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The Lilleys

My ancestral connection to the Lilley family can be traced back to the marriage of Joshua Healy and Mary Leyley in 1680.

Their daughter, Abigail Healey married Michael Sheard in Bristall Parish in 1712.

    Michael Sheard
    Birth: Unknown
    Marriage: Michael Sheard married Abigail Healy on November 13, 1712 in Birstall Parish.
      Jonas Sheard, the son of Michael Sheard and Abigail Healy, was baptized in Birstall parish church on May 24, 1713.
      Marriage: Jonas Sheard married Dinah Kirkon November 19, 1739 in Birstall Parish
        Michael Sheard, the son of Jonas Sheard and Dinah Kirk was baptized in Birstall parish church on December 12, 1742.
        Marriage: Michael Sheard married Sarah Barber on in May 1763 in Birstall Parish.
          Lydia Sheard, the daughter of Michael Sheard and Sarah Barber, was baptized in the Batley parish church on October 14, 1781.
          Marriage: Lydia Sheard married Benjamin Law on April 20, 1801 in Leeds.
            William Law, the son of Benjamin Law and Lydia Sheard was born in Batley on March 12, 1809.
            Marriage: William Law married Mary Worth in Cheshire circa 1834
              Lydia Law, the daughter of William Land and Mary Worth, was born in Cheshire circa 1836.
              Marriage: Lydia Law married John Land on November 7, 1857 in Gomersal, Birstall Parish.
                Law Land, the son of Lydia Law and John Land was born in in the town of Batley, Parish of Batley, in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England on December 29, 1858.
Law Land was my paternal great grandfather.


The Name, Lilley

George Redmonds, Yorkshire Surnames Series Part One, Bradford and District :
A complicated surname and Reaney has demonstrated that it has several possible origins. In the West Riding it appears to be from the French "del isle" (i.e. island) a derivation which escaped both Reaney and Smith, and the Liley family was prominent in Mirfield and Kirkheaton from the 12th century. They gave their name to Liley Hall, on the boundry between the two parishes, and this was the family home into the 1490s. Even after this date the surname was found in Kirkheaton, but its seems likely that either then or earlier migration into Birstall and Bradford had taken place. There is no proof yet of such a move but certain circumstancial evidence supports the theory. c.f. Denby, Ledgard, Northrop.
Note: The italics are mine

Redmonds lists:
1175-85 Ralph de Insula (Kirkheaton)EYCh
1331 Juliana del Ylhe (Mirfield) YD
1415-33 William Lyle/Lylee/Lylegh (Mirfield) WB
1493 William Lyley (Liley Place) Dodsworth
1539 John Lilee (Wyke, Thomas Lille (Wilsden MR
1586-92 Thomas Lilie/Lillie (Birstall) PR

Note: There were Lyley records in Birstall parish before 1586-92. See below.

George Redmonds, Yorkshire Surnames Series Part Two, Huddersfield and District :

The family name "de Insula" or de Lisle" (i.e. of the island) occurred frequently in West Riding records from the 12th century, notabley in townships such as Beeston, Harewood and Morley. There are sporadic references also in Mirfield and Kirkheaton and it was on the boundry between these two parishes that one family with the name lived in the 15th century. Their residence was first known as Liley Place (now Liley Hall) and, although their connection with the hamlet ended in the 1490s, the surname survived locally in Kirkheaton, and probably also in parishes not too far away such as Birstall and Bradford. See YSSI.
Redmonds lists:
First four references are the same as above.
1545 William Lile (Kirkheaton) SR
1664 Robert Lily/Robert Lilly (Kirkheaton) HT

George Redmonds, Surnames and Genealogy, A New Approach says:

"This family was originally "de Insula" or "de L'isle" and they held the land on th watershed which devides the parishes of Kirkheaton and Mirfield."
Local History Publications Old West Riding, a collection of Original Articles edited by George Redmonds, Winter 1984 in the article Surnames and Settlement by George Redmonds he includeds the following listings for Liley
  • 1175-85 Ralph de Insula of Kirkheaton (Early Yorkshire Charters)
  • 1331 Juliana de Yle or Ylhe, Mirfield York. Arc. Journal, vol. 12 (YAJ)
  • 1359-91 William de Insula or Lyle, Kirkheaton WB/D
  • 1415-1433 William Lyle or Lylee WB/D
  • 1493 William Lyley of Lyley Place (YAJ) Vol VII
  • 1589 Richard Thurgulande, Liley (WYR)

Mary Lilley born circa 1660 married Joshua Healey Birstall Parish 1680


There is no record in Birstall parish for the baptism of Mary Lilley. In fact, there is no indication of her place of birth and she may have been born in another parish.

While there were Lilleys in Liversedge, Birstall Parish in the late 1500s through the late 1600s the birth records for the name were very sparse in the 1660s around the time of Mary's birth.

There were other Lilleys who show up in Liversedge in the 1680 for whom there are no baptismal records in the parish. Consequently, it is quite possible that she was born in the parish and for some reason her baptism was unrecorded or lost.

Note: Two LDS submissions to the IGI indicate a Mary Lilley born about 1659 of Liversedge Yorkshire who married Joshua Hayley on 10 Apr 1680 Birstall. No father is listed. The reference is to her husband Joshua Healey. Both were submitted in the early 1970s at Logan Temple. There is no real indication that this information is any more than speculation. However, there is a possibility that the family was Quaker. The Quaker records for the parish have not yet been checked and there was a Quaker population in the parish at the time.

Marriage of Mary Lilley and Joshua Healy

Mary Lilley married Joshua Healy in Birstall parish May 10, 1680

Note: Mary Lyley married Robert Mann Dec 26 1677. Meaning that there are two births for "Mary Leyly" unaccounted for.

Sparcity of Lilly Records in Birstall Parish Around the Birth of mary Lilly

The population of Leyles (all variations of spelling) was very small and there were only 15 records for the name in Birstall parish between 1626 and 1687.

There were only 6 baptisms between 1666 and 1686.

  • Three for the children of Robert Leyly between 1666 and 1670
  • One for a child of John 1686
  • One for a child of William 1683
  • One for a child of Unknown 1673

There were 5 marriages between 1638 and 1686. Prudence Leyly married in 1638. There were no further marriages until 1677.

There were only 4 deaths between 1651 and 1683. One of the deaths was for a child baptized in 1683. One of the deaths was for the wife of William Leyly married in 1682.

With the exception of the marriage of Prudence in 1638 there were no records for the name until 1651 with the death of William.

The only activity around the birth of Mary Leyly was the christenings of the children of Robert, which occurred between 1666 and 1670.

This scarcity of records could indicate that the family:

  • Was not long or well established in the parish.
  • Had most likely came from somewhere else.
  • Were members of a dissenting congregation.

Note: However, there are records in the parish as far back as 1560. See below.

See Joshua and Abigail Healey for the children of Mary Lilly Healy.

Lilley in the Birstall Parish Records 1560 to 1635

Mid to late 1500s, No Place Listed

William Lillie


  1. James s William Lyllie, October 9, 1560 (PRB)
John Lillie

Marriage: John Lillie and Alice Turner May 20, 1565 (PRB)


  1. Josh son of John Lylly Feb 6, 1566/7
John Lillie


  1. Jane bastard of John Lillie and Margaret Chester, October 28, 1571 (PRB)
  2. Alice bastard of John Lyllie, February 2, 1583/84 (PRB)
    Death: Alice d of John Lylie February 7, 1586/7 (PRB)

John Lillie

Marriage: John Lyley and Margaret Brooke Feb 6 1574/75 (PRB)

Note: All of these listings for John Lilley might be for one person

Late 1500s to Early 1600s

Thomas Lilley (?-1622) and his son, William, (1582-1651), Liversedge


  1. Agnes (1586-) and Edmunde Wilbye
    Birth: Agnes d Thomas Lillie October 2, 1586 (PRB)
    Marriage: Agnes Lylye and Edmunde Wilbye December 11, 1611 (PRB)
    1. John s Edmunde Wilbye of L Aug 24, 1612
      Death: John son of Edmund Wilbie of L buried July 9, 1635
    2. Edmond of Edmond Wilbey June 25, 1615
    3. Richard of Edmond Wilbie of L November 22, 1628
    4. George of Edmund Wilbie of L, October 14, 1621
      Death: George s of Edmund Wilbie of L april 25, 1623
    5. William of Edmund Wilbie of L, May 30, 1624
    6. Alice of Edmund Wilbie of L Dec 2, 1627
    7. Agnes of Edmund Wilbie of L May 23, 1631
    Baptism of Edmund Wilby: Edmunde s James Wilbie Feb 2 1585/6
  2. William Lele (1582) and Ann Bawmeforth
    Birth: William (d deleted) s Thomas Lylie, March 18, 1581/2 (PRB)
    Marriage: William Lile and An Bawmeforth, June 30, 1607
    Birth of Ann Bawmeforth: No appropriate baptism listed in Birstall Parish
    1. Alice Lyllie (1608) and Thomas Hepworth
      Birth: Alice d William Lyllie of L, May 1, 1608 (PRB)
      Marriage: Alice Liley and Thomas Hepworth, November 19, 1634 (PRB)
      Birth of Thomas Hepworth: No appropriate baptism in Birstall Parish
      Further records: No appropriate baptism of children of Thomas Hepworth in Birstall Parish
    2. Prudence (1610) and Richard Scolefield
      Birth: Prudence d William Lyllie of L, September 23, 1610 (PRB)
      Marriage: Prudence Lylee and Richard Scolefeild Apr 26 1638
      Birth of Richard Scholfield: Richard s of Robert Scholfield of B Sept 9, 1610
      Further Records: Confusing as there were two Richard Scholdfields married in the parish near the same time.
      Death of Prudence Scholfield: Prudence wf of Richard Scholfield of Mooreside April 11, 1663
    3. William s William Lyllie of L, January 30, 1613/14 (PRB)
      Death: William son of William Lilye of L buried Feb 6, 1613/14
    Death of An Lilley: Wf of William Lilee of L buried Sept 5 1616
    Marriage: William Liley and Agnes Scootle, July 23, 1620 (PRB)
    Death of William Lilly: William Lylie of L buried May 21, 1651
  3. Alice d Thomas Lyllie, August 30, 1584 (PRB)
    Death: Alice d of Thomas Lylye of L, November 29, 1599 (PRB)
  4. Isabell d Thomas Lillie of L, February 23, 1588/9 (PRB)
  5. Mary Lilley (1592) and William Horsforth
    Birth: Mary d Thomas Lilie of L, December 17, 1592 (PRB)
    Marriage: Mary Liley and William Horsforth, October 20, 1617
    1. George of William Horsforth of L, Jan 25, 1617/18
      Death: George "Horsfull" a childe of L, April 3, 1623
    Death of William Horsforth: William "Horsfeild" of L Nov 1, 1669
  6. Richard s Thomas Lilie of L Magna, November 17, 1594 (PRB)
    Death: Richard Lilie of L, March 18, 1603/4
  7. Hester Lilly ( 1600) and John Bothroid
    Birth: Hester d Thomas Lily of L, June 24, 1600 (PRB)
    Marriage: Ester Liley to John Bothroid June 10, 1623
    Birth of John Bothroid: No appropriate baptism in Birstall Parish
    1. Ann of John Botthroid of L, April 16, 1626
    2. William of John Bothroide of L, September 14, 1628
      Death: William s John Buttroyde of L July 30, 1634
    3. Alice of John Boothroide of L, November 21, 1630
  1. Wife
  2. Thomas Liley of L December 28, 1622 Note: Admon. 13 Aug. 1623 (Lyllie)

Thomas Lilley, Liversedge

Marriage: Thomas Lyley and Agnes Holdsworth October 6, 1607 (PRB)
Birth of Agnes Holdsworth: No appropriate record in Birstall Parish.

  1. Buried unbaptized infant of Thomas Lilie of L, Nov. 30, 1608
  2. Thomas of Thomas Lilye of L June 3, 1610
  1. Thomas
  2. Agnes wf of Thomas Liley of L, April 11, 1623 (PRB)

Mid 1600s

Note: Robert Lyley of Blacobb is the only Lyley listed in the Parish Records as having children around the time of the birth of Mary Lilley who was born circa 1660 (based on an age of 20 at the time of her marriage in 1680).

Robert Lyley, Blacobb


  1. Lydia d of Robert Lyley of Blacobb, Feb 10, 1666/7
  2. Sarah of Robert Liley of Blacobb Apr 23, 1671
In October 2016 Karen from Australia wrote:
I made enquiries at Huddersfield Local History group and they replied:
I am afraid I do not have a definate answer for you. I have looked at the parish registers for Birstall and found 4 (?) baptisms referring to Blacobb;
  1. Lydia daughter of Robert Lyley of Blacobb 10/2/1666
  2. Sarah daughter of Robert Liley of Blacobb 23/4/1671
There are several baptisms for other families with the following spellings Blacupp, Blakeope, Blakeup, Blacup and Blackup.

The first ordnance survey map for the Liversedge Cleckheaton Hightown area is dated 1854 6"" to the mile scale. On this map there is an area called Blakcup, this area is situated between Cleckheaton and Hightown. I can only suggest that Blacobb may be a corruption of Blakcup as spellings were not standardised at that time."

Mid to Late 1600s

Note: The Lilleys in this section were contemporaries of Mary Lilley (c 1660) and like Mary their baptism were not recorded in the Birstall Parish Records.

Robert Lyley, Liversedge

Birth: Born no later than 1650. Note: Robert is a fairly unusual name in the parish. See Robert Lyley of Blacobb above.



  1. Martha d of Robert Lyley of L October 23, 1670
Death: Roberte Lyley of L September 6, 1676

John Lyley (c 1666), Long Liversedge

Birth: Born no later than 1666
Marriage: John Lylie and Elizabeth Ruskey October 6, 1686
Birth of Elizabeth Ruskey: None in Birstall Parish

  1. Robert of John Lyly of Long Liversedge Feb 27, 1686/7
    Death: Robert s John Lyly of Long L July 25, 1688
  2. Jane of John Lyly of Long L July 28, 1689
    Death: James of John Lyly of Long L buried Feb 5, 1695/96
  3. James of John Lyly of Long L, December 25, 1692
    Death: James son of John Lyly of Long L buried Mar 23, 1693/94
  4. Lidiah d of John Lyly of Long L May 26, 1695
    Death: Lydia Lyley of Hightown buried 10 January 1741/42
  5. John s of John Lyley of Long L July 17, 1698
  6. Joseph of John Lyley of Long L Feb 11, 1704/05
Death of John Lyley: John Lyley of Hightown in L buried Feb 25, 1723/4
Death of Elizabeth Lyley: Elizabeth Lyley Hightown widow buried 19 April 1738

Note: John Lyley named a son Robert.

James Lyley (c 1676), Liversedge/Long Liversedge

Birth: Born no later than 1676

  1. A Crisome child of James Lyly of Long L buried June 28 1696

  2. Robert of James Lyley of L October 3, 1697
    Further Records: Robert Lyley

    Robert Lyley of C and Mary Walker married Apr 14, 1723

    Children of Robert Lyley:

    1. Susanna of Robert Lyley of Spen baptized Nov 17, 1723 (BT)
    2. James of Robert Lyley 22 January 1726 (index)
    3. Mary of Robert Lyley 18 Feb 1730 (index)

    In October 2016 Karen from Australia wrote

    "Robert joined the Moravian Church. I have obtained his Memoir from the German Moravian Archives in which it states:
    "He was born in the month of October 1697 at High Town in the Parish of Bristol, and was educated in the established Church. His parents being poor, he was put out apprentice very young, and suffered, during that time, a deal of hardship. Having learned the clothiers business and being now 26 years (1723) of age, he entered into the married state with the present Widow, which Marriage our dear Lord blessed with one son and 2 daughters. One of the latter went happily to our Savior before him, out of the Sisters house here. His only Son James is an Inhabitant of Fulneck longn, and the other daughter is married in the World."
  3. Susannah Lilly (1699) and Robert Wright
    Birth: Susannah d James Lyley of Long L March 3, 1699/1700
    Marriage: Susannah Lyley married Robert Wright October 6, 1723
    Birth of Robert Wright: No appropriate record in Birstall Parish.
    Children: No listings in birstall Parish
  4. Jane of James Lyley of Long L Jan 24, 1702/03
    Marriage: Jane Lyley to John Ingham 20 March 1726 Birstall Parish
  5. Martha of James Lyley of L July 28, 1706
  6. Mary d of James Lyley of Long L November 20, 1709
  7. Sarah d of James Lyley of Long L Aug 17, 1712
    Death: Sarah d James Lyley of Long L buried June 20, 1713

Note: James named a son Robert.

Death: James Lyley senior of Hightown buried 9 October 1737

William Lilley (c. 1662) Long Liversedge (Hightown), Beatrice Hast & Mary Huitt (Hewitt)

Birth: Born no lated than 1662

Marriage: William Lylie and Beatrice Hast May 10, 1682

Birth of Beatrice Hast: According to the LDS IGI, Beatrice Haist, the daughter of John Haist was baptized 14 Nov 1657 Calverley, Yorkshire. There were no other Hast in the Birstall Parish records.


  1. Abigail d William Lylie of Long L May 20, 1683
    Death: Abigail d William Lyly of Long L February 20, 1684
  2. William of William Lyly of Long L, Aug 14, 1687
  3. Benjamin s of William Lyly of Long L Aug 11, 1689
    Bastard Child of Benjamin Lyley:
    1. Judith bastard of Mary Brooke of Long L and Benjamin Lyley of Long L the reputed father, February 17, 1711/12
      Death: Judith of Mary Brooke of Long L (and of Benjamin Lyley May 26, 1713)
    Death of Benjamin Lyley: Benjamin Lyle of Hightown buried 9 April 1758
  4. Jane of William Lyley of Long L November 1, 1702
    Death: Jane d of William Lyley of L July 27, 1718
Death of Beatrice: Betteris wf of William Lyly of Long L June 27, 1683

Marriage: William Lylie and Mary Huitt Aug 21, 1686

Birth of Mary Huitt (Hewitt): None in Birstall Parish

Death of Mary Lyley: Mary the wife of William Lyley of Long L buried November 3, 1700

Bastard Children of William Lilly of Long Liversedge

  1. Joshua bastard s Isabell Hewitt of Long L William Lyley of Long L the reputed father, May 6, 1705
  2. Abraham twin of
  3. Sarah bastard children of Isabell Hewitt of Long L, William Lyley of Long L the reputed father, Feb 29, 1707/08
  4. Susannah bastard d Isabell Hewitt of L William Lyley the reputed father, May 1, 1715

Birth of Isabell Hewett: None listed in Birstall Parish

Question: Was Isabell Hewett related to William's second wife, Mary Huitt (Hewitt)?

Odd Baptism: Thomas of William Lyley of L baptized March 29, 1717

Death of William Lilly: William Lyley senior of Hightown buried 8 April 1735

Other Lily deaths in Hightown:

  • Elizabeth Lyley Hightown widow 19 April 1738

  • Agnes Lyley Hightown widow 01 Feb 1740/41

  • Lydia Lyley of Hightown 10 Jan 1741/42

  • Elizabeth Lyley of Hightown widow 8 October 1747

Note: There were deaths for Lyley children in Hightown in the early to mid 1700s.

Odd Records

[blank] of Lyley of LT July 1, 1674

Joshua Lyley

Marriage: Joshua Lyley 15 May 1726 to ????


  1. JANE LYLEY 30 AUG 1730 Birstall, Yorkshire, England
  2. WILLIAM LYLEY 28 MAY 1732 Birstall, Yorkshire, England
  3. JAMES LYLEY 24 MAR 1733 Birstall, Yorkshire, England
  4. ANN LYLEY 01 JUL 1739 Birstall, Yorkshire, England

Female Marriages

  1. Johan Lyllie and Richard Barber July 27, 1570

    Note: The marriage was also recorded in Mirfield Parish

  2. Mary Lyllie and Lawrence Biran, Jan 26, 1584/5

    Note: Only record for Biran in the parish at the time

  3. Alice Lilie and William Fletcher, June 20, 1609


    • Alice the daughter of Thomas Lyley baptized in 1584 died in 1599
    • As sparse as the record for Lyley are in the parish Alice comes up fairly often. In addition to Alice the daughter of Thomas the name occurs as follows:
      1. Alice Turner married John Lilly in 1565
      2. John Lyley had a bastard named Alice in 1583 (died in 1586)
      3. William Lyle named a daughter Alice in 1608
      4. Agnes Lillie and Edmund Wilbey named a daughter Alice in 1627
      5. Alice Lily, widow of Liversedge died in 1633

  4. Isabell Liley to John Roods (Rhodes) , July 4, 1613

    Birth of John Rhodes: No appropriate baptism for John in the parish records. There were, however, a fair number of Rhodes in the parish

    Note: No apparent children baptized in the parish.

  5. Hannah Lyly and Anthonie Heavysid July 21, 1692

    Note: No other records for the name in the parish.

Female Deaths

Alice Lily wd of L, June 2, 1633 (PRB)

Jane Lyly of Long L June 20, 1700

General Notes

Jane Woodall who has a page on says that Long Liversedge and Hightown are one and the same.

She also noted that there was a Quaker settlement in Hightown.

If you have any suggestions, corrections, information, copies of documents, or photos that you would like to share with this page, please contact me at

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