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In June 2006 I received the following email from Stew Peters. I have taken the liberty of adding some headings.

19 June 2006

I'm descended from the Marriage of Charlotte Booth and Robert Mortimer.

Robert Mortimer

Robert was born 16 Oct 1803 in Horbury Yorkshire England. Robert was the Son of Randal Mortimer a Weaver born in Birstall Yorkshire 14 July 1771 and Hanna Mitchell. Roberts Grandfather, Joshua Mortimer and Ann Ball were also from families of woolen weavers and combers. Related names in this genealogy are Spencer and Hartley.

Charlotte Booth

Charlotte Booth was born 27 March 1803 in Horbury or Wakefield Yorkshire. Charlotte was the daughter of William Booth born 26 June 1767 of Shelly, Kirkburtin Yorkshire and Hanna ( Ann ) Wood. Born 26 Dec 1766. They were married 28 December 1788. Both William and his farther Thomas were Weavers and Combers. Hanna Woods parents Thomas Wood and Mary Mitchell were of Weaving families as well. Related names on these genealogies are Cary, Dransfield and Etson

Robert Mortimer and Charlotte Booth Marriage and Children

Robert and Charlotte were married in All Saints Church Horbury 30 August 1824.

They immigrated to the Trenton New Jersey area shortly after there marriage. This couple had 3 children:

  1. William Mortimer, Born Trenton 26 October,1829.
  2. Anne Born 1828, Daughter Anne never married
  3. Mary Born 1825, Mary married Richardson Early a carpenter and Steeple Jack

Eventually by the time of Robert Mortimer's death in October 10 1875 this family had owned and moved to The Germantown Philadelphia area and started their own woolen mill named the Horbury woolen mill.

Charlotte Booth Mortimer died June 3rd 1874.

Mary Moritmer and Richardson Early

I'm descended from Mary Mortimer and Richardson Early. They had only one child who lived, Anne Mortimer Early. Anne married a young man from Ocean Grove New Jersey named George Chamberlain. George's farther Charles was the 1st policeman of Ocean grove. This Chamberlain family has a long history in the southern New Jersey area

William Mortimer and the Horbury Mills

William carried on with the Horbury Woolen Mills in Germantown PA. He married a women name Elizabeth ? They had several Children

  1. Charlotte 1863 - 27 September 1934, She was a public School teacher and never married
  2. Caroline 27 Mar 1865 - 21 Mar 1934 She was also a School teacher she never married
  3. Emily 15 Mar 1871 - 25 Jan 1922 She became a dressmaker and never married
  4. Mary E. 1871 - 31 Aug 1950 She was also a dressmaker and never married
  5. Elizabeth J. 24 Jan 1876 - 15 Aug 1932 worked as a stenographer and married George Tobin. I'm not sure if they had any children
  6. William Robert 12 Feb 1877 - 30 Aug 1877
  7. Ada V. 16 Mar 1878 she became a school teacher

My grandfather, George Chamberlain remembered going to the Woolen Mill to get new coats every winter. I still have some research to do but I believe after William Mortimer's death the family got out of the woolen mill industry. As far as I know, my brother and sister and cousin plus our kids, 7 in all, are the only descendents left of this family.

I know the families were very poor in Yorkshire, but came to have means in Germantown. An American rags to riches story I guess.

Kind regards, Stewart Peters

Photos courtesy of Stew Peters
Robert MoritimerCharlotte Booth Moritmer

Photos courtesy of Stew Peters
Aunt Anne MoritmerBessie (Elizabeth 1876)

Photos courtesy of Stew Peters
Lottie (Charlotte, 1863), Kate, Carrie (Caroline, 1865), Emma (Emily 1871) and Mary (1871) Mortimer

Lydia Law Land in Philadelphia

Lydia Law Land, the sister of Mary Ann Law Land and the stepmother of Samuel Land, immigrated to the Philadelphia with seven children in 1883. For more information on Lydia and her children in Philadelphia, click on the photo of the Philadelphia Art Museum.

Pictures of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania More added March 2004

Mary Ann Law and Samuel Land, immigrated to Philadelphia circa 1871. To view pictures of Philadelphia, click on the postcard of Fairmont Park.

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