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The Mitchell Connection To The Land Family

Margaret (Peggy) "Mitchel" married John Dinsdale in 1795. There were the parents of Ann, born 1796 who married Charles Lewis Land in Birstall Parish in 1816. Their son John Land born 1818 married Lydia Law in 1857. Their son Law Land 1858 married Elizabeth Sykes. Law Land and Elizabeth Sykes were the parents of Percy Land.

The Name Mitchell

Mitchel is a corruption of the name, Michael, and is believed to have numerous origins.

"It has numerous origins but locally the most prolific family was in Heptonstall.

1348 Henry Michel (Bradford Court Rolls)
1379 William Michell (Allerton) Poll Tax Rolls
1421 John Mitchell of Allerton (Bradford Court Rolls
1524 JOhn Michell (Haworth) Subsity Rools

Yorkshire Surnames Series Part One, Bradford and District, George Redmonds

John Mitchel and Margaret Simpson

Birth: Unknown. No later than 1732

Note: The indexes indicate that there were at least five Mitchels having children in the 1750s for whom there are no baptismal records in Keighley Parish.

Marriage: John Mitchel to Margaret Simpson 6 February 1752 Keighley. No other information (Keighley BT)

Occupation: Plasterer at birth of John in 1754

Residence: Note: While there are notations of residence on many entries, there was no such notation on any listing for John Mitchell.


  1. John Mitchel (1754-) and Ann King

    Birth: John of John Mitchel and Margaret, plaisterer (plasterer) 29 May 1754 Keighley (IGI)

    Birth of Ann King: No later than 1754 daughter of Joseph King (as indicated at the birth of her son, William, in 1783). She married in Kildwick in 1773. No King records in Kildwick from 1678-1743. Baptisms missing from 1743 to 1789. Not on IGI.


    Residence: Kildwick, 1773. Keighley 1773-1786.

    Marriage: John Mitchel married Ann King 07 January 1773 Kildwick, Yorkshire (IGI)


    1. John Mitchel of John Mitchel and Nancy 28 November 1773, Keighley. No other information. (BT)

      Death: He must have died as another John was baptized in 1776

    2. Peggy Mitchel (1775) and John Dinsdale

      Birth: Peggy Mitchel of John and Ann 19 March 1775 Keighley. No other information. (BT)

      Marriage: Peggy Mitchel married John Dinsdale in Keighley in 1795 (BT)

      Children: John Dinsdale and Peggy Mitchel were the parents of Ann born 1796 who married Charles Land

      See Dinsdale now or at the bottom of the page for more information about John Dinsdale and Peggy Mitchel

    3. John Mitchel of John Mitchel and Anne 25 December 1776. Missing from the LDS film. (indexes)

      Further Records: No marriage in Keighley. Not listed in censuses.

    4. Hannah Mitchel born 16 March 1778 baptized 10 May 1778 daughter of John Mitchel and Nancy King (indexes). Missing from the LDS film.

      Further Records: No marriage in Keighley under Hannah until 1805.

    5. Joseph Mitchel (1779-) and ???

      Birth: Joseph of John Mitchell and Anne King born 23 December 1779 baptized 27 Feb 1779/80 (indexes). Missing from the LDS microfilm



      1. Margaret circa 1819 Hobeck. Not listed IGI.

      1841 Census Holbeck, can't read street: Mary or Marg ? Mitchell age 25 Flax spinner, Joseph Mitchell age 60 engineer David Mitchell age 15 flax spinner,

      1851 Census: Holbeck Brewery Field, 26 (?) Moore Str. Joseph Mitchell, head widower age 71, pauper, engine maker born Keighley, Margaret, unmarried, daughter, age 32, flax spinner born Holbeck, Nancy, granddaughter, age 9, born Holbeck, Hannah Stainley (?) lodger, unmarried age 32, rover flax mill, born Holbeck.

    6. William Mitchell (1783-) and Margaret Lofthouse

      Birth: William son of John Mitchell and Nancy King daughter of Joseph King, no place no occupation, born 18 Oct 1782 baptized Feb 2, 1783 (BT)

      Marriage: William Mitchel married Margaret Lofthouse 29 Aug 1808 (Indexes)

      Children: None listed on parish index.

      Censuses: No

    7. Thomas son of John Mitchell and Ann King daugher of Jospeh King born 19 Nov 1785 baptized 15 Jan 1786, no occupation, no place. (BT)

      Further Records:

    Note: The LDS microfilm jumps from 1774 to 1780/81.

    Death of John Mitchell:

    Death of Ann King Mitchell :

  2. Michael Mitchel of John Mitchel and Margaret, 12 May 1756 Keighley. No other information. (BT)
    Death: Michael son of John Mitchell buried 19 July 1756 (or 1757 it is a little confusing)

  3. Sarah Mitchel of John Mitchel and Margaret, 14 July 1758 Keighley, No other information. (BT)

    Further Rercords:

  4. Ann of John Mitchel and Margaret 21 November 1760 Keighley No other information. (BT)

  5. Peggy Mitchel of John and Margaret 26 August 1763 Keighley. No other information. (BT)
    Death: Peggy daughter of John Mitchel buried June 3, 1764 (BT)

  6. Tommy of John Mitchel and Margaret, November 8, 1765. No other information. (BT)

  7. Peggy Mitchel of John Mitchel and Margaret 23 May 1768 Keighley. No other information. (BT)

  8. Jane, of John Mitchel and Margaret, 18 January 1771. No other information. (BT)

Death of John Mitchell:

Death of Margaret Simpson Mitchell:

Other Mitchell Records in Keighley

William Mitchel and Mary Clapham

Birth: No later than 1721

Marriage: William Mitchell married Mary Clapham 21 Jan 1741, Keighley (index)




  1. John 1 Sept 1742 (index)
    Marriage: Mary
    1. John of John Mitchel and Mary, 4 Dec 1768, Thwaites*, no other information
    2. Sarah of John Mitchel and Mary 21 Oct 1770 (index)
  2. Hannah 5 Feb 1743 (Index)
    Further Records: ??
  3. Betty 27 October 1745 (index)
    Further Records: No marriage in the parish
  4. *Thwaites was a hamlet in Keighley.

Death of William:

Death of Mary :

Samuel Mitchell (?)


Marriage: Elizabeth. Not in Keighley


  1. Betty 13 March 1747 (index)
  2. Thomas of Samuel and Elizabeth, 7 October 1753 (Index) missing from LDS copy of BT



Thomas Mitchell (?), plasterer, and Mary ________




  1. Arabella Oct 1743 of Thomas Mitchell (index)
  2. Elizabeth of Thomas Mitchell 18 May 1745 (index)
  3. James of Thomas Mitchell 26 April 1747 (index)
  4. John of Thomas Mitchel and Mary 30 December 1750 (index)
    Question: Are Arabella, Elizabeth, James and John the children of the same father, Thomas Mitchell as those children listed below?
  5. Mary of Thomas Mitchell and Mary 16 December 1753 no other information (BT)
    Death Mary of Thomas Mitchell plasterer buried 15 August 1755
  6. Sarah of Thomas Mitchell and Mary 12 Nov 1756, no other information (BT)
    Death: Buried Sarah of Thomas Mitchel 5 September 1756 no other information
  7. Titus of Thomas Mitchel and Mary, plasterer, 23 September 1758
    Marriage: Elizabeth Corradale before 1790. Not listed on IGI
    1. William born 19 Jan 1790 baptized 31 Jan 1790/91 (index)
      Census: No
    2. Titus, born 12 Oct 1791 baptized 30 Oct 1791 (index)
      Death: Another Titus born in 1798
    3. James Mitchel (1792-) and Elizabeth
      Birth: James born 9 April 1792 baptized 23 April 1793 (index)
      Occupation: Tinner and Brazer
      Marriage: Elizabeth
      1851: James Mitchell, age 57 head, tinner and brazier man, Elizabeth, married, age 55, Mary age 30 worsted weaver, Elizabeth, age 28 worsted weaver, Sarah, age 26, worsted weaver, Thomas, son age 25, joiner and brazier, Gorrigan, son, age 18. joiner, Joseph, age 16, tinner and brazier, Charles. Age 9 scholar. Next to Thomas Mitchell
      1861 Census: 1861 Census Church Green Keighley, Elizabeth Mitchell age 61 widow twiner and brazer, Elizabeth Mitchell age 37, bonnet maker, Joseph Mitchel son 24, tinman, Charles Mitchel son 19, tinman. Next household Thomas Mitchel
    4. Frederick 25 Nov 1795 (index)
      Census: No
    5. Titus born 13 April 1798 baptized 13 April 1798
      Census: No
    6. Robert born 28 Sept 1800 baptized 9 May 1901
      Census: No
    7. Joseph born 7 Feb 1803 baptized 16 Feb 1803
    8. Elizabeth born 1 Oct 1804 baptized 3 October 1804
  8. Nimrod 18 Jan 1761 no other information (BT)
    Marriage: Nimrod Mitchell married Hannah Brookbank 6 Feb 1785 (index)
    1. Thomas born 22 October 1785 baptized 22 October 1785 (index), Twin to Nimrod, see next entry.
      Marriage: Thomas Mitchell married Anne Sackston 26 June 1817 (index)
      1. Watson 28 June 1818 (index)
      2. Titus 8 Aug 1820 (index)
      3. Elizabeth 6 August 1821 (index)
      4. Ann 15 Feb 1824 (index)
      5. Nimrod 22 Jan 1826 (index)
        Censuses 1851, 1861, 1871 and 1881: Greet Street, Wheel wright and Cart wright, 1881 Beech villa, out of buisness
      6. Hannah 7 July 1828
      1851 Census: Church Street Keighley, Thomas Mitchel, head, married, age 62 plasterer employing 3 men born Keighley, Ann wife age 72, grocer, Watson, son, unmarried, age 40 plasterer, Ann wife, age 60 shopkeeper, Elizabeth daughter age 29, dressmaker, Ann daughter age 27, dressmaker, Watson son age 31, plasterer Hannah daughter age 23, house servant, all born Keighley. Note In this and the 1861 census they were right next to James Mitchel joiner and brazier born circa 1794. He might be the son of Titus and a cousin to Thomas.
      1861 Census: Church Green Keighley, Thomas Mitchel, head, widower, age 72, plasterer and grocer born Keighley, Ann wife age 72, grocer, Watson, son, unmarried, age 40 plasterer, Hannah daughter unmarried age 31 no occupation and Edward Firth journeyman, age 37 unmarried, journeyman plasterer.
      • Despite the slight discrepancy in age, based on the names, this is clearly the son of Nimrod.
      • Next to in both the 1851 and 1861 census James Mitchel and/or his widow, see below
    2. Nimrod twin to Thomas, born 22 October 1785 baptized 22 October 1785 (index),
  9. Polly 12 Aug 1763 no other information
    Death: Buried 27 November 1763 no other information
  10. James 19 Jun 1769 no other information
  11. James 24 July 1770 (index)

Michael Mitchell, Greengate, Mill Bridge, Low Bridge (?) and Sarah

Birth: No later than 1735

Marriage: Sarah. Not in Keighley parish


  1. John Jan 1755
  2. Thomas 14 Sept 1757, Greengate (BT)
  3. Sarah 27 Sept 1759 no other information (BT)
  4. Betty of Michale and Sarah, 17 Nov 1762, Mill Bridge (BT)
  5. Hannah 8 Nov 1765, Low Bridge



Jonas Mitchell (?), Upper Hobcote, and Rachael Kay

Birth: No later than 1737

Marriage: Rachael Kay 26 August 1756


  1. William, 20 March 1757 of Jonas and Rachel Car (?) Smith (?) (BT)
  2. Sarah, 29 July 1759. No other information (BT)
  3. Mary 6 Jan 1762 no other info (BT)
  4. twins, Susannah
  5. and Martha 16 October 1768 , Upper Hobcote



William Mitchell (?), Law C-- reel, and Ann Sudgen


Marriage: Wiliam Mitchell married Ann Sugden 27 May 1760 Keighley (index)


  1. Ann 18 Feb 1761 no other info
  2. Mary 27 Feb 1763 no other info (BT)
  3. John 13 March 1765 of William Mirchel and Anne Low C---reel
    8 year break
  4. Joseph 28 March 1773 (index)
  5. Sudgen 8 May 1775



Abraham Mitchell (?) and Anne Crosley


Marriage: Anne Crosley 13 May 1771


  1. Mary of Araham and Ann 14 July 1772



Thomas Mitchel and Sarah Sudgen


Marriage: Sarah Sudgen 7 March 1771


  1. Molly 29 July 1772 (index)
  2. Arabella of Thomas and Sarah Mitchel 8 Nov 1773 (IGI)

    Note: Arabella was a rather unusual name used by Thomas Mitchel, plasterer, and his wife, Mary, in 1743



Richard Mitchell and Martha




  1. Mary 16 Aug 1772 (index)



Other Mitchell Records

Mitchells in Kildwick

  1. Births

    1. 26 August 1700 Maria Mitchell filia Johanis de Bradley
    2. l18 December 1733 John Son of Henry & Mary Mitchel of Malsis Hall, Labourer
  2. Burials:

    1. 7 February 1710/11 Johannes Mitchel filius Lawrentij de Cowling
    2. 20 April 1740 John son of Thomas Mitchel of Cowling, Weaver, & Margaret his wife
    3. John son of Susanna Mitchel, Widow, of Keighley, Daniel Town of same, reputed Father 9 January 1740/41
Mitchels in Keighley:
  1. William son of Charles King 15 June 1756, burial

  2. John Mitchell 1 May 1758, burial

  3. Mary Mitchell widow Low Bridge 14 April 1764, burial


Nothing on IGI for Margaret Simpson born circa 1733 Keighley


I am searching for the birth of Ann King circa 1753 daughter of Joseph King as indicated by the birth of her son, William, in 1783. She married John Mitchel in Kildwick parish in 1771.

No birth of Ann King Kildwick on IGI circa 1753

Kildwick, a parish and town, 5 miles from Keighley, population in 1822, 175. The village was situated a hill on the road from Keighley to Skipton. The church, St. Andrew, was mentioned in Domesday.

I bought a CD on eBay which has the records for Kildwick from 1678 to 1743 in book form. No Kings were listed. No baptisms from 1743 to 1789. The records are missing 1743-1789. No marriages 1743 to 1837.

Records for King included:

  1. Marriage: Joseph King to Jane Hindle 2.9.1839

  2. Burials:

    1. Jane King wife of Henry of Glusburn a Husbandman 3.5.1771 Kildwick burial
    2. Elizabeth King wife of George a Glusburn weaver 27.12.1772
    3. George King of Glusburn weaver 17.8.1775
    4. Joseph King of Steeton 1.2.1818 46 years (c 1772)
    5. KING BENJAMIN KEIGHLEY 26.11.1848 51YRS
    6. KING CHARLES STEETON 13.11.1839 28YRS
    7. KING HANNAH STEETON 23.4.1845 16YRS
    8. KING JOHN STEETON 26.9.1836 30YRS
    9. KING JOHN STEETON 2.5.1842 2WKS
    10. KING JONATHAN STEETON 1.1.1841 1YR
    11. KING MARY COWLING 16.6.1842 36YRS
    Stopped with deaths 1850

  3. Baptisms:
    1. KING Martha 2 nd daug of John & Nancy Briggs of Glusburn a Weaver Born 4.1.1799 bapt 24.3.1799
    2. KING Mary 1 st daug of Joseph & Isabella Longbottom of Steeton Born 23.8.1801 bapt 27.9.1801
    3. KING Elizabeth daug of Joseph & Isabella of Steeton a Comber Born 7.6.1818 bapt 22.8.1818

Charles Lewis Land, the husband of Ann Dinsdale

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