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Robert Walker (c 1805-1857) in Morley

My ancestor Robert Walker was born circa 1805 in Morley, Batley Parish. I cannot find his birth record.

He married, Elizabeth Siddle in Batley Parish in 1828.

Their daughter, Sarah, was born c. 1829 in either Gildersome or Bruntcliffe (Morley).

They lived in Gildersome, Batley Parish and Adwalton, Bristall Parish.

The family lived in Adwalton by 1841 until at least 1861.

Robert Walker was a "slubber", an occupation connected with the wool industry.

Robert Walker died Adwalton, Birstall Parish in 1857.

See Robert Walker

Robert Walker and the Morley Question

I have not been able to find the birth record for Robert Walker who according to the 1851 census was born in Morley.

There were no Walkers listed in the Batley Parish records having children in Morley in the early 1800s. The only record for this time period was the death of Patience Walker in 1802.

Morley was/is a township and a village in the parish of Batley. The township of Morley includes the hamlet of Bruntcliffe Thorne (also called Bruntcliffe). The church of England Chruch was erected in 1830. Before that time records were kept at the parish church in Batley.

Robert Walker married Elizabeth Siddle in Batley parish in 1828. The marriage record only indicates that they were both "of this parish" and does not give a village.

While I have not found the birth record for their first child, Sarah, various records indicate that she was born in 1829 in either Bruntcliff in Morley or in Gildersome. Gildersome is another hamlet in Batley parish and it is known the Walkers were living in Gildersome by at least 1839. By 1841 they were living in Adwalton in Birstall Parish.

Robert was only listed in one census where the village of birth was given. The question of course is - was Robert really born in Morley or like his daughter, Sarah, would another census have indicated a different place of birth? Whatever the case, the Walkers clearly had some association with the hamlet of Bruntcliffe in Morley, Batley Parish.

Based on an age of 20 at the birth of Robert in 1805 his parents were born no later than 1785. Most likely they were born earlier than 1785.

Walkers in Morley

There were Walkers in Morley as far back as the baptism of William the son of William in 1708.

Odd Record

Widdow Walker of Morley buried Nov 8, 1758

Samuel Walker (c 1679-1742) and Sarah Harrison of Morley

Brith: No later than 1679.

Marriage: Samuel Walker to Sarah Harrison, 10 Oct 1699 Batley Parish no other information



  1. 9 years between marriage and first known child. No children listed for William Walker in either Birstall or Batley parishes during this period.

  2. William son of Samuel Walker of Morley 10 Jan 1708/09 (BatPR)
    Further Records: None. No marriage. No children

Death of Samuel Walker: Samuel Walker, died April 10, 1742-3 Morley Old Chapel, Register of Burials 1732-1888

Death of Sarah Walker: Sarah wife of Samuel Walker of Morley 31 March 1748

Jeremiah Walker, Morley, Butcher (c. 1698-??)

Birth: No later than 1698.


  • He named a son Samuel
  • A little tight to have been a son of Samuel Walker and Sarah Harrison
  • He lived in Morley

Occupation: Butcher

Marriage: No marriage in Batley parish or Birstall parishes. None listed on LDSIGI.


  1. Samuel of Jeremiah Walker of Morley, butcher, 17 Aug 1718 (BatPR)

  2. Jeremiah son of Jeremiah Walker of Morley no occupation 16 Apr 1721 (BatPR)

  3. Martha the daughter of Jeremiah Walker, butcher, Morley 9 Aug 1724 (BatPR)

  4. Joseph Walker (1729-1808) Bruntcliffe

    Birth: Circa 1726 based on age at death.

    Joseph of Jeremiah Walker of Morley, butcher, 4 Feb 1727/28 (BatPR)



    1. Joseph Walker, Junior, circa 1750-1796, Bruntcliffe
      Birth: Circa 1750 based on death record
      Notes: No Joseph, son of Joseph, baptized in either Batley or Birstall parish circa 1750. There were:
      • Joseph son of James, Batley, labourer, born 1749
      • Joseph son of John, Batley, labourer, born 1751
      Marriage: Elizabeth, based on limited records for Walker in Bruntcliffe and death in 1828.
      1. A child of Josh. Walker, Junior, of Bruntcliffe died Feb 19, 1760 (Is this date correct?), still born son (Wesleyan Chaple Morley LDS film # 0828147) NOT in Morley Old Chapel, Register of Burials 1732-1888
      2. A child of Josh. Walker, Junior, of Bruntcliffe bured 20 March 1778 (Wesleyan Chaple Morley LDS film # 0828147) NOT in Morley Old Chapel, Register of Burials 1732-1888
      3. Burial of Betty, daughter of Joseph Walker, late of Bruntcliffe, June 24, 1797, age 2 (Wesleyan Chaple Morley LDS film # 0828147) Not in Morley Old Chapel, Register of Burials 1732-1888
        Note: No baptism of Elizabeth of Joseph Walker circa 1795 in either Batley or Birstall parish.

    2. Burial of Joseph Walker, Junior: Joseph Walker, Junior of Bruntcliffe, age 45, March 8, 1795/6 (born c. 1750) (Morley Old Chapel)
      Note: Also listed in Wesleyan Chapel, Joseph Walker Junior of Bruntcliffe age 45, March 8, 1795, "40" (I do not have any idea what the 40 stands for)

      Burial: Elizabeth Walker of Bruntcliffe age 79, July 17, 1828 (born c. 1749) (Wesleyan Chaple Morley LDS film # 0828147) Listed in Morley Old Chapel, Register of Burials 1732-1888

    Death of First Wife of Joseph Walker Senior:

    Marriage: Martha Walker of the parish of Birstall married Joseph Walker of the parish in Batley parish 18 June 1759.

    Birth of Martha Walker: Martha daughter of Thomas Walker of Birstall baptized 14 Dec 1722
    Burial: Martha, wife of Joseph Walker of Bruntcliffe, age 75, November 31, 1797 (c. 1722) (Wesleyan Chaple Morley LDS film # 0828147) Morley Old Chapel, Register of Burials 1732-1888

    Burial of Joseph Walker: Joseph Walker, of Bruntcliffe, bur. April 6, aged 82, 1808 Morley Old Chapel, Register of Burials 1732-1888

Further Records:

  • No Walker deaths in Morley for children of Jeremiah
  • No marriages for the children of Jeremiah in Batley parish
  • No children for the children of Jeremiah in the Batley records

Death of Jeremiah Walker:

Thomas Walker (c 1716-) Morley, clothier

Birth: Not listed in Batley, no later than 1716

Occupation: Clothier

Marriage: Thomas Walker to Hannah Fox "of Morley", 15 November 1736


    6 Years between marriage and baptismal record of 1st known child

  1. Hannah of Thomas Walker of Morley clothier 11 July 1742 (Parish Records Batley)*
  2. Ann of Thomas Walker Morley clothier 2 Sept 1744 (HDFCD)

Death of Thomas Walker:

Death of Hannah Walker: 24 March 1757

Death: Martha widow of Thomas Walker of Morley 5 November 1793 (Batley Parish Records)

*This is the only baptism for a Walker from Morley from 1732 to 1761. The next Walker from Morley having children baptized in Batley parish was John who had Thomas in 1761. See below.

John Walker, Morley, Farmer

Birth: Unknown. Not listed in Batley parish.

Marriage: Not in Batley parish


  1. Martha d of John Walker no other information baptized 15 Feb 1711/12 (BatPR)

    Death: Martha d of John Walker, farmer, of Morley buried November 1, 1731. (BatPR)

Walker Marriages in Morley between 1729 and 1749

Sarah Walker of Morley married Edward Rennor (Reyner) of Morley 30 June 1729

  • No baptism for Sarah in Batley pairsh
  • Edward Renner (Reyner) was a butcher in Morley who (according to the parish indexes) had children before the marriage to Sarah Walker but not after

James Walker of Morley married Elizabeth Lee of Morley 13 May 1736

  • No baptism listed for James in Batley parish
  • James Walker dyer and labourer was listed in Batley with children: James in 1736, Mary 1738/39, Hannah 1740/41, John 1743, Frances 1746, Joseph 1749 and Rebeekah 1758
Robert Walker married Elizabeth Ward both of Morley 14 November 1736
  • No baptism for Robert in Batley Parish
  • No children listed in the parish for Robert and Elizabeth

Susannah Walker of Morley and Samuel Sugdin 5 July 1744

  • No baptism for Susannah in Batley parish
  • No children listed in the parish for Susannah and Samuel

John Walker (circa 1749) Morley Clothier, and Mary Binks


Occupation: Clothier

Marriage: John Walker married Mary Binks both of Morley 7 Feb 1749/50


  1. Thomas son of John Walker Morley clothier, 4 May 1761 baptized 19 July 1761
    Further Records: There were three marriages in the later records for Thomas Walker: 1792, 1793, 1798. Further records show:
    • Thomas Walker who marred Margaret Walker in 1793 was the son of Robert.
    • Thomas Walker married Hannah Matthew 8 Jan 1792. They had children in New Chapel Morley. See Thomas Walker New Chapel for children of Thomas Walker and Hannah baptized in New chapel.

Death of Mary Walker: Mary wife of John Walker of Morley 6 March 1762

William Walker, Morley, Woolcomber, and ----


Occupation: Woolcomber



  1. Mary of William Walker of Morley woolcombers 11 July 1774 baptized 7 August 1774 (BatPR)

Note: There were a number of William Walkers in Batley parish around the time of the baptism of Mary. This is the only record for William, woolcomber and/or Morley.

Joseph Walker (c. 1750) Morley, clothier, and Elizabeth

Baptism: According to the subsequent baptisms there were two Joseph Walkers having children in Batley parish between 1875 and 1884, Joseph was the son of Samuel and Joseph the son of John. The son of John was married to Elizabeth Scott, the daughter of Christopher Scott.

Occupation: Clothier and Labourer


  1. Joseph Walker of the parish and Elizabeth Scott of the parish 28 Feb 1776


  2. Joseph Walker of the parish and Betty Whitaker of Birstall 7 Nov. 1771
Children: There were two Joseph Walkers with wives named Elizabeth (or Betty) having children in Batley parish
  1. Samuel of Joseph Walker born Apr 14, 1775 baptized 20 Aug 1775 (Listed on LDS index but not on Huddersfield CD)

    Samuel Walker, Gender: Male, Birth Date: 14 Aug 1775, Baptism Date: 20 Aug 1775, Baptism Place: Batley,York,England, Father: Joseph Walker, FHL Film Number: 990860

  2. "Ann D of Joseph Walker, Morley clothier born 11 Jun 1776" - baptized 19 Jul 1776

  3. John son of Joseph Walker of Morley clothier, son of John by Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Christopher Scott born March 27 baptized June 20, 1779

  4. Jeremiah Walker (1782), farmer/husbandman and Lydia
    Birth: Jeremiah Walker son of Joseph of Morley clothier, son of John Walker and Elizabeth his wife daughter of Christopher Scott, born 28 Apr 1782 baptized 23 June 1782
    Note: In the 1851 census he is listed as born in Bruntcliffe Thornes
    Marriage: Lydia, unknown. Not listed either Birstall or Batley. Not listed IGI
    1. Joseph 23 August 1815 of Jeremiah Walker, Birstall husbandman, and Lydia (Birstall Parish)
    2. Ann 15 Jun 1817 of Jeremiah, Birstall farmer, and Lydia (Birstall Parish)
    3. Betsey 11 Apr 1819, of Jeremiah, Birstall husbandman and Lydia (Birstall Parish)
    4. John and
    5. Benjamin twins 23 Aug 1821 (Birstall Parish index)
    6. William 1829 Birstall (not on index)
    7. Thomas 1830 Birstall (not on index)

      Death of Thomas Walker:

    Census 1851: Gomersal; Jeremiah Walker, head, age 69, agricultural labourer, born Bluntcliff Thornes, Lydia, wife, age 62, born Littletown, Betsey, daughter, age 32, scotch yarn reeler, born Birstall, William, son, age 22, agricultural labourer, born Birstall, Thomas, son, age 20, cloth miller, born Birstall, James Walker, grandson, age 6, scholar born Birstall. All the sons and daughter were listed as unmarried
    1861 census: Rake's Lane Gomersal: William Walker head age 33 groom (?) born Birstall Hannah wife, age 34, born Farnely, Lydia, daughter, age 6, born Birstall, Jeremiah Walker, boarder, widow, farm labourer, born Morley

  5. William Walker (1784)
    William son of Joseph Walker of Morley, labourer, son of John by Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Christopher Scott, born 13 Feb 1784 baptized 18 Apr 1784
Joseph Walker (son of Samuel)

Birth: Son of Samuel



  1. Henry Walker (1781), Soothill, Dewsbury Parish, Cordwainer, and Eleanor Holt
    Birth: "Henry son of Joseph of Batley, labourer, son of Samuel, by Elizabeth his wife daughter of John, 29 July 1781

    Marriage: Henry Walker, cordwainer and bachelor, and Elanor Holt of of the parish spinster, by banns August 25 1805. Both x'ed.


    1. Elizabeth 13 Apr 25 May 1806 of Henry Walker, cordwainer, son of Joseph Walker, and Eleanor daughter of Jonathan Holt, Batley

    2. Joseph c. 1812 cordwainer, born Dewsbury, son of Henry and Eleanor, married Sarah Smithson in 1831. (Information on Joseph Walker from Jacqui Kenton, March 1914)
      Birth: Joseph Walker Gender: Male Baptism Date: 30 Mar 1812 Baptism Place: Dewsbury, York, England Father: Henry Walker Mother: Eleanor FHL Film Number: 990587
      Marriage: Joseph Walker cordwainer, and bachelor, to Sarah Smithson spinster, by Banns, Nov 25, 1831 both signed with their mark, witnesses, George Bailey and Charles Smithson, his mark, both of the parish

      Joseph married Sarah Smithson in 1831, and had Thomas 1832 and Emma 1835-1875. Then married Ann Webster in 1845 with William being born in 1848. (Jacqui Kenton, April 2014)

    3. Ann 1814 (Jacqui Kenton, April 2014)

    4. William 1817(Jacqui Kenton, April 2014)

    5. Samuel 23 July 1820, son of Henry Soothill cordwainer, and Eleanor, Dewsbury parish (Jacqui Kenton, April 2014)

    6. James May 1825 son of Henry Soothill cordwainer and Ellen, Dewsbury (Jacqui Kenton, April 2014)

    7. Mark 1825 (Jacqui Kenton, April 2014)

      In 1861 Mark Walker (married to Sally) has his nephew Samuel living with him. Samuel I cannot attribute to any of the Walker brothers as he was born in India. He subsequently moved to the North East of England. (Jacqui Kenton, April 2014)

    1841 Census: Soothill Dewsbury, Shaw Crofts: Henry Walker age 60, shoemaker, Ellen age 60, James age 15, Ann age 20, Sarah age 11, Edward age 5
    Note on the 1841 census: Except Ann these children are all too young to be the sons and daughters of Henry and Eleanor.

Mary Walker, Morley, Singlewoman

Sarah of Mary Walker Morley singlewoman 6 Oct 1776 baptized 23 June 1782

Elizabeth Walker, Morley, circa 1796

1841: Bank Top, Township of Morley, Elizabeth Walker age 75*, Edward age 15, cloth dresser, Emma Walker age 10

* It may be 45

Birth of Elizabeth: Circa 1796? Nothing in Morley in the Batley parish records circa 1796.

Children of Elizabeth Walker:

  1. Edward Walker of Elizabeth Walker Morley singlewoman 9 April 1826
  2. Emma, circa 1830, not listed in the parish records

Patience Walker

Patience Walker of Morley buried 5 october 1802.


  • The only other record for the name Patience was the baptism of Patience of Thomas Walker dyer in 1758
  • This was the only record in the Batley parish records for Walker in Morley between 1782 and 1819 (37 years). However, there were Walkers connected with the New Chapel who had children in the 1790s and the 1851 census indicates a Mary Walker born in Bruntcliff circa 1785.

George Walker, cloth drawer, Morley, and Elizabeth Hartley

Birth: Born no later than 1798.

??? George Walker 16 Nov 1796 27 Nov 1796 son of Elkanah Walker clothier son ot Abel by Rebecca his wife daughter of Sam Glover


  • George Walker and Elizabeth Hartley did not use any biblical names.
  • Only record for Elkanah Walker in the parish.
  • Nothing listed for the name by IGI.
  • No other births in Batley with the mother Rebecca.
  • Abel Walker married Ann Matthews in Batley parish 21 March 1762. Their children were baptized in Birstall parish one of whom (Cain in 1767) was listed as the son of Abel Walker of Brown Hill Batley.
  • Elkanah is an old testament name. Abel used quite a few old testament names for his children.

Occupation: Cloth drawer

Marriage: George Walker married Elizabeth Hartley both of the parish 15 February 1818 both signed witnesses were Joseph Scholes and Thomas Hill

Birth of Elizabeth Hartley: Circa 1796. There were a number of Hartleys in Morley but the baptism of Elizabeth circa 1796 was not listed.


  1. James of George Walker and Elizabeth Walker Morley Clothdrawer, 21 March 1819
  2. Mary of George and Elizabeth Walker cloth drawer of Morley 16 September 1821
  3. George of George Walker Morley cloth drawer, 18 April 1824
    Death: Must have died as another was baptized in 1825
  4. George Hartley of George and Elizabeth Walker, Morley cloth drawer, 15 December 1825
    Death: Buried April 1828 age 2
  5. John of George and Elizabeth Walker cloth drawer 16 April 1829
  6. William Walker, Mule spinner/grocer (1832-) and Mary
    Birth: William of George and Elizabeth Walker Holbeck cloth drawer 16 Dec 1832
    1851 Census: With his mother Elizabeth Hartley Walker Clarkson, see below
    1861 Census: Spring Close Street, Leeds, William, head, age 29, mule spinner in worsted, Mary Walker, wife, age 25, born Morley, Elizabeth Walker, mother, age 65, born Morley
    1871 Census: St Matthews Leeds, William Walker, head, age 39 grocer born Holbeck, Mary, wife, age 35, born Morley Elizabeth, mother, widow, age 75, born Morley, George, nephew, age 26, grocers assistant, born Holbeck, William Blackwell, nephew, age 16, grocers assistant, born Birstall
  7. Benjamin circa 1839

Death of George Walker:

Remarriage of Elizabeth Hartley Walker:

1851 census in St Matthews Holbeck: William Clarkson, age 47, labourer (can't read), Elizabeth Clarkson, age 44, Joseph Clarkson, age (can't read), cloth dresser (?), William Walker, step son age 18, cloth dresser, Mary Clarkson, age 17, spinner flax, Ann Clarkson, age 14 , can't read, Benjamin Walker, step son, age 12, John Clarkson, son age 7
Related Walker/Clarkson in the 1851 census: Next to them Eleanor Walker head widow, age 63, George Clarkson, son age 31 (?), cloth dresser and William Clarkson grand son age (can't read), scholar All born Holbeck
Related Hartley/Walker in the 1851 Census in Morley: George "Hartley" in Bottoms, Morley cum Churwell as follows: George Hartley, head, married, age 54, carpenter, born Morley, Hannah his wife, age 57, Jonas son age 17, born Morley, William Ainsworth app age 14, carpenters app. and Sarah Walker, "sister" age 46, "unmarried"
1841 Census Bank Hill Morley: George Harley age 40 joiner, Hannah age 45, Sarah 20 confectioner, Jonas, Fanny Thomas Butterfield joiner app, Sarah Walker age 35

  • No record for George Hartley born in Morley circa 1797.
  • No Sarah Walker born Morley c. 1805
  • George Hartley married Hannah Longbottom in 1820.

1861 Census: See William and Mary above.

1871 Census: See William and Mary above.

1881 Census Ark St, Leeds, William head age 49, provision dealer, born Leeds,

Mary Walker wife age 45, born Morley, Elizabeth Walker mother age 85, born Morley

William Walker and Ellen, Morley farmer


Marriage: Ellen


  1. Burial a child of William Walker of Morley July 19, 1837 (BatPR)
  2. Mary of William and Ellen Walker Morley Farmer, September 19, 1839 baptized Aug 16 1840 (Morley Wesleyan film #125980)

Walkers with New Chapel, Middlethorpe and/or Dickenson connections

Thomas Walker, Morley, member of the New Chapel

Baptism: 1772 or earlier no appropriated baptism in Batley. Note: There is a Thomas son of Robert born in 1772 but he can be tracked to a 1793 marriage and subsequent children.

Marriage: Thomas Walker married Hannah Matthew in Batley Parish 8 January 1792, both of the parish


  1. Mary (or Marg) of Thomas and Hannah Walker of Morley, born December 29, 1792 bapt February 13, 1793 New Chapel
  2. Hannah of Thomas and Hannah Walker July 15, July 30, 1794 New Chapel

Death: Hannah Walker wife of Thomas Walker of Morley buried August 30, 1794

Marriage Batley Parish: Thomas Walker married Catherine Longbottom both of the patish 11 Mar 1798. Note This was NOT Thomas the son of Robert who had children by his wife Margaret as late as 1799.

Batley Baptisms:

  • No children born to Catherine and Thomas in the Batley parish records

Presumed children of Catherine Walker and Thomas Walker:

  1. William circa 1799, and Sarah Asquith, Middlethorpe, shopkeeper

    Birth Circa 1799.

    • William son of Benjamin bap in 1798, see below
    • Possible son of Thomas Walker whose baptism was not recorded in the Batley parish records

    Marriage: William Walker married Sarah Asquith both x'ed 14 October 1827. Witnesses James Broadhead, Pearson (?) John Clough


    1. Mary of William and Sarah Walker Middlethorpe, Morley, January 6, 1828, February 20, 1826
    2. John c 1839
    3. Note: No William and Sarah listed in the Batley indexes with children between 1828 and 1838. See, however, death in the Old Chapel in Morley above.

    1841 Census: William Walker, age 40, shopkeeper, Sara, age 30, Mary, age 13, John, age 2

    Death of Sarah wife of William Walker: Sarah, wife of William Walker, bur. August 26, aged 40 Cholera, 1849

    1851 Census: Middlethorpe, in Morley William Walker born Morley circa 1799, William Walker, head, widower, age 52, shop keeper, born Morley, Mary daughter age 23, John son age 12, scholar, Mary Dickenson, niece, age 12, servant*

    * Mary Dickenson, age 2, was living with Catherine Walker in the 1841 Census

    Death of William Walker: William Walker, bur. March 31, aged 53, 1852, Morley Old Chapel, Register of Burials 1732-1888

  2. Elizabeth c 1806

    Birth: Elizabeth who married William Dickenson and was listed with Catherine in the 1841 presumed born a Walker circa 1806

1841: Middlethorpe township of Morely: Catherine Walker, age 75, William Dickenson age 30 wool spinner, Elizabeth Dickenson age 35, Mary Dickenson age 2 Thomas Dickenson age 4 mo.

1851 Census: The Dickensons are not listed in 1851 or later censues.

Death of Catherine Walker: Catherine, widow of Thomas Walker, bur. August 18, aged 84 Cholera, 1849 Morley Old Chapel, Register of Burials 1732-1888

Mary Walker, spinster, born c. 1793, in Middlethorpe Morley

Birth: Not listed in Batley Parish

1851 Census: Morley, Middlethorpe, Mary Walker servant unmarried age 58 with Jonathan Hirst widow age 49, butcher, both born Morley.

Other Walkers in Bruntcliffe/Morley in Morley Old Chapel/Wesleyan Chapel

Independent Congregation at the Old Chapel in Morley lists the following records for Walkers in Bruntcliffe, Morley and Heckmondwike. There is only one baptism listed, the rest are all deaths.

Two John Walkers, Morley born circa 1718

Births: Circa 1718


  • Ann based on death
  • None in Batley parish


  1. Issac circa 1753
    Death: Isaac son of John Walker of Morley died December 14, 1771 age 18 (LDS film 0828147 Wesleyan Chapel)
  2. A child of John Walker of Morley died Feb 9, 1760 still born son
Death 1: John Walker of Morley died February 26, 1762 age 44 years (LDS film 0828147 Wesleyan Chapel) Morley Old Chapel, Register of Burials 1732-1888

Death 2: John Walker of Bruntcliffe age 75, Jan 8, 1792 (Wesleyan Chaple Morley LDS film # 0828147) Morley Old Chapel, Register of Burials 1732-1888

Burial: Ann, widow of John Walker, late of Bruntcliffe, age 94, February 13, 1802 (born circa 1709) (Wesleyan Chaple Morley LDS film # 0828147) Morley Old Chapel, Register of Burials 1732-1888

Mary Walker, Morley (c 1725-1777)

Mary Walker widow Morley buried December 21, 1779 age 55 (LDS film 0828147 Wesleyan Chapel)

Note: Perhaps the widow of John above.

Thomas Walker, Morley (c 1745-1829)



Death: Thomas Walker of Morley age 84, buried Jan 22 1829 (Wesleyan Chaple LDS film #125980)

Jeremiah Walker, Leeds

Jeremiah Walker, of Leeds, bur. June 4, aged 66, 1806. (Born circa 1740.) Morley Old Chapel, Register of Burials 1732-1888

Benjamin Walker, Morley Chapel

Baptism: No later than 1775. Only appropriate Benjamin in the Batley records is son of Robert, labourer, and stuff weaver of Batley born Nov 4, 1770 and baptized December 9, 1770.

Marriage: Benjamin Walker married Betty Bradley, Batley parish, 18 August 1795

Children baptized in Morley Old Chapel:

  1. Sally, of Benjamin and Betty Walker, Morley, June 20, 1796, July 31, 1796
  2. William of Benjamin and Elizabeth Walker of Morley, November 13, November 30, 1798
    Note : There was another William Walker born around this time. See William under Thomas Walker and Katherine.
  3. Lillath of Benjamin and Betty Walker of Morley, September 10, October 25, 1801
    No marriage on IGI
    9 year break
  4. Elizabeth of Benjamin and Betty Walker of Morley March 16, May 6, 1808

Samuel Walker born circa 1680

Samuel Walker of Morley died April 10, 1743, age 63 Psalm 25 ver 38 (Old Chapel Independent film #125980)
Note: There is no Psalm 25 ver 38.

John Walker born circa 1756

John Walker of Morley age 21 buried January 7, 1777 (c 1756) (Wesleyan Chapel) Morley Old Chapel, Register of Burials 1732-1888

Joseph Walker born circa 1791

Joseph Walker, of Bruntcliffe, bur. August 1, aged 17, 1808. Born circa 1791. Morley Old Chapel, Register of Burials 1732-1888

Morley Old Chapel Register of Baptisms 1742-1830

Benjamin of William Walker of Top of Tingley 17 May 1774

Mary of William Walker 20 Feb 1828

Other Walker Records Bruntcliffe Bruntcliffe

  • Burial of a child of Judith Walker of Bruntcliffe, age x February 28, 1818 (Wesleyan Chaple Morley LDS film # 0828147) Morley Old Chapel, Register of Burials 1732-1888 No baptism of Judith Walker
  • Burial of Joseph of Mary Walker of Bruntcliffe 8 years, December 1831
  • Ellen Walker Bruntcliffe Jan 20 1845 age 26

Walkers in Bruntcliffe/Morley in the Censuses

William Walker (c 1761) in Bottoms

1841 Census: Bottoms Morley, William Walker, age 80, ag lab

Born circa 1761.

Births in Batley Parish:

  • William son of Henry Walker of Batley (no occupation), 23 Jun, 26 Jun 1757
    William Walker son of Henry was a carpenter, listed in later records in Batley
  • William son of Thomas Walker, woolen dyer Batley, 15 Jul 21 Aug 1761
    William son of Thomas married Mary Spurr. William Walker son of Thomas was a dyer llisted in later records in Batley.
  • William son of John Walker, Gildersome labourer, 4 Jan, 7 Feb 1762

Note: In addition to William son of Henry and William son of Thomas, William the son of Sarah born 1775 were the only William Walkers having childen in Batley parish in the right time period. It is possible that William in the 1841 census never married.

Benjamin Walker circa 1786

Birth: circa 1786



  1. Marie circa 1822

    More on Marie Walker: In May 2009 Robin Gilbert wrote: "Maria did rather well for herself. On 26 June 1844, she married William Tipping at the Friends Meeting House in Leeds. He was born on 21 December 1816, the son of John Tipping, a Liverpool merchant, and was, or later became, a very wealthy man. He was a Justice of the Peace first in Grindleton in Yorkshire (where he and Maria were living at the time of the 1851 census) and from some time before 1861 at Brasted in Kent, where he lived at Brasted Park for the rest of his life, dying on 16 January 1897. In 1868, he was elected Member of Parliament for Stockport and again in 1885. According to Wikipedia, he was a "railway magnate" and a Director of the London & North Western Railway (LNWR). That this was the same Maria Walker is made almost certain by the Marriage Certificate, which gives her address as "Cross Hall, Morley in the Parish of Batley" and her father as Benjamin Walker, Flax Spinner. Maria died in the 4th quarter of 1911, aged 90. William Tipping seems to have been keen as a young man at least on amateur dramatics and an amateur artist; he may well be the William Tipping "Ind." who was living at the time of the 1841 census in London Street, Tottenham, an area much frequented by artists at that time. My connection with William Tipping is a rather remote one. He was a close friend of my great-grandfather's elder brother, Josiah Gilbert (1814-1892), a portrait painter and author, and of Josiah's wife Susan (nee Green). Susan kept (rather terse) diaries, some of which have survived (now in the Essex Record Office) and which I am gradually transcribing. "Mr Tipping" appears frequently in the diaries and seems to have been a lively and amusing chap. That he is to be identified with the William Tipping referred to above is indicated, despite the fact that his Christian name is never given in the diaries, by an entry for 26 June 1844, which reads "Mr Tipping's wedding day". That he should have been married "according to the usages of the Society of Friends" was a surprise to me, as there is evidence in the diaries to suggest that he was a Roman Catholic - on one occasion he brought Susan Gilbert (who, like her husband, was a committed Congregationalist) a present of a rosary and he and the Gilberts then went to the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Nottingham. It seems likely that he Walkers were Quakers, but far from clear whether William Tipping was too.

    In June 2012 Robin Gilbert added: Although entries in the diaries of Susan Gilbert suggested that he was an artist, none of the other references to him that I had discovered in 2009 made any mention of his being one. It now transpires that the engraved illustrations in the edition of Dr Traill's translation of Josephus edited by Isaac Taylor of Stanford Rivers, the uncle of Susan's husband Josiah, were based upon sketches made in Palestine by William Tipping. This first from an advertisement in The Universalist and Ladies' Repository, Volume 7 (July 1847), but now also from the website of Bonhams, the auctioneers, which also states that Tipping, like the Walkers, was indeed (contra-indications in Susan's diaries notwithstanding) a Quaker. The relevant passage from the latter is pasted in below.

    246 MIDDLE EAST Papers of William Tipping, comprising a series of approximately one hundred letters written on tours of Europe and the Middle East in the late 1830s and early 1840s, from Cairo, Beirut, Smyrna, Syria, Alexandria, Constantinople, Alexandria, Amsterdam, and elsewhere, some illustrated, many with postal markings; together with a run of some 120 retained drafts of letters to Isaac Taylor, the publishers Houlston & Wright, Dr [Robert] Traill, the painter [Josiah] Gilbert and others, concerning publication of plates after drawings made on his tours; plus a good deal of other family material, in a suitcase and box Sold for 2,000 inc. premium
    Footnotes William Tipping was born in 1816, the son of John Tipping, a successful Liverpool merchant, the early letters employing Quaker appellations (thee and thou). He travelled extensively in Europe and the Middle East when in his twenties, before settling to the family business; the present letters some of which, written on large extended sheets of paper, are very long show something of the elan a young Englishman was expected to display. For example, when he rode out to see the Pyramids, he contents himself with the remark: "although there is nothing beautiful about them they are objects of interest". Or when in Beirut, he tells his father, on 6 March 1840: "travelling on the East is like travelling anywhere else, the simplest thing in the World We left Cairo on Tuesday 7th and what with ourselves and baggage formed a Caravan of 10 Camels our route lay for 5 days on the extreme edge of the desert having Palm Trees on our left and eternal sands on our right until we arrived at the Village of Salaheih, from this place we struck into the desert... the novelty of this species of travelling once worn off it becomes a tedious task, and monotonous in the extreme if I describe one day, I describe all the rest" (which he proceeds to do). Once home, he publishes his sketches, and his outgoing letters show him to be an exacting taskmaster. Chief among these, and seemingly issued as a separate plate, is an engraving of the Herod Viaduct in the Tyropoeon Valley, Jerusalem, published as Conjectrual View of the Viaduct as it was at the Time of Herod by Houlston & Wright, and one of the City of Gadara, Galilee. The letters also discuss Robert Traill's translation of Josephus, The Jewish War, edited by Isaac Taylor, which was issued with a portfolio of engravings after Tipping's drawings. He married Maria Walker in the Friends Meeting House, Leeds, in 1844 and afterwards bought Brasted Park in Kent, serving twice as MP for Stockport and dying in 1897.

    From The History and Antiquities of Morley by William Smith F.S.A.S. Cross Hall is an antiquated structure, situate on the line of " The Street." It was built in the latter part of the seventeenth century, and is noticeable as being at one time the property and residence of Miss Bosanquet, afterwards Mrs. Fletcher, whose name has become a house- hold word, in the homes of the Yorkshire people especially. Cross Hall, in 1704, was in the possession of Mr. Thomas Hardcastle, maltster, who sold the " messuage tenement and maltkiln, lately builded, and one croft, to Sanil. Middlebrook for 103 3s. 6d." In order to show the increase in the value of property in Morley, at different periods, we give the following particulars respecting this estate : In 1743, Middlebrook sold to Jeremiah Scott " Cross s. d. Hall, one cottage, one maltkiln, one barn, one stable, one garden, one orchard, four acres of land," for 300 Sold by Scott to Francis Bentley, and by the latter to Wm. Wilcock in August, 1766, for 2GG On the 27th of March, 1769, Wilcock sold to Mary Bosanquet, " Cross Hall, one barn, one cow-house, four stables, two maltkilns, three granaries, one orchard, and one close of land," for ... ... ... ... ... 650 In 1781, John William Fletcher and Mary, his wife, (Miss B.) sold the estate to Henry Preston, merchant, of Leeds, for 1470 May 22nd, 1832, Henry Preston sold the property to the Kev. A. G. Kinsman, for 1600 August 2nd, 1836, Mr. Kinsman sold it to Benjamin Walker for 2000 In 1851, R. H. Ellis, Esq., J.P., of Dewsbury, purchased the estate from William Tipping, Esq., who had married the daughter of Mr. Walker. http://www.archive.org/stream/historyantiquiti00smitiala/historyantiquiti00smitiala_djvu.txt

    Marie and her husband were in the 1861, 1871, 1881, and 1891 censuses in Brasted Kent, England

1841 Census: Benajmin Walker and family in Cross Hall, Morley (same ED as Bruntcliffe) as follows:
  • Benjamin Walker, age 55, flax spinner,
  • Maria Walker, age 15
  • Martha Wade, age 65,
  • Maria Humphrey, age 30,
  • Frances Walker, age 15, FS,
  • John Walker, age 15, mechanic,
  • Ann Holdsworth, age 20, FS,
  • Ann Clark, age 20, FS,
  • Henry Izzard, age 55, farmer,
  • Sarah Walker, age 35,
  • Sarah Walker, age 6

Who is Benjamin?: Born c. 1786. Not Benjamin who is listed with his family in 1851 son of George born in 1871.

No baptismal record for Frances in Batley Parish. No certain baptism for John in Batley Parish.

I can't find any of these people with certainty in the 1851 census.

Mary Walker (1785) Brutcliffe

Mary Walker, lodger, charwoman, unmarried age 66, born Bruntcliffe, listed with Mary Robinson head age 61 annuitant born Gildersome, listed at Town Green, in Gildersome in the 1851 census.


  • No birth for Mary in Batley parish in the right time frame
  • Several birth for Marys in Bristall parish
  • Mary Walker not listed in the 1841 census
  • Mary Walker not listed in the 1861 census
  • Mary Robinson, age 71, widow, retired milliner, born Gildersome was listed in the 1861 census in Morley Bottoms as the mother in law of Matthew Auty age 34. His wife was Jane age 32.

John Walker born circa 1815 Morley listed in 1851 in Gildersome

Birth: Circa 1815. Only listing for John born circa 1815 in Batley parish was John son of George Walker, Batley clothier, and Sarah. No John for Morley.

Marriage: Sarah Ann Mills

1851 Census: Gomersall, John Walker, head, age 36, coal miner, born Morley, Sarah Ann wife age 33, cotton spinner, born Lancaster, Oldham, Mary Mills Walker daughter age 13, Lancaster, Oldham, Elizabeth Walker daughter age 11, Staffordshire, Goldenhill, Bridget Ellen Walker daughter age 6, Yorkshire, Gildersome, Esther Ann Walker daughter age 4, Lancaster, Oldham, James Mills Walker, son, age 10 mos., Lancaster, Oldham


  • Not listed 1841
  • Not listed in 1861. Bridget E was listed as cloth weaver lodger in Gomersal.

Willliam Walker, circa 1821

  1. William of Betty Walker Batley single woman, 25 Feb 1821
  2. William of Joseph Walker Batley cropper, and Ann 25 Mar 1821

Death: William Walker Batley buried 13 October 1838 age 19

Marriage: Ellen

1841: William Walker, age lab age 25, Ellen age 20, John age 3, Mary age 1

Death of Ellen Walker: Ellen Walker of Bruntcliffe buried Jan 20, 1845 age 26

Remarriage: Rebecca

1851 Census: Elland cum Greetland: William Walker, age 29, labourer, born Morley, Rebecca, age 23 born Elland, John, age 13, son, factory woolern, born Morley, Mary, daughter age 12, born Morley, Samuel, son age 2, born Elland, Thomas, son, age 10 mo born Elland

1861 Census: Elland cum Greetland he is listed as age 40 born Wakefield.

1871 Census: Elland cum Greetland: William Walker, age 50 labourer, born Batley. Rebecca wife age 44, Thomas son age 21, quarry man, Hannah E age 19 cotton rover, William son age 13 worsted duffer, Nanny age 11 worsted spinner, David, worsted bobbin setter Henry age 5, Frances age 2 MO.

Note: I did not record those born in the 1820s and later unless I know exactly where they fit in.

Walkers in Adwalton

Robert Walker lived in Adwalton by 1841 until at least 1861. For a survey of other Walkers in Adwalton go to Walkers in Adwalton

Land Introduction
Robert Walker
Other Walkers in Batley

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