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Arthur M. Sykes, Jr. in his book Sykes, says the original "seat" of the Sykes family was "Flockton, a village in the West Riding of Yorkshire, a few miles south of the city of Leeds. He listed the following records for the Sykes family. I believe he took these records from Harold and Genealogist.
  1. "William del Sicke acquired land at Flockton temp Henry II. Agnes del Sicke acquired the "Estecroft" adjoining the land of William, at Flockton, about 1270, Sir John Horbyry being principal witness to the transfer."
  2. John del Syke, of Flockton, 1308 paid yearly annuity of 2 shilling, 4 pence to Henry, Earl of Wakefield who witnesses a charter at Thornhill in 1319.
  3. Michael del syke, on St. Bartholomew's Day 1345, was conveyed ancestral lands by his father, John, of Flockton."
  4. Robert del Syke, on the 31st of May 1417, witnessed a transfer of lands, now part on the Manor of Shelley, immediately contiguous to the Syke in Kirkburton.
  5. Robert del Syke, of Flockton, was a retainer of Sir John Nevill, of Chevitt, in 1526.
  6. Robert Syke, of Flockton, son of Robert, left two sons named John (after the Nevilles of Liveredge and Chevitt) 1549"
  7. John Sykes, of Flockton, conveyed tenements and lands there, with remainder to his eldest son Charles and to second son William in 1550".
  8. William Sykes, second son of John of Flockton, was living in Leeds in 1576, having sons James, Richard, William and Edmond, besides on (probably Robert) who had pre-deceased, also daughters, Margaret and Agnes. James the eldest son witnessed wills of his brothers Richard and William in 1576, in which their father William was mentioned. Of the four sons of William- James was buried at St. Peter's Church I at Leeds on whit Monday May 27, 1577- married and had issue. Edmond- a Catholic martyr, executed 1588. Richard buried July 31, 1576 at St. Peters Church at Leeds. William had married in 1533 to Alice Austhorpe."
Arthur Sykes further says that the line of decent of Richard Sykes (who was his ancestor who immigrated to America), was probably though,
"James who died May 25, 1577, eldest son William, whose son James moved into Staffordshire. James had sons James of March Lane and George of Kirkgate (buried at Leeds 1610)"
"George had only one son George of Drighling, who was progenitor of the London branch. The James of Marsh Land had a son George, James and Nathaniel who were in Leek, Stafford County, England where records were not kept until 1634."

LDS film #0412865 includes monument inscriptions from the interior of St. Peter's in Leeds, "

"Richard Sykes, alderman, 27 March 1645, Wife Elizabeth died some months before"

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