John Land and his son, James Dunford Land
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John Mickelthwaite

Thanks to Christine Jane Hanley Walker of Batley for a head up on the family of Mary Elizabeth Mickelthwaite (January 2006).

Mary Elizabeth Mickelthwaite born c. 1855, daughter of John Mickelthwaite and his wife Luciana, was the wife of James Dunford Land. Her sister, Martha, born c 1858 was listed (along with her son Ernest) with Mary Elizabeth and James Dunford Land in the 1881 census in Batley.

1851 Census: Up Lane, Batley

John Mickelthwaite, head married age 33 woolen cloth weaver, born Mirfield, Luciana wife, age 37, housewife, born Kirkheaton, Nathan, son age 8 scholar, born Mirfield, Sarah Ann daughter age 2 born Batley, Dyson son age 3 mos. born in Batley.

1861 Census: Blackeridge Lane Batley

John Mickelthwaite, head married age 42 carrier at a mill, born Mirfield, Luciana wife, age 37 , housewife, born Kirkheaton, Nathan, son age 18 spinner woolen born Mirfield , Sarah Ann daughter age 12 scholar, Dyson son age 10, scholar, Robert son age 8, scholar, Mary Elizabeth daughter age 6, scholar, Martha Jane daughter age 3 scholar, John William son age 1, and Elizabeth Stubley, mother widow age 70, bobbin winder, born Fernhill . All the other children born in Batley.

1871 Census: High Street Batley

John Mickelthwaite, head married age 52 cloth fuller, born Mirfield, Luciana wife, age 47 , born Kirkheaton, Dyson son age 20, woolen spinner, Robert son age 18, woolen cloth raiser, Mary Elizabeth daughter age 16, woolen weaver, Martha daughter age 13 woolen weaver, Armitage son age 8 scholar. All the children born in Batley.

1881 Census: Pit Road or North Street Batley

John Mickelthwaite, head age 62, teamer born Mirfield, Luciana, wife age 57, Armitage son age 18 woolen weaver, Sarah A Almond daughter married age 32, woolen weaver, and her children Ann age 11, Emma age 9 Lavinia age 7 and Wilfred E son age 2. No husband present for Sarah.

1891 Census: Batley 145 Commercial St. Sarah Ann Almond, head widow, age 42, cloth weaver, born Batley, Luciana Micklethewait mother age 67, born Kirkheaton, Emma Jane Almond age 19, wool cloth weaver, born Batley, Lavinia Almond daughter age 17, born Batley, Wilfred E. A Almond son age 12, scholar born Batley, Albert Ernest Ellis lodger age 23 insurance agent born Canterbury, Kent. Ida Eliza Ellis wife age 25, Phrenologist, born Appleton Suffolk. Frank R. E. Ellis son age 1 born Batley.

Note The 1891 census was added after a March 2009 email from Val Schirru

Martha Mickelthwaite

Martha, born c. 1858, was listed as Martha Wilkinson with James Dunford Land and Mary Elizabeth Land nee, Mickelthwaite in the 1881 census. This was the only census listed for her under the name Wilkinson by Ancestry.

Ernest was listed at 104 Commercial Street with his mother now Martha J. Coggon head widow, age 43, shopkeeper, saddler and harness maker employer, Ernest M Wilkinson son age 24, saddler and harness maker worker at home and Richard Coggon, step son age 20, saddler and harness maker worker at home. All born Batley.

Ernest Wilkinson, the son of Martha Mickelthwaite Wilkinson

Ernest Marshall Wilkinson married Sarah Ann Hanley on 8 February 1902. Sarah was the sister of Tom Hanley.

Annie Micklethwaite (c 1869-) and Frank Clayton (c 1866-)

Frank Clayton was a partner of James Dunford Land.

See Land


Notice is hereby, that the Partnership here tofore subsisting between us the undersigned, James Dunford Land and Frank Clayton, carrying on business as Hearthrugs Manufactures, at Town-street, Batley Carr, in Batley, in the county of York, under the style or firm of "LAND AND NEPHEW," has been dissolved by mutual consent as and from the first day of January 1910. All debts due to and owing by the said firm will be received and paid by the said Frank Clayton, who will continue the business under the style of "Frank Clayton" - Dated 22nd day of February, 1910


The London Gazette February 25, 1910

Marriage: Frank Clayton age 21, china dealer of Batley Carr father James Clayton, china dealer married Annie Micklethwaite age 18, of Batley, father, John William Micklethhwaite, soldier on Dec 5, 1887 in the parish church in Batley Carr, both signed.

1901: Batley, Wilson Woo- street, Frank Clayton 34, hardware dealer, Annie Clayton 31, Mary E Clayton 3, Elsie Clayton 2

1911: Commercial street Batley Frank Clayton, 45, china merchant, Annie Clayton 41, 5 children or, 3 alive 2 died, Mary E Clayton 13, Elsie Clayton 12, James D Clayton 6

Frank and Annie Clayton nee Micklethwaite with daughter Mary Elizabeth - courtesy of Angela Russell - September 2020

Mary Elizabeth Clayton, Birth 11 Jun 1897, Father: Frank Clayton, Mother: Annie Clayton, Baptism Date: 18 Jul 1897, Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Batley Carr

Descendants of Richard Micklethwaite

Gillian Danby provided the following information on Richard Micklethwaite and his descendants, March 2006.

Richard Micklethwaite (1791-1817 and Elizabeth Dyson

Christening: 24 Jul 1791, Kirkheaton, Yorkshire (IGI)

Marriage: Elizabeth Dyson 06 Nov 1817 in Mirfield, Yorkshire (IGI)

Children of Richard Micklethwaite and Elizabeth Dyson:

  1. John Micklethwaite (1818-1890) and Luciana Armitage
    Christening: 20 Sep 1818, Mirfield, Yorkshire
    Occupation: 1881, Teamer (1881 census)
    Residence: 1881, Pit Road or North Street, Batley (1881 census)
    Marriage: Luciana Armitage 1841 in Dewsbury Dist., Yorkshire (FreeBMD.Mar 1841 Dews. pg 4)
    Birth of Luciana Armitage: Born 1823
    Children of John Micklethwaite and Luciana Armitage:
    1. Nathan Micklethwaite (c 1843-) and Betsey
      Birth: Nathan Micklethwaite born Abt. 1843 in Batley, Yorkshire.
      Marriage: Betsy. She was born Abt. 1844 in Carlinghow, Yorkshire.
      Occupation: 1891, Blanket Mill Overlooker (1891 Census)
      Residence: 1891, 15, North View, Thornhill (1891 Census)
      Children of Nathan Micklethwaite and Betsy:
      1. Alice Jane Micklethwaite, born Abt. 1866 in Batley, Yorkshire.
        Occupation: 1891, Cloth Weaver (1891 Census)
      2. Luciana Micklethwaite, born Abt. 1869 in Carlinghow, Yorkshire.
        Occupation: 1891, Cloth Weaver (1891 Census)
      3. Mary Eliza. Micklethwaite, born Abt. 1874 in Carlinghow, Yorkshire.
        Occupation: 1891, Cloth Weaver (1891 Census)
      4. Florence A. Micklethwaite, born Abt. 1880 in Carlinghow, Yorkshire.
      5. John H. Micklethwaite, born Abt. 1882 in Savile Town, Yorkshire.
      6. Edith A. Micklethwaite, born Abt. 1884 in Savile Town, Yorkshire.
    2. Sarah Ann Micklethwaite (1848-) and John William Almond
      Birth: Sarah Ann Micklethwaite was born 1848 in Batley, Yorkshire (FreeBMD. Dec Qtr. 1848, Dewsbury vol. 22, pg 7)
      Marriage: John William Almond 1870 in Dewsbury Dist., Yorkshire (FreeBMD. June Qtr. 1870, Dews. 9b, pg 673)
      Death of John William Almond: Bef. 1891.
      Occupation of Sarh Almond: 1891, Cloth Weaver (1891 Census)
      Residence of Sarah Almond: 1891, 136, Commercial St, Batley (1891 Census)
      Children of Sarah Micklethwaite and John Almond:
      1. Annie Almond, born 1870 in Batley, Yorkshire.
      2. Emma Almond, born 1872 in Batley, Yorkshire.
      3. Lavinia Almond, born 1874 in Batley, Yorkshire.
      4. Wilfred E. A. Almond, born 1879 in Batley, Yorkshire.
    3. Dyson Micklethwaite (1850-) and Mary Ineson
      Birth of Dyson Micklethwaite: Dyson Micklethwaite, born Abt. 1850 in Batley, Yorkshire
      Marriage: Mary Ann Ineson 1871 in Dewsbury Dist., Yorkshire, (FreeBMD. Dec 1871, Dews. pg 892)
      Birth of Mary Ineson: Daughter of Abraham Ineson and Grace Mortimer. born Abt. 1850 in Batley, Yorkshire. Possibly, Mary Ineson, b. Dewsbury, Mar Qtr 1850, Vol 22 pg 2
      Notes for Mary Ann Ineson:
      • Census 1871: Staying with her grandmother, Rachel Ineson. Rachel's husband, Benjamin, had just died. Age 20
      • 1881 occupation woolen weaver
      Occupation of Dyson Micklethwaite: 1881, Woollen spinner (1881 Census)
      Residence: 1881, Mill Lane, Batley (1881 Census)
      Children of Dyson Micklethwaite and Mary Ineson:
      1. Rachel Ann Micklethwaite, born 1878 in Batley, Yorkshire (FreeBMD. Marriages Jun 1900 Qtr., Dewsbury 9b 1214)
        Marriage: Benjamin Hepworth 1900 in Dewsbury Dist., Yorkshire20; born 1875 in Batley, Yorkshire. (FreeBMD. Births Sep 1875 Qtr., Hepworth Benjamin, Dewsbury 9b 637) Occupation of Benjamin Hepworth: 1901, General Carrier (1901 Census)
        Residence: 1901, 8 Bradford Rd, Batley (19091 Census)
      2. Amy Micklethwaite, born 1884 in Batley, Yorkshire.
        Residence 1901: Living with her Aunt Mary Elizabeth and Uncle James Dyson Land in Knaresborough (1901 Census)
      Death of Mary Ineson Micklethwaite: died 1891 in Dewsbury Dist. Yorkshire (FreeBMD. Dec Qtr. 1891, MICKLETHWAITE Mary Ann 40 years Dewsbury 9b 389)
      Death of Dyson Micklethwaite: 1900 in Dewsbury Dist. Yorkshire. (FreeBMD. Jun 1900 Qtr. Micklethwaite Dyson 49 years Dewsbury 9b 424)
    4. Robert Miklethwaite (1853-) and Emily Dewhirst
      Birth: Roberts Micklethwaite was born 1853 in Batley, Yorkshire 23. (FreeBMD. Mar Qtr. 1853, Dewsbury 9b, pg 422)
      Marriage: Emily Dewhirst 1881 in Dewsbury Dist., Yorkshire (FreeBMD.Marriage Sept Qtr 1881, Dewsbury, 9b, pg 750)
      Birth of Emily Dewhirst: 1854 in Armley, Yorkshire.
      Occupation Roberts Micklethwaite: 1901, Sexton (1901 Census)
      Residence: 1901, 13, Melton St. Batley (1901 Census)
      Children of Roberts Micklethwaite and Emily Dewhirst :
      1. Martha J. Micklethwaite, born 1884 in Batley, Yorkshire.
        Occupation:1901: Cotton Weaver
      2. Emma J. Micklethwaite, born 1885 in Batley, Yorkshire
    5. Mary Elizabeth Micklethwaite (c 1855-) and James Dunford Land
      Birth: Mary Elizabeth Micklethwaite, born Abt. 1855 in Batley, Yorkshire.
      Marriage: James Dunford Land 24 Dec 1876 in Independent Chapel, Batley (FreeBMD. Dec qtr. 1876, Dewsbury, 9b pg 1143)
      Birth of James Dunford Land: James Dunford Land born 08 Mar 1855 in Carlinghow, Batley, Yorkshire, son of John Land and Mary Dyson.
      Notes for Mary Elizabeth Land:
      • In the 1881 census, James and Mary had Mary's sister Martha and her son, Ernest Wilkinson, staying with them in Commercial Street, Batley.
      • In the 1891 census, James and Mary had moved to Harrogate.
      • In the 1901 census, James and Mary had moved to Knaresborough. Amy Micklethwaite, Dyson's daughter was staying with them.
      • Occupation 1881: Feather Dresser
      Notes for James Dunford Land:
      • Occupation 1901: Fancy Draper.
      • Occupation 1891: Draper
      • Occupation in 1881: Bookbinder and Stationer
      See Land for more information on James Dundord Land and Mary Elizabeth Micklethwaite
    6. Martha Jane Micklethwaite (1858-?) and Abraham Wilkinson and Dick Coggon
      Birth: Martha Jane Micklethwaite was born Abt. 1858 in Batley, Yorkshire.
      Marriage: Abraham Marshall Wilkinson 1876 in Dewsbury Dist., Yorkshire (FreeBMD. Sept Qtr 1876, Dewsbury, 9b, pg 1006)
      Birth of Abraham Wilkinson: 1856
      Child of Martha Micklethwaite and Abraham Wilkinson:
      1. Ernst Wilkinson (c. 1877-) and Sarah Ann Hanley
        Birth: Ernest M. Wilkinson, born Abt. 1877 in Batley, Yorkshire.
        Marriage: Sarah Ann Hanley 08 Feb 1902 in Dewsbury Dist., Yorkshire; born 1871.
        1901 Census: Occupation Saddler and Harness maker. Worker at home. Residence, 1901, 104, Commercial St., Batley
      Death of Abraham Wilkinson: 1879
      Martha Wilkinson in the 1881 Census: Living with her sister and brother in law, Mary and James Land (1881) and her son, Ernest.
      Marriage to Dick Coggon: Dick Coggon 1884 in Dewsbury Dist., Yorkshire (FreeBMD. Marriage Dec Qtr 1884, Dewbury, 9b pg 1072)
      More on Dick Coggon: Son of Richard Coggon and Mary Ann. He was born 1855 in Thorne, Yorkshire, and died 1891 in Batley, Yorkshire (FreeBMD.Deaths Mar Qtr 1891. Dewsbury, 9b pg 459) Occupation, 1881, Saddler Residence, 1881, 14, Nicholas St, Thorne, Yorkshire
    7. John William Micklethwaite, born 1860 in Batley, Yorkshire (FreeBMD. Mar. Qtr 1860, Dewsbury 9b, pg 448)
    8. Armitage Micklethwaite (1863-) and Annie Dale
      Birth: Armitage Micklethwaite was born Abt. 1863 in Batley, Yorkshire.
      Marriage: Annie Dale 1882 in Dewsbury Dist., Yorkshire
      Birth of Annie Dale: Abt. 1864 in Batley, Yorkshire.
      Children of Armitage Micklethwaite and Annie Dale:
      1. John William Micklethwaite and Mary Ann Healey Poole
        Birth: John William Micklethwaite was born Batley - 27th April, 1882
        Marriage: Mary Ann Healey Poole of Batley - on 12th September, 1903 at Batley Parish Church. Her DOB was 10th May, 1880
        Child of John William Micklethwaite:
        1. Annie Micklethwaite and Albert Ellis
          Birth: Annie Micklethwaite, born in Mirfield, Yorkshire, 26th July, 1908.
          Marriage: Albert Ellis.
          Birth of Albert Ellis: Mirfield, Yorkshire.
          Child of Annie Micklethwaite and Albert Ellis:
          1. Mary Ellis, born 1935 in Dewsbury, Yorkshire.
            Marriage: Thewlis.
          Death: 23rd February 1963.
        Death of John Micklethwaite: December 1953.
        Death of Mary Ann Healey Poole Micklethwaite: 6th May, 1954.
      2. Beatrice Micklethwaite, born Abt. 1890 in Batley, Yorkshire.
      3. Blanche Micklethwaite.
      4. Lily Micklethwaite.
    Death of John Micklethwaite: 1890 in Dewsbury Dist., Yorkshire (FreeBMD. Deaths Mar Qtr 1890, Dewsbury, vol 9b, pg 529, age at death 71 yrs)
    1891 Census: Luciana Micklethwaite: 136, Commercial St, Batley. Living with Sarah Ann, her daughter.8
    Death of Luciana Micklethwaite: 1894 in Dewsbury Dist. Yorkshire (FreeBMD. Dec 1894, Dewsbury, pg 407)
  2. Daniel Micklethwaite, born 1820 in Mirfield, Yorkshire.
    Christening: 16 Oct 1820, Mirfield, Yorkshire
  3. Sarah Micklethwaite, born 1823 in Mirfield, Yorkshire.
    Christening : 17 Aug 1823, Mirfield, Yorkshire
  4. Joseph Micklethwaite, born 1825 in Mirfield, Yorkshire.
    Christening: 06 Nov 1825, Mirfield, Yorkshire
  5. William Micklethwaite, born 1828 in Mirfield, Yorkshire.
    Christening: 18 May 1828, Mirfield, Yorkshire
  6. Mary Ann Micklethwaite, born 1831 in Mirfield, Yorkshire.
    Christening: 23 Feb 1831, Hopton, Yorkshire

Burial of Richard Micklethwaite: 11 Apr 1830, Mirfield, Yorkshire (National Burial Index)

Remarriage of Elizabeth Dyson Michlethwaite: Free BMDSeptember Qtr 1840 Dewsbury 22/2 Elizabeth Micklethwaite and George Stubley (Andy Michlethwaite, March, 2006)

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