Woolers in Ashton, Cheshire, and Manayunk Philadelphia, Pa.

Land, Law, Sykes, and Walker Introduction
Lydia Law Land and her children in Philadelphia

The Woolers

Polly Land and John Wooler

Polly Land married John D. Wooler on July 7, 1891. The marriage certificated indicated that John Wooler was born in England May 13, 1866 and was residing at 161 E. Street, Philadelphia at the time of the marriage.

The address connects him to John Wooler, shoemaker and Samuel Wooler, weaver :

  • Woolers in the 1883 Philadelphia directory

    1. John Wooler, shoemaker, 161 East Street, Manayunk
    2. Samuel Wooler, weaver, 161 East Street, Manayunk
    1883 Manayunk/Roxborough directory. (Philadelphia Library)

  • Woolers in the 1890 Philadelphia directory

    1. John Wooler, shoes 161 East Street Manayunk
    2. John Wooler, Jr spinner, 161 East Street, Manayunk


The US Censuses indicate that there were a limited number of Woolers in Ward 21 in Philadelphia: Samuel (born circa 1858), Robert (born circa 1864), John (born circa 1867), Harry (born circa 1872) and Sarah (born circa 1831.

The English censuses of 1841, 1861, 1871 and 1881 show this family living in Ashton under Lyne, Cheshire/Lancashire. (I am unclear it it is Cheshire or Lancashire. The civil records are listed under Cheshire BMD. The censuses say Lancashire.)

John Wooler (c. 1826) and Sarah Ann Marland (c. 1831)

Birth of John Wooler

Circa 1826 Ashton under Lyne

Birth of Sarah Ann Marland

Circa 1826, Ashton under Lyne, daughter of John Marland, spinner

Note: There are two possible listings for Sarah in the 1841 Census in Ashton Under Lyne.

Marriage of of John Wooler and Sarah Ann Marland

John Wooler, full age bachler, cordwainer, Oldham Road, son of Joseph Wooler, moulder, married Sarah Ann Marland, age 19, spinster, Charlestown, daughter of John Marland, spinner, in the parish church of Ashton under Lyne on July 23, 1850. Witnsesses: Jacob Newton and Hary Newton

WOOLER, John, MARLAND, Sarah A, Ashton under Lyne, Christ Church, Tameside, CE1/1/66, 1850

Children of John Wooler and Sarah Ann Marland

  1. Samuel Wooler and Sara Whitaker

    Birth: Samuel, circa 1856, not listed Cheshire BMD

    Immigration: Circa 1879. Not listed Castle Gardens. Not listed Ancestry.com

    Marriage: Sara Whitaker per 1893 baptism of Ebenezer.


    1. Unknown
    2. Unknown
    3. Unknown
    4. Gilmore, circa 1887
    5. Robert 1890
    6. Elsie 1893
    7. Ebenezer Wooler, June 18, 1893, Pitts Grove, Salem co. father, Samuel wooler age 37, mother, Sarah Whitaler, age 31, 7th child of the marriage 4 still living
    8. Susie, 1897

    1900 Census: Manhattan, East End Ave: Samuel Wooler, born June 1859, England, age 40, married 19 years, immigrated 1879, Naturalized, fireman, Sarah wife, born Aug 1861, New York, age 38, married 19 years, 4 children 4 still living, Gilmore, born October 1887, age 12, New Jersey, Robert, born Feb 1890, New Jersey, Elsie, born October 1894, New Jersey, Susie, born May 1897, New Jersey.

    Note: Although Samuel's age is a bit off the names of the children are unique enough that this is clearly the same family as listed in Manayunk in subsequent censuses.

    1910 Census: Wilmont (?) [The ink is faded] Samuel Wooler, age 52, born England, age 40, married 26 years, immigrated 1880 alien, foreman [or fireman] laundry co., Sarah wife, age 47, married 26 years, 11 children 4 still living, born England, immigrated 1880, Gilmore, 22, New Jersey, engineer electric plant, Robert, age 21, New Jersey, labourer farm (?), Elsie, age 18, New Jersey, worker textile mill, Suzanna age 12, born New York

    Note: There are some minor discrepancies between the 1900 and 1910 censuses but the children's names and birth order are unigue enough to state that this is the same family.

    1920 Census: Lauriston Street, Manayunk: Samuel Wooler, Own, age 64, immigrated 1878, born England, alien, fireman woolen mill, Sarah wife, age 55, born England, immigrated 1878, Gilmore, 32, New Jersey, inspector boiler, Elizabeth E , age 27, New Jersey, woolen mill, Suzanna age 22, born New York, worsted mill, Florence, daughter, age 7, born Pa.

    Note: Was Florence really the daughter of Samuel and Sarah?

    1930 Census: Can't read street Ward 21: Samuel Wooler, Rent, $25, age 74, married at 27, immigrated 1881, born England, naturalized, watchman, clothing factory, Sarah wife, age 66, married at 20, born England, immigrated 1881, Suzanna age 33, born New Jersey, maid hospital.

  2. Alice Wooler and Luke Franklin

    Birth: Alice Ann, 1857, WOOLER, Alice Ann, Ashton Town. Tameside, AST/42/50, Cheshire BMD

    Marriage: Alice married in 1879: WOOLER, Alice A to FRANKLIN, Luke Ashton under Lyne, St Peter, Tameside, CE5/3/261

    1881 Census Ashton under Lyne: Luke Franklin, head age 22, farrier, Alice A. wife, age 23, cotton warper, John son age 1. All born Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire.

    Death of Alice Wooler Franklin: Alice Ann Franklin, Birth Date: abt 1858 Death: 1881, Jul-Aug-Sep, Age at death: 23, Ashton Under Lyne, Cheshire, Lancashire, Volume: 8d, Page: 259

    1891 Census: Luke Franklin, farrier, was listed age 30, widow, in Ashton under Lyne as a lodger.

  3. Emma Wooler and Gilmore Roberts

    Birth: Emma Dec. 1859, WOOLER, Emma, Ashton Town, Tameside, AST/47/51, Cheshire BMD


    Marriage: Gilmore Roberts

    1900 Census: Philadelphia Gilmore Roberts, head, May 1861, age 41, married 18 years, born England, immigrated 1882, brass finisher, Emma, wife, Sept 1858 (?), age 41, 7 children 3 still living, born England immigrated 1882, Edith, daughter, Feb 1871, born Pa. William, son, Sept 1872, born Pa. Gilmore, son, Aug 1876, born Pa. Wooler, Sarah A , moter in law, March 1831, age 69, 13 children, 8 still living, born England, immigrated in 1881, Wooler, John, nephew, Dec 1879, age 20, born England immigrated 1881, labourer woolen.

    1920 Census: Seville Street, Philadelphia Ward 21 Emma Roberts, head, age 60 widow, born England immigrated 1882, William Roberts, son, age 39 born Pa. manager plumbing supply, Fred Greenwood, son in law, age 30,postal clerk government, Edith Greenwood, daughter, Gilmore Roberts, son, age 24, born Pa. stock clerk plumbing firm.

  4. James Wooler and Martha Ann Lindley

    Birth: James William, 1861, WOOLER, James William, Ashton Town Tameside, AST/52/57

    Married: 1882: WOOLER, James William, LINDLEY, Martha Ann, Ashton Civil Marriage, Tameside, RM/56/71

    1891 Census: Ashton under Lyne, James W. Wooler, head, age 29, cotton spinner, Martha A Wooler, wife, age 30, Harry Wooler, son, age 7, John Wooler, son, age 6, Charles Lindley, brother in law, age 23, cotton spinner, James Gregory, lodger, age 54 (?), cotton spinner.

  5. Robert Wooler, and ________, and Mary Watson Harper

    Birth: Robert, 1864, WOOLER, Robert, Ashton Town, Tameside, AST/59/74

    Birth of Mary Harper: 6 Oct 1878 in Philadelphia, PA, USA (OneWorldTree)

    Marriage: 1908 (OneWorldTree)


    1. Horace
    2. Frank
    3. Robert
      ROBERT H WOOLER, 26 Jun 1908, 25 Apr 2003 (V), 19040 (Hatboro, Montgomery, PA) (SSDI)

    1910 Census: Seville Street Ward 21 Philly: Robert Wooler, head age 46, Marriage 2nd, 2 years, born England, immigrated 1881 insurance agent, Mary W Wooler, age 32, marriage 2, 1 child 1 living, born Pa. Horace P son age 17, born Pa, Frank son age 14, born Pa, Robert H 11 mos. (?), born Pa.

    1920 Census: Seville Street Ward 21 Philly: Robert Wooler, head, own, age 55, born England, immigrated 1881, naturalized in 1886, insurance agent, Minnie W Wooler, age 42, , born Pa., Horace P, son age 26, born Pa, salesman chrome ore, Robert H, son, 11, born Pa, Deborah Schofield, loder, age 67 immigrated 1863, naturalized 1876, Harriet Farne boarder, age 19, stenographer bank.

    1930 Census: Seville Street Ward 21 Philly: Robert Wooler, head, own, 9,000, age 63, born England, married at 24, immigrated 1881, caretaker, community center, Mary Wooler, age 52, born Pa., married at 30, Robert H, son, 21, born Pa, electric co.

    1930 Census: Seville Street Ward 21 Philly: Horace P Wooler, head, rent $35. age 36, born Pa, married age 31, foreman steel e-iting co. Elizabeth wife age 25, married 20.

    Death of Mary Wooler: 14 Apr 1950 in Philadelphia, [county], PA, USA (OneWorldTree)

    Death of Robert Wooler: 1930 (OneWorldTree Ancestry.com)

  6. John Wooler and Polly Land

    Birth: John, circa 1867

    Note: There was no listing for John Wooler. However, there is a listing for WOOLER, Arthur, Ashton Town, Tameside, AST/69/62, 1868)

    Marriage: Polly Land


    1. Lucy, October 1891, New Jersey
    2. Albert April 1897 Philly
    3. Frank Wooler, September 21, 1899, Pennsylvania
    4. Norman September 3, 1901
    5. John 1904
    6. William January 3, 1909
    7. Roland June 11, 1906
    8. Gilmore October 14, 1910
    For more information on John Wooler and Polly Land and their family see Lydia Law Land and her children in Philadelphia

  7. Birth: Hannah, 1871, WOOLER, Hannah, Ashton Town, Tameside, AST/71/74

  8. Harry Wooler and Ruth _______

    Birth: Not listed in Cheshire BMD. Harry Woole, Year of Registration: 1872, Quarter of Registration: Apr-May-Jun, District: Ashton Under Lyne, County: Cheshire, Lancashire, Volume: 8d, Page: 429 (Ancestry.com)

    1881 Census: See below

    1900 Census: Seville Street, Ward 21 Philly, boarders, Harry Wooler, born (can't read) England, immigrated 1880, naturalized, insurance agent, Ruth Wooler, November 1874, born Delaware.

    1910 Census: Ward 21 Philly, Harry Wooler, age 38, born England, immigrated 1853 (can't be), naturalized, retail grocery store, Ruth Wooler, age 36, 2 children 2 still living, Arthur H. son age 8 born Pa.

    Note: Arthur was the only child listed

    1920 Census: Ward 40 Philly, Frazier Terrace Harry Wooler, age 47, own, born England, immigrated 1882, naturalized in 1898, salesman department store, Ruth Wooler, age 45, Arthur H. son age 18 binder publishing co. Harry Jr. son age 16, machinest helper, foundry

    1930 Census: Ward 40 Philly, Frazier Terrace Harry Wooler, age 58, own, 6,000, married at 28, born England, immigrated 1881, naturalized, salesman radio, Ruth Wooler, age 56, married at 26, Arthur H. son age 28, single, clerical paper co. Harry, son age 26, married at 25, painter, paint contractor, Anna Wooler daughter in law, age 23, married at 22, Charles, grand son age 1/12 Ann Kay, sister in law, age 54, single Harry Jr. son age 16, machinest helper, foundry

  • The only listings in Ashton Town appear to be the children of John and Sarah Wooler.
  • The only other listing was for: WOOLER, Fanny, Ashton Town, Tameside, AST/26/81
  • No deaths for Wooler in Ashton Town.
  • There were hardly any other listings in Cheshire for the name.
  • No Wooler marriages except the three listed.
1841 Census, Ashton under Lyne

In Ashton Under Lyne

Joseph Wooler, age 35, moulder, Fanny age 39, John age 15, moulder, Robert age 15, piecer, William age 10, Edwin age 7

This is the only Wooler family in Ashton Under Lyne in 1841.

1851 Census, Ashton under Lyne

John Wooler not listed.

Joseph Wooler not listed.

No Woolers listed in Ashton Under Lyne

1861 Census, Ashton under Lyne

Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire, St Peters Grosvenor Street: John Wooler, head age 35, cordwainer, Sarah Ann, wife, 30, Samuel, son, age 5, Alice, daughter, age 3, Emma, daughter, age 1, Joseph Wooler, border age ?6 [16?], cotton piecer. All born Ashton under Lyne

Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire, Sarah Moor, Royton, Robert Wooler, age 35, iron moulder, born Ashton Under Lyne, Hannah, age 39, born Leeds, Jemima, age 9, John, age 4. Children book in Ashton Under Lynn.

1871 Census, Ashton Under Lyne

Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire, St Peters Grosvenor Street: John Wooler, head age 45, shoe maker, Sarah A, wife, 40, Samuel, son, age 15, piecer cotton, Alice, daughter, age 13, frame tente,r Emma, daughter, age 11, James W, age 9, Robert A son age 7, John D son age 5, Hannah daughter, 1 Joseph brother age 28, winder cotton. All born Ashton under Lyne

1881 Census Ashton under Lyne

1881 Census Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire, St Peters Crowthorn: John Wooler, head age 55, shoe maker, Sarah A, wife, 40, Emma, daughter, age 21, cotton warper, James W, age 19, cotton spinner, Robert A son age 17, cotton peicer, John D son age 14, cotton piecer, Harry, 9, Hannah age 11. All born Ashton under Lyne


No immigration listed for any of them in Ancestry.com

Sarah Ann Marland Wooler

Photo courtesy of Ruth Wooler Fry

Towns Named Wooler

"Did you know that there is a town named Wooler in northeast England and also one called Wooler in Canada?

We visited the one in Canada many years ago and could find no information about any connections to Wooler family. Also, I wrote to Wooler England some time ago, and was referred to central library in another town..wrote to them and received some copies of phone numbers under Wooler in that area. Wrote to two of the names. Received nice note from one, nothing from the other and have not pursued that any further as yet. The note was interesting..from a Mr. Wooler, who had been adopted and did not know anything about his adoptive parents background."

Ruth Fry, May 2006

Pictures of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lydia Law Land and her children immigrated to Philadelphia in 1883. Lydia's sister, Mary Ann Law, and her husband, Samuel Land, immigrated to Philadelphia circa 1871. To view pictures of Philadelphia, click on the postcard of Fairmont Park.

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Land, Law, Sykes, and Walker Introduction
Lydia Land and her children in Philadelphia
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