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Robert Walker
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Robert Walker born Morley, Batley Parish lived Adwalton, Birstal Parish

I have not yet found the baptism or birth record for Robert Walker born Morley circa 1805. In searching for his parents and other ancestors I have come accross the following records for Walkers in Batley Parish.

George Walker, son of Matthias (son of Samuel)

Birth of Mathias Walker: Unknown

Baptism: Matthias Walker was baptized as son of Samuel "adult" of Batley on 25 July 1729.

Marriage: Matthias Walker married Sarah Birtch 26 Oct 1737 Mirfield (IGI)


  1. Samuel of Matthias Walker, 17 September 1738, Batley clothier
  2. Thomas 21 January 1740, of Matthias Walker, Batley labourer
  3. Peace 8 June 1743, of Matthias Walker, Batley clothier,
    Death: Peace Walker buried 17 April 1746
  4. Ann 11 June 1746 of Matthias, Batley clothier
  5. Tabytha January 1748, of Matthias Batley clothier
    Marriage: William Nelson 17 February 1766
  6. George Walker (1751) and Elizabeth Newsome
    Birth of George: 1751 son of Matthias Batley clothier
    Marriage: George Walker and Betty Newsome 22 April 1779 both of Batley parish
    Betty Newsome: Betty (Elizabeth Newsome was the daughter of Joshua Newsome, no record in Batley)
    1. Benjamin Walker (1781) and Sarah Hepworth
      Birth: Benjamin of George Walker and Betty, Batley clothier, born 30 Dec 1781 baptized 3 Feb 1782
      Marriage: Benjamin Walker married Sarah Hepworth in Batley 4 December 1808
      1. William baptized 11 Jun 1809 son of Benjamin Walker and Sarah, Batley farmer, son of George and Sarah daughter of John Hepworth
      2. Ann baptized 26 Jun 1812 son of Benjamin Walker and Sarah, Batley farmer, son of George and Sarah daughter of John Hepworth.
        Marriage: Married John Sheard, see censuses.
      3. George of Benjamin and Sarah Batley "clothier" December 24, 1815
      4. Thomas son of Benjamin and Sarah Batley farmer, 3 Oct. 1819
        Death: Another Thomas was baptized in 1821
      5. Thomas son of Benjamin and Sarah Batley farmer 22 Apr 1821
      6. Edward son of Benjamin and Sarah "Morley" farmer 31 July 1825
      7. Sarah of Benjamin and Sarah "Batley" farmer 11 Jan 1829
      1851 Census: Next to George in Chapel Fold,
    2. Benjamin Walker head age 69, labourer, Sarah his wife age 65, William age 40 clothier, George age 34 clothier, Thomas son age 30 clothier Edward son age 23 clothier Sarah daughter age 21 servant girl and Israel grandson age 14, all of the sons and Sarah were listed as unmarried.
      Note: Next listing was Ann and John Sheard, John, head age 42 clothier, born Plymouth, and wife age 37, born Batley
      1861 Census: Low Chappel Batley William Walker, age 52, rag merchant 2 men, George age 45, brother, woolen weaver, Thomas, brother age 40, woolen weave, Edward brother, age 35 rag merchant, Sarah sister age 31, domestic, Israel son age 25, woolen weaver, all unmarried. All born Batley
      1871 Census:
      • Thomas Walker was listed by himself as a mill operative age 47 unmarried on New Street Batley
      • Edward Walker at Chapel Fold, head age 45, shoddy merchant, Elizabeth wife age 33
      • William Walker, head unmarried, age 62 rag merchant George Walker brother, unmarried age 54 weaver shoddy, Thomas Walker brother, age 48 unmarried weaver shoddy, Sarah Walker sister unmarried age 40 house maid, Ann Sheard sister, widow, age 58 and Harriett Ann Bailey granddaughter age 4.
      1881 Census: Lower Chapel Fold: Edward Walker head widow age 55 woolen rag merchant, Ann Sheard sister widow, age 68, Sarah Walker age 52 unmarried, sister housekeeper.
      Note: It appears that William, Ann, George, Thomas and Edward either did not marry or married late and/or did not have children. The exception might be Sarah, but I do not know what happened to her.
    3. George Walker
      Birth: George of George and Elizabeth Batley Clothier, born 23 May 1784 baptized 4 July 1784
      Marriage: Elizabeth ______
      1851 Census: George next to Benjamin Chappel Fold: George age 65, weaver, born Batley with his wife, Elizabeth, age 59
      1861 Census: George Walker age 75, blanket weaver, and his wife Elizabeth age 69 on Low Chapel , Batley near other Walkers.
    4. Betty daughter of George and Elizabeth Walker, son of Matthias Walker daughter of Joshua Newsome born 26 September 1786 baptized Nov 8 1786
    5. William born July 1790 baptized 15 Aug 1790 of George Walker Batley clothier son of Matthias by Betty his wife daughter of Joshua Newsome
    Death of George Walkerborn 1751 : 24 March 1794
Death of Mathias Walker: Matthias Walker was buried 22 May 1779

Walkers in Gildersome and Morley

Benjamin Walker circa 1850

1881 Census: Morley, Fountain Street, Benj Walker head age 31 joiner born Gildersome, wife, Mary, age 33 daughter Mary Emma, age 4, daughter, Fanny Gertrude, age 2, Wife and daughters all born Morley.

Note: He was the son of William Walker, woolen mill operator, born Barnsley married to Mary. They were listed in the 1871 census in Gildersome.

Wesleyan Chapel Morley near Leeds, Methodist Chappell in Morley (records start in 1796)

James and Elizabeth Walker of Gildersome


  1. Joseph of James and Elizabeth Walker of Gildersome born December 28, 1800 and baptized February 8, 1801. "James was the son of John Walker of Birdley (?) and Elizabeth the daughter of John Booth of Gildersome"
  2. John the son of James and Elizabeth Walker of Gildersome born August 30, 1801 baptized October 3, 1802
Other baptisms

  • Hannah of James and Elizabeth Walker of "Drighlington" born August 7 baptized September 16, 1802
  • Nelly of James and Elizabeth Walker of Liveredge born September 20, baptized October 28, 1806
Question: Were these the children of James and Elizabeth listed above or James and Betty listed below or of a different James and Elizabeth entirely?

James and Betty Walker of Hightown

  1. Mary December 2, 1810
  2. Margaret November 8, 1812
  3. Mar?ay January 26, 1815
  4. Betty January 28, 1817

Thomas Walker and Margaret


  1. Benjamin son of Thomas and Margaret of White Lee in the parish of Batley August 16, baptized October 25, 1803

George Walker (1828) and his brother, James Walker (c. 1830), Shoemakers, born Gildersome sons of Ann Walker

Mother: Ann

Father: Benjamin. Question: Is this the Benjamin listed as the son of Thomas?

1851 Census: Town Street Gildersome Ann head age 47, supported can't read George son age 23 cordwainer, James, son age 21 cordwainer, all born Gildersome.

No appropriate baptism for James in the Batley parish records. George son of Benjamin and Ann Walker, Batley, farmer, 24 August 1828 is only baptism

Note: There are two George Walkers listed in the 1851 census born Batley or Gildersome circa 1828 and only one baptism in the records. The other is a stone mason living in Brownhill with a wife, Ann E and a daughter Letitia age 12 mo.

1861 Census, George: Street Gildersome, George Walker, head, unmarried age 33 shoemaker and James Walker brother, unmarried age 31 shoemaker both born Gildersome.

1871 Census, George: George Walker head age 43, cordwainer, wife Ann, age 38, boarder Emma Denson unmarried age 22 woolen weaver, Near the church in Gildersome

1881 Census, George: George and Ann on town Street Gildersome ages 54 and 50 cordwainer born Gildersome.

1891 Census, George: Meggit Row Gildersome George Walker and his wife Ann same information 10 years later.

1871, James: Street Lane Gildersome James Walker head age 41 boot and shoe maker born Gildersomer, wife, Mary A. S. age 29, woolen clother weaver born Burton on Trent

1881, James: Street Lane Gildersome: James Walker, head, age 51, cordwainer, born Gildresome, wife, Mary (cant read) age 39 dressmaker born Stafforshire, Burton on Trent

1891, James: Street Lane, Gildersome same information 10 years later plus two boarders Kate Jackson and Hilda Jackson ages 8 and 12 scholars born Brighouse.

Walkers in Gildersome, 1851 Census

Can't read street, ___ (can't read) Walker, head age age 31 (?) [could be 7 or 9], engine tenter, born Wakefield, Mary Walker wife, age 28, born Gildersome, George Cliff (?) son age 9, born Gildersome, Thomas Cliff son age 8, born Gildersome, Mark Walker son age 5, born Drighlington, John Walker son age 3 born Gildersome, Nancy Walker daughter age 9 mo. born Gildersome,

William Walker and Ellen, Bruntcliffe farmer




  1. Mary of William and Ellen Walker Morley Farmer 16 Aug 1840, 19 Sept 1839
  2. Elizabeth of William and Ellen Walker, Bruntcliffe farmer, Morley, 7 Auf 1842 born 18 may 1842
  3. George Middlebrook of William and Ellen Walker, Bruntcliffe farmer, 29 June 1845 born January 4, 1845
Mary Walker, Bruntcliffe, 1851 Census

Mary Walker, lodger charwoman age 66 unmarried, born Bruntcliffe living with Mary Robinson, head age 61 annuitant born Gildersome, on town Green Gildersome

Mary Walker born circa 1785. No baptism in Batley Parish.

John Walker born Gildersome circa 1803

1851 Census: In Hartshead cum Clifton John Walker, head widow age 48 hay dealer born Gildersome. No baptism in Batley.

1861 Census: He was listed again in the 1861 census in Clifton remarried John Walker age 58 hay and straw dealer born Gildersome, Mary Walker, wife age 55, cotton spinner, born Liversedge Mary Stell (?) , daughter age 20 cotton spinner, born Liversedge, Esther Stell (?) age 14 cotton spinner, born Liversedge Godfrey Walker, son age 10 scholar, born Clifton and John Shaw servant, age 21 carter.

Note: I believe that the surname of the daughters is Stell but it does not come up as such on Ancestry's search.

James Walker born Gildersome/Wortley 16 May 1831

James Walker, the son of William Walker and Jane Booth Walker, was born 16 May 1831 in either Gildersome or Wortley and baptized in Leeds in 1833.

He listed Gildersome as his place of birth in the 1861, 1871, 1881, and 1891 censues and Wortley in the 1851 census.

Jim Walker contacted me in the spring of 2006 with the genealogy of this branch of the Walker family back to William who married Jane Booth in 1831. To see the information on this branch of the Walker family go to The Family of William Walker

Walkers in Adwalton

Robert Walker lived in Adwalton by 1841 until at least 1861. For a survey of other Walkers in Adwalton go to Walkers in Adwalton

Land Introduction
Robert Walker

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