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Charles Land

Charles and Elizabeth Land in New Zion, Wakefield

James, the son of Charles Land and Elizabeth Dunford Land, was born August 3, 1789 and baptized August 11, 1789 in the New Zion Independent Church, Wakefield, LDS film 0828166.

New Zion Church

Zion Independent Chapel opened on January 1, 1783 at the back of the South Parade in George Street, Wakefield. A new building was erected on the site in 1844.

The photo that leads to this page is certainly from the 1844 structure.

The Other Land Records in New Zion

It is possible that family members belonged to the same congregation. Other Land members of the Zion Chapel in Wakefield were:

  1. John and Ann Land

    John and Ann Land were contemporaries of Charles and Elizabeth Land.There was a John Land, the son of John Land, baptized in Wakefield in 1770. It is possible that John and Charles were brothers.

    John and Ann Land had the following children baptized in New Zion:

    1. Hannah born on November 7, 1793 and baptized on November 20, 1793. (Microfilm 0828166).
    2. David and Elizabeth born on February 3, 1795 and baptized on March 19, 1795. (Both microfilms).The IGI indicates that David Land married Elizabeth Roach on May 31, 1824 in St John's, Wakefield.
    3. Ann of "John and Ann Land of Alverthrough, Wakefield", born on February 1, 1798 and baptized on March 13, 1798. (Both microfilms)
    4. Ronda of "John and Ann Land of Alverthop, Wakefield," born October 29, 1800 and baptized on February 17, 1801. (Both microfilms) The IGI indicates that Ronda married John Wilby in Wakefield on December 26, 1823.

      Ronda was an unusual name in the Yorkshire records. There was only one other listing for Ronda Land in the IGI. Ronda, the daughter of John and Sarah Land was baptized on April 10, 1857 in East Knottingley.

  2. William

    There are the following records for "William Land" in New Zion:

    1. "A child of William Land entered 10 feet from the (pales?) April 9, 1829 (Microfilm 0828166).
    2. "A child of William Land" buried April 9, 1823, (Microfilm 1657064).

  3. William and Sarah Land of Agbrigg

    "Agbrigg Road" is to the southeast of the city of Wakefield.

    There are the following records for William and Sarah Land in New Zion:

    1. Sarah of "William and Sarah Land of Agbrigg, Wakefield", born on May 24, 1829 and baptized on October 5, 1829 (Microfilm 0828166). Only "Wakefield" is listed on microfilm 1657064.
    2. John of "William and Sarah Land of Agbrigg, Wakefield", born on March 10, 1831 and baptized on April 12, 1831(Microfilm 0828166). Only "Wakefield" is listed on microfilm 1657064.
    3. Henry of "William and Sarah Land of Agbrigg, Wakefield", born on August 30, 1833 and baptized on November 24, 1833. Only "Wakefield" is listed on microfilm 1657064. On microfilm 0828166 there is a note between this baptism and the one below it and I do not know which record it belongs to. It reads,
      "Bap by Jn Bryce Liverpool"

  4. William Land of Kirkgate

    Kirkgate is on the east side of the city of Wakefield.

    The records associated with William Land of Kirkgate are:

    1. William and Sarah Land of Kirkgate were listed on the Roll of "Church Members" for New Zion (Microfilm 1657064) Date of Admission January 30, 1842, "vote of church"

      There are notations that:

      • William "died in the Lord, August 28, 1856"
      • Sarah, "died in 1868"

    2. William Land's death was listed under the burials. He died, age 68, August 28, 1856 (microfilm 1657064). This means William was born circa 1788.

    3. Henry, the son of William Land of "Kirkgate", was buried April 30, 1863 in "feet ?" of ground.

    4. The ledgers for New Zion are a little disorganized. The following entry was listed in an undesignated category and I believe represents payment for a burial plot and stone for William Land and family.
      "Mr. William Land of Kirkgate, son of James (?), April 30, 1843 10/6, 2 grave 10 feet.
      The next line contains the entry,
      "Mr Wm Land, stone over same, 1/1/0".
      I believe that 10/6 and 1/1/0 represent an amount of money.

Miscellaneous Land Records in the Zion Chapel

There are several records that do not obviously tie in with the families of Charles Land, John and Ann Land, or William Land. These include:

  1. Burials:

    1. George Land was buried May 19 1858 (microfilm 1657064). There are three digits to indicate the age which looks like 109. The hand writing is hard to read. However, it is hard to believe that it really says 109.

  2. Membership:
    1. Margaret Land and Elizabeth Ann Land, age 16, of Queen Street, admitted April 24, 1878. There was no age listed for Margaret. Under General remarks, "Margaret Land died in 1887", no date, "Elizabeth Ann Land married Lapier (?) December 18 (?) 1889" (Microfilm 1657064). Elizabeth Ann was born circa 1862.
    2. Marie Land, age 12, Cock Swan Yard, mill girl, admitted December 29, 1881. There were two other "mill girls" whose address was "Cock Swan Yard" admitted the same day. All three of them were dismissed "to John Street" on August 3, 1882. It was a common cause of dismissal in the records of this church.

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