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Mary Edna Land (1892-1964) and Peter Otto Wiedenkeller (1894-1973)

Mary Edna Land, the daughter of Law Land and Elizabeth Sykes Land, was born March 24, 1892 in Detroit, Michigan. She was known as Edna. She married Peter Wiedenkeller in NYC in 1919.

Mary Edna 1914 to 1919

According to the local newspapers Mary Edna Land living in Setauket in 1912. There is no indication of her occupation.

Mary Edna Land was working at Brentwood Sanitarium as early as December 1913. Brentwood Sanitarium was also known as the Ross Sanitarium, Ross Health Resort and Onehtah. It was a place of respite for patients who suffered from mild mental health issues.

In February 1914 Mary Edna Land resigned her position at Brentwood and excepted a job as a telephone operator in the central telephone office in Smithtown. In May 1914 she was the assistant at the NY Telephone office.

By 1916 she had dropped "Mary" and and was referred to as Edna. In March she went to visit friends in New York City. In September and October 1916 she was working as an operator in Port Jefferson. By December 1916 she had gotten a job in New York City. In December 1916 Ruth Land was also living in New York City.

She visited her parents in March 1917 and then again for two weeks in June 1917.

In April 1917 her sister younger sister, Ruth, married Paul Wiedenkeller and moved to New York City. Sometime after her visit in June Edna appears to have moved back to the Island, because it was noted in November 1917 that she "went to New York City to pass the winter with her sister, Mrs. Paul Wiedenkeller."

In May 1918 she was in Smithtown where she was a girl scout leader.

In September 1919 Mary Edna Land became engaged to Peter Wiedenkeller. In December 1919 Edna Land resigned from the NY Telephone Co and married Peter Wiedenkeller. She was 27 years old.

Peter Wiedenkeller coming from the Panama Canal Zone in 1916 and 1918

  1. Peter Otto Wiedenkeller, on the Advance from Christobal, Canal Zone, Panama, arriving September 27, 1916, age 22, born Vienna Austria June 15, 1894, naturalized Circuit Court Riverhead Long Island Mar 4, 1913 address in US, Fort Jay New York

  2. Peter Otto Wiedenkeller, on the Advance from Christobal, Canal Zone, Panama, arriving August 26, 1918, age 25, US Army under orders, 1913, naturalized Sulfolk Co. Court, Riverhead, L.I., June 5, 1913, address in US, Fort Jay New York

Naturalization of Peter Wiedenkeller, 1919

New York County Supreme Court Naturalization Petition Index

Peter Otto Wiedenkeller, Central Islip, LI 18 April 1919 #127

Marriage, 1919

Friday December 19, 1919 The Long Islander

Hauppauge Saturday 13, at the "Little Chruch Around the Corner" in New York City, Miss Mary Edna Land, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Law Land of this place, was united in marriage to Peter Wiedenkeller a former Central Islip young man now stationed with the U. S. A. at Governer's Island. Mr. and Mrs. Wiedenkeller have taken an apartment in Manhattan where a host of good wiches follow them.
Land, Mary E, Dec 13, 1919, 33342 Manhattan


  1. David born Dec 3, 1920

    Marriage: Majory Mary McCleary Sept 3, 1944


    1. Richard, 1948
    2. Julia, 1951
    3. Christine✟, 1952 died 1956
    4. Margaret, 1956

    Name Change: To Land date unknown

    Military Service: David W Land, Birth Year: 1920, Race: White, citizen, Nativity State or Country: New York, State: California, County or City: Alameda, Enlistment Date: 5 Oct 1942, Enlistment State: California, Enlistment City: San Francisco, Branch: Air Corps, Branch Code: Air Corps, Grade: Private, Grade Code: Private, Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law Component: Army of the United States - includes the following: Voluntary enlistments effective December 8, 1941 and thereafter; One year enlistments of National Guardsman whose State enlistment expires while in the Federal Service; Officers appointed in the Army of Source: Civil Life, Education: 4 years of high school, Civil Occupation: Gunsmith* (Armorer), Diesel Mechanic (Automobile mechanic, Diesel engine), Camera Repairman (still camera), Instrument Repairman, Nonelectrical (Instrument maker), Utility Repairman (Mechanic, general), Equipment Maintenance Man, Motion Picture equipment Marital Status: Single, without dependents, Height: 71, Weight: 137

    Death, 2011:

    DAVID LAND David Land passed away April 20, 2011 in Oroville CA. During the last difficult year of Parkinson's disease, he was cared for by his wife, Marjory; son, Richard, and friend, Ed Strehle, and Kim of Shadowbrook. He was born David Stacom Wiedenkeller Dec. 3, 1920, to Mary Edna Land and Peter Otto Wiedenkeller in NY, New York. Both his parents had large families on Long Island. Uprooted many times in childhood, his favorite time to remember was when his father was the Army Band Master at Scoffield Barracks in Hawaii. He graduated from Roosevelt HS in LA, UCLA at Berkeley, and SMU 1967 in Dallas. He served in WWII as an airplane mechanic, and went to college on the GI bill. During his career as a communication electrical engineer, his work included the transistor radio, the two way radio, radio towers, satellite communication for the Apollo program and the cell phone. He played piano and loved classical music his entire life. He had a photographic memory for books and music, a dry wit. He could quote limericks from Porky and Bess, as well as speeches from Lay of the Last Minstrel up until the very end. He married Marjory Land Sept. 3, 1944. He was a steadfast and devoted husband and father. He is survived by his wife, Marjory Mary McCleary Land; son, Richard; daughters, Julia and Margaret; grandsons, Daniel and Sam Driver; and sons-in-law, Rex Jackson and Paul Driver, and his sister, Doris Wiedenkeller, and her family of five children, Theodore, Sidonnie, Dru, Timothy James, and Tory. He is preceded in death by daughter, Christine. Service will be at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Oroville, 2 p.m., Saturday, April 30, 2011. Donations may be made to NPR or your local classical radio station.
  2. Doris born February 12 1923

    Marriage: Ted Wiedenkeller


    1. Theodore
    2. Sidonnie
    3. Dru
    4. Timothy (Tim)
    5. Tory
Divorce of Mary Edna Land and Peter Wiedenkeller

Reno November 15, 1943

Decrees Granted

Mary E Land (formerly Wiedenkeller) from Peter Land (Wiedenkeller) Reno Evening Gazette, November 15, 1943.

1920 and 1930 US Censuses

No listings under either Land or Wiedenkeller.

1922, Camp Dix

Law Land visited his daughter "Mrs. Peter Wiedenkeller at Fort Dix", November 1922 (long Islander)

September 11, 1925

Mrs. Peter Wiedenkeller and children visiting from Governors Island

February 1926

" Smithtown

Mrs. Peter Wiedenkeller and children of Governor's island are visiting relatives here. Mr Wiedenkeller is in Florida for the present.

February 1928


"Local relatives have received word that Mrs. Peter Wiedenkeller and two children are to sail March 8 from Honolulu to spend some time with their family in Smithtown. Captain Wiedenkeller is stationed with the United States Army at Schofiled Barracks on the outskirts of Honolulu. The trip will take Mrs. Wiedenkeller about one month."

The Long Islander

Arrival San Francisco from Honolulu March, 1928

On the USAT SOMME from Honolulu March 8, 1928, Mrs. P. A. Wiedenkeller, age 36, born Detroit Michigan, 3/24/1892, David Wiedenkeller, age 7, born New York City, NY, 12/31/1920, Doris Wiedenkeller, age 5 born New York City NY, born 2/12/1923. going to Smithtown Long Island

1928-1929 Edna Wiedenkeller in the hospital at Walter Reed summer 1928 to spring of 1929

Edna Land Wiedenkeller spent several months at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington. The first mention of Edna's illness was in the October 19, 1928 Port Jefferson Echo:

Percy Land and other relatives motored to D. C. to visit Mrs. Peter Wiedenkeller (Edna Land) who is critically ill following an operation."
However, it would appear that Edna was in the hospital since July 1928 as mentioned in the Long Islander on February 1, 1929
"Mrs. Edna Wiedenkeller who has been undergoing treatment at Walter Reed in Washington, D. C. since July is expected home in several days."

Edna appears to have remained in the hospital until April 1929:

"Mr and Mrs. Norman Land and Mr. and Mrs Percy Land motored to Washington, D. C. over the week-end. Upon thier return they were accompanied by Mrs. Edna Wiedenkeller, who for the past nine months has been a patient in the Walter Reed Hospital of that city."
Note: Bud Land said that it was Peter who got sick. Nine months in the hospital it quite a stay!

Arrival San Francisco from Honolulu 1930

On the CAMBRAI from Honolulu April 1 1930 Mary E Wiedenkeller, age 36, born Detroit Michigan, 3/24/1892, David S Wiedenkeller, age 9, born New York, NY, 12/3/1920, Doris E Wiedenkeller, age 7 born New York NY, born 2/12/1923. Going to Fort Totten, NJ.

"Captain and Mrs. Peter Wiednekleller and children are expected to arrive in New york next Tuesday from Hawaii where Captian Wiedenkellerhas been stationed for the past three years"

Long Islander, Friday, April 25, 1930 Page: 11

Move to Fort Totten

An undated article in the Long Islander (1929-30) indicates that the Wiednekellers moved to Fort Totten. Fort Totten was in Baysides Queens.

August 1930

Captain Wiedenkeller joined his family in Smithtown after a stay at Camp Aberdeen Maryland August 01, 1930


"Her friends will be sorry to learn that Captain Peter Wiedenkeller is confined to a hospital in Colorado, where the family moved several months ago. Mrs. Wiedenkeller has just returned home from the hospital where she was taken for observation following a bad fall. She is the former Miss Edna Land."

Long Islander, Friday, February 13, 1931 Page: 11

Visit from California, 1939

August 24, 1939 Edna visited Percy and Meta from California.

Peter Wiedenkeller in The Fresno Symphony

In 1940 Peter Wiedenkeller joined the Fresno California Symphony.

"Peter O Wiedenkeller who plays flute and piccolo served for fifteen years as an army bandmaster. In addition he has played in the Capital Theater and the Frank Damrosch orchestra in New York."

Fresno Bee Republican Sunday October 27, 1940

Peter O. Wiedenkeller musician was listed in the 1942 voters registration in Fresno, Ca.

Mary Edna Land Wiednekeller Land in the WACS, 1944

Mary E Land, Birth Year: 1894, Race: White, citizen, Nativity State or Country: Michigan, State: California, County or City: Los Angeles, Enlistment Date: 17 Mar 1944, Enlistment State: Utah, Enlistment City: Salt Lake City, Branch: Womens Army Corps, Branch Code: Womens Army Corps, Grade Code: Private, Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law Component: Womens Army Corps Source: Civil Life, Education: 4 years of high school Civil Occupation: Blacksmith or Band Or Orchestra Leader (Band leader. ) or Musician, Instrumental (Bandsman.) or Bandsman, Clarinet or Bandsman, Cornet Or Trumpet or Bandsman, Drum, Bass or Bandsman, Drum, Snare or Bandsman, Euphonium Or Baritone or Bandsman, Flute Or Pic Marital Status: Divorced, without dependents, Height: 46, Weight: 004

Death of Mary Land

Mary Land, SSN: 553-12-6836, Last Residence:, (No listing), Born: 24 Mar 1892, Died: Nov 1964, State (Year) SSN issued: California (1952)

Burial: Mary Edna Land Veteran's Rank: WO2 Branch: US Army Relation Name: Peter Otto Wiedenkeller Relationship: Wife Last known address: P.O. Box 6237 San Diego , CA 92166 Birth Date: 24 Mar 1893 Death Date: 11 Nov 1964 Interment Date: 18 Nov 1964 Cemetery: Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery Buried At: Section A-F Site 392 Relationship Notes: Wife of Wiedenkeller, Peter Otto

Death of Peter Wiedenkeller Land

PETER LAND, 15 Jun 1893, Dec 1985, 92680 (California), 559-14-2180, California

LAND, PETER Social Security #: 559142180 Sex: MALE Birth Date: 15 Jun 1893 Birthplace: OTHER COUNTRY Death Date: 27 Dec 1985 Death Place: LOS ANGELES Mother's Maiden Name: GRIMLI

Burial: Peter William Land, Veteran's Rank: CWO2, Branch: US Army, Last known address: P.O. Box 6237 San Diego , CA 92166, Birth Date: 15 Jun 1893, Death Date: 27 Dec 1985, Veteran Service Start Date: 8 Mar 1921, Veteran Service End Date: 30 Apr 1934, Interment Date: 31 Dec 1985, Cemetery: Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery Buried At: Section A-F Site 392

Information from Helen Land

  • Edna married Peter Wiedenkeller who she later divorced.
  • Mary Edna died in California (no date). Note: She died in 1964. MLB
Information from Bud Land

  • Peter was a bandmaster in the US Army.
  • Edna and Peter had two children, Doris and David.
  • Peter came down with a tropical fever while on duty in the Pacific and spend years in Walter Reed Hospital, in Washington, D.C. Note: I have not found any record of Peter being at Walter Reed. However, Mary Edna Land Wiedenkeller was at Walter Reed for 9 months+- in 1928/29. MLB
  • At some point Peter Wiedenkeller and family changed their last name to Land and moved to San Diego, California.

Information from Julia Land

  • Mary:
    • Taught piano
    • Wrote poetry
    • Served in the WACS in WWII
    • Mary Edna died in 1964. She was sitting in a chair and was suddenly gone.

  • Peter:
    • Immigrated to New York City when he was four years old
    • Served in the US army in WWI and was granted citizenship for his service. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Supreme Court Justice, signed his citizenship papers.
    • He was educated by the US army for the rank of bandmaster at the New York School of Music. While at the New York School of Music he studied with George Barrere a famous flautist (This information from David W.).

  • Children of Mary Land and Peter Wiedenkeller:
    1. David born December 3, 1920 in New York City. He married Marjory Mary McCleary on September 03, 1944 in the 1st Presbyterian Church, Sacramento, Ca. Marjory was the daughter of Albert McCleary and Marion Scott. David and Marjory had four children:
      1. Julia Carol Land born 1951, Valejo, Ca. married John R. Jackson, 1991, Travis County, Texas
      2. Richard Colin Land b. 1948
      3. Margaret Allyn Land, born 1956, Chicago, Ill.
      4. Christine Land, born 1952; d. 1956, Illinois.

    2. Doris Elizabeth Illinois. February 12, 1923 in New York City.

      She married her cousin, Ted Wiedenkeller (the son of Ruth Land and Paul Wiedenkeller), on July 18, 1942.

  • According to Ted Wiedenkeller:
    • Peter was educated at the Damrosch School of Music (later Juilliard).
    • Peter and Mary Edna changed their names from Wiedenkeller to Land after Ted and Doris were married.
    • David Wiedenkeller also changed his name in Alameda Count Court.

      David Wiedenkeller says his parents were divorced several times and that influenced his name change for David Stacom Wiedenkeller to David Wiedenkeller Land.

Mary's sister, Ruth Land, married Peter's brother, Paul, for more information on Ruth Land and Paul Wiedenkeller and the Wiedenkellers in general go to Ruth Land

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