The Land Family Records in New York State</head>

Land Record in New York State

Land Introduction
Law Land and Elizabeth Sykes Land

The records from New York State Department of Health are quite expensive to obtain. The standard fee for a genealogy copy is $22.00. Consequently I have not sent for the following records.

I was able to find some of the records in the indexes so I know the exact dates.

Certificates for the Land Family in Smithtown


Norman H Land January 4, 1921, Smithtown Cert # 2623

Ruth A Land April 25, 1917 Hauppague #14650

Clarence Land May 26, 1906, Islip, #8821

I could not find the following records in the New York State indexes and do not know where the marriage occurred:

  1. Edith Adelaide Land to Edward Moseley 1903 or later, but no later than 1910.
  2. Ethel (Dot) Land to Frank Courier, 1908 or later, but no later than 1911.
  3. Mary Edna Land to Peter Wiedenkeller, 1912 or later, but no later than 1920.
  4. Joseph Land to Mary (Unknown), 1916 or later, but no later than 1920


Clarence Land, May 22, 1910, Smithtown # 26489

F Moseley, May 1, 1910, Smithtown #22608

Donald Land, January 16, 1912, Smithtown #3076

Norma V Land, July 30, 1915, Smithtown #60686

Grace Courier, February 10, 1911, Hauppague #7268

Douglas November 4, 1913 Hauppague #69785 0r 69765. Second to last number hard to read.

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