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William Law★

William Law the son of James Lawe of Adwalton, and Susannah Crossley was baptized on March 13, 1707 in Birstall Parish.

Marriage of William Law and Hannah Raynder★

William Law married Hannah Raynder on November 3, 1729 in Birstall Parish.

The marriage record of William Law and Hannah "Raynder"

This copy was scanned from a photo copy of the LDS filming of the original parish records.

Hannah Raynder (Rayner)★

I have not found a baptismal record for Hannah. Based on an approximate age of 20 at the time of her marriage, I assume Hannah was born circa 1709.

Hannah is the only person with the name, "Rayndor", listed in the records of either Birstall or Batley parishes or in any indexes of records in Yorkshire. This certainly represents a clerical error in the spelling of Hannah's surname. I believe the name was Reynor (Rayner), which was a common name in Yorkshire. There is, however, only one record for a Hannah Reynor born in Birstall or Batley parish circa 1709. Hannah, the daughter of William Reyner was baptized in Batley parish on June 26, 1710. There is nothing to connect this Hannah Reyner to the Hannah I am seeking. There were several Hannah Rayners born in surrounding parishes, but I cannot connect them to the Hannah who married George Law. I have not found a Hannah who's father was named either George, James or Benjamin, the given named of Hannah's sons. There was a Hannah who was the son of John, another of the names of Hannah's sons, but that is simply too common to give it any validity at all.

Raynor was a name of Flemish origin. At the close of the fourteenth century and the beginning of the fifteenth century, a considerable number of Flemish settled in Halifax. One of these Flemish families was the Rayner family. They are not listed in the Poll Tax retunes, so they must have arrived after 1379. According to Thompson's book on the Spen Valley, the first Rayners to settle in the area lived in Hartshead, were weavers and by 1499 were one of the riches families in the area.

Redmonds (YSS Part I) says,

"From Rainer or Reiner, a personal name brought to England by the Normans and popular in the West Riding in the Middle Ages. One prominent bearer of the name was Reiner le Fleming, whose family held the manor of Clifton, and who c1180 confirmed the grant of Kirklees to the nuns there. Other members of the Fleming family were also called Reiner and it is tempting to see a link between then and the Rayners who were eventually so numerous in places adjoining Clifton such as Rastrick, Hartshead and Liversedge. The surname occurred twenty-four times in the local subsidy roll of 1545, most of them in that precise area. Lionel Rayner who later lived in Eccleshill seems certain to share the same family origins.

Children of William Law and Hannah Raynder, Gomersall

Both Gomersal and Great Gomersall were listed in the baptismal records of the children of William and Hannah Law. This does not mean that they moved. Sometimes the distinction was made between Little Gomersall and Great Gomersall and other times "Gomersall" is used for Great Gomersall.

William and Hannah Law had:

  1. John, "son of William Law of Gomersall" was baptized on December 20, 1730 (Birstall Parish Record).

    Death: John, the son of William Law of Great Gomersal was buried on August 6, 1735 (Birstall Parish Record).

  2. Susannah, "daughter of William Law of Great Gomersall" was baptized on January 12, 1733 (Birstall Parish Record).

    No further record

  3. George Law (1737-1788) and Mary Wilby

    Birth: George, "son of William Law of Great Gomersall" was baptized on February 21, 1736/7 (Birstall Parish Record).

    Marriage: George Law married Mary Wilby in Birstall Parish on December 20, 1762.

    For more information on George and Mary Law and their children see George Law now or at the bottom of the page.

  4. James Law (1739-?) and Martha Wiring ???

    Birth: James, "son of William Law of Great Gomersall" was baptized on November 4, 1739 (Birstall Parish Record).

    Marriage ???: James Law of "Spen" married Martha Wiring of East Purly on July 1, 1764. One of the witnesses was Thomas Rayner. The other witness was the parish clerk (Birstall Parish Record).


    1. James of James Law of Berkenshaw, February 3, 1765
    Death of James Law: James Law of Gomersal "porehouse" age 72 died of old age, buried 12 July 1810.

  5. Benjamin, "son of William Laww of Gomersall" was baptized on May 15, 1743 (Birstall Parish Record).

    Death: Benjamin Law, " son of William Law of Great Gomersall" was buried October 27, 1746 (Birstall Parish Record).

  6. Mary Law (1745-?) and William Hirst

    Birth: Mary, "daughter of William Laww of Great Gomersall" was baptized on February 2, 1745 (Birstall Parish Record) Not on Index.

    Marriage: Mary married William Hirst on March 25, 1770 (Parish Indexes) . They had several children born in Birstall parish. However, there were two William Hirsts in the parish at the time and I haven't followed the children of Mary Law and William Hirst.

Death of Hannah Law

Hannah, the wife of William Law of Great Gomersall, was buried on November 30, 1746 (Birstall Parish Record).

Despite the fact that William was left with several small children, there is no record of a remarriage for William Law in the parish.

Death of William Law

William Law was buried in Birstall Parish in June 1768 (Birstall Parish Record). He was sixty-one years old.

James Law (1667-1721), father of William Law

George Law (1737-1788), son of William Law

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