William John Sykes (1859-1921) and Mary Ellen Banbury

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William John Sykes and Mary Ellen Banbury

By Arthur Ashton Sykes

William John Sykes, son of James Sykes and Sarah Ann (Earp) Sykes, was born June 15, 1859 in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. In 1880 William John was a tenant of a farm, known locally as the Allan farm, a short distance north of Bethesda, Ontario. He met his future wife, Mary Ellen Banbury, while singing in the choir at the Bethesda Church. They were married October 21, 1880. Their first child, Mary Emily, was born September 9, 1881. Their first son, Frederick Henry, born November 24, 1883 was named after William John's younger brother.

In 1884 William John decided to move west to Manitoba (at that time the whole Northwest was generally called Manitoba). Mary Ellen and the two children stayed in Bethesda until William John got a house built to accommodate them. His homestead was two and a half miles south of Summerberry, Manitoba. While in Summerberry their third child, Laura Adeline, was born August 26, 1885. It happened that the years William John was on the homestead the crops were very light due to drought. He considered he could not carry on with such results, so his brother Fred (F.H.S. 1) bought the homestead for $800. And with that William John went back to Toronto and started a grocery store at 349 College.

Shortly after moving to Toronto their fourth child, Arthur Ashton, was born April 29, 1888. At the grocery shop, Mary Ellen helped in the store, while little Arthur sat in a soap box "good as gold" watching the customers. A new business block was constructed across the street from the store and William John decided to move into it. So he rented 346 College Street, and moved across. The block is called the McLean Block. After 4 or 5 years the business had so grown that he had to rent the adjoining shop and enlarge the store.

All this time the family life was going on upstairs. Mary Ellen raised three more girls, making a total family of seven. Evelyn Sarah was born November 24, 1890; Ethel Louise was born August 26, 1892; and Reta Isabel was born April 28, 1895.

In 1905 William John's father, James Sykes, died, leaving a bit of property to his three children. William John erected a small apartment on Hayden Street, and moved into a house next door, part of his property. Since neither of his sons had an inclination for the grocery business, William John sold the store to two of his clerks, who started up as Calder and Irish.

William John got himself a nice quiet little job on the Civil list as inspector for cigar factories and a vinegar factory. His starting salary was $575 per annum. He was with the department till the end of his life. He was visiting his in-laws at Bethesda for a few days and had a stroke, from which he did not recover, dying in Wellesley Hospital November 2, 1921.

James Sykes (1829-1905), the son of John Sykes and Ann Stell, born Yorkshire, England, Immigrate to Canada

For details of the marriage and children of James Sykes and Sarah Earp go to Sykes in Canada

Information on James Sykes and his descendants was contributed by Chris Ibbotson and Ellen Sykes.


James Sykes was born to John Sykes and Ann Stell in Adwalton in 1829.


USA before 1850 - Canada before 1859. He appears to have moved back and forth.

Marriage to Sarah Earp

Sarah Earp 10 Apr 1853 in Scranton, Pennsylvania


  1. Emily Sykes and Henry James Kelly

    Birth: Circa circa 1856, Buffalo, USA
    Marriage: Henry James Kelly

    Children: See Sykes in Canada

  2. William John Sykes and Mary Ellen Banbury

    Birth: June 15, 1859, Newmarket Ontario (Info from Death Record)
    Marriage: Mary Ellen Banbury aka Ellen
    William John Sykes, farmer, son of James Sykes and Sarah Sykes married M. Ellen Banbury daughter of Richard and Mary Ann Banbury, 20 Oct 1880, Whitchurch Township, witnesses Edwin Banbury, Whitchurch and Emily Sykes, Toronto. Registration Number: 012936
    Other Information of Mary Ellen Banbury: Parents: Richard Banbury and Mary Ann Ashton, Birth Place: Durham, Whitby, ON, Birth Date: 3 July 185"2", Marriage: Durham 20 October 1880 (Ancestry.com Family Data collection; note the death info was incorrect on the entry.)
    Occupation of William John Sykes: Farmer, Grocer, Customs Officer

    1. Mary Emily Sykes and Samuel Wallace
      M Emily 1881. In 1901 Census Mary Emily Sykes 9 September 1881, daughter of William John Sykes, farmer, and Mary Ellen Bamburg, Whitchurch
      Marriage: Samuel Alex Wallace, age 31 born Medicine Hat, Alberta, railway man son of Alexander Wallace and Janet Brown to Mary Emily Sykes age 25 born Toronto, daughter of Mary Ellen Banbury and William John Sykes, 11 Jul 1906 - York, York (Ontario Marriage)
      Children of Mary (Emily) Sykes and Samuel (Alexander) Wallace :
      1. William Sykes , born 18 Jul 1907. (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        Marriage: Ethel JACKSON (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      2. Allan Endon , born 10 Jul 1909 (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        Marriage: Evelyn (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      3. Rita Emily , born 4 Dec 1911 in Medicine Hat, Alberta. (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        Marriage: In Lethbridge, Alberta, Victor MEECH (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      4. Stewart , born 3 Apr 1915 (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        Marriage: Mary HEWITT (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      5. Robert , born 6 Mar 1923 (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        Marriage: Helen (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      1911 Census:
    2. Fredrick Henry Sykes and Florence C Carmichael
      Fred Henry ?4 November 1883, of William John Sykes and Mary Ellen Banbury, farmer, Whitchurch, York. In 1901 Census
      Marriage: Fredrick Henry Sykes, structural engineer, bachelor, Church of England, 58 Howland Street, son of William J Sykes and Mary Ellen Banbury to Florence C Carmichael, school teacher, born Bearerton Ont to Duncan Carmichael and Mary I MacPherson, 17 November 1920, witnesses Annie Carmichael and Mary E Sykes of 58 Horland (Ontario Marriage)
      Children of Frederick Henry Sykes and Florence Campbell Carmichael:
      1. David SYKES (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      2. Beric SYKES (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        Marriage: Sandra (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      3. Elizabeth SYKES (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        Marriage: James Francis OWEN (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      4. Fredrick Henry Sykes III and Hilda Newell
        Frederick Henry Sykes Frederick Henry Sykes4 III born 22 Jun 1921(Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        Marriage: Hilda NEWELL (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        Children of Frederick Henry Sykes4 III and Hilda Newell:
        1. Robert Beric SYKES, born 10 Jul 1950 (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        2. Sharon Marlene SYKES, born 10 Dec 1951 (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        3. Marilyn SYKES, born 18 Mar 1953; deceased 9 Aug 1956 (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        4. Douglas David SYKES, born 14 Dec 1954 (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        5. Laura Evelyn SYKES, born 28 May 1959 (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      5. Marion Carmichael SYKES, born 22 Mar 1923 (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        Marriage Oren B. GREEN (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
    3. Laura Adeline Sykes, Harry Dudley Smith and Wilfred Raymond
      Addeline 1885, in 1901 Census. Born 26 Aug 1885 in Summerberry, Manitoba (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      Marriage: Harry Dudley Smith age 31, born Monnett, Missouri USA, resident of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, engineer, Presbyterian, son of John Henry Smith and Elizabeth Dudley, to Laura Adeline Sykes age 28, 58 Howland Ave. Toronto, born Wolseley Sask Anglican d of William John sykes and Ellen Banbury, witnesses, John Owen Smith and Edith Louise Sykes 58 Howland Ave, Toronto 16 Dec 1913
      Death of Harry Smith: Jan 1916 (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      Marriage: Wilfred RAYMOND (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      Child of Laura Sykes and Wilfred Raymond:
      1. Shirley Kathleen Raymond and Don Rail
        Shirley Kathleen RAYMOND born 1926 (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        Marriage: Don RAIL (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        Children of Shirley Kathleen Raymond and Don Rail:
        1. Robert (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        2. Elizabeth (Ellen Sykes June 2007) (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
    4. Arthur Ashton Sykes and Rachael Marion Clint
      Arthur Ashton Sykes, April 29, 1888, #043367, father, William Sykes, occupation, grocer, mother, Mary Ellen Banbury (?), 167 College Street Toronto.
      Marriage: 23 Jun 1917 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Rachel Marian CLINT, born 23 Jun 1892 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, daughter of Gabriel John (Dr.) and Rachel Ann (Mitcheson) Clint. (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
      Children of Arthur Ashton Sykes and Rachel Marian Clint:
      1. Robert Frederick , born 18 Jul 1918 in Winnipeg, Manitoba; deceased 15 Feb 1944 in Europe WWII. (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
      2. John Arthur Sykes and Isabel Lawrence
        John Arthur SYKES, born 19 Aug 1920 in Winnipeg, Manitoba
        (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)

        Marriage: 18 May 1945 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Mary Isabel LAWRENCE, born 15 Jun 1920 in Balmoral, Manitoba; deceased 5 Aug 2001 in Calgary, Alberta, daughter of William and Amelia (Hill) Lawrence (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Children of John Arthur Sykes and Mary Isabel Lawrence
        1. Judith Mary (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        2. William John , born 7 Jun 1951 in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
          Marriage: 1 Sep 1973 in Lethbridge, Alberta, Gloria (Ellen) PEARSON, born 3 Jan 1953 in Lethbridge, Alberta, daughter of Wilfred Alan and Gloria Jean (Cemulini) Pearson (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        3. Edward Clint (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Death John Arthur Sykes 27 Nov 2003 in Calgary, Alberta. (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
      3. Ross (Clint) Sykes, Jean McKay and Bridget Rogers
        Ross (Clint) (Ellen Sykes, June 2007) also (Chris Ibbotson Feb. 2006, information from his father Peter, 1970s) Ross (Clint) SYKES, born 29 Oct 1924 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Marriage 6 Mar 1948 in Ottawa, Ontario Elizabeth Jean MCKAY, born 5 May 1920 in Halifax, Nova Scotia; deceased 3 May 1992 in Sarnia, Ontario. (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Children of Ross (Clint) Sykes and Elizabeth Jean McKay:
        1. Robert Arthur (Roderick) (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        2. Andrew Clint (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Marriage 2: 19 Aug 1994 in Sarnia, Ontario, Bernice ROGERS. (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
      4. Douglas Ernest Sykes and Patricia McMillan
        Douglas Ernest SYKES, born 29 Dec 1931 in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Marriage 8 May 1954, Patricia Ruth MCMILLAN, born 25 Nov 1932 in Winnipeg, Manitoba; deceased 9 Dec 2006 in Calgary, Alberta. (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Children of Douglas Ernest Sykes and Patricia Ruth McMillan
        1. Robert Douglas (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        2. William David (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        3. Michael James (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Death: Douglas Ernest Sykes 10 Nov 2004 in Calgary, Alberta (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
      Death of Arthur Ashton Sykes: 15 Nov 1971 in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
      Death of Rachael Marian Clint: Aug 1988 in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
    5. Evelyn Sarah Sykes and Charles Day
      Evelyn Sarah Sykes, November 24, 1890, #044077, daughter of William John Sykes, grocer, and Mary Ellen Banbury, 34 College Street, Toronto.
      Marriage: Evelyn Sarah Sykes d of William John Sykes and Mary Ellen Banbury married Charles William Day son of Joseph Day and Amelia Mulvey 6 April, 1910, Toronto (Ontario Marriage record)
      Children of Evelyn Sarah Sykes and Charles Day:
      1. Lois Evelyn Day and Nelson John Welch
        Lois Evelyn DAY, born 3 Nov 1910 in Toronto, Ontario. (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Marriage: Nelson John Edward WELCH (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Children of Lois Evelyn Day and Nelson John Edward Welch
        1. Ronald , born 1932 in Windsor, Ontario (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
          Marriage: Achsah Jane DONALD (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        2. Phyllis Arlene , born 1936 in Windsor, Ontario (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
          Marriage: Dunstan RUNDLE (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        3. Douglas Edward , born 1940 in St. Thomas, Ontario
          (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)

          Marriage: Barbara Jean WATSON (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        4. Lois Ellen , born 1943 in St. Thomas, Ontario (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
          Marriage: Kenneth Victor TOWERS (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        5. Marian Gail, born 1945 (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
          Marriage: Thomas HODGES (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
      2. Arthur Arthur DAY born 30 Oct 1912 (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Marriage: Vera (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Children of Arthur Day and Vera:
        1. Arthur (Bud) (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        2. Warner (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
      1911 Census: Ontario, Charles Day, head Feb 1888, age 23, clerk, store, Evelyn Nov 1890 Lois daughter Nov 1910 Jack Mason boarder 1885, age 26, engineer boats
    6. Ethel Louise Sykes and John L Healey
      Birth: Ethel Louise Sykes, August 26, 1892, #042149, daughter of William John Sykes, grocer, and Mary Ellen Banbury, 346 College Street.
      Boarder Crossing: July 1, 1914, Ethel Sykes, born Toronto, Canada, age 20, father, Wm J Sykes, Toronto, 58 Holland Ave, first time in US, passage paid by friend, to Buffalo, no address 5 ft 6 inches, fair, brown hair, brown eyes.
      Marriage: 10 Oct 1914, John L. HEALEY (Ellen Sykes, June 2007) John Leo Healey age 21, 11 Stonehouse Cresent, born Lindsay Ontario, bachelor, tile setter, Catholic father, Richard Healey mother Mary Ann O'Keefe to Ethel Louise Sykes age 22, 58 Howland Ave. Toronto, Methodist, father William John Sykes mother Mary Ellen Banbury, witnesses A ? Grant and Lily Shepard 10 October 1914
      Children of Ethel Louise Sykes and John L. Healey:
      1. John Sykes HEALEY (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Marriage : Norma MABBITT
        (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)

        Children of John Sykes Healey and Norma Mabbitt:
        1. Charlene (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        2. Terence (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        3. Vicky Louise (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
      2. Marion Louise HEALEY born 12 Oct 1915 (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Marriage: Douglas BRECKON (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Children of Marion Louise4 Healey and Douglas Breckon
        1. Mark (Ellen Sykes, June 2007) Curt (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        2. (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
    7. Reta Isabel Sykes and Robert McHardy
      Reta Isabel Sykes, April 29, 1895, father, William John Sykes, grocer, Mother, Mary Ellen Banbury, 346 College Street, Toronto, #040316.
      Marriage: Robert Alvan McHardy, forman glass works, age 25 Methodist, 584 Manning Ave Toronto, to Reta Isabel Sykes daughter of William John Sykes and Mary Ellen Banbury, Trinity Methodist Church 14 April 1921, witnesses, Emerson McClinton Elrick and Marguerite Myrtle McLean son of Robert McHardy and Ada Mary Hinde
      Children of Reta Isabel Sykes and Robert Alvin McHardy:
      1. Donald (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Marriage: 19 Aug 1961, Diana Phyllis Pettit LISTER (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Children of Donald McHardy and Diana Phyllis Pettit Lister:
        1. Beth (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
      2. Robert, born abt. 1923. (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Marriage: Eleanor Ethel CRUMP (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
      3. Lois MCHARDY, born 15 Oct 1925 (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Marriage: Robert C. DOWSETT (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Children of Lois McHardy and Robert C. Dowsett:
        1. David (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        2. Mary (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        3. Carol (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
    William John Sykes in the 1901 Census: Toronto West; William J Sykes, head June 15, 1859, age 42, born Ontario, Ch of England, grocer, M Ellen July 3, 1851, age 48, Ontario, Methodist, M Emily, daughter, September 9, 1881, age 19, Ch of England, clerk, Fred H son Nov 24, 1883, age 18, Ontatio, Methodist, student, Addaline daughter Aug 26, 1885, age 15, (different place of birth - USA ???), Church of England, Arthur A son April 29, 1888, age 12, Evelyn J daughter, Nov 24, 1890, age 10, Ethel L daughter Aug 26, 1892, Reta L daughter, April 28, 1895, age 5 all born Ontario all Ch. of England.
    Death of William John Sykes: Sykes, William John died Wellesley Hosp, male , married, age 62 born Newmarket, June 15 1859, father James Sykes mother Sara Erp, customs office 006670, died Nov 2, 1921, name of informant, Arthur Sykes, son, 58 Howland, buried Toronto, Nov, 5, 1921, general paresis, cerebral hemorrhage hypertension Brights
    Death of Mary Ellen Sykes: Mary Ellen Banbury Sykes, 58 Howland Ave. Born Columbia Ontario, July 3rd 1851, age 78, widowed, lady, at residence 20 years, father Richard Banbury born England, mother Mary Ashton born England, name of informant Fred H Sykes 83 Howland Ave. son, died June 26, 1930, "arterio" sclerosis 10 years break in (can't read) buried Fair Lawn Mausoleum
    Note: This is Ellen who died in 1930 per Helen's info, see below.

  3. Frederick Henry Sykes (1863-1917) and Louise Ryckman

    Birth: Fred H., October 21, 1863, Queensville, Ontario, Canada.

    Marriage Frederick Henry Sykes age 36, of Philadelphia, University lecturer, born Co Queensville, to James Sykes and Sarah Erap married Louise Laselle Ryckman age 32, of Toronto born Kingston, daughter of Edward, B Ryckman and Emma Line, Leeds Ontario, August 22, 1900

    Children of Frederick Henry Sykes I (Dr.) and Louise Ryckman : See Sykes in Canada

Pictures of Toronto, Canada Update March 2004

Samuel, Elizabeth, and Robert Sykes immigrated to Toronto, Canada between 1882 and 1884. To view pictures of Toronto, click on the postcard of Queen's Park, Toronto.

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