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The Lockwood connection to the Lands

Frances Lockwood married Joseph Siddle in Barley Parish in 1794.

    Frances and Joseph were the parents of Elizabeth Siddle who married Robert Walker.

      Elizabeth and Robert where the parents of Sarah who married George Sykes.

        Sarah and George were the parents of Elizabeth who marrried Law Land.

Thomas Lockwood and Ann Oldroyde

Birth of Thomas Lockwood: No later than 1752, son of John, (per baptism of Elizabeth in 1780). Not in Mirfield or Batley (IGI)

Marriage: Ann Oldroyde daughter of John Oldroyde, per baptismal record of Elizabeth

No marriage in Mirfield, Batley or elsewhere listed on the IGI.

Occupation: Clothier

Residence: Gildersome


  1. Frances Lockwood and Joseph Siddle

    Birth: Frances of Thomas Lockwood, of Mirfield, February 2, 1772 (NOI)


    • This was the only child of Thomas Lockwood baptized in Mirfield parish according to the IGI.
    • There were a fair number of Lockwoods in Mirfield parish.
    • While Frances was not one of the most common names of the time it was popular in the Lockwood family. However, there were no other Frances' in Mirfield or Batley parishes.

    Marriage: Joseph Siddle married Frances Lockwood 1794 in Batley Parish.

    Children: <> The following information on the children of Frances Lockwood and Jospeh Siddle is the short version. For details on the children, grand children etc of Frances Lockwood and Joseph Siddle go to Siddle now or at the bottom of the page.<>

    1. James, the son of Joseph Seidel of Gildersome, clothier, the son of Henry, by Frances, his wife, daughter of Thomas Lockwood, was born on November 6, and baptized on December 25, 1794. (Church of England Records Batley parish).
    2. Sampson Siddle (1796) married Mary Best
      Birth: 1796
      Marriage: Sampson Siddle married Mary Best
      1. Joseph Siddle (1819) and Martha Burnley
        Birth: 1819
        Marriage: MARTHA BURNLEY
        1. HANNAH SIDDLE, b. 1844, Holbeck
        2. SARAH FRANCES SIDDLE, b. 1846, Holbeck
        3. FANNY SIDDLE b. 1847 Holbeck
        4. MARY EMMA SIDDLE, b. 1850, Holbeck
        5. Walter Siddle (1852) and Margaret Durham
          Birth: WALTER SIDDLE, b. 1852, Holbeck, WRY; Holbeck
          Marriage: MARGARET DURHAM
          1. JOSEPH SIDDLE,
        6. HENRY SIDDLE, b. 1855, Holbeck
          Death: 1856
        7. CAROLINE SIDDLE, b. 1857, Holbeck
        8. ELIZA SIDDLE, b. 1863,
          Marriage: SIDDLE, Eliza to RUDD, Jabez, (1890)
        Death of Joseph Siddle: Between September and December 1892 in Hunslet, WRY (Source: St Catherine's's index.)
      2. Mary Ann, born Gildersome circa 1824 (1851 census)
      3. Fanny 1830, Leeds
        Death: Fanny Siddle 1832
      4. Charles Siddle (1834) married Mary Crossland
        Birth: Charles 1834
        Marriage: MARY CROSSLAND, 1864
        1. Harriett, 1865 and Albert Platt
          Birth: 1865
          Marriage: Albert Platt in Hunslet in 1887
          1. Ada, 1892
            Death: 1923
        2. MARY ANNA SIDDLE, b. Bet. 4 April 1867 - 3 April 1868,
        3. JOSEPH SIDDLE, b. Bet. 4 April 1870 - 3 April 1871, Hunslet, WRY (Source: Census 1881.)
        Death of Mary Crossland Siddle: Unknown
    3. Samuel son of Joseph Sidall 22 March 1799 St Peters Leeds (indexes)
    4. Lydia Siddle (1802) and William Holiday
      Birth: Lydia 1802
      Marriage: Lydia Siddle to William Holliday 1839
      Death: 1855
    5. Elizabeth Siddle circa 1807, Gildersome and Robert Walker and John Sykes
      Birth: Elizabeth Siddle, born circa 1806/7 Gildersome
      Marriage: Elizabeth Siddle married Robert Walker, 1828
      1. Sarah Walker
        Birth: Sarah Walker circa 1829 i
        Marriage: Sarah Walker married George Sykes.
      2. Oliver, 1839, Gildersome
        10 year break
      3. Jem (James), 1841, Adwalton
      4. Joseph Walker
        Birth: Joseph, 1844, Adwalton or Gildersome.
        Children: William, Fanny, Sarah, Mary, Lydia and Albert.
      Death of Robert Walker: 1857
      Remarriage of Elizabeth Siddle Walker: 1864 to John Sykes
      Death of John Sykes: 1874
      Death: Elizabeth Siddle Walker was still alive and listed (as Elizabeth Walker) with her son, Joseph Walker in the 1881 census in Bradford. She was not listed in the 1891 census. See Robert Walker for more information on Elizabeth Siddle Walker Sykes.
    6. Henry Siddle (c 1810-?) married Charlotte Pullan
      Birth: Henry Siddle, born circa 1810
      Marriage: Henry Siddle married Charlotte Pullan 1835
      1. Pullan Siddle of Gildersome, infant was buried January 8, 1838
      2. William 1841, Drighlington
        Marriage: Dewsbury 9b, page 676, 1866 to Hannah Inman
        Death: Before 1871
      3. James Henry Siddle (1847-1923) and Martha ____ Scott
        Birth: 1847, SIDDLE, James Henry, Wortley: WORT/12/329,
        Marriage: September 1883, Martha Jane Scott and James Henry Siddle Dewsbury 9b 776 (Free BMD)
        1. Florence
        2. Mary A
        3. Ernest P
        Death of James Henry Siddle: James Henry Siddle 1923, Gildersome
        Death of Martha ____ Scott Siddle: Martha Jane Siddle, age 77, buried December 12, 1927, Batley Parish.
      4. Sarah 1849
      5. George Edward 1854
        Death: George Edward Siddle, age 30, buried March 26, 1884, Batley Parish .
      6. Jane Siddle (1856) married James H Westermann
        Birth: 1856, SIDDLE, Jane, Wortley, WORT/25/455
        Marriage: James H Westermann
        1. Charlotte Ann circa 1885
        2. Gertrude, circa 1888
        3. George H circa 1890
      Death of Henry Siddle: Henry Siddle, age 67, buried May 22, 1877, Gildersome.
      Death of Charlotte Pullan Siddle: Charlotte Siddle, age 91, buried March 24, 1903.
    7. David Siddle (c 1815) and Sarah Marshall
      Birth: Circa 1815/1816, Gildersome (censuses), son of Joseph (marriage license).
      Marriage: Sarah Marshall, 14 December 1845, St Peter's Church, Leeds
      1. Thomas, born 1846, Gildersome
        Marriage: Elizabeth, Unknown
        1. Martha Emma, circa 1879, Morley
        2. Sarah, circa 1872, Morley
        3. Elizabeth, circa 1889
        Death: No appropriate listing between 1865 and 1927 in Gildersome Chapel records.
      2. Fanny, born circa 1851, Gildersome
        Death: Fanny Siddle 1890, Gildersome.
      3. Benjamin Siddle and _____
        Birth: 1853
        1. John Siddle, born Thulston, circa 1868
        Marriage: Lavinia Charlesworth widow 1879
        1. John Siddle
      4. Joseph circa 1854
      5. Jonas, born circa 1862, Gildersome
      6. Frank (Frances), born circa 1863, Gildersome
      Death of David Siddle: 1886, Gildersome Street
      Death of Sarah Siddle: 1897
    8. Charles Siddle (c. 1819) and Mary Bennett
      Birth: circa 1819, Gildersome.
      Marriage: Mary A Bennett 1849
      1. Alfred, circa 1849
      2. Fanny, circa 1851
    Death of Frances Lockwood Siddle:1844
    Death of Joseph Siddle: 1849
  2. Hannah 12 Jul 16 Aug 1776, daughter of Thomas Lockwood of Gildersome, clothier.

    Note: This is the first record for Thomas Lockwood in the parish. Previous Lockwood records in the parish include: two marriages (1741 and 1760) and a connected baptism in 1760.

    Further Record: Hannah Lockwood singlewoman had a bastard, Elizabeth 13 Apr 19 May 1799

    4 year break

  3. Elizabeth Ann 7 Feb 2 Apr 1780, daughter of Thomas Lockwood of Gildersome clothier, son of John by Ann his wife daughter of John Oldroyde

    Death: Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Lockwood of Gildersome buried 1 August 1782

  4. Thomas date of birth unknown

    Death: Thomas son of Thomas Lockwood of Gildersome buried 31 August 1788.

Other Lockwood Records in Batley Parish

Lockwood Marriages in Batley Parish

  1. WILLIAM LOCKWOOD to Mary Scott 28 AUG 1741 Batley, Yorkshire, England

  2. JOHN LOCKWOOD to Hannah Lister 07 APR 1760 Batley, Yorkshire, England

    Additional Record: See baptism Molly below.

  3. SAMUEL LOCKWOOD to Mary Oldroyd 10 JAN 1781 Batley, Yorkshire, England

    No children in Batley parish

  4. FRANCES LOCKWOOD to Joseph Siddle 17 FEB 1794 Batley, Yorkshire, England

    Children in Batley parish. See above

  5. MARY LOCKWOOD to William Sykes 14 NOV 1796 Batley, Yorkshire, England

    No children in Batley Parish

  6. ABRAHAM LOCKWOOD to Betty Asquith 21 MAR 1803 Batley, Yorkshire, England

    No children in Batley parish

  7. MARY LOCKWOOD to William Fowler 19 APR 1803 Batley, Yorkshire, England

    No children in Batley parish

  8. RACHELL LOCKWOOD to James Smithies 04 MAY 1806 Batley, Yorkshire, England


    1. Sarah, 27 APR 1807, Christening: 26 JUL 1807, Batley, Yorkshire, England, Father: JAMES SMITHIES, Mother: RACHELL
    2. Ann, 27 JUN 1809 Christening: 03 SEP 1809 Batley, Yorkshire, England Father: JAMES SMITHIES, Mother: RACHELL
Lockwood Baptisms in Batley Parish

Note: With the exception of the baptism of Molly in 1760 all of the Lockwood baptisms in the parish were connected to Thomas Lockwood.

  1. John Lockwood and Hannah Lister
    1. MOLLY LOCKWOOD 18 JUL 1760 Batley, Yorkshire, England of John 11 Jul 1760 18 Jul 1760 of John above who was married to Hannah Lister

  2. Thomas Lockwood and Ann Oldroyde
    1. HANNAH LOCKWOOD 16 AUG 1776 Batley, Yorkshire, England
    2. ELISABETH LOCKWOOD 02 APR 1780 Batley, Yorkshire, England

  3. Hannah single woman, daughter of Thomas Lockwood
    1. ELISABETH LOCKWOOD 19 MAY 1799 Batley, Yorkshire, England
Lockwood Deaths in Batley Parish

  • Hannah Lockwood 15 jan 1793
  • MARTHA LOCKWOOD age 4 February 17, 1811

Lockwoods in the 1841 and 1851 Censues in Batley Parish

A quick look indicates that most the Lockwoods who were listed in the 1841 and 51 censuses in Batley were born in other parishes.

  1. John Lockwood listed in 1841 born circa 1771

    John Lockwood, age 70, woolen weaver living in Gildersome with Ann Harrison age 20 woolen weaver.

  2. James Lockwoood born circa 1798 Gildersome in the 1851 Census: 235 Bottoms, James Lockwood head, age 53, woolen cloth weaver, born Gildersome, Mary daughter age 21, power loom weaver, Sarah daughter age 17, power loom weaver, Joseph son age 11 all born Gildersome.

    Note: Only Lockwoods born in Batley parish. Not listed in 1841 in Batley or elsewhere.

Joseph Siddle

Frances Lockwood married Joseph Siddle in Batley Parish in 1794. For information on the Siddles go to Siddle

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