Worth weaver, Sarah Sidebotham 2 September 1816, Stockport, North & East Cheshire Marriage Index 1754-1837


    1. James of Joseph and Sarah Worth weaver Handforth March 9, 1817 (LDS film #1836382)
    2. Mary of Joseph and Sarah Worth Handforth weaver December 24, 1820 (LDS film #1836382)

    Death of Joseph Worth:

    Remarriage of Sarah:

    1841 Census: Cheshire, England Cheadle Macclesfield, Geo Beswick 40, Sarah Beswick 40, Elizabeth Beswick 14, John Beswick 11, Geo Beswick 9, Jane Beswick 6, James Worth 25, Mary Worth 19

    Later censuses: Did not find them.

Worth Children born in Wilmslow between 1837 and 1850

  1. Hannah 1838 (Cheshire BMD). Not listed in the censuses
  2. Elizabeth 1839 (Cheshire BMD). She was listed as a servant in the 1861 census does not offer any clues to her parents. Only listing in 1851 was daughter of Samuel Worth born Morley, Cheshire, age 11. Morley is where James Worth was listed in the 1881 census.
  3. Girl 1844 (Cheshire BMD)
  4. Maria 1846 (Cheshire BMD). Died in 1847 age 1.

Note: No other births in Wilmslow until 1859

Marriages between 1845 and 1860

  1. WORTH, George, HENSHALL, Mary Ann, Wilmslow, St Bartholomew, Cheshire East, WSB/1/101 1845

    No George and Mary combination in the 1851 census anywhere in Cheshire.

  2. WORTH, John, BARBER, Maria, Wilmslow, St Bartholomew Cheshire East WSB/1/92 1845

    Not listed 1851 in Wilmslow


  3. WORTH, Elizabeth Ann, SMITH, Henry Wilmslow, St Bartholomew Cheshire East WSB/1/409 1856-1860 (1859 according to Free BMD (only person listed on same page Grantham, Adam)

    Nothing obvious for Elizabeth Ann Worth in 1851 in Wilmslow. Could be Elizabeth daughter of Samuel Worth and Jane Adshead

Worths in Stockport

Mary Worth and her husband William Law had a daughter Lydia born in Stockport in 1835.

Film 0376959 Voters Registration Stockport, 1831

  1. Book 1 Robert Worth (?) Court Garden, John Street
  2. Book, 4, John Worth, Haughton, Green Hyde voted to Egerton
  3. Note from Carl Rogerson: "To be correct, Haughton Green is not in Hyde. It is on the opposite side of the river Tame (near Droylsden), and hence in another County (Lancashire), However, before Haughton had its own churches, for many practical purposes it appears to have been included with Hyde." (Carl Rogerson December 2007)


    • There were no Laws listed.
    • Hyde is where Benjamin Law is supposed to have moved
    • Hyde is a Chapelry in Stockport

Stockport Marriage and Baptismal Index

  • There were no marriages listed for Worth in the Stockport marriage index. However, there were marriages listed for Worth in St Mary's Stockport on the IGI
  • There is a 150 year break in the records for the name Worth on the indexes for St Mary's Parish Stockport. There were no listings from 1636 to 1786

Early Records from the IGI and the Stockport indexes combined

Worth in Mottram in Longdendale

  1. Marriage: Anthony Worth to Sisley Booth, January 21, 1565 (IGI)
    1. Anthony, no parents listed, February 8, 1567 (IGI)
  2. Elizabeth, November 6, 1570, baptism (IGI)
  3. Andrew Worth, January 5, 1574, Mottram in Longdendale, baptism (IGI)
  4. Anthony, June 5, 1591, baptism (IGI)
  5. Ann Worth, September 2, 1593 , baptism (IGI)
    Marriage: Ann Worth to John Turner, August 9, 1613, marriage (IGI)
  6. Andrew of Robert Worth, October 2, 1603, baptism (IGI)
  7. Andrew Worth to Alice Buckley September 2, 1620, marriage (IGI)
  8. Robert Worth (circa 1603-)
    Marriage: Unknown
    1. Anthony of Robert Worth, December 4, 1624 (IGI)
      Death: Another Anthony born 1628
    2. Alice of Robert Worth, July 19, 1626 (IGI)
    3. Anthony of Robert Worth, December 7, 1628 (IGI)
    4. Ann of Robert Worth, June 12, 1631 (IGI)
    5. Andrew of Robert Worth , June 8, 1635 (IGI)
    6. Jasper of Robert Worth May 26, 1639 Mottram in Longendale (IGI)
Worth in Macclesfield/Prestbury
  1. Alice July 8, 1580, Macclesfield, St Michael, baptism (IGI)
    Marriage: Alice Worth to Robert Flettcher, April 14, 1606 Prestbury, marriage (IGI)
Worth in Stockport
  1. Ralph Worth (1591-?)
    1. Peter, June 20, 1613, Stockport. Note: The index indicates that he died. (Index and IGI)
    Marriage: Ralph Worth to Alice Thornelie July 12, 1614 Stockport (IGI)
    1. Marie, April 12, 1616 Stockport (Index and IGI)
    2. Elizabeth, February 2, 1620 Stockport.
      Death: The index indicates that she was buried February 28, 1620 (Index and IGI)
    3. Elizabeth, March 17, 1621Stockport (Index and IGI)
    4. James, September 3, 1624 Stockport (Index and IGI)
    5. John, January 8, 1629 Stockport (Index and IGI)
    6. Samuel, April 8, 1632, Stockport.
      Death: The index indicates he was buried December 30, 1644 (Index and IGI)
    7. Joseph, May 30, 1634 Stockport (Index and IGI)
    8. Thomas, November 18, 1636 Stockport (Index and IGI)

Worth in Prestbury and Stockport

Thomas Worth (c1430-1499)


Marriage: Joane

Death: 1499 age 69 or 70 (Susan Tilsely)


  1. John Worth (? -1517) and Cicely Beresford

    Birth: Son of Thomas

    Marriage: Cicely. John Worth had married Cicely the daughter of John Beresford of Beresford. (Susan Tilsley, September 2008) See more on the Beresfords in Susan's histoy of the Worth family below.

    Death: 1517

    Children: John, Sewall, Leonard, Parnell, Lucy, Anne and Grance (Susan Tilsley September 2008)

    The eldest son John was one of the many Cheshire men who were slain at Flodden field in 1513. (Susan Tilsley, September 2008)

    1. Sewell Worth and Isabel Sutton

      Birth: Son of John. This very uncommon Christian name was evidently taken from that of the very early member of the Tytherington family. (Susan Tilsley, September 2008)

      Death: 1525 buried in the Worth Chapel Prestbury

      Marriage: Sewall Worth married Isabel, daughter of John Sutton of Sutton (one of the forester families) and niece of Sir Richard Sutton, one of the founders of Brasenose college, Oxon. Her mother was the daughter and heiress of William Cholmondeley of Norton in Hales. (Susan Tilsley, September 2008)

      Children: Jasper, Thomas, Anthony and Lawrence:

      1. Jasper I Worth (1521-1572) and Alice Draycott of Prestbury

        Birth: 1521

        Death: February 18, 1572/3 (Susan Tilsley)

        Notes from Susan Tilsley: Jasper Worth was the heir, aged 4 years, and was placed in the guardianship of John Sutton his mother's father. See more from Susan below

        Marriage: Alice Draycott, daughter of Sir Phillip Draycott and Elizabeth Fitzherbert of Norbury. (Susan Tilsley, September 2008)

        Children: Philip, William, Richard, and another William, Edward and Francis (See more from Susan below) and Isabel Sutton

        1. Philip Worth and Margaret Downes of Shrigley and Worth

          Birth: Philip

          Death: 1581 See more from Susan below.

          Marriage: Margaret Downes. Margaret the daughter of Lawrence Downes of Shrigley and Worth (the holder of the old Worth forestership), her mother being sister of Sir Piers Legh of Lyme. (Susan Tilsley)

          Children: Jasper and Thomas born 1575 died unmarried in 15, 97, Katherine buried Prestbury 30 April 1602 (Susan Tilsley)

          1. Jasper Worth II (1573-) and Dorothy Vernon

            Birth: Jasper Worth born September 27, 1573 Prestbury (IGI)

            Death: November 1620 age 46

            Marriage: Dorothy Vernon (Susan Tilsley, September 2008)

            Children: Their children were Jasper the heir, George, Thomas who was buried at Prestbury 1637 and Dorothy who married the Rev. Peter Legh. (Susan Tilsley). See more from Susan below.

            1. Jasper Worth III (1592-?) and Penelope Davenporte of Prestbury and Stockport

              Baptism: Jasper (3) born 1592 was son of Jasper (2) and Dorothy Vernon daughter of Sir Thomas Vernon of Haslington and her mother was daughter of William Egerton of Betley. (Susan Tilsley, September 2008)

              Death: 1638

              Marriage: Jasper Worth married Penelope Davenport, June 25, 1599. Listed on IGI as both Stockport and Prestbury
              Jasper (3) married Penelope Davenport when she was 5 and he was 7. (Susan Tilsley, September 2008)

              Children: Peter, 1613, Jasper, 1615 died as an infant in 1617. Dorothy 1618, Ann 1620, Cicely 1621 and Margaret 1624. Penelope died in 1624 (Susan Tisley)

              1. Jasper, November 26, 1615, Stockport. Note: He was listed twice, as the son of Jasper and as the son of Jasper and Penelope (Index and IGI)

                Death: 1617 (Susan)

              2. Peter

                Birth: 1613

                Marriage: Alice /Weston (Susan) See more below.

                Children: Samuel, Jasper, Cecily, Alice and Ann

              3. Shewall, February 23, 1616, Stockport as the son of Jasper (Index and IGI)
                Death: He must have died as another Shewall was born in 1617
              4. Shewall, February 2, 1617 Stockport as the son of Jasper and Penelope (Index and IGI)
              5. Dorothie of Jasper Worth, August 14, 1618 Stockport (Index and IGI)
              6. Ann of Jasp Worth, June 6, 1620, Prestbury (IGI)
                Marriage: Ann Worth married Lawrence Pierson, April 2, 1643, Prestbury
              7. Cicill of Jasper Worth November 6, 1621 Prestbury (IGI)
              8. Margaret of Jesper Worth, February 28, 1624 Prestbury (IGI)

              Death: Killed at Shrewsbury in 1642 (Susan Tilsley, September 2008)

      Burial of Jasper Worth and Alice Draycott: These Worths are all buried at St. Peters. The church renovation in the late 1870s? erased all that history except the tomb lid of Jasper and Alice Draycott circ 1521-1572. However they are all there under the floor. (Susan Tilsley, September 2008)

More information from Susan Tilsley, September 2008:

  • Jasper (5) born sometime in 1633-1650 died in youth as did 2 of his sisters Cicely and Alice.
  • Jasper (6) born 1670 died 1673

  • Jasper (7), born and died, in 1693 was the son of John Worth and Frances Stopford.

    The Worths of Tytherington died out when this last little Jasper died and his father John Worth died in 1695 a broken man. The family had been ruined by the Civil War and the huge debt the estate had amassed before the restoration of the property rents in 1660. Peter had been hung as a debtor in 1664 and the family struggled on for a few more generations until it had sold off so many of the properties it was no longer economically feasible. Being a faithful servant of the crown made no difference to the king even though the debt had been assessed by the vengeful Roundheads. Debt was debt.

  • So this is how so many Worths suddenly became cotton workers. They had been evicted from family lands all over Cheshire when the lands were sold off one by one in the 1620's onward to the last one in the late 1690s.

  • I live in Toronto Canada and trying to leave a record for my children and grandchildren. There is a small Worth branch of the family here in Ontario but mostly all are females. It seems incredible that my grandfather had 10 children, four of whom were males and we are about to lose the Worth name again.

Jasper Worth and Jane Callrowe

Marriage: Jasper married Jane Callrowe, November 30, 1633 Prestbury (IGI)

Children: Anne of Jaspi Worth August 24, 1634 Prestbury (IGI)

Later Listings of the IGI

  1. Jesper Worth (c. 1706-?) of Mobberley
    Marriage: Ellen
    1. Thomas, February 19, 1726 Mobberley (IGI)
    2. Mary of Jesper Worth and Ellen, March 2, 1739, Mobberley (IGI)
    3. Matthew of Jesper Worth and Ellen, June 6, 1737 Mobberley (IGI)

  2. Thomas Worth mid 1700s Lower Peover
    1. Jasper of Thomas Worth and Mary, December 13, 1772 Lower Peover (IGI)

  3. William Worth (1760s_?) and Sarah Bancroft of Adlington
    Marriage: William Worth married Sarah Bancroft, August 22, 1785, Adlington. Also listed in Prestbury (IGI) joiner A (N&ECMI 1754-1837)
    1. John March 12, 1786 (Index and IGI)
    2. Mary, April 4, 1788 (Index)
    3. James, March 5, 1790 (Index)
  4. John Worth (late 1700s-?) and Mary Hyde no place (Potsworth ?, St Peter's Stockport ?)
    Marriage: John Worth and Mary Hyde, 23 September 1798 Cheadle (N&ECMI 1754-1837)
    1. Sarah, April 6, 1800
    2. William, June 4, 1802
    Death: Mary Worth, Portwood, age 64, buried February 1, 1837, St Peter's Stockport.

Stockport First Births from 1830 to 1858 and Related Records

Stockport First is the district where the children of Joseph Worth were registered.

  1. William Worth and Lydia Hough

    Birth of William Worth:

    Marriage: _________ Worth and Lydia Hough per birth of children and 1851 and 1861 censuses. Not listed Cheshire BMD. They may never have married.


    1. William WORTH Stockport First Stockport ST1/10/89, 1843, mother's maiden name, Hough (Cheshire BMD)
      Death of William Worth: WORTH William age 14 Stockport First Stockport ST1/32/74, 1857

    2. Mary WORTH Stockport First Stockport ST1/14/59, 1845, mother's maiden name, Hough (Cheshire BMD)
      Further Records: Not listed in the censuses.

    3. James born Lancashire per census 1851

    4. Martha WORTH Stockport First Stockport ST1/26/43, 1851, mother's maiden name, Hough (Cheshire BMD)

    1851 Census: Lydia was listed in the 1851 census in Cheadle Stockport as age 37, mangle woman born Bramall unmarried, with two sons, William age 7, born Cheadel and James age 4, Lancashire, Liverpool.

    1861 Census: Castle Street, Cheadle Bulkeley, Stockport, with Isaac Leigh, head age 39, starch maker bleach works, born Cheadle, wife Mary age 39, born Pompton, Lydia Worth, sister in law, widow, age 43, cotton weaver, born Bramall, James, nephew, age 13, cotton weaver, born Liverpool Lancashire Martha, niece, age 9, born Stockport Cheshire

    Death of Lydia Worth: WORTH Lydia 69 Stockport First Stockport ST1/87/88, 1888 (1819)

  2. WORTH Matilda Stockport First Stockport ST1/41/39, 1858, mother's maiden name, Ogden (Cheshire BMD)
    Death: WORTH Matilda 0 Stockport First Stockport ST1/35/18, 1858
Stockport First Deaths from 1837 to 1893 and Related Records

I did not record infant deaths unless the birth was recorded in Stockport First.

There were no Worth deaths in Stockport from 1861 to 1871

  1. WORTH James 18 Stockport First Stockport ST1/7/55, 1841 (1823)
  2. WORTH Mary 22 Stockport First Stockport ST1/8/78, 1842 (1820)
  3. WORTH James 31 Stockport First Stockport ST1/17/78, 1848 (1817)
  4. WORTH Susan 43 Stockport First Stockport ST1/35/13, 1858 (1815)
    Further Records: Not listed 1851 census
  5. WORTH John 47 Stockport First Stockport ST1/64/71, 1876 (1829)
    1851 Census: Lodging house in Stockport, unmarried age 42, brushmaker, born Stockport, blind.

Thre is potential for the James' and Mary in the 1841 census, but the info is too vague.

William Worth (c1806-) and Martha _____ in Brinnington, Stockport

Birth: No later than 1801 based on age of 20 at marriage and 1806 based on 1841 census.

Occupation: Spinner, per 1841 census and marriage of his son, John (Mary Lou Black, Nov, 2008)

Marriage: Martha


  1. John Worth (1824-) and Marie Barber

    Birth: Nov 11, 1824 per headstone (May Lou Black, Nov 2008) father William Worth per marriage (Mary Lou Black, Nov 2008)

    Occupation: weaver

    Marriage: WORTH, John, BARBER, Maria, Wilmslow, St Bartholomew Cheshire East WSB/1/92 1845

    Note: He was listed as living in Styall


    1. Mary 1846 England

      WORTH Mary BARBER 1845 Stockport Second Stockport Cheshire ST2/8/96

    2. Martha 1848, Pennsylvania

    3. More - see census 1870 and Mary Lou Black's list

    1860 :

    1870 Census Wilmington, Delaware: Worth, John age 45 labourer, born England, Maria age 43 keeping house born England, Mary age 23 born England, Martha age 20 born Penn., William age 18 appr to molder, born Penn, John age 17 laborer, born Penn, Emma age 10 born Delaware Annie age 7 born Delaware, Haverlock age 5 born Deleware

1841 Census: Brinnington, Stockport, William Worth age 35, cotton spinner, Martha age 40, John age 15

1851: No listing in Stockport for William or Martha. John was already in US.

Information from Mary Lou Black:

My gg grandfather was John Worth, born in 1824 in Stockport according to his headstone. I have not found his baptism, but I believe I have found him in the 1841 census of England living in Brinnington, Stockport. He married Maria Barber in 1845 in Wilmslow. The marriage certificate says that his residence at that time was Styall and his father was William Worth. John was a weaver and William was a spinner, I'm assuming at the Quarry Bank Mill.

John and Maria had one child in England in 1846, Mary, and then the next child, Martha was born in Pennsylvania in 1848. I have not yet been able to find them in the 1850 U.S. census, but in the 1860 one, they are living in Wilmington, Delaware, and they lived there until their death. They had nine more children William, John, George, Ann, Emma, Anna, Clara, Harry and Maria.

I am reading with great interest your website on the Worth family hoping to see a link to my John or William. I do see that my John and Maria's marriage is mentioned with a note that they are not found in the 1851 census. That is because they were in the USA by then (as mentioned above). In your research of Stockport, did you by any chance find a baptism for my John? I have his birth as Nov. 11, 1824 (from his headstone). When I found him in the 1841 census, he is the only child listed, possibly meaning that he was either the only child, or the youngest and the only one living at home. His mother's name was Martha. I found a marriage listed in the IGI between William Worth and Martha Child in Dec 1821 in Cheadle*.

Mary Lou Black, November 2008

In January 2009 Mary Lou emailed: Looking back in my notes concerning John's father, William, I wrote:
John and Maria Worth are not listed in the 1850 census of Delaware. The 1860 census gives the birth year of their son, John, as 1852 in Pennsylvania and their son, George, born in 1854 in Delaware. Therefore, they probably moved to Wilmington sometime around 1853. This is supported by the fact that John Worth, the first, appears in the Wilmington City Directory for the first time in 1853 when he is living on Wilson Street and working as a weaver. In 1857 he is working as a laborer and still living at 13 Wilson Street. At this time, William Worth is living there also and also works as a laborer. It has always been a question with me whether this William was John's father or a brother--no ages are given. What is known is that there is no William in the census of 1860, which might suggest that he died before 1860.

If we add the info from the Censuses of England, I now am leaning towards the idea that this William is John's father, not his brother. That would explain why he does not appear in the 1851 census of England. However, I need to find a death record for William.

As far as belonging to a dissenting congregation goes, I know that Maria was baptized in the C of E (however it was when she was three years old), and that John and Maria were married there also.

The only other information I have concerns their life in the USA. During the Civil War John served in the Delaware First Volunteer Regiment (organized at Wilmington, Del., September 10 to October 19, 1861) as a musician in the band. He was mustered out on August 18th, 1862 when the funding was cut for the band causing it to be discharged. After his death in 1885 his wife, Maria, received a pension for his service. His occupation just before his death was musician.

*Record submitted by LDS member not a record extracted from church records.

Worths in Prestbury Parish With Some Similarities To Worths in Wilmslow/Stockport

Prestbury was a very large ancient parish which originally served the townships of: Adlington, Birtles, Bollington, Bosley, Butley, Capesthorne, Chelford, Fallibroome, Henbury cum Pexall, Hurdsfield, Kettleshulme, Lower Withington, Lyme Handley, Macclesfield, Macclesfield Forest, Marton, Mottram St. Andrew, Newton, North Rode, Old Withington, Pott Shrigley, Poynton, Prestbury, Rainow, Siddington, Sutton, Tytherington, Upton, Wildboarclough, Wincle, Woodford and Worth.

Moses Worth, son of Daniel, born Bollington circa 1825 and Ann Wilson

I am including this group of Worths because of their use of Biblical names.

Birth: Daniel Worth,



  1. Birth: Moses 1825 Bollington

    Marriage: WORTH, Moses, WILSON, Ann, Prestbury, St Peter, Cheshire East, PSP/5/424, 1847


    1. Daniel, 1849. Listed Cheshire BMD.
    2. Anna Maria Bollington 1851 Cheshire BMD
    3. Jane born 1858 Bollington Cheshire BMD

    1851 Census: Moses Worth, born Bollington on Church Lane Bollington, head age 26, stone mason, born Bollington, Anne wife, age 28, born Westmoreland, Martha daughter , age 3 born Butley, Daniel son, age 1, born Bollington.

    1861 Census: Bollington, Cheshire, Ann Worth, head married, age 38, needle woman born Westmoreland, Kendal, Martha daughter age 13 cotton loom weaver, Cheshire Butley, Daniel son age 11, Bollington, Annie M daughter age 9, Bollington, Jane daughter age 3, Bollington,

1841 Census: Butley, Daniel Worth, stonemason, age 45, Miriam age 15, Moses age 15, stone mason, Philip age 11, Joel age 8 Caleb age 6 Ruth age 4.

Worth Deaths Bollington

  1. Peter 1838 age 73 BOL/1/30 (1765)
  2. Joseph 1850 age 44 (1806)
  3. Edward age 25, 1856 (1831)
  4. Martha age 44 1876 (1832)
    She was in the 1871 censues as the sister of James Hayes, widow, with her son Arthur, age 16 both born Bollington. No Hayes/Worth marriage listed by Cheshire BMD.
  5. WORTH, Hannah 55, Bollington, Cheshire East, BOL/20/6, 1878 (1823). Not listed in the censuses.
  6. WORTH, Jane Helen, 46, Bollington, Cheshire East, BOL/19/81, 1878 (1832)
  7. WORTH, Ann, 56, Bollington, Cheshire East, BOL/20/17, 1879 (1823)

Worths in Siddington

Note: The records for Siddington date back to at least 1718, The Worths do not appear in the Siddington baptismal records until the birth of Elizabeth, the daughter of George Worth, in 1752. See below.

Peter Worth

Note: While not a common name in general, Peter was fairly popular in the Worth family.


Marriage: Margaret Ackersley 11 June 1722 Prestbury, Cheshire (IGI, MLB)


  1. Thomas Worth (1739-) and _______

    Birth: ?? August 1739 Pott-Shrigley Chapelry, Cheshire father, Peter Worth, mother, Margaret (IGI MLB) Note: He named his first child Peter.

    Marriage: ??? Mary Cooper Prestbury 21 October 1758 (IGI MLB)


    1. Peter Worth (1761) and Ann Davies

      Birth: Peter 18 November 1759, Siddington (IGI, MLB)

      Marriage: Ann Davies 14 Feb 1779 Prestbury (IGI, MLB)


      1. Thomas Worth 1781 and Hannah

        Birth: Tho. 18 Nov 1781, Siddington (IGI, MLB)

        Marriage: Hannah per 1841 census


        1. Enoch circa 1816
        2. Mary circa 1816
        1841 Census: Siddington, same page as Price Worth, William Worth, Peter Worth, and Mary Worth — other Worth heads of household. Thomas Worth age 55 mason, Hannah age 60 Enoch age 25, mason, Mary age 25, Thomas age 6
      2. Peter Worth, Jun. Siddington (1786-) and Nancy ______

        Birth: Peter 02 Apr 1786 Siddington (IGI, MLB)

        Marriage: Nancy


        1. Price Worth, Siddington (1810-) and Martha ______

          Birth: Price of Peter Worth, Jr and Nancy, 18 March 1810 Siddington, (IGI, MLB)

          Marriage: Martha

          Occupation: Brick layer


          1. Edward
          2. Mercy
          3. Peter
          4. Ann
          5. Moses

          1841 Census: Same page as Thomas, William Peter and Mary — other Worth heads of household.

          Price Worth age 30 bricklayer, Martha age 30, Edward age 10, Mercy age 6 Peter age 3 and Ann age 9

          1861: Price Worth, head age 51, born Siddington, Martha wife age 51, Martha age 19, born Susex, Hastings, Moses, age 19, born, born Siddington, William grandson age 6, born Mottram Arthur grandson age 6, born Bollington. Arthur was listed as born in Bollington according to the Cheshire BMD.

          1871: Price Worth listed head, age 61 farmer 6 acres, and brick layer, Martha, wife, age 61, Olive daughter, age 26, William grandson, age 15, bricklayers labourer, All born Siddington except Martha born in Sussex, Hastings.

        2. Elizabeth Peter and Nancy, 22 Sept 1811 Siddington (IGI, MLB)

        1841 Census: ??? Peter Worth 55, bricksetter and Jane age 55, Lowere Worthington, Prestbury
      3. Mary 08 Feb 1789 Siddington (IGI, MLB)

      4. Phobe 25 March 1792 Siddington (IGI, MLB)

      5. Ann 23 March 1794 Siddington (IGI, MLB)

      6. Phebe 24 Jan 1796 Siddington (IGI, MLB)

    2. Betty 01 Nov 1761, Siddinglton (IGI, MLB)

    3. Joseph Worth (1763-) Siddington, and ____

      Birth: 24 April 1763, son of Thomas, Siddington, (IGI, MLB)

      Marriage: Mother not listed on baptisms on IGI

      Lucy Higginbothan 25, Feb 1783, Prestbury (IGI, MLB)


      1. Mary, 18 January 1784 Siddington (IGI, MLB)

      2. John 18 Sept 1785 Siddington (IGI, MLB)

      3. Ann 26 Aug 1787 Siddington (IGI, MLB)

      4. Nathaniel Worth (1790-) Siddington, and Sarah Wood

        Birth: Nathaniel Worth: 21 March 1790, Siddlington (IGI, MLB)

        Marriage: Sarah Wood, 29 March 1812, LDS member submission

        Occupation: Bricklayer


        1. Peter Worth (1814-) Siddington, and Harriet _____
          Birth: Peter, 08 May 1814, Siddington (IGI)
          1841 Census: Siddington, Same page as Nath. age 25 ag lab, Harriett, age 30, Mary age 8 Price age 6
        2. Mark 16 Nov 1817 Siddington (IGI)
        3. Charlotte, 10 March 1816, Siddington (IGI)
        4. Lucy 13 February 1820 Siddington (IGI)
        5. William 16 October 1825 Siddington (IGI)
        6. Price 23 September 1827 Siddington (IGI)
        7. Littice, 26, July 1829 Siddleton, Cheshire (IGI)

        1841: Siddington, Nath. Worth age 50 bricklayer, Sarah, 50, Wm 15, Charlotte 20, Littice 13, Emma 1

        1851: Siddleton, Siddleton Heath, Nathaniel Worth head age 60, bricklayer, Sarah, wife, age 61, Charlotte, age 35, no occupation Lettice daughter age 22, dress maker. All born Prestbury

        1861 Census: John Stanyer, head, age 31, farmer of 2 acres, Lettice, wife, age 32, Nathaniel Worth, boarder, age 71, widow, bricklayer Nathaniel Worth, age 8, nephew. All born Siddinglton.

      5. Hannah 22 July 1792
    4. Ann 07 Aug 1768 (IGI, MLB)

Another Peter Worth

Birth: Peter son of Thomas born 1761 was probably too old to be having children at this time. These are not children of Peter, son of Peter born in 1786. See Peter, son of Peter above.

Marriage: Mary Booth 20 September 1802 Prestbury (IGI, MLB)


  1. George of Peter and Mary, 20 May 1804 Siddington, (IGI, MLB)

  2. Ann of Peter and Mary, 13 July 1806 Siddington, (IGI, MLB)

  3. Thomas of Peter and Mary, 20 March 1808. Siddington, (IGI, MLB)

  4. Jabez of Peter and Mary, 13 Jan 1811 Siddington, (IGI, MLB)

1841 Census: Siddington, Same page as Thomas Worth, William Worth, Price Worth and Mary Worth other Worth heads of household. Peter Worth ag lab. age 25, Marie age 25, Mary age 4, ann age 2 and George 1 month

Also on this page in the 1841 census at Siddington Lodge, Mary Worth age 45, farmer, Ann age 20, George age 13, Thomas age 10 Thomas age 20.

Right next to Peter Worth

Davies Worth

Davies is a rather unique name. See Davies son of Samuel above.

  • Davis 26 Aug 1787 father, Tho Worth (IGI, MLB)

  • Davies 01 May 1808 of John Worth and Hannah (IGI, MLB)

  • Marriage:

Another William Worth

Birth: William 11 March 1808 of William and Sarah (IGI, MLB)

1841 Census: Siddington same page as Thomas, Price, Peter and Mary — other Worth head of household.

William Worth age 30 ag lab Mary 35, Sarah, age 70, George, 8, William 7 Sarah age 5,

  • WORTH Davies BARBER Mary Prestbury, St Peter Cheshire East PSP/2/354, 1841
  • WORTH Davies BRADLEY Mary Prestbury, St Peter Cheshire East PSP/4/131, 1844
1851 Census: Sutter, MacClesfield, Davies Worth, head age 40, born Siddington, Silk weaver, Mary wife age 43?, born Staffordshire, Thommas Bradely son age 20 tin worker, Mary Upton age 16, daughter silk spinster, George Upton son age 15 silk spinster, James Metteshead, lodger, unmarried age 60, labourer, The rest born Cheshire can't read place.

Death: WORTH Davies 45 Gawsworth Cheshire East GAW/4/14, 1863

Indicates a birth circa 1818 However, how many Davies Worths can there be?

Other odd records of interest

Jane Worth married Samuel Burgess Wilmslow, St Bartholomew Cheshire East WSB/1/486 in 1862.

There were other Worths born Siddington who do not appear related by either occupation of names.

James Worth in Siddington

In May 2008, Barbara Hodson sent the information of Worths in Siddington, Chesire. In September 2008 Susan Tilsley also sent some related information. At that time I managed to redo some of it without noting in every instance what came from Barbara Hobson and what I redid. Sorry about that.

James Worth (1705-1779) and Martha Ridway

Birth of James Worth: Born 1705 Pott Shrigley (Barbara Hodson)

Marriage of James Worth: Martha Ridway born c 1705 died Oct 31 1768 Capesthorne. James and Martha were married Prestbury St. Peter Jan 29 1724/25 (Barbara Hodson)

Children or James Worth and Martha Ridway:

  1. George Worth (1729-1891) and Mary Biggerton (Barbara Hodson)

    Birth of George Worth: 1729-30 Pott Shrigley (Barbara Hodson)

    Marriage: Mary Biggerton July 11 1751 Prestbury, St. Peter (Barbara Hodson)


    1. Elizabeth 09 Jan 1752 Siddington (IGI, MLB)Note: This is the first baptismal record for the name Worth in Siddington

    2. Thomas Worth (1753-1821) and Ann Foden

      Birth: 1753 (Note: 18 February 1753 Siddington, Cheshire son of George Worth , batch number C866143, LDS, [MLB])

      Marriage: Ann Foden (Barbara Hodson)

      Children of Thomas Worth and Ann Foden:

      1. Thomas Worth (1776-1821) and Mary Worthington

        Birth: Thomas Worth christened Siddington March 24 1776, son of Thomas Worth (IGI) and Ann Foden (Barbara Hodson)

        Marriage: Thomas Worth married Mary Worthington, 1797 (per Susan Tilsley, September 7, 2008).

        "Thomas Worth of Henbury of this parish ... weaver and Mary Worthington of Macclesfield Spinster ... were married in this church by Banns this twenty-fifth day of July in the year One Thousand seven hundred and ninety seven ... by me Thomas Monkhouse Curate.

        This marriage was solemnized between Us .... Thomas Worth (in a nice script) The Mark of Mary X Worthington In the presence of George Worth and John Whelton" (both in good writing)

        St Peter's Prestbury

        More Info from Susan Tilsley: They were married July 25, 1797 at St. Peter's Prestbury, the heartland of the Worth Family once the Worths of Worth had died out. Thomas Worth was a cotton weaver and wove on a loom at home. His wife Mary Worth farmed an area near Siddington so Thomas had moved there after they married. The land was leased from the heirs of the Davenports. You can find the exact area from the tithe maps on line from the records in Cheshire.

        Thomas Worth was the son of another Thomas Worth also a weaver.

        Children of Thomas Worth and Mary Worthington:

        1. Samuel Worth (1802-1863) Jane Adshead and Fanny Bradley


          • Samuel was the son of Thomas Worth and Mary born in Sidington in 1802. There were other children born to Thomas and Mary.
          • There are 83 births for Worths in Siddington listed on the IGI.
          • Siddington is a civil parish in Macclesfield, Cheshire. It is south of Wilmslow.
          • Samuel Worth does not appear to have been in Wilmslow until sometime around his marriage in 1826. At the time of his marriage he was listed in "Alderley". Alderley Edge is a village in Wilnslow.

          Birth: Circa 1803 Siddington per 1851 census.

          Samuel son of Thomas Worth and Mary 21 February 1802 Siddington Batch No. C866143 (IGI)


          Alderley 1826 marriage

          1827 ----lands, 1829 Lacy Green, 1833, 1835, 1836, Morley* - according to the baptismal records of his children on LDS film #1836382 Bishops Transcripts, Wilmslow.

          Pownall Fee, Wilmslow 1851, 1861 censuses

          * Morley is a hamlet in Wilmslow parish.

          Occupation: Weaver per baptism of his children, cotton weaver 1841 and 1851 censuses

          Marriage: Jane Adshead

          Samuel Worth bachelor of Alderley in this parish married Jane Adshead spinster of this parish 18 November 1826 witness Thomas Worth and John Robinson. (LDS film #1836382)


          1. Mary Worth (1827-) and John Thompson
            Birth: Mary of Samuel and Jane Worth, Morley, weaver, July 22 1827 (LDS film #1836382)
            Marriage: John Thompson. WORTH, Mary, THOMPSON, John, Stockport, St Mary Stockport ST16/7/109, 1850 Note: It was the first marriage recorded in Stockport.
            1. John circa 1851
            1851 Census: With her father, husband and son, John. See below.
          2. Frederick Worth and Jane Mason
            Birth: Born circa 1830- no listing for Frederick in Parish Records
            Marriage: WORTH, Fredric, MASON, Jane, Wilmslow, St Bartholomew Cheshire East WSB/1/175 1848
          3. Thomas Worth (c. 1830) and Mary Ann _______
            Birth: Thomas of Samuel and Jane Worth Lacy Green weaver,15 November 1829 (LDS film #1836382) Listed in census as born in Pownal Fee, Morley, Wilmslow
            Marriage: Ann. Not listed Cheshire BMD
            1. Henry 1863 Wilmslow Cheshire BMD
            2. Catherine 1864 Cheshire BMD
            1851: With his parents
            1861: 1861 Pownal Fee Bank, Hamlet of Morley, Parish of Wilmslow, House, Peter Burges, head, age 80, 100 acres, 2 laborers and 3 servants (?) born Wilmslow, Mary A Burges, daughter, age 35, housekeeper, Jane Worth, servant, age 29, dairy maid, Thomas Worth, servant, age 31 carter, Samuel Thompson servant, 19, cow man John Births (?) servant, 16, cow boy,. The rest born Parnal Fee which is in Wilmslow parish.
            1871 Census: Morley, Pownal Fee, Cheshire, England, Thomas Worth head, age 42, farmer 16 acres, Mary Ann wife, age 47, Henry son age 8 Katherine daughter, age 7 All born Wilmslow.
            1881: Nan Moss Lane Pownal Fee, Thomas Worth head, age 52, farmer 16 acres, employing 1 man and son Mary Ann wife, age 56, Henry son age 18 Katherine daughter, age 16 All born Wilmslow.
            1891: Morley, Pownal Fee, Thomas Worth head, age 61, farmer Mary Ann wife, age 67, Henry son age 28 Katherine daughter, age 26 All born Wilmslow.
          4. Samuel Worth (c. 1832) and Elizabeth _____
            Birth: Samuel of Samuel and Jane Worth Morley weaver, December 25, 1831 (LDS film #1836382)
            Marriage: Elizabeth ____ born Derby. Unknown. Not listed Cheshire BMD.
            1. Elizabeth
            2. Jane
            1851: Mobberley, Burley Hurst, with Elizabeth Wych head age 72 widow, farmer 200 acres. There were four servants including Samuel Worth, age 18, farm servant born Morley
            1861 Census:
            1881: Next to Thomas, Samuel Worth head age 48, farmer 7 acres Elizabeth wife, 47, Elizabeth daughter , 19 cotton loom weaver Jane daughter, 15, power loom weaver unemployed All born Wilmslow.
            1891: Next to Thomas, Sam Worth head age 59, farmer Elizabeth wife, 58, born Derby, Mellon Jane daughter, 24, weaver cotton All born Wilmslow.
            1901: School Lane Wilmslow, Samuel Worth head age 69, farmer Elizabeth wife, 68, born Derby, Mellon Jane daughter, 30, Samuel D grandson age 22. Rest born Wilmslow.
          5. Jane of Samuel and Jane Worth Morley weaver, March 17, 1833 (LDS film #1836382)
            1861 Census: With her borther Thomas, see above.
          6. Ann of Samuel and Jane Worth Morley weaver, February 31, 1835 (LDS film #1836382)
          7. Davies
            Birth: Davis of Samuel and Jane Worth Morley weaver, December 15, 1836 (LDS film #1836382)
          8. Elizabeth circa 1840 per census.
            Elizabeth Worth, Altrincham birth September 1839 Free BMD
          1841: Record is faded so much that it is not really readable. Morley Green: Saml Worth age 35, Jean Worth age 35, Mary age 13, Frederick age 11, Saml age 9, Jane age 7, Ann age 5, Davis age 3, Elizabeth age 1.

          Death of Jane Adshead Worth: "Jane" Worth age 39, Wilmslow, Cheshire East 1841 WIL/2/18 (1802)

          Note: This is the only appropriate death in the right time period.

          Second marriage of Samuel Worth, 1847: WORTH, Samuel, BRADLEY, Fanny, Wilmslow, St Bartholomew, Cheshire East, WSB/1/153, 1847


          1. George circa 1849

          1851 Census: Pownal Fee Samuel Worth, head age 48, hand loom weaver, cotton, born Siddington, Fanny Worth wife age 39, born Chelfield (?) Thomas son age 21, lab ag, Davis son age 14, pin winder Elizabeth daughter age 11, pin winder, George son age 3, John Thompson, son in law, age 22, mechanic turner, Mary Thompson, daughter age 23, John Thompson age 7 mo. All other born Morley

          1861 Census: Pownall Fee, Wilmslow, Samuel 58, Fanny 50 George 12

          Death of Samuel Worth: Samuel age 61, 1863 (1802).

        2. Info from Barbara Hobson: Samuel Cr. Siddington Feb 21 1802 of Thomas and Mary - died Wilmslow 1863 - married Sarah Leigh 1831 Bowden - 5 known children (Barbara Hodson)

        3. Edward Worth (1805-1889) and Patience Jackson

          Birth: Edward born Siddington (Susan Tilsley, September 2008). 03 FEB 1805 son of Thomas Worth Jr and Mary (IGI)

          Marriage: Patience Jackson 1826 St James Westminster, London (Susan Tilsley, September 2008)

          Children: 9 (Barbara Hobson)

          Information from Susan Tilsley, September 2008:

          Edward is very interesting in that he broke from the weaving trade and became a groom. His wife Patience and he had a long and happy life when he was offered a position at Cholmondeley Castle near Malpas. His nine children grew up there, seven of them having been born at Cholmondeley. Anne and George were born in Alderley and baptized at St. Mary's, Jane was born in St. Martins in the Field London and Elizabeth, Mary, Harriet, Edward, Joseph and Charles were all baptised at St. Oswalds Malpas.

          The family was ardently Church of England and continue to be so. The south transcept of St Peter's Prestbury was the Worth chapel until it was inherited through marriage by the Downes when Agnes Worth married Robert Downes ending the line of Worths of Worth. The line sprang up again with Robert Worth an uncle, who married the Tytherington heiress and traded some Worth lands for Tytherington."

        4. Charlotte Cr prestbury Apr 5 1807 (Barbara Hobson)

        5. Nathan Cr Mar 19 1809 - died Shoreditch, Middlesex - married Ann ? had 4 known children (Barbara Hobson)

        Death of Thomas Worth (born 1776): Thomas died June 19 1821 Henbury age 45 and is buried in Siddington (???)
      Death of Thomas Worth:

    3. Mary 21 Sept 1754 (IGI, MLB)

    4. George 25, Sept 1757 (IGI, MLB)

    5. William 11 July 1756 (IGI, MLB)

    6. Betty 11 March 1759 (IGI, MLB)

    7. Martha 04 May 1760 (IGI, MLB)

    8. Ann 09 Aug 1761 (IGI, MLB)

    9. Sarah 13 March 1763 (IGI, MLB)

    10. Hannah 08 April 1764 (IGI, MLB)

    11. Jane 24 Nov 1765 (IGI, MLB)

    12. Phobe 06 Sept 1767 (IGI, MLB)

    Death of George Worth: May 4 1801 Capesthorne

Death of James Worth: May 20 1779 Capesthorne

Daniel Worth and Ann


  1. James Cr., Siddington Nov 17 1799

Records Checked

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  3. Wilmslow, Methodist Chapel (Wesleyan), Dean Row. Founded 1799, built 1849. Registers 1807-1837 - LDS film #0020053, Item 8 Church records, 1811-1837 Wesleyan Church (Wilmslow, England)- No Laws, No Worths

  1. Wilmslow, Friends' Meeting House (Quakers), Altrincham Road. Founded 17th century. Registers 1654-1831

  2. Morley, Methodist Chapel (Wesleyan), Water Lane. Built 1798, rebuilt 1884.

  3. Wilmslow, Presbyterian Chapel, Dean Row. Founded 1672, built 1688, became Unitarian Chapel in 1748. Records of births/baptisms 1748-1980, marriages 1845-63 and deaths/burials 1751-1857

Main Line of the Worth Family Tree 1200 - 1700

Send by Susan Tilsley

The surname Worth is, as so many English surnames are, one derived from a place name. The Anglo-Saxon word "weorthig" meant a guarded place, a fenced or enclosed demesne. All the Nordic languages have words akin to it referring to protected or enclosed places and the English words garth, garden, ward and yard are all survivals of old words derived from primitive roots descriptive of their being warded or guarded by wall or fence or in some way kept a place apart.

"Woerthig" survives in place names as "Worth" and as "Worthy"; the former being very general as a termination throughout the country, for instance Ackworth the "weorthig" by the oak or amongst the oaks, Kenilworth the "woerthig" of some old personage named Kenulph, Tamworth the "woerthig" by the river Tame, Wendsworth the "weorthig" by the stream Wendle. "Worthy" appears most often in Southern English place names; in Devonshire are Beaworthy, Cadworthy, Cornworthy, Holsworthy, etc., while in Hampshire is the little group of "Worthies": King's Worthy, Abbot's Worthy, Headborn Worthy and Martyr's Worthy.

It by no means follows that all the Worths and worthies are of Saxon or Angle foundation; the place may have [been] fenced by the earlier peoples but we are sure that its name was given it by one of the Nordic races and we can be equally sure that all the place names so given by the Saxons have not survived, the town we now call Derby was once Northweorthig and owes its present name to the later coming Danes.

In modern England the name without any combined and distinguishing prefix occurs at least a half dozen times:

  1. A village in Kent, near Sandwich.
  2. A parish in Sussex near Crawley, famous for its Saxon church.
  3. A hamlet in Yorkshire, now a suburb of Keighley.
  4. A village near Wareham in Dorset, called from its Norman possessors Worth Matravers.
  5. A township in East Cheshire formerly in the ancient parish of Prestbury, now forming part of the parish of Poynton and Worth.
  6. An estate and hall in the district of Washford near Tiverton in Devonshire.

From the first places mentioned it is possible persons and families have derived their surnames, from the two last given it is certain that still surviving families have done so. There is not the slightest probability that there is any relationship between the Worths of Devonshire and those of Cheshire.

In the Domesday Book mention is not made of the Cheshire Worth, but the section relating to that county is well known to be peculiarly incomplete. Only 12 of 33 townships in the parish of Prestbury are recorded and even the mother church is not mentioned in it: the devastation following the Norman invasion was specially [sic] severe in this district.

The Norman Earls of Chester, governing a territory about twice the size of the present county (ruling by the sword as absolutely as the King by his crown) set aside large tracts of land as forests for their own sport. Macclesfield Forest was perhaps the largest of these, the district now known by that name is but a small section of the original which stretched for twenty miles along the spur of the Pennine range that divides the water flowing eastwards toward Trent from those going to form the Mersey to the west. The hillsides down to the Cheshire plain were included so we find from early records that more than half of the townships in Prestbury parish and nearly all Gawsworth parish were within the forest bounds and subject to forest laws. The township of Worth was so situated; it was of only 450 acres, beyond those connected with the manor the district was very sparsely populated till the working of the underlying coal in modern times.

About 1150 to 1200, surnames began to become fixed and hereditary in families in England generally. In Cheshire perhaps as freely as in any part of the country were the names of the manors adopted by the occupants as their family name. The Worths of Worth were always described in the early Latin and Norman-French documents as "de Worth" but in speech the prefix would never be used. Documents in the early Plantagenet times were undated, the approximate dates being arrived at from the persons mentioned therein.

Benedict de Worth and Jordan his brother were witness to deed whereby Richard de Norbury conveyed the vill[age] of Norbury and other properties to Robert de Hyde between 1208 and 1228. The same Benedict was witness to charter of Sir Robert de Stokeport granting Marple and Wibbersley to Sir Robert's sister Margery and her husband William Vernon of Haddon between 1208 and 1229.

About 1225 Sir Robert de Stokeport granted the first charter to the town of Stokeport according to the charter of Randle Blundeville, Early of Chester, to his barons in 1218. The Stockport Charter specifies the duties, rights and privileges of the burgesses and as a very important document was witnessed by members of nearly all the prominent neighbouring families, among them "Henry de Worthe".

In 1249 at the Inquisition post mortem as to the estates of this Robert de Stokeport, this Henry de Worth was one of the jurors. These Inquisitions post mortem were enquiries made by an officer of the earl, (or at a little later date, of the king) called the escheater, assisted by a local jury, on the death of a lay fiefholder or freeholder. In the event of failure of heirs, the lands would revert or escheat to the feudal over-lord, i.e. the earl or the King. The reports embodied descriptions and valuations of the manors and other estates of the deceased and the services and rents due from the tenants. Such reports are among the best sources of knowledge as to old-time genealogy; as I may have to refer to many I will use the abbreviation Inq.p.m. Between 1245 and 1251 Robert Pigot granted to Robert de Worth the whole of the vill of Chelleford (Chelford) with the demesne and rents of Athul and Wythinton (Asthul and Withington) on consideration of paying him and his heirs vii-S annually and one pair of gloves on the Feast of All Saints. Among the witness to this charter were John de Gray, Justiciary of Chester and Benedict de Coudry, bailiff of Macclesfield, which enables an approximate date to be given. By another deed Robert Pigot grants to Robert de Worth his mill of Chelleford and Wythington with all that belongs to it, paying annually for the same one barbed arrow. The Pigots were a family of Norman descent, one branch, of which this Robert was a representative, being lords of the manor of Butley at this period and for 300 years later. Twenty years elapse and Robert de Worth grants to the monks of St. Werburg in Chester all these lands in Chelford, Astle and Withington on condition that the monks find a chaplain to serve in the chapel of Chelford on Sundays and two other days and on the other four days of the week at Prestbury at the alter of St. Nicholas. The date of this gift can be definitely fixed, as in the "Annales Cestriensis" the Chronicle of St. Werburg's Monastery in Chester under date 1270, after noting the setting out of the Crusade under Louis the French King and Edward the son of Henry the King of England and the murder of Henry the son of Richard of Cornwall, goes on "Eodem anno anima sua" i.e. The same year Robert de Worth gave to God and St. Werburg the township of Chelford for the good of his soul".

The deeds of Robert Pigot, the deed of Robert de Worth and a confirmation of it by Gilbert son of Robert Pigot were all preserved in the chartulary of the monastery at the Reformation. The church of St. Werburg's monastery is now known to us as Chester Cathedral. The monks of St. Werburg had been given the church of Prestbury and lands near it by Hugh Kyvelioc the fifth Norman Earl of Chester and in 1270 were probably erecting the present structure. The altar of St. Nicholas mentioned in the deed would be that in the Worth chapel at the end of the south aisle. The right to this chapel was afterwards attached to the manor of Titherington but the mention of it in the deed proves the Worth family to have had an interest in it before their possession of Titherington. Dr. Renaud, in his "History of the Ancient Parish of Prestbury", tries to identify the Robert the grantor of Chelford with the Robert who was the first lord of Titherington manor, [but] unless he lived to be 120 years of age or thereabouts, this would be impossible - one was almost certainly the grandson of the other.

Robert the grantor of Chelford had apparently two sons, Henry and Thomas.

Among the deeds of the Tattons of Wythenshaw is one of the date soon after 1270 whereby William de Wilmistowe grants the estate of Stanilondes to Richard his younger brother - this is witnessed by Henry de Worth among others.

In 1287 the Earldom of Chester having lapsed to the Crown, an enquiry was made as to the military and other services rendered by those holding lands in the Macclesfield Forest. The head forestership was found to be vested in the family of Davenport of Davenport the parent stock from which several Cheshire families sprang. The sub foresters were found to be Richard de Vernon, Robert de Downes, Thomas de Orreby, John de Sutton, Grym de Stanley, Henry de Worth, Jordan de Disley, Richard de Heghlegh and Adam son of Alan de Sutton, who

"each and all held lands by free forestership and by coming to the King's summons and with their men following his banner, each bearing the same arms with which their several bailliwicks were kept, viz with bows and arrows and that whilst so serving they were not to be absolved from their custody of the forest".
The property held by Henry de Worth in virtue of his office was a house and twenty acres of land in Upton Township granted by one of the Randulphs, earls of Chester, to one Orme and later known as "the Ralonesfield". It is not clear how this came into the hands of the Worths, it is possible Orme may have been their ancestor; in any case the forestership was now hereditary. The free forestership in addition to military service entailed many irksome duties but the foresters had valuable privileges and were vested with great powers within the forest.

This Henry de Worth died unmarried or childless and was succeeded by his brother Thomas.

A deed relating to the erection of Hanford (Handforth) mill in 1291, an agreement between Edmund Fitton, lord of Bolyn and Henry de Hanford, bears the name of Thomas de Worth as a witness. In the fifth year of Edward II (1311-1312) this Thomas de Worth was in possession of two messauges, four carucales of land and a mill in Worth and Upton and his son Henry was heir. A carucale of land was as much as one plough could cultivate and varied according to district from 100 to 120 acres. The younger son of this first Thomas was Robert de Worth to be spoken of later and it is probable that Richard de Worth whose name occurs on deeds about this period was a third son.

Henry had succeeded his father Thomas before 1318, in that year he was a witness to a deed by which Sir Nicholas de Eton, Jr., baron of Stockport conceded to Sir William de Baggylegh the hamlet of Ruyhul (Ryle) and other lands in Etchells for the payment of one rose at the feast of St. John the Baptist. He, with the lords of most of the surrounding manors, also witnessed the important charter whereby Joan the widow of this Sir Nicholas de Eton (he may be the heir's father the manors of Stockport, Poynton, Etchells and Woodford; this deed is dated 1 Edward III (1327). This Henry de Worth had been succeeded by his son Thomas before 1349. In that year an enquiry was made before Hugh de Hopewas and a jury of Cheshire men who found it was not to the prejudice of the Earl of Chester that a license should be conceded to Thomas the son off Henry de Worth to enable him to enfeoff John de Legh of Boothe and Mabel his wife in certain lands in Hepale near Torkington.

This Thomas was the last of the Worths of Worth, dying in or before 1362 and being succeeded by his only daughter Matilda the wife of William de Hulme. In that year Katherine the widow of Thomas de Worth brings an action for dower against her son-in-law and daughter as recorded in the Plea Rolls 36, Edward III. William de Hulme had an only daughter Agnes who married Robert Downes of Shrigley: their descendants held the forestership as long as such office existed and possessed the manor of Worth till the 19th century when it was sold by Edward Downes Esq. to Sir George Warren of Poynton, from whom it descended to the present proprietor Lord Vernon. Worth Hall was the favourite residence of the Downes family down to Tudor times and still exists as a farm house, doubtless on the site of the old manor house of the demesne that gave its name to the Worth family, seven hundred years ago. We will now revert to Robert, the second son of the first Thomas de Worth, who is the first of the name connected with the manor of Titherington. Titherington is, or was, one of the forest townships and lies about five miles south of Worth, close to the town of Macclesfield. It contains 993 acres. It is not clear how Robert became possessed of this manor which had been in the possession of a family named from it for some years. Sewall or Seward de Tyderington holding it in 1258. The probability is that he married the heiress of the senior line. The family name of Tytherington (in all its varied forms of spelling) occurs for many generations as tenants of the Worths. Robert de Worth first appears as lord of Tyderington in a deed dated 9th Edward III (1335). With the Titherington manor he also obtained the overlordship of the manor of Nether Poole near Hooton in Wirral, which was held by the Poole family by the annual payment of one penny, which acknowledgment continued to be paid to the Worths until the reign of James I.

This Robert had a son who succeeded him and a daughter named Fenella who married Richard Newton of Newton in Prestbury parish and whose descendants became the Newtons of Pownall, a flourishing county family in Elizabeth's reign.

It is noteworthy that at almost the exact same time the Worths became possessed of Titherington, in the neighbouring manors the Leghs established themselves at Adlington following the de Coronas, the Warrens obtained Poynton and the Fittons followed the Orrebys at Gawsworth : the foundation of the family of Legh of Lyme coming a generation later.

Helsby the editor of the 1882 issue of Ormerod's Cheshire suggests that a very prominent citizen of London at this period was a connection of the Cheshire family of Worth. John Worth or Wroth was a member of the Fishmongers Company, in 1351 he was one of the Sheriffs of London and in 1360 was Mayor. He was knighted and for some time was Member of Parliament for the city of London. In 1366 he and his wife were granted an annuity of L 20 in survivorship by Edward the Black Prince. This was a very considerable sum in those days. On the death of the Black Prince a confirmation of the grant was issued by Richard Prince of Wales in 1377. Sir John was appointed co-executor of Joan, princess of Wales, the Black Prince's widow and his name occurs as late as 1385 in documents relating to these duties. Helsby thinks it possible he was a younger son of the first Robert of Titherington and brother of the second Robert. The fact of the Prince being Earl of Chester suggested the possibility that he (Sir John) was a Cheshire man, but then again the Prince was Duke of Cornwall and thus connected feudally with the Devonshire family of Worth.

The second Robert de Worth of Titherington was a juror at the Inq.p.m. of Isabel de Stockport in 1370, at that of Nicholas de Vernon held at Chester September 29,1388, and at that of Geoffrey de Vernon held on January 1st, 1389 at Macclesfield.

He died in 19th Richard II (1396) and his Inq.p.m. found him holder of the manor of "Tyderynton" from the King as Earl of Chester, also 3-1/2 burgages in Macclesfield and other lands in Macclesfield and Hurdesfield. Thomas his son and heir was then 27 years of age.

This Thomas de Worth was in the next year granted an annuity of 100s by King Richard II being retained for life in the King's service. At the same time various other Cheshire gentlemen were taken into the King's service including Sir Robert de Legh of Adlington, Richard de Vernon and Thomas de Tatton. The deposition of Richard II was much resented in Cheshire but rebellion against the Lancastrian King was nipped in the bud by the execution of Piers de Legh of Lyme at Chester.

Thomas de Worth next occurs in a commission issued March 31st, 1406. He with others was to assemble all the men of the Hundred of Macclesfield on a certain day to treat with them touching the finding of 4 lances and 50 archers to serve against the Welch rebels. (Cheshire Recognizance Rolls Record Office 6&7 Henry IV). He married Elizabeth daughter of Thomas de Wheelock and died in August 1408 leaving three infant children, Thomas the heir aged 6, John and Agnes. In his Inq.p.m. is mentioned, in addition to the properties as before, a fulling mill in Macclesfield. Hugh Leverage of Macclesfield was appointed guardian of the children; he afterwards married his ward Agnes de Worth who in 1438 was left the manor of Wheelock by her cousin Richard de Wheelock who died childless; from their son Reginald Leverage of Wheelock descended a family for over 200 years a prominent one. Thomas the young squire had but a short life - he died still a minor in 1418 but left a widow Margaret who was again married in 1424 to Nicholas Poole. He was succeeded by his brother John aged 12 and still under the guardianship of Hugh Leverage.

John came of age in 1427, his proof of age was taken at Nantwich on June 19; this was a regular formality before the keeping of church registers; among the witness in this case was John de Wetenhale who deposed that he remembered the baptism of the said John Worth because he married one Alice Broune at Prestbury church on the same day.

In 1432 John Worth was concerned in quarrels between the Leghs of Adlington and the Macclesfield Savages and was bound over to keep the peace.

On the 6th of June 1440 the proof of age of John de Davenport was taken at Macclesfield and many witnesses swear to his being 21 years old "on the feast of the Invention of the Holy Cross last past" and give evidence to his baptism, among them John Worth remembers it "because he carried a basin for the priest to wash his hands in at said baptism" (Cheshire Inquisitions Record Office).

In the list of those liable to serve on Juries in Cheshire, compiled in 1445, appear the names of John and Richard Worth. It is possible Richard was an uncle of John and a younger son of the second Robert.

John Worth died in 1460 leaving a widow Ellen. His son Thomas aged "30 and more" found heir at the Inq.p.m. In 1st Edward IV (1461) this Thomas was sued by Ellen the widow of his father John for dower of the manor of Tydryngton and other lands in Bolynton, Hurdesfield, Macclesfield and Upton. Thomas Worth was one of the jurors at the Inq.p.m. of Thomas Stanley taken at Chester June 11th, 1463, and also at that of Sir William Vernon in 1467. In 1489 he enters into a recognizance to the King that he would not distrain on the tenants of the Abbot of Chester in Chelford. In 1497 he was mayor of Macclesfield. At this period amongst the family possessions was a mansion in Macclesfield known as Worth Hall, - it was evidently used as an occasional residence and was situated about the middle of Chestergale, on the site of t he garden and orchard [where] the present Drill Hall stands. It was bought about 1501 by Archbishop Savage as a town residence and on his death in 1508 passed to his nephew Sir John Savage; the property of the great family of Savage eventually passed by marriage to the Cholmondeley family and the Macclesfield portion was sold by auction by order of George James Earl of Cholmondeley on August 10th, 11th, 13th and 14th,1787 (83 lots), Worth Hall being included.

During his Mayoralty Thomas Worth was included in a commission to array the fencible men of the Hundred, evidently in view of the plot of Perkin Warbeck.

Thomas Worth died in 1499 aged 69 or 70, his widow Joane still survived in 1517. His son John Worth aged 36 succeeded to the Tytherington manor and other lands as before enumerated. This John appears to have used the Bache or Beach Hall as his residence, - it was usually the dower house.

In 1501 there was a dispute as to the boundaries of the townships of "Tederington" and Bollington. It came before the Council of Prince Arthur Earl of Chester, who directed Christopher Savage, Mayor of Macclesfield, to hold an enquiry, to which was called John Worth of the Bach lord of the manor of "Tederington".

In 1503 Sir John Percyvale (Percival) Lord Mayor of London founded Macclesfield Grammar School and among the trustees in whom the lands were vested were John Worth of "Tetrynton" the elder and John his eldest son.

This John Worth "the elder" had married Cicely the daughter of John Beresford of Beresford. Beresford is in the parish of Alstonefield, Staffordshire, the upper end of the valley of the Dove being still called Beresford dale. Thomas the younger brother of this John Beresford had 16 sons, from one of whom the famous Irish house of Beresford descended. The senior line at Beresford did not survive long in the male line and the estate passed by marriage to the Cottons. Charles Cotton, the friend of Isaak Walton, sold this estate in 1680. William Carr Beresford born in 1768, an illegitimate son of the first marquis of Waterford, became an officer in the army and one of Wellington's generals in the Peninsular War; in 1823 he was created Viscount Beresford of Beresford in Staffordshire and next year bought the ancestral estate; on his death in 1854 he left his property to his stepson A.J. Beresford-Hope.

Returning to John Worth and his wife Cicely, they appear to have had three sons John, Sewall and Leonard and four daughters Parnell, Lucy, Anne and Grace. The eldest son John was one of the many Cheshire men who were slain at Flodden field in 1513. Christopher Savage the mayor of Macclesfield was killed in this battle [as were] so many of the younger burgesses that for some years it was difficult to carry on the town business.

John Worth died in 1517 and was succeeded by his second but eldest surviving son Sewall. This very uncommon Christian name was evidently taken from that of the very early member of the Tytherington family.

Sewall Worth married Isabel, daughter of John Sutton of Sutton (one of the forester families) and niece of Sir Richard Sutton, one of the founders of Brasenose college, Oxon. Her mother was the daughter and heiress of William Cholmondeley of Norton in Hales. Sewall died a very young man in 1525, leaving four sons Jasper, Thomas, Anthony and Lawrence. He was buried in the Worth chapel of Prestbury church and on the chapel screen were once coats of arms giving his and his father's matrimonial quarterings; in the 19th century restorations (!) these and many other interesting features have been swept away.

Jasper Worth was the heir, aged 4 years, and was placed in the guardianship of John Sutton his mother's father and afterwards was the ward of John Legh, one of the sons of Robert Legh of Adlington. In the Ecclesiastical valuation in 1534 (previous to the suppression of the monasteries) there is an entry of a payment of L4-6s-8d per annum at Prestbury to the chaplain celebrating for the soul of Robert, the son of Jordan de Worth, this payment being made by John Legh as representing his ward Jasper Worth. In a very short time the monks had vanished and the masses ceased. The Abbots of Chester seem to have had much the best of the bargain with the Worth family from a worldly point of view; they got the Chelford property and then made the Worth’s pay for the services of the priest. It looks as if the action of John Worth in 1489 in distraining on the abbots tenants was trying to "get a bit of his own back". Jasper Worth was among the Cheshire and Lancashire men who joined the invasion of Scotland and captured Edinburgh in 1544, their leader Piers Legh of Lyme was knighted at Leith.

The Grammar School of Sir John Percival's foundation, at Macclesfield, having been suppressed at the reformation, King Edward VI by letters patent dated Westminster April 25, 1552 founded a new school. Jasper Worth was named as one of the governors of the new foundation. In 1560 he acted on a commission to collect a subsidy in the Hundred.

He was one of the executors of the will of Cicely Ashley (his mother's sister) widow of George Ashley of Ashley and was in the bequest of L5 will proved June 1563. He married Alice daughter of Sir Phillip Draycott of Painsley Hall in Draycott, Staffordshire, of a very old family related to the Savages of Macclesfield; her mother being Elizabeth daughter and co-heiress of John Fitzherbert of Norbury, Co. Derby.

They had six sons Phillip the heir, William, Richard and another William who all died as infants; Edward described in the pedigrees as the "5th sonne" who lived in Macclesfield and was buried at Prestbury in August 1598 and Francis the "6th sonne" who married the daughter of - Needham of Shevington.

From this Edward Worth, it is supposed by Mr. Helsby the editor of Ormerod, descended Edward Worth bishop of Killaloe, - the bishop certainly used the coat of arms of the Worths of Titherington. Francis had a son Jasper who went to London and married Anne daughter of Robert Johnson of Canterbury and had four sons Jasper, William, Francis and Alexander and a daughter "Priscilla".

Jasper Worth (I) of Titherington died February 18, 1572/3. In his will, dated the day of his death, he desires to be buried "in St. Nicholas Chapell within the Prestburie Churche". His wife survived him, living at Bache Hall till March 11, 1596/7. Their monument is the only memorial of the Worth family the "restorers have left in what was for hundreds of years the family chapel in the famous parish church. The alabaster slab, once probably the top of an altar shaped tomb, is fixed to the wall of the south aisle, and on are incised the figures of Jasper and his wife "Ales" as the inscription gives it. He is represented in complete armour, his head resting on a helmet and his feet on a dog. She is in Tudor dress with hood and ruff and at her feet are shown three infant figures, evidently intended for the three sons who died as children. Between the heads of the figures are the arms of Worth and Draycott on the one shield - between their feet the arms of Worth and Downes on the other shield. The son Phillip, who would erect this monument, married a Downes.

There was also on the now vanished screen the coat of arms with all its quarterings of Jasper Worth, to match that of Sewall his father.

At the Inq. p.m. of Jasper Worth it was found that Phillip his son and heir was 33 years of age.; in addition to his other property was mentioned a messuage called "the Legh Hall in Mottram Andrewe". This was probably in the occupation of one of his relatives as Agnes Worth of Mottram Andrew made a will proved in 1584 which was still remaining in the probate Court Chester in 1879. The relationship of this Agnes to Jasper Worth is not discoverable neither is that of "Isabel Woorthe" married to "Humfry Swyndells" on October 8th, 1561 at Prestbury Church.

Phillip Worth who now succeeded his father had married Margaret the daughter of Lawrence Downes of Shrigley and Worth (the holder of the old Worth forestership), her mother being sister of Sir Piers Legh of Lyme. They had two sons, Jasper the heir, born in September 1573 and Thomas born in 1575 died unmarried in 1597 and one daughter "Katheraigne" who was buried at Prestbury 30th April, 1602. Phillip Worth was one of the jurors at the Inq.p.m. of Sir William Davenport of Bramhall on 12th October 1577. His name appears in the List of Jurors for Co. Chester compiled in 1579 as "Phillipp Worth of Tiderington, Esquire." He inherited as next of kin a property in the township of Disley known as Greensall or Greene's Hall which had belonged to distant cousins. It is probable the Richard Worth of the Jury list of 1445 was an owner. In 1495-6 the owner was Robert Worth. The Sir Piers Legh of Lyme of that period resolved to found a chapel at Disley, possibly in memory of his late wife (the sister of Archbishop Savage). He obtained the consent of eleven landowners in the district to join in a deed approving the enclosure of two acres of common land as a site for this chapel. The names are given as Nycholl Jawdrell, Roger Legh, John Sutton, William Short, Robert Worth, John Doones, John Serle, Chrysalor Etchelles, William Stanley and John Nyeson. The original deed dated 16th January, "Xth yere of Regne of King Henri VII" is still preserved at Lyme, a full size photographic reproduction is given in "Stockport Ancient and Modern" by Henry Heginbotham 1892. This deed was sealed by each of the above named but only four complete and one fragmentary seals remain attached to the dependant parchment slips.

William Worth succeeded to the Greensall property in 1529 and he apparently was the last male heir of this line, the estate eventually coming to Philip Worth of Titherington as we have seen. Philip Worth was mayor of Macclesfield 1575-6. Philip Worth died November 7th, 1581, apparently aged 41 years and was buried in Prestbury church November 9th. His will is printed in "Lancashire and Cheshire Wills" published by the Chetham Society. It is dated 30th September, 1581:

"In the name of God, Amen. I Phillippe Woorthe of Tydrington in the parisshe of Prestburye, Esquyer, etc., to be buryed in the parisshe church of Prestburye neare unto the place wheare my father was buryed. To my sonne Jasper my clocke and all such selynge and glasse as I now have at Tydrington Hall and the wyndows theare and one great lokynge glasse which standeth in the parlor to remayne to the said Jasper and such as shall happen to be his heire hereafter. I give XL's to be bestowed amongest the poore in Prestburye parisshe that is to saye XX's amongest the poore w'thin Macclesfelde and the other XX's to the poore dwellynge but of Macclesfielde and within Prestburye parisshe. To everie such my servauntes as shall wear my clothe X's and to every other w'ch shalbe my servaunte man or woman at the tyme of my deathe fyve shillings. I desyre my trusty ffrends and neighboures Thomas Jaxon, Rauffe Crowther, John Barbor of the Poole and John Barbor of the Colde Harbor to be the prwysors of my goodes. And I give unto the saide foure prwysors twentye shillings for their paynes in prwysyne to be equally devided amongest them. All the rest of my goods I will shalbe equally devided into three partes whearof I will to my wife to have one parte and that my detts and my funeral shalbe discharged of the other two partes. And the rest I give to my sonnes to be equally divided between them. I make Margarette, now my wife, and Jasper my sonne my executors and I desyre the right worshipfull and my trusty ffrend Thomas Leighe of Adlington esquyer to be the supervisor. Wytnesses: Edmunde Newson, vic. Of Prestbury etc."
The Inq. p.m. of Philip Worth was taken at "Knottesford" in 1582 and found he died possessed of the manor of Titherington as before (his mother still living at Bache Hall) and messuages and land in Macclesfield, Butley, Mottram Andrew and in Kingsley Co. Stafford."

The land in Butley he had purchased from the heiress of Thomas Pigot of Butley who had died in 1552. No mention is made of the guardianship of the son and heir Jasper who was 8 years old.

His mother Margaret, widow of Philip, married again; her second husband being Hugh Beeston the second son of the famous Sir George Beeston of Beeston; this wonderful veteran had not yet been Knighted however, this following in 1588 after the defeat of the Spanish Armada when he at the age of 89 commanded the "Dreadnought". Sir George Beeston died in 1601 aged 102 and was succeeded by two sons in turn; both, strangely named Hugh. The eldest died in 1608, the brother being Knighted. Margaret died in 1615 as Lady Beeston of Beeston, her son by Sir Hugh Beeston also a Knight (Sir George) and half brother of Jasper Worth had predeceased in 1611. Sir Hugh Beeston died in 1626 and the family in male line was extinct. All mentioned above are buried at Bunbury.

Whoever the guardian of Jasper Worth (II) was he, Jasper was still a minor aged 17 when he married Dorothy daughter Sir Thomas Vernon of Haslington, her mother being a daughter of William Egerton of Betley.

Their children were Jasper the heir, George, Thomas who was buried at Prestbury 1637 and Dorothy who married the Rev. Peter Legh.

Jasper II was undoubtedly a believer in early marriage - he was himself only 25 years old when he married his son and heir Jasper III aged 7 to Penelope (aged 5) the daughter of Sir William Davenport of Bramhall in June 1599.

The marriage of juvenile heirs and heiresses was a peculiar feature in Cheshire and Lancashire for over 200 years; in 1366 John the son of Sir Hugh Wrottesley aged 6 was married to Elizabeth daughter of Sir Robert Standysshe of the same age; in 1468 William son of Thomas Norres of Speke Hall aged 9 was married to Catharine daughter of Sir Henry Bold of Bold aged 4. Dr. Furnival the writer on medioeval life has published a book on the subject "Child marriages in the Diocese of Chester", but I have not seen a copy.

Jasper II died in November 1620 aged 46. His Inq.p.m. taken the following year enumerates lands as before and also in Glossop and Mellor Co. Derby. Jasper his heir being 28 year old.

Jasper III as we have seen had been married many years to Penelope Devonport, their eldest son Peter was born in 1613 and baptised at Stockport, then in rapid succession followed Jasper born 1615, Shewall (evidently the old name Sewall misspelled) born and died an infant in 1617. Dorothy born 1618. Ann born 1620, Cicely born 1621 and Margaret 1624. In 1624 his wife Penelope died and thus this Jasper was the first squire of Titherington that had buried a wife for seven generations. Of the daughters Dorothy, Cicely and Ann all died before womanhood - the youngest Margaret married William Yates of Ludson in Claverley parish, Salop.

At this period William Webb M.A., wrote the Itinerary of Macclesfield Hundred, afterwards published in "King's Vale Royal". He says, "stepping over the Bollin by Tidderton, an ancient seat and fair demesne of the Worthes, an ancient race, now Jasper Worthe's esquire, we may wander awhile in the hills and downs of the forest."

The antiquity of the race was not the only thing; the marriages of the preceding hundred years had connected them with practically all the chief families in Cheshire and South Lancashire. In 1623 the Greeneshall property in Disley was sold by Jasper Worth to Sir Peter Legh of Lyme, possibly other outlying lands were disposed of about the same time. Jasper Worth III died in 1638, aged 46, and was buried at Prestbury on 24th February; he was succeeded by his eldest son and heir Peter Worth, aged 25.

Peter had married in or before 1633 Alice, daughter of John Weston of Madeley Co. Stafford; they had two sons Samuel and Jasper and three daughters Cecily, Alice and Ann. The troubles of the Civil War were nowhere felt more than in Cheshire. The intimately related families were arrayed, some on one side and some on the other.

Whether Peter himself was a combatant is uncertain, but his only surviving brother Jasper was slain at Shrewsbury fighting for the King in the early stages of the war. [1642] The houses of his neighbours Legh of Adlington and Tatton of Withenshaw were both beseiged and taken by the Parliamentary forces, the principal Parliamentary leader in the county, Sir William Brereton’ being cousin to both of them. William Davenport of Bramhall Hall, the uncle of Peter Worth left a diary, extracts of which are printed in Ormerod, giving details how he, a non combatant was most shamefully robbed by both sides. There is little doubt Peter was treated in the same way.

In May 1648 the name of "Peter Worth of Tytherington Esquier" appears in "A Catalogue of the names of those delinquents within the Hundred of Macclesfield which are already discovered by or unto us the Committee of the said Hundred and stand sequestered". Very heavy fines were levied on all these "delinquents", if they were not paid their lands and rents remained confiscated. Peter does not appear to have been in a position to pay a fine, so had to submit to the loss of all revenue till the Restoration in 1660. All lands were then returned to their rightful owners, but the "merry monarch" who could spend so freely on his own pleasures did practically nothing to compensate those who had lost so much for the Stuart cause. Peter was a ruined man and died in Macclesfield jail under execution for debt and was buried at Prestbury on Christmas Day 1674: His age about 61 years. His younger son Jasper and his daughters Cecily and Alice had all died in youth. His daughter Ann had married William Heath of Newcastle-under-Lyme, gentleman, about 1655.

The eldest son Samuel died just a month before his father Peter, at Newcastle, Staffordshire, November 23rd 1674. He had married Ann daughter of John Wedgwood of Harracles near Leek and they had had two sons Jasper who had died at the house of his uncle William Heath in Newcastle-under Lyme, an infant in May 1673 and John baptised at Prestbury 16th November 1671, who thus at the age of three inherited the estates of his unfortunate grandfather.

John Worth's mother died in December 1684; he married Frances daughter of William Stopford of Macclesfield, gentleman, in 1692; had a son Jasper who died at less than a year old and was buried at Prestbury Dec. 12th, 1693; and was church warden of Prestbury in 1694.

He died at Macclesfield on Sept 11th, 1695 and was buried at Prestbury, the earth closing over the last of the Worths to hold the manor of Titherington, which as we have seen had been theirs for over 350 years.

Some attempt was made by William Worth, a second baron of the court of the Exchequer in Ireland, a son or grandson of Edward Worth the Bishop of Killaloe, to claim the estate as heir male of the first Jasper Worth but it did not succeed. Samuel Heath the cousin of John Worth and grandson of Peter Worth inherited as heir general.

Within two months he sold Titherington to William Abbott for. It passed rapidly through the hands of families named Pery and Robins Hicken of Stafford, whose trustees sold it to John Acton in 1768. From Mr. Acton it descended to his son-in-law William Brooksbank whose descendants sold the manor and the old hall to the Brocklehurst family and the Bache Hall, or as it is now called "the Beech estate," to Thomas Wardle, Esq. The modern Titherington House does not stand on the site of the old hall, indeed a portion of the latter remains and is occupied as a farm house.

In gathering together these particulars of the main trunk of the Worth family tree and its principal branches there are a few twigs whose position it is so far impossible to locate. In the 17th year of Henry VII (1302) Roger Worth was named as a collector, with Sir John Warren, Thomas Legh and Robert Duckenfield, of a subsidy of 1000 marks for Prince Arthur as Earl of Chester. On the 19th November 1586 Arthur Worth and on 25th January 1606 Alice Worth both described as of Poynton were buried at Prestbury. In 1657 Ralph Worth of Over Alderley, yeoman, gave evidence on behalf of the burgesses of Congleton who obtained an injunction against the Macclesfield burgesses restraining them from levying undue tolls on those attending Fairs and Markets in the latter town.

As mentioned before, there is no probability of any relationship with the Devonshire family of the same name, but that there was an idea in Tudor times of some such connection is evident. In the pedigree recorded by the herald in the Visitation of 1580 the ancestor Jordan is said to have "come out of Devonshire" and married the heiress of Titherington; this pedigree however does not give any other details before the time of John Worth who died in 1517. The heralds of Elizabethan times were very fond of thus pretending to link up families. The name of Jordan would have survived in memory from the masses being said for the soul of "Robert son of Jordan Worth"; the herald would know nothing of the family having been established at the Cheshire manor of Worths for over 200 years; he would know of the existence of the Devonshire family and jumped at conclusions.

As we have seen, the name is derived from a Cheshire source and was used in that county at as early a date as hereditary territorial surnames were in any district in England. It was not Jordan but his great grandson who married the heiress, if indeed that is how the lands were acquired.

The Worths of Worth in Washfield parish, Devonshire, took their name from their own manor at the same period the Cheshire Worths adopted theirs. From this family sprang branches during the centuries which were flourishing at various times at Exeter, at Compton-Poole and at Barnstable. Of the parent house R.N. Worth, F.S.G., himself a descendent writes in his "History of Devonshire" 1886, "Worth in Washfield is one of the three places in Devon which still remain the possession and residence of families of the same name, the Worths having been seated there since the thirteenth century."

Whence sprang the American families of Worth is unknown. During the period of the Commonwealth, John Worth from England settled in Massachusetts; from him descending a Quaker family who made their home at Center in North Carolina. David Worth, physician, of this family, was active in the Manumission Society of North Carolina; married in 1798 and represented Guilford County in the legislature in 1822-23. His son Jonathan Worth, born 1802, was Governor of North Carolina 1865-68 and died in 1869.

William Jenkins Worth, who could hardly be a member of the Quaker family, was born at Hudson New York, March 1, 1794; entered the U.S. Army in 1813, fought in the battle of Niagara 1814 and was superintendent of West Point Military College after the war. Commanded in the Seminole Indian War in 1841. Second in command at opening of the Mexican War, gained distinction at the battle of Monterey in 1846 and was made Major General. Later commanded in Texas and died at San Antonio may 17, 1849. From him Fort Worth, now a flourishing Texan city, takes its name.

NOTES by Susan Tilsley:

I do not know who wrote this tree and when was it complied. How I, Susan Elizabeth Tilsley (Worth), came by this document sometime in the 1980s is simple, it was given to me by Frank Worth or his daughter Gail Worth. As far as I can remember when it became possible to make Xerox copies, they were passed out to members of the family.

All I know is this Worth family tree was prepared in the UK by a professional researcher sometime between 1920 and 1939. It was commissioned by either Arthur Worth b. May 24,1854 - d. May 7,1926, or by his son Frank Austin Worth b. Oct 13, 1901 - Dec 8, 1985.

It came to me as a very early Xerox copy of a typed document which had aged and darkened and was dog - eared to a degree that it was impossible to read in a few places. The paper was 8 1/2 by 14. There is a possibility that this document had been retyped from the original work by the researcher so recognizing the age of the typewriter is not going to help. The typing was extremely professional and contained no corrections although there were a few minor errors in capitalization and punctuation.

On its own the tree does not prove that the family of Arthur Worth is necessarily related. However in conjunction with some of the memorabilia that Arthur treasured and passed to the family on his death, some strong assumptions can be made. These items were passed to Barbara Arthur's half sister, and then to Gail Worth and are in her possession.

These items include letters, memorial cards, newspaper articles about Prestbury and the gem among these items are small hand painted copies of Worth of Tytherington portraits which were painted by Edward Worth as birthday gifts for Arthur who was living by then in Toronto. These small paintings about 4 by 6 inches are on a hard watercolour board and are done in watercolours. (Most of these items I have in pdf form.)

Enumerated and described below:

  1. Entitled "Jasper Worth offe Titherington who dyed 18th day offe Februarie 1572" This one was painted for Arthur's birthday 24/5/86 Jasper I is shown with a neat pointed beard, large mustache, a sapphire blue velvet doublet trimmed in gold, a small white Elizabethan ruff and a wide brimmed dark hat with a cockade. A shield with a cross is indistinctly portrayed in the back ground. This cross seems to be shaggy - perhaps it is leaves, dark cross on a white background. Jasper has a long narrow nose in a narrow face with piercing brown eyes. He looks quite similar to Jasper Edward Worth my father when he was younger.
  2. "A rhyte trewe portraiet of "Dame Alice Worth daughter of Sir Phillip Draycott Knights and ye wyfe of Jasper Worth of Tytherington". This one Edward painted for Arthur in 1887. Alice has a round face and dark hair and eyes. She wears a large white ruff and a dark, fitted dress with gold trim.
  3. The next one is a severe portrait of John Worth Esquire, Churchwarden of Prestbury 1694. Edward copied this one for Arthur's birthday in 1888. John has his right hand on a book which is standing vertically. He has long dark hair and a mustache. He wears an unadorned black coat with a white neckcloth trimmed with a small amount of lace as are his sleeves. His face is lined with care and worry. Behind him again is the shield with the cross, a dark red drapery pulled to one side and out the window one can see a large beautiful brick chimney, the masonary work very elegant in the Elizabethan style and beyond that on the far left of the painting is what I assume to be the square spire of St. Peter"s Church, Prestbury.

    John was the last male Worth owner of Tytherington manor and the original portrait had been painted in 1694. John died in 1695. He was only 24 years old but his son, Jasper, had died the year before and he must have been in mourning. His face depicts such unhappiness he looks much older than his 23 years. He had no surviving male heirs, his son Jasper had died as an infant in 1693. His wife Frances Stopford must have died as well at that time because the estate went back to his sister Anne and William Heath.

  4. This portrait is of an older man, his beard and mustache are grey. He sits sideways at the window writing. He wears a head covering that has a flat black top like a flying saucer, the remainder of the head being covered by black bonnet which completely covers his hair. He has a small white ruff, black doublet made of velvet and satin stripes and red tights with black pantaloons in the same fabric as the doublet. Out the window we see a sailing ship at anchor and on the back of the chair where he sits is a red velvet panel and a carved panel at the top which reads J W separated by the ubiquitous Worth shield with the ragged cross. There is no other identification on the portrait, but a search of the dress of various times reveals several famous portraits of men wearing this type of head covering. A well known portrait of Martin Luther by Lucas Cranach who was court painter between 1504 and 1550, and another of Henry VIIIs chief advisor Thomas Cromwell painted by Hans Holbein the Younger in 1534 both show them wearing such a hat, so I date this portrait to that era. There are no other identifying clues on this portrait other than the fact that his hair is grey and his initials are JW, I can only surmise that it is again of Jasper I, he is the only Worth with the initials JW that fits the period. B. 1521 and died in 1573. The ship in the background evokes the rise of the British Navy perhaps or Francis Drake?
  5. This is a small portrait of an old man with a pipe He is wearing beaten up clothes of the 1800s and his hair and beard are not dressed in a fancy way. I am thinking this may be a portrait done by Edward of his grandfather Edward (George’s father); I know young Edward visited him in Cholmondeley in 1881. He and his wife Patience lived to be 84 and died in 1889.
  6. For Arthur's birthday in 1889 Edward sent him a portrait of a knight in full armour. This is a tomb and the knight lies on the cover, his feet on a dog. On one end of the tomb is the shield with the ragged cross, (this could be leafy cross.) Edward only identifies him as an ancestor.

  7. Is a picture of "an ancestor and his home". Probably Tytherington manor as it was an Elizabethan timbered manor house. Black timbers and white plaster with diamond shaped lead glass windows, and steep roofs. The figure in a cartouche on the left, looks very like the portrait of Jasper I with the long slim nose and face the beard and mustache being trimmed in a similar fashion. (A part of this house remains today and there are made photos of it on the web. It is now used as a farm house, the main structure having been torn down.)
  8. In 1992 Edward sent Arthur a picture of two men who have been out bicycling (himself and a friend perhaps) They are resting at a cross roads, the sign post reading Northwich in one direction, Chester in the other. A bicycle leans on the post. The two men are wearing plus fours and bicycle caps with small peaks. No date and probably not a copy but one of his own creation.
  9. In 1991 Edward painted "Brother Ambrose (of the family of Worth of Tytherington) monk of the Abbey of Vale Royal, Delamere Forest in the time of Henry viii. The monk is in a brown hooded cassock. He is very bald with a round face.
  10. The final small painting is of a large rambling old half timbered farmhouse. The body of the house is in red brick or stucco perhaps. The house has three stories and has 3 small gables. A large barn is attached on the left and farther left from that is another even larger house with three chimneys. The roof ridge is sagging on the red house and it looks somewhat overgrown and in poor repair. There are three separate entrance doors on the ground floor.

    There is no date or location on this painting - other than Edward's date of May 24, 1892, and a tiny signature on the painting itself of A. Worth. This painting was probably an original by Edward and the tiny signature was a special recognition of his brother Arthur.

    The only location which pops to mind is it could possibly be of Nantwich Lodge at Cholmondely where his grandparents Edward and Patience had been living before their deaths in 1889. This fits with the three doors as other families did live in the same building. Wrong !

    Since this painting was done in 1892 and the picture of the two men resting while bicycling (No.7) was also painted in 1892, perhaps they were both painted on a trip to Cholmondeley/Nantwich perhaps a year earlier, (the paintings both show full summer foliage and Arthur's birthday was in early spring.

    There is also a possibility that Arthur himself was one of the male figures and had visited England the year before, hence the tiny A. Worth signature.

Going back to the copies of early family portraits that Edward painted; where were the original old portraits located. Were they actually in the family home in Southampton? Edward must have had access to them to make the copies. If so; then there is no doubt that our family is directly related to the main line of Worths of Tytherington.

However they may have been at the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square where aunt Polly and uncle John had a flat at #23 Trafalgar Square. Edward visited them there frequently.

General Notes

Sub-districts of Stockport: Bredbury; Cheadle; Hazel Grove; Heaton Norris; Hyde; Marple; Newton; Stockport First; Stockport Second; Stockport Third. As far as I can determine Stockport First was more of less the center of the town.

The 1841 census in Stockport listed Cheadle, Dukinfield, Hayfield, Hazel Grove, Hyde, Marple, Stockport First and Stockport Second. Stockport First was divided into 25 districts, plus a barracks and infirmary and a workhouse.

According to discriptions of the EDs in 1841 St Petersgate was in Stockport First. St Petersgate was the address of William Law and Mary Worth when their daughter, Lydia, was born in 1835.

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Wilmslow of Old

Marie Worth, indicated that she was born in Wilmslow, Cheshire. To see pictures of old Wilmslow, click on the postcard of Grove Street, Wilmslow

Wilmslow Today

To see images and to get information on modern Wilmslow go to The Wilmslow Website

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