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Lands in Leeds

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Lands in Leeds

The Leeds parishes and the dates are as follows: St Peter 1572, St John 1725, St Paul 1796 and Holy Trinity 1730.

Leeds parish includes Holbeck and Hunslet.

Charles Land, the son of John Land, was baptized in Wakefield All Saints in 1767. He married Elizabeth Dunford in Wakefield All Saints in 1787. They had a son, James, baptized in New Zion Independent in Wakefield in 1789. Their second known child, Charles Louis (Lewis) Land, was baptized in the Leed's parish church on September 3, 1797.

Charles Lewis Land married Ann Dinsdall in Birstall parish in 1816. They had several children baptized in Leeds/Holbeck including their son John born in 1818.

For more information on this branch of the Land family and other records connected to them go to:

For information on Lands connected to Queens Street chapel in Leeds go to Lands in Queens Street Chapel

Leeds was a major city in the area and a parish to the north west of Wakefield. There are six parishes in Leeds as follows: St Peter (from 1572, on IGI, and on Boyd's marriage list), Holy Trinity (from 1730, on IGI, and on Boyd's marriage list), St. John (from 1773, on the IGI, and on Boyd's marriage list), St Mark and St Mary (from 1826, on IGI), Christ Church (from 1827 and on the IGI), and St Paul's (from 1851, on IGI). Under the listing for Leeds parish in 1792 through 179-, there are numerous "chapels" including, Allerton, Holbeck and Hunslet. In addition there were several Independent Chapels in Leeds including, Queens Street Chapel and George Street Chapel, where records for the Lands have been located. ST PETERS LEEDS

The Church of England records for Leeds, until at least 1803, are all on one Bishop's Transcript regardless of the chapel.

There were Lands in the Parish as early as 1648. However, the records are sporadic and do not seem to be connected from one generation to another. See below for a list of the Land records in Leeds.

Lands in Holbeck/Souteast Leeds, specifically Land Court and/or Water Lane

Charles Lewis Land (son of Charles Land and Elizaeth Dunford) and Anne Dinsdell lived in Holbeck, Southeast Leeds. At the birth of their son, James Dunford Land in 1826 their address was specifically given as Water Lane. Other Lands with Water Lane addresses have connections to Land's Court which was a court off Water Lane.

Charles Lewis Land and Elizabeth Dunford were members of the Queens Street Chapel.

Other Lands connected to Queen Street Chapel were:

  1. Thomas Land (c 1783-), flax spinner, married Ann Shirt, October, 20, 1802 Rothwell lived, Water Lane Leeds 1817 and 1822, 1829 See Queens Street Chapel and Where the Lands lived in Leeds

    See Lands in Queen Street Chapel for more details on Thomas Land(s) and his (their) children.

    Similarities between Thomas Land (1783) and Charles Land (1797):

    • Thomas Land and Ann lived Water Lane, Holbeck, Leeds at the birth of Ann Land in 1817 and John Shirt Land in 1822. Charles Lewis Land and Ann were at Water Lane in 1826
    • Thomas and Ann were members of the Queen Street Chapel and Independent Congregation from at least 1817 to 1822. Charles Land and Ann Dinsdell were members of the Queen Street Chapel from at least 1818 to 1833.

    • Thomas born circa 1783 cannot be the son of Charles Land (1767 son of John) and Elizabeth Dunford who did not marry until 1787.
    • He could have been a younger brother of Charles Land (born 1767 son of John). There is only a 16 year difference. In this scenario would have been the uncle of Charles Lewis Land.

Lands in Hunslet

Samuel Land, born no later than 1726, Hunslet Chapel

Birth: Not listed in Leeds on IGI. Could be Samuel Land baptized Jan 1725 in WAS, no father listed.

Marriage: Samuel Land married Elizabeth Reed August 6, 1746

Death of Elizabeth Land: Elizabeth w of Samuel Land Aug 14, 1791 Hunslet Chapel

Death of Samuel Land: Samuel Land buried January 3, 1793 Hunslet Chapel 1786 (St Peter index)

John Land II, born no later than 1744, Hunslet Chapel

Marriage: Mary

  1. Sarah March 17, 1764 (St Peters Index)
  2. Elizabeth October 11, 1766 (St Peters Index)
Death: Mary wife of John Land buried June 27 1768 Hunslet Chapel
Death: Mary [daughter of John Land] buried October 28, 1775 Hunslet Chapel
Death: John Land buried April 20 1780 Hunslet Chapel
Death: John Land buried Nov 3 1791 Hunslet Chapel

Isaac Land, born no later than 1768, Hunslet Chapel, family in Wingate in 1851

Birth: No later than 1768. Not listed in LDS IGI
Marriage: Unknown. Mary per birth of Sarah 1813. Not listed on LDS IGI
Children: Time span of 25 years.

  1. Thomas 16 June 1788, of Isaac Land, Mill Hill, Leeds St Peter's PR
    Further records:
  2. James of Isaac 13 March 1791 Hunslet Chapel (BT)
    Further records: No listed in the UK censuses
  3. John son of Isaac Land buried 28 March 1793 Hunslet Chapel
  4. Mary, the daughter of Isaac Land was baptized on September 25, 1793 in Hunslet Chapel Death: Marie the daughter of Isaac Land was buried on August 13, 1802
  5. George, the son of Isaac, baptized on December 25, 1798 in Hunslet Chapel
    Death: George, the son of Isaac Land was buried in 1801, Hunslet Chapel. Cannot read date due to damage to the page
  6. Maria of Isaac born 21 May 1802, baptized 13 Aug 1802, Hunslet (P009611, IGI)
    Death: Another Mary baptized in 1811
  7. Elizabeth of Isaac 28 November 1803, Kirkgate Leeds PR
    Death: She must have died as there was another Elizabeth baptised in 1805
  8. Elizabeth of Isaac 23 June 1805, baptized 11 Aug Hunslet (P009611, IGI)
  9. Rebecca November 27, 1808, baptized Nov 27, 1808, of Isaac Lande, Sykes Row.
    Marriage: 1830, August 16, John Wild, brick maker. He signed, She made her mark.
    Death of John Wild:
    Remarriage of Rebecca Land Wild: February 10, 1840, Rebecca Wild, above 21, widow, daughter of Isaac Land, sawyer, to Samuel Atkinson, widower, above 21, stuff manufacturer, son of Leonard Atkinson, stuff manufacturer. He signed. She made her mark. Woodhouse. Leeds PR.
  10. Mary of Isaac Land March 24, 1811
  11. Sarah, of Isaac and Mary, Kirkgate sawyer, June 20, 1813
    Marriage: Sarah married Peter Forbes, shoemaker, May 2, 1835. He signed. She made her mark. (PR)
    1851 Census: Randalls Yard Leeds North east: Sarah Forbes, head, age 49, boot binder, Rebecca Atkinson, sister, age 55, boat binder, John Forbes, son, age 20, woolen cloth dresser, Samuel Atkenson, nephew, age 20, dyer w mill, Samuel Turner boarder, age 20, woolen cloth dresser, Charles Robertson boarder, age 19 woolen cloth dresser, all born Leeds.
Death of Mary _____ Land:
Death of Isaac Land:

Isaac Land II, Hunslet

Birth: No later than 1795.
Marriage of Isaac Land: Isaac Land, sawyer, married Ann Wade, spinster, on April 24 1815.He signed. She made her mark.
Ann Wade: Born circa 1792
Children: They had:

  1. Jane Wade of Isaac Land, Sykes Row, sawyer, and Ann November 24, 1817
    Marriage: Jane married Thomas Page and was listed with him in the 1851 Census. Jane Land to Thomas Page St Mark's Woodhouse 1841, CE69/296
    1851 Census: Wingate Leeds, Thomas Page, head age 37, cloth weaver born Armley, June Wade Page wife, age 33, born Leeds, Thomas son age 7, Harriett daughter age 5 and Ann Land, mother in law, age 59, born Leeds. Children born Armley.
  2. William of Isaac and Ann, September 2, 1821, March Lane Sawyer
    Death: He must have died another William baptized in 1823
  3. William Wade of Isaac and Ann June 8, 1823, March Lane sawyer.
    Further records: Not in the censuses
  4. Mary Ann of Isaac and Ann February 6, 1826 New Road sawyer
  5. Harriet Elizabeth of Isaac Land and Ann May 26, 1833 New Road sawyer
1841 Census: Wades Court, Leeds, Soloman Wade, age 70, ind, Ann Land, widow,, Mary Land age 15, Thomas Page cloth maker, Jane Page age 20, Willim Milnes age 8.

Richard Land, no later than 1762, Hunslet

Birth: No listing in Leeds in the IGI, Named his first son George

Marriage: Richard Land married Eleanor Hawkins in 1782.

Children: Richard had:

  1. George of Richard 18 December 1783 Hunslet Chapel (P009611, IGI)
    Death: George Land age 13 buried April 21, 1797 along with 8 others including a father and four of his sons who died in a mine accident
    "The above, with six other buried elsewhere were burnt to death by the fire-damp in a coal pit upon Rothwell Haigh."
  2. Jane, of Richard Land of Hunslet, June 13, 1789 Hunslet Chapel (Leeds parish records)

Death of Eleanor Land: Eleanor wife of Richard Land was buried June 9 1789 Hunslet Chapel. Note: She must have died in childbirth

Remarriage of Richard Land: Ann Pickering 20 July 1789 Leeds (7800932 LDS IGI)

Death of Richard Land:

Death of Ann Pickering Land:

Moses Land, no later than 1772, Hunslet

Birth: No listing IGI
Marriage: No listing IGI

  1. Elizabeth of Moses Land Dec 2, 1792 Hunslet chapel

Martha Land born no later than 1775, Hunslet Chapel

Birth: Only listing on IGI is the daughter of William bapt Wakefield All Saints in 1774

  1. Thomas bastard of Martha Land baptized October 11, 1795 Hunslet chapel
    Death: Thomas son of Martha buried October 16, 1795

Burials in Hunslet Chapel

Mary Land 19 Jan 1775

Eleanor Land March 18 1781

Widow Land buried 16 Jan 1784

1826 Leeds Directory - Leeds Twonship

  1. Land, Charles, cloth drawer, Marshall street, Water lane

  2. Land, John, rope and twine manufacturer, Mabgate green

  3. Land, Mrs. Mary, 24, Land's court, Water lane

  4. Land, Thomas, flax spinner, &c. 9, Grove Terrace, camp lane

  5. Land, Thomas, overlooker, 2 Water hall, Water lane

1847 Poll Book - Leeds Twonship

  1. Land, John, house and shop Briggate

  2. Land, Thomas, house, Meadow Lane

  3. Land, William, house, Camp lane (dead)



John Land age 75, pauper, band spinner born Leeds in Leeds in some sort of institution (born circa 1776) 1851 Census

1841 Census: Myrtle Street, Leeds, John Land age 65 band spinner forn Yorkhshire.

James Land, at Lisbon Street, Leeds, head age 42, rope maker, born Wakefield, Hannah wife, age 39. William son age 20, cabinet maker, Michael son age ??, cloth dresser, Ruth daughter age 13, doffer flax mill, James son age 11, can't read, Mary Ann daughter age 9 and Elizabeth daughter age 5 Children born Wakefield except Elizabeth born Leeds. (James born c 1809) 1851 Census.

Birth: 11 March 1809 All Saints Wakefield son of James Land and Ann (P018302 LDS IGI). Son of James Land and Ann Whitney. See Lands in Wakefield

Ann Land York Yard, Leeds, All Saints, Ann Land age 67 dressmaker born Castleford, Caroline Land granddaughter age 20 born Leeds and Mary Ann grandaughter age 5 born Leeds.

1861 Census: Ann Land East Ring (?) St., Leeds East, Ann Land, head widow, age 78 old and infirm born Castleford, Mary "daughter" age 16, mill hand born Leeds


  • Ann born circa 1784, Castleford
  • Caroline F Land born 1841 Leeds North NRT/10/224 Yorkshire BMD
    Marriage: Randal Ball St Peters Leeds 1860 Leeds CE/46/60/56 Yorkshire BMD
    Further Records: Not listed in the censuses.
  • Mary Ann Land born 1846 Leeds Southeast SE/18/81

Joseph Land, Cross Dolphin Street All Saints, Leeds, Joseph, age 57, labourer (cart man), Margaret wife age 59, John Henry son age 15 flax dresser, all born Leeds (born circa 1794) 1851 Census

Sarah Land born Rothwell circa 1795

Brewery Field widow age 66 annuitant.

See Thomas Land under Lands in Queens Street Chapel

Mary Ann Land born c. 1828

1851 census: Leahley (?) Square, near Chatham Street (?). This page is very light and hard to read. Brewery Field, Holbeck: Mary Ann Land lodger, unmarried age 23, winder (?) flax born Holbeck

Note: Daughter of Isaac and Ann Land baptized in 1826 or daughter of William and Mary born 1831?

Ann Land widow of Charles Lewis Land

The 1851 census listed Ann Land, the widow of Charles and Elizabeth's son Charles, and her daughter, Emma, on Terrace Street, Little Holbeck. See Charles Lewis Land.

Note: The Lands in Holbeck in 1851 were Ann, Emma, in Little Holbeck and Mary Ann and Sarah in Brewery Fields.


John Land, age 70 widow, retired rope maker born Stanley listed as an uncle with George Gilderdah in East Ardsley (born circa 1791) (1861 Census)

John Land, Born 1822 Leeds son of Thomas Land and Anne Shirt, West Leeds in the 1851 through 1891 Censuses

Birth: Born 1822 son of Thomas Land and Ann Shirt see Lands in Queens Street Chapel

Marriage: Mary born Halifax circa 1827


  1. Thomas 1849 (per census)

  2. Arthur

  3. William

  4. Percy

  5. Evelyn

  6. Edith

1851 Census: Primrose Lane Leeds, John head age 28, clerk linen factory, Mary wife, age 25 born Halifax, Thomas son age 2, born Leeds.

1861 Censues: Not listed

1871 Census: Providence Terrace North West Leeds, John Land, head, age 48, bookkeeper, Mary, wife, age 44, Thomas, son, age 22, commercial travler, Arthur, son, age 18, apprentice, William C, son, age 15, upholsterer, Percy E, son, age 11, Evelyn, daughter, age 9, Edith, daughter, age 6, all born Leeds except Mary who was born in Halifax.

1881 Census: Providence Terrace North West Leeds, John Land, head, age 58, merchantile clerk, (flax and tow) spinning), Mary, wife, age 54, Percy E, son, age 21, account clerk, Evelyn, daughter, age 19, merchant "sailer" (seller?), Edith, daughter, age 16, dressmaker apprentice, all born Leeds except Mary who was born in Halifax.

1891 Census: Armley Leeds, John Land, head, age 68, retired bookkeeper, Mary, wife, age 64, Edith, daughter, age 25, tailoress, all born Leeds

John Burke Land, born Leeds circa 1826, North West Leeds in the 1861 through 1891 Censuses

Birth: Circa 1826 Leeds - use of the middle name Burke indicates some Burke connection - possibly mother's maiden name

Marriage: Mary circa born Leeds circa 1828.

John Burk Land married June 1848 Leeds 23/394 Mary Ann Jones on same page. Yorkshire BMD. (This record should give both parents and their occupations.)


  1. Birth of William Land: William Burke Land born 29 August 1855, baptized Leeds Parish Church July 13, 1856, Wellington Lane. Written on back "This is for my executors. There was (sic) no birth certificates when I was born. Consequently there is no account of my birth at Somerset House. This is the only register to go by and was excepted (sic) by the old age pensioner office." (Lucy Land 2007)

    Marriage: Mary Elizabeth Boltz - maybe Norfolk (Lucy Land, 2007)


    1. John William Land
      LAND, John William, Ardsley, Leeds ARDS/22/115 Yorkshire BMD 1888: John William Crisp is my husband's grandfather we have a little more information (more than on his father Frederick I'm ashamed to say) His birth certificate is as listed in your reply and his adress was Woodhouse Lane East Ardsley Yorkshire, parents William and Mary Elizabeth Boltz ( I am in contact with the Boltz line and they certainly came from Norfolk)

      1901 Census: John W C Land age 12, school boy and Mary Ann Land age 11 school girl boarders Dirbyshire both born East Ardsley Yorkshire.

    2. Mary Ann
    3. Margaret
    4. Daniel
    5. Elizabeth
    1891 Census: East Ardsley, William Land head age 35, stocking knitter born Leeds, Mary Elizabeth wife age 26, born Norfolk Ferrington John William age 2, born East Ardsley, Mary Ann daughter age 1, born East Ardsley

    1901 Census: Birkenshaw Hodgson Ln, William Land head age 45 farmer Mary E wife age 36 born Ferrington Norfolk, Margaret age 6 born Berkenshaw, Daniel age 5 born Berkinshaw, Elizabeth age 3 born Birkenshaw, John father widow born Leeds

1841 Census: Not listed

1851 Census: Not listed

1861 Censues: Caroline Street Leeds West; John age 35, tenter woolen mill, Mary Ann, wife, age 33, lab flax mill, William son age 5, scholar, all born Leeds

1871 Census: Holbeck Leeds Clapham St, John B Land head age 45, car tetler (tenter?) in woolen mill, Mary A B wife age 43, hemp winder, William B age 15 errand boy.

1881 Census: 30 Hedley Street, New Wortley, Holbeck, Leeds John Land head, age 55, wool felter (or tenter), born Leeds, Mary A wife age 53, William age 25 slipper maker Margaret A Bagshaw granddaughter age 9, scholar, all born Leeds

1891 Census: Hodgson Lane Birkenshaw, William Land, head, age 45, farmer, Mary E wife age 36, born Norfolk, Margaret A age 6, Daniel age 5, Elizabeth age 5, John father widow, age 75. William and John born Leeds. Children all born Birkenshaw.

James Land I, place unknown

Birth: Unknown
Marriage: _________ Unknown
Children: James Land had

  1. Sarah of James November 6, 1648
Death Of James Land:
Death of ______ Land:

74 year Break

John Land II, born no later than 1709, address unknown

The next records in the parish were the marriages and the baptisms of the children of John Land.

Birth: ??

  • John Land married Abigail Pool December 24, 1722
  • John Land married Dorothy Batty in 1726
Children John Land:
  1. Mary of John Land January 10, 1729
  2. Elizabeth of John Land March 12, 1735
  3. Dorothy of John Land October 29, 1735
  4. Ann of John Land February 8, 1738
Death of John Land: ???? See next entry
Death of Mrs. Land: ???? See next entry

John Land III, Mabgate

Marriage: John Land married Sarah Duckworth June 5, 1786 Leeds
Children: John Land Mabgate had

  1. Sarah February 15, 1780. (St Peter index)
    Marriage: Sarah married John Crossland April 23, 1810 (St Peter index)
  2. Thomas 6 Jan 1783 (St Peter index)
  3. James July 10, 1786. (St Peter index)
  4. Lydia of John Land 11 October 1789
  5. Children:
    1. Martha of Lydia Land 10 March 1813
    2. Mary of Lydia Land 16 April 1816
  6. Martha, of John Land of Mabgate, July 10, 1793 (St Peters BT)
    Death: Buried August 10, 1793, Leed's parish church
  7. Mary, of John Land of Mabgate, July 10, 1793 (St Peters BT)
  8. James, son of John Land of Mabgate was buried on June 8, 1800 (St Peters BT)
Death of John Land of Mabgate: John Land of Mabgate, married man, was buried on April 23, 1798 (St Peters BT)
Death of the widow Land:

Note: There were later records for John Land of Mabgate as indicated by the directories.

John Land IV, Mabgate

1822 Baines Leeds directory: Land John, rope and twine manufacturer, Tofts lane, Quarry hill

Pigots 1829: John "Laud" (twine) New Church place rope and twine maker

1834: John Land John Tofts, Mabgate rope and twine maker

Robert Land, place unknown

Marriage: None on IGI

  1. Hannah of Robert Land October 22, 1738

Joseph Land Mabgate

Marriage: None on IGI

  1. Mary the daughter of "Joseph" Land of Mabgate was buried April 20, 1795

Thomas Land and Mary, place unknown

Birth: No listing IGI
Marriage: No listing IGI

  1. Eliza of Thomas Land and Mary January 26, 1815

James Land I, place unknown

Birth: Unknown
Marriage: Unknown

  1. Elizabeth Hannah February 6, 1786

James Land II, place unknown

James Land married Mary Lawson on October 14, 1805

  1. Elizabeth of James August 24, 1812
  2. Joshua of James and Ann Land August 23, 1815
    Further Records: Not listed in English censuses.

William Land and Mary, place unknown


  1. Mary Ann of William Land and Mary 28 Aug 1831 Note: There is a Mary daughter of William and "Ann" listed in 1841.

William Land and Lydia

Marriage: Marriage none on IGI to Lydia

  1. Mary of William Land and Lydia 17 Jan 1833
    Further Records: Not listed in English censuses under Mary Land.

James Land III, place unknown

Marriage: None on IG to ________ Rawnsley
Childre: James and Ann had:

  1. Elizabeth Rawnsley of James and Ann June 9, 1825
    Further Records: Not listed in English censuses under Elizabeth Land.

Note: Charles Land married Elizabeth Rawnsley in 1815.

Richard Land, place unknown

Birth: circa 1804
Marriage: Elizabeth
1861 Census: Cromptons Leeds North East All Saints, Richard, head, married, age 57, wheelright, Elizabeth wife age 42, both born Leeds

Marriages 1700

Lydia Land married John Feather 1723 St. Peter
Grace Land married Paul Greenwood November 18, 1725
John Land married Anne Morton December 3, 1731
Dorothy Land married Samuel Holder on December 29, 1735
John Land married Margaret Bemcroft July 17, 1736
Eleanor Land married James Clayton February 27, 1742 (This is also listed in Halifax)
Mary Land married John Scott May 17, 1747
Mary Land married George Fitton May 19, 1755
Mary Land married Richard Walker 1755 Leeds
John Land married Mary Newhill June 21, 1756
John Land married Mary Scott August 1, 1756
Mary Land married John Thomas April 23, 1759
Jane Land married Joseph Hitchman on September 21, 1773
Sarah Land married William Meyers November 22, 1776
John Land married Martha Cockhill July 12, 1779
Patience Land married John Thackrah, clothier, on May 12, 1798

Marriages 1800

Sarah Land married James Walker, clothdresser, on February 5, 1800
Martha Land married Christopher Roundell, linen weaver, October 19, 1800
Judith Land married Joseph Bailey September 20, 1812
Richard Land married Hannah Handforth August 30, 1813
Charles Land married Mary Rawnsley June 14, 1815
Elizabeth Land to James Tellotson in 1816
Hannah Land married James Walker on December 25, 1821
Lydia Land married John Feather October 21, 1823
Elizabeth Land married Richard Britton July 10, 1823
Thomas Land married Sarah Longbottom January 6, 1823
Thomas Land married Ann Bullman July 4, 1827
Joseph Land married Phoebe Smithson May 16, 1830
They had: Rachael in 1830/31 in Harewood
Elizabeth Land married John Emmery April 25, 1831
Mary Ann Land married George Roebuck May 23, 1831
William Land, married Mary Dean June 3, 1833
Henry Land married Elizabeth Howard on August 30, 1834
Ann Land of Hunslet spinster, married George Ripley of Hunslet, maltster, on February 28, 1836. He signed. She made her mark.
William Land, cloth dresser married Ann Birk. May 3, 1836. He signed. She x'ed. By license.
Ann Land, spinster, married James Carr, butler both signed, by banns, March 5, 1837

Leeds Salem Chapel Independent

Leeds Salem Chapel Independent films 1037051, 0828138, and fiche 6910521 contained three listings for Land

  1. Charles Rutter Land, of Elizabeth Land widow of Leeds, was born October 11, 1833 and baptized December 15, 1834
    Further Records: No listed in the censues
  2. Mary Ann Land married Ebenezer Guthrie on December 25, 1832 in Leeds St Peter.
    Children: They had:
    1. Thomas Hick Gutherie, the son of Ebenizer Gutherie, father, and Mary Ann Land , mother, was baptized on January December 4, 1833 and baptized on January 26, 1834
    2. Hannah Elizabeth, the daughter of Ebenizer Gutherie and Mary Ann Land was baptized (?)
    1851 Census: Low Fold Leeds 1851 Ebenezer Guthrie, head, widower, age 45, machine maker, born Hunslet Thomas Hicks Guthrie, son age 17, engine maker George, son age 13, feeder woolen mill Mary, daughter age 11 Benjamin son age 8 Mary, sister age 48 unmarried, born Hunslet, children all born Armley.

    Note: Two Marys born in the right time period:

    1. Mary daughter of Thomas in 1809
    2. Mary the daughter of Isaac in 1811

1837 Directory

Land Jno. Druggist, 152 Briggate

Land Thomas, whsman, Kaye street

Philemon Land (1765) Born Wakefield, Ruth Chadwick and Hannah Clapham

See Lands in Queen Street Chapel

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