Walker, William born Unknown and his son, James, born 1831 Gildersome

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William Walker born unknown and his son, James, born 1831 Gildersome

In April 2006 I got a letter from Jim Walker of Rothwell with the following family history.

William Walker married Jane Booth

Birth: Place unknown, parents unknown

Marriage: William Walker to Jane Booth (born 1812 Drighlington) at Halifax Parish 27 February 1831 after banns (LDS)


  1. James Walker (1831-1895) and Saloma Wade
    Birth: James Walker born 16 May 1831
    Occupation: Mechanic
    Marriage: James Walker married Saloma Wade at Leeds parish 17 April 1853, age 21
    Note: Saloma born 1832 White Lee Batley father William Wade, mechanic, see more below
    1. Elizabeth 1854 Wortley
    2. Jane Ellen 1857 Wortley
    3. William Walker (1858-?) and Sarah Scott
      Birth: William 9 August 1858 Leeds
      Marriage: William Walker married Sarah Scott at Halifax parish 22 October 1888
      Note: "Sarah Scott had come as a domestic servant form a Lincolnshire Family who all lived at Folkingham a lovely Lincolnshire village in the countryside" (Jim Walker, April 2006)
      Occupation: At the time of his marriage "employed on the Railroad at Halifax Station" (Jim Walker April 2006)
      "William worked the rest of his life on the Railway mostly as a passenger guard" (Jim Walker 2006)
      1. Daisey 19 October 1889 died as an infant Halifax
      2. Clifford Halifax 12 July 1893
        Marriage: Esther Ann Rothwell at Ellenbrook Chruch 28 Novemer 1925
        Occupation: Clifford also worked on the railroad all his working life. The family moved form Halifax to Battyford near Mirfield Yorkshire, when Clifford was at school age. (Jim Walker April 2006)
      3. Ernest Halifax 27 1 1895
      4. Dolly Lister adopted born 30 Juyl 1906
    4. Mary 1860 Wortley
      Death: 1861
    5. Emily 1863 Wortley
    6. Alice 1868 Wortley
    7. Frances 1870 Halifax
    Death; 1895 Halifax

  2. Elizabeth Walker and Isaac Crowther
    Birth: Elizabeth born 1 January 1833
    Marriage: Isaac Crowther at Leeds parish 30 Sept 1855
    Death: 7 September 1898
  3. Both James and Elizabeth were christened at Leeds Parish on 30 June 1833.

Death of William Walker:

"A William Walker was buried at St Matthews Holbeck Leeds on the 29th June 1833 at age 27. James and Elizabeth were christened at Leeds Parish Church the following day; abode Wortley; James age 2 Elizabeth age 5 months. Had the illness causing William's death prompted Jane to arrange a christening? Of course I have no proof. There is a M.I. in the churchyard which is surrounded by stones and listed 1832 and 1833 but the inscription only shows, William Walker Owner." (Jim Walker April 2006)

Remarriage of Jane Booth Walker: John Fletcher and Jane Walker, widow, nee Booth, at Leeds Parish 10 July 1837.

Note: Jane's father was James Booth, clothier of Wortley


  1. Ann 1838 Wortley
  2. Emily 1840, listed as Booth in the 1841 census, born Gildersome per 1951 census

Death of John Fletcher:

Death of Jane Booth Walker Fletcher: 27 November 1898

The Censuses

1841 Census: Gildersome, Batley Parish, Jane Fletcher, age 29, shoebinder, James Walker, age 10, Elizabeth Walker age 8, Ann Fletcher age 3, Booth Fletcher age 1

1851 Census: Wortley, Jane Fletcher, age 38, power loom weaver, born Drighlington, James Walker, age 19, mechanic, born Wortley, Elizabeth Walker age 18, power loom weaver, born Wortley, Ann Fletcher age 13, born Wortley, Emily Fletcher age 9, born Gildersome

1861 Census: 3 Howgate row, Wortley, Jane Fletcher, head, age 48, widow, house wife, born Drighlington, Ann Fletcher, daughter age 23, cloth weaver woolen born Wortley, Emily Fletcher, daughter age 19, cloth weaver woolern, born Gildersome

1861 Census: Hougoumont, St Wortley, James Head age 29 general mechanic turner and fitter, born Gildersome wife, Saloma, age 28 Born Batley, Elizabeth age 7, Jane E, age 4, William, age 2, and Mary, 6 months, all born Wortley except William who was born in Leeds.

1871 Halifax: James Walker head age 39 mechanic, born Gildersome, wife Saloma, age 38, William, son, age 12, (?) ____ in cotton mill. born Leeds, Elizabeth, daughter age 17, carpet mill born New Wortley, Jane E daughter age 14, carpet mill born New Wortley, Emily, daughter age 8, scholar, Alice, daughter age 4, Scholar, Frances, daughter, age 1 scholar. Emily and Alice born Wortley, Frances born Halifax.

1871 Census: 3 Howgate row, Wortley, Jane Fletcher, head, widow, age 58, mechanics widow, born Drighlington, Ann Fletcher, daughter age 33, cloth weaver born Wortley,

1881 Census: 3 Howgate row, Wortley, Jane Fletcher, head, widow, age 68, born Drighlington, Ann Fletcher, daughter age 43, cloth weaver born Wortley,

1881 Census Conway Street, Halifax, James Walker head, age 49, iron turner, born Gildersome, Saloma, wife age 48, born White Lee, William, son age 22, brass finisher, Leeds, Emily, daughter age 18, cotton warper, Wortley, Alice, daughter age 13, cotton cleaner, Wortley, Frances, daughter age 11, scholar, Halifax.

1881 Halifax: James Walker head age 49 iron turner, born Gildersome, wife Saloma, age 48, William, son, age 22, benss (?) finisher, born Leeds, daughter, Emily, age 18, cotton warper, daughter Alice age 13, cotton cleaner, daughter Frances, age 11 scholar. Emily and Alice born Wortley, Frances born Halifax.

1891 Census: James Walker head age 58, iron turner and mechanic born Gildersome Saloma wife age 58 , born White Lee Emily daugher age 28, winder in cotton, born New Wortley, Alice daughter age 23 worsted weaver born New Wortley.

The Wades

Birth: ?

Marriage: William Wade married Ellen Balmforth at St Peter's Birstall on 14 February 1831


  1. Saloma in Batley 1832
  2. Charles in Wortley 1833
  3. Henry in Wortley 1839
  4. Selena in Wortley in 1842
  5. William in Wortley 1844
  6. Mary Ann in Wortley in 1847
  7. Ellen in Wortley 1850

Walkers in Morley

Robert Walker indicated in the 1851 census that he was born in Morley circa 1805. I have not been able to find a record of his birth in Morley. For a survey of the Walkers in Morley go to Walkers in Morley

Walkers in Adwalton

Robert Walker lived in Adwalton by 1841 until at least 1861. For a survey of other Walkers in Adwalton go to Walkers in Adwalton

Other Walkers in Batley Parish

Robert Walker said he was born in Batley Parish, for information of other Walkers in Batley Parish go to Walkers in Batley

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