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Queens Street Chapel: Independent

The focus of this web page is the history and genealogy my ancestors, Charles Lewis Land, his son, John Land, their ancestors and descendants.

Six children of Charles Lewis Land and his wife, Anne Dinsdell, were baptized in "Queens Street Chapel", Leeds between 1818 and 1833: John 1818, Elizabeth 1820, Elizabeth 1822, James Dunford 1826, Charles 1826 and Emma 1833. See Charles Lewis Land for details

LDS has records for the chapel from 1756 to 1837 on mircofilm #828139 items 5-6.

In fact, "Queens Street chapel" is kind of a misnomer. In 1756 this Independent congregation was under the leadership of the Rev. John Edwards at the White Chapel on Hunslet Lane, (near the coal staith and south of South Market according to several old sources). At his death in 1785 the Rev. Edwards was succeeded by the Rev. Edward Parsons. In 1791 the Rev. Parsons moved his congregation from the White Chapel to the newly built Salem Chapel. However, there appears to have been a congregation that remained at the White chapel. In 1804 the Rev. William Eccles was the minister at the White Chapel, Hunslet Lane Leeds. He remained there at least ten years. In 1819 the Rev. Thomas Scales became the pastor of the congregation which was still meeting at the White chapel on Hunslet lane. In 1825 the congregation moved to a new location on Queen Street. In 1850 Rev. Scales resigned as minister to this congregation.

John and the two Elizabeths were baptized in the old White chapel. James, Charles and Emma were baptized in the chapel on Queen Street.

Queen Street Chapel as listed in the Leeds Directories 1830, 1834 and 1837:

  • The 1830 Leeds Directory listed Queens Street Chapel as having:
    • Sunday services at 10:30AM and 6:00PM and a prayer meeting at 3:00PM
    • Monday prayer meeting at 7:00PM
    • Thursday sermon at 7:00PM.
  • By 1834 the 3:00PM Sunday prayer meeting had been dropped.
  • White's 1837 Directory says:
    "Queen street Chapel is a large and neat building, erected in 1824, and containing 1,200 sittings. The Rev. Thomas Scales is its minister."

Note: In general the Independents seemed to have more meeting times that the other denominations.

In 1790 there was one Independent chapel in Leeds which could sit about 600. In 1791 the Salem chapel was build. By 1841 there were five congregations including Queen-street chapel. (Source - The Evangelical magazine and missionary chronicle, Vol 19, 1841)

Queen Street Independent chapel was opened in 1825.

Queen Street Chapel, Park Place, Leeds. - This place of worship, built by the church and congregation, hitherto assembling at the White Chapel, Hunslet Lane, under the ministry of Mr. Scales, was opened on Wednesday, April 27, 1825. In the morning, Mr. James, of Birmingham, preached from Rev. i. 20., and ii. 1. Mr. James Parsons, of York, in the afternoon, from 2 Cor. iv. 2. And Dr. Raffles, of Liverpool in the evening, from Matt, xviii. 20; the devotional exercises were conducted by Mr. Jackson, of Green Hammerton; Dr. Boothroyd, of Huddersfield; Mr. Hasloch, of Kentish Town; Mr. Pool, of Kipping; Mr. Valentine Ward, Wesleyan Minister; and Mr. Acworth, of Leeds, Baptist Minister. On the following Lord's-day, sermons were preached in the new chapel by Mr. Parsons, senior, Mr. Scales, and Mr. Hamilton, The collections exceeded, £400. The building includes, under one roof, the chapel, which seats 1250 persons, with an upper gallery for 400 children, two lofty school rooms, capable of accommodating 700 children, two vestries, and a large committee-room. A large piece of ground, intended for a cemetery, surrounds the chapel.

The Congregational magazine [formerly The London Christian instructor], 1825

In 1843 an anti-slavery meeting was held at the chapel and in 1850 the Rev. Scales resigned.

1843 July 24th A public meeting of the Leeds anti-slavery society was held this evening in Queen-street chapel. The Rev. J. W. C. Pennington, a gentleman of colour from the United States of America, attended and addressed the meeting.


1850 January 2nd

The Rev. T. Scales, minister of Queen-street chapel, Leeds, having resigned his pastorship in consequence of declining health, the members of the church and congregation presented him with a purse of one hundred sovereigns, accompanied by a testimonial, expressive of their gratitude for his past services, and the deep interest felt in his future welfare. Mr. Scales had been minister thirty years, and oommenced first in the old white chapel.

The annals and history of Leeds, and other places in the county of York 1860 ..

Thomas Scales was listed in the 1841 Census, York Place, Leeds, Thomas Scales independent minister age 50, Christiana age 50, Robert age 20, Henry age 20, schoolmaster, William, age 15.

Other Lands in Queens Street Chapel

Besides the family of Charles Lewis Land and his wife, Anne Dinsdell there were two other families with the surname Land who had children baptized in the Queens Street Chapel.

  1. Philomon Land, son of Philomon Land and Hannah, born November 12, 1802 and baptized December 1802. (Queen Street Chapel Records)

  2. Thomas Land and Anne Shirt
    1. Ann, of Thomas Land and Ann of Water Lane, born on March 23, 1817 and baptized on August 24, 1817, Queen Street Independent, Leeds (Queen Street Chapel Records)
    2. John Shirt Land, the son of Thomas Land and Ann of Water Lane, born April 11, 1822 and baptized on July 21, 1822 Queen Street Independent, Leeds (Queens Street Chapel Records)

Philemon Land and Charles Land had more in common than both being members of the White Chapel/Queen Street congregation. Like Charles Land, Philemon Land was born in Wakefield and moved to Leeds. Their fathers were both named John. There the similarities end. They were NOT brothers. See John Land, Wakefield

Dinsdale in Queens Street Chapel

John Dinsdale, the brother of Ann Dinsdall Land, had James Thomas Dinsdale, of John Dinsdale and Elizabeth, baptized on April 16, 1826 in the Queens Street Chapel (IGI, source 0826139).

See Dinsdale

Philomon Land and His Family

Philomon Land, born to John Land and Sarah Meyers in 1765 in Wakefield, lived in Weston and moved to Leeds.

John Land and Sarah Myers of Wakefield and Weston

Marriage of John Land and Sarah Myers

John Land married Sarah Myers in Wakefield All Saints on December 12, 1759.

Sarah Myers:

Sarah Meyers, the daughter of Joseph Meyers and Ruth Ellis Meyers, was baptized in All Saints in 1736. The other children of Joseph and Ruth Meyers were: Joseph, Mercy, David, James, Christopher, Ruth, Philomon, and Isaac. Sarah's mother, Ruth Meyers, baptized in All Saints in 1707, was the daughter of Philemon Ellis and Dorothy Crabtree.

Children of John Land and Sarah Meyers

There were 17 baptisms for the children of "John Land" in Wakefield All Saints between 1761 and 1774. Unfortunately, only the father's name was listed. Occasionaly a place designation was made. None-the-less, it is possible to determine several of the children of John Land and Sarah Meyers.

Subsequent records show that John Land and Sarah Myers moved to the parish of Weston no later than 1775 when their son James was baptized. When John Land and Sarah Meyers moved from Wakefield to Weston all of their children were young enough to have made the move with them.

The Land records in Weston are limited to the family of John Land and Sarah Meyers, their children and grandchildren. Four of the children of John Land and Sarah Meyers baptized in All Saints can be established, based on the subsequent records in Weston. They are: Joseph, Ruth, Mercy, and Sarah. Since there were two Joseph and two Sarahs baptized in WAS during the period of time Sarah Meyers was having her children it is not possible to determine which Sarah and which Joseph were the children of Sarah Meyer. Another child can be determined based on the unusual name, Philomon, a name used in Sarah Meyer's family for several generations.

Based on the Weston and Philomon connections Sarah Meyers Land was the mother of:

  1. Joseph Land (1763-) and May Young

    Baptism: Joseph baptized either March 26 1763 (son of John Land of "W") or August 11, 1764.

    Marriage of Joseph Land and May Young: Joseph Land married May Young in Kirk Ella in 1788 (IGI). The marriage was also listed in Weston (IGI).

    April 14, 1789, All Saints Weston, Joseph Land, farmer, to Mary Young, spinster, they both signed witnesses, Philemon Land and Wm Chadwick

    Children: Joseph had the following children born in Weston:

    1. Sarah in 1789 (IGI)

    2. John Land and Rachael Overend

      John in 1792. (IGI).

      Marriage: John Land married Rachael Overend in Weston in 1813


      1. Sarah in 1813
      2. Joseph in 1816
      3. Mary in 1819
      4. Mercy in 1820
      5. Rachael in 1822
      6. John in 1831
      7. James in 1838
      8. (All information taken from the IGI).

    3. Thomas Land and Ellen Kettlewell

      Thomas in 1794 (IGI).

      Marriage: Thomas Land married Ellen Kettlewell in Weston in 1819.

      Children: All born in Weston, except where noted

      1. Martha (in Ilkley) in 1820
      2. Philemon (in Otley) in 1823
      3. Joseph or Thomas in 1824
      4. Mary in 1827
      5. Ann in 1829
      6. Sarah in 1831
      7. Thomas in 1833
      8. Henry in 1836
      9. James in 1838
      10. Ellen in 1842
      11. (All information from the IGI)

    4. James in 1800 (IGI).

    In 1822 Joseph Land, of Askwith near the parish of Weston, was the executor of the will of his brother, Thomas. See below.

  2. Philemon Land (1765-1820), Ruth Chadwick and Hannah Clapham

    Baptism: Philemon, of John Land of "W", baptized on January 19, 1765/66.

    Occupation and other:

    • 1796 Leeds, Subscribed to Jones's English system of Book-keeping, by single or double entry, 1796, JONES, Edward Thomas. Bristol Subject: commerce (Ancestry.com)

    • 1797, Hunslet-lane, Leeds, Yorkshire, butcher, food/drink(p/s) Listed in A History of ... Leeds. Compiled from Various Authors. To which are added a History of Kirkstall Abbey & a Leeds Directory., 1797, [WRIGHT, Griffith]. Leeds Printed & Sold by all the Booksellers. (ancestry.com)

    • 1798, Hunslet-lane, Leeds, Yorkshire, butcher, food/drink(p/s), Listed in The Leeds Directory for 1798, 1798, [WRIGHT, Griffith]. Leeds. (ancestry.com)

    • 1800, Hunslet-lane, Leeds, Yorkshire, liquor merchant, food/drink(s), Listed in A Directory for ... Leeds, 1800. Leeds Printed by Binns & Brown (ancestry.com)

    • 1817, 1818: Philemon Land Wine and Spirits Merchant 27 Woodhouse lane 1818 Leeds Directory

    Marriage of Philoman Land and Ruth Chadwick: Philemon married Ruth Chadwick in Leeds in 1789.


    1. Philemon Myers Land 4 March 1790, Leeds (Parish index).
      Death: Philemon Myers Land, the son of Philemon Land of Call Lane, was buried March 12, 1793, Leed's parish church (Leeds parish records).
    2. Mercy of Philemon in June 1791 Leeds (IGI)
    3. Sarah, the daughter of "Mr." Philemon Land of Call Lane, was baptized on March 4, 1793, Leed's parish church (Leeds parish records).
    4. Edward, the son of "Mr." Philemon Land of Hunslet Lane, was baptized on November 13, 1794 and buried on November 27, 1794 Leed's parish church (Leeds parish records).

    Death of Ruth Chadwick Land: Ruth, the wife of Philemon Land of Hunslet Lane, was buried on February 15, 1798 in Leeds (Leeds parish records).

    Marriage of Philemon Land and Hannah Clapham: Philemon Land of the parish of Leeds, wine merchant, married Hannah Clapham of the parish of Leeds by license on December 26, 1801.

    Marriage of Hannah's brother, John Clapham: On the same day (Dec. 26, 1801) Hannah's brother, John Chapham, of the parish of Leeds, "junior merchant" married Martha Peele of the parish of Leeds by license.

    John Clapham had a descendent, Philomon Land Chapham, who was born in Austraila in 1879: "Philomon Land Clapham born in Australia 1879, son of John Goodman Clapham who's father I believe was married at the same time as Philomon Land married Hannah Clapham. I believe he may have returned to England." Peter Clapham, March 2008

    Note: My thanks to Philippa Willcox (nee Clapham) a descendant of John Clapham by his second wife, Honor Dennis, who contacted me by email and corrected the spelling of Clapham which I had as Chapham (June 2005).

    Children of Philemon and Hannah :

    1. Philemon, baptized 1802 in the Queens Street, White or Whitehall Independent Church in Leeds.

      Marriage: Philemon Land married Felicities Messer in Leeds St. Peter in 1827 (IGI)

      1832: Land, Philemon (voter) Dresden, Saxony (place of abode), Freehold Field (qualification), Woodhouse lane (location), Leeds Skyrack Wapontake, Lower Skyrack, UK, Poll Books and Electoral Registers, 1538-1893

      1935: Land, Philemon Dresden germany. Listed in Leeds Polling District.

      The Censuses: Philomon Land was listed in Leamington Priors, Warwickshire married age 48, fund holder, lodger, born Leeds, in the 1851 census and age 58 in the 1861 census. The families were not the same. He was listed in the 1871 census in Learnington priors as Thelemon Land, age 68 lodger annuilant. married, born in Hunslet. He was again listed as a lodger in Leanington Priors in the 1881 census, age 78, marital status was not known, 'no profession dividends'. Felicities Land was not listed in any censuses.

      Death: Philomon Land, age 81, died in 1882 per vital records indexes (Warwick vol 6d page 328 June quarter 1882).

      A memoire by Martha Wedmore nee Clapham 1882:

      We are of Clapham descent and cousins of Hannah Clapham, Philemon's mother. I have just been going through some documents which included a "memoire of our family" by a cousin Martha Wedmore nee Clapham. She writes: 1882 Cousin Land died at Leamington 20 June. First cousin to my parents (They were also first cousins to each other. SW) He had married a german lady, and after the death of their only child Frederika . . . they separated by mutual arrangement, she staying in Dresden, he returning to England . . . . great friend of my father, . . . came to stay often, . . smoked cigars, only the best . . . every year same unbrella, and probably same clothes . . . . quaint figure, grey hair cut like a frenchman and a pointed beard. He left 125,554 to be divided amongst his numerous cousins, and his only debt was for one box of cigars!

      Sue Walther from Norfolk, November 2006

      Notice was given to all who had claims against the estate of Philemon Land "late of No. 26 Portland Place, Leamington in the county of Warwick, Gentleman". He died 20th June 1882. His will was proved in the Birmingham District Registry by John Land. Samuel Clapman Philemon Land and John Clapman were named as executors..

    Death of Philemon Land: Philemon Land married man, age 54, woodhouse Land, Burial 11 Mar 1820, Burial Place: St. Peter's, Leeds, York, England FHL Film Number: 918381 Reference ID: 172

    Philomon Land in the directories in Leeds: No listing in 1822, 1829, 1837 or 1834

    1786: Thomas Walker and Philemon Land successors to the late Mary Myers, entered to the "stock in trade belong to the late Mrs. Mary Myers, Brandy Dealer."

    Other instances of the name: The only other Philomon Land listed on the IGI is the son of Thomas and Ellen baptized in Otley in 1823. Thomas Land, the son of Joseph Land and Mary Young, was born in Weston in 1794. Thomas married Ellen Kettlewell in 1819 in Weston. Thomas and Ellen had Martha baptized in Inkley in 1820 and the following children baptized in Weston, Joseph in 1824, Mary in 1827, Sarah in 1831 and James in 1838.

    More: In December 2016 Anna Hughes wrote: "Thomas Land died Leeds 1815, his executor or administrator was Philemon Land, I feel either brother or nephew."

  3. Ruth Land and Thomas Shirrow

    Ruth baptized November 1766.

    Marriage: Ruth Land married Thomas Shirrow in Weston in 1788.

    Thomas Shirrow farmer and Ruth Land, spinster, both signed, witness Philomen Land, All Saints, Weston, May 19, 1788

    1822: Mentioned in the will of Thomas Land of ripon 1822

  4. Mercy Land and Joseph Farmer

    Mercy baptized January 1769.

    Marriage: Mercy Land married Joseph Farmer in Weston in 1794.

    Joseph Farmer of the parish of Otley and Mercy Land 9 June, 1794, Weston All Saints, both signed, witnesses, Rachael Shirrow and Edward Smith

    1822: Mentioned in the will of Thomas Land of ripon 1822

  5. Sarah Land and John Forrest

    Sarah baptized in 1771 or February 26, 1774 ( more likely the latter).

    Marriage: Sarah Land married John Forrest in Weston in 1800.

    John Forrest of the parish of Weston and Sarah Land April 12 1800, John signed, Sarah made her mark, witnesses Joseph Land and John Smith.

    1822: Mentioned in the will of Thomas Land of ripon 1822

  6. James Land (1775-?) and Elizabeth Dison

    James Land the son of John Land was baptized in Weston in 1775 (IGI).

    Marriage: James Land married Elizabeth Dison in Adel in 1801 (IGI).

    James Land Weston farmer, and Elizabeth Dison of Adel spinster, both signed, witness Joseph Land, 21, Jan 1801

    Children: James Land had the following children born Weston

    1. John in 1802
    2. James in 1804
    3. Sarah in 1806
    4. Joseph in 1808
    5. James in October 1811
    6. Thomas in 1813
    (All information on James Land and Elizabeth Dixon taken from IGI)

  7. Thomas Land (born ?? died Ripon 1822)

    Birth: Sibling of Philemon and Joseph per other records

    Thomas of John Land Wakefield 1761, Wakefield All Saints (?)



    1. Sophia circa 1791

      1841: Sheffield Leonard Mawson 50, shoe maker, Sophia Mawson 50, Thomas Mawson 18, John Mawson 16, Leonard Mawson 13

      1861 census: Sheffield, Attercliffe, Yorkshire, England John Mawson 35, confectioner, Mary Ann Mawson 29, Sophia Mawson 70, mother, born Attercliffe, Thomas Growden 20, serv. Ann Mungerson 28, serv

      1822: Thomas son of Leonard and Sophia Mawson lat of Revell of Stockport of Attercliffe cum Darnel (?) cordwainer, was born 26 September 1822 and baptized 11 November 1822 (Non conformist baptisms Wesleyan Sheffield Norfolk street Brunswick and Park Chapels)

    Death of first wife:


    Death of Thomas Land of Ripon:

    "Spirit merchant, execs brother, Joseph Land of Askwith parish Weston near Otley, and friend John Fowness. Trustees. - Legacy 50 pounds to Sophia wife of Leonard Mawson younger of Attercliffe Sheffield cordwainer, natural daughter, wife is cogniscent. Personal estate support dear wife for bringing up of children including two adopted children John And Thomas children of my said wife she had to me before marriage and which are all the children I have at present except Sophia Mawson. They are under 21. Monies arising from estates...(doesn't say where) Two sixth brother Joseph, rest three sisters...and natural daughter. Ruth kitton (?), Widow, Mercy Farmer, wife of Joseph Farmer, Sarah Forest and Sophia Mawson Holds property leased under the free Grammar School Ripon. Written 1819, died 30/4/1822." (Courtesy of Anna Hughes, March 2017)
    : 1822 Ripon, North Yorkshire England

  • Since it is likely that they would haved named a son after his father, it is possible that Sarah Meyer was also the mother of one of three Johns baptized in the parish (one in 1762 and two in 1770).

  • It is also possible that she was the mother of Christopher baptized in 1772. Christopher was another unusual name and and was the name of one of Sarah's brothers. Christopher, the son of John Land, was buried on April 23, 1773.

  • If Philomon Land, whose son was baptized in the Queens Street Chapel in Leeds in 1802, was a relative of Charles Lewis Land, whose children were baptized in the Queens Street Chapel between 1818 and 1833, they were, at best, cousins of some degree.

  • For more information on all of the children born in Wakefield between 1761 and 1774, go to John Land, Wakefield

Thomas Land circa 1783, Ann Shirt and Sarah Longbottom

Birth: circa 1783 per death - 1786 per 1841 census

???Thomas Land son of John Land, Mabgate born Dec 21, baptized Jan 5, 1783, Leeds St. Peters.????

Occupation: Warehouseman in 1847 at the marriage of his son, John

Residence: Water Lane, Leeds

Marriage: Thomas Land and Ann Shirt both of the parish, Rothwell Holy Trinity, by banns, October 20 1802, he signed - she xed - no Land or Shirt witnesses

Children: Thomas and Ann were married in 1802. The first confirmed birth of a child for them was in 1817. Given the birth rate at the time there are surely other children born to Thomas Land and Anne Shirt.

  1. ???? William circa 1802. Flax Spinner, lived Water Lane. See below.

  2. John✟ October 15, 1810, Water Hall, son of Thomas Land

    Death: John son of Thomas Land Water Hall 11 months, decline, 1 Sep 1811 St. Peter Leeds

  3. ????Ann 1814 daughter of Thomas and Ann at baptism George Street Independent

  4. Ann 1817 of Thomas and Ann Land, Water Lane - Queen Street Chapel

  5. John Shirt Land (1822- ) and Mary Read
    Birth: John Shirt Land, the son of Thomas Land and Ann of Water Lane, born April 11, 1822 and baptized on July 21, 1822 Queen Street Independent, Leeds (Queens Street Chapel Records)
    Note: Based on the middle name he was certainly a child of Anne Shirt Land.
    Occupation: Bookkeeper, clerk, Linen factory, flax spinning factory
    Residence: Providence Terrace, Leeds 1871 and 1881, Armley in Stanley 1891
    Marriage: Mary Read
    August 4, 1847 John Land full age bachelor bookkeeper, West Street, son of Thomas Land, warehouseman, St George Leeds
    1. Thomas Land (1848-), Frances Ann Tillotson and Barbara Agnes Clark
      Birth: Thomas B Land, Leeds West, 1848
      Thomas Land birth, 7 Jul 1848 Father: John Land Mother: Mary Land Baptism Date: 17 Sep 1848 Leeds Oldhime street Holbeck Leeds Non conformist Records
      Marriage: Frances Ann Tillotson,age 20, daughter of Thomas Tillotson, mason, and Thomas Land age 24, bachelor, commercial travler, Providence Terrace, son of John Land bookkeeper, 10 Sept 1872, Leeds,
      1. Frank
      2. Florence
      Death of Frances Ann Tillotson Land: Yorkshire Death indexes 1881 LAND Frances Ann - Chapeltown Leeds CHAP/11/48M
      1881 Census: Potter Newsome, Leopold Terrace Thomas Land widow age 31, commercial traveler, born Leeds Frank F son age 4, Florence age 4 mo. Hannah Tillotson mother in law age 61 widow, Louis Tilltotson, sister in law and Jane Hill servant.
      Remarriage of Thomas Land: Barbara Agnes Clark (born in Australia), in the U.P. Church, Portobello (near Edinburgh) on 2/6/1884 (Ronnie, October 2007)
      Death of Thomas Land: Glasgow on 28/8/1922 (Ronnie, October 2007)
    2. Arthur 1852 Leeds West
    3. William 1855 - William Land of John and Mary Haymarket street, bookkeeper, born 2 June 1855 bapt 12 Aug 1855.
    4. Percy E. 1859 - Percy Edmund Land BIRTH: Jul 1859 - Hunslet, Yorkshire West Riding
    5. Evelyn 1861 Leeds West
    6. Edith 1864 Leeds West
    1851 Census: Primrose Lane Leeds, John head age 28, clerk linen factory, Mary wife, age 25 born Halifax, Thomas son age 2, born Leeds.
    1861 Census: Did not find them
    1871 Census: Providence Terrace, John Land, head, age 48 bookkeeper, born Leeds, Mary, wife age 44, born Halifax, Thomas Land, son unmarried, age 22 commercial traveler, Arthur, son age 18, occupation crossed out and I can't read it, William C son age 15, upholsterer apprentice, Percy E, scholar, Evelyn, age 9, and Edith age 7
    1881 Census: Providence Terrace Leeds John Land, head, age 58, mercantile clerk flax and tow spinning, born Leeds, Mary, wife age 54, born Halifax, Percy E, scholar, age 21 account's clerk, Evelyn, age 19, merchant sailor, and Edith age 16 dressmakers apprentice
    1891 Census: John Land and family had moved to Armley at Stanley view John, head, age 68 retired bookkeeper, Mary wife age 64 and Edith Mary daughter single age 25, tailoress.
Death of Ann Shirt Land: 1822 after birth of Ann in 1822 before marriage of Thomas to Sarah Longbottom in 1823.

Marriage: Thomas Land, mechanic, to Sarah Longbottom, spinster, 6 Jan 1823. He signed. She made her mark. (Leeds St. Peter's PR)


  • Thomas was 40 at the time of this marriage
  • Sarah Longbottom Land was born in Rothwell.

1817: Rope and Twine Manufacturers, Lna, J. Near fold, Mabgate, and Land, Thos., Water lane

1825: Death Thomas Land, married man, Waterland, July 4, age 45.parish of Leeds - Note: born circa 1780

1826: Thomas Land Publication Year: 1826 Address: 2 Water hall M ater lane Residence Place: Leeds, Yorkshire, England Occupation: Overlooker

1830: Canvas Manufacturer Land, Thomas 5, Land's Court, water Lane

1841 Census: Kaye Street, Leeds, (near Water Hall, near Water lane) Thomas Land age 55, warehouse man, Sarah Land age 55, John age 15, Ann age 20, (cannot read) Thompson age 10 female servant

This census had the ages rounded off to the nearest 5.

1842: Thomas Land, Publication Year: 1842, Address: 19 Water lane, Residence Place: Leeds, Yorkshire, England, Occupation: Gentleman

Death of Thomas Land: 29 Feburary 1844, 7 Kaye Street, Kirkgate District of the township of Leeds, Thomas Land, age 61, warehouseman, emphysema, reported by John Land, present at death, 7 Kaye Street


  • Kaye Street is not listed on current map of Leeds.

1851 census: 2 Chaphan Place, Brewery Field, Holbeck

  • Sarah Land, head, widow, age 66, annuitant, born Rothwell
  • Sarah Longbottom, niece, age 17, no occupation, born Holbeck


  • I cannot find Chapham Street or Brewery Field on any of the maps that I have.
  • Brewery field, Meadow lane 1853 Streets of Leeds. No Chapman Street listed in 1853.

1861 Census: Marshall Mill Yard, Holbeck with William Longbottom head, age 60, engine smith born Holbeck, Mary, wife , age 56, born Wakefield, several of their children and Sarah Land, sister, widow, age 77, fundholder, born Rothwell, blind 4 years.

Thomas Land at Queen Street chapel.

As noted above Thomas Land and Anne Shirt had two children baptized in Queen Street Chapel: Ann Land in 1817 and John Shirt Land 1822, contemporaneously with Charles Lewis Land and Anne Dinsale who also had children baptized in the Queen Street Chapel. I do not know if it is significant.

One problem is that there were at least two Thomas Lands in Leeds at the time. The following is an attempt to sort out the various Thomas Lands.

Thomas Lands

At least two THOMAS LANDS born circa 1780 were having children in Leeds in the early 1800s.

A number of Land born in Wakefield moved to Leeds in the early 1800s.

There are several baptisms, two in Wakefield the one in Leeds, that might be relevant.

Possible Births:

  1. Thomas of Thomas Land 22 November 1799 Wakefield All Saints

  2. Thomas son of John Land baptized 6, January 1783 Leeds, Leeds Parish Indexes. "Mabgate" (Leeds St Peter's PR)

    • Other children born to John Land around the same time period. Sarah 15 February 1780 Quarry Hick, Thomas 6 January 1783, Mabgate, James 10 July 1786, Mabgate, Lydia* 11 October 1789, Mabgate. There were also Mary and Martha of John Land baptized 10 July 1793, Mabgate.

      Note: This is not necessarily the same John Land as the father of Thomas baptized in 1783.

      *Lydia Land, single mother, Mabgate had: Martha in 1813, Mary in 1816 (St Peter's Leeds PR)

  3. Thomas son of James and Hannah 05 Oct 1782 All Saints Wakefield (All Saints PR)


  1. Thomas Land married Anne Shirt in Rothwell on October 20, 1802 (IGI).

    Thomas Land and Anne Shirt both of the Parish 20 October 1802, Rothwell, Holy Trinity, he signed, she made her mark. (Rothwell PR)

    No obvious birth record on IGI for Ann Shirt
    Thomas Land and Ann Shirt had two children baptized in the Queen street Chapel.

  2. Thomas Land married Mary Gill in Wakefield 9 Jan 1803. Both signed. St Johns. NOI

    Thomas Land had a sister Elizabeth Land who married Samuel Musgrave and lived in Leeds. Thomas Land, flax dresser, and Mary Gill also lived in Leeds and had Thomas, Jane and Mary. See Land in Leeds

Children of Thomas Land between 1803 and 1822:

  1. Elizabeth of Thomas Land, Kirkgate, 19 September 1803, Leeds, St Peter (Leeds St Peter's PR)

  2. William Land (1803-1847) Flax Dresser and Elizabeth Kent

    Birth: 1803: I did not find a baptismal record. Year of birth based on death.

    Notes:William Land was a flax dresser. He was listed on the same page as Thomas Land in the 1841 census. He named his first son, Thomas. However, the Thomas Land on that page in 1841 does not appear to be closely related to William. Thomas Land born 1804 was the son of Thomas Land born 1799. William was not mentioned in the will of Thomas Land senior (1780) in 1825.

    Marriage: Elizabeth Kent
    William Land Flax spinner to Elizabeth Kent by banns St Peter Leeds 4 May 1834, both of the parish (PR)

    Elizabeth Kent: Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Kent baptized 2 October 1803, St Peter Leeds.

    Occupations of William Land: : Flax dresser in 1823, 1824, 1841, Beer Seller, at death in 1847

    Addresses: : Water Lane, Southeast Leeds & 2 Camp Lane, Water Lane, Leeds 1847


    1. Eliza, 19 June 1824 of William Land, Water Lane, Flax spinner, and Elizabeth

      Marriage: January 24, 1848 Michael Caton full age bachelor pattern card maker, Swinegate, father John Caton, bootmaker to Eliza Land, full age spinster, Water Lane, father William Land, flax dresser, parish church after banns, both signed.

      1851 census: Water Lane, Michael Caton, head widow, age 55, warehouseman, Michael Caton 14, son, warehouseman, Eliza Caton 27, daughter in law, married, Ann Land 10, visitor, flax doffer Fanny Ward 18, visiter, flax doffer, Ann Ward 14, visiter, flax doffer

      On the same page as Mary Land head un[married] age 40 annuitant, born Leeds

      1871 Census: Croft Street (near Land court) Elizabeth Land, head, widow, age 68 provisions dealer and Eliza Caton, widow, age 46

    2. Thomas of William and Elizabeth Land Water Lane flax dresser, born Nov 25, 1825 baptized Dec 25, 1825


    3. William Thomas Land Birth Date: 21 Jan 1831 Parish: Leeds, St Peter (Leeds Parish Church) Baptism Date: 11 Jul 1831 Father's Name: William Land Mother's Name: Elizabeth Land, Land's court, flax dresser


    4. Ruth Land (1833-)
      Birth: Ruth 22 August 1833 in Quarry Hill or York Primitive Methodist Leeds, Yorkshire, daughter of William Land and Elizabeth. Note: No other Land baptisms in Quarry Hill
      Further records:
      Marriage????: Ruth Land, daughter of William Land, rope maker, married William Colbeck, painter, son of Emmanuel Colbeck, shoemaker, both of O---- Green Rothwell. He signed - she made her mark. Holy Tinity Rothwell, 1852, May 23, (Rothwell PR)
      1861 Census: Maurice, York, Monk 16 Orchard Street: William Colbeck, head, age 27, painter and paper hanger, born Holbeck, Ruth, wife age 27, born Wakefield
      1871 Census: Not listed
      1881 Census: St Panceas, London, Albany Street, William Colbeck, age 47, paper hanger, born Holbeck, Ruth, wife age 47, born Wakefield, Mary L, daughter age 24 embroideress, born Wortley, , Emily B, daughter age 10 scholar, Jesse R, son age 9, Charles, son age 5, rest born St Panceas, plus five boarders
      1891 Census: St Panceas, London, Albany Street, William Colbeck, age 57, paper hanger, born Holbeck, Ruth, wife age 57, born Leeds, Emily B, daughter age 20 embroidress, Jesse R, son age 18, mantle maker, Charles, son age 15, electrical engineer, rest born St Panceas,

    5. Jane Land Birth Date: 15 Oct 1833 Parish: Leeds, St Peter (Leeds Parish Church) Baptism Date: 2 Jan 1834 Father's Name: William Land Mother's Name: Elizabeth Land, Water Lane flax dresser


    6. Emma Land Birth Date: 21 Jun 1836 Parish: Leeds, Christchurch Baptism Date: 21 Dec 1836 Father's Name: William Land Mother's Name: Elizabeth Land, Christchurch, William Land flax dresser and Elizabeth, Dec 21, 1836 (PR)

      Note: This is the only listing for Land in Christ Church.

      1861 Census: With her mother on Water Lane Elizh Land 57 Emma Land 24 Ann Land 20 Martha Bentley 74

      1871 Census: St Helen St Cumberland House, Unmarried, age 35, matron of training school for servants school in St Helen Ipswich, Suffolk The Middle (As near as I can determine this was a school where orphaned girls were taught to be domestic servants.)

    7. William Arthur Land Birth Date: 15 Jun 1838 Parish: Leeds, St Peter (Leeds Parish Church) Baptism Date: 3 Jul 1838 Father's Name: William Land Mother's Name: Elizabeth Land, Water Lane Flax dresser

    8. Ann Land (1840-) and

      Birth: Ann Land Birth Date: 2 May 1840 Parish: Leeds, St Peter (Leeds Parish Church) Baptism Date: 9 Jun 1842 Father's Name: William Land Mother's Name: Elizabeth Land, Camp Lane flax dresser

      1851 Census: With her sister Eliza see above.

      1861: With her mother on Water Lane

      Marriage: 1862 Leeds Registered Building Leeds RB/26/170 Free BMD

    1841 Census: Camp Lane, Leed (20 Water Lane) William, 35 flax dresser, Elizabeth 35, Eliza 15, Emma 4, Ann 1 Listed on same page as Thomas in the 1841 census

    Death: 8 July 1847 William Land married man Water Lane age 44

    6 July 2 1847, Camp Lane, Water Lane, Leeds, William Land age 45, beer seller, fever 6 days, certified, reported by Elizabeth Land present at the death, 2 Camp Lane Water Lane, Leeds.

    1851 Census: : Not listed

    1861 Census: Leeds #16 Water Lane, South, (Christ Church), Leeds, Elizabeth Land head, widow, age 57, shop keeper, Emma Land, daughter, age 24 dress maker, Ann Land, daughter, age 20, french pubisher (?), Martha Bentley, lodger widow age 74, all born Leeds

    1871 Census: : Croft (?) Street, South Leeds, Christ Church, right next to Land Court and near Water Lane. Elizabeth Land widow head age 68 provisions dealer, and Eliza Caton widow age 46, provisions dealer, both born Leeds.

    Death of Elizabeth Kent Land: 1873 Leeds southeast Leeds Se/61/14 Yorkshire BMD or Elizabeth A Land Leeds southeast 1878 SE/70/41

  3. Thomas Land, son of Thomas Land and Mary Gill (1804-?) Flax spinner, Civil Servant, and Ann Bullman
    Birth: Thomas of Thomas Land 5 February 1804, Leeds, St Peter (Leeds St Peter's indexes) (IGI) "Near the Church" (Leeds PR)
    Marriage: Anne Bullman 04 July 1827 St Peter's Leeds (IGI) flax spinner, witnesses Ewd Bullman and R Bullman (Leeds St. Peter's PR)
    Occupation: Flax spinner, Office keeper, civil servant
    Residence: 1841 Camp Lane, Kirkgate
    Camp lane, 20 Water lane


    Note: Land Court is off Water Lane
    Children: He does not appear to have had children.
    1841 Census: Camp Lane, Kirkgate, Leeds, Thomas Land age 35, ind Mary, age 55, Anne age 35, Mary age 30 and a female servant.
    • This is Thomas, his mother (or step mother), Mary, his wife, Ann, and his sister, Mary.
    • On the some page, William age 35, flax dresser, Elizabeth age 35, Elizabeth age 15, Emma age 4 and Ann age 1. This is Thomas's brother. There are other flax dressers, flax spinners in the area.
    1851 Census: Chelsea, Ecclesiatical parish, Upper Chelsea, St Saviour Middlesex, St Lukes, 17 Walton Street, Thomas Land, head, age 47, office keeper treasury chambers geo---- house, born Leeds, Anna wife, age 46, born Leeds
    1861: St Martins Westminster, St Martins in the Feilds, London, Thomas Land, age 57, office keeper, and Ann wife age 58, born born Leeds
    1871 Census: In Egham, Christ Church, Surrey, civil servant age 67, with wife Ann age 59 both Leeds.
    1881 Census: Egham Surry, age 77 with wife Ann age 76 civil service super--- office ---The Lorrd Advocate of H--Land office London, born born Leeds.

  4. Mary Ann of Thomas Land, 24 March 1805, Leeds, St Peter (Leeds St Peter's indexes) (IGI) "Kirkgate" (Leeds PR)

    Death: Ann Land 3, measles, Burial 16 Jun 1806 Thomas Land of Kirkgate, Burial Place: Leeds, St Peter, Yorkshire, England Parish: Leeds, St Peter

  5. Ann of Thomas Land 25 December 1805, December, Leeds, St Peter (Leeds St Peter's indexes) "Kirkgate" (Leeds PR) (IGI)

  6. Martha of Thomas Land 26 May 1808, Leeds, St Peter (Leeds St Peter's indexes) (IGI) "soldier in the 2nd West York military"

  7. Mary of Thomas Land 4 March 1809, St. Peter's, Leeds, St Peter (Leeds St Peter's indexes) (IGI) "Kirkgate" (Leeds PR)

  8. Elizabeth of Thomas Land 30 June 1810, St. Peter's, Leeds, St Peter (Leeds St Peter's indexes) (IGI) "Kirkgate" (Leeds PR)

  9. John of Thomas Land, 15 October 1811, St. Peter's Leeds, St Peter (Leeds St Peter's indexes) (IGI) "Water Hall" (Leeds PR)

  10. Emma of Thomas Land 18 January 1812 Leeds, St Peter (Leeds St Peter's indexes) "Kirkgate" (Leeds PR)

  11. Mary circa 1812 may be the 1809 birth

    1841 Census: Mary was with her brother, Thomas and her mother, Mary

    1851: Age 40 unmarried by herself

    Marriage: September 1853, Leeds parish church Mary Land age 41 spinster Water Lane daughter of Thomas Land flax spinner, to George Hebblethwaite, age 44 bachelor maltster Mirfield son of Samuel Hebblethwaite Maltster. Both signed.

    1861 census: Leeds, Yorkshire, England Civil parish: Mirfield Ecclesiastical parish: St Mary County/Island: Yorkshire Country: England George Hebblethwaite 52, maltster, born Mirfield, Mary Hebblethwaite 52, born Leeds, Henry Lake 19, servant

    1881: Mary Hebblethwaite Age: 72 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1809 Relation: Head Gender: Female Where born: Leeds, Yorkshire, England Civil parish: Mirfield County/Island: Yorkshire Country: England Street Address: Water Hall East Thorpe Condition as to marriage: Windower (Widower) Occupation: Income From Property Registration district: Dewsbury Sub-registration district: Mirfield ED, institution, or vessel: 8 Neighbors: View others on page Piece: 4557 Folio: 17 Page Number: 27 Mary Hebblethwaite 72 Thomas (Jr.) Kirkby 36, nephew

  12. Ann of Thomas and Ann in 1814, George Street Independent, Leeds (George Street Church records)
    Death: She must have died as another Ann was born to Thomas and Ann in 1817
    Note: LDS microfilms 0828138 and 1037074 (George Street Independent Leeds 1807 to 1837) contains only one listing for Land: "Ann, the daughter of Thomas and Ann Land of the parish of Leeds was born on May 22, 1814 and baptized on August 21, 1814"

  13. Eliza of Thomas Land and Mary was baptized 26 January 1815, St Peter's Leeds (IGI C071931 Extracted baptisms St Peter's Leeds) flax spinner and roper Kirkgate (Leeds PR)

  14. Ann, of Thomas Land and Ann of Water Lane, born on March 23, 1817 and baptized on August 24, 1817, Queen Street Independent, Leeds (Queen Street Chapel Records)
    Further record:

  15. John Shirt Land (1822- ) and Mary Read
    Birth: John Shirt Land, the son of Thomas Land and Ann of Water Lane, born April 11, 1822 and baptized on July 21, 1822 Queen Street Independent, Leeds (Queens Street Chapel Records)
    Note: Based on the middle name he was definitely a child of Anne Shirt Land.

Death of Thomas Land flax spinner: Thomas Land Married man Water Land July 4, 1825 age 45

1841 Census: Camp Lane, Kirkgate, Leeds, Thomas Land age 35, ind Mary, age 55, Anne age 35, Mary age 30 and a female servant.

See Where the Lands Lived in Leeds for more on Thomas Land and Mary Gill and their family.

Was there any relationship between the Thomas Lands and Charles Land (Married to Anne Dinsdell)?

Thomas Land (married to Ann Shirt) and Charles Land were both members of the Queen Street Chapel, Leeds. Queen Street Chapel was a relatively small congregation. Thomas Land and Ann Shirt had two children baptized in Queen Street: Ann in 1817 and John in 1822. Potentially other children born to Thomas Land were baptized between 1803 and 1812. The 1814 baptism in George Street Independent Leeds is a child of "a" Thomas and Ann Land . All of the known children of Charles and Ann Land were baptized in Queen Street Chapel: John in 1818, Elizabeth in 1820, Elizabeth in 1823, James in 1826, Charles in 1829, and Emma in 1833.

They were both members of QSC in 1822.

Is their connection to Queen Street Chapel significant?

Thomas and Ann Land Land lived on Walter Lane Holbeck in 1817 and 1822.

Charles Lewis Land was listed in Holbeck in 1820, 1822, Water Lane Holbeck in 1826, Holbeck 1830, and Brewery Fields Holbeck in 1833, Canning Street (Hunslet) in 1834 and Hunslet in the 1841 census. Ann Dinsdell Land (the widow of Charles Land) was on Terrace Street Holbeck in the 1851, 1861 Censuses and at her death in 1871.

They were both at Water Lane circa 1822-1826.

Are the addresses at Water Lane significant?

Both Thomas Land and Charles named daughters, Emma: Thomas in 1812 and Charles in 1833. The name was not common in general nor in the Land family.

Is there any significance in the name Emma?

Conclusion: Despite some very tantalizing similarities there does not seem to be any real close connection between Thomas Land (married to Ann Shirt) and Charles Land. Thomas Land was born circa 1780. Therefore, he could not have been a son of Charles Land (born 1767) and Elizabeth Dunford. He could have been a brother of Charles Land. However, it is not likely. Charles Land's father was born 1734. He would have been 46 in 1780 - not impossible but not likely either. Thomas could have been a nephew to Charles Land. John Land could have had children as early as 1755.

Connections Between Charles Lewis Land, Thomas Land, and other Lands at Land's Court Waters Lane, Hobleck

  • The batismal records of Queen Street Chapel indicate that:

    • Thomas Land and Ann Shirt were living at Water Lane in 1817 and 1822.
    • Charles Lewis Land and Anne Land were at Water Lane, Holbeck, in 1826 at the baptism of their son, James Dunford Land.

    There were several other Lands at Land's Court in Water Land, Holbeck between1817 and 1861. I do not know if there is any relationship between Charles Lewis Land and the other Lands connected at Walter Lane/Land's Court, Holbeck. The records are sparce and not consistant.

  • 1798 Leeds Directory:
    1. Land, Phil. liguor merchant Hunslet lane

  • 1818 Leeds Directory

    1. Land, Thomas, flax and tow spinner, Water -Lane
    2. Land, Philemon, 27 Woodhouse lane, Wines and spirits

  • 1822 Leeds directory. There were several "Directories" on line listed for 1822. A combination of these give the following Lands, their place of residence and occupation:

    1. Land, Anne straw hat maker Camp fd Note Camp Field was at Camp Lane, in turn Camp Lane was 20 Water Lane.
    2. Land John, rope and twine manufacturer, Tofts lane, Quarry hill
    3. Land Thomas, flax spinner, Water ln.

  • 1826: Land: Charles, cloth drawer, Marshall street, Water Lane, John, rope and twine maker, Mabgate, Mrs. Mary, 24 Land's Court, Water Lane, Thomas, flax spinner, etc, 9 Grove terrace, Camp road, Thomas overlooker 2 Water hall, Water Lane

  • 1830 Leeds Directory listed five Lands. Three of them were listed in Water Lane as follows:

    1. Mrs Mary Land, 24 Land's Court, Water Lane
    2. Thomas Land, flax spinner, canvas and sacking mfr., Land's Court, Water Lane, home, 10 Providence Row
    3. Wm Land, flax dresser, 21 Land's court, Water Lane.

    Charles Lewis Land was not listed.

  • 1834 Leeds Directory. There were several "Directories" on line listed for 1834. A combination of these give the following Lands, their place of residence and occupation:

    1. Ann Land straw hat maker, Camp Fd.
    2. Charles Land, cloth drawer, 29 Canning Street Note: Canning Street at Meadow Lne Road
    3. John Land, Tofts Lane, Quarry Hill, Mabgate rope and twine maker
    4. Mrs. Mary Land, 26 Land's Court, Water Lane
    5. Thomas Land flax spinner, Water ln
    6. William Land, retail ale and porter dealers, Jolly Sailor, 10 Camp Land, Water Lane.
  • 1837 Directory listed:

    1. Land Jno. Druggist, 152 Briggate
    2. Land Thomas, whsman, Kaye street
    3. Land William, beer house, Camp lane and Land's ct

  • 1841

  • 1842 Leeds Directory Seven Lands listed in Leeds:

    Charles Land was not listed.

    1. John Land, cloth dresser, was at 56 Back Nile Street. John Land was the son of Charles Land.

    2. Thomas Land, "gent", was at 19 Water Lane

    3. Don't know where I got this from or why I did not note all seven of the Lands. MLB July 2011

  • 1847

    1. Jonathan Bentley, tailor, was listed at Land's court Water Lane Leeds in the 1847 White's Directory. I do not have access to the whole directory. This tidbit came from the Internet.

  • 1851

    Lands Court was not listed in the 1851 census. John Vickies, hair dresser, was listed at 14 Walter Lane, Holbeck, which was the address of Elizabeth Land Shopkeeper in the 1857-8 Leeds directory. By this time, John Land was in Wakesfield, Westgate Commons.

  • 1857-8 and the 1861

    The only known related Land was James Dunford Land, clerk, on Caledonia terrace.

    There was only one listing for Land on Water Lane: Elizabeth Land, shopkeeper, 14 Water Lane. She was not listed in either the 1851 or 1861 censuses.

Was there any relationship between Thomas Land and the Other Lands in Hobeck, Leeds souteast and Water Lane?

See Lands in Leeds

John Dinsdale and Elizabeth

Dinsdell and Dinsdale are variations of ths spelling of the same name.

Anne Dindell was the wife of Charles Lewis Land.

John Dinsdale married Elizabeth Hardisty, September 29, 1825 in St Peter's Leeds (IGI) They had:

  1. James Thomas Dinsdale batized in Queen Street Chapel in 1826.
  2. James Thomas Dinsdale baptized in St Peter's Leeds October 2, 1828 (IGI)
  3. Margaret Mitchell Dinsdale baptized on February 25, 1826 St Peter's Leeds (IGI)
  4. Robert Hardisty Dinsdale baptized November 6, 1831, St Peter's Leeds (IGI)
  5. Elizabeth Hartisty Dinsdale baptized October 13, 1833, St Peter's Leeds (IGI)
  6. John Dinsdale baptized November 13, 1836, St Peter's Leeds (IGI)

John Dinsdale was the brother of Ann Dinsdale Land.

See The Dinsdales now or at the bottom of the page.

J Thomas Land, cousin of Philemon Land

The will of Thomas Land of Carlton on Trent, Innkeeper dated 29 July 1818:

To cousin Philemon Land of Leeds (York) wine merchant, cottage etc at Agbrigg (York)

All other real estate to P. L. Sam. Curtin os Norwell, yeo. & Robert Briggs of Tuxford, yeo, on trust to sell; all personal estate likewise.

£100 to each trustee

To niece Mary wife of Sam. C £200

To niece Sarah Stucliffe, spin £400

To Jos. Ferndandes of Wakefield (Yorks) merchant £50

To sisters, Mrs. Fanny Wormald, Mrs. Eliz. Sutcliffe & Mrs Nancy Orange, £40 each for mourning.

To wife Eliz. £300

Remainder to be invested for wife & nephew Martin Wormald; with provisions to sisters

Actual will which has been can copied and is hard to read as it is fuzzy and faint in parts: Thomas Land of Carlton upon Trent to his cousin Philemon Land of Leeds in the County of York, wine merchant, all that my cottage or --rmont with garden ---stead and other appointments thereto belonging ---- at Aubrigg or Wakefield Outwood in the said county of York and now in the occupation of William Slator to hold to -- the said Philemon Land----- (Ancestry.com)

Date of Birth of Thomas Land:

Marriage: Marriage bond and allegation of Thomas Land of Carlton on Trent, farmer, aged 25 and upwards, and Elizabeth Girton of Carlton on Trent, aged 25 and upwards - 15 Apr 1793 (Nottinghamshire Archives Worldwide Catalogue)

Thomas Land Gender: Male Marriage Date: 16 Apr 1793 Marriage Place: Norwell and Carlton On Trent,Nottingham,England Spouse: Elizabeth Girton FHL Film Number: 462987

Leeds Library, Leodis, 8784, July 2011

Old White Chapel, Hunslet Lane, Leeds

"The Old White Chapel, Hunslet Lane. Partly destroyed by fire in 1928. Photograph by Alf Mattison."


The building was erected in 1755 to accommodate the Methodist itinerant preacher, Rev. John Edwards. Generally Methodist ministers did not remain at one parish but moved from congregation to congregation. The White Chapel was the first structure purposely built to house an Independent or Congregational congregation. Edward died in 1785 and was succeeded by Edward Parsons. Parsons moved with his congregation to the Salem Chapel in 1791. The White Chapel closed in 1825 and became a school.

This was built in the year 1754, by the Calvinist Independents; it is of brick and stone, situated in a very unpleasant and confined part. The Rev. J. Edwards was the first Minister, who presided over a very numerous Congregation, and was succeeded by the Rev. E. Parsons, who continued until Salem Chapel was erected. There is nothing particular in the building; and at present the Congregation have no settled Minister, the pastoral charge having been lately resigned by the Rev. G. Wilson.

The Leeds guide, including a sketch of the environs and Kirkstall abbey, 1806


The Rev. T. Scales of Wolverhampton, has accepted the invitation of the Independent Church, White Chapel, Leeds; and entered upon the pastoral office in that place.

The Evangelical magazine and missionary chronicle, Volume 27, 1819

Queens Street Chapel, Leeds

leodis (Leeds Library)

Dec. 11th. George Rawson Esq., laid the first stone of the Independent chapel, in Queen-street, Leeds, called Queen-street chapel. It is built of brick, the front exhibiting a projection with the pediment, which is ornamented by four Tuscan pilasters on the first story, supporting a frieze and entablature, on which are raised four Ionic pilasters, supporting the cornice and attic, which is also divided by smaller pilasters. The interior is very neat, with accommodation for 2,000 persons. There are two galleries, one of which is appropriated to the children of the Sunday schools. A burial ground is attached.

......... The annals and history of Leeds, and other places in the county of York 1860 ..

Queens Street Chapel, Leeds

leodis (Leeds Library)

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