Abraham Stubley and Noah Eastwood

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Abraham Stubley and Noah Eastwood


Abraham Stubley and Noah Eastwood were married on December 19, 1757, he signed, she x'ed, witnesses John Stubley and Squire Wover-- (?)

Noah Eastwood: Noah Eastwood was the daughter of William Eastwood


Abraham Stubley and Noah Eastwood had the following children:

  1. William 27 April 1759 baptized 19 April 1759 of Abraham Stubley (indexes)

  2. Sarah Stubley ( 1760-?) and Jacob Lister

    Birth: Sarah daughter of Abraham Stubley, labourer, and Noah Eastwood, daughter of William Eastwood, born December 15, 1760 (Susan Hazell, October 2004)

    Marriage: Sarah Stubley married Jacob Lister May 26, 1779 (Susan Hazell, October 2004)


    1. Grace

      Birth: Grace daughter of Jacob Lister and Sarah Stubley born February 20, 1781, baptized April 6, 1781. (Susan Hazell, October 2004)

      Marriage: Grace Lister married William Sheard April 11, 1798 (Susan Hazell, October 2004)

      See George Sheard

  3. Hannah (1763)

  4. Nancy (1765)

  5. Death: Ann daughter of Abram Stubley of Batley, July 18, 1766.

    Note: This could have been Nancy which was a nickname from Ann

  6. Elizabeth (1766)

  7. Martha (1768)

  8. Abraham, twin of Rachael, see next entry

    Marriage: Abram Stubley and Martha Walker 9 February 1794. Both made their mark. Witnesses, Charles Spedding and Elizabeth Scott

    Children: None in Batley parish.

  9. Rachael Stubley and Benjamin Law

    Birth of Rachael: Rachael and Abraham Stubley twins of Abraham Stubley, clothier, and Noah Eastwood born November 19, 1769 and baptized the same day (Susan Hazell, October 2004)

    Illegitimate child of Rachael Stubley: Charles, of Rachael Stubley, a bastard, baptized on October 24, 1790.

    1. Charles Stubley (1790-1873) and Hannah Mason

      Marriage: Charles Stubley married Hannah Mason on March 30, 1812 in Batley parish.


      1. George Stubley (1813-) and Martha Marsden
        Birth: George of Charles and Hannah Stubley, Batley clothier, April 11, 1813
        Marriage: George Stubley, weaver, to Martha Marsden 26 December 1831 Tong St. James, born made their mark.
        1. Jonathan Marsden Stubley (1839-) and Caroline Oldroyd
          Birth: Jonathan Marsden Stubley, Sep 1839 - Dewsbury, Yorkshire - West Riding, West Yorkshire, 1839
          Marriage: Jonathan Marsden Stubley, Sep 1859 - Dewsbury, Yorkshire - West Riding, West Yorkshire - Caroline Oldroyd 9b 647 Free BMD
          Note: My g, g, grandfather was registered as Jonathan Marsden Stubley on his birth certificate in 1839 and his parents were George and Martha Stubley of Rawfolds, Batley. Martha's maiden name was Marsden and I think that is why Marsden was included as a middle name. Alison Stubley Bird, March 2007
          1861: Dewsbury, Bradford Road, Marsden Stubley, age 24, woolen cloth dresser, born Cleckheaton, Carolina wife, age 24, woolen machine feeder, born Dewsbury
          1871 Census: Bradford Road, Dewsbury, Marsden Stubley, age 32, green grocer, born Rawfold, Carolina, wife, age 34 Mary Ann, daughter age 9, George, son age 3, Sarah Louisa, daughter age 1, Caroline Charlesworth boarder, weaver, born Oldham Lancashire, rest born Dewsbury
          1891 Durham St Fields, Marsden Stubley, age 51 confectioner, born Hudderfield Yorkshire, Caroline, wife age 54, assistant confectioner, born Dewsbury Yorkshire Adulphus, son age 17, engineer (can't read), born Durham, St Fields Ernest, son age 14, assistant confectioner, born Durham, St Fields Elizabeth Thompson, servant, age 16, born Durham, St Fields
        2. Amos Mason Marsden Stubley (1839-) and ___
          Amos Mason Marsden Stubley Birth: Sep 1839 - Dewsbury, Yorkshire - West Riding, West Yorkshire
        3. Mark Mardsen Stubley (1844-) and Isabella Dearden
          Birth Civil: Mark Marsden Stubley Birth: Sep 1844 - Huddersfield, Yorkshire - West Riding, West Yorkshire
          Birth Church Record: Mark Marsden Stubley of George and Martha Stubley, Batley engineer, 27 Sept 1844 born 18 Sept 1844
          Marriage: Mark Marsden Stubley Marriage: Mar 1864 - Wakefield, Yorkshire - West Riding, West Yorkshire Dearden Isabella Wakefield 9c 19
          1871 Census:
        4. James circa 1847
        5. Charles circa 1855, born Ossett per 1861 and 1871 censuses
        6. Emma circa 1859
        1851: George Stubby 40, engineer and smith, Martha Stubby 38, Matthew Stubby 17, engine tender, Mary Stubby 15, woolen weaver, Jonathan M Stubby 13, wool carder, Mark Stubby 7, James Stubby 4, Rachel Stubby 2
        1861: Commercial Road, Batley, George Stubley 48, blacksmith, Martha Stubley 47, Mark Stubley 16, wire drawer, James Stubley 14, wollen thread piecer Charles Stubley 6, Emma Stubley 2
        1871: Back New Street, Batley, George Stubley 59, engineer wollen mill, Martha Stubley 57, Harol Stubley 16, cloth finisher, Emma Stubley 12, Ann Dobson 22, lodger, Sarah Dobson 19, lodger, William Dobson 11, lodger Richard Dobson 5 lodger
        1881: Webster Hill, Batley, George Stubley stationary engineer, age 69 born Batley, Martha 67 born Dewsbury
      2. Abraham of Charles and Hannah Stubley, Batley clothier, February 26, 1815
        Death: Another Abraham was baptized in 1831.
      3. Mark Sykes Stubley (1816-) and Sarah _______
        Birth: Mark Sykes of Charles and Hannah Stubley, Batley clothier, September 19, 1816
        1841: Havercroft, Lane End, Mark Stubley age 20, clothier, Mary age 20, Mary age 4, Harper age 1 mo.
        1851 census: Mark Stubley age 34, clothier, born Batley, Mary Stubley age 34, Harper age 9 Walter age 3 (Also in 1861, 1871 and 1881)
      4. Matthew of Charles and Hannah Stubley, Batley clothier January 17, 1819
        Census: No
      5. Rachael of Charles and Hannah Stubley, Batley clothier, September 19, 1820
      6. Mary of Charles and Hannah Stubley, Batley clothier, on May 23, 1824
      7. Ruth, of Charles and Hannah Stubley Morley clothier, on September 17, 1826
      8. Elizabeth, of Charles and Hannah Stubley, Batley clothier, on July 20, 1828
        Death: Another Elizabeth was baptized in 1833.
      9. Abraham, of Charles and Hannah Stubley, Batley clothier, on April 3, 1831
      10. Elizabeth of Charles and Hannah Stubley, Batley clothier, on June 30, 1833
      11. Charles Stubley listed in the 1851 census born circa 1841

      1841 Census: Havercroft, Charles Stubley, 50 clothier, Hannah, 50, Rachael, 20 rag sorter, Ruth, age 15, Abraham, age 10, Betty, age 8, Charles, age 4 mo.

      1851 Census: Commercial Street Batley, Charles Head, age 62, cloth weaver, Hannah age 60, Ruth daughter age 23, rag sorter, Betty age 17, Charles age 10, Rachael Stubley age 6 mo. "daughter", William Shans lodger age 30, stone cutter, born Horsfield. Note they were very near William Stubley.

      1871 Census: Soothill with his daughter Betty Thomas and her husband, John, and children. Charles Stubley father in law, age 84, formerly woolen weaver born Batley

    Marriage of Rachael Stubley and Benjamin Law: Benjamin Law of Batley Parish married Rachael Stubley of Batley Parish on June 13, 1791.


    • Ben Law was 19 years old at the time of the marriage. Rachael was about 22 years old.
    • Charles, Rachael's "bastard" was about seven months old at the time of the marriage making it highly likely that Benjamin Law was Charles' father.

    Children of Benjamin Law and Rachael Stubley

    See Benjamin Law for more details on the children of Benjamin Law and Rachel Stubley

    Benjamin Law and Rachael Stubley lived in the village of Batley in Batley parish and had the following children:

    1. George Law (1792-1864), Martha Hall and Sarah ?
      Birth: George, "son of Benjamin Law of Batley, clothier, son of George, by Rachael his wife, daughter of Abraham Stubley" was born on April 10, 1792 and baptized on May 6, 1792.
      Marriage: George married Martha Hall on August 15, 1815 in Batley parish.
      1. Lydia of George and Martha Law, Batley clothier baptized August 25, 1816.
      2. Joseph, the son of George and Martha Law Batley clothier, baptized March 22, 1818.
      3. John Law (1820-1885), Susanna and Jane
        Birth: John, of George and Martha Law, Batley clothier, baptized May 28, 1820.
        Marriage: Susanna
        1. Benjamin, son of John Law and Susanna, schoolmaster, Batley, born August 26, baptized October 20, 1844 (BT)
        2. Joseph, of John and Susanna Law, bookkeeper, Batley, born May 9, baptized, June 27, 1847 (BT)
          Death: Joseph Law, New Street, age 2, buried January 7, 1850 (LDS film #1542210)
        3. Mary Talbot of John and Susanna Law of Batley, clothier, born October 24, baptized December 1, 1850 (BT)
        4. Anne of John and Susanna Law, Batley bookkeeper, born May 12, baptized June 13, 1852 (BT).
        5. George Edward Talbot of John and Susanna, Batley bookkeeper, born April 16, baptized May 4, 1854 (BT)
        6. John Thomas of John and Susanna Law, Batley bookkeeper, born May 15, baptized July 27, 1856 (BT)
        7. James of John and Susanna Law, Batley bookkeeper, born January 22, baptized April 4, 1858 (BT)
        Death of Susannah Law: Susanna Law, King Street, age 34, 1. was buried January 7, 1859.
        Remarriage of John Law: Jane, date and place unknown - (The wife of John Law was Jane Smith who married George Rainford, when he died she remarried to John Law, and on the UK Census of 1871 it lists John Law, his wife Jane, - his children by previous wife, and also some of the children of Jane from her 1st marriage. Kay Gifford, Perth Western Australia, November 2013)
        1871: John Law 51, Jane Law 45, Benjmn Law 26, Mary J Rainforth 22, Mary T Law 20, Annie Law 18, Alfred Rainforth 18, Annie L Rainforth 16, John Thomas Law 14, James Law 13, Florence Law 8, Malena Law 5, George Rainforth, 4.
        1881 Census: Taylor Street Batley, Jno Law 61, architect, Batley, Jane Law 55, Plompton, Mary J. Rainforth 33, stepdaughter, Rainton (?), Annie Law 28, daughter, Batley, Jno. T. Law 24, son, James Law 23, son, Florence Law 18, daughter, Melenia Law 15, daughter, George Rainforth 14, grandson, Next door to Mary T Law 30, and her brother Benjamin 36 barrister in practice.
      4. Death of John Law: John Law, architect, age 65, of Taylor Street, was buried in the Batley Cemetery on March 6, 1885.
        Death of Jane Law: Jane Law, age 60, widow of the late John Law of Taylor Street, was buried in Batley cemetery on February 11, 1886.
      5. Jeremiah Law (1822-?) and Emma Sheard
        Birth: Jeremiah, the son of George and Martha Law, Morley clothier, was baptized April 7, 1822.
        Marriage: June 15, 1843, Jeremiah Law, age 21, bachelor, Batley, clothier, the son of George Law, clothier, married Emma Sheard, 18, Carlinghow, daughter of Charles Sheard. Both signed. Witnesses: John Mitchel and J W Jenkins
      6. Thomas, the son of George and Martha Law, was baptized April 18, 1824.
        Death: Thomas Law of Batley, age 19, was buried May 18, 1843.
      Death of Martha Law: Martha Law of Batley, age 36, buried August 11, 1829.
      Remarriage: Unknown, Sarah
      Death of George Law: George Law of Batley, age 72, was buried September 22, 1864 (Batley Parish Record)
      Death of Sarah Law: Unknown
    2. John, "son of Benjamin Law, clothier, son of George, by Rachael his wife, daughter of Abraham Stubley " was born on November 11, 1793 and baptized January of 1794.
      Death : John "Lawes" buried July 7, 1800.
    3. Ann, "daughter of Benjamin Law, clothier, son of George, by Rachael his wife, daughter of Abraham Stubley" was born November 11, 1794 and baptized February 2, 1795.
      Further Records: I do not know what happened to Ann.
    4. Sarah, "daughter of Benjamin Law, clothier, son of George, by Rachael his wife, daughter of Abraham Stubley" was born on December 22, 1796 and baptized April 2, 1797.
      Death: Sarah died as an infant and was buried with her mother, Rachael. See below.

    Death of Rachel Stubley Law

    Rachel died in 1797. Her burial was not listed in the parish records. However, her death on October 22, 1797, at age 28, was recorded on the memorial Benjamin's headstone in the Batley Parish churchyard which reads in part,

    "In memory of Rachel the wife of Benjamin Law of Haver-croft Who departed this life on the 22 day of October 1797 In the 28th year of her age Also of Sarah their daughter who died in her infancy".
  10. Joseph Stubley (1772-) and Mary

    Birth: Joseph (1772)
    Marriage: Mary
    Children: Note From Index, did not yet check original records.

    1. SARAH STUBLEY 26 JAN 1793/4 Batley, Yorkshire, England
    2. MARK STUBLEY 07 JUN 1795 Batley, Yorkshire, England
      Death: "In 1811 Mr Parker's family removed from the house at "Lanes End" or Wellington Street, near Mr Benjamin Law's house, to a house behind Mr. John Cowling's residence in Ward's Hill, the landlord, Mr. T Lake, requiring the house at Lane's End for his son. This date is positively settled by a melancholy incident which happened to one Mr. Parker's youthful companions, named Mark Stubley and which resulted in his death. They were playing during the interval allowed by the mill for dinner at "buttons" and young Stubley having some in his mouth, swallowed one which stuck in his throat. Although it was extracted by the surgeon, the young man died of inflammation occasioned by the irritation." The discovery and early history of the shoddy and mungo trades. Article by Edwin Law BR 13/11/1880, transcribed by Wendy Rose, 2006
    3. JOSEPH STUBLEY 09 JUL 1797 Batley, Yorkshire, England
      Death: Another Joseph born in 1801
    4. ELISABETH STUBLEY 17 SEP 1798 Batley, Yorkshire, England
    5. JOSEPH STUBLEY 19 APR 1801 Batley, Yorkshire, England
      9 year break
    6. THOMAS STUBLEY 18 SEP 1810 Batley, Yorkshire, England
    7. HANNAH STUBLEY 17 SEP 1811 Batley, Yorkshire, England

  11. Benjamin (1775)

  12. Mary (1777)

  13. Hephzabah (1779)

Death of Noe Stubbly

Noe, the wife of Abraham Stubley was buried on July 17, 1792.

Benjamin Law

George Sheard


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