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Robert Walker in Adwalton

Robert Walker was born circa 1805 in Morley, Batley Parish.

He married, Elizabeth Siddle in Batley Parish in 1828.

Their daughter, Sarah, was born c. 1829 in Gildersome or Bluncliffe (Morley).

They lived in Gildersome, Batley Parish and Adwalton, Bristall Parish.

The family lived in Adwalton by 1841 until at least 1861.

Robert Walker died Adwalton, Birstall Parish in 1857.

Why did Robert Walker And His Family Live In Adwalton?

It is not known what connections (if any) Robert Walker had to Adwalton. Did he simply move there because there was a job available? Or were there some longer standing connections to the place?

I cannot find any record for Robert Walker born in Morley (Batley Parish) during the correct time period. In fact there do not appear to have been any Walkers in Morley having children around the birth of Robert Walker.

There tended to be a fair amount of movement between the local parishes. It is quite possible that, no matter where he was born, Robert had some longstanding connection to Adwalton.

With this in mind, I took a look at the records for Walker in Adwalton

There were no record for the name in Adwalton before 1748. I have not done some time periods yet. The first records are for James Walker, Adwalton Mason.

Walkers in Adwalton Who Were Masons

James Walker, Adwalton, Mason




  1. Grace, of James Walker of Adwalton, March 12, 1748

  2. Judith, of James Walker of Adwalton, October 22, 1749

  3. John Walker (1751- ), Adwalton Moor, mason, Rachael Longbottom and Hannah Steward

    Baptism: John son of James Walker of Adwalton October 6, 1751 (Parish Records), Thanks to Sonia Spencer, September 2011 for the heads up on this record.

    Marriage: John Walker to Rachel Longbottom both of Birstall by banns December 15, 1772. Both made their mark. (Parish Records), Thanks to Sonia Spencer, September 2011 for the heads up on this record.


    1. James of John Walker of Adwalton, Moor End, 11 August 1773, no occupation

    2. Grace of John Walker of Adwalton Moor, 20 August 1775

      "My husband's line is descended from the John/Rachel marriage with their daughter Grace, baptised 20 August 1775. Grace married John Cowling at Birstall on 5 Nov 1794 (John Cowling's mother was a Sarah Longbottom. In fact the Longbottom name crops up several times in this line and they all appear to be from the same family). Sonia Spence, September 2011.

    Burial: Rachael the wife of John Walker of Adwalton Moor End buried January 27, 1777.

    Remarriage: John Walker married Hannah Steward 28 July 1777


    1. William of John Walker of Adwalton, 21 November 1779.

    2. Joseph Walker and Hannah Field*
      Birth: Joseph of John Walker of Adwalton, Mason, November 25, 1782
      Marriage: Hannah Field*
      1. William, Emma, Maria, Mary, Joseph, John, Hannah, George and James*
      1851 Census: Shep Cote, Bretton, Joseph Walker, head age 67, stone mason, inn keeper and farmer of 12 acres employing 2 men, born Adwalton, James, son age 25, stone mason, born M. Bretton, a servant and a lodger.
      Note: While there were three baptisms listed for Joseph son of Richard in Adwalton between 1781 and 1794 neither of them fits the bill exactly for this Joseph. Most likely he was the Joseph son of John, baptized in 1782.
      1871 Census: Cliffe Bridge Monk Bretton, Joseph Walker, heard age 79, widow, proprietor of houses, born, Adwalton, James H Walker, son widow age 36, stone mason, John W Walker grandson age 9 and Henry Walker grandson age 8
      *In June 2010 David Walker wrote:
      "Liz Whitehouse has done extensive research into her own family history and has also concluded that Joseph Walker, born 1782 in Adwalton, is indeed the son of John Walker and Hannah Steward. I don't know if/where your ancestor Sarah Walker fits into this, but it may be that Sarah was a descendant of one of Joseph's siblings. I cannot find a Sarah of the right age in my family tree. However, I'm no expert in this field. Joseph was the keeper of the Ship Inn at Cliffe Bridge. It later became the Old Bridge Inn and has now been demolished. Liz Whitehouse found that Joseph was relatively wealthy in that he owned several houses and some land. He was married to Hannah Field and their children were: William, Emma, Maria, Mary, Joseph, John, Hannah, George and James. I am descended from George. Cliffe Bridge is no longer used as a place name, it has been subsumed by Monk Bretton / Cundy Cross. These are villages outlying the town of Barnsley. Barnsley is well known as a centre of the coal mining and glass manufacturing industries. Many of my ancestors worked in coal mining."
    3. Polly of John Walker Adwalton Moor End no occupation 7 March 1784
    4. Thomas (1786) and Martha
      Birth: Thomas of John Walker Adwalton, mason, May 7, 1786
      1841 Census: Wasp Nest Drighlington, Thomas Walker stone mason age 55, Martha age 55, William age 27 ag lab Joseph age 24 ag lab Benjamin stone mason Ann age 14 worsted spinner
      1851 Census: Wasp Nest Drighlington, Thomas Walker, age 68 stone mason born Drighlington, Martha wife age 67 born Drighlinton, William son age 37, wool comber born Darton, and a lodger Mary Riley unmarried age 19 wool comber born Ireland.
      Note: Next to Joseph Walker age 32 coal leader, born Drighlington, and his wife Sarah age 32, born Horbury, and son Joseph age 1
      1861 Census: Adwalton and Birstall Road Lodging House, Drighlington, Thomas Walker, age 76 stone mason born Adwalton, Sarah wife age 57 born Leeds, and a 11 lodgers
    5. Betty of John Walker of Adwalton Moor, mason, 14 September 1788
      Burial: Betty of John Walker of Adwalton More, 25 June 1789
    6. Hannah, September, 18, 1790, Adwalton, mason.
    7. Benjamin, of John Walker of Adwalton, June 17, 1792
    8. Nathaniel son of John Walker of Adwalton Moor Mason, 20 April 1794
      Marriage: Nathaniel Walker married Sarah Bentley 28 October 1817
      Burial: 20 August 1872 age 79 Adwalton

    Death: John Walker, Adwalton Moor, mason, buried July 1, 1814, age 65. Born circa 1749

  4. Richard Walker (1752-) Adwalton, mason

    Baptism: Richard of James Walker of Adwalton Mason, 10 March 1752 (Parish Records)



    1. Sarah of Richard Walker of Adwalton, Moor End, 3 November 1776 (BirstallBT)
    2. Richard of Richard Walker of Adwalton, Moor End, 22 June 1778 (Birstall BT) (LDS Mircofilm)
      Ancestry.com Rich son of Rich Walker of Adwalton Moor, mason born 15 April baptized June 11, 1778 (Richard Walker does not come up in Ancestry search did browse, Sept 2011).
    3. Rachael of Richard Walker Adwalton Moore End, Mason, May 18 1781
      Ancestry.com not listed.
    4. Joseph of Richard Walker Adwalton mason 12 August 1781 (Birstall BT)
      Ancestry.com Joseph son of Rich Walker of Adwalton 12 Aug 1781
      Note: Very close to Rachael.
      Death: Joseph of Richard Walker of Adwalton was buried June 29, 1799, small pox
    5. John, of Richard Walker Adwalton mason October 27, 1782
    6. Jeremiah of Richard Walker Adwalton "Moore" mason, February 27, 1784/5
    7. James (1787) and Mary
      Birth: James, of Richard Walker Adwalton, no occupation, May 6, 1787
      1861 Census: Barnsley, James Walker, head age 73, stone mason born Adwalton, Mary, wife age 68, born Sandel, Nancy Bernett, boarder, widow age 76, born Rotherham, Emma Hood boarder, age 34, Walker Walker grandson age 6, Ellen Walker granddaughter age 5 John Walker, grand son age 2. All the rest born Barnsley.
    8. Hannah, of Richard Walker Adwalton, no occupation April 12, 1789
    9. Isaac (1790) and Amelia
      Baptism: Isaac of Richard Walker, 15 Nov 1789
      • This record was taken from the indexes. I was not able to find this section of the LDS film.
      • This baptism is very close to Hannah above
      1851 Census: Shep Cote, Monk Bretton, Isaac Walker head age 61 stone mason employing 5 men, born Adwalton, Amelia, wife age 59, born Shafton, Nathaniel, son age 26, stone mason, Elisha, son age 21 groom and Amelia daughter age 18, servant, all children born Monk Bretton
    10. Hannah, of Richard Walker Adwalton no occupation, November 13, 1791
    11. Joseph, of Richard Walker Adwalton mason December 7, 1794

  5. James, of James Walker of Adwalton October 10, 1756

  6. William Walker (1761) Adwalton mason, and Nancy Oliver
    Birth: William of James Walker of Adwalton, mason, June 28, 1761
    Marriage: William Walker married Nancy Oliver both of Adwalton in Birstall parish on July 23, 1781.
    • There were no other Olivers listed in the Birstall parish indexes for either baptisms or marriages.
    • I could not find an appropriate baptismal record for Nancy Oliver on the IGI.
    1. James of William Walker, mason of Adwalton, August 4, 1782
      Further Records: Not listed in the UK censues
    2. Jonas of William Walker of Adwalton, mason, October 24, 1784
      Further Records: No marriage or children listed in Birstall or Batley Parishes. Not listed in the UK censues
    3. William of William Walker of Adwalton, mason, October 19, 1788
      Further Records: Not listed in the UK censues
    4. Benjamin of William Walker of Adwalton, no occupation, April 20, 1791
      Burial: Benjamin son of William Walker of Adwalton 20 April 1791
    5. Mark of William Walker of Adwalton, no occupation May 31, 1792
      Further Records: No marriage or children listed in Birstall or Batley Parishes. Not listed in the UK censuses
      Note: Mark is a very unusual name and was used by James born c 1819
    6. Robert of William Walker of Adawlton, mason, 23 March 1794
      Note: First time the name, Robert, was used by the Walkers of Adwalton
    7. Matthew No baptism
      Burial: Matthew son of William Walker Adwalton mason, 21 weeks buried October 2, 1796, fever.
    • Robert Walker (born circa 1805) named one of his sons, Oliver. Was Oliver a last name used as a first name? Oliver was not common either as a given name or a surname.
    • If any son of William Walker and Nancy Oliver of Adwalton was the father of Robert Walker it has to have been either James or Jonas. Robert Walker was born circa 1805. There was a James Walker having children in Batley parish at the right time. However, he was the son of James, not William. There is no indication that Jonas Walker married or had children.
  7. Jonas of James Walker of Adwalton, mason, October 20, 1765.
William Walker of Adwalton




  1. Sarah of William Walker of Adwalton, January 7, 1767.
  2. William of William Walker of Adwalton, March 31, 1771.
  3. Hannah of William Walker of Adwalton, April 14, 1776.
Thomas Walker and Alice Harrison, Drighlington, Mason

While not from Adwalton the occupation, mason, may connect him to the other Walkers in the area.

He also had a son named Oliver.


Marriage: Thomas Walker married Alice Harrison on June 4, 1804 in Birstall parish.


  1. Rachel baptized on December 30, 1804, Drighlington mason
  2. John baptized on October 26, 1806.
  3. Oliver Walker, the son of Thomas Walker, Drighlington mason, and Alice Walker of Birstall Parish, was baptized on January 15, 1809.
Benjamin and Sarah Ann Walker Adwalton mason

Baptism: Circa 1815, Adwalton per census

May be son of Samuel and Hannah Walker baptized 1816. See below.

Marriage: Before 1838


  1. Elizabeth c. 1838, Leeds
  2. Rebecca c. 1842, Stainningly (?)
  3. Charles c. 1846 Adwalton
  4. Richard c. 1847, Adwalton
  5. Mary Ann Walker
    Burial: Mary Ann daughter of Benjamin Walker of Adwalton buried May 10, 1849 age 1 year

Death of 1st wife:

Remarriage: Sarah


  1. William circa 1853, Adwalton
  2. Esther Jane of Benj and Sarah Ann Walker, Adwalton, mason, born April 28, 1857, baptized, July 14, 1861. Drighlington Chapel
1851: Gomersal, No Street, Benjamin Walker, head, widow, age "28" stone mason born Adwalton, Richard, son, age 5, Charles, son, age 7, and a family of lodgers named Newal/Wilson Sarah A widow age 35, Elizabeth Wilson, age 16, assistant woolen c----ing, Thomas Wilson, age 13, coal miner, Rebecca Wilson, age 8, Sally Newal age 8 and Priscilla Newal age 9 months.
Note: The age is obviously entered incorrectly.

1861 Census: Wakefield Turnpike Road, Drighlington, Benajmin Walker, head married age 46, mason and lodging house keeper, Sarah, wife, age 47, Rebecca age 19 house servant, Charles, son age 16 coal miner, Richard son age 14 coal miner, William son age 8 Esther Jane daughter age 5 Elizabeth Gaunt daughter married age 23, cloth weaver, Daniel Gaunt, son age 5, and Priscilla Gaunt daughter age 2. Everyone born in Adwalton except Rebecca born in Stanningly (?) and Elizabeth born in Leeds.

1871 Census: Adwalton, Adwalton Benajmin Walker, head married age 50, stone mason, Sarah, wife, age 56, William son age 20, married, coal miner, Susannah daughter age 22 married, Esther Jane daughter age 16, mill hand, and 10 lodgers. Everyone born in Adwalton except Rebecca born in Stanningly (?) and Elizabeth born in Leeds.

1881 Census: Wakefield Rd Drighlington, next to Joseph Walker, Benajmin Walker head married age 62 stone mason born Adwalton, Susannah wife, age 60, born Hatbury, Esther J Hater (?) daughter married age 26 woolen clothe weaver, and her trhee children, Mary Ann age 6 Emily age 5 and Sarah E age 3, all born Adwalton
Note: The age is obviously entered incorrectly.

John Walker and Rachael, born Adwalton, mason

Birth: John Walker born c. 1811 Adwalton. No record for John born Adwalton of Drighlington.

1861 Census: Rake's Lane, Gomersal, John Walker head married, stone mason born Adwalton, Rachael wife, age 38 Samuel son age 15, coal miner, Rachael A daughter age 14 woolen spinner, Hannah daughter age 12, woolen doffer, Elizabeth age 8, Jack age 6, Jane visitor age 19 , visitor, worsted knitter, Rachael A visitor age 4 months and 6 lodgers including Frank Oliver, widow age 41 pipe maker born Dewsbury (Frank Oliver not in any other census)

Joshua Walker and Rachael, born Adwalton, mason

Birth: Joshua Walker born c 1814

1861 census: Bradford, Joshua Walker, head, age 47 stone mason born Adwalton, Rachael wife age 46, John age 23, stone mason, and Charles age 13, scholar all born Bradford.

Walkers in Adwalton Who Were Weavers

Joshua Walker Adwalton, weaver


Marriage: Mary, unknown. None in either Birstall or Batley Parishes.


  1. William of Joshua Walker Adwalton weaverMay 23, 1782
    Death: Must have died as another William was baptized in 1896
  2. Hannah of Joshua Walker Adwalton Moor weaver 2 May 1784
  3. John of Jushua Walker Adwalton weaver December 24, 1786
  4. William, of Joshua Walker, of Adwalton, weaver, March 27, 1796/97
Death: Mary wife of Joshua Walker of Adwalton, age 39, June 28, 1795 (no cause given).

Samuel Walker (1785) Adwalton, weaver

1851 Census: Leeds, Samuel Walker, head married age 66, handloom weaver woolen, Ann, wife, age 60, two lodgers, James Cooper age 18 flax machine maker, born Gildersome, and John Pichard, age 23, ag lab. born Norman ----

William and Martha Walker Adwalton clothier


Marriage: None in Bristall Parish


  1. Joseph son of William and Martha Walker, Adwalton, clothier, baptized October 23, 1796

Samuel Walker (1795) Adwalton, weaver

Using, in part, information from Diana Inman who wrote to me in October 2010 about a posting I had for Samuel in the 1861 census:

Birth: Circa 1795 Adwalton

Occupation: Wollen cloth weaver 1861

Marriage: Hannah


  1. Benjamin 1816 - 7 April 1816, Benjamin of Samuel Walker and Hannah, Drighlington clothier (Birstall Parish Records)

    Big break - No baptismal listings in the Parish Index

  2. Samuel circa 1826, from 1841 census

  3. Catherine Walker (1824-) and James Merritt

    Birth: Catherine circa 1824, from census, Adwalton per censes

    NOT listed Birstall Parish Index

    Marriage: James Merritt

    Children NONE

    1841 Census: With parents

    1851 Census: Mannsfield Road Holbeck, James Merrit head age 27 policeman, born Wortley, Catherine wife age 26, born Drighlington

    Census 1861: See below

    1871 Census: 2nd Ave Holbeck, Leeds, Wortley, James Inspector of Police, Catherine born Adwalton

    More: Also listed in 1881, 1891 and 1901

    Death 1901: Free BMD index

  4. Joseph circa 1827, from 1841 census

  5. Jane Walker (1831-) and Charles Cordingley Best

    Birth: Jane circa 1831, from 1841 census, Wortley from 1851 census

    Marriage: Charles Cordingley Best, Diana Inman


    1851 Census: Wortley, Yorkshire, England, Gelderd (?) Road , Charles C Best 21, fl--r machine tiller, born Holbeck Jane Best 20 born Wortley, Ann E Best 9 MO born Wortley

  6. Richard circa 1834, from 1841 census

Death of Hannah Walker: Before 1861

1861 Census: Porritt Terrace, Holbeck, Leeds, James Merritt head age 39 police man, born Wortlley, Catherine Merritt wife age 37 and Samuel Walker widower, age 66, woolen cloth weaver born Adwalton.

In October 2010 Diana Inman wrote that Samuel Walker was married to Hannah and had Benjamin c.1816; Samuel c.1826; Catherine c.1826; Joseph c.1827; Jane c.1831 and Richard c.1834. Jane Walker was my Great Great Grandmother, marrying Charles Cordingley Best in 1849.

" Catherine Walker married James Merritt (on the 1861 census) who I believe went on to be Superintendent in the Leeds Police force.

It is possible that the Benjamin c.1815 and the Samuel c.1821 that you mention in the article are the brothers of Jane and Catherine as the dates are about right."

1841 Census: _amp Row, Wortley, Leeds, Tankersley, Walker, Samuel age 50, woolen weaver, Hannah age 50 Benjamin age 25 woolen weaver, Samuel 15 tanner, Catherine ager 15, flax spinner, Joseph 14 wool carder, Jane age 10, Richard age 7, all born Yorkshire

1851 Census:

Thomas Walker and Mary Adwalton Moor clothier/mason


Marriage: None in Birstall Parish


  1. Hannah:
    Burial: Hannah d of Thomas Walker clothier of Adwalton Moor buried November 15, 1815 no age
  2. Thomas
    Burial: Thomas of Thomas Walker mason Adwalton age 2 days 3 April 1820
  3. Joseph of Thomas and Mary Walker of Adwalton Moor mason May 10, 1821
  4. Benjamin of Thomas Walker and Mary 7 July 1822
  5. Ann of Thomas Walker and Mary Adwalton mason 25 December 1825

Walkers in Adwalton Who Were Colliers

Joseph and Sarah Ann Walker Adwalton coal leader

Baptism: Adwalton circa 1811/1817

Marriage: Sarah Ann


  1. Joseph born August 28, 1849
    Death: Joseph Walker, Adwalton, buried, October 17, 1867, age 20
  2. Collision born August 13, 1851
  3. Friend born January 10, 1854.
    Burial: Friend Walker Adwalton was buried September 18, 1888 age 36.
  4. Ben born November 27, 1859
    Burial: Ben Walker, Adwalton, buried October 26, 1867, age 8 years
  5. All baptized Drighlington Chapel July 21, 1865
  6. Nancy of Joseph and Sarah Ann Walker Adwalton coal miner, born July 25, 1862 baptized August 13, 1862
    Death: Nan Walker, Adwalton, buried October 30, 1867 age 6 years

1851: Not listed

1861 Census: Wakefield Turnpike Road, Adwalton, Joseph Walker, head married age 44, coal leader and lodging house keeper, Sarah Ann, wife, age 26, Joseph son age 14, labourer, Collinson, son age 11, Friend, son age 7 Ben, son age 1, and 7 lodgers all born out Yorkshire. the Walker family were all born in Adwalton.

1871 Census: Adwalton: Joseph Walker, head, age 55, labourer, his wife, Maria, age 45, orn Manchester, and Friend Walker, son age 16, coal miner, and a lodger. Joseph and Friend listed as born in Drighlington.

The were listed next to Benjamin Walker stone mason born in 1821.

1881 Census: Wakefield Turnpike Road next to Bennjamin Walker, Joseph Walker, head, "married" labourer general, born Adwalton, "Fred", son unmarried age 25, general labourer, born Adwalton.

Death: Joseph Walker, Adwalton, buried May 13, 1884, age 73.

Death: Sarah Ann Walker, Adwalton, buried March 5, 1886, age 64

John and Sarah Ann Walker Adwalton coal leader




  1. Ann of John and Sarah Walker Adwalton miner February 13, February 4, 1869
    Burial: She must have died as another Ann was baptized in 1872
  2. Ann of John and Sarah Walker Adwalton miner, February 4, 1872

Richard and Hannah Walker Adwalton coal miner




  1. George Henry of Richard and Hannah Walker Adwalton miner born Feb 2 baptized September 26, 1873
Nathaniel and Zilpah Walker Adwalton miner




  1. Fred of Nathaniel and Zilpah Walker Adwalton miner September 14, 1873
1871 Census: Adwalton, Nathaniel Walker, age 77 miner, born Adwalton, Hannah wife age 68, born Marsden, and Jane daughter age 26 weaver worsted mill, born Thornhill.

Denis and Mary Walker Adwalton coal leader




  1. John, of Denis (?) and Mary Walker, Cockersdall, coal miner, born March 20, 1861 baptized February 5, 1862.

Walkers in Adwalton Who Had Other Occupations

James and Mary Walker Adwalton joiner

Birth : Circa 1846 pre 1891 census

Marriage: Mary


  1. Florence
  2. Theresa
  3. Callie
  4. Mary of James and Mary Walker, Adwalton, joiner, baptized December 29, 1878 Born November 8, 1878
  5. Isaac, born May 13, baptized May 18, 1881
  6. Hannah born May 13, baptized October 9. Note: They must have been twins with Isaac being sickly and baptized soon after birth.
  7. Arthur born September 4, 1884 baptized July 18, 1886
  8. Francis born May 1, 1885 baptized July 18, 1886
  9. Abraham of James and Mary Walker Adwalton joiner, born December 14, 1891 and baptized June 12, 1892
1891 Census: Bradshaw House James Walker, head age 45 joiner, Mary, wife, Florence age 19 cloth weaver, Theresa age 17, cloth weaver, Callie age 15, cloth weaver, Hannah age 9 scholar, Arthur age 6, Francis age 4, all born Drighlington.

James and Ellen Walker Adwalton carrier

Birth: James Walker, born c 1815

1851 Census: James Walker, head, age 36, carrier, born Adwalton, Ellen wife age 37, born Normington, Hannah d age 10 born Leeds, John son age 8, born Leeds Mary Ann daughter age 7 and Rachael daughter age 3 both born Leeds.

1861 Census: 9 Sale Street West Leeds, James Walker, head, age 46, common carrier, born Adwalton, Ellen wife age 47, born Methley, Hannah d age 21, nail cutting machine feeder, born Leeds, John son age 19, coke agent clerk, born Leeds Mary Ann daughter age 17, nail cutting machine feeder and Rachael daughter age 13, scholar both born Leeds.

1891 Census: Armley Britannia Place, James Walker, head, age 76, retired goods carrier, born Adwalton, Amelia, wife age 43, born Shofforth (?)

Samuel Walker (1821 Adwalton and and Elizabeth Walker + +

May be the son of Samuel and Hannah. See above.

Birth: Samuel Walker born circa 1821 Adwalton

Marriage: Elizabeth Newton Hunslet - FreeBMD- Newton Elizabeth Hunslet 23 296



  1. Sarah circa 1852

1851 Census: Rodger Row, Leeds, Armley, Samuel Walker, age 30, farmer, born Drighlington, Elizabeth age 29, born Armley

1861 Census: in Armley South of Town Gate, Samuel head age 40 signal man railroad, Elizabeth age 39 wife, Sarah daughter age 9 scholar plus William Newton father in law age 65 cloth weaver , all born Armley.

Death of wife 1:


1871 Census: Farthan St Leeds, Samuel Walker, head, age 50 licensed vitulaler, born Drighlington, Charlotte Walker wife age 51 landlady born Clifford, Sarah Walker daughter age 19 domestic born Armley, servant, Jame Maude visitor, age 24 domestic servant, Jane Reid, servant age 22.

1881 Census: Pudsey, New Street, Samuel Walker head age 61, retired publican born Drighlington, Charlotte wife age 63 born Clifford

1891 Census: Bramham cum Oglethrope Walkers Buildings , Samuel Walker head, married age 70 retired publican, born Drighlington and Hannah Blackburn Walker wife age 58 born Headley Hall

Walkers in Adwalton Other Records

Other Walkers Records in Adwalton in the mid late 1880s.

  • Abraham Walker and Mary Meyer of Adwalton married January 12, 1778
  • Sarah Walker of Adwalton buried April 4, 1824, age 56 or 41 (1768) (LDS film #0990530)
  • Elizabeth Walker of Adwalton was buried November 13, 1832, age 23 (1809)
  • Alice Walker of Wortley buried March 29, 1831, age 51 (1780) Note: Wortley was/is a suburb of Leeds. Other records connected to Robert and Sarah Walker are from Wortley.
  • Mary Walker of Adwalton buried April 15, 1849, age 38 (1811)
  • Tom Walker, Adwalton, buried October 4, 1849, age 3 years and 10 months
  • Grace Walker, Adwalton, buried December 26, 1853, age 33
    1851 Census: Drighlington William Walker, head married age 28, coal miner, born New Barnsley, Grace wife age 29, boon Drighlington, Benjamin son age 6, born Tong, Ann daughter age 2, Chapel House, Clarah daughter age 2 mo., Drighlington
  • Joseph Walker, age 52, died in Adwalton, Drighlington Birstall parish in 1857. (1805)
    Census: Nothing obvious in the 1851 census.
  • William Walker, Adwalton, buried January 30, 1858, age 3 months
  • Elizabeth, the wife of Joseph Stepson daughter of William and Isabelle Walker, Adwalton, hawker, was baptized September 17, 1861 she was born in 1832 (according to the entry)
    Census: Not listed
  • Jim Walker, Adwalton, buried July 10, 1863, age 7 months
  • Sarah Ann, Walker, Adwalton, buried, October 27, 1866, age 48
    Census: There are no listings for Sarah Ann the censuses in Adwalton.
  • Sarah Walker, Adwalton, buried April 7, 1896, age 67 (1802)
  • Emma Walker, Adwalton buried April 20, 1869, age 1
  • William Walker, Adwalton, buried May 23, 1869, age 56 (1813)
  • Arthur Walker, Adwalton, buried January 2, 1870, age 3 months
  • Note: Stopped recording burials of Walker infants
  • Walker Walker, 12 Wellington Street, St James Rd, Holloway, buried July 19, 1874, age 73
    1861 and 1871 Censuses: Walker Walker was listed in both the 1861 and 1871 censuses as living on Wellington Street St James, London as a law or attorney's clerk born in "Yorkshire" or "Halifax, Yorkshire". I do not know why he was buried in Adwalton.
  • Maria Walker, Adwalton, buried March 12, 1886, age 72
  • Marie Walker, Adwalton, buried March 5, 1888, age 64
  • Margaret Walker, Adwalton, buried June 26, 1890, age 65
  • Dorothy Walker, Adwalton, buried January 1, 1891, age 56
  • Alfred and Florence Walker , Adwalton, coal miner, had:
    1. William born May 31 baptized September 28, 1884

John Walker (?-?) and Rachael Newsome Greaves

In May 2006 Audrey Meyers email me about her ancestor, Abraham Walker born in Birstall circa 1833, the son of John Walker, clothier, and Rachael Newsome Greaves Walker.

Birth of John Walker, clothier:

Marriage: Rachael Greaves married John Walker, Tong, Aug 16, 1832 (Audrey Meyer)

Notes: For Rachael Newsome Greaves Walker

  • Birth:

  • Marriage: Jonas Greaves married Rachael Newsome 19 April 1813, Birstall Barish

  • Children: Jonas Greaves and Rachael Birstall Parish had:
    1. James 20 Feb 1814
    2. Rachel 7 Apr 1816
    3. Leah 1 June 1817
    4. Jonas 18 Aug 1819
    5. John 27 Jan 1822
    6. William 29 Feb 1824

      Note: William Greaves was listed with his step brother, Abraham Walker, in the 1851 census see below.

  • Death of Jonas Greaves:

Children of John Walker and Rachael Newsome Greaves Walker:
  1. Abraham Walker (1833)

    Birth: Circa 1833 Birstall per censuses, not listed in the Birsatll Parish records.

    Note: There is a record of Abraham Walker born 9 June 1833, the son of John Walker and Rachel Baraclough. However, he must have died. John and Rachael had other children with whom they were listed in the 1841 census in Gomersal. See John Walker and Rachael Baraclough below.

    1851 census: East Street Leeds, William Greaves, 27 grocer, Heckmondwick, Eliza wife, 27, Leeds, Jonas son, age 3, Leeds, Sarah daughter, age 1, Leeds, Thomas Linley lodger, widow, age 75, retired sailor, Wakefield, Abraham Walker step brother, age 18, smith labourer , Birstall

    Marriage of Abraham Walker: Abraham Walker married Margaret Sutcliffe Hartley 15 May 1853 Parish Church, Bradford

    Note: Father's name, John Walker, clothier, address Manningham, Bradford (from marriage certificate of Abraham Walker, information from Audrey Meyer, Aug 2006)


    1. William Greaves Walker Abt. 1855 Balden
      Marriage: Sarah Ellen Lambert
    2. Elizabeth Walker Abt. 1857 Bradford
      Marriage: William Sarratt
    3. Rachael Walker Abt. 1860 Bradford
      Marriage: Bradford, West Yorks William Murgatroyd
    4. Frank Walker 1863 Bradford, Yorkshire Death: Dec 188?
      Marriage: Bradford, Sarah Mallison
    5. Damarious Walker :14 May 1866 29 Turkey Street, Leeds, Yorkshire Died: 23 May 1885
      Marriage: Parish Church, Bradford, Yorkshire Wright Harrison

    Listed in 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881 and 1891 censuses as born in Birstall

    Death of Abraham Walker: 1899 Bradford

John and Rachael Walker in the 1841 census:

Birstall, John Walker, Rachel Walker, Abraham Walker 8 yrs, Sarah Firth 85 yrs. (Audrey Meyer, August 2006). Note: Not listed by Ancestry.com an unfortunate but relatively common occurance.

Death of John Walker:

Death of Rachael Newsome Geaves Walker:

Further notes from Audrey Meyers September 2006: I have not been able to trace Sarah Firth the elderly lady living with them (1841 census) but I will keep plugging away and will let you know if anything turns up. As for where John was born it is hard to tell from 1841 except that it was in the county and I haven't been able to find him conclusively in 1851. There is one John Walker father-in-law born around the correct year with an Abraham Aspinall and his wife Mary in 1851 census, this Mary was born in about 1820 at Rastrick, in a later census said to be Dewsbury. I'm not sure where Rastrick is in relation to Dewsbury. I tried to trace this Mary born to a John Walker but could not confirm anything. It would not be unreasonable to assume that John Walker was married previously before his marriage to Rachel Greaves and this Mary Aspinall could well be a daughter to his previous wife.

John Walker and Rachael Barraclough, Gomersall stonemason

Marriage: John Walker married Rachael Baraclough 25 Nov 1832 Birstall


  1. Abraham 9 Jun 1833 He must have died. He was not listed in the 1841 census.
  2. MARY WALKER, 07 APR 1834 Birstall, Yorkshire, England
  3. ELLEN FIELD BARNABY WALKER 23 AUG 1835 Birstall, Yorkshire, England
  4. THOMAS WALKER 15 MAY 1837 Birstall, Yorkshire, England
  5. JANE WALKER 05 SEP 1841 Birstall, Yorkshire, England
  6. ANN WALKER: 24 AUG 1843 Birstall, Yorkshire, England
  7. SAMUEL BARRACLOUGH WALKER 18 MAY 1845 Birstall, Yorkshire, England
  8. RACHEL ANN WALKER 02 APR 1847 Birstall, Yorkshire, England

1841 census Gomersall John Walker age 30, stone mason, Rachael age 25, Mary age 8, Ellen age 6, Thomas age 4 and Jane age 1 mo.

Note: They live near several Barraclough famlies.

1851 Census: John, age 40, stone mason, Rachael, wife age 38, Ellen age 16, factory girl, Thomas son age 14 coal miner, Jane age 10 at home, Samuel age 6 Scholar, Rachel age 4, Sameul age 2 and John age 6 mo.

Some Other Walkers in Birstall Parish

Walkers in Gomersal

Samuel of Robert Walker of Gomersal January 15, 1725, baptism

Samuel Walker and Grace Barker of Gomersal, May 3, 1776

John of John Walker of Cross in Great Gomersal baptized June 30, 1776

Mary Walker of Little Gomersal, widow, buried May 27, 1752

Joshua of Thomas Walker of Gomersall Lane baptized July 3, 1754

Samuel of Robert Walker of Gomersal January 15, 1725

Abraham Walker of Gomersal

Baptism: Abraham of Richard Walker of Gomersal April 12, 1721

  1. John of Abraham Walker of Little Gomersal October 5, 1747

Richard Walker of Gomersal

Marriage: Richard Walker of Little Gomersal and Martha Carwood (?) October 2, 1748

  1. John of Richard Walker of Great Gomersal August 22, 1757

Joseph Walker of Gomersall

Marriage: Joseph Walker of Gomersal married Hannah Dixen of Gomersall October 20, 1755. witnesses, Joshua Jackson and Joseph Shaw

  1. Elizabeth of Jos Walker of Gomersal February 4, 1756

William Walker of Gomersal


  1. Nancy of William Walker of Gomersal, cropper, December 25, 1781.
  2. Hannah of William Walker of Gomersal, cropper, September 4, 1785
  3. Sally of William Walker of Gomersal, no occupation, February 3, 1788
  4. Betty of William Walker of Gomersal, no occupation, May 2, 1799

Other Records

Walkers are on almost every early list in the area:

  • The 1379 Poll Tax includes Willelmus Walker and wife in Gomersal, Johannes Walkster and wife in Liveredge, and Thomas Walker and wife in Liveredge.
  • There are Walkers on the lists of tenants at Liversedge Manor in 1562, 1592, and 1608.
  • There are Walkers on the freeholders list from Liversedge in 1615.

Walkers in Liversedge

Tombstones listed in the monument records Liversedge Birstall parish.

Thomas Walker of Liveredge who died in 1645

Here lies the body of Thomas Walker of Liveredge Hall
Who departed this life
The 26th Day of January in the Year of Our Lord 1645
Remember Man Thou Art
But Like to Grasse Which Springs Up With Sithe
May Chance Be Cropt
Before The Summer Of Thy Age Doth Pass
Or Autumns Leaves From Fading Tree Be Dropt
Yet If Thy Hap Is That Thou Livest So Long
Age Like The Swan Will Sing Thy Dying Song

Here lieth the body of WILLIAM WALKER of little Liveredge
Who departed this life the 24th day of august in the year of Our Lord God 1648

Walkers in Heckmondwike

Alice the wife of Richard Walker of Heckmondwike died April 15, age 82, 1752

Richard Walker of Heckmondwike died December 4, 1746

William Walker of Crowtree had: Rebecca August 18, 1782, no occupation. William Walker, Heckmondwike weaver had: Samuel October 16, 1785 and George June 23, 1790

Walkers in Birstall

William Walker of Birstall had: Hannah March 25, 1787, no occupation, James , March 25, 1792, no occupation, William January 4, 1795, labourer

Walkers in Morley

Robert Walker indicated in the 1851 census that he was born in Morley circa 1805. I have not been able to find a record of his birth in Morley. For a survey of the Walkers in Morley go to Walkers in Morley

Land Introduction
Robert Walker

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